Fire Down Below (1997) Script

I'm going to Kentucky to check on a case.

When I'm back, we're gonna go hunting.

Do some fishing.

We'll get away from all this stuff.

I appreciate the friendship. Means a lot to me.

Frank elkins was found dead today.


H is truck went into the nolin river. Broke his neck and back.

According to the pol ice, there was alcohol in the truck.

They say it's an accident. I don't think so.

Three dead agents.

Two FBI a couple of nights ago, and now frank.

This thing started with an anonymous letter...

From a coal town in Kentucky...

Talking about fish acting weird , kids getting sick. So frank went in.

He sent back soil and water samples...

That were off the charts from this town , Jackson.

Frank found out the Hanner coal company was dumping ...

Thousands of barrels of deadly toxic waste in abandoned coal mines.

Something's going on down there, and somebody's hiding it.

Jesus Christ, Jack! You and your goddamn conspiracy theories.

We're dealing with hillbill ies that know their country better than we do.

I want you to go in, find the dump...

Find the people who're putting it there and bring me back a witness.

If we don't have a witness who'll testify, we got nothing.

When was the last time i gave you "nothing"?

Your contact in Kentucky is a preacher named Bob goodall.

Let's do this thing right for frank.

How do you do, sir?

Bob goodal l .

N ice to meet you . Glad to meet you .

Welcome to Kentucky.

You're the preacher. That's right.

How come you ain't wearing a preacher collar?

I'm a cou ntry preacher.

You all d ress like that? Yes, sir.

Very nice. You play a little guitar?

Every now and then .

This is it.

Here's your bathroom here.

Radio picked up two stations, but one's out of business.

Here's as good a list of fol ks to start with as any.

Like I say, they don't talk much.

People keep to themselves.

Your best bet is to start easy.

Fix a few porches. Get to know them a little bit.

Take a l ittle time. That's right.

I don't know how much time I'l l have, but I'l l do the best I can.

Mister, mom said you might be thirsty.

Your mama's right.

What's your name?


That's a pretty name.

How about you?

Al berta.

That's pretty. And you?

Her name's rose, but she don't talk yet.

She don't? She kind of shy?

Yeah .

Have you came to fix the roof on top of me?

Yes, I have. Why?

Because I think it needs fixing.


You're welcome. You here just with your mama?

And papa, but he's not home.

He works in the mines. And Walter, ou r brother, he's sick.

Walter's sick? What kind of sick?

I don't know, just sick.

Maybe I should say hello to him and cheer him u p.

Su re, come on in .

H i, Walter. How you doing?

You d rawing a pictu re?

What's this one here? Is this a hel icopter...

Or a ufo?

He's shy.

It's not a helicopter. This is a ufo.

That's what I thought. See a lot of them arou nd here?

He's sick.

No, I'm not.

How long has the boy been sick like this?

What kind of sickness you have?

It's a kind of a rash.

Does that itch or bleed or anything?

You get d izzy and feel like you want to throw u p?

Reverend said you work on the outside.

Yes, sir.

The boy was sick. I came in to cheer him u p.

You're a good artist, I'm tel ling you .

That's good. A Iittle more. That's it.

Hover right there.

Hold her there. Let her down.

My daddy wants to know who the hell he is.

Maybe it's time I had a tal k with him .

Have the boys scare him a l ittle first.

Good morning . I think we got everything you ordered .

That'll be $75.

It's not free?


No free goods.

Here's your change, and you come back and see us.

I'm going to do that. Two beautiful twins like you .

Gets a man thinking. Bye bye.

How's the fishing arou nd these parts?

I like a perch dinner with fried potatoes.

You catch perch about now?

No, I'm sweeping steps right now. He's working.

You better leave him alone.

Ask old cotton too many questions, he can't concentrate.

Be worth nothing the rest of the day. Mrs. hamill don't like that.

I'm sorry. That won't happen again. I'm just here doing god's work.

Got any questions, you can ask me.

Good enough.

What are you doing?

We got company. I got him .

What the fuck are you doing here?

I was taking a little Su nday strol l . I guess maybe...

It's not Sunday.

A fine time to take a walk in our marijuana field !

It's tough , huh?

This is tough. We're deep in cou ntry here.

Is it kind of like deliverance?


I guess I shou ld be kind of scared .

"You got a pretty mouth, boy. "

I got no business with you .

Watch them , boy. Don't let them do nothing wrong .

My jaw! Son of a bitch broke my jaw.


That was wonderful singing, everybody.

I bel ieve we're getting better al l the time.

Before we get to the bru nch part of ou r services today...

We have a special visitor to the community, Mr. Jack taggert.

He's donated his time to hel p us...

With any kind of carpenter problems that any of you may have.

I know everybody's got a piece of wood busted somewhere.

Henry, he already helped put a roof on at your place.

During lunch, stop by and say hel lo to Jack taggert.

Make him feel welcome.

Deacon, would you lead us in a bened iction?

May the lord bless us and keep us...

And his face shine u pon us. Amen .

Here. It's for you .

That's a ufo right there. No question about it.

At night...

I see the lights on that hill sometimes.

That's probably the headquarters for the ufos.

N ice of you to come and help us poor folks out.

It's nothing that condescend ing .

One question.

Are you gonna screw up?

You never know.

There's a lot of misfits and losers doing your kind of work.

Alcoholics, ex-cons trying to get to heaven.

I probably fit right in there, don't I?

If you do screw u p, I'll be all over you .

I'll do the best I can to keep that in mind , sir.

You take care, Mr. taggert.

Jack taggert.



That's a nice name.

I was just sitting over there eating all by my lonesome.

I thought you might l ike to come sit down and have some with me.

You really are new here.

Stand out a little bit, do I?

I did n't mean that. Just...

You're talking to me.

Something wrong with tal king to you?

Excuse me.

Sarah's a nice girl .

Sad , though . Town don't really take to her.

Why's that?

A lot of history.

People here don't give up history.

Hey, Mr. cotton! Where are you headed?

I n the direction I'm walking.

Wou ld you l ike a lift?

I don't l ike to ride in cars. Might get to l ike it, then I'd want one.

How about if I did some fixing on your house?

It won't cost you nothing.

Sure, but the worst thing you'd do would be to fix it up.

I might like it.

Isn't that good?

No, I want to move.


House fal ling apart.

That's l ike a zen ridd le.

I'll see you around . All right then .

Is this the kellogg residence?

Yes, it is.

But I think you know that, Mr. taggert.

I was noticing that the steps were al l kind of broken down .

I could get under there and fix it all up.

I don't hand out bibles, and it won't cost nothing.

Thank you , but I'm not interested .

Thank you .

You're welcome.


Morning, boys.

The snakes didn't do it.

He's starting to piss me off. He's just making fun of us.

What the hell?


Thought you weren't afraid of snakes. Look who's talking .

Did you see that?

The whole town saw it, you idiot.

Know how that affects my dad and me?

I ought to put a bullet in your head .

I know guys l ike this. You push, they push back.

You don't push, they won't either. Let it go.

I'm in charge, Lloyd . You don't like it, resign .

What we got coming in here every night, i don't need this. I want him gone.

Son, all I'm saying is maybe you ought to call you r daddy first.

Before you do anything else.

I won't tel l you .

Come on, Natal ie, you're killing me. I have to know.

I'm in a meeting .

1t's your son, sir.

I'm out of the cou ntry.

Hey, daddy. What's up?

We got another situation down here.

New visitor.

You cal l the fire department when someone lights a cigarette?

They only send one idiot at a time.

1t'II take months before some new guy can do squat.

So keep it business as usual and keep him away from it.

Jesus, boy! The marines haven't landed . I got things to do.

See, I know exactly what my daddy wants.

Business as usual .

So I don't want to see him on my street or in my chu rch.

Come over here! Mama!

H i.

H i, how are you doing?

You know better than that.


How are you doing? I'm good .

Look, I only sold six jars...

Of your honey this week. Want to put that against your groceries?

Yes, please.

Thank you .

Bye, now.

You take care.

How do you do?

Can I help you?

I was thinking I might like to have al l these items here.

I also think I might l ike to have all that honey.

Yes, sir.

Al l of it.

Let me ask you something .

What are you going to do with al l this honey?

It's about five miles to home.

It's not a bad wal k if the day is nice.

What's this...

Smoke in the mou ntains?

That coal's been burning in that mountain for 1 21!2 years now.

Does it ever concern anybody...

That the earth's on fire u nderground?

No matter how strange something is...

If you give it enough time, it becomes normal .

No more questions. Come on in.

Thanks for the l ift.

I've been thinking about my porch .

Wou ld you stil l consider fixing it?

What made you change your mind?

It broke this morning .

I'l l be there.

Thank you . You're welcome.

Have a nice day, ma'am .

You too.

There's a singing contest at the street fair Saturday.

Patsy and I are gonna sing.

Come out and vote for us.

What do I get?

My sister.

All right! Ok. Deal .

We heard you're helping Sarah.

That's nice of you , after what she did to her dad .

We should n't talk about that.

She's just another one of god's children.

How you doing , sir? Morning.

You should hear these smal l-town girls, the way they gossip.

They sing good too.

How about that porch?

Lord , I just got over the flu . Let me think about it.

About what?

Think about how you guys wrecked your truck. Think about that.

Oh, lord !

A lot of folks don't appreciate a fel low l ike you coming here...

Sticking his nose where it don't belong.

You need to be careful , sl inking around here.

Somebody may think you're an animal and shoot.

You u nderstand what he's saying?

Somebody gonna get hu rt. You mean someone might get hurt?

You could be an English teacher except you don't u nderstand plain English .

Get out.

"Get out. " That's pretty plain Engl ish.

Believe it or not, people here like me. They'd l ike me to stick arou nd .

I've decided to stick arou nd a while.

I've also decided ...

That if you don't like it, that's tough shit.

I got your tough shit right here.

My nose!

Sometimes two isn't enough. Want to call a few more folks?

I cracked my wood . That's no good .

I'm damaging my lu mber. I'll just use my hands.

My nose!

I shou ld've known you'd be a world-class screw-up...

Pu blic brawl l ike this.

You're under arrest for assault and battery and d isturbing the peace.

It was self-defense.

I saw them . They jumped him .

Anybody else see anything?


No problem here.

Appreciate you r help, reverend .

Listen to me.

I nvestigators been hou nding hanner coal company for years.

Nobody's fou nd anything . I'm afraid they'll hu rt you .

Is that why you send me to folks who ain't gonna tal k about him?

Fol ks here don't like to tal k, you know.

I also know that this man su pports you r church ...

Which wou ldn't be here if not for his support.

You're a good man . One of these days you'll say...

"The money ain't worth what it'll do to my people. "

I think you'll come around to that. I believe you will .

We still got us a situation .

You even hu rt him?

I'm gonna blow his brains out.

Might need a grenade launcher. Dad said don't kil l him .

Shit! Now I gotta tell him what happened .

They used to kill the messenger that brought the bad news.

Give me something to d rink.

I bet you cou ld use some tea.

Yes, ma'am . You're a mind reader.


Yes, please.

You ever get lonely up here, just with the bees and all?

Well , you know...

I helped my daddy gather honey u ntil I was 1 6.

And then when he died in the mines, I just kept on.

So I feel like a part of him has kept on too.

No, I don't get lonely.

Was he a miner before he was an engineer?

When he was an engineer, did he make maps and stuff like that?

You ask a lot of questions.

I'm sorry.

Why don't you ask me some questions?

Al l right.

Why do you do this work?

I do this work because the money's so good .

And I have no family.

And I do it...

Because it makes me feel good , and it's nice to help people.

That's nice.

Looks like some weather coming . I better get back to work.

I'm out of nails.

I can get those for you .

On the front seat of the car.

Coming up.

Top seat.

Find them?

Yeah .

I hear you've been asking a lot of questions arou nd town .

Where I come from , that's how people get to know one another.

They ask questions and talk. Good thing to do. Try it sometime.

Maybe someday I will .

I've decided I like the idea of somebody helping me...

But not for free. Will you come for su pper tonight?

I guess so.


That'd be great.

Good evening .

These mountains are the most beautifu l on earth.

Most chu rch charity types tal k about god ...

How they walk with god , how they found god ...

They tal k at you instead of to you .

And they never ask your opinion .

And that's al l you do.

You're a cop, right?

Not exactly. I work for the federal government.

I was told that somebody's du mping some dangerous toxic waste down here.

I wanted to see if i could come down and stop it.

I want to stop it too.

Do you still want to fix my porch?

Yes, sir, I'll do that.

You ever seen anybody doing any du mping up here?

I've seen weird l ights over there at night.

Helicopters, stuff like that.

My steps need fixing too.

I can do that.

That Carter boy was tal king to me about seeing some lights up there.

I think it's helicopters dumping something up there.

You know how to get u p there?

No, but I can show you something.

Watch out for these rocks. They're sl ick.

There you go.

Dead fish everywhere.

It happens after a big rain . You ng'uns are dying.

It's been like this for months, and it's got worse lately.

I did n't think you knew about fish .

My u ncle told me never to tip your hand too early in a card game.

You're guaranteed to lose.

That's good advice.

You sent me that letter?

Yes, sir, I sent it.

Now that you know who I am and I know who you are...

I'm heading into town. Want a ride?

Of course.

Make it some charity event.

Celebrities love that shit. They draw the people...

Like flies.

For chrissake, now what?

What do you think?

Tell me what's going on in one smal l town in the midd le of nowhere...

And why you can't hand le it.

I am handling it.

Shit, boy.

Cover up and get out of here. I've got a meeting.

Su re, honey.

He's a fed .


Name's Jack taggert.

I had to cal l in a favor...

To find out what's going on in my own town because my son could n't handle it.

Want me to take him out?

You could n't take out a cheeseburger from a drive-through window.

He wants a fight, don't give him one.

Use Lloyd .

Tel l him to get something on him , and get some witnesses this time.

I can do that with one call .

You're two days away from a new porch .

How much do I owe you for the ride? I'd say 50 bucks.

You just fu nning me. Yes, sir, I am .

Su re got to thank you .

By the way...

I forgot my driveway's going to need paving too.

Real ly?

That's a joke. I ain't got no driveway.

That's a good joke.

I'll see you later. I'll see you around .

You know what's fu nny?

We thought we'd just stop by.

Here you are romancing somebody else.

He drops you off just like you've been out on you r first date.

Personally, he's not my type. Tell me something.

He get to first base, or d id you take him all the way to home plate?

Good evening , Mr. taggert.

How are you , ma'am?

I'm very well , thank you .


This looks awfu lly nice.

Thank you .

I'l l get the food .

You're a good cook.

I'm not, but thank you .

What makes you hang around a town...

Where fol ks don't seem to qu ite understand you?

Well , I d id leave once.

I just decided in the middle of the night, out of the blue...

That I had to live in louisville.

The first day I had an apartment, I was robbed .

They got all the money I'd saved , jewel ry, everything.

But, you know, I'm not much of a city gal .

Anyway, this is home.

Yeah , I can understand that.

I had heard that there's a street dance.

You might like to come with me.

You mean...

Together on a date?

Yes, I'd love to.

I'd love to.

Look at this!

Hey, sare.

How you doing, l ittle sister? I'm a whole two days early.

You are.

Jack taggert, this is my brother, Earl .

How are you , Jack?

Any friend of my little sister is a friend of mine.

Damn, it is good to be home!

I'l l tell you , my little sister is the best cook in eastern Kentucky.

I know the best hunting in this state.

I know these mountains. Maybe we'll do some hunting.

That'd be great.

Hey, little sister.

Anyone like dessert? It's getting late.

Thank you so much for the dinner. That was great.

My pleasu re.

Come back soon, all right?

He's a nice guy.

So how well do you know him?

How well you ever know anyone?

I'm glad for you to meet somebody.

It's just that...

I don't know. I don't get a good feeling about this guy.

You get a bad feel ing about anyone who looks at me.

Let me put it this way.

I don't want this guy around here fixing anything.

Oh, real ly?

It's kind of funny.

I'm gone for a few weeks...

And little miss caterpil lar turns into a social butterfly.

It's a hard world out there. It's dangerous.

You don't have much experience.

Maybe I can take care of myself.

I'm just trying to tal k to you . Don't get unhinged on me.

1'd hate to call those doctors to talk to you again.

1 just don 't want you rushing into anything.

It'd kil l me if anybody hu rt you .

That's all.

What'd they do to you?

Let me see if I can get you out of here.

Get the door, please?

Take him al l the way in to exam room one.

Another few hours, he would n't have made it.

He got a concussion.

Another fine day in parad ise.

I'l l be back, buddy.

You all know what's going on here.

Good morning. How are you?

Wou ld you come with me, please?

You wanna go have some coffee?

I'm not here to social ize. I saw you beat up five men.

Cotton is beat al most to death.

People get hu rt, you're always arou nd .

Assau lt and battery. That's good for a 1 0-day lockup.

Listen, why don't we cut the shit?

You know who I am . I can arrest you as easy as you can arrest me.

And you know it.

So why don't you get back in Orin's car with Orin's little department...

And take off?

I don't bel ieve in your authority.

You'll believe a gu n. Cuff him .

Now, how you want to do this?

Wanna play this game all the way?

I'l l have 300 agents come u p here into this hick town...

And crawl u p every orifice you got.

Then you can go to your proctologist and get...

An ointment to ru b on the hole that hurts most.

How do you want it?

How do you want it?

Let's go.

Who are you , Mr. taggert?

I'm a federal agent for the epa.

We received several reports...

That someone has been du mping extremely large quantities...

Of toxic waste in these hil ls.

It concerns me because if it gets into the aquifer...

It could destroy drinking water for thousands of miles...

And kill a bunch of people here.

Why d id you feel like you had to lie to me?

Did you really want to come and fix my porch and get to know me?

Or was that a lie too?

Where I come from we call it betrayal , and it is no way to make friends.

I loved fixing your porch, and I'm very interested in you .

You know what I love about this show?

Who cares if they move the same way or not?

Stil l makes you feel great.

Sir, it's your son .

This better be good news.

He said if we arrest him , he'd have federal agents all over this town.

I got 50,000 barrels of cyanide rolling down there right now.

Where do you want me to put it?

You mean where you want me to put it?

What the hell are you , a goddamn parrot?

I made 1 6 mill ion on this deal . You think I'm giving it back?

I own this state, so what the hell is the problem?

Doesn't he know the rules?

I'm the rules.

It's me. I got another job for you .

That guy taggert, in Jackson.

My children...

Are all I got.

I didn't know you were trying to help my boy when you came.

I thank you for that.

I'm sorry about before.

I know you had your reasons.

I have mine.

These are my daddy's maps.

I want to hel p.

Do you mind if I say a few words?

Thank you . Please be seated .

You know, the trou ble with rich people...

Is that sometimes they don't care about others.

These folks that are making the profits by dumping...

Toxic waste, petroleu m byproducts and stuff like that...

Are making the profit. Why don't they dump that in their own backyard?

But instead ...

They pay some poor shit. . . Forgive me, father...

Five dollars an hour to truck this u p into the mou ntains of appalachia.


Because they think...

You all are ignorant...


Poor, du mb hil lbillies...

That don't have the money and the power to fight back.

To these people, you all are insignificant.

You mean nothing .

And if anyone out there thinks...

The $300 they gave you for a new satellite or to look the other way...

Is worth sel ling out you r legacy...

And the future of your children...

Please raise you r hand .

I don't see no hands.

Think about this.

You know why I'm here.

Let's all come together as one family and fight this.

Can I have a word with you?

I know what's going on with these barrels.

That's the problem .

All these problems seem so big, it's hard to find your way around them .

I wanted to keep the church . I thought I could make a d ifference.

I realize church can't help nobody after they're all dead .

So I'm gonna make a change.

Right in here.

And by god , I swear, if you'll d rag their sorry ass to cou rt...

I'l l testify against every one of them .

We might make a good team .

Let's go, boys.

There's you r allowance.

I need to tal k to you for a moment.

We didn't get taggert.

Guy's a goddamn pit bull .

I have to divert our next shipment. Shut down .

We can't risk it.

You're giving me a headache.

Don't divert anything.

It's time I see this guy.

Yes, sir, daddy.


Are you ready?

We are too. Now come on!

Where are those at?

Free round trip to the new hanner casino.

My hometown and I ain't forgetting it.

You play gu itar?

Is it al l right if he plays? Sure.

There he goes.

Get up on a microphone there.

Hey, little lady! We should know each other better.

Since you're coming into town so much . . . Let go of me.

Let's dance. I don't want to.

Don't you want to dance with me? I wanna get to know you .

Normally, when a man insults a woman , he insults the man she's with.

I n this case...

It's not worth it.

Government-agent man come to take out ou r community trash .

Now that's worth it.

That hu rts.

Real ly?

Turn him loose.

I said turn him loose.

I want you to apologize to the lady.

Quick, before you fal l asleep.

I apologize, miss Sarah .

You came this close to having me stomp you r ass.

Mr. hanner wants to see you .

That would be fine. Where is he?

Give me just a second , babe.

How you doing tonight?

What's going on?

Take care.

How's the proctologist?

Everybody, come on .

Gather back around. What do you say? How about a Iove song?

How did you do that thu mb thing? That was good . I liked that.

It's just a card trick. I'l l show you someday.

I'l l come straight to the point. What's you r price?

Excuse me?

I have a lot of money.

I'l l give you some to go away.

Everyone has his price.

What's yours?

Let me think about that a minute.

How about...

The l ife of my friend?

Or how about if you took the poison out of the air, out of the earth ...

Out of the water that you've left u p here.

If you could do any of those, not only wou ld I leave...

But I'd be impressed .

Think about my offer.

I already have.

You can't prove anything.

You won't find anything.

Life is short.

It is very short.

Do you want to spend another minute of you rs here?

I feel al ive up here.

I was thinking I might even buy a house up here, move in .

Kiss my ass.

This guy is trouble.

That's what. . . Shut u p.

I want the mine sealed ...

And I want taggert bu ried inside it.

You know who to call . Give this to him .

How will I ever take over if you don't let me ru n my operations?

You won't have to. I'm gonna live forever.

Your Beau is qu ite a fellow.

He's trying to help us, Earl .

How's that?

We sure could use your help.

What do you mean?

You know which mines are used to store the chemicals.

Come on , help us out.

You can be a hero.

I ain't no hero. But you can be.

You can do the right thing .

I don't know.

We'll see.

I do love a good waltz, don't you?

There's a fire u p there!

That's the church .

I know the bastards who are behind this.

I got to tell you , I've taken money from these bastards.

I've even helped them du mp their shit into the grou nd . But this...

Is Mr. goodal l in there?

I don't know where he is. You better hope he's al ive.

I'l l take you to the du mpsite.

You know clearwater road?

Yes, sir. I'll meet you there...

In a half-hour. Isn't it better to go together?

No, sir. I don't want to be seen leaving with you .

They're putting a load in there tonight.

It's a dangerous place.

I'm proud of you , Earl .

Do you think I'm a damn fool idiot?

This guy's gonna sink us al l .

He don't give a shit about country folk. He'll put me in jail .

He's not like that.

Did you sleep with him?


You whore.

When he's gone, things are going back to the way they were.

What are you talking about?

Before daddy died .

I'm leaving. I'm leaving.

You'll just get robbed again ...

Have to cal l your big brother to come get you .

Believe me, you wil l get robbed again.

Starting this stu pid honeybee business gave you some big ideas.

Think you're ready to take on the world .

You tal k to any guy who looks at you . Them bastards just want one thing...

And they can't have it.

It's too bad about the reverend .

He always did tal k too much.

You need help, Earl .

I'm going to the police.

I'm going to tel l them everything.

I'm going to tell them about you and about daddy.

I'm going to tel l them about all of it!

I knew that guy was going to be a bad influence on you .

Touch me, I swear I'll kill you !

You better not miss, or I'm liable to get upset!

I hate you !

I'm not going to jail . I'll do anything.

Even if that means being an only child .

Where the hel l you going?

Your friend's gonna have an accident. He's gonna d ie under the mou ntain.

What are you talking about?

Let me out of here!

Quarter mile in .

Somebody once asked my pa how far down hell was...

And he said , "just a quarter mile. "

I'l l bet that's about right.

What's the gun for?

Just in case.

Get in.

This here is the mother lode.

A lot of toxic waste down here.

I see it leaking all over the place. It looks radioactive.

I bet you this shit glows in the dark.

You don't want to d rink it.

How'd you cut you r hand?

Guess I cut myself on the gate.

I noticed that Sarah gets a*ul nervous around you .

What do you have to say about that?

She's nervous around most men. I guess you heard what happened .

She just never d id get over that.

That right?

I think she never got over it because she did n't do it.

My theory is...

When she was a l ittle girl , you were molesting her.

You r daddy fou nd out, went to throw you a bad beating one time...

And you kil led him .

Then you said , "l ittle sister, this gun went off by accident. "

I'm an adu lt.

If they convict me and I go to prison, you'll be all alone.

If you take the rap for me, you're a minor.

"They won't do nothing to you . "

So you convinced her to do that.

And everybody in town...

Is convinced that she's crazy and she kil led her daddy...

When real ly you did it, d idn't you?

Ain't you sl icker than possum shit?

You got a sharp mind and a fast mouth .

Hey, Jimmy Joe.

Bobby t.

This is Mr. taggert.

He's a government man with some agency. I don't know, what is that...

The epa? Fda?

FBI? I'm not su re.

Come down here to show us backwoods folk how to do things.

These are my buddies.

They work down here. I wanted you to meet them ...

Because I'm not su re you appreciate...

What it means to be poor.

To have to put bread on the table.

I imagine you r coat cost more than Cyrus' wages for a month.

Damn thing is, Jack, I l ike you .

And my sister l ikes you too.

That's why I'm not gonna kil l you .

Randall , you do it.

Kill that son of a bitch !

Give me that.

Can you hear this, daddy?

You okay?

Earl's going to kill you .

You all right?

Earl was kil led in the explosion in the mine.

We got to worry about hanner. If you testify, we can put them in jail .

That means it's gonna get hot arou nd here.

I'l l see if I can put you in protective custody.

I n the meantime, we'd better pack and get out of here.

Chick Larsen. It's me. Listen.

We found the stuft.

How big is it?

1t's the most 1've seen in one spot. There was a cave-in...

So it's u nstable. We have to move fast. Also...

1 have a witness who needs protective custody.

How can 1 help?

Send a couple of agents from the witness protection program.

See if we can escort her out of here to a safe place.

Meet me on highway 98.

The cavalry's on its way. Just hang in there.

1'II make the call.

There they are.

Officer Adams. We've been briefed by agent Larsen .

Is this the wit?

This is her.

How will you find me?

He can get in touch with us anytime through agent Larsen.

These gentlemen wil l take good care of you .

You go with them now.

Wil l you know where I am?

He'l l know every step of the way.

I have a d irect line through chick.

Is that a quick-d raw rig?

Yes, it is.

Odd for a federal agent, isn't it?

We're in the cou ntry here, and they let us do what we want.

We'll be in touch.


Stop the car!

Stop the car!

Shut u p, lady!

Come on ! Get the fuck out, now!

Get away from that window, boy!

Everybody down !

Sit down! Shut up and act like nothing's happening !

Stay down! Come on.

Let me get his attention.

Tell you r boss I'm coming to get him .

On second thought, I'll tell him .

Holy shit!

Stick around . We're gonna have some fun .

You're a five-alarm fuckup. What am I paying you for?

Want me to find someone else? No. Taggert doesn't know about me.

1 can protect you.

I'l l make sure any investigation goes nowhere.

Then you oversee the cleanup of the cave-in.

Any problems, you're out.

No problem .

I'm going to head into town and take care of a few things.

Then I'll come back and finish fixing this porch .

Don't worry about a thing. You'll be safe here.

You're never gonna come back, are you?

Your fl ing with the country girl is over.

You can tell me the truth. I'm an adu lt.

No. I was going to go take care of hanner...

Come back here...

And get you .

You can count on it.

Please approach the bench .

Mr. hanner, you are accused of dumping...

4. 1 mil lion barrels...

Of toxic waste, 42 times...

I n 1 3 d ifferent locations.

How do you plead?

You r honor, he pleads guilty u nder the emergency planning ...

- And citizens' right to know act. Very well.

That's a $25,000 fine.

1'm fining you an additional 25, 000 for failing to disclose...

Your company's toxic release inventory.

Next case.

That's what I love about this country.

I made 300 million last year, and it only cost me 50 grand .

Can I have a word with you?

The epa's never been good at punishing criminals, catching them ...

Helping the environment. I got a su rprise for you . I quit the epa.

So I can spend my every waking moment making your life miserable.

We played this one by your rules.

Your cou rt decided I was clean.

You're violating my constitutional rights.

Mr. hanner, I promise you as su re as you stand here now...

I'm going to show you a new meaning to the word "violation. "

How you doing, chick?

Didn't expect to see you here.

I know why you didn't expect to see me here.

You set up frank, didn't you?

What are you saying?

If it weren't for you , they'd have never found him .

You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say will be. . . You can't arrest me!

I outrank you . Who do you think you are?

I was going to ask you that.

You're a piece of shit.

I'm ashamed of you . Hook him up.

Come and hold this bag.

Why? It ain't going nowhere.

Just heel , damn it.

Lean into it more, l ike this.

Here, boy. I want to talk to you .

What you afraid of? It's just Mr. agent man.

Want to arrest me for 1 0 minutes too?

Come here, boy. Let's talk.

You come here.

Don't hide behind that big old pimple.

You don't have shit on me. I have qu ite a bit on you .

But ou r cu rrent jud icial system wou ldn't provide adequate punishment for you .

You really deserve to suffer.

And since I'm feeling selfish ...

I've arranged for that to happen .

Leave my friend alone or I'l l have to educate you on how to beat the shit...

Out of somebody.

I n fact, you must be a dumb motherfucker...

Or you would n't be here.

He'l l whip you r ass l ike a rented mule.

He's going to slap you l ike a red headed stepchild .

I've been all over appalachia and met lots of fine people.

I've never met any people like you . You guys are u nique.

You've hu ng out with the ignorant people.

We're educated .

Education can't buy common sense.

If your dad knew how stupid you were, he'd trade you in for a pet monkey.

Go! Go!

Get him . Now!

My nose! My nose!

You got to have more than that, son .

Here, boy. Let's talk.

Now's the time for you to step up and be a man.

You want to tal k to me now?

What do you want?

You have to talk to me.

You know the things your father's doing ain't good .

You have to tu rn state's evidence. You can do that...

Because it's the only way to save you r ass...

Or because it's the right thing .

I don't really give a shit, but you're going to do it.

Yes, sir.

Is there some sort of problem , Mr. taggert?

There's a problem for Orin hanner. I've got a warrant for his arrest.

I don't care if it's tablets from god . This is a private party.

I have a right to effect this arrest by whatever means necessary.

You're obstructing justice.

Use of force will only add mil lions to the lawsu its.

Now you can sue me.

Thank you very much, everybody! Next show will be in a few minutes.

Some guys don't know when to quit.

Who? Just some du mb cop.

I got $ 1 ,000 says he's on the ground in 30 seconds.

I'l l take that bet.

Can I help you?

I have a warrant for hanner's arrest. I'm sure he's right back there.

I let you in , I lose my job.

Better than losing you r teeth .

Hold on, hold on.

John-boy is confused .

What he means is, take that warrant...

And shove it u p your ass.

Sir, you're obstructing justice...

Open the door!

Howdy, Orin .

Hi, Jack. Have a seat.

Can I get you a drink?

I don't d rink much.

Call me.

I haven't met you , but I'm su re you don't care about that.

Good luck with this incred ibly large fellow.

We're in a...

U nique situation . I realize the epa wasn't able to put you away.

I was kidding when I told you i resigned . I'm still active.

These men are with the FBI .

They came to help me serve this warrant.

Your son provided us with enough evidence...

To stack up a lot of years.

My son's a real d isappointment to me.

We've got you on extortion, conspiracy to commit mu rder...

Mu rder and racketeering.

We're talking 30 years. That's ugly.

That's a long time to go without a woman .

I knew you were gonna say that.

I have a dear friend named Tyrone that's promised me that...

When you hit prison, he'l l take you u nder his wing...

And teach you the most intimate social graces of prison.

You'l l be in good hands, so don't worry about that.

That takes care of the woman thing.

But you're tal king to a 60-year-old man.

That means I'd probably die in prison...

Or wish to god I had .

U nless you live to be a very old man.

So I guess...

That makes killing you free.

It would be free if you could .

That's fast.

Hook him u p.

I got him .

That's fast.

You're under arrest. Hands behind your...

Agent down ! Get me an ambulance.

I'm still alive, asshole.

I know you're alive.

That cou ld be because I'm a bad shot.

Or that I'm a good shot...

And just wanted you to meet Tyrone. I'll let you think about that.

Fuck you , Jack.

See you around , buddy.

H i.