Firelight (2012) Script

(loud alarm)

(dogs barking)

Help me over!

Give me the stuff first.

Help me.

They're close, just pull yourself over!


Come on!


Come on, they're close.

Here, take this.

I don't want it.

You're under 18, you won't even do the time.

No, no, no, don't leave me.

Don't leave me!

You'll be all right, just keep your mouth shut!

Drop the gun, drop it!

Wait for me!

Out of the car!

Put your hands where I can see you!

Okay, okay, okay man.

Hands behind your head.

Hey man, I don't know her.

I don't know her, man!

[Police Officer] Give me your hand.

[Boyfriend] I don't know her man, what's going on?

I don't know her.

[Judge] I hereby sentence you, Caroline Magavo, to three years at the Educational and Reformatory Services of the State Youth Authority.

Fight this fire aggressively, but always with safety first.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Work with a sense of urgency, focus, and control.

(dramatic instrumental music)

Relax ladies, we blew a tire.

Hey DJ.

[DJ] Tommy.

Yeah, yeah we blew a tire what do you want us to do?

Well I have the crew doing a control burn off the service road.

Meet me there.

I got you, I'll take care of it.

Captain Kelly, the bus is on the way.

Got it DJ.

Control, focus.

Spot fire, move it!

[Woman] Hey Keisha, come now.

[Captain Kelly] Come on now, tighten it up!

Move it!

Let's go now, keep it up.

[Woman] Oketa, I know you got my back.

Hey DJ.

The county firemen are impressed by your girls.

I never expected anything less, you know that.

Way to hold the line ladies.

And I tell you, if I had your line in college, I would've made the NFL.

Yeah DJ, we know, we know.

You were a legend in your own time.

He was a legend in his own mind.


Watch that.

[Officer] All right, single file to the van.

What are they doing here?

[Officer] Let's go ladies.

They're switching vehicles.

They got a flat and I gotta get them through processing by dinner.

So you girls can kick back while the tire is being changed.


That works.


Yo, let me get this water.

You want a water?


Come on ladies.


No, no, no, no, no, get it off, get it off.

Get it off me!

I got it, I got it. Get it off me!

It's gone.

Whoa, did you see the size of that thing?

You almost died.


I don't know why you laughing, Keisha.

First time you saw a ladybug you thought it was a flying cockroach.


[Officer] Let's go ladies.

Let's keep it moving ladies.

Hey Butterfly...

When it lands on you, it's good luck.

(dramatic piano music)

[Officer] Okay ladies, single file, off the bus.

[Female Officer] All right ladies, come on.

Move it.

(dog barking)

Come on.

Come on now.

All your clothes in the bin.



There are the phones, that's the rec room.

CO is on the block 24/7.

Back there's your shower...

Your unit houses all the older girls, 17 to 25 years old.

Here we are.

Ms. Magavo, your cell's there, number seven.

Ms. Catares, you're over there, number eight.

Ms. Adams, number nine.

(somber piano music)

All right, okay, whatever you need.



Check out Butterfly over there eating by herself.

She hasn't been here 24 hours and you're already trying to save her.

Don't hate.

Ain't that what I did for you?

Yeah you ever need a kidney, you know who to call.

Hey um, sorry about yesterday.

Yo check out that new girl.

We weren't laughing at you or nothing like that.

I'm Terry.

And you are...

I'm none of your business.

(chuckling) Well she told you.


Watch who you chill with.

[CO] All right, take it easy ladies.

So what clique you roll with on the outside?

I'm not with a gang.

That's too bad, a gang's like family Nana.

We take care of each other.

I'm cool, I take care of myself.

Yeah, you got runaway written all over you.

Like I told that other girl...

I'm none of your business.

Oh now see, that's where you're wrong.

Everything up in here is my business.

Whatever you want I could get for you.



I want to get a letter to my boyfriend.

[Inmate In Blue] Where's he at?

Locked up.

They won't let me send him a letter.

It's done.

And if he writes me back?

Hey, I got you babygirl.

Caroline Magavo.

I'm Dwayne Johnson, DJ.

I'm the Senior Youth Counselor here.

Why don't you follow me into my office.

Do I have to?


Ms. Magavo...

If you pick up on Pedra's bad attitude, you might get detention.

If you pick up on her other vices, you may never get outta here.

Follow me.

No contraband, weapons, tobacco or drugs allowed, ever.

No making contact with younger inmates outside of your housing unit, ever.

You get in a fight, spit on a CO, or try to escape you get TD.

That's temporary detention.

Now you're free to move about your housing unit when you're not in school or work.

School is mandatory until you get your GED.

Once you complete your GED...

Then you have the option of taking college courses or getting a job.

What kind of job?

You can learn animal grooming, or landscaping...

There's a...

Culinary program if you wanna become a chef.

What about those girls?

They're firefighters.

Like real firefighters?

They can do that when they get out?

That is correct.

There's a special program for inmates who qualify called "Crew Nine".

If you're interested--

I don't want to be no firefighter.

Am I done?

Why do you think you're here?

That kind of attitude isn't gonna get you very far in here, Caroline.

Sit down.

Now why don't you tell me why you really think you're here?

Cause the robbery.

Did the robbery just happen?

Or did you cause it to happen?

I'm doing my punishment okay?

So back off.

Voltaire says the punishment of the criminal should serve a purpose.

Once a man is hanged, he is useless.

What do you think the purpose is of you being here?

Do you know what the word "redeemed" means?

Yeah, like...

If you pawn something, if you got the money, then you can buy back.

That is correct.

You became a criminal the moment you broke into that store.


You can buy yourself back.

And it starts with turning every "it just happened" into "I made it happen".

Hear me?


We all create our own reality by the choices we make.

You're home early.

[Son] Hey dad.

Hey son, looking good.


I needed to be reminded how things are supposed to be.


What's the matter?


Oh, that's what I'm talking about.

You want some of the old man?


Oh, don't do it to me, don't do that!

Watch out!

He got an A on his science test, by the way.

Did he really?

[Wife] He did, he did.

Oh okay, we'll play to 10 and then we'll take the pretty lady to dinner.

[Son] All right.

Let's go, let's see what you're working with.

[Wife] Okay, show him how it's done.

Don't do it to me, don't do it to me, don't do it to me.

Very nice, watch your mother pass the ball.

Got it.

See that?

You passed it to him?

Double teamed here.

I thought he was an accident.


I lived in Master Hugh's family

about seven years.

During this time I succeeded...


Learning to read and write.

All right.

Caroline, next.

Like basically Frederick Douglass, one is willing to read.

Very good, but can you continue reading the paragraph?

I don't like reading out loud.

It is required in this class.

I don't think she can read.


Tammy, turn around.

(bell ringing)

All right ladies, line up at the door please.

[Pedra] Aight, go.

[Inmate] You know what?

I'll probably be fine.

[CO] Where does it hurt?

[Inmate] Nah, nah, it's okay.

Thank you.

[Caroline] Hey, hey, what are you doing?

It's mine!

[Tammy] I need a notebook.

Hey, give me back my notebook.

Or what?


Why don't you give the girl back her notebook?

I got mad respect for you, Pedra.

This broad ain't down with you, are you?

Tell me cause...

If you are, I'll give it back.

Don't fall for the setup, just walk away.

I'll give the girl back her notebook...

Not your fight.


I miss you so much...

I'm not mad at you for saying...

I don't care that you said it was my idea.


Just back away.

I'm so scared.

So scared...

Call the fight!

[CO] DJ, DJ!

(loud commotion)

Hey, move it!

Get out the way, move!

Move, now!

Hey, that's enough!

Let her go.

That's it, hey!

Stop it!

That's enough, stop it!

DJ, she stole her notebook.

I don't care!

That's 24 hours detention for...

Hey, stop it!

[Caroline] She started it!

Hey, hey, stop it!

That's it, 24 just became 72.

[Caroline] It wasn't my fault!


It never is.

It wasn't my fault!

It wasn't my fault!

It wasn't my fault!


Who's there?


How are you doing, Butterfly?

Why do you call me Butterfly?

[Terry] Cause I don't know your name yet.



Why is Terry talking to her?

She knows better than to break the lockdown rules.

Hey, hey, hey.

Leave her be.

I brought you a magazine to kill the time.


What's that book about?

A philosopher.

A who?

He's a Greek dude who asked a lot of questions.

I could fill up a book with a bunch of questions.

All right, Caroline.

Wait, um...

Isn't that book boring and stuff?

It has no stories?

Nah, there's stories in here.

Yeah, about Greek dude.

About everybody.

You see that shadow of the window on your wall?

[Caroline] What about it?

Socrates tells this one story about these inmates down in this cave.

Now they've been chained together their entire lives, right?

No sunlight, nothing.

Just this fire behind them making the light.

Tell me something, is there a shadow of the razor wire on the wall right now?


Look out the window.

Can you see the razor wire?

[Caroline] Yeah.


You're already better off than the prisoners in the cave.

I mean they've got these chains around their necks and around their feet, right?

They can't even turn their heads around and see what's behind them.

Their entire world is just the wall of the cell.

Isn't that crazy?

It's a metaphor.

Socrates was saying that...

Everybody's a prisoner until they start asking questions and finding out the answers.

The prisoners of the story, they never ask questions.

The cave wall is their entire world.

Do they ever escape?


These zombies come down, right?

And then there's this crazy scene where all these vampires come out, and mermaids...

It's crazy, Caroline.

Are you serious?

(chuckling) No, I'm not for real.

You're going to have to read the book.

All right Caroline, I'll see you later.


We gotta talk.


I've been going over the files some more...

And we've got two Crew Nine girls coming up for parole soon, so keep your fingers crossed.

Nothing helps the program more than a success story or two.

Great, for the girls...

Not sure about the program, this is gonna make our numbers even smaller and my commander is already concerned that with not enough girls out there we could have safety issues.

Well you tell him the program was designed to teach the girls how to build things, how to save people's lives, girls that have been abused and objectified their entire life.

But if you can't provide me with the bodies to do the job...

We gotta kill the program.

(somber acoustic guitar music)

* Hey now

* All you children

* Leave your lights on

* Better leave your lights on

* There's an angel

* With her hand on my head

* She say I got nothing to fear *

* There's a darkness

* Living deep in my soul

* It's still got a purpose to serve *

* So let your light shine

* Deep into my home

* God don't let me lose my nerve *

* She say

* La ilaha

* Illa Allah

* You all shine like stars

* And we fade away

* I don't know what you've been told *

* I don't what you've been told *

* Crew Nine girls too hot to hold *

* Crew Nine girls too hot to hold *

* We fight fires with all the men *

* We fight fires with all the men *

* And do it while looking much better than them *

* And do it while looking much better than them *

* I don't know what you've been told *

* I don't know what you've been told *

Well look at you.

Ready to get out of here?

Do you know who Nelson Mandela is?

Being in here doesn't mean you're stupid.

When they asked him how he made it through 27 years of prison...

He said "By being measured".

Acting like a hothead isn't gonna make the time go any faster, Ms. Magavo.

Let's go.

Are those cigarette burns?

I don't want to be late for class.

(somber piano music)

You can't sleep?

Remember that new girl I told you about?


She had cigarette burns up and down her arms.

But it's nothing you haven't seen before.

Still, you never get used to it.

These girls come in so broken.

Kelly threatened to pull his program today.

Not enough girls.

You've got other programs, baby.

Why are you fighting an upward battle with this one?

What am I supposed to do, have them in therapy all day?

You don't understand it.

Maybe I don't.

When I first transferred from the men's facility I remember this 17 year old girl.

She got her diploma...

I patted her on her shoulder, you know, to congratulate her.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Shoulda seen the look on her face.

One of absolute repulsion.

Ah, that poor child must've experienced inner life.

I built Crew Nine to change the way they saw themselves.

So that those girls could feel strong.

And in turn, see how other people respected that strength.

That's all I ever wanted.

You can't get that feeling being in a cage.


The Pythagorean theorem says...

That in a right triangle, the sum of the square of the two right angle sides will always be the same as the square of the hypotenuse.

That's the longest side of...

Let's say that in this equation that side A is just as long as...

(bell ringing)

(piano music)


Move these women before I let these kids out.

[CO] Hold on.

[Caroline] So, you can get this letter to my boyfriend?

You should spread the word up in that school that I can get them what they need.

Hey, I sling for you.

Knucklehead, you got suspended how you gonna sling for me?

So what you think?

I'm not trying to get in no trouble.

What, you don't think I get in trouble for smuggling that letter to your man?

I'm looking out for you, like family.

All right.

All this good stuff, here look at this.

Fresh from the vending machine.

Thank you.

Thank you, so good.

So when you go back?

[Terry's Mom] Monday.

Are you sure the doctor said it was okay for you to come?

Well I had to come and see about you baby.

Make sure you were doing all right.

[Terry] Well what'd they say?


They wanna do some more tests, so I've gotta go back in the hospital next week.

It's okay.

It's okay!

What are you doing here on a Saturday?

Couldn't stay away?


I'm here checking in on the new girl.

Amy's dad is back again.

I'll try to get her to see him.



Nice to see you.


I don't know, I---

How are you doing today, Mrs. Easle?


I'm hanging in there, DJ.

Your daughter is doing fantastic work.

But don't tell her I said that.

Just counting down the days when I can make a nice home-cooked meal for my baby.

[DJ] I'll be looking forward to my invitation to that dinner.

[Woman On Intercom] Visiting days are moved to Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday next month.

[Kid] Hi.



[Kid] This is for you.

(chuckling) This is for me?

It's crazy.

Pedra's baby playing with Amy's daddy.

I made it myself.

Poor man.

Can't believe that girl's still not talking to her father.

I put some lemon in it.

One more?

Have you seen Ms. Scott?


No visitors today, Ms. Daniels?


I thought your mother was coming to visit this weekend.

One of her yearly visits.

She said something came up.

Hang in there, all right?


Ms. Scott, your father's here.


See, here's the thing...

You're gonna have to face him sooner or later.

Why not today?

It's called Solitaire.


I'll tell him.

I mean I know it hasn't been easy in here...

Just two years, you know all you've accomplished, the Crew, and school work...

Remember what you told me when I first came in here?

"Don't think about how you're gonna fill up the years...

Just think about filling up the minute that you're in."

One step at a time. At a time.

Oh hey.

I'm sorry, she's not coming.

I'm sorry.


All right, everyone.

Visiting hours are over.

Okay, bye mom.

Can momma get a hug?

Bye baby, I love you.

Bye mama, bye.

How are you today, Ms. Magavo?

"I'm fine DJ, and how are you?"

If I don't say that I get detention?

If you don't practice social graces, the world closes up for you.

I thought you might be a fan.

It's a movie about Plato's cave.

I didn't ask you for that.

"Oh thank you, DJ."

"Thank you so much, I promise I won't lose it or scratch it."

If I do, I get detention?

If you do, you'll disappoint me.

I'm lending it to you because you have my trust...

And that my dear, is more precious than any DVD.

[Terry] Here they've been from their childhood...

And had their legs and necks chained so they cannot move, and can only see before them.

And now look again, and see what would naturally follow if one of the prisoners is released.

He will be required to grow accustomed to the natural world.

At first, he will the shadows best.

Next, the reflections of the objects in the water, and then the objects themselves.

Then he will gaze upon the stars, and the spangled heavens, in the light of the moon.

Last of all...

He will be able to see the sun, in its own proper place, and not in another.


That's his writing.

Thank you.

That's how we do it.

We look out for each other in here.


Ms. Magavo.


You want your DVD back?

Whenever you finish with it is fine.

Listen, I spoke to one of your teachers today...

I didn't do nothing, okay?

It's anything, I didn't do anything.


He said he was impressed with your schoolwork.

[Caroline] I'm doing all right.

Except for the whole reading out loud part.

We would accomplish many more things if we didn't think of them as impossible.

Who said that, Socrates again?


Football coach by the name of Vince Lombardi.

Terry, Keisha.

I need you to come see me when you're done.

Okay. All right.

[DJ] Thank you ladies.


Can I ask you something?

Why not?

How come they get to leave even if there's no fire?

Fighting fires isn't all they do, they...

Clear out camp sites, hiking trails...

They help out with natural disasters.

It's a privilege they've earned.

Stay out of trouble, I might let you test for the crew when you turn 18.

I don't know.

Ah, you've got 90 days to think about it.

I hope you consider it.

Challenge yourself, Ms. Magavo.

Come in ladies.

I just got the date for your next parole hearing.

It's in two weeks.

Finally, two weeks!

Two weeks.

Both of us?

That is correct, same day.

Same day!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This is not a done deal by any means, it's just a hearing.

We got you.

I'm gonna catch up with you in a minute.

I just wanted to say thank you, for everything DJ...

You don't even understand, my mom needs me so much right now.

Thank you.

Oh, hey...

Oh I know, I know, you're not a hugger.

You don't need to thank me.

You put in all the hard work.

Aight, I'm gonna go call my mom with the good news.

That's great, baby.

When's the hearing?

Two weeks, mom.

[Mrs. Easle] I'm hanging in there.

(chuckling) Yup.

Just two weeks.

[Mrs. Easle] You're my baby girl.

[Inmate] Oh, they're tossing your cell.

Better run.

Hey, what are you doing with my stuff?

Keep better company and this doesn't happen.

[CO] The room's clean.


Look at this.

She looks like she's five years old, she's having a tea party.

Looks like she was spying on you, P.

That's not true, I wasn't spying.

This is my grandpa.

You got no right to be drawing this with our people, this is private.

I didn't do anything wrong.

[Tammy] Then why you hiding pictures of us in your bed?

You drew my dad?

Why would you do that?

You don't want me to draw your dad?


Are you happy?


Are you happy?

Don't tear that up, please!

I'm saying, that looks more like my mom than any picture I've ever seen.



Make her pay for it.

Terry's got a mama who puts money in her commissary every week.

Nobody does that for you.

All right everyone, break it up.

Go on, go on, get your stuff back in the room.

Go on, Pedra.


What you want for it?

I want a butterfly.


A butterfly...

They let you out of here every day, shouldn't be too hard for you.

(police sirens)

[Inmate] Hold the line.

Watch the wind!

Stay with it, stay with it.


[Keisha] Amy!

[Amy] Keisha, get out!

Terry, Keisha's in trouble!

Terry, Terry come here.

[Terry] What?

[Amy] Hurry up!

[Terry] All right ladies, ladies don't stop, hold the line all right?

Keep pushing, keep pushing.

Keep that coming.

Stay low, I'm here, I'm here Keisha.


(dramatic piano music)

[Amy] Oh no...


You did it!

Yeah, you did it!

Do not do that to me again, do not ever, you hear me?

[Inmate] Great job guys!

That's right.

Thanks Cap, good job.

Close, huh?


Nobody ever jumped through fire for me.

We sisters.

They say when you get out of here and go back to your regular life...

You forget about everybody you called family on the inside.

I don't ever want to forget Crew Nine.

Aight, aight, aight.

Let's stop looking like crybabies.

The firefighters are passing by.

Oh, I got that one.


How are the girls?

A little shaken up, but they'll never tell.


Hey DJ!

Terry made a Hail Mary.

That's a pass.

What Terry made was a wild kick return.

Oh yeah!

All I know is, I was saying Hail Mary before she got me out of there.


She's my hero!

I hear you on that one.

Good to see you in once piece.

[Inmate] For real Keisha, that looked rough.

Captain Kelly told me what happened.

That's a heroic thing you did there, Terry.

We had to keep Keisha alive, right?

We gotta get her to parole next week.

Hey ladies...

Let's get Terry her butterfly.

Come on!


* Yeah we up, up, up in the clouds *

* Yeah we up

* Yeah we up

* Yeah we up

* Yeah we up DJ, take a picture, take a picture, take a picture.

* Find your way, find your way

* You're gonna get yourself a land *

* You'll get it free

* You'll get it free

* It's the way now, way to see

What are they doing?

Being kids.


Hey, I might have a new recruit for ya.

Now that's what I want to hear.

Yes sir.

Does finding a dead one count?

We could just tell her it's asleep.

She didn't say it had to be alive.


Done and done.

It looks completely different from the one I saw before.

It looks like a roach with wings.


They're all different.

They got crazy bugs in the country.


I never been to the country before.

Maybe you should think about joining Crew Nine.

[Amy] Yeah, you should.


We leave this place every day.

Every day.

I don't think so.

Why not?

You could train to be a firefighter, help people out.

That ain't me.

How do you know, Caroline?

How do you know that's not you if you haven't even tried it?

[Caroline] You got DJ making you the boss of things.

He's willing to help you too.

And you got your moms driving up here every weekend to visit you.


You got people telling you you weren't made for this place.

But all my life, they've been telling me I was.

What, you trying to buy her artwork with a bug?


You don't speak for Caroline.

Yeah I do.

She's down with me.

We don't get paid with insects.

Then take your butterfly back.



Come on.

You're going to have a lot of peer pressure on the outside to make wrong decisions.

Coming back in here is a choice, and it won't happen unless you allow it to happen.

Just like that, huh?

If that's what you think, you have no idea what it's like for some of us out there.

Well let's talk about it.

Forget it.


You can't bring stuff up and then just drop it.

It doesn't help you, it doesn't help the group.

You really want to know what it's like?

Tell me.


I know a girl in here...

Who had to steal food, just so she wouldn't starve.

Her parents were so strung out they forgot to feed her for a week.

That's so messed up.

That must've been a tough situation for her.

That's why me and my girls got each other's backs.

We look out for each other, I mean we got our own family.

And we get mad respect.

Yeah, but not everybody wants a gangsta life.

Amy, what do you even know about gangs?

Uh, I was just trying to make a point.

Talking about something you don't know nothing about.

Maybe she don't, but I do know something about it Pedra.

That for some of us...

Maybe not you, cause we all know how proud you are to call yourself a gangsta, but for some of us...

Joining a gang is more about having protection, especially in the hood.

Where somebody got killed every day.

Hey, sit down.

I'm just going to my cell.

Let's go.

We're not done, Pedra.

I am.

All right, come on.

Back to your cells, come on.

Amy, how's your father?

Did you make contact with him like we discussed?

Not yet.

Would it help if I facilitated a meeting?

Can I think about it?


How's your mom, Terry?

Back in the hospital.

So unlike some of ya'll, I can't wait to get up outta here.


We ready.

I think she was talking to...

Me, right?

I think...


Just keeping it real.

Caroline, right?


You gonna be finishing high school while you're in here.

That's a really big accomplishment.

Everybody sweats this chick like she's smart, when she's just some dude's sidepiece.

You shoulda heard the letter he wrote to him.

"I don't care what you did to me..."

Stop it.

We all come here to help each other, how are you being helpful?

By telling her she should read her schoolbooks and educate herself instead of writing letters to a dude that got her busted.

I didn't finish 8th grade and I know that.

I read a lot.

The only thing you're reading...

Is homeboy's letters, like an ignorant sidepiece.

I read Plato's cave thing, so mind your business.

You read Plato's Republic?

Yeah, that cave thing.

That's that big old fat book Terry be carrying around.

You lying!


If you really read it, what's your favorite part?

Cause Terry will know the answer.

You don't have to answer that, Caroline.

My favorite part is when the prisoner goes back down into the cave and tells everyone about the world up top.

All the other prisoners think he's crazy and laugh at him.

What kind of stupid stuff is she saying?

They say...

"Don't even think about looking up into the light, if it's gonna make you like that."

It's like...

Everything you thought you ever knew was true, isn't...

(bell ringing)

Same time next week, ladies.

And please leave the attitudes in the cell, so we can actually get some work done.

You can handle more than you think.

Did Socrates say that too?

My mom.

When her pain get real bad.

[Officer] Okay, let's go.

Just try to relax, read from your statements, and be honest with the parole board no matter what they ask you, hear me?

Now you're here because you deserve to be here, so I need you to own responsibility.

They're ready for you.

(soft instrumental music)

Yes, no?



You ready?


[Man On Parole Board] Ms. Easle, sit down.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Well it looks like all your paperwork is in order, anything you'd like to say?

Yes sir.

Excuse me.

The night of March 12th, three years ago...

Was the worst night of my life.

And one that has haunted me every day since.

(drowned out radio music)

(loud bump)

(crying and heavy breathing)

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

It's okay...

I wish I could say I didn't know better...

But I did.

I did know better.

I should've stayed and not run away.

[Newscaster] And our news on the hour, the woman in the hit and run accident which occurred on Magnolia Drive and Piedmont late last night has died.

The investigation is ongoing, and investigators are following several leads this morning.

Including an apparent witness who had seen the vehicle fleeing the scene.


[Mrs. Easle] Terry, you okay in there?

I'll be out in a minute, mom.

Well come on, you gonna be late for school.

I'm going to work.

(somber instrumental music)


That's my car.

[Officer] Let's go ma'am.

[Ms. Easle] No, it's a mistake.

It's not my baby.

Look, I just want ya'll to know that I've been trying to make up for it every day.

And I'll continue to do that for the rest of my life.

Thank you.

You've accomplished quite a bit in your time here.

You've completed several college courses, no alcohol or drug abuse, and I see that recently you were made the lead of Crew Nine.

Yes sir.

Still, I don't see why we should give you an early parole.

So, I'm kinda on the fence here.

Where do you stand?

I'm recommending parole.

Thank you.

I am...

Impressed with your accomplishments in here.

Out there, you left the scene of a crime.

Yes sir, I made a terrible mistake.

Let's see, you hit the victim, you stopped, and you drove away and left her to die.

I was young and scared and stupid.

We're well aware of what teenagers are capable of when they're scared, I have three of them.

But this was way beyond that, way beyond being scared stupid.

You were more concerned about what would happen to you if you got caught driving without a license than the woman who was bleeding to death under your car.

You frighten me, Ms. Easle.

And no college courses or firefighting training is enough to set my mind at ease.

I'm denying parole.

DJ, I don't like the wording in her psychological evaluation, it's ambiguous.

Nr. Lewis.

As you know, her state of mind has never been an issue at any of her hearings.

Well it is an issue now.

I want specific language that states that if Ms. Easle found herself in a similar situation, her counselor categorically is convinced that she would not make the same decision.

I'm denying her parole.

If the paperwork is revised, she can come back again in 90 days, thank you.


Wait, wait, wait.

No, wait, wait.


May I say something, please?

This girl's mother is in the hospital.

Now she's very sick.

I'm asking you as a personal favor to me, to please reconsider your decision.

I've made my ruling.

She can come back again in 90 days.

Now good afternoon.

(somber instrumental music)

Listen, I need a favor.

I need to take these with you, see what you can do with them at school.

I'm not doing that.

Your man needs the cash, you don't want to let him down.

He let me down.

Forget him, you keep the cash.

I'm not doing it, Pedra.

The guards hardly ever go in the school bathroom, it's easy money.

You may not want to get out of here, but I do.

You think I don't want to get out of here?

I got a family on the outside to support.

They depend on me.


I gotta do what I gotta do.

And I gotta do what I gotta do.

You walk away from me mama, you better walk yourself into protective custody.

I did you favors.

You owe me.

You sling for me or you bleed for me.

My arms feel like they're gonna fall off.

Oketa, stop whining.

Too bad it's not your mouth.

Really don't know why ya'll standing around here laughing when we got this bus to clean.

Terry, you've been pushing us hard all day.

It's not our fault you didn't get parole.


You can chill inside, aight?

I'll do it myself.

Look, we all really wanted you to make it.

You're not the only one working here.

Hit the showers ladies.

No, but--

Ms. Easle has it under control.

You pushed them hard today.

I'm crew leader, that's my job.

A good crew leader knows when to take care of her crew.

My moms is the only one who needs me to take care of her.

Ms. Easle...

I just want to do a good job, and get good evaluations so I can get back to her, okay?

[DJ] I'm not interested in evaluations.

Parole board is.

I'm interested in Terry the person.


Terry's not such a good person.

You heard what I did.

Can I just do my work?


Where's Caroline?

She put herself in protective custody.

Left all her trash.

You will do your schoolwork in your cell.

You will have one hour of yard time when the yard will be clear of all prisoners for your protection.

Your meals will be served through this hatch.

Who's threatening you, Caroline?

I'm cool.

You are not cool.


Get off those tables.

Sit down.

Whatever's going on with Caroline is gonna stop.

Right now.

If it doesn't, you are gonna be spending the rest of your time here...

Look at me!

You are gonna be spending the rest of your time in a detention cell.

Do I make myself clear?

Answer me!

Yes sir.

Dang, DJ...

I'm scared of you.

How are you feeling?

I'm nervous.

That's natural.

But you're ready.

Just remember everything that you learned with the Crew, and continue to stay focused on your goals.

I can call you, right?

You better.

Love, Amy.

You better write...

Every week.


You know it.

You came!

You know I wouldn't miss this.


Keisha, your ride is here.

Group hug!

[Amy] One, two, three...

[Group] Crew Nine!

Crew Nine!

I just want to say...

It should be you going home.

Keisha Daniels...

You deserve this as much as anybody.

Thanks for always having my back.

All right, all right.

We'll miss you Keisha.

[Inmate] Bye Keisha.

[Other Inmate] Bye Keisha.

(acoustic guitar instrumental music)


[Captain Kelly] DJ...

You gonna get me some new recruits?

Well I'm...

You know, I'm going over the files of the new girls.

A lot of young ladies coming in on meds and dealing with psychological issues, violent offenses.

I'm not seeing anybody stable enough for the program.

Well it's getting thin out there, we can't run the program without bodies.

Ah, yes.

But it's the quality of the girls, Kelly, not the quantity.

DJ, I'm serious!

What are you gonna do about it, DJ?


Thanks for the picture.

My mom's gonna love those butterflies.

Can't wait to show it to her.

Sorry you didn't make parole.

It's all good.

Did you really read Plato's Republic?

Saw the movie.

(chuckling) I could lend you my copy.

That book's too hard for me.

You sell yourself short.

I'm gonna see if DJ will let me get it for you, all right?

Hang out here for a minute.

Where else am I gonna go?


So first of all, it's not the cave thing.

This is a book about Socrates.

His ideas, his story, his life.

The cave, just one of the stories in there.

(uplifting piano music)

Hustle ladies!

How you doing with the book?

And all of what are now called realities.

I don't understand any of this.

Well, we're gonna keep reading over and over

'til you do.

Anyone tried to lose another, and lead him back into the light.

I lost where I'm at.

Stop fidgeting, concentrate.

Socrates looked at him and said...

"How charming the man is..."


"Since I've been imprisoned, he's always been coming to see me."

Let them only catch the offender, and they will be put to death.

What does that mean?

That some people get mad at the people who try to help them.


You get it.

I was mad at you and DJ.


We must do as he says, Crito.

And therefore, let the cup be brought.

If the poison is prepared, if not...

Let the attendant prepare some.

He's gonna drink the hemlock now.


Couple more pages and Socrates' life will be over.

Three more pages and...

We won't be sitting here reading it anymore.

Excuse me for interrupting.

Happy birthday, Ms. Magavo.

My wife made it for you.


It's your birthday and you ain't tell nobody?

Her 18th birthday.

Which means...

In a few weeks when she hits her 90 days, she'll be old enough to test for the Crew.

Who said I'm testing for Crew?

You have something better to do, Ms. Magavo?

I'm not leaving PC.

If you joined up, you wouldn't need protective custody.

Crew Nine will have your back.

I'm not going back out there.


[Firefighter] Let's move out.

(acoustic instrumental music)

What a shame.

There's Terry.


We need to talk.


How are you?

Hey, what happened?

Your mom?

Did she...

She's gone.

She died...


Finish it, please.

Now I was at the first...

For Crito, when he found himself

unable to restrain his tears.

I got up, and I followed...

And at that moment, Apollodorus who had been weeping all the time broke out in a loud and passionate cry which made cowards of us all.


Why is Terry not dressed for Crew?

Did she say something to you?



Come in.

I wanted to talk to you about the Crew.


I've done a lot of thinking this past week, and I decided to quit.


And you want to tell me why?

I can't lead the Crew right now, DJ.

I understand.

You can come back whenever you're ready.

My mom...

She knew what I did.

She heard everything in court.

But she never saw me the way thar parole board did.


Listen to me.

It doesn't matter what they parole board saw.

You did Crew because of who you are.

You helped Keisha because of who you are.

You've become apart of the solution, that's who I see.

Hear me?

We get up in the morning, we do what we gotta do.

Hear me?

The same.

Except you get to go home to your family, and I've got nothing left to go home to.

I just don't see the point anymore.

Then what's the point of me joining Crew?

You promised if I came back out, you'd help me.

* I'm coming home, I'm coming home *

* Tell the world I'm coming home *

* Let the rain wash away

* All the pain of yesterday

* I know my kingdom awaits You go Caroline!

I can't go any further with this bag.

I know.

Let's go!

Come on.

Keep those elbows out, elbows out.

You got it, you got it.

Come on, a little harder.

(clapping and cheering)

[Inmate] Do it!

[Inmate] You go girl.

(intense instrumental music)

Ya girl look like a zombie.

* Coming home, I'm coming home

* Tell the world that I'm coming home *

* Let the rain wash away

* All the pain of yesterday

* I know my kingdom awaits

* And they've forgiven my mistakes *

* I'm coming home, I'm coming home *

* Tell the world that I'm coming *

* Home You are officially a member of Crew Nine.



She did great!


Congratulations Ms. Magavo, I hear you did exceptionally well.

I did all right.

[Officer] Everyone exit the bus, line up alongside of the bus single file.

Go, step lively please.

(somber guitar music)

I thought my peoples was looking out for me on the outside.

The only one looking out for Keisha is Keisha.

You and Terry always looked out for me.

You gotta make the right decisions for yourself, can't let other people make decisions for you.

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning oneself.

[Inmate] Come help me pick this up?

He looks just like my dog Lobo.

He must be so old by now...

I wish I knew if he was still alive.

You can't find out?

Well he lives with my dad.

Is he okay living with your dad?

Yeah, why wouldn't he be?

I don't know...

You don't talk to him, so I thought you know...

Maybe he--

There's something wrong with my dad?

No, there's something wrong with me.

You didn't hurt anybody.

That's what I thought, you know?

I'm just printing fake checks, big corporations would never even notice, no one would get hurt...

If you're here, you've hurt somebody.

When they arrested me, I saw the strongest man that I ever knew crumble.

My dad just crumbled.

So you're never gonna talk to him again?

He raised me right.

I threw it all away.

(dog barking)

Yo, what's he barking at?

Hey buddy.

Get help, now!

We're on the upper part of Canyon Road, the car appears unstable.

We cannot wait!

Can you do this?


All right.

Do not exceed the limit.

These ropes only hold 600 pounds, we just want to secure the car until help comes.

Got it?


All right.

Let's go.

[Man] I'm gonna fall.

Don't move, we're coming down!

[Caroline] Give me some slack.

[Inmate] Slack!

Pass me the rope.

Tie it mid point.

We're stabilizing the car, are you okay?

Get me out.

I'm gonna fall!

Okay, don't move.

Don't move.

Talk to him, calm him down.


I need you to stop looking down right now cause I need you to think about something else.

Ah, I'm gonna fall.

No, no, no.

You're not gonna fall, okay?

There's gonna be an ambulance here in a couple minutes, okay?


[Man] I'm gonna fall!

[Captain Kelly] Caroline!

Please don't leave me, don't leave me!

Get off the car!

[Inmate] Get off!

Don't leave me!

[Inmate] Caroline!

[Terry] What are you doing?

[Inmate] Get off the car!


He's gonna fall outta the car!

Get back on line!

[Inmate] Terry, get her off!

I'm not gonna leave you!

[Terry] Don't move, Caroline!

[Inmate] Caroline, get off!

[Captain Kelly] Caroline!

[Terry] Jump down!

Grab the rope!

Pull Pull!

Pull harder!

Pull, Pull!

Pull the rope!

Grab the line!


Pull the rope!

You're okay?

Butterfly, you good?

They're good!

(happy screaming)

(upbeat instrumental music)

* I want to thank You, Heavenly Father *

* For shining your light on me

* You sent me someone who really loves me *

* And not just my body Amy, how do you know this old school jam?

My babysitter.

* He keeps me happy, so very happy, he loves me *

* I don't know how to be

* It's been a long time

* Since I had someone who loves me *

* I owe my thanks to Thee

* I know it could not happen without your love *

* Oh, without your love Let me find out babygirl got lungs.

I'm here with Dwayne Johnson, Senior Counselor for the Rockwood Butte Detention Center.

Dwayne, you must be very proud of Crew Nine.

Can you tell me a little more about the two young ladies that orchestrated that amazing rescue?

They're amazing girls, I mean they work hard and they're trying to get back to society and I couldn't be prouder of them.

That's amazing.

Oh, is that them?

I hear them.

* And he'll be there

* Just do all right, don't do no wrong *

* And keep the faith

* The Lord will shine his light your way *

Excuse me.

* I did cause I believe

* He makes me happy, so very happy *

You girls all right?

* I don't know how to be DJ, DJ, you gotta hear her sing.

* It's been a long time Come on Caroline, it's okay.

Let me hear it.

* I owe my thanks to Thee I can't hear you

* I know it couldn't have happened without You *

* Oh, without You

Go DJ!

Go DJ!

Oh yeah!

Go DJ!


Dwayne, you must be very proud of Crew Nine.

Can you tell me a little more about the two young ladies that orchestrated that amazing rescue?

They're amazing girls...

Yes we are!

Is that them?

I hear them.

[Inmate] Yes we are!



Ms. Scott, right here please.

Look DJ, we're on TV!

[Inmate] Bring it back, play it again, you gotta play it again.

[Inmate] No, we can't play it again...

Your father's here.

He is?

Apparently he saw you on the news and he drove all the way up here just to see if you were okay.

Amy, see your father.

No, it's not visiting day.

Obviously I made an exception.


Amy, can I talk to you?

You can tell me to mind my own business...

I'm fine.

[Caroline] But you're crying.

I'm not crying.


But you know what?

That boy in the car...

Do you want to know what kept him alive?

It was thinking about how much somebody loved him.

And if you got that...

And it's real...

Why would you ever push it away?

Because I'm not his little girl anymore.

I'm a thief.

That was what you were.

But you know what?

I figure you brought yourself back with everything that you've done in here.

You found that kid in the car.

You did that.

You saved him.

You did.

Hi daddy.


I miss you.


I miss you too.

I love you.

I love you too.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

Oh no...

It's okay.

Will I see you next week?

It's a date.


Bye babygirl.

I'm very proud of you!

We frighten people by the deeds we did.

We frighten ourselves...

But sometimes...

It just takes one person who got a vision of who we could be.

That woman died on the street cause of me.

Now if the point of me being here is to be punished...

Then there's not enough years in my life to pay what I took from her and her family.

Then what do you think the point is?

To learn that it's not all about me.

No matter how scared...




No matter how I feel, I still gotta step up and do the right thing.

Even if you deny me today, and you deny me in six months, and you deny me next year.


I'm not doing anything to impress this board.

It's just who I am.

Now you tell your aunt she better take real good care of you.

[Terry] I will.

[Officer] We're gonna miss you.

[Terry] Thank you.

[Officer] Just take care.

Not fair...

You've leaving before the girls get up.

You know I'm bad at goodbyes.

You'll tell them for me?

Thank you, DJ.

For everything.

Goodbye, Ms. Easle.

(somber violin music)

Got me, you got me.

Good morning.

Good morning.

* Terry's on her way back home

* Terry's on her way back home

* Crew Nine girls still holding strong *

* Crew Nine girls still holding strong *

* We fight fires with all the men *

* We fight fires with all the men *

* And do it while looking much better than them *

* And do it while looking much better than them *

* Crew Nine

* Crew Nine We got a fire, ladies!

Suit up and be ready in 10.

(soft instrumental music)