Five Golden Dragons (1967) Script

Passports, please.

Thank you, madam.

Passport, please.

Until this time tomorrow, Mr. Porter.


Where is this?

That's over on the island, sir. Okay. Hurry.

Don't lose him.

Here. Take this.

Can you deliver it for me?

Okay. Thank you.

Keep the change.

(doorbell rings)

(hinges creak)

(hinges creak)



(speaking Chinese)

(knock at door) Come in.

Good morning, sir. What's good about it?

(Groans) What have you got there?

It's a photograph, sir.

I may be in a senile condition, but I have not yet gone blind.

Let's have a look at it.

Take no offense, Chiao. I have indigestion.

Yes, sir.

From the position where we found the body, it must have fallen from here.

The flat's been empty for months, and the caretaker says anybody he's shown around could have taken an impression of the key and let themselves in. Well, that's a lot of help.

What about prints? No, sir.

And the body?

No signs of identification, sir, except the suit-- made in New York.

And his prints?

Nothing on our record, sir.

You'll have to try the States, won't you?

I did so, half an hour ago.

(Knock at door) Come in.

Excuse me, sir. Yes, what is it?

Taxi driver, sir. He's outside.

He wants to talk to Inspector Chiao.

May I have him brought in, sir? Yes, do.

Is this social or business, Chiao?

I had an announcement made on the radio, sir, after the morning news, for any information.

Well, what do you have to say?

(speaking Chinese)

(speaking Chinese)

“Bob Mitchell, Hong Kong Hilton.”

“Five Golden Dragons.” Does that mean anything to you?

No. No, it doesn't, sir.

And you? (Speaking Chinese)

Take a statement from him, Chiao. Yes, sir.

(speaking Chinese)

Chiao, I have a hunch that we're on to something good here.

There may be only five golden dragons, but I have a sixth sense, and it tells me that we may be on to something very important.

Yes, sir.

All right, I know you think that two years in an American police college is worth more than 30 years' experience, but I still believe in hunches.

Yes, sir.

What's more, I believe in you, my lad, which is why I want you to go to the Hilton Hotel and see Mr. Mitchell yourself.

In plain clothes, of course. Very good, sir.

And... in the immortal words of Shakespeare, “There are more things, Horatio, in heaven and earth, that are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

"Hamlet," Act I, Scene IV.

Scene V, sir.

“I dote on his very absence.”

"Merchant of Venice,"

Act I, Scene II.

(woman gasps)

(radio playing pop)

(radio stops)

Oh, no. For heaven's sake.

Oh, here. Here, give me your hand.

There. There you are.

Well, my, my. You're doing beautifully.

Do you-- do you always drown like this?

(German accent) No. It's just they pushed me.

Oh, I see. Oh, did I ruin it?

No, no. It's an underwater camera.

What's your name?

My name is Bob Mitchell.

Oh. (chuckles) What's-- what's your name?

Oh, well, my name is-- Ingrid!

(Speaking German)

Mitchell: Achtung!

What do you want? You're standing on my hand.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Mr. Mitchell, that's my sister, Margret.

Well, how do you do? Hello.

Excuse my hand. It's still a little numb.

Oh, I'm sorry about that. Won't you join us?

Have a cool drink?

Oh, why not?

I think I'd like to have a Tom Collins.

Oh, yeah, me, too. Would you like to sit at the table or shall I bring the table into the pool?

Well, come on. Come on.


See anyone named Bob Mitchell? Bob Mitchell?

Yeah. That's the gentleman over there.

We're leaving in a couple of days.

Oh, where are you going? That's none of your business.

That's true. Look, maybe you could recons--

Pardon my intrusion, sir.

A gentleman would like to see you, sir.

Tell him I'm busy. The gentleman is a police inspector.

Look, you heard me. Tell him that... I'll be right over.

Thank you, sir.

Probably wants to tell me I'm double-parked.

What he doesn't know is that my car's in San Francisco.

Oh, isn't he crazy?

Mr. Mitchell?

Oh, howdy, pal.

Do you know this man?

Well, he certainly looks familiar.

He's dead, isn't he?

I asked you if you know him.

Even if I did, how would I know?

I've never seen him dead before.


Then you have seen him before.

Well, if he's who I think he is, his name is, um--

I met him in the Manila Hilton last week.

Said he was a lawyer from New York.

Oh, Porter. Porter. That's the name.

Matter of fact, we made a date to meet in Hong Kong here at the hotel last night at 8:00.

I wondered why he...

We found his body at 5:00.

Oh, I'm sorry. Accident?

No, he had a fall, and it wasn't an accident.

Well, why are you telling me this?

Apparently, one of the last things he did was... write this.

Bob Mitchell, all right.

Who or what are the five golden dragons?

I haven't the slightest idea. I've never heard their records.

Mr. Mitchell, we'd rather like you to stay in Hong Kong until the investigation is complete.

Thank you. That's very hospitable.

I like it here. That is, if it doesn't take you too long.

It may be quicker than you think.

(Mumbling) Oh, yeah.

(Imitating waiter)

That's Japanese, you know? I speak that, too.

Thank you. Been talking about me, haven't you?

Did you say a lot of nice things?

Did you get arrested? Arrested? Of course not.

Somebody wrote a note that he thought was for me, so he dropped it by.

Will you please excuse us?

Ingrid, we have to leave. Why now?

I thought you said you were going to stay a couple more days.

Sorry. Thanks for the drink. You mean to say you're going to let me just sit here and get sunstroke?

Is that thrilling dinner date still on?

You betcha.

Meet you in the lobby at 7:30, then.

7:30. it's a date. All right.

Underwater camera? Huh?

Not really, son, no.

You see, I lie a lot.


Oh. Oh, no.

What happened? Could-- could--

Hello? Could some--

Come in. I mean, who is it?

Well, who would have ever suspected a simple playboy being one of the Five Golden Dragons?

What did you say? You are a Dragon, aren't you?

It's not only dragging, I think it's broken.

Oh, no. I lit right on my-- what-- what-- what are you...

Look-- oh, hello.

Please forgive me. I don't know what happened.

I either bumped into a wall or tripped on something.

Somebody tripped you.

Who? Me.

You? Why?

What are you wearing this robe for?

Robe? This is a darkroom. See?

It even has its own red light.

I was just opening my...

Well, that's the chance you take when you've got an underwater camera.

Why do you put this act on?


You know exactly what I mean...

Look-- Dr. Mitchell.

A graduate from Stanford doesn't act the way you do.

Listen to me, what are you afraid of?

What are you running away from?

Look, tell me. Please, I can help you.

Could you find it in your heart to trust me?

Maybe someday you'll know.

But it seemed so urgent down at the pool.

I could see it in your eyes.

I can't. I can't.

You said that thrilling dinner date is still on.

Maybe we can talk about it then.

All right. We'll talk about it then.

7:30? 7:30.

And.. I didn't hurt you anywhere, did I?

You? No, of course not. It was the floor.

Oh, boy, was it the floor.

You don't have a wheelchair on you, do you?

What was in the note?

Oh, come on. Don't be silly.

We know everything.

We have the police station watched day and night, so you'd better tell the truth.

Now, what was in this note?

What was in this note?

“Five Golden Dragons.”

(speaking Chinese)

(child shouts)


No, no, I mean that I love fish, but I-- thank you very much--

I think you really shouldn't eat too much raw fish.

Just an opinion.

Oh, Mr. Mitchell?

Look, we've known each other four hours. Call me Bob.

Okay, Bob. Do you dance?

Yes, I did, up until this afternoon.

(Rock music plays)

I had a little fall.

Oh, did you? On my-- on my back.

Oh, do you want me to fix it for you?

I really can fix backs, believe me. I believe you.

No thanks, just the same. Thank you.

I think Ingrid's little suggestion here may just do the trick-- little Chinese watusi.

Swim. Monkey. Black bottom. Black-and-blue.

(Music continues)

Listen, I'm sorry, I think you'll have to forgive me.

It's a little violent for my sacroiliac.

Any other ideas?

I can do that.

What do you want?

I'm finished with you.


I really need to talk to your boyfriend.

He's just someone I met at the pool.

He's not important. He's important to me.

Make him stay in the restaurant.

No. Eh...

She's very pretty, your sister.

All right.

I want to... I'm afraid we have to leave.

Why? You got a problem?

I'll explain everything later.

Come on, hurry up. Check, please.

Come on.

Something always happens...

Hey, you're really serious, aren't you?

Jump! Hold on! Hurry up!

(Chattering) No, they've got men over there.


Wait a minute. See those baskets?

Lie on the bottom of the boat and cover up with the baskets, quick!

That's it. Don't move.

I'm gonna try to make them follow me.

I'm gonna get sliced up like a goose.

Taxi! Taxi!

Well, thank you.

Well, for heaven's sake.

I hardly recognized you in your uniform.

You're my old pal So Long, aren't you?

The name is Chiao.

Yeah, but you see, in Italy, “so long” is “ciao.” I'm-- I'm a linguist. Well, you're also in trouble.

Oh, you noticed that? Yeah.

I had the same feeling right here.

(speaking Chinese)

Mr. Mitchell? Yes?

Your friends seem to be accident-prone.


We just found another body... floating in the harbor.

You'll pardon me, but I don't think they're any friends of mine.

This is one of the questions we'll want to ask you.

Okay, shoot.

Tomorrow morning, Mr. Mitchell, at the police headquarters.

Oh. Shall we say 10:00?

Okay, let's say that. (chuckles)

Well, ciao, Chiao.

I mean, Inspector. Ciao.

Oh, excuse me, you don't happen to be driving anywhere near the Hilton Hotel on the way home, do you?

(Gasps) it's all right. It's all right. It's me, Bob Mitchell.

It's me.

Oh. I-- I fell asleep.

I was so exhausted waiting for you. No, don't apologize. Look.

I couldn't have worked this out better if I tried.

I'm glad you're back.

Thanks. So am I.

You don't know how lucky we are that nobody got killed.

Yeah, you may have been a nobody, but when you get killed, you suddenly become somebody, at least to the police.

Somebody's dead? Very.

Gert? Gert?

Oh, the chain-smoker.

No, unfortunately, he's still got one lit somewhere.

Does he mean something to you?

Oh, he will get me.

Once they have a victim, they won't let go.

The Golden Dragons? Yeah.

Well, then I was right, they are people.


Five of the most evil men the world has ever known.

Their syndicate controls the illicit gold market, with headquarters in Paris, Rome, New York, Beirut, and Hong Kong.

Have you told the police about this?

How could I? I don't know who they are.

Oh. They don't even know each other.

What? Well, that is a secret society, isn't it?

How did you get mixed up in all this?

I used to work for them.

I'm a stewardess-- an indispensable profession to them.

Then we started flying into Beirut and I fell in love.

Oh, and that's a no-no?

I know I shouldn't have, but I told him what I was doing, and he was trying to go to the police.

And never got there?

They killed him. They killed him.

And I know they're going to do it to me.

Now, listen, I promise you something.

Tomorrow, I'll get you out of Hong Kong.

It doesn't matter. Wherever I go, they will get me.


(shuddering) No, no. Please, please.

It's just my wristwatch. It's got an alarm.

Listen, get a hold of yourself, please.

I went you to relax, get some sleep.

Understand? I'll see you in the morning.

(Knock at door) Come in!


What's happened to my 10:00 appointment?

I don't know, sir. Get me Inspector Chiao.

He went out half an hour ago.

Hmm? Did he leave a message?

He was going to bring some gentleman back with him.

What gentleman? Mr. Mitchell, sir.

Oh, Mr. Mitchell. Thank you.

Not before time.

(Knocking on door)

All right. All right.

All right, all right. I have excellent hearing.

Well, you may have excellent hearing, but you're certainly not punctual.

We mustn't keep the commissioner waiting.

I'll just get my-- come on in, come on in.

I'll be right with you.

I just laid down for a minute and must've fallen asleep.

What time is it? It's 11:00, Mr. Mitchell.

(whistles) That late, huh?

Sit down. No, thank you.

I'll come straight to the point.

You had a fight last night, and the fellow was killed.

(Chuckles) Yes, I was almost that fellow.

What is it that makes you so important, Mr. Mitchell?

Important enough to be killed?

I haven't the slightest idea.

I've never been this popular before.

Mr. Mitchell, your behavior would appear to be contrary to your background.

And furthermore, I want to tell you that--

Inspector, I've got to get a couple of things.

My wallet. Be right with you.

(jiggling doorknob)

Well, that's funny, isn't it?

Do you always lock your bedroom door?

Yes, yes. I always lock it. I locked it.

You got the key?

No, no, I haven't got it.

Get the room boy.

Inspector, look, you're a man of the world.

Surely you've gotten yourself into spots-- not that this is what you think it is--

Who is she?

Inspector, I'm a gentleman.

Gentlemen do not--

Oh, Ken. (nervous chuckling)

That's Ken. Thank you.

Thank you, Ken.

She, um... there-- there's somebody in there, isn't there?

Mmmmm. Yes.

Go on in.

Broken neck, I'll say.

Make it 11:03. Bangkok suite.

No signs of a struggle. No.


Get on the phone! I'll get after him!

The main door, please.


All right.

I know you've answered a lot of questions already.

I don't want to distress you any more than I have to.

Oh, I don't mind.

I know you want to help us.

So, remember, any little thing that may seem trivial to you may be important to us.


Well, I've told the inspector everything, and he wrote it down.

I think you'd better go back to the hotel, hmm?

We'll have a talk later on when you're feeling better.

Yes, please.

Chiao, call a car.

Oh, no. I'd rather be alone.

The hotel is not far, is it?

I'd like to walk.

I think you'd better have a car.

No, please. I want to be alone.

Very well.

(speaking Chinese)

Good-bye, and thank you.


Follow her, and don't let her out of your sight.

Yes, sir.

Here. Get in. I can take you to safety.

Please be as quick as you can. I'm in a great hurry, yes.

Oh, please go faster.

(speaking Chinese)

Please run faster, can't you?

This way. To the right. Right.

Please hurry!

(speaking Chinese)

No, down there! This is the wrong way! Down there!

Please go back! Not this way! Can't you hear me?

No, not this way, please!

Come here! Oh! No!

Look, your name is Ingrid?

Please! Please! I'm a friend! Who are you?

My name is Ah Sing. I bring message from Bob Mitchell.

Oh, where is he? Safe place.

He wants you tell me about bad man, always smoking.

You've seen him... at floating restaurant-- Aberdeen.

You know him?

No, I don't, but I think my sister did, because went to nightclub here and he was at the bar.

Which nightclub?

Oh, I don't remember the name, but there was a singer there called Magda.


Oh, I know. It was the Blue World.

(Applause) (Lounge music plays)

♪ We two could have ♪

♪ The time of our lives ♪

♪ We two could be ♪

♪ Sensual ♪

♪ The world can be ♪

♪ What we make it ♪ Oh, sorry, sorry.

Exciting, isn't she? Mmmmm.

Are you in show business? Yes, I am.

That is exciting. I'm-- well, I guess I am, in a way.

I sell chewing gum.

Hmm. Confections.

You sell much chewing gum here in the club?


What is her name? Magda.

I beg your pardon? Magda.

Oh. Very pretty. Mmm.

♪ And the time of our lives ♪

♪ ls now ♪

♪ We two could have ♪

♪ The time of our lives ♪

♪ We two could raise ♪

♪ Such a cheer ♪

♪ Our love ♪

♪ Will stagger the nation ♪

♪ Each date will rate ♪

♪ A great standing ovation ♪

♪ From coast to coast ♪

♪ They'll vote us the most ♪

♪ The turtledoves of the year ♪

♪ So, start today ♪

♪ Tomorrow we're old and gray ♪

♪ And the time of our lives ♪

♪ Yes, the time of our lives ♪

♪ Oh, the time of our lives ♪

♪ ls here with you ♪

♪ With you, with you ♪

♪ With you ♪

(song ends) (Applause)

Gee, wait'll I tell the folks back home.

You're just the greatest.

I'm glad you liked it.

Oh, it's you-- you--

Magda, what did you mean finishing the number here?

Half the audience can't see you.

I'm interested in this half. I pay you to entertain them all.

You don't pay me, period.

Don't try it again.

Good night.

Gee, I'm terribly embarrassed.

Hope I didn't cause you any trouble.

No, no. No trouble.

How would you like to sit down and have a drink with me?

Uh-huh, on my chaise lounge.


Think I'll be able to find it? You can't miss it.

Well, wait a moment.

What about your friend?

Peterson? He misses quite a lot.

Yeah. Sure hope he misses me.


Well, doggone it.

You just can't believe what a thrill this is for me.



This would probably not even happen back in my hometown, Olathe, Kansas.

Would you like to have that drink now?

Oh, yeah, that's a good idea. I am kind of thirsty.

Just a small one, though. Tomato juice.

You gonna have one with me?

No, I don't drink when I'm doing a show.

Oh, that's good.

And would you mind if I slipped out of this thing?


(Stammering) Oh, look, I'm probably in your way.

Now, mister... Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell. Bob Mitchell, Olathe, Kansas.

Do you mean you're not interested?

Yeah, I am, but, um--

Don't you want to help me?

Mm-hmm. How do I-- how--

You unzip me.

You know, this is amazing.

It's almost like mind-reading.

I knew that we'd feel this way about each other long before fate and your song brought us together.

Oh, I didn't tell you.

This fellow that I met, well, he talked as though he knew you real well.

I can't do his accent. He was one of those foreigners.

But he said, “Now, Bob Mitchell, don't you dare leave Hong Kong without going over to the Blue World and hearing Magda sing.” He was a strange fellow.

I would say about 5'7” or 5'8”.

And he had sort of real wild eyes.

They got even wilder when he talked about you.

Oh, and he smoked a lot. All the time.

I bet he even smoked when he was asleep.

And his name-- oh, yeah.

They called him Gert. Gert. Mm-hmm.

I suppose that's short for Gertrude, but he didn't seem to mind.

This fellow doesn't happen to be anyone that...

No. You know, we get all sorts of people here in the club.

Yeah, I bet.

Kooks. The world's full of kooks.

Oh! Oh, here's something.

He said that he was connected--

I didn't quite get whether it was a singing group or a combo.

They may play bagpipes, for all I know.

The Five Golden “Dragoons.” I got the impression they'd really struck gold, too.

Just coining money, like the Beatles.

Does this fellow ring a bell with you?

He doesn't, but you do.

I'll be right back after this number.


And then you'll have to change again, will you?

There'll be a change, all right. (Chuckles)

(jazz music plays)

(song ends) (Applause)

Where have you been?

Changing. And I had to make a phone call.

Who to? It's none of your business.

Everything that goes on in this club is my business.

Don't forget it.

I don't take my orders from you.

Don't you forget that either.

Announcer: Magda. (Applause)

(jazz music plays)

♪ The legend I tell you ♪

♪ ls true and sublime ♪

♪ This story of China ♪

♪ ls older than time ♪

♪ It tells when a boy ♪

♪ And a girl fall in love ♪

♪ Five golden dragons ♪

♪ Look down from above ♪

♪ They rise in the east ♪

♪ And they shine in the skies ♪

♪ And search for the truth ♪

♪ In each young lover's eyes ♪

I don't like this, Chiao.

Two deaths in 48 hours.

If we knew the motives behind these two killings, we'd be a long way to finding the answer.

Chiao: Right, sir.

You're quite sure that everything's being watched?

Yes, sir. Kai Tak Airport, ocean terminal, the ferries.

We have a double staff on duty, sir.

“Though patience be a tired mare, yet she...”

“Yet she...”

“Yet she will plod.”

"Henry Act II, Scene I.

(Phone rings)

“Patience be a tired mare, yet she will plod.” Yes? Yes?

Right. I want a dozen men out there double quick, and my car right away.

Chiao, a tipoff.

Mr. Bob Mitchell has been seen in the Blue World nightclub.

(song continues)

♪ Five golden virtues ♪

♪ Are things that must be there ♪

♪ Happiness, honor ♪

♪ And pureness of heart ♪

♪ Wisdom and laughter ♪

♪ Are things they must see there ♪

♪ Or five golden dragons ♪

♪ Will keep us apart ♪

♪ So, if you should love me ♪

♪ As much as you say ♪

♪ Five golden dragons ♪

♪ Won't keep you away ♪

♪ No, five golden dragons ♪

♪ Won't keep you ♪

♪ Away ♪

(song ends) (Applause)

(jazz music playing)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Blue World nightclub takes great pleasure in presenting one of Japan's most popular singing stars, Miss Yukari Ito.


(pop music plays)

(singing in Japanese)

Have you heard anything? Nothing yet.

But the meeting's tomorrow night, isn't it?

That was the message.

The Dragons will all be here.

All right, Chiao.

Stay here with six men, watch the exit.

Very good, sir. You four...

(speaking Chinese)

(singing continues)

(speaking Chinese)

(singing in Japanese)


Good evening, Commissioner.

What brings you here?

We've had a tipoff that a man we're looking for is in your club.

What does he look like?

We have his description. I'll know him when I see him.

Help yourself.

(Song ends) (Applause)

(motor whirring)

Is this the way to your office? Yes.

A few questions I want to ask you.

It's a pity we don't see you here more often.

Nightclubs are hardly in my line, except in the course of duty.

And duty's called you here tonight, Commissioner?

We must be grateful for the pleasure of your company.


No, thank you, Mr. Peterson.

Now, you say that you have no idea who made that telephone call, hmm?

We have quite a large staff here, Commissioner, all of them extremely loyal employees who would do anything to help.

Oh, yes, I'm sure.

It was probably made from the backstage telephone, I hear.

One of the artists, perhaps?

Peterson: That's possible, but hardly likely.

The singer you have here, Magda-- how long has she been with you? Magda?

Over a year, since we opened. I know her very well, indeed.

She would've told me before she called the police.

I want to have a word with her.

Also with the compere, Max.

Where is he from?

I'm not quite sure, Inspector. I believe he-- he worked in India before.

He's rather very good.

He's been here almost as long as Magda.

You don't change the main attraction too often, do you?

Just a cozy little family.

(Chuckles) There's no point in it.

Why not, I wonder?

Business is good enough at weekends, but quietest during the week?

Perhaps you have a sideline, Mr. Peterson.

Sideline? What do you mean?

Of course, you're only the manager, aren't you?

Now I'll take a look at the backstage area.

You are welcome, Commissioner.

You may see anywhere you please.

Is this the right way? After you.

Commissioner: I understand, then, that this establishment is run entirely by a syndicate?

That's correct. Persons unknown to you?

Unknown to me, sir.

You deal only through the accountants?

That's right. I've got to talk to you.

Pardon me. They have their head office...

He's gone. What do you mean, gone?

I don't know. I'll see you later.

Good night, Magda. ...I'll do that and let you know.

Good night, Commissioner.

I'm sorry we couldn't help you, but you'll find him, I'm sure. Good night.

Good night. If you'll excuse me.

Good night, Commissioner.

Well, we are going to lock up now.

Very well.

Mr. Mitchell, I believe.

You're very strange duck.

(Chuckling) Yes, that's what they say, but then I think that's true of all decoys.

(Knock at door) Come in.

Excuse me, sir. The young lady is here.

Ask her to wait a few moments, will you?

Commissioner, Mr. Porter, was he who he said he was?

Apparently, he represented certain interests in the United States who wanted to buy in to the Golden Dragon organization.

From the contents of this briefcase, there seems little doubt that the Dragons are about to sell out and the Mafia are about to move in for $50 million.

(Whistles) Now you can see why they say crime doesn't pay.

It may be truer than you think.

The Golden Dragons are having a little difficulty at the moment with an arithmetical problem-- division.

The treasure of Sierra Madre? Exactly.

Four dragons too many.

Now, they've scheduled a most unusual event a couple of days from now, right here in Hong Kong.

What's unusual about it?

They're going to meet each other for the very first time.

Oh, yes. Yes.

We're pretty sure of four of them, but dragon number five-- he's still something of a question mark, even to the other dragons.

I'd like to have a front row seat when they meet.

If you aren't careful, you may have one.

You received the note from Porter, which was really an S.O.S., but you got it while fraternizing with one of their stewardesses who had outlived her usefulness, which puts you in a light of extreme suspicion.

Now, they've marked you as a pay-off man from the other camp who intends to divide and conquer.

That's good, that's good. I like that part.

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.



Oh, Bob!

Oh, thank heavens!

“Things at their worst must cease, or else climb upward to what they were before.”


Act IV, Scene III.


They work very fast in London, sir.

Hmm? Our man is on his way.

Oh? He'll be here in half an hour.

Chiao, Golden Dragon number one.

Origination, Paris.

And destination, sir?

I've a pretty shrewd idea.

When is number two due?

The ship docks from the States at midday.

Golden Dragon number two.

Couldn't look more respectable if he tried.

“Men should be what they seem.”

"Othello," I think. Right, sir.

Any news from Beirut yet?

I spoke to the naval intelligence, sir.

There's a private yacht coming into the harbor.

(Horn blows)

Golden Dragon number three.

How nice to be rich.

They say the climate is very nice in Beirut.

It's getting a little hot at this time of the year.


Now to greet number four.

Golden Dragon number four.

All four visitors, present and correct, sir.


But who is their host, number five?

Let the ceremony of initiation begin.

I would remind you, my friends, of the precautions we agreed upon among ourselves.

Each of you has in his possession a golden key which unlocks the door of the pagoda in front of him.

Within that door is a loaded revolver aimed directly at your heart.

The right key opens the door.

The wrong key... presents you with a passport to paradise.

I shall commence myself.

(electronic warbling)

It is now your turn.

(electronic warbling)

Number three.

(electronic warbling)

Number four.

(electronic warbling)

This is indeed a unique occasion.

We've worked together for 10 years, and only now have we finally met.

Not all of us have met.

As I understand, there's a message from our fifth brother.

It seems he is unavoidably detained, but he hopes to join us later tonight.

I will speak frankly.

Our order is in deadly peril.

Each of us may be a marked man, and already the innermost secrets of our organization have been penetrated.

There's no time to lose.

The order must be liquidated and our assets realized.

We all know about the offer.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a good idea.

$50 million in cash in a Swiss bank.

I would prefer my $10 million in my own bank.

We all know the method of payment that each one of us requires.

There is only one real problem.

Are all the shares going to be equal?

One of us seems to think otherwise.

At midnight tonight, he will have his final chance to explain, when we meet again and the vote is cast.

Until then, I suggest we defer our judgment.


Any news?

The girl is waterskiing.

Why are you so sure he'll try and rescue her?

Because he's stupid enough to think he'll succeed.

Why so concerned?

Looking for a new boyfriend?

You're ruining all my makeup.

Is everything set for the meeting?


The stage is all set.

The cast should be complete tonight.

You're very clever, aren't you?

Almost as clever as you, Magda.

If you think I'm so clever, why don't you trust me?

Trust is a two-way affair.

Why don't you trust me?

If everything goes well, we'll be out of our troubles tonight, and start again... far away from here... together.

All right.


Love is also a two-way affair, you know?

There are times I could kill you.

I feel exactly the same way about you sometimes.

Stop! Stop, I say!

(speaking Chinese)

Let go! Let go of the rope!

Let go! Do as he says!

You, there!



(speaking Chinese)

Oh, fine. Facts!

You're the one who's not facing facts!

You're talking about this prearranged, theoretical plan.

The fact is, a girl has been kidnapped!

And that was not part of your plan.

I am not unsympathetic.

What exactly would you propose?

I propose to go in and get her.

Alone, if I have to. I was hoping you'd help me.

And I know that she's hidden down there in that Happy World joint.

It is just 6:00. Since last evening, my men have watched every exit and entrance of the Happy World.

What about the Golden Dragons?

All four of them are now back in their hotel rooms.

I believe that tonight all five of them will meet.

When they do, we shall move in.

That's a brilliant report. What about Ingrid?

Have you ever asked yourself why they kidnapped her?

Perhaps they want to use her as bait.

Perhaps you are the fish they're hoping to catch.

Let's hope that she's live bait when we find her.

Don't forget what happened to her sister.

Mr. Mitchell, we have waited a long time to identify our own particular Golden Dragon.

Tonight we have the opportunity to catch all five.

I'm not gonna stand here and listen to your detective school theories.

A girl's life is in danger! Be a little patient!

Boy, if this keeps up I will be--

In a mental institution!

“How poor are they who have no patience.”


Act III, Scene II.

(man imitating bird call)

(electrical buzzing)

Ah Sing!

Good evening, Mr. Mitchell.

I am so glad you managed to find your way in.

Well, thank you.

Now I only hope I can manage to find my way out.



Well, this is-- this is clubby, isn't it?

What shall we talk about?

How's show business, Peterson?

Still slaying 'em out there, Mag, old girl?

Bob, you're a fool.

What's a guy of your intelligence doing in a place like this?

Oh, I don't know. Just lucky, I guess.

The answer to that is safely locked away, and Gert is taking care of her.

I hope you mean that in its nicest sense.

Don't worry, Mr. Mitchell. Gert's tastes... lie in other directions.

Incidentally, by now he's also taking care of your bodyguard. (Gunshot)

Keep still!

I should warn you, Mr. Mitchell, before Max joined us, he was a professional marksman.

He likes to keep in practice.

Don't we all? Got another pistol? I'll join you.

Well, I was just passing by, so I thought I'd drop in and ask you to, well, to introduce me to your boss.

You know, Goldfinger number five.

Happily, Mr. Mitchell, except for one little difficulty.

Number five doesn't exist. Oh.

Another Loch Ness monster, hmm?

Do you tell this to everybody who asks?

Nobody ever asked before... and lived.

Well, since you're determined to bump me off anyway, why don't you let me in on the riddle?

Who drives the bus here in Hong Kong?


Oh, a little brain trust of four.

Three of them you see before you.

The fourth member is taking care of the girl and Ah Sing.

Oh, no. Not Gertrude!

Oh, now, wait a minute, Peterson.

Even though you're gonna bump me off, you're too smart an operator to tell me all your secrets.

Why are you doing this?

(Chuckles) For the simple reason that we have to produce now the fifth Golden Dragon.

The other four have become suspicious.

They believe they may be double-crossed.

Yeah. Well, what are you gonna do?

Nobody trusts anybody anymore.

Say, I don't know where I heard it, but it was being breezed about-- a figure like $50 million?

Does that sound realistic at all?

Mr. Mitchell, when I discovered Mr. Porter's briefcase was missing, we decided to invite you to become our...

Dragon Number Five?


Oh, this is the most exciting-- of course, I haven't got a thing to wear.

I'll have to call my tailor right away.

It's only for one appearance.

Oh, well, then, the hell with it.

Oh, now, wait a minute.

You mean, just by telling, well, whoever it is that's gonna put up the $50 million, that I'm a fire-breather number five, they'll hand over the dough and we can split it between us?


Of course, I realize I mustn't tell anybody.

I'm sure you can handle the matter with discretion.

You might almost call it a golden opportunity.

Yes, mm-hmm.

If I don't wind up in a lead kimono.

That'll be up to you, Mr. Mitchell.


Oh, gee, I'd like to practice with you sometime.

I'm not a professional like you.

I have a BB gun.

That's an air rifle. It has a--

Yeah, well, well, well. I'll explain it later.

Anyone arrived yet? No, sir.

Well, I'll say one thing.

It's the first time I've ever gone anyplace in "drag-gon."


You know, it's not a laughing matter.

You make one false move... Yeah, I know, and Max.

Hi, Max. Not only Max.

The whole club is a fortress tonight.

When the five dragons meet, you'll be covered from conceivable every angle.

(Crowd chattering)


Four of the dragons have left their hotels.

I'm damn sure they're all meeting here tonight.

Right, check with the patrols again.

Very good, sir.

(speaking Chinese)

Now, you'll do exactly as I say. Yeah.

Supposing for some unaccountable reason, I don't quite make it?

Then Ingrid won't quite make it either.

Not a sign.

Any news? No, sir. They lost contact.

Your key.


Now, don't forget, word for word, move for move.

Or never the twain shall meet.

I'm damn sure there's a secret entrance.

Come on. I'm not waiting any longer.

We're going in.

(speaking Chinese)

Gentlemen, be seated.

We welcome the fifth of our brothers.

Our circle is now complete.

It remains only for each to prove his identity.

I would remind you of the penalty for any stranger who dares to penetrate our brotherhood-- death.

I will begin.

(Electronic warbling) (Door opens)

Number two?

(Electronic warbling) (Door opens)

Number three?

(electronic warbling)

Number four?

(Electronic warbling) (Door opens)

Number five?

(electronic warbling)


(door opens)

Stay where you are!

All of you!

Well, gentlemen, I'm afraid you're all under arrest.

I'll see if I can make you comfortable for tonight, but in the morning, there'll be a lot of questions that I want to ask you.

Right. Take 'em away.

You can take his mask off now.


(Whistles) Fantastic. Utterly fantastic.

And to think you've still got your bait, too.

Well, but for the Hong Kong police, there sit I.

I'm most relieved, but-- He came up to me in the hall and said, “Give me the key and give me the robe.

There's been a change of plan.” Oh, yeah, and he said that he didn't trust Magda anymore, too.

Who gave you the key to the pagoda, Mr. Mitchell?

Well, speak of the she-devil, hmm?

Peterson was right not to trust her, but he found out a little too late.

He was a fool.

He even thought I was in love with him.

Well, I've been given some keys before, but never one like this.

It was the wrong key, all right, Mr. Mitchell.

It was intended that you should be killed.

A ritual sacrifice was needed...

to satisfy the other dragons.

Right, Magda?

Whew! Boy, when I think how close I came to-- and Peterson, switching places with me just in the nick of time.

How do you, um-- how do you explain that, Commissioner?

I can only suspect that Peterson had a different plan.

He was gonna tell the dragons another story.

He wanted to put the blame for everything on to me, say I was trying to get away with you, Bob.

I found out what he was up to.

And he swapped keys with me.

Not a double-cross-- a triple-cross.

All right, take them away.

Well, you certainly do have a charmed life, Mr. Mitchell.

Commissioner, I'm full of admiration.

I'll certainly never question your plans again.

Thank you.

And what are your plans now?

Well, I think that's more or less up to Ingrid, right?

“That is the true beginning of our end.”

"Midsummer Night's Dream," Act IV, Scene I.

Eh, Chiao?

Right, sir.