Flat 3A (2011) Script

Where is that girl's blood?


I'm currently at the scene... where an 11 year old girl...

Fatin Adiba, was reported missing... about two weeks ago.

She's a good daughter.

Fatin had never disobeyed me before.

Please help me.

Please don't let anyone take my child... please return my daughter!

She's all I have.

Help me, sir!

Akak, hurry up!

I wanna buy some sourplum.

You and your sourplums. Uncle!

I want this!

How much is this? 50 cent.

Let me take it out first.

50 cents? Fiqah!

50 cents. Thank you.

Are you going back to your hometown this year?

My hometown?

A moment.

I want to, I want to go for a holiday with Anas.

Sister, don't, you shouldn't.

Take my advice.

Please take care of yourself.

It's a sin to do this kind of thing.

Actually, I want to marry Anas.

If you say so, Fiqah!

I have to go.

Bye, see you soon. Happy New Year.

Do you want some? Yes.

Don't take too much. I'm starving.



Don't forget.

We'll be moving soon. I know.

Darling, don't do that.

I didn't mean to.

You purposely do that.


You promise me that you want to marry me, right?


We have to wait until I get the return on my investment before we get married.


I have something to tell you.

Listen. Wait.











It's so beautiful, darling.

Isn't it beautiful?

I want you to take this pill.

Take 5 pills, it'll come out by itself.

Take them.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

You listen here! Do you think that I want this child?

I want you to do an abortion, got it?

This is a sign of our love, darling.


This is not a sign of love!

You only told me when it's already 4 months old.


I'm willing to do anything for you.

Anything you say?

Did you hear that?

You're also responsible for this.

Let me go!

Ustaz. Please, teacher!

Let me go!

Let me go!

I will let you go.

But you must get out of this body.

I won't do that! Why not?

My master would kill me.

Repent and convert to Islam.

I will present you the Quran to ...

... protect the body from other pagan spirits.

There's no way I'm converting to Islam.

I will stay here.

If that's what you want ...

... with the help of God, I will read ...

... Quran until you perish!

Our son survived.

My dear boy.

You just rest here with Anas, alright?


I'm... Enough.

Ratna told me everything.

Forgive me, Iqah.

I'm not preventing myself from my responsibilities, but let us have a child once we're married.


I want to live someplace else, darling.

You want to move out?

You don't have to do that.

Since my abortion...

I feel like something has been following me.

I'm scared.

Fiqah, that's just your imagination. No.

I don't want to live here anymore, darling.

I don't want to remember all the things that I've done.

I want to start a new life.

Furthermore, Ratna has already found a house somewhere near our workplace.

It's easier for us to go to work.

Okay, darling?

Dear God.

If Fatin has passed away.

Show me the proof by letting that picture open.

I miss you.

I miss you.

Hi, sis.

Praise Be Upon You. What's happened, sister?

Come on, sis.

What you're doing now can be an accusation.

Accusation to you and our religion.

You think that I'm involved in witchcraft?

I still remember my belief.

I know.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy, right?

I don't care what other people say.

I just want you to be careful.

You'll destroy yourself later on. You've been fooled by the devil.

We're not powerful.

If the devil can bring back my daughter, it's fine by me.

Remember Allah.

I miss my daughter.

Which one is ours?

Block 4.

But this is 3A, not four.

It's the same, people who live here didn't want to call it four.

That means death.

Hi, hanging clothes again?

Yes, this morning's wash.

This again.

The tree trunk was fresh, Lah?

I'm losing it. Auntie.


Who is that? New tenants? Fast!

Yes, must be.

What about Suman, auntie?

I didn't know he'd moved out. I haven't seen him in ages.

Yes, apparently.



Whose flat is this?

Is it okay?

It looks a bit uncomfortable.

But, don't worry.

We'll clean it up together.

Come on in.

Fiqah, you can have that room if you want to.


Is it okay?


Why you're slamming the door? Sis!

I saw someone enter that room.

It's true.

I saw someone enter this room just now.

Then he slammed the door.

Wasn't it locked?

The owner told me that this door need to be locked.

He said that he want to put some unused furniture.

Don't think too much.

Let's continue cleaning.

Let's throw this away.

Don't do that. It's the owner's.

Don't touch it.

It's ugly.

Here. Thank you.

We finally finished cleaning up.

Thank you.

For getting me out of that house.

I don't want to live there anymore.

After what I've done, I...


The past is the past.

I don't know.

It'll be much easier if you can forget all about it.

I think that all of my sins, my wrongdoings, it's all coming back to me.


You want to know something? I've seen a lot of things.


Forget all that.

We've moved out.

This will be our new life.


Okay? Forget all that.

Does Anas know we moved?


Do you know?

He promised to marry me?

Did you brush your teeth just now?

You're the one who didn't brush yours, now you're accusing me?

Someone wants to go downstairs.

Your mouth stink like that garbage there.

Put your foot here.


Little girl, where's your house?

Why are you here at this time of night?

Have you seen my marbles?

This marble is yours?

Come, I'll follow you back home. Your mother will be looking for you.

It's not good to walk around this late.

After this we go to a movie?

What's wrong now?

You're afraid of a little girl?


You going to that tree again?

You want to wait until someone chop down that tree then only you're going to stop?

I'm not going to worship that tree.

I'm just going to clean up that compound.

After that...

I want to guard my daughter's toy so that no one can steal it.

Because after Fatin came back, she can play with it.

After all, it relieved my loneliness towards Fatin.

I've already mentioned about this before.

Your deeds make all the peoples here scared.

You won't be even getting Fatin back with what you're doing now.

So, your ways are better than mine?



You don't have to go.

You're able to help people who are sick and cursed.

But when your niece is missing for 3 months, you can't do anything about it.

It's not like I'm not trying.

Actually Fatin is already...

From day one until now, I've never stop praying to get to see her back.

Let everything clear, sis.

Improved. Healing.

Celebrations honoring the work of God.

I still want to go.

You're going to see Eko.

He's Fatin's friend.

I heard that he had been cursed and kept talking nonsense.

Delirious nonsense.

Someone had moved in at Kang Suman's house.

Take whatever is necessary.

Is there any soap left?


Din, how much is these?

I heard that your son had been cursed.

What's the story?

Praise to Allah, he's fine now.

He's fine now?

Is it true about Fatin's ghost?

Think before you go spreading those kind of stories.

But it's true, Din. It's not just me.

Other people saw the same thing.

It means that Fatin's girl is already dead.

Usually, the dead whose spirit... remains, becomes a ghost.


Both of you can stop saying that my daughter is dead.

If my daughter had died, where's her grave?


Both of you are evil.

My daughter has not died yet.

Poor woman.

It's your fault, Din. You gossip like a girl.

Because of you, she called me the same.



Sis, this got loose. I didn't do it on purpose.


How is this?


This is the girl I saw last night.

This girl.

Hey! Don't touch it.

Please don't touch this stuff.

All of these belong to Fatin.

She's going to play with it once she comes back.


No, aunt, we're not touching anything, we're just looking.

Go! I said go!

Go! Fiqah, come on!

Go! Come on, Fiqah!


You heard what the aunties at the shop said about Fatin just now, right?


Fatin, the girl that we saw at the tree just now.

I met her face to face. I sent her back home.

You think too much.

You're definitely sick.

Okay? Take this with you and go upstairs.

I'm going to check the mail, I'll be right there.

Okay? Don't take too long.

You just moved in right?

In flat 3A?

Are you Kang Suman's relative?

I'm just renting here, aunty.

I don't know anyone named Kang Suman. You don't know your landlord?

My friend is the one who rent it. I just came with her.



The flat that you stay in now is Kang Suman's flat.

He was a shaman in the area.

Everyone is afraid of him.

That guy is keeping something.

My son had seen it before.

What did he saw, aunty?

It's not just my son, I saw something too.

One day, I was sweeping, sweeping, sweeping... and I got to Kang Suman's door...


From that day on ... no one heard any news from Kang Suman.

I think that Yan's daughter who's missing has got something to do with him.

Ask your friend, from whom she rented the house?

Just be careful.

One, one I love mummy.

Two, two you love me too.

Three, three we love each other.

1, 2, 3 we love everyone.

Hey! Sis!

Hey, Fiqah! Why is this? Close the door!


What happened?

Fiqah Why? Why is this?

What happened?

Sister ...

I saw that girl.

She's here to find me.

Drink this, first. Drink it.

I've told you before.

Don't go out at this time.

Don't think like that.

There, there.

You're thinking nonsense.

Sister is here.


Can you accompany me?

To the main road in front.

I want to fetch Anas. I'm afraid to stay here.

Let me be the one who fetch Anas.

I don't want to.

I'm scared.

It's nothing, Fiqah.

You just sit here quietly.

Rest yourself.

I won't be long.

Don't take too long, okay?

Yes, sit quietly. I'll be going now.

Call me, okay? Yes, dear, I'll be going now, okay?

My shirt.

Where are you?

I'm from the main road.

Turn right.

Turn right?


See it?

Did they really live here?

What do you want from me?

What do you want?

What do you want from me?

Why do you guys live here? This is the only one left.

It's cheap.

Besides, it's close to work.

Don't you think this is a bit far out?








I'm shocked.

It's nothing.

Come in.

Typing this knowledge ...

... start Meranum.

If you feel like yourself ...

... without the intention of returning to this house ...

... and when the dowry ...

... is the life of someone you love.

Who do not know what you take.

What is all of this, Anas?

I invest it, dad.


Hey! Don't try to fool me.

You enjoyed yourself here and there, fooling around with women.

You gamble everywhere.


Do you think that gambling can make us rich?

You listen here.

Starting tomorrow ...

I'm cancelling all your checking accounts.

You won't get even a dime even after I die.

Take note on that.

Remember that.

This is my business partner's favorite ring, Kang.

He needs to be killed.

Where's Fiqah?

Her room is at the front.

Go and check her room to see if she's there.





I will not die!


I want to know from whom you rented this flat?

The owner rented it to us, including the furniture for cheap.

You fool, I didn't ask anything about that.

I want to know from whom you rented this flat!

Definitely from the owner.

It won't be from ghost.

I don't care but I want you to get out from this house.

Why do you care so much?

We're okay here.

Where's Fiqah?

Maybe she's downstairs.

If she comes back, I want you to ask her to call me back.




If you're facing with Allah later on, prepare yourself and your family with all the good deeds, knowledge and all of our doings on this earth Our good deeds, if there is, let us take care of it together.

This is clear in the Qur'an.

Take care of yourself, and your family from the all the torture in hell.

To all my friends.

It's clear now.

There's no such thing as ghost.

Ghost who wandering around.

Dead people who came back home. None of it's true.

Because these spirits all returned to God.

If there is one, this is all a lie from the devils.

Who wants to mock our faith.

Who wants to mislead our faith in Allah SWT.


My god, Wahyu. Hurry.

Help him.

My god.

Come on, we'll take him back.

Careful, Wahyu.

Mum, I want to go home.

Fatin, what happened to you?

Have you eaten? Where do you sleep?

That guy is the one who brought me for a walk, mum.

Ya Allah!



What is it, sis?

Wahyu, Fatin was here.

She says the man on top of that...

I already know.

I already know.

Ya Allah...

Where is he? Where is he, Wahyu?



Where are you going?

Fatin came to tell us where he is, sis.

I'm coming with.



Useless! You think I'm afraid of you, Kang Suman?

Today... you die!

You will not survive!

I will not die... while my ancestor's alive!

You don't have to go. It's dangerous.

Wait here.

If I don't come back in 15 minutes, you ask for help, okay?







Fiqah, I'm sorry.

I don't have the willpower to bear this anymore.

All my sins have come back to haunt me.

If you want to... words you heard...

I need blood from the mouth of that little girl.

This girl is dead.

You now have become a killer.

Fulfill your wish.

Come on!


Just put her in.


Your secret will not be reveal.

If you keep your promise.


50 percent would be mine.

Come on!

Lay down.

Open your mouth.

What is that?

You said you that want to kill your friend.

Your business partner.

That's your father!

How could you kill your own father?

Your father's a good man, you know?

But... Don't come near me.


Actually, Kang.

He's not my real father.

He never loves me since I'm a little boy.


I don't care.

Now, where's my money?

It's here.

I never break a promise, Kang.

There, Kang! This!


You will not survive.

I won't die because my spirits are still here.

I even killed my own father.

Who are you?


Allahu Akbar!

Ya Allah!



You stay there. Don't come here, it's dangerous.

Ya Allah.


Wake up.


Praise to Allah.

You definitely have come between you and us.


Get out Allah's creature.

You're just the devil that I can kill.

You can't.

You just want the body of the girl... who give birth once to make your spell stronger.

I won't let it happen.


I won't let her go.

I will count to five.

For you to beat me.


Fatin ...

Forgive Ratna...


Come on, sis.

She's gone.

Fatin's dead.

The one you saw is only the spirit.

Spirit that doesn't rest in peace.

This is all the devil's doing to fool us.

That guy.

He's the one who cause all this.


I did not know... that I lived with the devil.