Firewall (2006) Script

Where's my blue bag?

I don't care. No.

Pim, do you have him? -I got him.

He's leaving the house.

He's late today.

Where are you? Are you right there? -No, I'm across the street.

- Get closer than that. I'm not gonna lose him.

- I'm not gonna lose him. Pay attention, guys.

9:01, down Granville Park. Again.

Okay, switch to channel seven.



Control the flow of traffic.

Come on! Come here, Rusty!

Rusty. Rusty, come here.

Come-- Rusty!

Come on, boy.

Come on. We're gonna be late.

Hello, Jack.

Sarah, could you turn it down, please? -What?

The music, if that's what it is. Turn it down.

Why? -Has anyone let the dog out yet?

-It's Sarah's turn! I did it last time! -It takes, what, two seconds?

Rusty, no! Leave it alone!

Come on!

Andy, stop it.

Andy! Mom, tell Andy to get that thing out of here. It's screwing up the TV.


Andy, a little help here, okay?

Moron. -Idiot moron.

Moron idiot. -Nobody's an idiot.

Except for her. -Nobody's a moron.

Except for her. -Andy, stop it!

I'm trying to watch this.

Those two home together all week?

There's no school till Monday. -Oh, boy. What's your day like?

Finish the details on the Morgan house. They're pouring the footings today.

Then I have to find a guitar teacher for Sarah, pay some bills...

...and schlepping the kids.

You should get yourself a hobby, keep yourself busy.

I already have a hobby. -Yeah?

And it's taking care of you.

I don't deserve you.

No, you don't.

We owe Arlin and Vee a dinner. Wanna do it this week?

Well, they're home this week. I just wanna be with the kids.

Mom! Tell Andy to get that thing out! -Really?

You should have Marci drop my blue suit off at the cleaners.

Marci's in Manila till the 26th.

Here, sport, give me this for a second.

Mom! Excuse me, does anybody care? -This is what's doing it.

Put this in my office. I'll show you how we can fix it.

Okay? And, yes, I do care.

Good bye. -Bye, Jack.

Bye, Dad. -Bye, Andy.

Don't torture your sister.

Sarah, this dog needs to go out. Don't forget his new collar.

Sarah. -Bye, Jack.

--Getting a welcome break in the weather before getting hit by a couple of storms.

That'll make the drive more difficult.

Looks like smooth sailing this morning heading into downtown Seattle.

We've been seeing slowdowns and heavy traffic just about everywhere else...

Morning. -Morning, Richard.

Morning, Cindy. How are you? -Morning, Jack. Great, thanks.

How do I say this, Bobby?

No. -Come on, Janet. I don't see why not.

Look, Bobby, here's how this works. You ask me out, which you did.

I say no, which I did.

You say, "Okay," and ask somebody else. You don't keep asking me.

At what point does it become sexual harassment?

Right about now, Bobby.

Mr. Stanfield. -Morning, boss.

Kid's persistent. -I don't know why.

The usual reason, I suppose. -Have you seen Ravi yet?

No, I'm on my way now, though.

Don't forget, merger meeting.

Nice flowers. -Born-again Bobby.

Maybe he's trying to save your soul. -He'd need bigger blossoms than that.

Good morning, Betty. -Morning.

How we doing? -Pike Street system's running slow.

I'll tell Carol when she gets in. We'll get after it.

Merger goes through, we'll go in and replace the whole thing.


Morning, sir. -Good morning, Rick.

Hey, Ravi. What have we got?

Brute-force log-in. The interesting thing is...

...he's coming in through Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia...

...but he's trying sequential account numbers. He's hacking all over.

Move over for me.

Let's try a rule change on him, see what he does.

Put in an IPS signature that black-holes the pattern.

See if that slows him down. -That'd slow me down.

That'd be resistant to false positives too. -Yep.


Loss is higher than one would expect, considering your level of security.

Just write it off?

That depends on how you view the statistics.

They're not particularly high, given the fact that...

...we're pushing the business into some new and uncharted areas.

Online banking is where the business is heading.

Where we have our branches...

...we'll provide our customers with more ways to control their money.

As you can see by the chart, after the merger...

...Accuwest will have 1100 branches in 13 states...

...with over 100 billion in assets. Soto answer you, Harry, yes...

...we do see a reasonable level of fraud loss as a cost of doing business.

How many branches do you have? -Twenty-seven.

As head of network security, Jack...'ve never really had to think in terms of economies of scale.

But your philosophy of risk is-- -Wait a second, Gary.

Make this clear for me, will you? What exactly is my philosophy of risk?

No need to take this personally. -I take it personally, goddamn it.

I've spent 20 years protecting this bank, its customers and shareholders...

...from unnecessary risk.

Jack, I don't think you're hearing what I'm saying.

I hear what you're saying. Fraud loss is inevitable...

...pass it on to the customers as the cost of doing business.

We don't wanna do that, do we?

We're all here to serve the customers. Let's try and get along.

We can have the best of both worlds. -Doesn't exist, Arlin.

Look, I'm sorry. This went on a little longer than I anticipated.

There's stuff I really have to get to.

Okay, let's get on with it. -Network attacks... activity.

Where is this guy? -He's in reception.

He said it's personal. Should I get him?

No, I'll walk over there.

Mr. Stanfield, Mr. Hughes.

Jack Stanfield, Mr. Hughes.

Do I know you? -I know you.

Do you have a card? -Oh, yeah.

DHD Financial. What can I do for you?

You can give me the $95,000 you owe me.

I don't know what you're talking about. -No?

I'm collecting for GambleNet U.S.A. Does that ring a bell?

No, it doesn't. -You racked up 95 grand in online wagers.

And I got the paperwork to prove it.

You got the wrong Jack Stanfield. I don't gamble.

I don't have any debt. Check your facts. -You're a deadbeat. See you in court.

Laurie, call security. -Don't bother, sweetheart.

Gambling's an addiction, Mr. Stanfield. Get some help.

Well, I thought the idea was to match it to the curtains.

Yes, but if you do that... -Nice flowers.


That would be the wrong thing to do, don't you think?

What's up, partner? -Take a look at this.

Who were you betting on?

I wasn't betting. I don't gamble.

I don't even know how. -Well, that's obvious.

You think somebody got my information off the bank's internal network or what?

Are you doubting yourself in your old age?

No. More likely a dumpster diver...

...somebody sifting through your trash. -Maybe.

A debt collector showed up this morning about it.

Don't worry. I'll clean it up.

It's just a pain in the ass.

Bill Cox? Guy from Atlanta.

Supposed to have a drink. -I can do 5:30.

I wanna get home early, pizza night.

Good. I'll let him know. -Okay.

- Hey, you. - Hi, hon.

Harry and I need to see a guy for a few minutes after work.

- Okay if I'm late? -What are you thinking?

I don't know, 45 minutes, tops.

We'll see you when we see you. Love you.

Love you too. Bye.

I see him. My question is this:

Do we really wanna work for those Accuwest morons?

I'll listen to what he has to say. -This guy could be our future.

Okay, okay.

Bill. -Good to see you, Harry.

Bill Cox, Jack Stanfield. -How are you?

I've been looking forward to meeting you. Please, sit.

Thank you.

Sarah, the pizza's here. My wallet's by the door.

Is somebody gonna get that?

Here you go. -So listen...

...I don't know how much Harry's told you about what I do.

Not a lot. Just that you're in banking.

I have a company that provides banking-support services...

...mainly in the South, but, really, I'm an old-fashioned entrepreneur.

If that's a scary movie, turn it off. Your brother won't sleep for a week.

I'm so sorry to make you-- -Hello.

Sarah! -Mom.

Call 911!

There's over 200 regional banks in the U.S. alone...

...that have nothing like the sophistication of the system you developed for Landrock.

Sarah! Leave her alone!

With your system's software...

...Harry's expertise in law enforcement and the physical security...'re an unbeatable team.

Hey! Come here!


What are you doing to me? Get away! -Shut up!

You'd be your own bosses.

I'd just supply the money-

Don't hurt my children. -Shut up!

Oh, my God, what do you want?

I have to think about a couple of other options...

...but this sounds very attractive.

Okay, good.

I hate to break this up.

I gotta get home. -Family man.

No! Daddy!

So how many kids do you have?

Two. Boy, 8. Girl, 14.

Sure you don't need a ride? -No, thanks, Harry. I'm fine.

Going back tonight?

No, I've got some business here in town. -Well, great meeting you. Take care.

She has beautiful eyes, your daughter.


Jesus, what--?

Oh, my God. What do you want?

I wanna get you home. It's pizza night.



Liam, we're on our way. Everything all right?

Fine, the house is secure. And we're setting up now.

I wanna talk to my wife.

You hear that, Liam? He wants to talk to his wife.

They can't talk right now.

She's busy.

Who are you?

What's this about?

What do you want from me?

This is your exit, Jack.

Three defenders had the chance to put him on the ground.

They're here.

--As good as he's been down the years. Tremendous effort to stay alive.

Where are they? -Through here.


What is this? -Daddy.

Why have you done this, for God's sake?

It's okay. They're children!

I said, "if they were trouble." Were they trouble?

They were noisy. -Yes, we made an executive decision.

But you're a criminal, Willy, not an executive.

But I thought you said-- -Shut up.

Daddy. -I wanna know what you want...

...and I wanna know now.


...I'm sorry about all of this. I am, but, well...

There we are.

I need you to talk to your husband. He listens to you.

I need you to make him understand that if he doesn't do exactly as I ask...

...I will kill you and your two children.

But if you can make him listen, Beth...

...if you can make him do what I want...'ll all walk away from this unpleasantness unscathed.

Not because I'm a nice man...

...simply because there'll be no reason for me to hurt you.

Make sense?

Can I rely on your cooperation?

Just tell him yes. -Yes.



And you, big fella?


Andy. -No, it's all right. It's honest.

Do you keep a gun in the house, Jack?


Daddy! -I'm okay.

-It's okay. -Don't worry.

-It's okay. -I'm all right. I'm okay.

Pass me the gun.

It's empty-

You lied to me, Jack.

Don't let it happen again.

You have an excellent alarm system.

What are alarms for, Andy?

To keep people out. -That's right.

And they also keep people in.

I'll need the password, Jack.


Lark. It's the name of our boat.

All right.

Untie them.

Take it easy.


I'll be fine.

Hi, this is Jack Stanfield, account number 51216.

I need to change our alarm code and give you a new password.

I know it's difficult for you, but try and get some sleep.

Mom, what's going on?

What do they want? -I don't know, sweetheart.

Do you want something to eat, Jack?

I'm not hungry. -No?

Do you have any wine?

There's some in the bar.

Pim, go and get me a nice bottle of red.

I don't know shit about wine, man. How do I know if it's nice?

It'll be dusty.

I didn't know he had a gun.

They hit him so hard.

He'll be fine.

It's just a little lump on the head.

Let's think about something nice, okay? -Okay.

I know.

We're on board the Lark.

And the sail's up.

And the sun is shining.

And it's warm.

And, Andy, you're at the wheel with your dad.


Get Jack a blanket.

He's got a busy day tomorrow.

She's asleep. Get some yourself.

I'll wake you in an hour. -Okay.

Let's take a look, show you what's going on.

Yeah, we do have a big storm, big section of the country.

It's gonna bring a variety of weather...

Morning, Jack.

Time to get ready for work.

You can look for some snow by tomorrow through the upper Great Lakes.

You have to do whatever they want. I don't care what it is.

It may not be that easy. We've seen their faces.

But he said if we just cooperate-- -I know what they said, Beth.

Did you ever notice how big squirrels' teeth are?

Where's Andy?


Count to three. -One, two, three.



This man is not our friend. Stay away.

But I want a pancake. -Go see your mom.

Want some Cheerios? -No.

You're worried I'll give him peanut oil, Jack.

I know about his allergy.

Don't imagine for one second...

...that I just blundered in here out of the rain.

Don't touch him.

Don't talk to him.

And don't feed him anything.

I'm fitting you with two separate systems.

Audio transmitter.

We hear everything you do.

What do I do when I get to the office? -You do your work, Jack.

Chase that American dream.

The video camera, with a wide-angle lens.

We see what you see.

I've cloned your cell phone.

Any call that you make or receive, we can monitor.

What about my family? -Oh, they'll be safe... with us.

Now, tuck your shirt in and go to work.

Bye,pal -Bye,Dad.

You're a young man.

You don't need to be doing this.

The longer it goes on...

...the deeper in you are.

Let's stop it right now, before it gets worse.

Same to you, kid.

You're gonna love me.

Those tickets I couldn't get? I got them. -I need five minutes.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 16 points to 10,255...

...on a volume of 22 million shares.

The NASDAQ Composite is up 11 points... 2,061 on a volume of 1.6 million shares.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

If you can hear me, tell your boss I wanna speak to him.

Tell him to quit dicking me around and tell me what he wants me to do.

Can you hear me? -Jack? Are you okay?

Yes, I'm just talking to myself. What's up?

Arlin wants to see you.


So you're an architect.


And you designed this house.

I did.

It's nice.


How old is it?

Seven years.

How much does a house like this go for? -This is about robbing the bank, isn't it?

You're using Jack to help you rob the bank.

Open a few doors and press a few buttons.

Just look after the kids, Beth.

And, Vel, stick to your work.

I need you to try and get along.

Arlin, I'm tired of him patronizing me. Gary is an idiot.

Be that as it may, he's a fact of life...

...on top of which, you may be working for him in a couple of weeks.

Okay. I'll take care of it.

Jack. Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

And Beth and the kids?

They're fine, Arlin.

Listen, Jack, Gary doesn't like you very much...

...and based on your performance yesterday, it's not hard to understand.

Also, we had a debt collector here yesterday asking questions.

What was that all about? -Somebody compromised my identity...

...and ran up $95,000 worth of online gambling debt.

Harry's taking care of it.

You know me, I--

I don't gamble. I don't have any debt.

Talk to Gary now.

I want this merger to go smoothly. -I can't today, I'm--

Today, Jack.

Okay. I'll take care of it. Thanks.

Are we on for dinner next week?

Yeah, let me check with Beth.

Looks good. Get it out there.


Oh, yeah, Jack. Need something?

Yeah, I just wanted to have a word.


If I seemed like I was a little abrupt...

...or difficult yesterday, I wanna apologize.

I want you to know I am committed to this process.

Just having a bad day, that's all. -Seem a little stressed. Everything okay?

Yeah. I'm just fine, Gary. Thank you. -You sure?

Yeah. -We can make this merger work...

...for everyone's benefit.

I'm here to help. If you ever do have a problem, my door is always open.

Thank you, Gary.

Janet? Come in here for a second, will you?

We'll do some letters.

Janet, if I've been difficult or distant...

...for the last couple of days, I hope you'll understand.

- I wanna apologize. -That's okay.

We're a team, you and me.

And I want you to understand how much I appreciate what you do for me.

Thanks, Jack. -It means the world to me.

Sometimes I think I just need to...



Take a minute. -Okay.

Take five minutes out of the day...

...and just sit quietly and take a break.

- You know, just... -Sure. Jack--?

He's lost it. Completely lost it.

Letter to Scott Smith.

Dear Scott, pursuant to your request...

...for further information regarding the security-interface issues...

...unfortunately, the information that you requested is not available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Until the merger--

Shit. Strike that.

Harry's in L.A. for a convention. -Thanks for coming to tell me that.

I can refer you to my associate, Gary Mitchell...

...who may be able to provide you with the information.

Regards to the family, usual close. -Jack?

Jack, I've been looking for you.


- There's a Bill Redmond here to see you. Shit!

Who? -Redmond, from the Federal Banking Board?

What are you talking about, Federal--? -Jack Stanfield?

Bill Redmond. Pleased to meet you.

Janet, close the door, please.

Look-- -Oh, Jack, Jack, Jack.

Liam, take the boy downstairs and break his knee.

Don't do that.

It's my fault, not his. It's my mistake.

Don't take it out on the boy.


Please don't. -Liam?

Let him go!

Leave him be for now.

I'd like a tour of the bank now, Jack.

I'm sorry, I have a terrible memory.

What was your name? -Janet Stone.

Janet, can I borrow a pen? -Sure.

That one'll do. I just need to write them down once, and then they stick.

I didn't know about your meeting. Who set it up?

It was a last-minute thing, Janet. I forgot to tell you.

Now, I'm gonna give Mr. Redmond a tour of the bank.

Thanks. -I'll find you if I need you.

Good morning, Mr. Stanfield. -Good morning.

I have a guest, Mr. Redmond. -Hi.


Open sesame.

Mr. Stanfield.

You'd think with so much plastic, there wouldn't be any need for this real money.

How long do they keep the images from those cameras?

Fifteen days.

Thank you.

How do you expect to get in and out of here?

I don't.

This is the real vault, isn't it, Jack?

Binary code.

Virtual money.

Tell me, how can it be stealing if you can't even touch it?

That's it, huh? This is your plan?

You think your schoolboy techie friend can hack into these servers?

This is what you kidnapped my family for?

I don't need to hack into anything.

We're already inside.

All we need to do is plug in.

You're gonna log on to a maintenance terminal...

...and run a prioritized search selecting the accounts of your 10,000 richest customers.

And then with the program on this, you'll withdraw $10,000 from each...

...and transfer the money to my offshore accounts.

A hundred million dollars. Wow, that's a lot of money.

That's a good plan. -Thanks, we like it.

At least it was last week.

Look around. Do you see any maintenance terminals to plug into, huh?

The bank that took us over had them removed.

There's nothing accessible from this room anymore. Not from this building.

You're in the wrong town. You should be in Wichita, Kansas, Bill.

You designed the software... find me a way in.

I wouldn't know where to start.

Well, then you have a big fucking problem.

Looks like it's almost done. -Yeah.


Let him go.

Come on-- -Okay, okay.

Answer the goddamn phone.

- Hello. It's Tom.

- Hi, Tom. Something wrong?

No, everything's okay. I just dropped a bottle of milk...

...and it's just made a big mess everywhere.

Listen, I thought we'd stop by-- Thanks, but we're all down with the flu.

All right, well-- -Okay. I gotta get back.

Thanks, Tom. -Okay.

Mom. -Come on.

Are you all right? Okay, you're okay.

Don't you ever touch my children again, do you hear me?

Shut your goddamn mouth.

From now on, you do as you're told!

Roll down the window! -What?

How much is he paying you? -Get back in!

Five million dollars to get my family out. -Get in the car or I call Bill.

There are traps in the system. He's gonna get caught.

You're all gonna get caught, Willy.

Five million dollars, right now. -In the car, I mean it!

Get back in the car.

What the hell happened, man? -Nothing.

Exactly. So, what's the plan? How do we get the money?

You are really beginning to bore me.

I want you and your wife downstairs now.

How was your day, Beth?

Am I supposed to believe you care?

Willy! Come down here!

Jack has broken our agreement and decided not to cooperate.


What's he talking about?

-It's just a game, honey. -No, it's not a game.

Listen to your wife, Jack.

Hey. -Sit down, Willy.

So, Willy...

...what happened today? How did Jack manage to hand over the pen?

I'm not exactly sure.

I mean, everything seemed to be fine. -Willy, I told you to watch him.

Everything was cool. And then all of a sudden--

Listen, Willy... can I expect Jack to do as he's told if you don't?

Yeah, I don't know.

I made a mistake. Sorry. -We all make mistakes, Willy.

Just not as many as you. -Yeah, yeah, I said I was sorry.

All right.

Okay, you're sorry.

Watch them.

God Almighty.

Get out.

Oh, my God.

What happened? -Clean this mess up.

Shit! Liam, come here.

What? -He shot him.

Go through the basement. Get the kids out of here.

Shut up, Vel. -Don't tell me to shut up.

Pretend to be watching television, falling asleep.

Nine o'clock, I'll divert them. -Sit down now!

Beth, go to the bedroom.

Jack, over there.

Okay, honey.

Don't really go to sleep, okay? -Okay.

Just pretend to be asleep.

Okay. -Okay.

This is all gonna be over really soon.

What are you planning?

How are you gonna get me my money?

I don't know yet.

I'm working on it.

You've got 12 hours till the bank opens, Jack.


Go. Get Daddy's flashlight.

Okay, go.

What's going on, Vel? -it's fine. It's just some local interference.

Go check on Jack.

It's back.

Yeah, he's just sitting there.


Vel, you stay here and watch.

Okay, go, honey, go-

Wait, honey.

Mom. -Let me go first, honey.

Pim, check the bedroom! Vel, get these lights on now!

Fast as you can. Fast as you can. Andy, go.

They're gone!

Liam, we need him.

They're not here!


Yes, this is Jack Stanfield.

You okay? -Yeah.

I'm sorry. My son opened a door, and...

Yeah, I know.

Come on, honey, help me. Ready? One, two...

They're in the garage!

Come here. Okay, go, go, honey.

Get out of--!


Open the goddamn door now!



Andy! -Get them in!

Leave them alone. -Get up!


Beth. Beth.

Jack.Jack! -All right! Move!

Okay... -Move!

...let's do this a different way.

You'll find a way in, Jack.

That's why we chose you.

Hey, you mind if I watch TV?

Where's my mom?

She's upstairs, asleep.

No, she's not.

Where's my dad? -He's in his office, working.

Well, can I see him?


I know, I'm sorry.

I made a rule.

I'll let you see him in a bit, okay?

Okay. -Good.

Why have I got no sound?

Is it broken?

No. Give it to me.

Fred, why don't you give up.

So you're a genius.

Thank you.

You want a cookie? -Have they got nuts?

Why? -I'm allergic.

I'm sorry, Andy. I didn't know. Let me check.



Not a peanut in sight. You're fine.

I promise.


Andy? Andy! -Come on.

Come on, baby.

Breathe for Mommy. Come on, angel.

Andy, breathe for Mommy.

He's going into shock. -Is he breathing?

Is he breathing? -Barely. He's just barely breathing.

-It's not here. -Come on, honey.

Get his backpack. Come on.

Stay with me, Andy. Stay with me.

-It's not here. -Mom, it's not here!

Stay here. Stay here, Andy.

Oh, God. Come on, honey. Do something, he's dying.

Breathe for Mommy. -Andy.

Give it to me, please.

I'll do whatever you want. Give it to me, please.


Come on, breathe. Breathe!

I've got it. -He's not breathing.

I've got it.

Come on, baby. He's not breathing.

Okay. You're all right, honey.

You're okay. -He's okay. He's okay.

Are you all right, big fella?


I need my daughter's MP3 player to use as a hard drive.


I need to borrow your iPod.

Will I get it back?

Sure. I promise.


Thanks, sweetie. Go back to sleep.

This is the scanner head from the fax machine.


And you'll capture the images of the account numbers off the server screen...

...and transfer them to this.

Ten thousand songs, 10,000 account codes... doesn't know the difference.

How will you run the actual file? -I won't.

I'll have the maintenance department in Wichita do it.

But they're still just images. What are you gonna do?

Use an OCR program to convert it to data that the computer can use.

Then use my merge program from the CD. -That's right.

What about the money?

Then I just need access to a wire-transfer terminal, and you'll get your money.


It should work.

It better.

- Hello? How'd it go?

Fine, considering.

How's it going at your end?

I'll have it finished by the time you get here.

I guess I never thought we'd pull this off.

I know. What time does your flight get in? I'll pick you up.

Fire her.


Fire Janet? Why?

I don't like the way she looks at me.

Fire her.

Anything else? -I'm good. Thanks.

You're the only banker who drinks tea. -I am?

Give us a minute, will you?

Janet, I want you to pack up your stuff and go home.

What? What do you mean?

Just what I said.

Pack up your stuff and go home.


You're fired.

If this is a joke, it's not funny, Jack. -No, this is not a joke.

I'll call Human Resources. I'll get you a job with somebody else at the bank.

Right now, just do what I said. -What are you talking about?

Is this because of him? -Don't argue with me.

But, Jack, I haven't done anything wrong. -Pack up your shit and get out of here.


Screw you, Jack.

When is Daddy coming home?

As soon as he can get them some money from the bank.

And then they'll leave?

And then they'll leave.

It was a good knife when you first got it. Maybe six months later, it got dull.

Ever try to cut a tomato with these?

Cox is gonna kill you. You know that, don't you?

Just like Willy.

Willy made mistakes.

You think he'll reward you because you're good?

Shut up. -Soon as he has the money...'ll be no more use to him. -Go back into the bedroom.

He has no reason to let any of you live.

What I'm asking for isn't standard, you know.

They might not do it.

They might say:

"We did it yesterday" or "it's scheduled for tomorrow" or something.

Get on with it. Make it happen.

Operations. -Stacy, Jack Stanfield in Seattle.

Hi, Mr. Stanfield.

I need you to run a maintenance sort program...

...weigh all online accounts, largest to smallest.

Give me a sec, I'll check.

Okay, key-card.

Coming up. There you go.

Ready to run.

I'm telling you, Arlin... -Go and deal with it.

It's running, Stacy.

Okay, if you need--


With money moving every nanosecond...

...we have to provide a platform for technology... be able to maintain and control risk.

You have to be thinking outside the box. -Oh, I understand.

These geeks with their laptops can figure out ways to steal money from you.

Arlin, you lost? -Hi, Jack.

No, Gary's trying to teach me something about the new technology.

Well, good luck. -Yeah.

I told him you've been trying that for years. What are you up to?

Well, there's a--

I came down because there was...

...a maintenance issue with one of the servers.

Got the engineers coming down.

I asked to be notified about all maintenance issues.

No one told me a server was down.

They probably didn't realize the procedures changed. Wichita didn't call you?


Who's "they"?

I don't know. Janet took the call.

Did you fire her this morning?

You know, Arlin, it just wasn't working out.

Seems kind of sudden.

Well, actually, it's been...

It's been building for a while.

Well, care to join us? Help Gary unlock my analog brain?

I think I'd better get back to the office.

I'll check with you later.

All right, Arlin, you gotta understand two things:

Number one, analog is for sissies. -So I gathered.

He didn't wash his hands.

That's why you should never eat peanuts off a bar.

Let's go.

Can I take his collar off?

No, honey. He needs that. -Beth, come with me, please.

Where? -Just downstairs.


-It's okay. I'll be right back. -Now, Beth.

Why do you hate us so much?

I don't hate you, Sarah. I just don't care about you.

I need you to make a call.

Why--? Why would I say this?

Make him believe you.

Well, hopefully, that's the way...

Which one is he?

The kid in the blue shirt.

Come here.

Mr. Stanfield, sir? Why did Janet get fired?

She didn't do anything. -We know what you're up to, Bobby.

What I'm up to? What do you mean?

You and Janet have made repeated attempts to access secure information.

No, that's ridiculous.

She rolled over on you, Bobby. She gave you up.

What are you talking about, sir?

Sit down. Sit down.

We'll be in touch, Bobby.


It's done.

Vel, is the money there?

Okay, good.

I've done everything you want. When do I get my family back?

We have some tidying up to do.

Sir, I just wanted to say, regardless of what you may have heard--

There are hidden cameras in all the public areas...

...and some of the more sensitive areas on the secure floors.

So you can see the whole bank from here?

These are archive files.

Ninety-one cameras running on 20 screens.

Wow, I bet you don't watch much TV when you get home.

I don't even have one.

Sorry. Sorry. -I got it.


At least it didn't end up in the keyboard. -Right.

We better get out of here before we completely screw things up.

Thanks. Sorry. -Thank you.

All right.

Where's Jack Stanfield? -He just left.

What was he doing in here? -Making one hell of a mess.

What the hell? -What's wrong?

All the camera files have been deleted.

What is this? -Just press "send."

Now there's no network, no account details.

No trace of the 100 million. Can I have the disk, please?

Vel has a real talent for being destructive... you not think?

See you at the house, Jack.

Jack, what's going on? What are you up to?

I haven't got time for this now. -You're gonna make time.

You'll stay here and explain what you were doing in areas you're not supposed to be in.

No, I'm not.

Mr. Stanfield, the network-- -Tell him.

What is it? -The network just crashed.

The whole floor? -No, the whole building.


Jack! Stop right there!


Get out of the car! -Are you nuts?

You're nuts! -Get away.

Security-camera files are missing, the computers just crashed...!

Call the police.

Security. We're in the garage, get the police.






Oh, my God.

Where are they? Where's my family?

Yeah, we're leaving now.

I'll meet you when I'm done.

Yeah, will do.

Cox says goodbye. -Are they alive?

Just tell me that. Are they alive?

Come on, man, talk to me. -We're leaving now, Jack.

Why? Just kill me here. Why should I make it easy?

You still think there's a chance you might be able to help them. Now, let's go.

Hi, it's Harry. Leave a message.

Harry. Jesus, Harry, where are you?

I'm in trouble. I'm in real trouble.

I need...

I need to talk to you.

Call me on my-- No, you can't.

You can't call me on my cell.

They're listening.


It's really coming down, huh?

What a night. -Well, it is Seattle.

Harry. Jesus, Harry, where are you?

I'm in trouble. I'm in real trouble.

I need to talk to you.

Call me on my-- No, you can't. You can't call me on my cell.

They're listening. Shit.

This is Dr. Hay's office confirming your 8 a.m. appointment Monday.

So we'll see you then. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Harry, I did it. I finally left him.

God, I love you so much.

I'm afraid. Get out of there, okay? Come as soon as you can.

I love you.

Harry, it's Eric at Redline.

I found a guy who's selling those Porsche 356 parts you--

Yeah, come on in.

Thank you.

Wow, quite a place.

Yeah. I wanted something sort of Dean Martin-ish, you know what I mean?

Well, you nailed it.

You know, I had my doubts.

But after our meeting...

...I could tell Jack was definitely interested.

And the timing was perfect.

Without the merger, Jack would never consider leaving the bank...

...and starting up on his own.

How about a beer? -No, I'm good, thanks.

Once Jack gets his teeth into it, there'll be no stopping him.

Thanks for pulling that proposal together so fast.

You know, I think I will have that beer. -You bet.



Oh, Jesus.

Sure it wasn't the TV, Mrs. Levy?

No, it wasn't the damn TV. I'm telling you, the guy had a gun in his hand.

Okay, what'd the guy look like?

He was wearing a gray suit with, like, a necktie.



Hey, taxi! Taxi!

Let's go inside and play. Get your toy.



Janet Stone. She--

Thank you. -Over there.

Janet Janet. Janet, let me in, please. -What are you doing here?

Get out of here, Jack. You're crazy! -Let me in.

Get out!

Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me.

The man who was in my office.

Mr. Redmond. He's a bank robber.

He's got Beth and the kids. He's gonna kill them.

They may be dead already. I need your help.

Do you understand me? I need your help to try and save them.


I understand. -Don't scream.

Sorry. -Shouldn't we call the police?

No. No police.

What about Harry?

Harry's dead.


I was at Harry's apartment when Cox...

...or Redmond, whatever his name is, shot him.

People there saw me with a gun in my hand.

There's a dead man in my house.

By the time I explain to the police...

...Beth and the kids could be dead. -God.

I need you to help me find Bobby.

Bobby? Why? -I need his cell phone.

I used his phone to photograph some account code numbers.

I've gotta have it to get the money back. Can you help me?

Yeah. I'll find his number.

Why can't you get a rare burger anymore?

E. coli.

Everything all right? -Yeah. Did you talk to Liam?

No, not yet. -Where the hell is he, man?

Let's go. -Now?

Yeah, now!


You guys need to go to the washroom?

Don't say I didn't ask.


Jesus. -I found Bobby.

Oh, great.

-It's Cox. -Are you gonna answer?

I'm not ready to talk to him yet. I need Bobby's cell phone first.

And I'll need your laptop. -No problem.

And can we use your car? -Problem.

Pop it! Pop it! Pop the clutch!

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Keep the gas up.

I can't believe Harry's dead.

Was he involved with Cox?


No. Harry thought he was a businessman.

But didn't Harry introduce you to Cox?

The whole...

...investment thing was just a scam.

Cox was using Harry to get next to me. Harry didn't know about the robbery.

Cox killed him with my gun... make it look as if I shot him in a jealous rage over Beth.

Harry and Beth? Give me a break.

He planted a message from Beth on Harry's answering machine.

Saying she...

Saying she was leaving me.

I also found some encrypted files on his computer.

I'm sure they'd tie him and me together in the robbery.

Cox had it all planned out.

Even the gambling debts.

We hatch this plan to rob the bank...

...then I find out my buddy is sleeping with my wife.

After the robbery, I go to his apartment, I kill him and l...

I disappear with the money forever.

Forever, as in dead?

I killed the man who was supposed to kill me.

Be right back.

What are you doing? -I didn't tell Jack any of that stuff.

Why did he say you did? -I don't know. I'm sorry about that.

Can I borrow your cell phone?

Your cell phone, do you have it? Can I borrow it?


Here. -Great.

Please let this work.

Here we go. -Now what?

I just need to find a wire-transfer terminal.

Where are you gonna find a bank open at this hour?

Welcome to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Jack, you look like a bank robber.

Keep the motor running. -Good luck.

Thank you.

We'll see you in the morning.

I'm sorry, we're closed.

I need to get on your wire-transfer terminal.

Absolutely. I'm sorry.

We usually don't have a supervisor here this late.

You can use this one. -Thank you.

The money is put away. I--

It's not about the money. Sit down. Sit down.

I'm not gonna hurt you.


Liam, where have you been?

Change of plans, asshole.

Jack. Where are you?

At a bank. I just hacked into your Cayman Island accounts.

- That's impossible. You think so?

I have your account details. You just lost 20 million.


What's going on?

Check the accounts.

What for? -Can you check the accounts, please?


There goes another 20 million.

Come on. -I'm going as fast as I can.

We're down 40 million.

Now you know what it feels like to lose what you love.

Another account just cleared. -That was for Harry.

Your family are dead. Do you hear me? They are dead!

For all I know, they're dead already.

He emptied another one.

You're down to your last 20 million.

Talk to your husband. -Jack?

I love you. Just do whatever you can to save the children.

I am, baby. I love you too.

Put the money back or I'll put a bullet through her head.

You do anything to her or my children...

...and you don't get a dime.

It's all gone.

Jack, calm down. If you calm down, we can talk this--

You'll get the money when I get my family.

Tomorrow morning, when the banks open. I'll let you know where.

Yeah, I'll be there. -Do you hear me?

I'll be there. Just-- -Don't bother calling me.

Because I've got nothing to say to you.

You need to get out of here. -What?

I pushed the silent alarm. -When?

A couple of minutes ago. I'm sorry.

Liam was gonna take care of him.

Put the woman back in the van.

How you gonna give me my money?! -Put her back in the van!

Shut up!


Move it! -Just a second. Here he is.

Get out of here, now. -Sorry.

What happened?

They're alive.

Thank God.

I just bet everything on Cox's greed.

I got the money.

So we still got a chance.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna meet Cox at the bank in the morning.

How are you gonna get in? -I can't. You can.

You fired me, remember? I don't have a pass.

Barking. Jesus, he was barking.

Jack? -He was...

Pull over. Pull over here.

Jack, what are you doing?

I heard Rusty barking.

He's with Beth and the kids in the van. -So?

He's got this...

...GPS. He's got this GPS thing.

You're not making any sense.

He was running away all the time... we got him a collar with a GPS locator.

It's from this website. If he's still got it on...

Got him. There they are.

What are they doing?

Driving out of town.

Why is he doing that? Didn't he say he would meet you here?

Here. Get in the car. -What are you doing?

I'm gonna find my dog.

Can you shut the dog up?

It's okay, Rusty.

You know, you're never gonna get that money now.

But if you turn around and take us back, my husband can give you whatever you want.

You can split it between the two of you. -Shut the damn dog up!


Are you okay? -Yeah, I'm okay. Yeah.

You want me to drive? -No. No, I'm fine.

Where are they now?

They're still on the 2.

They just turned off the road.

There's nothing on this map except a big lake and some railroad tracks.

How far? -Twenty miles.

Where the hell are they going?

Shut up.

Shut your goddamn dog up. I swear to God.

It's okay, Rusty.

Come here, Rusty. Come here. -Shut up!

That's it!

I warned you!

What are you doing? No! Rusty!

Shut up or you're going next!

Rusty! Sorry, baby. -Quiet!

You hear me?

Put them in the back room.

Maybe we should just forget it.

Let them all go.

Maybe you should do your job and put them in the back room.

Why would he bring them all the way out here?

I don't think he was planning on leaving anyone alive.


Hey. -Oh, my God. Come here.

-It's all right. -Hey.

He can't breathe. -Sit your ass down. I don't give a rat's ass.

I'm sick of you people, man. -Honey.


Please help us.

We need to exchange you...

...for the money, and then we'll let you go.


You'll be all right.

Thank you.

They're slowing down.




Come here, Rusty. It's okay.

Where are they, Rusty?

Where have they gone?

Where's Andy?

There's a house down there by the lake. I see Beth's car.

You got a cell phone? -Yeah.

Call the police.

Shouldn't we just wait here for the police?


I can't. I can't wait.

Thanks for everything.

You got your job back.

Will he call?

You think he'll just give us the money, no police?

He knows I'll kill his family if he doesn't.

I just need to up the ante a little.

No. Please don't. What are you doing?

Let her go! -No!

Stop it!

'My God! 'on my God!

Come on. -Shut up!

Why are you doing this?


Come here!

Where you at, sweetie? Wanna play?






Help! We're in here! -Come on!


Dad! -Run, Sarah. Run and hide!

Move it! -Dad!

Put him down. Let him go! Oh, my--

Get upstairs now!

Come on, get up the stairs!

Move it! Move it! -Let me go!

Go on, now. Move it! Get up there!



Jack! -Run, Beth! Run!