Finding Santa (2017) Script

♪ Joy to the world

♪ The Lord is come

♪ Let earth receive her King


♪ Let every heartprepare Him room ♪

♪ And heaven and nature sing

♪ And heavenand nature sing ♪

♪ And heaven and heavenand nature sing... ♪ Oh, my goodness,Mrs. Barbato, you're going to have to needa second tree.

Grace, I loveyour store.

Everything herelooks so wonderful!

Well, Christmasis our specialty...

Is this whereSanta lives?

No, buddy, but he will be herein just over a week for the Christmas parade, just like he isevery year.

[Mrs. Barbato]: The 50thAnnual Christmas Parade!

I was at the very first oneyour grandparents started, and now it's becomewhat our town is famous for.

Your grandparentsand your mom and dad would be so proud that you kepttheir legacy going.

Well, there's no placeI'd rather be.


All right, here you go, and you havea very merry Christmas.

And a merry oneto you, too, dear.

I'll see you soon.

Wait for me!

Guess what!

"Good Day, USA" picked Green River for their Christmas Eve morningremote broadcast.

Our parade is going to be seenacross the entire country!

[squealing with delight]

Oh, my gosh.This is amazing.

Wait. Are youmessing with me?

Grace, I'm pretty sureyou'd fire me if I was lying aboutsomething this important.

I can't fire you.You're my best friend.

In that case, I ate all the gingerbreadcookies on the counter.

You're fired.

-[gasps]-I'm kidding.

I can't believe

"Good Day, USA"finally picked us.

My parents have been trying to get them to come herefor years, and my grandparents before them.

You're the onethat got it to 50.

This is all you.

Do what you wereborn to do.

Rock Christmas.

[man]:Now, this is wonderful news, Grace.

I'm so happy for you.

And the businesses in town,of course.

Christmas is keeping usall in the black.

Yeah, that and the best Santain the country.

No, you're just saying that.

Yeah,me and "The New York Times."

Well, I can hardly wait to be there.

I mean, I'm having my third cocoa!


In the meantime, I have some of Santa's Helpers here for a little weekendrefresher course.

Now, let's hearthat "Ho-ho-ho" one more time, gentlemen...


[Tom]:Remember our motto:

"Find the jolly!"



See? That's better, huh?

[Caroline]:My Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is in a few days, and I invited a pretty diverse selection of Green River'smost eligible bachelors just for you.

I... have to do inventorythat night.

Grace, Mark moved awayalmost a year ago.

You can't avoid dating forever.

I runa year-round holiday store and I'm in charge of the parade that keepsthe entire town going.

Well, maybe one year, you could let someone elsetake over the parade.

I can't do that.

Owning the storemeans organizing the parade.

It always has.

I mean, who wouldn't love to be surrounded by Christmasevery single day of the year?

Mark, apparently.

He didn't get it.

He never did.

Grace Long?

Yes. That's me.

Leslie Mitchell, field producerfor "Good Day, USA" in New York.

We spoke on the phone?

Of course.So nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.Hello.


Welcome to Green River.

I'm just trying to geta lay of the land.

Is it okay if I takea little video of your store?

-Of course. Go right ahead.-Wait! Wait, wait.

-Caroline, knock it off.-Okay, okay.

And five, four, three--

Actually, I'm justusing my phone so we don't need a countdown.


[Christmas music playing]

[laughs in delight]

That is adorable.

Ooh, what's back there?

Oh, just this and that.

These are wonderful.Who's the artist?

Actually, that's me.

[Leslie]: You're very talented.

It's just a side hobby.

["Santa"]: Ho-ho-ho!

What's that?

That is"Selfies with Santa."

"Selfies with Santa"?This I gotta see.

[quietly] Yes!

And look at you!

Oh, you're ready fora nice picture with Santa Claus!

Well, come on, here we go!

Oh... Oh!

Oh, so cute.

I know.

-The kids just love him.-Beautiful.

Oh, boy... you've donethis before.

Oh! Merry Christmas!

He really isthe best Santa.

Thank you so muchand Merry Christmas!

Hi, Mrs. Claus!


And hello, Santa.

Well, it's goodto see you, Gracie.

And I bet that you wanta selfie with Santa.

I kinda do.

[Santa]: Oh, here we go.

One, two, three.

How are you doing withall the parade preparations?

You holding up okay?

I'm great.

Everybody knows where to goand what to do.

Practically runs itself.

That's what your momused to say.

I know you missyour folks the most during the holidays.

I do.

[Santa]: Oh-ho-ho!

One more, one more.

One more.

I can see why this paradeis so popular.

He's incredible.


Oh, that's so nice.

How did you do that?

I have my connections.

Well, how aboutwe all go inside for some famousLong Family eggnog?

Now, you don'thave to ask me twice.

-Good idea.-Perfect.

Thank you, dear.

You're welcome.

There you go.

And a Ho-ho--

Oh, no!


Are you okay?

Where does it hurt?

Just the arm, but I've got another one.

Okay, well, we shouldprobably get you inside.

Okay, one, two, three,ready?

[yelping in pain]

Oh! Oh...

I'm okay.

-You okay?-I'm okay.

All right.

What are we going to doabout the Parade, Tom?

You can't be Santa.

Of courseI can still be Santa.

The parade is a week away.

I'll be right as rain-dear.

You see whatI did there?

Sweetheart, you can't do your jobwith a big cast.

But the 50thanniversary parade is in a week, and the whole townis counting on me.


Tom, don't worryabout me, okay?

I'm so sorry, Grace.

Call Georgeat the Santa School, ask him if any of our formerstudents are available.

Everyone's booked.

You've trained themso well, they're in high demand.

Normally, I would be happyto hear that, but not today.


Tom, you just-- you stay hereand rest, okay?

-Okay.-All right.

The important thingis you rest right now.

We'll find someone.


[Grace]: Like I saidbefore, everyone, find the jolly!

Okay, Jim, pretend I'm next up in line.


So...[clearing throat]

What would you like Santato bring you for Christmas?


A pony.

What's the square footageof your property?

Do you havethe necessary permits?

Have you even notifiedthe planning commission?

You know what, Jim, I think you should probablyjust stick with city council.




Please have a seat.

All right, um, let's see.

Do you know, I'm thinkinga little more beard.

Yeah, not beardy enough.



Thank you, though.

Aren't youMayor Harvey's son, Clint?


So, I mean, this is just likea formality, right?

Sorry, losers.[chuckles]

That's lunch.

[marching band plays"Jingle Bells"]


All right,you guys sound great.

You're gonna soundamazing for the parade.

But afterthose auditions, we stilldon't have a Santa.

How bad can it be?

[Grace]: Aren't you Mayor Harvey's son, Clint?

Yup. So, I mean, like, this is just a formality, right?

I feel sick.

I wish there was somethingwe could do, Grace.

There is, Tom.

Holly, don't evensuggest it.

There's no point.

Suggest what?

I happen to know, there is someonewho could do it.

Our son.


Ben from high school?

He's changed a lotsince you saw him last.

He's in Boston now.

And... he's a Santa there?

No, he went throughall the training.

He was supposed to take overthe school someday when I retired, but let's just sayhe never wanted to follow in Santa's footsteps.

Getting into a Santa suit is the last thingthat Ben wants to do.

Yeah, but I'm sure when he understandswhat's at stake, he'd be happy to help.

Don't get your hopes up.

[Grace]: Hi, is this Ben?

[Ben]: Yes.

[Grace]: This is Grace Long I know why you're calling.

So you'll do it then?

You'll stand in for your dad?

The whole town would be so grateful.

Are you sure my dad can't do it?

I mean, I just spoketo my mom this morning and she said he was just fine.

She probably didn'twant to worry you.

So he's not okay?

No, he will be, but you know, with his cast the way it is, and his arm in a sling, he just can't be Santa.

And according to him... you can.

You see, but I'm...I'm not a Santa, I'm a writer.

Ben, here'syour coffee.

Christmas just isn't my thing.

Your dad said you'd say that.

How about for an old high school buddy?

Except we weren't friends in high school.

You were a freshmanand I was a senior.

That's a no-go.


Once a Green River Hawk,always a Green River Hawk, right?

Go Hawks!

That's really more of a crow.

I hope you find someone,I do, really.

It just, it can't be me.


So am I.

[Leslie]:How goes the Santa Search?

Grace, if you can't findanyone comparable, I'm going to have to letthe network know.


No, I actually found someone.

You did?



Tom's son, Ben.

-Who? What?-See?

Oh! You must beso relieved.

So relieved.

Good job!

Thank you.

All right, we'llsee you later.

-Okay.-Good job.

Why did I do that?

Why did I say that to her?

Now what am Igoing to do?

Tom! That'snot like you.

Well, what'sshe going to do, drive to Bostonand drag Ben back?

You know what, that is exactlywhat I'm going to do.


♪ Fa-la-la-la

♪ Fa-la-la-la...

♪ Fa-la-la-la

♪ Happy Holiday

♪ Happy HolidayGonna have a Happy Holiday ♪

♪ Happy Holiday

♪ Happy holiday, happy holiday

♪ Gonna have a happyhappy holiday... ♪ Are you surehe'll be here, Tom?

Well, it's his office, he goes there every day.

Ooh, hey, on the way back, can you swing bythe Santa school and pick up a box for me?

Yeah, sure.No problem.

♪ ...Spread that fun now

♪ Spread the cheer

♪ We're all waiting forour friends to get here... ♪

[shop bell jingles]


[shop bell jingles]

Sorry, I know I'm hovering,but, uh, you're almost done, right?

Would it be okay if I take this tablewhen you leave?

Oh, you know, actually--

It's no rush.Take your time.

It's just kind ofmy "go-to" writing table.

Oh, you're a writer?

What do you write?

Just a...I'm working on a novel.


Well, I'm sorryabout your table, but I'm not leavingfor a while.

Got a blind date?

I'm looking for Santa Claus.

Isn't hea little old for you?


How about Ben White?

Do you know him?

Ben who? N-no.

Mm-mm. Nope.

Here you go, Ben.

Maybe it's that guy.

Could be that guy.

So, to be clear, you're not Ben White that went toGreen River High?

No. Not him.

[barista]: Here you go, Ben.


Oh. [chuckles]

Sorry, one sec.

Thank you.

Okay, fine.

I'm Grace Long.

I... gathered as much.

Oh, hey.All right.

That was awfully nice of you.

He's a good guy.

He's just down on his luck.

Can I sit?

Yeah, please.

So, I'm sorry, um...

I really hope you didn't comeall the way up here to try and talk me into this.

Look, Ben, I don't thinkyou understand what's at stakehere, okay?

This is the 50thanniversary of the parade.

"Good Day, USA" isgoing to be there.

The entire townis counting on the publicity to bring in new tourism, and we can't do thatwithout a decent Santa.

I get it, but I'm sorry, as much as I'd love to help,I'm working on this novel, and I just can't affordto take any time off.

I could pay you.

No, it's notabout the money.

I just... being Santa isn't my thing.

Well, I mean, is thereanything I could say to make you change your mind?

No. I'm sorry.

Look, it's okay.

I'm just going to go aheadand grab another table.

I've to get some work doneon my novel before someonecalls for a ride.

Calls for a ride?

Yeah, I'ma rideshare driver.

Gotta paythe bills, right?

Anyway, thank youfor your inquiry.

I hope you havea safe trip back.

It's good to see you.

Take care.

You're fake-typing.

No, I'm not.


So the titleof your novel is...



Yes, it is.

It's a coming-of-age pieceset in Sweden.


Now if you'll excuse me.



[phone alert chimes]



Looking for someone?

I just got a messagefor a ride to the train station.


Wow, what a coincidence.

I just requested someone.

I mean,what are the odds that you'd bethe closest Uber driver?

Well, since you're five feetfrom my car, I'd say about 100%.

That's your car?

That one, yeah.


Should I find someone else?

[sighing] No.[beeps locks open]

That's fine.

[starts engine]

So which station?

Back Bay?

Actually, there's beena change of plans.

[computer voice] Recalculating...

New destination, Green River, Connecticut.

[brakes screech]

I am not driving youto Connecticut.

Out of the car.

Are you really going to kicka poor, defenseless woman out of your carin a bad neighborhood?

We're in Beacon Hill!

The only crime around here is someone parkingwithout a permit.

I'm gonna give youa bad rating.

I'll give youa bad rating.

Ben... your dad broke his armin two places.

He's in a lot of pain.

I'm sure he'd loveto see you.

And your mom misses you, too.

And with your dadout of commission, I'm sure she could use the help.

I do need a new laptop.

See? There you go.Win-win.

You're giving upway too easily.

Well, to be honest, my hopes weren't upvery high anyway.

[turns on music,easy-listening jazz]

Light jazz, huh?


It helps calm me when I havedifficult passengers.

[switches radio stationto Christmas music]

♪ Four calling birds

♪ Three French hens

♪ Two turtle doves

♪ And a partridgein a pear tree! ♪

[switches radio stationback to jazz station]

What, you don't likeChristmas music?

I have a problem withpeople thinking it's okay just to give someone23 birds.

Okay, that'sactually a good point.

[switches radio station]

[turns off radio]

[rapid clicking on and off]

[turns radio off]


What's so funny?


Here's your coffee.


[car engine starts]

Who are you texting?

None of your business.

My dad, right?


It's my boyfriend.

You don't have a boyfriend.

And how exactlydo you know that?

'Cause he would havedriven you to Boston.


Okay, it's your dad.

I'm surprised he figured outhow to text anyway.

Well, he's not quite there yet.

He still signs them "Love, Tom."

Oh, look at that.

You have teeth.

Who knew?

Okay, see?

So why would you even want meas Santa anyway?

I'm obviouslynot jolly enough.

Yeah, why is that?

I'm just not a fanof the holidays in general.

It's too many expectations.

Inevitable disappointment.

It's too many expectations.

My grandparents started it, and my parents took over, and now me.

So, I celebrate Christmasevery single day.


Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Don't you want moreout of life?

I'm perfectly happywith my life choices.

But I appreciateyour concern.

Well, here we are,back in Green River.

Home sweet home.

The parade route looks amazing,don't you think?

Ah, you saidyou wouldn't mention that.

I said I wouldn'tmention Santa.

Look, I'm going to go aheadand drop you off here, and you can pay.

Oh, you know what,that's perfect, because I've gotto stop by the Santa school.


Well, your dad asked meto pick up a box for him.

Are you going to come in?


No, that's all right, I'll just,I'll wait in the car.



Is anybody here?

It's Grace.

What is she doing in there?

[train whistle toots]



Ooh, whoops.

Where did youget that?

Oh, it justfell out of the box with all your dad's stuff.

What is it?

It's basicallya "How-To" manual for being Santa Claus, and technically, non-Santasaren't allowed to read it.

Then maybe you shouldput it down, too.


So, you've gotmy dad's stuff.

Let's go.


You're here!

It's so good to see you.

Hi, George.

You too.

I'm just here to seehow dad's doing.

So I'll get you to your house.

Does my dad know I'm coming?

Uh, yeah, he's at the gazebowith the mayor getting ready for the ChristmasCandlelight stroll.

I thought you saidhe was in a lot of pain and needed my help--

[cell phone rings]

Excuse me, it's... a callfrom one of our Santas in the field.

George here.

"Merry Christmas" in Gaelic?

You've got me stumped.

Hang on.

"Null-eg hunna ghwitch."

[George]: Any chanceyou heard that?


You still got it, kiddo.

Don't get excited.

I just rememberedfrom one of my classes.

I didn't realize you hadto learn so many languages.

The real Santa can speakto any child in the world, so our Helper Santas dowhatever it takes to be like him.

It's a year-roundcommitment, and a lifetime of joy.

Your dad just wantedto pass that joy on to you.

I had different plans.

I know you did, Ben.

So your dad just wantedto pass on his legacy?

I wanted the freedomto choose, Grace.

Everyone deserves to livetheir own lives, not someone else's.

Almost forgot, Tom wanted this, too.

It's a Santa suit.

Oh. Okay.

Thanks, George.


Ben, there you are!

Hey, Mom.

I'm so happyyou're here!

It's goodto see you.

Where's Dad?

He's in here.

This one is for you...

And this oneis for you.

Merry Christmas.


You're here.

Hey, Dad.

Look at you.

You doing okay?

Don't worry about me.

Now that you're here,I'm great.

I'm so happy you decidedto fill in for me as Santa.

I never said that.

Did you tell them I said yes?


She didn't say a thing.

We just assumed, because you cameall this way.

I came becauseI thought you needed me.

We do need you.

To be Santa.

Dad, we have talked about this so many times.

Okay, my entire childhoodwas Santa 24/7 until I left for college.

All you talked about was how one dayI would take your place.

Did you realize how muchpressure that put me under?

Ben, it's okay--

No, it's not okay.

You're happy followingin your family's footsteps.

You don't knowwhat it feels like to want something different.

I told you,I'm happy with what I do.


Mom, I'll see youat the house.

Aren't you going to stayfor the stroll?

I mean, we have all the candles.

No, I'm good.

Maybe I can talk himinto it tonight before he goes back to Boston.

You can try, but... he's obviouslyalready made up his mind.

[Caroline]: So that's it,he's leaving?

Apparently so.

Too bad.

He was cute.

I didn't bring himhere to date him.

It's called multi-tasking.

Do you thinkabout anything besides getting meinto a relationship?


I think aboutgetting myself into one.


Look, it's Ben.

He's still here.

Go talk to him.

Maybe steal his car keysso he's stuck here.

It will just bea waste of time.

Do you haveother plans?

[shop bell jingles]


How's, uh..."Slrfidijrdr" coming?

That's funny.

You mindif I sit down?

Only if you don't--

Ah, I know, I know.I won't--

Not even.. a little bit.

Not at all.

Thank you.

Oh, no thanks.

Oh, come on,it's tradition.

Every store doescookie decorating during the Stroll.

Pretty sureit's meant for kids.

Just becauseyou're not gonna be Santa doesn't mean you can't enjoyChristmas a little.

Come on.

Just one cookie.

Okay, but only so I havesomething to eat on the drive home.

Whatever it takes.

That's great.

Yeah, we'llthrow in a scarf...

That's incredible.

It looks like an oil painting.

My parents, they did show meone of your paintings in their house.

You're good.

Painting's just a hobby.

After my parents died, it sort of fell on meto take over their legacy.


I stepped up.

You know, I didn't run,I did the right thing.

And I'm proud of what I did.

I didn't run either, Grace.

I just walked downa different path.

Are you sureyou chose the right one?

I thought I did.

I just, I spendhalf my time wondering if my ideas are terrible, cliché, or a combination of both.

So, what's your novel about?

It's kind of like"The Outsiders", but with zombies.

I can't quitefigure out the tone.

Well, isn't it just, [moaning, zombie-like].."Uughh....

You see?

That's the problem,I was missing that.

I've been doingmore of a--

[roaring, zombie-like]


That's a good zombie, actually.

Thank you.

I think--I think you found it.

Come on, you two,it's a Candlelight Stroll, not a Candlelight Sit.

The tree lightingis up the street.

Come join us.

A little Christmaswon't kill you, son.

I just told him the same thing!

Great minds.


Merry Christmas, everyone.

What a beautiful evening.

We have lit up the streets, and now it's timeto light up the tree!

[crowd cheering]

Grace Long, come on up here.

Ladies and gentlemen, give Gracea huge round of applause.

[crowd cheering]

[Grace]: Thank you.

[quietly] Would you liketo do the honors?

I mean, you deserve itfor getting Tom's son here.

Oh, well, I didn't,'cause he's not doing it.

[chuckles] Oh...What?

When were you goingto tell me this?

I was goingto tell you tomorrow.

So, who's doing it?

I'm still looking.

Well, my Clint could do it.

He's available.

I mean, you know that.

What are you saying, Clint's not capableof doing this?

No. No, no,not at all.

Okay, if I can't finda professional, then Clint's in the suit.

But he has to havea crash course with Tom.


He's wonderful!

Yeah. Great. Yeah.

He's just goingto be amazing.

He's got such a waywith people.


Okay, great, uh...

All right, everyone.

Ready? Here we go!

[all counting together]Five! Four!

Three! Two!



[groans of disappointment]


[Grace]: It's all right,we'll fix it...

Okay, let me try that.

[crowd cheering]

Merry Christmas, everyone.

[mutters] Well, at leastI taught him something.

Tom, leave him be.

I was secretly hopingthat maybe--

I know.

Well, it's getting late, so we'll be headingback to the house.

What? It's 5:30.

We're old.

I'd like to stay.

--But, uh--

[yawning]--I'm so tired!

Because I'm, uh, old, and, um...

See you in the morning?


And you're stayingat the house, right?

Yeah, but I'm going to beleaving at dawn.

You're notgoing to stay for Christmas?

Mom, I'm sorry, Christmas is the busiesttime of year in Boston.

A lot of peopleneed rides.

I'll come back soon.I promise.

Keep that arm elevated, Dad.

I'll see youat the house later, okay?


Good night.

I guess we'llreturn these.

So you're reallyleaving in the morning?

If I leave early enough, I can beat the traffic.

Okay, well then,I'll go with you.


Because my caris kinda still there.


You told me you took the train.

Oh, yeah, well, I totally liedto save the parade.

But since you'regoing back so early, I can go with you, and get backin time for the parade.

I'll even pay you.


No, that's...

I'll drive you.I'll take you free of charge.

Thank you.

No problem.

See you in the morning.

Good night.



>Come on, Ben, think...


"10 ThingsYour Driver Won't Tell you:

Rideshare Etiquetteby Ben White."

Okay, my ride is here.

He can't cometo the door?

Not very gentlemanly.

It's not a date.

It could be.

I will be backsoon enough, okay?

If anyone comes in who remotely looks likea better Santa than Clint, please lock themin the storeroom.

You're joking, right?

Of course I am.


At least slap onsome lip gloss before you go.

I will see you later,Caroline.


[quietly]It's totally a date.

You know, I read your articleabout Uber drivers.

It's not going to stop mefrom changing the radio station.


You're a reallygood writer.

So you looked me up, huh?


Okay, I looked you up, too.

Your family really changedGreen River for the better.


They were pretty amazing.

I'm sorry you lost themso young.


It's always harderthis time of year.


Since when was snowin the forecast?

I thought it was justsupposed to rain.

[radio]: --With an unexpectedly cold storm front, meteorologists now expect white-out conditions on I-95 from Hartford to Boston from now until tomorrow morning.

What do you thinkwe should do?

We need to get off the road.

So where are we now?

Uh... Worcester, Mass.

We're halfway betweenBoston and Green River.

They're gonna be closingthe roads on both sides.

But the parade isin less than two days!

I have to get backfor the final preparations.

I don't knowwhat to tell you.

How aboutwe go back in time, and you tell me,"Hey Grace, "there's a chanceof snow today, so you probably shouldn'tcome down to Boston."


Did you not hear the "unexpected"part of the forecast?

Look, there's no waywe're gonna make it back now.

We have to figure outwhere to go, and we can'tstay in the car.

You know what, one of my best friendsfrom way back lives near here.

I can see if we crashat her house till the worstof the storm is over.

I doubt she'll want somestranger in her home.

Any friend of mineis a friend of hers.

Beautiful, right?

Come on.


So happy to see you!

How are you guys?So great to see you.

It's been a long time.Good to see you again.

-Hi.-Hi. Ben.

Oh, my goodness, and who has replacedTucker and Alyx with these gigantic children?

I'm not a giant.

I'm a mech.

It's a gigantic robot you climb insideand fight with.

So wait, are youone robot, or a bunch of robotscombined into a Megabot?

I'm definitely a Megabot!

[whispering]Is he your boyfriend?


No, he's...just a friend.

Everyone, this is Ben.

The storm isreally coming down.

Let's get you guys inside,come on.

Come see our tree.

[Grace]:Oh, what a beautiful tree.

We always wait untilthe kids are on break to decorate, so you guys got herejust in time.


I had nothing to do with that.

[scoffs] Yeah, sure.

I swear.

[Amy]: Do you havesomething against Santa?

[Grace]:Don't go there.

Here you go.

What's wrong?

The roads aren'tgoing to be done until at least 4:00 a.m.

Well, our guest roomis being renovated, but we do havea very comfy sectional.

Thank you, but the parade is in 36 hours, and I have to get backfor final prep.

Plus I still haveto find somebody to--

Well, you know.

Yeah. I know.

Look, we can't goanywhere tonight, so let's sleep here, we'll leave at dawn,get your car, you'll be back in Green Riverby 9:00 a.m.

Yeah, that could work.

You sure you'll be okay with all the Christmasspirit here tonight?

I'll make do.

That's the spirit.


Mom, come on,please tell me what it is.


Can I see that?

I'm really good atguessing presents.

Trust me.


Okay, yup.

I know what it is.


It's a turnip.

It is not!

You got a turnip!



[Ben]: Santa brought a turnip.

It's not a turnip...


What's mine?

Yours?Oh, that's easy.

A toaster.

What? No!I don't want a toaster!

I'm sorry, you'regetting a toaster.

This one is to mefrom Jeremy.

Any guesses?

From Jeremy...

No, nothing.

He just thought you mightlike a velour box.


You're good.

Okay, French Toast.

[kids cheer] Yes!

"...A wink of his eyeand a twist of his head, Soon gave me to knowI had nothing to dread--"

That's not the end, Daddy.

The last page is ripped out.

It was an accident.

Nice job, Tucker.

Alyx, he's six.

Give him a break.

Do you rememberthe rest?

Hang on, I'll go online.

"He spoke not a word,but went straight to his work.

"And filled all the stockings, "then turned with a jerk.

"And laying his fingeraside of his nose, "and giving a nod, "up the chimney he rose.

"He sprang to his sleigh,to his team gave a whistle, "and away they all flewlike the down of a thistle.

"But I heard him exclaim,'ere he drove out of sight..."

[all together]:"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"


You awake?




Whatcha doing?

Well... right now I'm havinga heart attack.


You working on the book?

Yeah, I'm pre-writing.

Oh, what's that mean?

Means I'm trying tofigure out what to write.

I've been pre-writingfor quite some time now.

Hey, what are youdoing up so early?

I had a bad dream.

Let me guess, it was about not havinga Santa for the parade, and ruining Christmas?


That would be a nightmare.

Anyway, sinceI'm up so early, I'm going to seeif Amy has the ingredients to make eggnog.

You know how to do that?

Yeah, I do it allthe time at the store.

"The World FamousLong Family Recipe."

"World Famous," huh?


So if I do a little...

[clucks tongue]Internet search, it'll come up?

Mm-hmm.Why don't you try it?


Let's see.

"Long Family egg--"


Yeah, it auto-completed"to eggnog", didn't it?


Yes, it did.


Okay, but wait, who's the lumberjack?


That's my ex. Mark.

He moved to Oregonabout a year ago.

No one since?


I've just been focusing on work.

What about you?

Lots of potentialin Boston, I imagine.

Aspiring novelists/slash/Uber drivers aren't exactly making the list of "Boston's Most EligibleBachelors."

Yeah, but I mean, you at least broke awayfrom your family's expectations, and went and chasedyour dream.

I'd imaginea lot of women love that.

So you did have other dreams.

Oh, we weren't talkingabout me.

Okay, I think I haveall the ingredients I need.

Milk, cream, eggs, and sugar.

Okay, what spicesdo you need?

I am not at liberty to say.

Okay, so we start this by pouring inthe milk and cream.

So, what other dreams did you havein your life, Grace?

It doesn't matter.

Oh, I thinkit does.

I think it does.

You've been judging meabout it non-stop.

Come on,cone of silence.

I know you lovethe store.

I do love it.

Well, what did you dreamabout doing with your life before you took it overfor your parents?

I was goingto art school, okay?

But then my parents diedright after high school, and, uh... then I wound upstaying home.

And that's okay.

I still get to paint, I just sell my workin the back of the store.

It's okay.

Okay, well...

Next up... it's the eggsand the sugar.

Shoo! Go away.


Like that...

Pour a little bit of that in...

One of these...[cracking egg]

There we go.

All right.

Then you stir the pot, which you obviouslyenjoy doing.

Now... time for the secret spices.

Close your eyes.

This is really unnecessary, you know that, right?

I saw you peeking.


Little of that.

Little of this...

All right, you want the first taste?

Yeah, I'm not really muchof a "nog" connoisseur.

Come on.

It's famous, remember?

Trust me,it's amazing.

All right.



I told you you could trust me.



Sorry. [laughs]

It's all over...

[all cheering]Eggnog! Eggnog! Eggnog!

[Amy]: It smellsso good in here!

Can we have some?


-Did you just make it fresh?-You guys want some eggnog?

Smells amazing.

Tell me what you think.

It looks so good.

You guys want some?

Yes.Love some, yeah.

[ringing bells]

Well done.

Sounding good, sounding good...

Oh, beautiful, beautiful.

[cowbell clanking]

Oh, no, no,okay, that's a bad bell.

We'll swap that out, don't you worry.

[bells tinkling]And ringing, and ringing, and--

Okay, that's me Take a break, guys.

Where are you?

We'll be leavingin a few minutes.

How's Worcester?

I've been tryingto reach Grace.

Is that her?

Oh, no.No, no, no, no, no. Stall her.

She's on an errand.

She'll be back in a bit.


But everything'sokay, right?

It's Christmas in Green River.


You didn't answer my question.

I'll tell her to call you.

Okay, bye.

Is she gone?

For now.

When are you coming back?


Why, is there actuallyanother problem?

You know, besides the fact that we don't have a Santa, we might lose the "Good Day, USA" spot, and most likelypermanently damage the entire town's income stream?

No, everything's fine.

[gasps] Wait!No, it isn't!


You didn't RSVP tomy ugly sweater party tonight.


Goodbye, Caroline.

But you saidwe could go see Santa at the mall this morning.

[tsks] Aw, buddy.

You have a fever.

We can't do it,I'm sorry.

But you promised.

How about we sit down and write Santaa letter instead?

But Christmas Eveis tomorrow night.

He'll never get it in time.

Email, then.

Last year, you saidSanta didn't do email!

If we don't get to seeSanta in person, he won't knowwhat we want.

He won't come.

He won't come?

Of course,he will, buddy.

No, he won't!

[crying]I want Santa!

[mom]: Oh, sweetie.

[doorbell rings]


Merry Christmas,Sheridan family!

[together]: Santa!

It's Santa!You came!

You actually came!

Yes, I did...

I have a surprise for you.

-Thank you!-[whispers]: Thank you.

Come on over.

Tucker, come siton my lap.

You really know my name?

Of course, I know your name.

I also know you've beena very good boy.

So, what would you likefor Christmas?

Wait, let me guess, something to do with robots?

Yes, please.

And Legos, and a puppy, and a new baby brother!


Legos and robots I can do, but a new brother...[chuckles awkwardly]

I'll have to passthat message on to the right department.

Thank you, Santa.

You're welcome, Tucker.

Alyx, I've seen how kindand generous you are.

You're a wonderful big sister.

She's the best.

So, what would you likefor Christmas?

Nothing with princesses on it.

No princesses, got it.

I like your style.

So, what wouldyou like instead?

Ooh... a microscope, please.

And a rock tumbler, please.


[quietly]And no more brothers.


Okay. [chuckling]Santa will do his best.

Thanks, Santa.

Well, kids, I bet Santa has to get going.

I'm sure he's gotother kids with fevers to visit today.

Yes, I'll be backtomorrow night, so make sure you get to bednice and early.

[kids together]:We will!

I love you, Santa.

Santa loves you, too.

Wait, Santa, you can't leave.

You have to meet Mr. Ben.

He's so cool.

Uh, well, you know, I think Mr. Ben is actuallydown on the main road looking at the conditions.

But I'm sure he's made itonto the "nice" list.

Right, Santa?

He's trying.

Okay, kids, well,have a great Christmas!


Bye, Santa!

Merry Christmas!

Bye, Santa!

Best Christmas ever.

[laughs] Come here.


That was amazing.

Thank you for that.

How did you knowthe suit was in the car?

I, uh, I found it therethis morning.

I was just going to giveit back to my dad, but...

I guess there was a reasonit was still there.

I know that was hard for you.

It wasn't that hard, but don't tell my dad.

I don't want themto get their hopes up.

But... you kind ofgot mine up again.

I am sorry, Grace, but I have to get backto Boston.

It's my busiest week.

The rent's not goingto pay itself.

Know what, fine, fine, let's just hurry back up thereand get my car, okay?

I can't believe I leftthis close to the parade.

You thought you hadanother shot at convincing me.

Maybe I just likehanging out with you.

Did you ever thinkabout that?


I think about it a lot,actually.


Well, we got the sidewalkand driveway clear.

Oh, great, so we canget back up to Boston.

The only open roadsare the ones going south.

But we have to get my car and get back downfor the parade.

It's in less than24 hours.

You want me to take youto Green River, don't you?

Could you?


Bye, guys!

Bye, everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Bye, Merry Christmas!

Drive safe!

Bye, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Happy New Year!

They are such a great family.

I miss having that.

You know,it's funny...


I always thought if I was tryingto get away from my legacy, I'd have to go as far awayas I could, but after beingat Amy's house...

I kind of forgothow Christmas felt.


I mean, I kind of forgothow Christmas felt, too.

You owna Christmas store.

You told me yourself you feel the Christmas spiritevery day.

Well, yeah, but...

I don't know,I guess it'd be like, if you celebrated your birthdayevery day.

After a while, it just... it wouldn't feel specialanymore, right?

And I guess somewherealong the way, Christmas became a job.

I just didn't realize ituntil now.

So quit.

I can't.

The whole town depends onChristmas, especially the parade.

I knew that that would bemy responsibility when I took overthe store.

But it's okay.

I'm happy knowing that what I domakes other people happy.

What about you?


Don't you deserveto be happy, too?

[turns onChristmas radio station]

♪ Deck the hallswith boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la la-lala-la-la-la ♪ No light jazz?


This is perfect.

♪ 'Tis the seasonto be jolly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la la-lala-la-la-la ♪


It is so magical hereafter a snowstorm, isn't it?

Like a painting?


Be right back.


Oh, excuse me.

Is that Ben?

Yes, but--

Oh, thank goodness, he's here!

I was five minutes awayfrom letting the network know that we didn't have a Santa.

That would've been bad.

Like, so bad.

I probably would've got fired.

And thenshowcasing Clint on national television?

[wincing]Ooh, total nightmare for you and the town.

Well, anyway, all of that'sbehind us now, so--

[cell phone ringing]

There they are.Okay. Yeah.

Yes. Ben is here.

Karen, are youhearing me?

He's perfect...



Grace, wherehave you been?

We have a huge issue.

What?What's wrong?

My baritone refuses to singin our Christmas Quartet if he has to wear the hat.

Oh, I see.

What's so bad about a hat?

Uh, well, Stan, as festive as your hats areevery year...

Thank you.

...I can't force someoneto wear a costume if they don't really want to.

That was really meantfor me though, right?

[Stan sighs]

Yes, but you weresupposed to know I was talkingabout you, without actuallyacknowledging it.

That's whyit's called subtext.

I don't do subtext.


You just...tell it like it is?

You don't keepanything inside?

That's right.

So, what are you thinkingright now?

[singing]♪ Dashing through the snow

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh

♪ Over the hills we go

♪ Laughing all the way

♪ Ha-ha-ha!

Well, you are certainly brimming withChristmas spirit today, aren't you?

I'm just singing.

Don't read into it.

I'm not.

[sighs]What's this?

Oh, this is great.

Each of the businesseson Main Street decorates a tree for the float.

So, this one's for the store.

Caroline just finished it.


It's for your dad's school.

Oh... they must not havegotten around to it.

I get a discountat your store, right?

Only for friends and family.

Come on.

Oh, uh...


What? Closed?

Why are we closed?

What's going on?

Why are we closed?

You don't wantto go in here.

Why not?

Tom is giving Clinta Santa lesson.

Well, that's a good thing,isn't it?

Well... no--


I'm just gonna go inside.

You-you don't...

[sighs wearily]

It's "Ho-ho-ho..!"

[Clint trying variationsof Santa laugh]


Okay, let's try 'er again.


You're putting the emphasison the wrong "Ho."

It's "Ho-ho-HO!"


[chuckling]Are you serious?

You're messing with me, right?

I'm trying to bringmy personal flair to the role.

There's no "personal flair," you are representinga real Santa Claus.


[sulky] Ho-ho-ho.

"Personal flair."

Wow. I'm sorry.

Don't apologize--

This is stuck.

You don't owe me anything.


I didn't think you werestill going to do it.

It's the least I can do.

So, are you going to stayfor the parade?

I probably shouldn't.

I was gonna stop byand see my Dad one more time, and then head back up.

Are you at least going to stay for Caroline'sUgly Sweater party?

She reallywanted you to come.

Well, I would, but I don't havean ugly sweater.

That I can help you with.

Come on.



Oh, we lookabsolutely ridiculous.





♪ Kisses underneaththe mistletoe ♪

♪ Love to singthose classic songs... ♪ That's great.

Grace! Over here!


Glad you could make it, Ben.

Your sweatersare horrifying.


[together]: Thank you.

Appreciate it.

-[Caroline]: Have fun.-After you.

All right.

Lead the way.


Oh, hi!

♪ Christmas timeA dream come true... ♪ See, look at everybodyin the Christmas spirit.

You know, I might get--


"Jolly Folly Photo?"

-Come on.-Oh, we have to.

"Jolly Folly Photo?"

♪ All the colorslighting up the night ♪

♪ Bells are ringing in the air

♪ Givin' gifts to show we care

♪ See the loveall over the world ♪

♪ Smilin' faceson the boys and girls ♪

♪ Everybody's spreadin'Christmas cheer ♪

♪ Such a special timeof year... ♪



♪ Christmas time

♪ You and me

♪ Christmas time

♪ A dream come true

♪ My favorite partof Christmas time is you ♪ Didn't know youliked to dance.

I don't know what got into me.


Must be that darn Christmasspirit again, I guess.

Guess so.


♪ A dream come true


♪ Christmas

♪ It's Christmas time

♪ Christmas

♪ You're all I need ♪

[slow music playing]

♪ A crackling fire

♪ A flurry sky...


♪ The twinkling lightson the tree ♪

♪ Catch the light...



Oh, yeah.Oh, boy. Okay.



Thank you.


Where were we?

[Clint]:What's up, Grace?



Shouldn't you beat home practicing?

Practicing?What, sitting down?

I'm goingto crush it tomorrow.

Don't worry.


Oh, hey!

Will the paradebe over before the gamestarts tomorrow?

Hey, dude, you're representingthe real Santa Claus here.

This isn't a joke.

Uh, pretty sureyou have no say in this, bro.

I'm Santa now.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

No. No. No.

All right...

No, no, no, no!


Grace, you can't letthat guy on the sleigh.

Well, I don't really havemuch of a choice.

What I mean is...

I can't let him on the sleigh.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that...

I've been in a great moodall day.

It felt... it felt goodto make those kids happy.

For the first time,I can finally see what my dad'sbeen talking about... you know,about bringing joy.

When we walkedaround today, it finally sank in how important thisparade is to the town... and my dad... and you.

So I'll do it.

I'll do it,if you still want me to.

Thank you!

Yes, thank you.

Oh...yeah, I know.

Okay, hold on.Let me... yeah, yeah.


All right,how about we celebrate with two overly-sweetenedChristmas cocktails?

Sounds amazing.

Hey, Tom?

It's Grace.

You're never goingto believe this.

Ben is going to be Santa!

I know.I know, I am so happy, too.

Okay. All right.

I'll see you tomorrow.Bye.

Did I just hear Yes!

Oh, thank goodness.

We were all certain that Clint was goingto ruin everything.

Oh, I know, but now the paradeis going to be perfect.

I don't know what you didto change Ben's mind, but the whole town thanks you.

Oh... sure.

I mean,this parade is my legacy, so I would do anythingto protect it.



Well, hello, Santa.

Hey, uh...there's your drink.

Thanks... and thanks againfor stepping up.

You have no ideahow grateful I am.

I think I know.

I mean, after all,you would do...

"anythingto protect your legacy," right?

Like making me think there wassomething real between us?

No... Ben!

Come on,that's not what I meant.


Ben, wait!

Ben, would youstop, please?

Okay, I was justmaking small talk, and as far as you and Iare concerned, I wasn't pretending anything.

You have to know that.

Except you've beenpretending your whole life.

Right? So why stop now?

Excuse me?

You're so afraidof facing the reality that you're not happywith your own life choices, that you spendevery waking moment trying to force meto change mine.

I told you, I am perfectly happywith my life choices.

Exceptthey're not your choices, and you stillcan't admit to having even the tiniest bitof bitterness about that.

You know what?Forget it.


Forget that I ever evenasked you to be Santa, 'cause I would rather haveClint out on that sleigh than someoneas self-righteous as you.

No problem.


Did I have a choice?

Hey, Ben.

Everything okay?

Yeah, Dad.I'm just...

I'm heading back up to Boston.

The roads are clear.

Now?But Grace said...

I know what she said, Dad,but she's wrong.

It's not happening.

And why not?

I thought you hadfinally come around.

Dad... why couldn't you ever justaccept the fact that I'm being who I want to be?

And who is that, Ben?Is it a writer, or...

It doesn't matter, Dad, as long as I'm makingthe decision for myself.

I just wish you could knowwhat it feels like to bring joy to so many people.

I do, Dad, okay?

I get it.

I've even felt it, but...

I just wish that for once,you could be proud of me, even when I'm not followingin your footsteps.

I am proud of you, son.

You are a good man...kind, smart, and strong.

In the end, I guessthat's all I needed to pass on.

Here, let me help youwith that.


You know,when I started the Santa school, I wrote our motto...

"Find the jolly..."

but what I meant by that was... find your own way to make the worlda better place, and I should've followedmy own rules.

You dowhat brings you joy, Ben.

What brings you joy... because that's...that's all that really matters.

You really mean that?

[tearful]:I do... and I...I love you, son...

Santa or not.





[door opens]


Where have you been?

Why aren't youanswering your phone?

Oh, uh... gosh, sorry.I didn't hear it.

I was worried.

I thought somethinghappened to you.

Well,something kind of did.

That's why I called... to dish about Ben, and now that I know you're not trappedunder a bookshelf, we can do just that.

Oh, this is so cute.

You should display itat the store.

[Grace]: If I put outeverything I had, it would beway too much Christmas.

There's nevertoo much Christmas.


So... tell me everything.


There's nothing muchto tell.

He's probably alreadyback to Boston by now.

[Caroline]:But you said he was goingto be Santa tomorrow, and I saw youslow-dancing, and I saw the wayyou look at each other.

Yeah, well did you see the partwhere he stormed off?

No.What happened?

He said that I was justpretending to like him to get him to be Santa.

Of course, I told himthat wasn't true, but then...


Then he said I was in denialabout my own life... that I tell people that I'm happywith the store and the paradeand all that, but that deep down,I'm really... really bitter because I never gotto go to art school because I took overthe shop after my parents died.

He says I'm not doing what I'm really meantto be doing.

I mean, can you believe that?

I mean,what a jerk, right?


He might bea teensy bit right.


Grace, come on.

You're amazingwith the store and the parade, and everyoneis so grateful for everythingyou've done, but... when we were younger, you couldn't waitto get out of Green River and paint the world.

You have all thosebeautiful paintings at the store of Christmasall over the world, but you've never been ableto see one of those places in real life... because you'restuck here, living yourparents' dream... not yours.

Hey!I stepped up.

Okay? Without me,the store would've closed, and the parade, and probably the whole town.

I'm really proud of everythingI've done for them.


For them.

What about for you?

I'm sorry, Grace.

I didn't meanto upset you.

Caroline... do you think it's possibleto love Christmas, but just not wantto live and breathe it every single day?

Not for me.

Maybe for you.

Maybe you shouldfind out.


[Grace]:Yeah, I think that...

I like that one.Yeah, I think so.

Let's just switchthese two.

I think that'llbe better.

Great.It's going to be... want to interview your Santaright before the parade.

Oh, and good jobdelaying the parade for the prime-time6:00 news!


There's going to be somany more people watching.

So many more.

It's going to be great.So, where is Ben?

Uh... Ben...

He's runninga little late.

Beard issues.

But everything's okay,though, right?

Oh! Yeah, no.

Yeah, it's fine.

He just... he doesn't want to come outbefore the parade

'cause he's afraidit might ruin the mystique.

The mystique?

Yeah... and he asked that there's not a lot of cameras in his face, so nothing too close.

Pretty much just no close-ups at all.


Who knew Santa was such a diva?


I know, right?

Well, I'll letthe hosts know.


Thank you!

Excuse me!Pardon me.

Why did you sayall that?

So that maybepeople won't see that our Santa doesn't havethe twinkle in his eye that Tom did.

And Ben.

I saw your paintingof Ben.

He really was incrediblewith those kids.

Hey, uh... can we getthe party started?

I really want to get homeand watch the game.

[Tom]: Clint, what did I saywas the number one rule?

Always stay in characterwhen you are in this suit.


What, Santa can'twatch football?

[Tom]:F... football?

Did you hear that?

It's okay.It's okay. It's okay.

[Tom]: Sorry, Grace.

I tried my best with him.

I know you did.I know.

Grace,all this is my fault I pushed Ben too hardto follow in my footsteps.

I should havelet him feel free to be who he wasmeant to be.

I know he would have lovedto have heard that.

I know I would have.

Grace, honey,isn't this what you wanted?

Of course.

The entire townis counting on me.

My family's counting on me.

This store is the only linkthat I have left to my family.

But you don't have to liveChristmas every single day to keep your mom and dadin your heart.

They're always there, and I know that if yourparents were here now, they'd want youto live your own life, not theirs.

Thank you... both of you.




It's almost timefor the Santa-pocalypse.

We have a problem.

Of course we do.


Clint, whatare you doing?

What?Santa can't watch the pre-game?


No, he can't,because he's Santa!

[Leslie]:Okay... where's Ben?

[Grace]: Uh,he's... not here.

What kind of operationare you running here?

He's out, he's in,he's out...

Do you realize the terrible positionyou've left me in?

[Grace]:Leslie, I am so sorry.

Okay, I takefull responsibility for all of this, but right now, there's notmuch I can do because Santais not here.

We're going to haveto take this segment way down.


Hey, what'reyou doing?

This is...

[Clint]: I'm Santa![grunts, struggles]



Are you goingto do something about this imposter?

[Grace]: Clint... you're fired.

You can't fire me.

My mom's the mayor.


Tell themwho Santa is.

[mayor laughs]


Get out of thesleigh, dear.

What, are you serious?

Okay. Ho, ho, no.

But I'm Santa!I'm Santa!

Kris Kringle!

I'm going to watchthe game then.

Thank you so muchfor coming back.

You have no idea howmuch we appreciate it.

Merry Christmas,Green River.

Merry Christmas.

We've got somework to do!



♪ Take a tripdown candy cane lane with me ♪

♪ It's the cutest thingI swear you'll ever see ♪

♪ It's the best

♪ So get dressed

♪ I'll impress you

♪ With the colorsof the rainbow ♪

♪ Take a tripdown candy cane lane with me ♪

♪ It's so magical

♪ Let's go therein your dreams ♪

♪ It's the best

♪ So get dressed

♪ I'll impress you

♪ With the lightsin all the windows ♪

♪ Candy cane lanebring a friend this holiday ♪

♪ Bring a friendwho loves to play ♪

♪ We'll eatall the candy canes, oh ♪

♪ Candy cane lanebring a friend this holiday ♪

♪ Bring a friendwho loves to play ♪

♪ We'll eatall the candy canes ♪

♪ Oh, candy canes

♪ We'll eat candy canes

Ho, ho, ho!

Hello, children!

Take a seat.

Good to see you all.

Here you go.One for you.

One for you.

Ho, ho, ho!


Thank you!Merry Christmas!

Hey, how are you?

Come over hereand sit on Santa's lap.

Ho, ho, ho!

I, I can'tthank you enough for coming back.

You made this happen.

Well, Santa's always happyto come to Green River.

Can we talk?

Merry Christmas.

I...I guess I'll just go.

And what would you likefor Christmas?

That sounds wonderful.

Now let me seewhat Santa can do.



I've been lookingeverywhere for you.


It's pretty obvious you didn't wantto talk to me over there.

Grace, all I wantedto do was talk to you.

It's just,I can't break character when I'm in the suit.

I thought you knew that.



So, Grace...


After you. After you.

I just wanted to say

and you were right.

About what?

About what I want to dowith my life.

Painting makes me just as happy as anything I've ever doneat the store.

So you're giving that up?

No, no, but I'm goingto find a balance.

I mean, just becauseI want to paint doesn't mean I haveto give up my legacy, so I'll have Carolinemanage the store more, and when Christmasrolls around, I'll appreciate it more, and then,maybe next year, I'll be ableto see Christmas somewhere otherthan Green River.

Maybe I'll start with Boston.

You'll have to let meknow how it is.


Because I'll be here.

I'm staying.

Why?I thought...

I know.

Today, I saw the joyof Christmas again.

I finally realized howimportant my dad's work is.

People need Santa.

So you're goingto take over for your dad?

I mean,what about your writing?

Watching youfollow your heart, it's what made me lookinside mine, and if you give that up...

I didn't say I wasgiving up my writing.

I'm just going tofind a way to do both... like you.

In fact, I think I finallyfigured out what I was meantto write.

A children's book... about a town's questto find Santa and bring him therefor a Christmas parade.

Huh.Sounds familiar.

Very believable.


Only one thing'smissing.

What's that?

An illustrator.

You know anyonewho likes to paint?

I believe I do.

So, I guess this is kindof a new beginning for both of us.


Maybe we should startfrom scratch.

What do you mean?


You forgot to put ina destination.

Right... about... here.

Oh, no!


We still haveto go get my car!



All right,come on.

Third time's the charm.

There you go.Thank you!

If you could excuse usfor a couple minutes, please?

Just a quick break.

What's going on?

I changedthe dedication a little for the second printing.

Give it a read.

[Grace]:"For Grace, who will forever bemy Mrs. Claus."

Yeah, but...but Mrs.?

That would meanwe'd have to be mar...


Grace Long... will you marry me?



♪ Dashing through the snowin a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ O'er the fields we go

♪ Laughing all the way

♪ Bells on bobtail ring

♪ Making spirits bright

♪ What fun it isto laugh and sing ♪ But...

You had to writethat dedication before you proposed.

How did you knowI'd say yes?

Santa knows all.

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh

♪ Jingle bellsJingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ridein a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ridein a one-horse open sleigh ♪