Five Minutes to Tomorrow (2014) Script

An Isao Yukisada Film

It was always that way.

I was never...

Who am I?

Who am I?

Let's switch dresses.


You broke the window!


It wasn't me!

You can't find something if you don't lose it first.

It was always that way.


I want to ask you something.

Is this worth anything?

My dad died. I guess he left it to me.

If it's worth something, I'll have it fixed.

If it's not, I won't.

You're the one who decides what it's worth.

Fix it, then.

Come back in two weeks.

OK. Thanks.

Do this when that's done.

All right.

Sorry, could I get a towel?

Are you busy now?

I'm sorry?

You're foreign?


Do you have time later?


Would you like... come shopping...

...with me?

No ideas?


I think... should pick something yourself.

I want you to.

Now what do I do?

We're here.

Wait there.

Come in.

Is this your shop?


Wait here.

This is an old clock...

...but it's a good clock.

I fixed it.

It chimes every 15 minutes.

It's nice.


I'll take it.

This is fine.

Thanks for coming.

You're welcome.

It's really late.

See you at the pool.

'It has no meaning.

'So why do i say... things are beautiful?'

'Yes. Even i, who live only to live...'

You like that stuff?

It's hard.

It's from 'The Shepherd'.

By Pessoa.

He was a Portuguese poet.

You'll be able to read it one of these days.



Thanks for coming out with me.

May I take your order?


And for you, sir?

The same.

Thank you.

The clock went down very well.


We don't usually give clocks as presents.

Excuse me.





You really can't tell?


Tell what?

You're dungan, aren't you.


What does that mean?



You were with me.

Didn't you see the clothes were different?

Which is which?


This is my younger sister RuMei.

I'm RuoLan.

How do you do.

You really do...

...look alike.

We're identical twins.

I loved the clock. Thank you.

It was an engagement gift.


But in China we don't give clocks as gifts.

Why not?

It's unlucky.

'Send a clock' is pronounced the same as 'pay last respects'.

It is?

I was pretty sure RuoLan didn't choose it.

Do you want a drink?

I have to go.


No, work.

RuMei's a model.

I want to be a nuyou.

A what?

In English it's 'actress'.


Have fun.


See you soon.

She likes playing tricks like that.

You're her?

It's hard to say.

Are you an only child?

I have a younger sister.


I always wished i had an elder brother.

I used to envy twins.


Yeah. Between twins there was a kind of...






You understand each other.

We have a lot of that.

That's why she knew i didn't choose the gift.


...we always choose the same things.

We'll each go out shopping alone...

...and come back with the same clothes.

Even today we have the same boots on.

I had no idea...

...she had a pair of these.


That's RuMei.

Beautiful, isn't she.

We have the same face.

But we're...

...completely different.



Ryo... it's for you.





That's right.

This is TianLun.

How's it going?

How do you do.

Climb in.

Good morning.


So you make clocks?

No, i fix them.

But i'd make them.


What do you do?


I'm a film producer.

Do you like movies?

I'm sorry. I don't see very many.

What movies have you liked?



'My Neighbor Totoro'.



Oh, you mean 'Dragon Cat'.

-'Dragon Cat'? -'Dragon Cat'?

That was so cute!

No Chinese films?

I've seen a lot of Jackie Chan films.

I really liked 'Drunken Master'.

Do you know JanMin Guo?

He's TianLun's father, a famous actor.

TianLun's his son.


Nice shot.

Ryo, it's your shot.

Just whack it.

It's not here.

I'm getting married, and I owe it to RuoLan.

She's the one who met TianLun first.

Through her job.

What does she do?

You don't know?

She's a freelance writer.

She was interviewing him about a movie.

It's easy for us to imitate one another.

If we're in that mood... one can tell.

That's scary.

You don't really switch, i hope.

Are you sure?

It's your fauit if you're fooled.

I know the difference.

You do?

I just have to talk about something only the two of us would know.

We know each other very well.

We know everything.

We share everything.


That means... tell each other all about Ryo and me.

That's right.

Are you following this?

Stop it. She's just trying to be funny.

What attracted you to RuoLan in the first place?

What got you interested in her?

I was the one who went up and started talking to him.

You did?

I saw her swimming.

She stood out?

Was she drowning?


She was... like a fish...

She was...really beautiful.

She was?

We both always swam like hammers.

Let's stop talking about me, OK?

Why don't we call it a night, then?

No! I want to drink.

We're all here having fun.

I'm tired.

Just wait here.

RuMei's the one who shouldn't drink, isn't she.

Come and dance.

Like to dance?

What are you drinking?


I might seem all free and easy...

...but the one who's really open is RuoLan.

When it comes to drawing people to her...

...she's better than me.

I'm jealous of her.

She'd be a much better actress than I am.

What does that mean?

Why are you mad?

We should switch sometimes.

That'd make life twice as much fun.

When we were kids...

...we used to play on a swing in the yard.

One day...

...when i was swinging...

...RuMei pushed me from behind.

I got scared...

...and went off the swing.

I flew through the air, fell forward and landed...

...on my head.

I bled all over the place.

When we grew up...

...and we talked about it...

...RuMei said...

...she was the one who'd gone flying.

I know it was me.

I've got the scar.

Every life i choose for myself...

...she steals from me.

When that happens...

...I feel like i lose myself.

I was the one who was interested in acting first.

I was the one...

...who first met TianLun.

Many's the time I've wished...

...RuMei would vanish.

I hate myself for that.

Do you think...'d be better...

...if I vanished?


Don't do that.

Won't they be mad about the car?

They'll make it home somehow.






Why is your clock five minutes slow?

I prefer it that way.

Being behind?

It makes me feel like I've gained something.

An extra five minutes to catch up.

That's greedy.

It's not me.

It was my old girlfriend.

You can't forget her?

I don't know.

She's dead.

She's not in this world.

Five minutes to catch up with the rest of the world.

She enjoyed that time.

And then...

...she paid for it.

And i...

was left behind.

There's an hour's difference between Tokyo and Shanghai.

Shanghai's an hour behind.

Looking at it that way, her world of five minutes behind...

...means she's living 55 minutes ahead of us in Shanghai.

Yeah, that's right.


But still...

I'm good here.

Five minutes...

Could i go to a world without RuMei in those five minutes?

Maybe not, huh?


In Japanese?





I love you.




I made that...for you.

Five minutes?


You mean it?

We're too late.

Let's catch the next show.

I'll get us a drink.

I've seen you before...

You're a model, right?

I remember you!

You were in a magazine!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You're famous now.

That's your baptism.

Be careful from now on.

Are you OK?

I bought you something to wear.

You've cut your hair. i thought you'd look good in it.

Like it?

Yes. it's nice.

I've got work. I'll be back late.

All right.


I'm going on a trip. With RuMei.



Stop pushing.

It's too high!

Go a bit higher!

Stop pushing! it's too high!

Mr Liang?

Mr Liang?

You're looking well.

Well, well, well!

What brings you here?

It's been a long time.

Come and have some tea.

Here is a news bulletin.

A sight-seeing vessel...

...has collided with a fishing boat in the indian Ocean off Mauritius.

Reports say a Chinese woman is The Chinese Embassy in Mauritius...

There were about 20 tourists reported aboard the vessel.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Once again...

"One year later"

What? Pay me back!

Or we'll all die!

I'm broke. i lost all my money gambling.

Let me go.

Pay me back!

The money's gone.

Then i'll kill us both!


Onto the next scene.

RuMei's changed.

She has?

Somehow it's like she's a lot more free.

Like another person.

Another person?

Maybe it was that accident.

You see the whole world differently...

...once you've faced death.


Ryo? It's been a long time.

Yes, it has.

Is RuMei well?


She's doing great.

That's weird, right?

Could you come and see her?

See RuMei?

Can you tell her apart from RuoLan?

It's been a while.


Are you well?




Thank you.

I've thought of calling you.

But thinking how you might feel, i didn't.

See this?

Just before the accident...

...RuoLan put this cross on me.

I have no idea why she had it.

I think...

...she gave it to me because i couldn't swim.

I'm sure i'm alive now...

...because of RuoLan.


...thinks I'm RuoLan.

He called you, right?

I can see the doubt in his eyes when he looks at me.

I'm even...

...starting to feel like maybe i am her.


...I've just convinced myself that I'm RuMei.

I mean, i know everything.

All about RuMei.

And all about RuoLan, too.

I'll pour you more coffee.

It's RuoLan, right?

No. it's RuMei.

Why do you think that?

Because she's not RuoLan.

What did you talk about?

Did she say anything strange?


Like saying 'I' when she meant 'RuoLan'?

Or saying 'RuMei did that'.

Talking about herself in the third person?

Why would RuoLan be pretending to be RuMei?

She couldn't just take her place.

No matter how much they might look alike...

...they're different people.

Are you sure of that?

Then why did you choose RuMei in the first place?

When she woke up in Mauritius, she took your hand...

...not mine.

That's all I needed to know.

She is...


That suits you.

It does?

You don't like it?

I bought it.

Yes, you did, didn't you.

You don't remember?

That's not true.

Enjoy your meal.

We saw your film.

Yes, it was very good.

You're after another award!

Wouldn't RuMei have been better in the lead role?

Didn't you think so?

I haven't seen it.

What are you talking about? Of course you have.

I have?

You saw a screening before you went to Mauritius.

I knew it!

Is something wrong?

Mr Chen, is that really RuMei?



...RuoLan, isn't it.

What are you talking about?

I think i know my own daughter!



Do you wish it had been RuoLan who lived?

I'm sorry.

The other day i was going through some of her things.

She had that same dress.

You really always did buy the same things.

I guess so.

Where's TianLun?

He said he had to work.


Do you remember that place?

That horrible restaurant?

The second time we went out.

I suddenly said I wanted Italian food.

So you...

...cancelled our reservations and found that place for us.



The food was awful.

The pasta was overcooked.

You got mad and said it tasted like Japanese 'udon' noodles.

It was all my fauit, so I forced myself to eat it.

I was trying to make conversation so you'd stop thinking about it.

Like you are now.

What's wrong?

Who are you?

RuoLan, right?

Admit it!

Why would you say such a thing?

You're saying...

...things RuoLan told you.

Aren't you!

Right from the start... didn't love RuMei!

I loved RuMei.

Not you.


I can't swim.

You're crazy.

TianLun left.

To him...

...I'm not RuMei any more.






"RuMei Divorces TianLun! Resigns Starring Role!"

Still working?

This has to be done for tomorrow.

I like the sound of clocks.

RuoLan said the same thing.

She did?

When we were in the womb...

...we both heard Mom's heartbeat.

Clocks must remind us of that.

When we were small, we'd wear dresses of different colors.

Once RuoLan said we should change dresses.

It sounded like fun, so i said yes.

But suddenly Mom got angry.

She said i'd broken a window with a stone.

I hadn't done it.

I'm was sure it was RuoLan.

But she said... wasn't.

Maybe that day...

...RuoLan and RuMei changed places.

Not just that day.

When we were kids...

...we must have switched back and forth a lot.

I wonder...

...when I started being RuMei.

Weird, huh?

Who was it who fell...

...from the swing?


I've got the scar.

It's a kind of resignation...

...that's brought me to these castle ruins.

How long are you staying?

I can stay here all day.

Let's go somewhere else.

All right.

You don't seem to care.

You're the one who brought me here.


...don't leave me alone.


Aren't i...


'No one loves another.

'He loves what he finds, or thinks he finds of himself in the other.

'Think nothing of it if you are not loved.

'They simply feel who you are, and you are a stranger.

'Be who you are...

'...whether you are loved or no.

'Firm in yourself, you will suffer little of sorrow.'

"No One Loves Another"

Why did you say she was RuoLan and not RuMei?

I knew.

You're here because you think that, too.

Did she show you the scar she got when she was a girl?

Yes, she did.

The one from when she fell off the swing, right?

Is that scar there?

Yes, it is.

So it's RuMei?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I heard the same story from RuoLan.

Did she have a scar there, too?


...i never saw.

The fact that... she showed me that scar ...doesn't prove she's RuMei.

To hell with it.

I don't care any more.

I'm sick of this.

Leave me out of it.

She should know.

No matter how identical they are... least she should know how to figure out who she is.

Where's RuMei?

She's gone.


I don't know.

Mauritius is so nice i don't want to come home.

Spending time alone with RuMei again...

...takes me back to when we were children.

No one knows either of us, but we tried switching clothes again.

I'm really glad we were born twins.

I feel that deep down.

I wonder what you're doing right now, Ryo.

I miss the sound of the clocks in your shop.

From now on...

...i want to treasure my time more.

Ryo, the next time i see you...

...I want to try living in 'now'.

Not five minutes behind, or five minutes ahead...

...but 'now'.




Those windows are beautiful.

Let's pray you'll be happy.

Let's go.