Fist of Fury (1972) Script

I'm late.

Mr. chen, you're back.

Where are the others?

They've all gone to the funeral.

Give me an umbrella.

Teacher... Teacher!




Teacher's beyond hearing.

Chenzhen! Chenzhen!


What's the matter with you?

Take him back for a rest.

Have some porridge.

You haven't eaten for two days.

Teacher's dead, I know your pain.

But it hurts me to see you like this.

Please, eat something.

He still refuses to eat?

Elder brother, talk to him.

Why not eat? Mind your health.

We all feel sorry about Teacher's death, but a dead man can't be restored to life.

Take it easy.

Can stomach trouble kill a man?

He had stomach trouble and then caught a cold.

Can that kill a man?

Tell Mel how did he die?

The doctor really said so.

Teacher died from stomach flu.

I don't believe it.

He was in perfect health.

Something must have happened!

Calm yourself.

We've all been thinking about it, but we mustn't be rash.

We're investigating secretly.

I must find out the truth.

Of course, it's our duty, too.

Tomorrow is the seventh day after Teacher's death.

There must be a lot of guests coming.

Cheer up, get some rest.

Huo yuanjia was our great master.

He was chivalrous, everyone knows that.

I've known him for 30 years.

I admire him for founding jing wu school.

His hard spirit.

He traveled all over the country, using up all his money and energy.

He even sacrificed his life.

I remember what he used to say.

His goal of founding jing wu school was mainly to keep fit.

Not fond of bravery and fighting, he was against conflicts among schools.

He hoped all of us would be of one heart to be strong and love the country.

We must remember his words.

Always remember the teachings of huo and develop martial arts accordingly so that every Chinese will be strong.

Have a strong body, serve the community, win honor for the country, and seek happiness for future generations.

Now, jing wu school has achievements.

Unfortunately, he has left us.

He contributed so much to martial arts.

And all his knightly conducts.

Our respects to master huo.

Let us have three minutes' silence.

Please sign in.

We're just in time.


I'm Mr. hu, the interpreter for director suzuki at Hong kou school.

The director is busy, but I've brought something for you.

What is it?

Director suzuki asks me to send you something.

"Sick man of east Asia"!

What do you mean by that?

It's very simple.

We know you're all here.

This title is a gift to you from our director.

Are you Chinese?

Yes, but I'm different from you.

Calm down. I wouldn't be here if I were scared.

I know you are all here.

I've come to challenge you.

Well, who'll step out?

Jia qi.

Step back!

My Japanese friends here are eager for a duel.

Who will satisfy them?

You have trained hard, but now you dare not speak out.

What's happened to your courage?

Hold it, you're...?

You should call me interpreter hu.

Mr. hu, our master told us to train for physical fitness, but not for fights.

Our school won't fight with you.

Then you're conceding defeat.

If anyone could defeat me, I'll eat those words.

My Japanese friends said that if anyone could defeat them, they would eat the words "sick man of east Asia."

Well, anyone dare to try?

If jing wu school won't fight, how about the other schools?


It seems that you wanted to try just now.

Don't be unconvinced, youngster.

You're all useless sick men of Asia.


Stay calm.

Why won't you speak up?


You can attack us all together.

If you wish to challenge us, we await your message.

Let's go!

It's too much, too much!

Why won't you let us fight?

I wanted to fight, too.

But master told us not to get into fights.

"Kito-ryu jujutsu”

Who are you looking for?

Your director suzuki.

He's not here. What do you want?

I have something to return to him.

"Sick man of east Asia"

Good boy. You're not a coward.

I'm the worst student of jing wu school.

I want to try your Japanese martial arts.

You must be tired of living!

You are going to learn a lesson today.

One on one?

Or all together?

I alone will be enough.

Let me!

Surround him!

Hold it!

We Chinese aren't sick men.


You eat paper this time.

Next time I want you to eat glass.

What are you doing?

You're cr az y!

We're here!

Damn, jing wu school dare come here!

What's his name?

I know him.

He's chenzhen, huo's favorite student.

Let me ask you, we budoka of imperial Japan cannot be bullied, right?

We budoka of imperial Japan cannot be so easily bullied.

Right! No, budoka is the world's best.

Now tell me what to do.

We must take revenge!

Right, revenge!

Destroy jing wu school.

Don't come back if you fail.

Yes? Yes!


What are you doing?

Going in to take a look. No.

Look there.

What about the dog?

It belongs to a foreigner.

Bumpkin, come here! Don't you want to get in?

Act like a dog and I'll let you in.

If you act like our dogs, then I'll take you in.

Hurry, the police are coming!

What do you want?

You attacked without warning.

Why all this rough stuff?

Take that down.

Don't fight, stop fighting.

Don't insult our master.


Right, let's go!

That's only a little warning.

Surrender chenzhen in three days.

Otherwise we'll shut you down, and you'll all be arrested.

Let's go. Let's go.

Brother. Brother!

Come and help. Come and help!

Master, if you were alive, we wouldn't be bullied like this.

He wants us to surrender chenzhen. His rashness got us into trouble.

Don't blame him. Let's ask him after he's back.

He's back.

Elder brother.

You got us into trouble.

Where have you been all day?

Did you go to Hong kou school?

You wanted to be a hero, but look what's happened to us.

Why didn't you tell us?

Answer me.

The goal of our school is to be strong and love the country, right?

Is it to fight and make trouble?

Then why didn't you tell us?

Many Japanese came just now. Beat us like this.

They asked us to surrender you in three days.

What shall we do?

Let him resolve his troubles by himself.

How can you say that?

What then? Wait to be closed down?

Not only that, we'll all be arrested.

Think it over. We must not surrender him, and we must protect ourselves, too.

We can't surrender him, or he'll be killed for sure.

There's only one way: Leave Shanghai.

Right, you must leave Shanghai.

I'm not going. Why not?

I don't want to get you into trouble.

We all understand. You must think of yourself, too.

I'm not leaving.

You'd better leave. As long as they can't find you, even with the Japanese influence, they can't do anything without proof.

I didn't mean what I just said.

We're brothers. I can't let you die.

You don't want to leave now, so that you think you are such a hero.

None of us are afraid of trouble.

Why don't you listen to our advice?

Brother, leave quickly, we won't blame you.

Brother, leave quickly we won't blame you.

Have you forgotten what master always said?

You know the goal of our school.

Our burden is heavier after his death.

Think of the school, if not yourself.

Why sacrifice needlessly?

As your elder, I order you to go.

Buy him a train ticket for tomorrow.

It's late, you'd better sleep.

Is everything packed?


I came back to marry you this time.

How did it come to this?

I don't care much for ceremony.

We can return to Shanghai one day.

We can have great fun then.

Friends suffer because of me.

Nobody is blaming you.

You're on the first train. Go to sleep.

I must stay with master for one final night tonight.

You go to sleep first.

No, they're all asleep.

Got it?

Yes, Mr. hu told us to get away.

If they found out huo died of this, we'd be in deep trouble.

Why does Mr. hu want us to leave?

He said the job's done. There's no point tarrying.

I'll resign and we'll go together.

You're Japanese?


I came to kill huo yuan jia.

How could you say such words?

Why not? I'm not afraid of your fist of fury.

You're huo's favorite student.

I must test your kung fu.

Butler feng, come out here.

Butler feng, come out here.

Why did you kill master?

Why did you kill master?

Why did you kill master?

"Master was killed by poison in the biscuit."

"I'm going to find the killer and take revenge."



Where is elder brother?

It is awful.

I just saw two men hung on a lamppost.

I saw it myself they're out there.

What's going on?

I just bought the train ticket.

I saw two men hung on a lamppost.

They are Butler feng and chef tian.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure.

There's absolutely no mistake.

Let's go and have a look.

What's happening?

Feng and tian are in trouble.

It is Butler feng!

Let's go back and discuss.

Call an ambulance. Yes.

The two men's faces were awful.

Seems like they'd got into fights.

Who did it?

Will our jing wu school be involved?

No. Even we don't know who did it.

It is hard to say.

But they belonged to the school.

So what? We didn't kill them.

I feel I will surely have troubles in the concession area.

We must find the killer.

Chenzhen did it.

Chenzhen? Chenzhen?

He left a note for me saying master died of poisoning.

I wonder where he could have gone.

Hiding doesn't help.

We must find him.

How can we find him? Shanghai is so big.

He does not know Shanghai well.

Organize a search!

We must find him out.

We'll settle this when he returns.

"Deceased master huo yuanjia"

Who's there?

It's me!

I knew you'd be here.

Hiding is useless.

Come back and discuss it with us.

I won't go back.

Nobody knows your role in this yet.

Why hide and suffer?

Let's go back and find a way.

I'm not hiding.

And I don't want to get you involved.

What are you going to do then?

I've decided...

What I'm going to do.

What are you going to do then?

Why won't you even tell me?

We grew up together.

We've confided in each other.

Why have you changed?

I haven't changed.

Then why won't you tell me?

You must know how I care about you.

Do you believe that I love you as much as ever?

I believe you.

Then don't ask questions.

Remember our dreams? Yes.

We hoped to continue master's work.

Make jing wu school well-known all over the world.

And to have a happy family.

Two kids, a boy and a girl.

Every day you'd teach kung fu, and I'd do the housework.

I'd come and fetch you and bring the kids home from school.

Can such a dream come true?

I hope so.

If you haven't changed, this may happen.

You mustn't think that way.

Do you really love me so much?

Besides master, you mean most to me.


Will you tell me your plans now?

Why won't you speak?

Trust me, I'll take you away.

Where to?

A place that we like.

A place where our dreams will come true.

Do you know anyone called hu?


He's connected with master's death.

Wasn't that interpreter named hu?

Could he be the one?

Something terrible has happened!

Come in.

What is it?

Look at the papers.

Mr. yoshida's brother and Butler feng had been killed and strung up.

I know. Sit down. Yes.

My brother became jing wu school's chef to find out about the fist of fury.

Now he's been killed unclearly.

You must avenge him, director.

Of course, this must have been done by jing wu school's people.

We'll kill them all!

I'll assemble the men.

Wait a moment, director!

If we do that, it'll connect us to huo's death.

What do you mean?

I have an idea.

Tell me.

We'll pressure the police to force them to surrender chenzhen.

Otherwise they'll close the school and arrest them all.

Chinese are loyal to friends.

Chenzhen won't let that happen. He'll surrender himself.

When we have chenzhen we can do whatever we want with him.

He'll be helpless.

How does that sound?

You're Japan's best friend.

I've always been loyal to the empire.

I'll do my best until I die.

Go ahead with it immediately. Yes!

Out of respect to your master, we've been lenient with you people.

But you are causing trouble. Why did you raid Hong kou school?

We don't want to bring you any trouble.

They came and beat us all up.

We didn't start anything.

You must have provoked them, right?

They came first. They sent us this board, and...

How did Butler feng and chef tian die?

Do you know?

We don't know.

You really don't know?

We don't know.

This isn't as simple as you thought.

The Japanese are powerful here.

You're asking for trouble.

I've been kind to you.

But I have my duty to perform. How can I leave it all behind?

Where is chenzhen?

He hasn't returned since he made trouble at Hong kou school.

Really don't know?

We really don't know. We're looking for him, too.

You shouldn't withhold information. I am not a patient man.

We don't know, we're looking for him too.

We don't want to be involved.

The Japanese consulate has demanded action.

This is no joke.

Surrender him in two days or I'll have to be tough.

Let's go!

Japan is great! Even its dancing is superb.

Now that I escaped from Russia, I'm your man.

Don't worry, leave things to me.


Escaped? What happened?

Mr. Petrov is head of the Russian hammers.

A good fighter and a friend of our director.

He's in some trouble, and is laying low here.

Under our director's wings, you're safe.

Cheers, Mr. Petrov.

At least three cups.

Three cups? Oh, three cups.

Excuse me, I'm drunk, I must go.

Three more cups. Three more cups.

Sit down.

If you must go, then crawl out! Crawl out as a dog.


Would you like to?

Sure, I'll do whatever you ask.

I'll crawl.


Stand up.

Where to?

North szechuan road and Yokohama road.

Stop. Where are you going?

This is a dead end.

What are you doing?

I want to ask you something.

It's you!

I want to ask you something.

You needn't ask. I know nothing.

I want to ask you something.

I know what you want. I didn't do it.

Yes, someone asked me to do it.

Mr. suzuki told me to pass the poison to Butler feng.

Butler feng gave it to chef tian.

He's Japanese.

Spare me, I am just a dog.

Have mercy!

Have mercy, have mercy, have mercy...

Why do...

Why do you push me?

Look, another man hanged!

Come and look!

Chenzhen invaded our school and now killed my interpreter.

He looks down upon the Japanese empire.

Is there justice in this place?

Are you detectives?

What good are you?

Director! Surely you overstate things.

I asked them to surrender chenzhen in two days.

I know what to do if they don't.

What can you do? You're Chinese.

You Chinese help Chinese.

I don't care about nationality.

The police have to be reasonable. We need to be logical with others.

I have no intention of being reasonable.

Chenzhen is a killer. Surrender him.

You can say that, director, but this is not our procedure.

Mr. hu was murdered, but there's no proof.

We can't say chenzhen did it.

Proof or no proof, surrender him!

Or I'll report it to the consulate!

You're making it difficult for us.

If you don't surrender him, I'll handle this myself. I have my own ways.

All right, I'll do my best.

They're useless. We'd better use our own way.

We'll report to the consulate first.

Be ready to arrest them. Yes.

The paper.

Japanese are forcing me to surrender chenzhen.

How can I find him in this big city?

Forget it. We'll go to jing wu school.

Things are getting worse.

He even killed the Japanese interpreter.

He's making things difficult not only for the Japanese, but also me.

I work for the government. What shall you do if you were me?

We really can't find him.

What are we to do?

Everyone knows you're righteous.

We wouldn't play tricks with you.

We really don't know where he is.

As we all know, it is not that I do not look after you.

If you really do not surrender him, the Japanese will find him themselves.

If they close down your school and arrest you all, you'll find it really tough.

Even if you arrest us now, we still can't tell you anything because we really don't know anything.

I've made things clear, anyway.

There's one more day left. Please surrender him.

The Japanese aren't to be messed with.

If I have to arrest you, then don't blame me.

Let's go.

It's really serious. What are we to do?

Let's stop looking for chenzhen.

If we find him, we're sending him to death.

They won't dare hurt us.

So many are suffering because of him.

Let's go to jail if we must. We must be loyal to friends.

Elder brother!

Please come upstairs, I want to talk to you.

What is it?

If they really can't find chenzhen, will it cause much trouble to our school?

Yes. The Japanese are influential in Shanghai.

They very likely will close down the school.

What if they found chenzhen?

He'll surely be killed. We can't let them find him.

Even though we don't know where he is, we must find him and ask him to leave Shanghai quickly.

You what?

You know where he is?

His life depends on it.

If you know, tell me.

I know where he stays at night.

Where is he now?

"Japan Hong kou school"

Is your phone out of order? I'm from the telephone company.

What took you so long? I've called you so many times.

I just got my orders and came at once.

Okay, come with me, come with me.

Over there.

Don't just stand there. Hurry up!

There's another one inside.

Wait here.

The telephone repairman is here.

Director, here's the telephone repairman.

Come in!

Tell him to come in.

Come here.

Director, it's the telephone repairman.

Go on.

I am dying to find chenzhen and see just how convincing he is.

It's not only his fist of fury.

He moves like lightning.

We'll concentrate on jing wu school.

Walt, let's discuss this later.

What do you suggest?

Just wipe everyone out from jing wu school.

How about the consequences?

We Japanese are powerful in the concession area.

As long as we leave no proof, they have no way to know it was us.

Ask someone to do it cleanly tonight.


Why isn't he here?

Look around.

Chenzhen! Chenzhen!


Where can he have gone?

Let's wait for him here.

Where could he be?


Wonton noodle!

I'm here to avenge my master.

Ask your director to come out!

It's none of your business.

Get out! Get out! Get out!





Hold it! Who are you?

I'm chenzhen.

I want your director.


Nah, let me take care of him.





What happened? Who did it?

The Japanese.

What about the others? Any survivors?



Yao Chang.

He might yet pull through.

Help those who have a chance of surviving.

We'll go upstairs.

See if there is anyone who is still alive.

No survivors, brother.

I'm sorry for master!

I'm sorry for master!

They died so horribly.

What are we going to do?

Our tolerance was a mistake.

Chenzhen was right.

The Japanese.

I'm from the consulate.

How dare you Chinese kill at the judo hall!

It's really too much!

I don't want this to get out of hand.

I'll surrender the man to you.

You're also Chinese. I don't trust you.

I must go in.

All right, just you.

Keep guard here. Don't let anyone go in.

Yes. Yes.

What happened?

The Japanese did it.

The Japanese? Watch your tongue!

You must not slander people.

What proof do you have?

These two survivors.

If I wasn't in charge of jing wu school, if not for jing wu school's future, I'd fight you to the end.

Stop talking. Go ahead and file a complaint.

I only want chenzhen immediately.

Chenzhen killed many people in Hong kou school.

The consulate has asked the police for him.

You'll have to surrender chenzhen.


They killed so many of us but they're free.

And nobody knows if chenzhen was the killer at Hong kou school.

Now you want us to surrender him.

Is that fair?

We only blame ourselves partially.

Mr. fan, you know the situation here.

Chenzhen must be surrendered!

I really don't know where he is.

You call the shots. Okay, take them away!

You really don't know where he is?

What if we can't find chenzhen?

I've been kind to you.

Now I cannot help you any longer.

You're taking us all in?

Not only will you go to prison, the school will be closed, too.

Jing wu men will no longer exist.

Do you Japanese listen to reason?

Is there any justice?

I'm the law in Shanghai.

Don't blame me for taking you in.

Blame it on chenzhen.

Who asked him to go into hiding?

He should surrender himself for your sake.

Chenzhen is here!

I do not read much. Do not fool me.

If I surrender myself,


I can give you my word of honor.

Don't forget, I'm also Chinese.

I shall pay for the lives I took.

Nothing to do with jing wu school!