Finding Sofia (2016) Script



Are you... Are you friends with Sofia?

Sofia... no, no.

No... no English.

I don't... I don't understand.

Uh, okay. All right.

Where are we going?

Mabel. La Tía Mabel.

What? La Tía Mabel.

Your bell?

I don't... Uh, um...

No habla español.

It's hard to focus. I'm so scared right now.

Is this your buddy? Is this your friend?

Guess what. You're not special.

In the U.S. alone, there are 4.2 million recreational artists, 800,000 art students, and 3 million professionals.

That's 8 million people infected with the disease that some optimistically call "the creative type."

They wake up every morning, and when they look in the mirror, they feel special.

They think they have a story worth telling.

Most of them go on and write, paint, play, sing the story, and then they publish it on endless blogs.

The world tells them, "Trust yourself," and "You are different."

But only 15% of them will get a job that they feel worthy of their talent.

A mere 2% will achieve any sort of visibility.

And less than .2% will get famous, only to be forgotten in an average time of three years.

Before traveling to Argentina that winter, I was among these 8 million people.

I met Sofia for the first time when she left a comment on my most famous viral video...

"Dancing Tomatoes."

She wrote, "Your work is so shallow, it's the perfect metaphor for a decadent world."

I was instantly attracted to her.

If he buys this, we're finally set, Alex.

No more of this struggling artist bullshit.

We need this, man.

Alex, I need you to focus, okay?

It's definitely a big opportunity, but just pitch the show with a lot of confidence and you'll be fine. Say yes.

Yes. Yes. That's it.

Come on.

You just really need to focus, that's all.

Look, I brought the tomatoes in case you want to use them.


You know, he might want to see them or something.

All right, man. Let's go. Let's do this. Come on.

Why are we doing this? That's the main question, right?

I want to respect the artistic process.

I want to do more than, like, a funny video or, like, a dancing thing, you know?

I know what I don't want to do.

I have a long list of things that I hate.

It doesn't have to be overly negative, of course.

How many viewers does your tomatoes video have up to now?

Uh, it's like 2 million.

But it's been online for three years.

And how much money have you made?

It's online. Nada?

Zip? Zero?

In the old days, fame came with fortune.

Internet fame costs you money.

You're paying for other people to enjoy.

I'm glad you brought it up, 'cause he and I talk about this all the time.

Do you know about what our brand is?

Energy Yogurt... I assume it's yogurt.


We're gonna sign a contract, you and me.

I can get it ready for you in a couple of weeks.

The point is, is that you're gonna have complete artistic freedom, okay?

The only thing we're gonna do is we're gonna change out the tomatoes for strawberries, bananas, and kiwis just to get a range.

I Fe...

I feel like we're talking about two different things here.

Uh, well, let's be honest here, Patrick.

Alex. Yeah, whatever.

You can milk the tomatoes now and get the money or you can watch how people forget about it and go on to the next stupid thing.

Now, do you want to put it to work for you or do you want to let it go to waste?

Yo! Just a minute.

Come on. There's a fucking line.

Hey! Tomato guy, whoo!

This is an automated security alert from East Borough Bank.

A purchase superior to $1,000 has been charged to your credit card...

Oh, no.

An American Airlines ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you did not make this transaction, please contact us immediately.

Have a great day.

Hey. What's up? You won't believe what happened.

I've been invited to talk about my work in Buenos Aires... tomorrow.

I'd love to see you.

Let me know if you want to grab a coffee or something.

♪ La-la-la, la-la, la-la

♪ La-la-la, la-la, la-la

♪ La-la-la, la-la, la-la

♪ La-la-la, la-la, la-la Where... Where are the sandwiches?

Do you have sandwiches? Sí.

Yeah, okay. Where are they?

Okay. Just in the back?

Your bag. My bag?


♪ Don't know the first thing about who you are ♪ For a sandwich, really?

♪ My heart is waiting, taken in from the start ♪

♪ If we don't go now, we won't get very far ♪

♪ Don't know the first thing about who you are ♪

♪ La-la-la...

Hi, Sofia.

I'm writing this e-mail from the phone of a guy who offered his help.

I just got all my stuff stolen when I was looking for a hotel.

I'll be sitting on the corner of Humboldt and Paraguay.

I have no money and no way to get back to you.

I know this is the last message you were expecting to get from me.

I promise it will be the last one if you don't show up.

I'll be waiting.

Yours, Alex.

Fundamental dynamics of our eye contact.

The dynamics of our eye contact started 8,000 years ago in the interior of the sun.

Millions of photons were trapped in its core for centuries, and, much later, we were born and everything else happened.

Then in a solar storm eight minutes before I saw her for the first time that summer night, some of those photons traveled 91.4 million miles through space and bounced into the moon, reaching my pupils 1.3 seconds later.

Only then, a portion of those particles reflected back to Sofia.

And so, we could look each other in the eyes for the first time.

But the fact of the matter is that I looked away.



Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Eh, why would you call me in a situation like this?

What about the people you came to see?

I-I-I lost all my stuff.

And I-I didn't have anyone else's e-mail, so I'm sorry. I'm not...

Did he mention Mabel? Mabel? What, uh...

Did Victor ask you something about my aunt Mabel?

Yeah, Victor... That's that guy?

That's that... that... Who is that guy?

It's my boyfriend, okay?

Listen... Your boyfriend?

Okay, what did you say?

Well, I didn't... I didn't know what to say.

I thought he was talking about a fucking bell.

That... he... you... You have a boyfriend?

I can't believe that you didn't tell me...

Okay, lower your voice. That you have a boyfriend.

Shh. Lower your voice.

Listen carefully. I don't know you and you don't know me, okay?


Tomorrow, you will make some phone calls and sleep somewhere else.

What's that?

It's my little bag of shit that they let me keep for emotional value.

I-I don't... I-I-I can't believe that you lied to me... I didn't.

About having a boyfriend. You didn't?

I didn't lie.

What are you talking about? I didn't lie.

This is my real life.

It's not the Internet. What?

The Internet is real life. We've been chatting for months.

I sent you a picture of my dick 24 hours ago.

What do you expect out of that picture?

What did I expect?

Five-star hotel and a loving girlfriend?

I was in a club in a bathroom in a stall.

And there was a dude pounding on the door.

Okay, listen. Okay, yeah, I'm sorry.

Listen. You are my cousin that I've never seen before.

Aunt Mabel's nephew. Okay?

You can spend the night here as long as you play along with this.

Okay? Okay.

Okay, I have no, uh... I have no other options, so...

It will be fine.

Hey. Alex?

I'm Flor. Nice to meet you.

Sofia told me about your loss.

I'm so sorry.

She told me that you live in New York.

I have never been there, but it must be awesome.

My loss? Yeah, the robbery, Alex?


What time is it? It's, um, 12:50.

You know, I can tell the time without looking.

I can feel it, you know? It just happens.

Oh, Alex, if I say your name a lot, like, it's just a memory technique I use.

No, gracias.


Alex, could you move a little bit?

'Cause we need more room here.

Yes, yes, yes.

Alex, I'm so sorry.

No, no, no.

Alex, I'm sorry. Go back to sleep.

Alex, I'm sorry. This is your house, too, okay?

It's not my house.

You can sleep until the hour you want.

I'm awake. I'm awake. Come, please.

No, no, no, I'm not gonna go back to sleep.

Oh. Oh.

I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry? I-I'm very sorry.

Because you were sleeping.

I don't even know where I am right now.

She has reason.

A fire.

Fire? Were we starting a fire? A fire, help.

Help, you, eh?

You here, okay? You here, you help.

Okay, Victor, okay. Alex, please go with him.

Go. Just a minute.

Gonna start a fire somewhere? Eh, no, you just...

Go. Okay? Go.

Go, go.


Listen, I'm from New Jersey.

I have never done anything... I have no idea what I'm doing.

Okay? No idea.

Um, Alex?

Um, hola. Could you come for a second?

Um... I looked up the U.S. Embassy number for you to report your passport missing.

Oh. Thank you. No, you're welcome.

You know, it's important that we call now.

Want me to call? You know, they can steal your identity.

You know that? That that happens?

Yeah, you know what, I thought about that.

I'll just do it, but I don't think there's any, like, tremendous rush.

No, really, I read it, and there was this guy that was raped in jail for a crime that he didn't commit.

Sure, but here's the thing. What?

Um, I saw with my own eyes the guy...

They were kids who robbed me.

And I just don't... I think they were interested in my cash.

I don't think they wanted my passport.

You can never know. Really.

I know you can never know...

Thank you, Flor.

You call from my phone, of course.

No, no. What we'll do is we'll do it later, though.

I don't...

Yeah, I can't... I can't hear anything.

Let's just call later.

Because it's tricky to get reception.

You see this bow? Uh-huh.

You get reception here. Wait.

Lost or stolen passports...

Choose from the following options.

Please say "robbery" if your passport was stolen.

Or say "lost" if your passport is just missing.

Robbery. You chose stolen passport.

Please say "violent robbery" if your life was in peril.

Or say "non-violent"... Non-violent.

You chose non-violent.

Please wait on the line.

Please state your name after the beep as a signature of your testimony and your passport will be invalidated.


Uh, you know what? I don't know which...

'cause I have a hyphenated... What do you mean?

I don't, um... Alex, say your name.

Alex Taylor.

Your former passport is now invalidated.

Please enter the contact number in Buenos Aires.

Thank you. You will be contacted with the date and instructions for your appointment.

Have a nice day. Okay.

They'll call us with appointment day.

Oh, good. When?

I don't know. They didn't say.

So maybe I could just stay with you for a couple days?

Until... Non-violent?

From your e-mail, I thought they put a gun to your head when they robbed you.

Well, it was intimidating on a conceptual level, I mean...

Well, assuming violence just because you're in South America is so racist.

No, you know what? It was violent.

It was more violent than I remembered it.


You're staying. I am? I am.


What are you doing?

Oh, um, well, I have no summer clothes, so I'm improvising.

Let me help you.

Could you stand up? Yeah.

Thanks. You're welcome.

So are those your paintings, too?

Oh, yeah, well, it's Victor's work.

I'm his assistant.

I help him mix the paint.

You know, they're about the human figure as a trigger for, uh, pictorial dialogue.

Sounds... sounds neat. Sounds really neat.

So let me... I'm just gonna...

I mean, maybe it's just me, I don't know.

I just notice a real, uh... tension between Victor and Sofia.

Oh, yeah, we're all under a lot of stress these days.

We have a lot of work to finish.

Two days to go, and then we are out of here for two weeks.

Victor's gonna be part of a group exhibition and the winner will get a grant for life.

Word is Victor's gonna get it, but he's nervous.

He says the other guy, Zarazola, is an asshole.

My friend worked in his studio, and he asked her to blow him.

And she did.

Do you love it here?


So, you're leaving with Victor for two weeks?



I'm sorry.

Uh, I didn't mean to interrupt.

No, no, it's okay.

I just needed a pause, you know?

A break. Yeah, no, I'm not judging you.

Everyone procrastinates. It's fine.

What is "procrastinate"?

Well, um, procrastination is when you, uh, do something, uh, like, uh, play the guitar to avoid doing something else, like your work.

Mm. Mm.

I'm not doing that. No?

No. I'm working. Okay. Clearly.


Were you stalking me? Was I stalking you?

Hmm, yes.


No? No.

Sure? I'm pretty sure.

Mm, okay.

Don't, um... don't let me stop you from playing horribly.

Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Okay. Continue.

Listen. I'm listening.

I can't now. It's good.

No, it's... keep going. No, no, somebody...

You got to learn... You got to start somewhere.

Alex? Are we doing the show?

Man, I need to know. Yes. Yes.

Yeah, we're doing the... Yes, we're gonna do the show.

Are you seriously in Argentina, man?

Listen, I'll be back in a few days, okay?

I'm... I'm... I'm... In the meantime, e-mail.

E-mail is better.

Write me, 'cause I can't hear a word you're saying.

Alex, Alex. Can you hear me? Are you there?


Josh, Josh, Josh, hello?

Buddy? Hello?

Alex, maybe if everything goes well with the paintings, Victor and I will tour and we could visit you in New York.

Oh, it's, uh...

Sofia, could you pass the salad?

Are you going to the, uh, exhibition with them?

No. I'm staying here. Oh, you are?


Victor doesn't like the U.S.A. because he's a Peronist, you know?

Have you heard... Peronism? No.

He thinks that it's an imperialistic country and that it will fall.


Well, you know, yeah. I mean, I...

Listen, I, yeah, I'm against all military action, but I think every country has its... misery.

I think America's in the spotlight, of course, because...

You know, I'm more like an anarchist because I don't believe in state that much.


Yeah, I said spotlight.

Um, why? America.

America is all the continent.

What does that mean? All the continent?


What? What?

I think he's saying that you collaborated with Guantanamo.

Guantanamo. Sí.

Yeah. No.

In its construction?

I think there's, um, a lot that's getting lost in translation.

No, no, no, he didn't say that. He didn't say that.

What's going on? Help... Help me.


You know, I left my social class back in 2009 when I finished high school.

It's good to debate ideas.

Don't you think?

In my house, I could never talk about my anarchism without my father going insane.

Are you... is that... Is everything...

Is it because of what I said about America?

Is that the problem?

No, what do you mean? Well, what do you mean?

What do you mean? America?


Yeah, I'll have some.

What is this?

This? What is that?

That tells me nothing.

Well, I don't know how to say it in English.

It's chinchulines.

Is it a tapeworm?

Why don't you eat?

'Cause it looks horrible.

You have to. Do you want this?

Yeah, I'll take salad, yeah.

So, how are you doing, cousin?

I'm good. I think I'm adjusting really well.

Okay. And everyone likes me.


I feel like... We should toast.

Mm-hmm. To Aunt Mabel.

What do you think?

We're going out? We're going out there?

What's going on?

Is he burning paintings?



I'm sorry.

Holy shit.

I'm sorry. It's not funny.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I-I-I hate to ask you guys to do this, but can we have a conversation in English?

This is a fucking nightmare.


You know, when... When he started showing in my mom's gallery, I used to write essays for the exhibition's catalogues, and just writing for him was a nightmare.

I quit.

It was the only way I could be his girlfriend.

I don't know how you do it.

All that work gone to waste.

Well, you know what? I'm leaving tomorrow.

So I wish you good luck.

What do you mean, leaving? ¿Qué?

And then you work, your trabajo?

We can't do new work in two days.

What about the exhibition?

Flor, I don't think it's cool that you quit when things get rough.

But you said that you quit before.

Yes, but it's different.

I'm... I'm his girlfriend.

Well, I guess I'm not, so I'm leaving tomorrow.

Morning. Morning.

Where's the rooster?

You don't need a rooster to lay eggs.

You don't?

The hens just do it fine by themselves.

I can't believe I didn't know that.


Listen, uh, the situation got complicated last night.

Yeah. Yes.

Yeah. Hmm.

Um, you know, you won't have any trouble from me.

No, no, mm.

I know I told you that you could stay here, but...

Wait. It's really difficult.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You know, he burned those paintings on purpose, right?

Yes, but, um, that's not your problem.

I mean, maybe if Victor wasn't in the picture, things would be different.

But I'm sorry. You have to go.

Start thinking of friends of friends.

You can't... You can't just do that.

You can't just use me when it's convenient for you.

But what do you mean "use you"?

You're here because you need my help.


You sure I'm not here because you want to upset him?

I have no choice. I-I'm sorry.

You can't just fabricate a full-time project.

He said it himself. But...

His... No, his work was trash, so he burned it.

That's the concept. It's genius.

It doesn't work that way. Why doesn't it work that way?

You used to write his essays.

You can justify anything.

Are you telling me that you would rather spend weeks up there with Victor pissing and moaning around the house?

I've seen that dynamic, okay?

I know what that looks like.


So... So.

So all we have to do is convince him that it's a good idea.

All of us working for him? Yeah.

He'll love that, for sure.

I'll talk to him.

He's hard to get, you know, sometimes, because he's a genius.

Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

Alex... if this works, would you mind if I don't tell my parents that it was your idea?

Your... your par... your parents?

Yeah, no, that's fine. Yeah, yeah, totally.

'Cause, you know, sometimes it's hard for them to understand what I'm doing here.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

You're so fucking cool, you know? Thank you.

That's a very thoughtful thing for you to say.

He's in.

What'd he say?

Like this.

Hey, so, uh, Victor was saying that since fragments are accidents we shouldn't try to understand it because, you know, accidents mustn't be comprehended.

Okay. Bueno.

Just tell us how he wants it, okay?

Okay, so, um, just group them by color and size.


I love her so much. Just so much.

I'm an addict!

It's all I can think about.

You can't just take it away from me.

It's unfair.

You have to, like, wean me off of it.

You are in rehab here. Okay?

And you will not tweet, period.

Yeah, that's my point. I'm down here.

I'm in the jungles of South Africa.

South Africa. And I can't...

I can't even tweet about it.

I'm like a "Swiss Family Robinson" member.

I'm so proud. Look at you.

A changed man.

Just keep these memories and feelings for yourself, okay?

Oh. Oh.


He's a real man's man.

He reminds me of my dad.


You should be ashamed of yourself.

Shh, shh, shh.

What is he? He's like 65, right?

No. I'm just saying.


He could be your grandfather.



My father. No. You just said it.

You can't take it back.


Is everything... Is everything all right?

Yes, yes. Perfectly fine.

We will do the last one.

When we finish with these two, we will be done.

Thank you so much, Alex.

Yeah, no, it's fun. I'm having fun with it.

It's good.

He's saying that he's happy that you're happy.

Like, we're all happy.

Good. That's good. You ready?


No sé.

I wanted to give you something.

It's a little reward for adapting here.

I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

I'm enjoying the unplugged life.

Mm-hmm. Where is it?

It's here.

And this.

What is this?

Is this what I think it is?

Oh, my gosh. That's so cool.

You like it?

Well, it was my father's.

And this, too. He was an architect.

And he spent hours and hours drawing.

Oh, my gosh.

Wow, look at this.

You're just gonna give this to me?

Yes. Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure. Of course, it's a present.

Thank you. A reward.

What's that?

I keep it.

Thank you so much. This is...

You're welcome.

This is really cool.

I haven't drawn in ages. I can't wait.

The self.

In "Camera Lucida," published in 1980, Roland Barthes describes how our personality splits in front of the camera, unfolding our various selves.

Like Roland, I suddenly felt like I was three different people at the same time.

One, the one I thought I was.

Two, the one I wanted Sofia to think I was.

And three, the one I feared Sofia saw in me.

All three combined in the same body posing in front of the camera about to snap.

The timer was ticking.

I wanted Sofia's idea of me to be the self I thought I was, or in all honesty, the self I thought I could potentially become.

But a feeling of inauthenticity started to rush in.

I tried to fight it, compensating with a pose that would avoid the idea I feared Sofia had of me, but it was too late.

That afternoon, the picture was taken.

Is that coke? No, it's MDMA.

You guys are... You guys are doing ecstasy?

You guys are gonna do ecstasy?

No, MDMA. Yeah, it's the same thing.

No, it's not. Are we in 1996?

Yes, we are. We are?

Yes. I thought there was something interesting about this place.

Come on. Lick your finger.

No. I'm not gonna do it.

Come on. No.

Well, I don't want you to be sober when I'm high, okay?

Come on.


Be careful, be careful, be careful. I don't want...

No, no, no, no, no. I don't want to do that much.

Be careful. Be careful.

Yeah, I don't... I don't like drugs.

Be careful, be careful. I don't like drugs.

Oh, my God.

That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Is she the only one that does that?

Hi. Hi.

Oh, no.

You should see your face. Yeah.

You should see your face now. And you would know.

Yeah, I think I feel something.




Are you okay?

I'm fine. Just go.

No, you don't look fine.

You are sweet, you know?

Everything is so complicated and... simple at the same time.

Simple? Mm-hmm.


Sí. Yeah.

Sofia, I'm so sorry.

I was like... I'm high. I feel terrible.

I'm sorry 'cause, you know, I think we are friends.

And I value you so much.

And I-I'm sorry. Please...

Please forgive me, 'cause I didn't know what I was doing.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


You should speak in English 'cause Alex is here.

I think you guys need to, um, talk.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You guys were talking, and I rushed in and made this scene.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Flor, Flor, Flor. Flor.

Come with me.

No. No.


Hey. They called.

You won't have the appointment in the embassy for another week.

They give you an exact date?

Yes. Friday the 14th.

Something wrong?

Well, by now you should have a very good picture.

I don't understand. Um...


I don't get you.

I don't get how one second everything can be fine and then...

What are you talking about? You can't just...

No, no, no, no. You can't just...

Wait, wait. No! No.

What are you expecting from the situation?

I don't understand.

You can't just live these two lives and then not take responsibility when something happens.

Two lives? Two lives... a life here...

Talking to a guy on the Internet is not a life.

You're not part of this life. I'm... All right.

Well, what the fuck do you call this?

Right now. I-I'm here.

This is happening. Yes.

Okay, so what do you call that?

I don't know. What do you want?

I don't understand. I'm trying to speak to you.

What do you want?

How... How do I get out of here?

How do I fucking get out of here?

What? Where are you going to, Alex?

I don't care where I'm gonna fucking go, okay?

I have... You know what? You think I have to be here?

I mean, I have options, okay?

I am here because I want to be here.

Okay. Okay.

Go. Use your options, I'm watching.

Go. Go.

I'll fucking swim. I'll swim out of here.


All right, I'll swim away from here.

Nice, nice. I'll swim.

Swim, swim. Swim away. Go. Go.

I'm gonna go get my shit. Okay.

Take my hand. No, I'm good.

Yeah? We have to wait.

It's really awkward running into your ex here.

Well, I can't blame him. I mean...

Uh... It's wine.

What's he... what is he saying?

If you're my boyfriend.

No. No, she's all yours.

It's not coming.

We better go back, okay?

You have to choose.


We have two options.

Tonight, I go to sleep in my room.

We wake up tomorrow.

We have breakfast. And we become friends.

Or we have sex now and we become lovers for the next week.

Until you leave.

But we won't see each other again.

How long do I have to decide?

Five, four, three, two, one.

This is what you want? Yes.

Yes? Yeah.

I've never had sex in English before.

Oh, God.

It's like being in a porn movie from...

Do you want to fuck me?

Yes. Yes.

Words don't have the same semantic importance.

It's like being someone else.

Oh, that's a very interesting point, culturally.

You're doing... You're doing great.

Dude, Energy Yogurt wants to write checks.

Are you sitting down?

$20 grand for you, $20,000 for me.

I'm sending you a preliminary contract.

Sign it and get it back to me ASAP.

Love you, man. Josh.

♪ Twice I've turned my back on you ♪ So you've been working on it for over a year.


Has it always been about the same thing?

Well, it changed when I met you.


So I inspired your thesis, which is based on how Internet videos destroyed real art.

No. You didn't inspire it.

You're so narcissistic.


I can't work with a single subject because sociology works with immersion patterns and constants, you know?

Wow. I don't know why, nowadays, everybody thinks they have a novel in them or a music album or a movie.

Everybody wants to be an artist.

And we are left with noise, you know?

Like, more artists than audiences.

And art loses its intrinsical value.

Was that your whole thesis? No.

Was that it? No.

Did you just... You just memorize it and recite it back to me?

It could be, you know. I hope you wrote that down.

So I'm not alone. I'm not alone, then.

So... So, you think we should just do nothing?

No. I mean, it's about taking responsibility.

Maybe doing things but without showing them to people.


Are you ready?

I guess.

I don't know what I'm supposed to be ready for.

For a ritual.


I'll be the shaman.

And this is a funeral.

You have to bury the tomatoes here at the beach as an offering to the river.

This is gonna be hard, because I'm a Taurus.

I'm less receptive to black magic.

What do you think this is?

Some sort of mystical bullshit?

It's about tricking your unconscious mind with a performance, like behavioral science.

Okay. Well, can I say something or...?

Yes, of course. But dig the holes first.


Okay, you have to start, "I..."

I, Alex Taylor...

Mm-hmm. "In body and soul"... in body and soul...

"I will bury these tomatoes..."

I will bury these tomatoes...

"and with them"... and with them...

"all the visual pollution..." all the visual pollution...

"I contributed to the Internet."

I contributed to the Internet.




Now and go and bathe yourself in the river.

And then we shall have sex over the corpses.


♪ We, we were so young

♪ But life is a murderer

♪ We stayed very long

♪ But light is a vanishing hope ♪

♪ Ayyyyyyyy

♪ Ayyyyyy

♪ I had in mind

♪ To conquer the world by your side ♪

♪ Conduct's very strange lately ♪

♪ 'Cause heaven's in danger for you ♪

♪ And the rest, it's all true ♪

♪ It's all true

♪ If we die, I lose All right. How do I do this?

You have to connect the numbers.

I'm ticklish.

How can you be ticklish with this tattoo?

What's the "N"?

The "N" for north.

North, oh. All right.

What's the "P"?

The "P" is Paraná.

Paraná, the river, the big river.

Here, it divides the town in two.

What about the "D"?

The "D" is Durazno.

It's the river by the house.

It's like peach in English.

So we were in the Peach River? Yes, the Peach River.

I think I'm done.

Do you like it?

Yeah, I love it.

Oh, shit.


It's not that... It's not that big a deal.

Never mind. What?

I used a permanent marker. No.

Yeah. No!

Yeah, it's okay. Hold on.

No. No, it's all right.

No, no, stop, stop. I got it. I got it.

Are you fucking kidding me, man?

Please tell me you're kidding.

Josh. I'm living...

I'm living things, man, that are inspiring.

Okay, I can't come home now.

I'm in love with this girl.

Alex. And, uh...

You can't do this to me. Just sell my shit on eBay.

And you just keep it. Just keep the money.

Reverse Engineering Sofia.

Reverse engineering is the process of disassembling an object to analyze its components and understand its principles.

Up to this point, I knew that Sofia once had a father who was an architect, that she had an island in El Tigre, where she spent her childhood vacations, and that the family stopped visiting when her father died.

I knew that that summer she decided to spend three months on the island, which happened to coincide with the all-time low of her relationship with Victor.

I knew there was a beach, a swamp, a chicken, a river, and a boat.

There was Flor and the thesis Sofia was writing for over a year now, unable to finish.

In my imagination, all these were spare parts that, thoroughly analyzed, could reconstruct a truth about Sofia.

They could give me a map.

But map and territory are known to be very different things.

The fuck? I don't know.

What time is it? Go to the living room, Alex.

Go to the living room.

Why? What?

What's going on? Nothing.

No, I think I deserve an explanation.

Yes, give me a minute, Alex.

What's going on?

Is he making fun of me? No.

Tell me he's giving you an explanation right now.

No, no, 'cause you know what?

I saved his ass a minute ago. Let's not forget that.

Give me a minute, please.

Hey, hey. What happened?

Horrible. It was awful.

So, what? He lost? We don't even know.

'Cause there were some rumors that because he presented all this new work he might not get it.

And he exploded in the middle of the exhibition.

No. Yes.

And then he just walked out with all the paintings?

Yes, and on the way back, he started saying that he was in love with me and that he...

What?! No. Yes.

He wants to have kids with me. He wanted to have kids.

I don't even want to have kids, you know?

Of course, you're young.

Hey. Hey.

So? So what?

So wh...? What?

So what?

I-I just can't...

I just can't believe how manipulative he is.

He sabotages his own art exhibition again. Lower your voice.

And we're supposed to pick up the pieces?


Did you know that he was hitting on Flor?

On the way back? Okay. Who are you now?

The morality police? You are not in a position...


You need to tell him about us.

You don't have the right to make me feel bad about the situation.

I'm not being a bad person, okay?



I don't want to be here anymore.

Me neither.


Can I see your drawings?


You're talented, you know?

Let's go. Let's go outside.

Let's get those.

The fuck is he talking about?

He's just pissed because I'm helping you.

He's pissed because you're helping me?


I'm so fed up with this bullshit.

All right, what is it, man? What is it now, buddy?

What do you need?

Do you

He's asking if you like chicken.


What... what's going on?

He wants you to kill a chicken with him.


Are you fucking insane?

I've never killed anything before in my life.

I'm not gonna start with a... Put it back, man.


I'm not gonna kill the chicken! I'm not gonna kill the chicken!

I don't understand what you're saying, man.

Leave her alone.

Just leave her alone, man.

Hey! Motherfucker!

What is that?

Just settle down, okay?

Everything's gonna be all right.

Hey! Sofia!

Son of a bitch!


Put it down, man.

Put it down.

I don't speak Spanish!


There you go.

In your native tongue.

What? What?


My computer is private, okay?


Emma fell into the river, and she didn't know how to swim, so I went after her.

Out. Get out.

Who was that guy? How many...

How many guys are you fucking around with on the Internet?

A hundred. Leave me alone. You're stuck here.

You're stuck here. You're stuck with these people.

Let's get the fuck out of here, okay?

No. Where?

We just need to get the fuck out of here.


I don't know. It doesn't matter where we go.

Where are we going, Alex?

Did you get all this wrong? We won't be together.

No, you're so afraid of doing anything that you make this fucking...

This mess instead of facing your shit.

You're lying to yourself.

I'm lying. And you?

Tell me the truth.

What are you doing here?

In Argentina?

I needed to see you.

And the interview?


At least my lies are more sophisticated than yours.

Oh, f...

Why do you do that? You're such a child.

You always have to say something clever or witty or funny instead of showing me who you really are.

Who the fuck are you?

Show me who you are for two seconds.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Alex, where are you going?

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving, too, okay?

I-I want to leave. Can I go with you?

I don't... Sure. Yes?

Okay, the next boat is at 7:45. All right.

That's in... that's in 22 minutes. Okay?

I'll get my stuff.

Will you wait? Yes.

Yes? Mm-hmm.


♪ Twice I turned my back on you ♪ Okay.

♪ I fell flat on my face but then ♪ Okay. You go that way and take a cab, okay?

Okay. I'll go that way.

Okay. They are black and yellow.


I'll see what I can do. Okay.

♪ Was it the blue night gone fragile ♪ What the fuck?

No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.


No, no.

♪ Was it our two wills

♪ One mirror holding us dearer now? ♪

♪ With so many lovers singing soft ♪

♪ Was it a blue night gone fragile?

♪ Was it about the men in wonder steady going under? ♪

♪ Was it the light waves so frightening ♪

♪ Was it our two wills

♪ One mirror holding us dearer now? ♪

Energy and spending.

In 1946, George Patail wrote, "A living organism ordinarily receives more energy than is necessary for maintaining life.

If the excess cannot be completely absorbed in its growth, it must be spent.

Willingly or not, gloriously or catastrophically."

It's a matter of metabolism.

All the experiences I had that summer, all these images I received every day, were looking for a way out.


So I went on and painted, wrote, played, sang my story, then published it on endless blogs.

Places where fruits dance or something equally trivial is expressed.

As I said, metabolism.


Are you okay?

What are you doing here?

Victor left.


And you were right about everything.

Well, good. I'm glad I could help.

I have to go. I have my appointment.


It's not easy for me to admit things, so you have to give me some credit, okay?


What do you want me to say?

I want you to come back with me.

What do you mean?

To the island, today.

You can work on your drawings, and I can finish my writing.

You have to see how beautiful is the winter there.


Mr. Taylor, are you aware of the situation...

The serious situation that you're in?

You don't have any documents.

You lost your passport or you were robbed.

I don't know. These questions will be answered to me.

Okay? Any misled information, you're going to jail.

And not in the United States.

Mr. Taylor, what do you do? I'm a filmmaker.

Excuse me? I'm a filmmaker.

Can you be more specific, please?

I do animation.

I'm... I have this project that I'm planning on doing when I get back to New York.

Yeah, I saw that.

Um, I'm actually working on a, um...

This is what I've been working on.

You don't have to get nervous.

I-I'm sorry.

Okay, let's look at this. So, yeah, that's...

I'm gonna turn that into an animation project in New York and animate that.


I'm not interested in what you're planning to do.

Tell me... What did you do back when you were in New York?

Give me something now or you're gonna be in a lot of trouble.

Give me something I can work with.

Um, I-I-I-I made a short film.

You made a short film. Yep.

Okay, let's get that. Three years ago.

Um, uh...

Uh, well, the film was called "Dancing Tomatoes."

"Dancing Tomatoes."

And it got a lot of attention, yeah.

It, um, it, uh, it was a...

You're not pulling my leg, are you?

I couldn't if I tried.

"Dancing Tomatoes."

Just a second.

"Dancing Tomatoes."

You Googling it?

Well, the United States, we Google, too.

That's how we try to help people like you.


Yo, Ralph!

Yo, man, stop what you're doing.

Come here, I want you to check this out.

I ain't never seen this before.

This is what you do?

Come here, man. Check this out.

First... Ralph, Mr. Taylor.

How could he come up with an idea like that?

Yeah, pass, please.

Look at that.

Ralph, he dance better than you.


Mr. Taylor, welcome to the United States, again.

Really? You're gonna let me back in the country?

We're gonna let you back... Look at that.

Look at that. I never seen...

And look, look. We have them here.

♪ Don't go

♪ Don't come and go iHola! Hey, hola.

¿Qué tal? Hi, hola.

¿Qué tal?

♪ Float like a leaf, then leave her ♪

♪ But don't come and go

♪ Hold tight

♪ Root like those trees

♪ That patiently wait for May

♪ They've been exposed there but they stay ♪

♪ And wait for the same spring bird ♪

♪ That came all the way

♪ From...

♪ Clouds, fire from home

♪ Costumed in gold

♪ Line of blue hemmed on the fray ♪

♪ Wrote down in pair

♪ Clenching eyes out with the suede ♪

♪ A poor band that play

♪ Tread the pavement, hit the place ♪

♪ It strikes in jest

♪ As the lines reach to her face ♪

♪ Ohh

♪ Bond black and close

♪ Till I kissed her in the shade ♪

♪ Neck hung in dour

♪ Till I leveled you away

♪ Still... of hers

♪ In the cluster of parade

♪ You enter and waver

♪ Out in city far, fetching space ♪

♪ And there is a knife

♪ There is a knife

♪ Slowly sinking, up at you

♪ There is a knife