First Match (2018) Script

Don't touch my shit!

I said, don't touch my shit!

Get your trash out of my house! Yo.

Anything break, I'm gonna Ronda Rousey your fat ass!

Nobody scared of you, Mo. Shut the fuck up.

All the shit I do for your ass.

Miss Jones, mind your business.

Thank you, Miss Jones.

You wonder why you keep getting thrown out of foster homes.

Whatever. Fucking with a man twice your age.

I ain't touched your fat boyfriend.

You grown, right? You a woman?

Goddamn it, be one.

Stop throwing my shit out the window. I ain't playing with you.

Your ass 'bout to learn. Whatever.

Don't want to hear you crying, coming back around.

Ain't nobody coming back nowhere! Fuck your house!

Slut ass.

Dumb bitch.

Social worker pressed me so hard to rat on you.

What you tell her?

Ain't nothing to tell.

You don't have to buy me stuff.

But you're like... my step-daddy, right?

Nadège done ruined half my shit.

I could use some new stuff.

Yeah, you should do it.

I don't have no money to go out.

Think it's cute ringing everybody's bells this late?

Yes, she's sorry.

Fuck that bitch.

I'd use the belt on that one, Lucila.

You gotta teach these kids respect if they gonna live here.

Here one day and you're already causing trouble.

You wake the baby.



Monique, you no sleep all day.

I have to get to work. Time to go to school!

Come on.





That's all you got? Come on.

All right, let's go.

Where you going?


You're like a little girl. Hold up.

What's up? Nadège kicked me out.

When? Yesterday.

Help me get my stuff before she steals something.

Omari. You got something better to do?

I'll be done at five.

Gotta go now. Hey.


You here to wrestle? Please.

All you ever practice is doubles.

Shit's mad predictable.

Your coach is wack, yo. Your problem ain't even in the lift.

You're not getting your shoulder in close enough. You gotta go deep.

Tell me how he rock that much bling and not be locked up.

What'd Nadège throw you out for? She a crazy bitch.

She's jealous 'cause Hassan paid for my nails.

Ain't my fault she ain't learned how to please her man.

You got a new foster family yet? Whatever.

Soon as my dad get out, I'll stay with him.

Wait, give me that.

What are you doing?

Who that? Omari.

Get out of here. Mo don't live here no more.

I left my math book in her room. Is she with you?


I... I need it to do my homework.

Hurry the hell up. The fuck out of the way!

Oh, you fucking bitch! Your punk ass through!

Okay, Mo.

You wanna play? Mo, hurry up.

What the fuck?




Who you calling? The police, that's who.

Why you wanna do that?

This slut done broke in my house, Hassan.

Hang up that phone before I smack you.


Mad people be trying for the Powerball.

Don't they know black people don't never win real money?

Shit, if I won...

I'd buy me one of them big-ass TVs. Surround sound and all that shit.

Imagine Halo on that.

A TV? Yeah.

I get that much money, I'm getting a house and getting the fuck out.

Where you gonna go? Everyone you know is here.

That much money, you can get a house, move to Miami and be on the beach.

Eating oranges all day and shit. Oh, yeah, oranges.

You'll be a millionaire and you gonna be peeling oranges.

Please, you gonna be peeling for me. Yeah, all right.


Can I get a lick?

I don't know. Can I?

How about you give me your number?

1800-fine-ass-ho. What's up?

Yo, Omari, where you going?

Don't make me go back to that Spanish lady house.

Chill with me. Omari!

Gotta be up early for a run. You said we chilling at your place.

You owe me a rematch. Watch where you going!


Fine, one rematch, but I'm not...

What up, O? What's up, Darrel?

You the big man now, huh?

How's your mom?

She good.

Yeah? She still dancing?

Yeah. She don't tell us where, though.

It's better that way.

I'm gonna go. I got practice in the morning.

Yeah? What for?

Wrestling, actually.

No shit. What you weigh, 130? Yeah.

But I'ma drop to 120. I'ma dominate at 120.

Best correct your footwork. Whatever.

How you gonna say whatever when you be tripping on your feet?

Think 'cause your mom buy you new sneakers, you gonna make varsity?

Take out all of the glass?

Yeah. Good.

You no want if we get fined.

You got a job? You work here?

Better get your asses home. Ya'll looking for trouble out this late.

Let me get your number. Ain't got one yet.

Let me give you mine.

All right, I'll see you.

When he get out?

Mind your damn business.

What'd I say? "I'm gonna dominate at 120."

You wouldn't even be on a team if it wasn't for me.

Why you mad for?

You supposed to be happy your pops is out.


You don't see me working?

Why didn't you come find me? I been busy.

Can I come live with you?

You lost your mind?

I can get a job.

No. I can help pay for the rent.

No. I said no!


What you need me for anyway?

Look at you. You a grown woman now.

You do your thing, I'll do mine. We see each other round the way.

I talked to him. He got a job now.

Like, a real job. Have a seat.

You can find out where he live, right?

First we need to discuss what happened at Nadège's.

I had to get the rest of my shit. We had an agreement, Mo.

You'd let me know if anything was missing, and I'd send someone.

I don't trust that bitch.

And as your social worker, if I can't trust you, I can't help you.

Not gonna need your help when I move in with my dad.

We talked about this, Mo.

He's not your legal guardian anymore.

Well... he said he wanted to adopt me, so...

I know the last few homes have been difficult.

But I do think Lucila... could be a really good family...

No, she's not my fucking family!

You lucky you skipped algebra.

Ms. Nestor gave us a quiz, and I swear that shit wasn't even math.

What, you not talking to me now? What'd I do?

Watch it.

Say that shit to my face! Mo.

Watch out!

Mo, chill!

Get off of me! Bitch, if you don't get off of me...

Mo! Fuck you!

Calm down. She started it!

Get the fuck off me!

This is the third fight this month.

As I've explained to Monique, she'll be suspended for three days.

She needs a positive outlet to channel that anger.

I'd love to see her reach her potential.

She's been given many opportunities, but I cannot allow this kind of behavior.

What's going on?  What's going on... with the door and the trash?

We gotta go. Come on.

Here we go.

Give me that.

Remember when your pops used to make us wrestle for stupid shit, like...

Happy Meal toys?

You cried like a baby over that tow truck.

Hey, Mater was the shit.

Besides, you only won 'cause you cheated.

Hurry up.

You gonna be late.

I told you about coming round here. Please. Like you own this block.

I'm coming from wrestling practice, if you so nosey.

Coach say I'm gonna be his best lightweight.

They got a girls' wrestling team?

Nah, I'ma wrestle boys.

Never heard of no girls wrestling on no boys' team.

Yeah, well... I'm better than you.

That right?

Come see for yourself.

Cut them nails before you hit the mat.

'Sup, troublemaker?

Still letting people on the team?

Practice starts at three.

Gives you exactly four minutes to stop wasting my time.

You ain't hear me? Coach, you need anything?

I said, you still letting people on the team?

It's a boys' team.

Could've fooled me.

Besides, I need a positive outlet for my anger.

Right, Coach?

No one here's interested in your games.

You see me talking to you? Hey.

You wanna try out?

Coach, you ain't serious. Take a knee. Now.

You seen what she did to my girl? A knee.

How many of you missed this morning's run?

Fifty push-ups, now.

One. Damn! They all get punished?

What you waiting on?

...three, four...

You like your earlobes? ...five, six...

Don't even think about getting on my mat in those things.

...nine, ten...

What are you doing?

What it look like? Pick it up. Pick it up.

Do those rolls. Come on, Monique.

Step deep, stay low.

Keep your center low. Elbows in.

One knee, keep the head up. Quick transfer to the double.

Keep your head up.

Drive through with the ear and your left leg.

All right.

Good, good, good. Okay, partner up.

One, two.


Practice with me.

Me and Jorge usually partner. So?

Let him practice with somebody else.


It don't look right.

Get your head out fast. Come on.

How you gonna say that when I been showing you shit for years?

Your pops' the one who been showing us.

He only showing me now. What?

Who you think training me? Get your girl in line.

Go eat some more tacos, fat-ass.

Shut the fuck up. Hey.

Anyone planning to stay on this team better be drilling now.


Pair up with Mo.

Yeah, Ty! Tyson.

What? You ain't never touched a girl? Today's your lucky day.

Hey! Opa!

My bad. Come on, let's wrestle.


Damn! Now you a perv, trying to feel some titty?


Switch with me.

Fucking pussy, yo.


Oh, shit.

Other man, switch. Malik.

Stick to the drill.

Ain't nothing in it for a dude.

You beat a girl, you look like a motherfucking roughneck, don't know how to treat a female. Get beat, you a straight bitch.

So how's that my fault?

Remember that one time I took you to get your hair braided?

You were small, you were walking around all proud, like you some type of queen.

The girl across the hall from your grandma called you ugly.

Gave her a bloody nose, too. Ain't never talk to me like that again.

When I came home and told you, you slapped me upside the head.

Remember why?

'Cause I ain't raise you... to give a shit what nobody else think.

Got our first match in two weeks.

Don't know how any of you expect to make weight if you can't even get your asses up for morning run.

I'll be watching to see who's ready for varsity.

Monique. Monique.


Think you cute dressing your baby all bougie for church?

Have you seen my pearls?

English, lady.

I'll pray for you.

Ten more seconds. Finish strong.

Let's go, champ. Come on, wrestle hard.

Oh, shit. Come on. Come on, yo.


Chad, nine. Chris, four. Yeah!

All right, next up.

Next up. Come on, O.

Go ahead, O.

Let's get it, kid. That's enough.

That's enough. Omari.

You wresting off of 120, or you busy wetting your pants?

Put her in her place, man.

Drop her ass.

There it go. Yeah.

Let's get that. There you go.

Duck under, man.

Don't tie up. Wrestle hard. Let's go, O.

Enough dancing, somebody take a shot.

See what I mean? Oh, damn!

Sweep. Let's go, O. Get up.

Come on, O. Get out of that shit.

Here we go.

Come on, bro. She mad scrawny.

I would end this shit in 30 seconds.

Get her down, O.

No, no, no.


Damn. You gonna let a girl dominate?

Get up, O. Get up.

Oh! Shit.

Damn, O.

We got ourselves a new starter.

Get that signed before Saturday's match.

Thought we was gonna have to call the ambulance.

Yeah, okay, okay.

You couldn't beat a girl. What are you doing?

You so shook, you ain't even give me a chance to take you and your big titties down. Oh!

Yo, you like it rough, huh?

I'm down with that. Nigga, please.

Y'all too busy jerking each other off at McDonald's to make morning run?

Oh, shit. She's right.

All ya'll fucking lazy.

Yo, Mo, is it true your dad trains you?

Yeah. So?

Omari said he won states.

He gonna come to the match?

He'll be there.

By a hundred-pound girl.

She was on your ass.

I let her win. You heard her.

She said, "My dad trained me."

You ain't gonna tell me you were getting out?

I gotta find out in the streets.

Still need to lay low.

Yo, what up, shorty?

You remember Monique?

Yeah, I seen her round the way.

Growing up real nice, just like her mommy.

What you need?

Nothing. Just came to let you know I made varsity.

No shit?

What type of team you make, baby girl?

They got girls wrestling now. You believe that shit?

Yeah, I can believe that.

I seen some bitches get nastier than my pits.

She got her pops' fighting genes, I guess.

We got our first match on Saturday.

I'd like to see that.

All right, that it?

Starts at four. Hedgeman.

All right, then.

So she's staying by you again? Nah.

You know I got a living situation set up for you.

Gotta think about it. What you mean, think about it?

I'm trying to give you a better situation.

You gotta think about that?

You don't answer her calls.

You come home beat up. The fuck's she talking about?

Look. Covered in bruises.

Ain't like she think.

She's also missing some jewelry.

I told her I ain't steal her ugly-ass earrings.

There's a group home in the Bronx that has a spot open.

The Bronx? You know how far that is from my school?

There's a school near the home. No, look.

That wrestling coach she met, he gonna teach me, like... discipline and all that.


Wrestling? Yeah.

What's she saying? What's wrestling?


I think... she joined the wrestling team at her school.


Like with costumes?

No, like in high school. The sport.

But that's not for girls.

Ask him, he gonna keep me out of trouble. I swear.


On the inside.

Foot on the inside, man!

Let's go.

Jamal, get your legs back.


Let's go.

You know you gotta go beast on their asses, right?

Come on, ref, make 'em wrestle.

Get to your base. Get to your base.

They fit all right?

Yeah. Thanks.

Gotta loosen up.

You'll be all right.

Plus, the kid you're wrestling, he's a freshman.

Besides, he ain't seen your magic weapon.

Mo. You're up.

Remember, keep him in front of you, and don't tie up.

Look for the shot.

Hey, hey, where's your head at?

All right? Okay.


How's this even allowed? How are you even allowed?

'Cause I'm a dude. Why you crying like a bitch?

Mo, cool it!

Knock that off. You're here to wrestle.

In the middle.

Shake hands.

Let's go. Shake hands.

Let's go, Mo! Let's go!

Stop him.

Keep him in front of you.

Make it quick, Santo.

Don't tie up!

Work the score.

Take a shot. Take a shot.

Two. That's it!

That's it! That's it!

Santo! Santo! Santo!

Off your back! Off your back!


Come on.

Three. Bridge!


Okay, it's Red's choice.

Red chose top. Green, set up.

Red, get set.

Up and out, Mo. Up and out.


Come on, Mo.

Watch the fingers.

Come on, Mo.

Let's go, Mo! Let's go, Mo!

Come on, Mo! One, green.




Get off your back! Four.

Get up! Off your back. Five.

Get to your base. That's three near falls.


Come on, Mo! Break the hand.

One escape. Green.

Good! Good!

Two! Takedown, green. One.

Keep him down.


Three. Lift the head.

Four. Lift the head.


That's it! That's it! Right there!

Winner is green.

Let me get a shrimp-fried rice.

What size you want?

Let me get a... small.

Gotta watch that weight, right?

Tell you what, you don't appreciate your own room until you share a cell with a mental case.

This one foster home, I had to share a room with six kids.

Place smelled like shit. Yeah, well...

Juan know he owe me, so...

You working for him again?

You stupid? Nah.

Working for him?

This is just like payback.

Know what I mean? Back pay.

I'm gonna save up a little bit... then I'm out.

Where you going? North Carolina.

Aunt Keisha's? You remember her?

She still got that crazy dog?

Russell? Russell wasn't crazy. That dog was definitely crazy.

He tried to bite my arm. I still got the marks.

'Cause you and your cousins used to try to ride his ass.

Remember that one time we pinned his ears back?

And you wonder why he bit you. Shit.

Even a dog got some pride.

We should've never came back here.

Shit don't always work out the way it's supposed to.

My boy Jay get out, we gonna open this car wash... down in Greensboro.

For real? Yeah.

Jay know the owner.

Car wash been sitting empty at the dude's gas station.

We gonna go 50-50 on the whole thing.

We ain't gonna be nobody's bitch.

I don't really… I don't really see it. Where's my counter gonna be at again?

Come on, man. You know I know how to upsell.

Watch me double your take.

Mini Mo! Mini Mo!

When's the last time Hedgeman made playoffs?

Never. How'd you like to change that?

Yeah! Come on, now!

Chop, highlight!  Chop, highlight! Highlight!

There we go!

You see his face when I hit the reverse? I'm like a snake.

Just when you think you got me...

Watch me go all the way to cities. First time I went to cities, I had a clean record.

Not one loss.


Go in there head all big. Get on the mat.

Dude half my size come at me frothing at the mouth like he got rabies.

I'm like, "Who the hell is this little bulldog?"

Man, that kid had bite.

He beat you? You stupid?


They match the best with the worst records in the first round.

This kid come in knowing he got one shot.

It's sink or swim, and this motherfucker did not want to drown.

Sometimes wanting it that bad is enough.

Unfortunately, not when you messing with the king.

As soon as she's mobile, you'll wanna get those cabinet locks.

Especially in the kitchen. Yes, yes. I make good.

I don't wanna promise anything, but...

I think there's a very good chance you'll be able to adopt her.

There is Monique.

The one in the other room.

Hi, Monique. I'm June, Nyasa's social worker.

I understand you moved in not too long ago.

How do you like living here?

I ain't gonna be here long.

She can have my room soon enough.

Yo, listen, listen, listen!

You coming in or not?

Thought you said you was done with Juan.

You want me cleaning up rat shit and picking up trash?

Ain't no punk-ass boss stealing from me.

So my girl going to playoffs.

Go in there and get my smokes.

I don't see none in here.

You practicing that bear hug?


So, what you waiting for?



Go ahead, set up.

Uh-uh. Nah, nah, nah, look.

You can't do nothing.

Pin this arm. Let me see.

Grab me.

Pop the arm.

Gonna pin his down... and drive through.

You feel me?

Go ahead.

Sit down.

They better have wrestling teams in Greensboro.

Let's try again.

Come on.

In a minute.

We gotta paint that car wash something fresh.

Think people getting their car washed somewhere 'cause of a color?

Hell, yeah.

Think people getting their car washed in some boring joint?

You gotta get niggas with the fly-ass rims, dope-ass set of seats. Detailing?

That's where the money at, yo.

All right.

All right, what color you think get the most business?

That's easy. Gold.

What? Where the fuck you get this from?

It's called vision, man.

Ain't my fault you ain't got none. Watch out.

Oh, now you the one with the ideas?


I got the arm.

I got the arm.

I got the head. Just giving me every... Oh!

Mo, on his back.

Let's go.

Cover. Come on, Mo.

Take him down, Mo.

Mini Mo! Mini Mo! Mini Mo!

Yo, you heard?

Jorge's brother's bringing his dirt bike after Coach's thing.

Word? He gonna let me ride.

I'm gonna pop a wheelie and everything.


It's easy. I seen it on YouTube. Just let go of the clutch and pop.

Yeah, all right.

You down? No, I got plans.

Juan got you walking his dogs again?

Hell, no.

"You better bring their asses back clean. Don't want no shit on my Persians."

Yo, shut up.

I heard he brushes his dogs' teeth with an electronic toothbrush.

Yo, you ready? Give me a sec.

What you sulking for, string bean?

Keep on drinking them protein shakes, you'll get your glory soon enough.

It's Darrel, right?

I hear she takes after you.

It's in the blood, I guess.

Well, you're a stronger man than me.

If my daughter wanted to wrestle, I'd...

Where'd you wrestle at?


I was at collegiate. Probably before your time.

Oh, yeah, probably. All right.

We gotta bounce.

I'm taking the team out for a bite if you'd like to join us.

Unless, uh... there's somewhere else you gotta be.

Yeah, at work. I thought we was hanging out?

Maybe later.

But you said we was... Plans change... Mo.

Besides, team gotta bond and all that. Ain't that right, Coach?


You got it.

Call me later.

You gotta slow down. You gonna crash.

I got this. You gonna crash.

Oh! I told you.

Game cheated, yo. I told you.

The problem is your driving's worse than your wrestling. That's what's...

That's the real deal.

Now what? You all in my ear.

Get your stink breath out my face. Then do something.

We about to do a pull-up contest. You coming?

Yo. I thought you was gonna pop a wheelie.

Yeah, what happened?

We came for the show.

I told you my brother had a race. I said that.

Whatever. Mo, you coming?

No, I'ma chill here. Whatever.


For real, though, we make it to finals... it's like a whole bunch of recruiters that come.


Bet you get a scholarship. Yeah!

Our little prince right here is gonna get a free ride to college.

Whatever, man. Whatever, man.

You gonna be coming by my place every weekend trying to holla at some college hos.

I will be prying them off my dick, bro. 'Sup, shorty?

You want a ride? Look... Oh.

My bad, he ain't take his meds.

Why you trying to fuck up my game for?

What game? What game?


Anyway... there's mad women's teams in college now.

You know?

What's up, beautiful?

No, no, we just chilling.

Where we going?

Just... Just wait. Just wait. This where Juan do them dog fights?


Nah, this the real shit.

All right, y'all. Tonight, we got three-time Brownsville champ...

It's the real fight right here.

...Keisha the Killer. Make some noise for Keisha!

But don't be fooled, 'cause Miss Lala, she may look skinny, but she ain't come all the way from Flatbush to eat shit.

Give it up for Miss Lala.

Where's the money at? They boxers?

Show your bets. Nah, kid, they fiercer than that.

All right, ladies, center of the ring.

No biting, no scratching, no hair pulling, no weapons. Got it?

Hey, hey! No hair pulling. No hair pulling.

Ya'll give it up for Keisha the Killer!

Go ahead, eat.

That's cool, I can't eat. We got another match on Saturday.

Malik said there might be college recruiters.

Oh! Well, if Malik say...

Stop playing.

They got women's teams now.

College cool... and all that, until you get hit with real responsibilities.

When your mom passed…

I did what I had to do. I didn't have no choice.

Can't wait till I make my own money, get my own place.

Well, if I could, I'd be in the ring like them girls tonight.

Them girls on some other shit.

I think that one girl got her jaw broke.

But you know how much money they make?


You said the money was good with Juan.

You said you was saving up for the car wash.

Yeah, well, Jay didn't make parole.

So, unless I can come up with his half... and quick, ain't gonna be no car wash.

Fuck, Monique!

Shit. The minute I get out, you in my grill to take care of you.

I told you it ain't like that. Did you make varsity or not?

Yeah. Ain't none of them girls training on no boys' wrestling team.

You already had an advantage.

You working out with dudes, and you training with me.

One fight, you can make as much as I make in a week working the lot.

Fact is... if I don't come up with ten Gs in the next two weeks, owner gonna sell the wash to somebody else. I'm...

I'm doing my part.

We both know what happen if I keep working for Juan.

Fuck it!

Fuck it. Fuck it.

Fuck it. It's stupid. I'm stupid.

I'm stupid.

I ain't say... I shouldn't have took your ass there.

I'm saying the money... Eat if you gonna eat. Shit. I gotta...

I gotta get back to the lot.

Damn! No wonder you ain't make varsity.

You wouldn't be starting if I hadn't let you win.

How come everybody saw me take your ass down?

Watch his down. Chest to back, and spin.

Oh, Juan buy you those kicks, too?

At least my dad comes to my matches.

Your mom's too busy taking her clothes off for random niggas.


What's wrong? What? What, what, what?

She probably hungry.

Nyasa mom here.

What's wrong? You not happy to see Mommy?


Here. I gotta use the toilet.

You should be happy for her.

She should be with her real mom.

Come on, Nicholas. Come on, let's go.

Nice and easy.

Let's get this done.

Lower your anklets.

All right, Mo.

Shake hands.

Take a shot.

Get to your bridge! Build up! Build up!

That's it. Get in there, Mo.

Where's that fire? Get in there.

Build up!  Build up!  Build up!

Build up!

Get up! Get off your back! Off your back!

Shake hands.

Shake hands. Shake the coaches' hands.


What the hell happened out there?

Let's go, Huskies!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Hedgeman!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Huskies!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Everybody allowed to lose a match.

What's that corny shit Coach say?

There's no such thing as losing, it's just...

It's just winning and learning.

You know how many times my father seen me wrestle?

You get used to it.

All right, y'all, show your bets.

Where the money at?

You got money on the fat girl?

That girl can do damage.


Where the money at? Come on.

Don't be cheap.

What, y'all sleeping?

How much we need for the car wash?

You and me dump Juan and get the fuck out of here.

No biting, no scratching, no weapons, no hair pulling. Y'all got it?

Couple of fights... we'll be good.

All right, ladies, center of the ring.

Jab. Jab, jab.

That's your combination. Jab straight up.

Just when they think they got you, mix it up.

Why do that when I can just do this?

This ain't wrestling. Shoot on somebody like that, you gonna get your grill knocked out.


Straight. Jab, jab, straight.

Come on. Jab, jab, straight. Jab, jab, straight.

One, two. Uppercut, uppercut.

Get in there.  Grab my fucking neck.

Grab. Grab the neck. All right, come on. One, two.


What the hell are you doing?

It's all right, I got it, Coach. Guys, have a seat.

Let's go, Mo!

Mini Mo! Mini Mo!

Let's go, let's go!

Where the fuck you been? I been calling and texting all night.

What? My ringer was off.

I told you to keep your phone on vibrate. You about to miss the fight.

What? Hurry up, let's go.

Tonight? Yes, tonight. Goddamn. Shit.

You lucky Juan kept your spot.

Only had 20 pounds on me, too.

What you talking about? I had double unders.

All right, y'all.

So, tonight, we got a few virgin fighters in the building.

So, I'ma need y'all to put y'all hands together, 'cause we 'bout to turn up. Let's do it.

Who the girl?

Juan cousin. Don't worry, she ain't got nothing on you.

All right, ladies. Show her who the queen.

To the middle.

Y'all know what time it is, right?

Gonna need y'all to try to make this as clean as possible.

All right, got it? So, dap it up.

And on my whistle, turn up.

What you running for? Get back in there.

Come on, Naya.

Come on, Naya. Quit playing with her.

There it is. Get up, get up, get up.

What you running for?


Mo. Mo.

You lost your fucking mind?

What, you stalking me now?

What's wrong with you? With me?

The hell you doing in there, Mo? We're one match away from finals.

What's Coach gonna say when he sees your face?

Coach not gonna say shit.

'Cause Coach not gonna know shit. I swear, O, you open your mouth... What'd I tell you?

Them girls ain't got nothing on you.

What up, O?

You see your girl get real in there?


She did good.

Anyways, I gotta go.

You be safe.

What'd I tell you?

I didn't say shit. He came here by hisself.

Besides, he's not gonna say nothing.

Where's the money?

Go ahead, feel that.

Five hundred?

You said winner take a G. What you want it for?

You lucky he even let you have a fight.

It was just a warm-up.

I'll tell you when you ready for the big leagues.

Black Moon.

Das EFX.

Special Ed? This shit is old as me, yo.

Who you think put me onto it?

You're a little mini-me, you know that?

Malik call me Mini Mo.

"Malik call me Mini Mo.

Malik say I'm fine." Ain't even like that.

"Malik say I'm fine."

Whatever. He got a girl anyway.

Hey, listen.

Fuck Malik.

You gonna be a legend.

And not just in some...

high school yearbook.

Make a name out here, ain't nobody gonna fuck with you.

Come here.

Come here.

Gotta teach you how to duck.

You can leave now.

Ay... ¿Que te pasó?

Get the fuck out!

Lucila wants you off the team.

You and I both know you didn't get punched in the face wrestling.

Now, tell me what's going on with your father, or I'll pull you off this team myself.

Ain't got nothing to do with him. I got beef with some girl.

My dad runs one of Juan's parking lots. I chill with him sometimes.

He got no place to live, so he sleeps there.

This girl called him homeless, and...

I lost my shit.

Just 'cause I messed up, it ain't the team's fault.

I'm gonna win. We going to finals.

He's stalling.

He's gonna spank him, bro.

We can bet money, bro.

He got taken down.

This is why I don't watch white porn.

You are not watching half the fight, Mo.

We can put money on the fight.

Chris been watching the whole thing.

What's up with you? That time of the month?

Why you all...?

Come on. Come on.

How long you been wrestling for?

Since I was ten.

Uncle wanted me to start boxing, actually.

I got punched in the mouth one time, and I was like...

"No, thank you."

My nickname was Wrong Way, because every time a fight broke out, all my friends running towards the shit, I'm running the other way.

They got a medical term for that. It's called no balls-itis.

Yeah, well... when my dad came back around...

I almost got thrown off the team.

Tried to work the corners with him and be tough...

You, dealing? I'd have loved to see that.

If it wasn't for Coach riding my ass, showing up to my house, I would've dropped out.

Coach pay you to tell me that? What?

Fuck, no.

You sound like one of them guest speakers.

"Stay in school, kids. Don't do drugs."

Yeah, well... would've been one corny ass gangster.

Damn, what do all these schools want you for?

These the good schools. 'Cause I put in the work.

Not like you. Look at yo ass. You just faking.

You think you a real wrestler.

Whatever. You think you're a wrestler.

Now who the king?


I thought you had more class. Ain't what you think. Nathalie.

It ain't what you think.

How about what I see? It ain't mean nothing.

What are you talking about? We don't mean nothing.

Nathalie, just...

You fucked him? Move out the way.

You know she's pregnant?

I'm not playing. She was right.

You'll let anybody fuck you.

I'm ready for the real shit.

Gotta get the fuck out of here.

Watch these girls and learn.

The underhook. Fake and set single. Snap down.

Good. Shuck. Release that forearm.

Circle. Good, do it again.


All right. One, two.

That's not an underhook. You holding hands with him, Tyson.

Who taught you to shuck? Do it again.

Actually, Coach...

I'm kinda having some... female issues.

You worried about weight?

Nah, I'll be good if I don't eat. I just...

What color do you like?

I'm not allowed to have nails 'cause of wrestling.

I make nice for you.

Good luck for tomorrow.

How come you never had your own babies?

God no...

God wouldn't let me.

Okay, listen up. Remember... there's no such thing as losing.

There's only winning... and learning.

I want you to take pride in how far you've come, and have faith in how far you can go.

All right? Bring it in.

Give me some love.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

One, two, three! Hedgeman!

Three, two, one! Huskies!

Hedgeman High is happy to welcome Garner for the last match of the season.

I know you're all excited.

We'll be getting started in a few minutes.

How you feeling today?

I'm good. Good.

I'm counting on you.

Get the hand-off! Look away!

We've got a takedown. One. Two.

You got it! You got this! You got this! You got this!

Okay, let's go. Top man, work something.

I know shit got messed up the other night.

I crossed the line. Big time.

We family now.

I got a family.


What kind of father does that to his daughter's face?

What kind of father ditches his kid for college?

Look away. Rip 'em off. There you go.

That's a warning.

Better work something, top man.

That's one.




That's two near falls.

Continue to work.

Come on, ref, make 'em wrestle!




Two near falls.

Go, bottom man. Try to work something.

Don't give nothing away.

No, go to your base. Control his hands.

Get off your back!

Off your back! One.





Hold on three, top man.

You lose your match, we ain't going to finals.

Then you'd better win.

What you need all that for? I can't go back there now.

All right, let's go!

Go ahead, warm up. What about my shit?

What? It's fine.

Somebody gonna steal it. It's fine.

Go ahead, warm up. Go ahead. Get in there.

We got some fresh talent in the house.

We about to get started.

Settle down. Settle down.

Tonight, we gonna see if King D's fresh talent can face one of Brownsville's toughest:

Ms. Cheryl!

Real champ right here. Show me your bets.

Kill her, Mama.

Show me your bets.

Listen up. Tonight's your night. There's five Gs with your name on it.

But you gotta win.

All right, now, show your bets. Show your bets. Let's go.

So, listen.

No biting, no scratching, no hair pulling, no weapons. Y'all got it?

All right, dap it up.

All right, y'all.

Come on, Mo. You gotta fight back! Go!

Put your damn fists up!

Break it up. Break it up.

We got a fight tonight!

Mo, what the fuck you doing out there? She's all over me.

You said you wanted to fight. This is it.

Now, you gonna sink or swim?

Come on, Mo, you gotta fight back! Move your feet!

Come on, Mo!

No grabbing hair!

Stop the fucking round!

All right. All right. Break it up.

Break it up. Hey, you okay?

Go to the corner.

You go to your corner.

Mo, next time she hit you, just go down and stay down.

What? You ain't ready for this.

I ain't no quitter. Mo!


Stay down, stay down, stay down.


Beat her ass, Mo! Beat her ass, Mo!

Yeah! Yeah!


That's it! That's it! We got it!

Yo, it's the police! Let's go!

Come on!

I won. You seen it, right? We gotta split up.

Where the fuck you want me to go? I don't know.

Go back to the Spanish lady house. Like this?

See seen me leaving the match. She'll know.

If I get caught, you know where I'ma wind up.

You get the money? You don't listen!

I'll call you when we clear, all right?

You the queen.

Mo. All right? You gonna be a legend. Don't worry about all that.

You the queen!

What about my stuff?

Yeah, right over here.

We got the perimeter surrounded.

Wow, look at this.



What y'all looking at?

One stupid motherfucking wrestler.

You win?

I taught you good.


Keep icing.

You understand I'm legally obligated to report him?

When I was a kid, I used to think I was mad lucky.

Most of my friends didn't know their dad, maybe for like... five minutes on their birthday or something, but...

I was living with mine.

I wanted one of those Razor scooters so bad.

Wouldn't shut up about it.

One day, D brought one home for me.

Told me... to make sure I only rode them in Tilden Projects.

But I was mad proud.

Rode that shit everywhere.

One day, this kid at Marcus Garvey... seen me with it and said it was his.

Said he carved his initials in the handle.

Seen 'em, too.

I told him my dad bought it new and would fuck him up.

Kid started stalking me.

One day, he seen me with D, and... ratted him out to the cops.

They found out he'd been robbing people for Juan.

You were a kid, Mo.

You're not responsible for your father.

I'm gonna do right.

I swear, just...

don't make my dad do no more time 'cause of me.

My mom says you can stay in Tanya's room as long as you want.

She sleeps in my mom's bed anyway.

I know. I know.

I'm very sorry for everything I've done.


you're the only foster mom never kicked me out.


You be a good girl now.

Quit crying. Come on. Why you always crying?

Come on, stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying.

Shh, shh, shh.

I know. I know. It's all right.


She not only let herself down, she let the whole team down.

So, I put it to the group to decide.

Should she be suspended from finals or not?

Omari had't won for her, we wouldn't even be going to finals.

Yeah, that's true.


Everybody has a right to make a mistake.

That was a big one.

But we gotta think about what's best for the team.

It's our first year going to finals.

And all respect to Omari for stepping up, but...

Mo's been killing it all season.

Mo... you have anything to add?

I'm gonna do whatever's best for the team.

Whatever y'all think that is.

Let's put it to a vote. All in favor of Mo starting on Friday.




You got my bag? Why would I?

'Cause you stupid. Check yours. Mine is missing.

Yeah. You lucky I asked. Would've had to save your ass. Again.

You lucky you got big feet, or I would've worn 'em anyway. Now move.

Hey, where you going? I forgot my bag inside.


Nice hair.



Get it, girl!

Girl, this ain't a runway. Get out of here. Hurry up.


You got a match?

Now you the one hard to reach.

Fame getting to you?

Look, I know shit got fucked up.

I felt bad leaving after the fight.

For real.

But you...

You know I couldn't get caught near all that. Mo. Mo, I...

I tried to double our earnings.

I was up for a little while, too.

Mo. Monique.

I just... I just got excited.

That's all.

Seeing you in the ring, on that mat... it reminded me of me. All that flying.

You could do something with that.

I know.

How about we start our own thing?

Dude I know, he got a gym, and we...



Oh, it's like that now?

Too good for your own pops now?

Jamal here?

All right. Chad? Where's Chad?

Yo, we gonna hook in. All right, so... we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Where's Tyson?

Somebody call and see if he's coming on his own.

I'm not waiting more than five minutes.


All right, don't...

Don't go soft on me now.

How long you had my notebook?

Y'all ready to go to finals? We're going to finals!


Let's go, Hedgeman!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Hedgeman!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Huskies!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Hedgeman!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Huskies!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Huskies!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Hedgeman!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Let's go, Huskies!

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!