Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (1952) Script

A Shochiku Film

The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice Screenplay: Kogo Noda Yasujiro Ozu Producer: Takeshi Yamamoto Cinematography: Yuharu Atsuta Production Design: Tatsuo Hamada Sound Recording: Yoshisaburo Senoo Lighting: ltsuo Takashita Processing: Ryuji Hayashi Editing: Yoshiyasu Hamamura Music: lchiro Saito


Shin Saburi Michiyo Kogure Koji Tsuruta Chishu Ryu Chikage Awashima Keiko Tsushima

Directed by Yasujiro Ozu

So who's in the movie?

Jean Marais. It sounds lovely.

Coming, Auntie? Not today.

Come on. It'll be fun.

Go by yourself.

That's Non!

Where's he going?

He's in no hurry.

He never is.

“Non Rides On a Cloud."

Oh, Nishi Ginza? Turn right in front of PX.

Want to visit Aya with me? Come on.

Come in.

This came from Hananoya.

Please pay it.

Mrs. Satake is here.


With her niece from Oiso.


Wrap this for me.

Come in.

Good day. Good day.

Hello Setsuko. Hello.

What did you do? When?

After we ate in Shinbashi.

Oh, that day? Setsuko and I wandered over to Owaricho.

We went to see kabuki, but had to stand.

You did? Was it good?

I've never stood before. We were high up.

It was like peering down a well.

Ebizo was this big.

But I liked it.

You did? That's good.

Oh, did you go there?


Ping! Rattle rattle.

Pachinko? We didn't.

Try it. It's great fun.

Don't. But it looks fun.

Take me. Don't! You mustn't.

You're a scary aunt.

Everything's fun at her age.

That's true. It's the best time.

How's that?

You'll know when you're married.

How come?

Husbands are always demanding something.

No time for pachinko.


Really. Mine never shuts up. Not really.

Fancy a coffee?

I'm full.

Auntie, I have to go.

Oh? Take care.

Going out? For a while.


The Piccadilly.

Oh, Jean Marais? Is he your type?

You like him? What about him?

His upper face? The lower half?

Got to go. Goodbye.

Stop by later. I'll treat you.

I mean it.

Lovely day.

It is. Shall we go out? Where to?

Maybe a hot spring?

Oh, overnight?

Fresh green leaves all around.

Shall we?

Right now? You can't?

I can, but... Your husband?

Any ideas?

-Ideas? To justify it.

Teacher's thank-you party? I've used that.

Hey, say Setsuko's ill.

III how?

After going to a thank-you party at a hot spring.

No way. That's too flimsy.

Don't worry. I'll run it by Setsuko later.

You'd hide her?

Right. She'll stay here while we're there.

Oh. You're a clever girl.

Heavens no. Little old me?

I'll tell my husband.

Where will we go? Hakone?


Yes, Shuzenji.

Hello? Toa Trading? Satake in Machinery please.

Thank you.

Which train?

We'll stop by your place first. 4:15 p.m.?


Oh, hello? Yes... Yes...

Is that so? What? No, it's fine.

Oh? Thank you.

Well? He's out.

With a client.

He is?

I wonder where?

"Machinery Dept. Chief"



Hello sir.

Waited long?

No, 30 minutes. Finished work?


Beer for me.

Exam topics?

Dulles' financial theory.

I'm not surprised.

How'd you do?


Heard of “C.P.S."?

“Consumer Price Survey," am I right?

Wow, you know it.

You didn't?


Will you pass?

Probably, I think.

If so, let's drink.

Will I be okay?

How would I know?

I'll be okay. Right?

Beats me. I don't work there.

That's cold.

If they hire you, tell your folks.

How old's your mom?

63 years old.

She's 63 now? Seems like yesterday...

...that I hung with your big bro in junior high.

His death in the war took its toll on her.

I see...

Nice suit.

Army surplus. Second-hand.

Nankinmushi-infested? No way!

What's nankinmushi in English?

Um... Peanuts?

That' s nankinmame.

It is? So it is.

Well, I won't have to vouch for you.

No, I'll be fine. They'll hire me. For sure.

I feel great.

You would at your age.


It's May. “We're young."

Gaudeamus igitur Juvenes dum sumus

Come in.

Mr. Satake's home.


Hello dear.


You're late. Out with a client?


I called you.


Why'd you call?

Are you hungry, dear?

No, I ate out.

We have yummy sea bream.

So, where were you?

I was heading out with a client, then Non came.

Oh? Will you have a bath?

Right away? I waited for you.

You shouldn't have.

Say... Say, dear...



I went to Aya's store today.

And then... Did you know?


She said Setsuko went to Shuzenji.

No, I didn't know.

I thought so. Neither did I.

Did anyone call for me?

No, no one did.

Anyway, Setsuko was at a teacher's thank-you party.

She got a sudden tummy ache.

Who did? Setsuko did.

She did?

Apparently, it hurt a lot. She was in pain.

Where? Her tummy.

Her appendix maybe?

Her appendix? That's serious. Will she be alright?

If swift action's taken.

Still, I'm worried.

Can I just leave her?

She'll be helpless on her own.

She's fond of me. She'll want to see me, the poor girl.

Yeah. Go see her.

You're sure?

What about the house?

It's okay. You can still make it.

It's alright. She can wait till tomorrow. I'll go then.

She'll be pleased.

Your niece from Oiso came.

Good evening.

Setsuko? You're here? I was late coming back.

Hello. Hello.

You're alright?

What a relief. We were so worried.

Didn't go to Shuzenji?


You. How's your tummy?

My tummy?

Is it better? It doesn't hurt? I heard it did.

I was so worried. And shocked.

Who do you mean?

You! I meant you.

This is strange. Who could it have been?

I don't get it. I was with her earlier.

You're so stupid.


Because you're here now!

So what?

You didn't go to Aya's? You promised.

Stupid girl.

Hello? Aya?

Setsuko just came here.

Yes, that's right.

I'm stuck now.

What? Right. Yes. Yes.

Who can be ill now?

What? What?

Is someone ill?

Go away. Be quiet.

Not you. Someone else.

What? Who? Takako?

Good idea! She'll be perfect.

What? Hello?

I'm on the line. I'm on the line.

Lovely day.

I feel great.

Take it easy. You've got appendicitis.

Oh yes. So I do.

No eating.

Here, Setsuko.

Delicious. It sure is.

Want some?

Take it easy. You've got appendicitis.

Stop saying that. I feel strange around here now.


Yes. It's tingling.

Excellent. Just what the doctor ordered.

Yes, you're following the script. Now I can relax.

Fancy some more pain?

Ow, that hurts.

Your hubby fell for it?

Yes, but it was close.

I wish he would figure it out.

It helps that he's dim, but it's annoying.

It's convenient.

He's dense? To put it bluntly.

He is. He's a bonehead. Bony McBonehead.

Bony McBonehead? Nice one.

Drink, Setsuko? Don't tell your uncle.

Darn right.

No, I won't.

Lucky you got appendicitis instead.

Lucky for you. Your turn next.

Hello? Really? One moment please.

It's Tokyo. Oh?

Hello? Who's this?

Fumi? ls my husband there? Get him for me.

He's home. Bony McBonehead.

Hello? Dear? It's me.

I arrived at Shuzenji around 5.

Takako does have appendicitis. Yes.

She was in pain, but she's fast asleep now.

What? No, she won't need an operation.

Yes, I should be home tomorrow. A little late perhaps. Yes.

Good night then. See you.

More sake? The warm stuff.

Hello? Sake please.

Oh, you were still on the line?

Good night. Take care.

Hello? I finished my call.

Sake please. Warm it up.

You're good.

A seasoned pro.

Setsuko, don't tell him. Keep quiet.

More? Warm sake's coming.

Say, let's sing something.


When the violet flowers bloom We skipped school to see that show. So many times.

That was the first time I met you I thought of you every night and day Back then I was filled with dismay When the violet flowers bloom My heart still beats out of tune What's wrong, Setsuko?

Something wrong, Setsuko?

I feel a little queasy.

Are you alright?

What is it?

Excuse me sir, shall I prepare your futon?


You can sleep. My wife's home tomorrow.

Did your brother make the National Police Reserve?

Yes, he passed the exam, thankfully.

Really? Glad to hear it.

Where's he going?

Sendai, I hear.

Your parents will miss your big brother.

Yes, but I have an older brother.

What does he do?

He's an elementary teacher.

Your parents will be fine then.

That's good. It works out for everyone.


Care for some tea, sir?

I'm fine. Get some sleep.

Yes sir. Good night.


I wish I'd seen this game. Four home runs.

I love walk-off home runs.

What's wrong, Setsuko?

My head still aches.

Of course it does. You got carried away.

You made her drink.

You had no choice.

No more drinking for you.

That's rich. What a hypocritical aunt.

Look at them! There are so many.

Oh, look at that!

Come over here! Quickly!

What? Quickly!


What is it?

Look at that one. What?

The black one. Remind you of anyone?

The big sluggish one.

Don't say that.

It's just like him.

No it's not, right?

It's too late to be nice.

There. This one? It does look like him.

Who? Uncle?

Don't say it!

Bony McBonehead! Good morning!

Bony McBonehead, eat this!

Eat this, Bony McBonehead!

The others ate it.

Eat this! Eat this!

Same again.

You're so dull. Tough luck!

Uncle couldn't eat any. I pity him.

Dear! Don't complain if you get hungry at work!

Where's your briefcase? Don't have it?

Setsuko, bring his briefcase!

Fumi! My uncle's briefcase!

Oh, your necktie's crooked again.

Get a haircut after work.

You're awful.

I'm lucky there are no bald carp.

He ate it! Uncle finally ate!

See that skinny long light blue one? Looks like my hubby.

Yes, a little.

"Bonjour, mon cher petit.“ Dear, don't swim there and catch a cold.

Where's your husband?

Back in Paris again. He was in Lyon.

I wish mine would go somewhere. Far away.

Far like where?


Out of my sight.

Here we go. Taeko's hysteric. You're so fickle.

The weather's lovely.

One more night?

I'm fine until Tuesday.

Why Tuesday?

Baseball at Korakuen.

Taeko? How about you?

Third, left fielder Miyake, uniform number 27.

Fourth, center fielder Bette, uniform number 25.

Hey! Your husband's here.

Oh, so he is.

He didn't tell me.

He's alone?

Looks like it.

That's odd. Why?

He's not much of a fan.

He's going to smoke.

Can't find a match.

Oh, he has company.

Who? Don't know.

Where's she from?

Shinbashi? Doesn't seem so.

Akasaka? No, Nishi Ginza.

Nishi Ginza?

He goes to a bar there. That'll be it.

She's pretty.

Hey, you look pale. Rubbish.

You're ornery. Not at all.

They look chummy.

Aren't you mad? Of course not.

Good for you.

I'll make him buy me something.

Like that kimono.

He has no idea how much this game will cost him.

Serves him right.

He can't catch a break. Poor guy.

Attention please.

Taeko Satake of Mejiro. Taeko Satake.

Please return home at once.

What for? Why?

Why indeed?

Taeko Satake of Mejiro. Taeko Satake.

Please return home at once.

Welcome home ma'am.

Welcome home ma'am.

What's going on?

Your niece from Oiso is here.

So you called?

No ma'am, your niece did.

You're back. Hello.

What's wrong?


What? You made me sweat, calling me home like that.

Fumi! Something cold to drink!

Thank you.

For what? Shuzenji.

What was so urgent?

Have you heard? About what?

An arranged marriage for me.

What, that's all? Then do it.

No. I don't want to. Anything but that.

Don't be silly! Do it. You have to.

You agree with Mother?

I do.

No. It's insulting.

I can't stand it.

You can't be single all your life. Think of your age.

I'm 21. 23 in the old system.

I won't marry yet, especially if it's arranged.

Don't be silly.

Why should I? How do you feel?

About what?

Are you happy?

I'm happy.

Liar. You're not happy. It's plain to see.

I asked Mother. She said your marriage was arranged.

So what?

So you're mismatched.

How so? Many ways.

We're well-matched.

You're mismatched.

Why did you lie about Shuzenji then?

I wanted to go. You came along too.

Why not tell him the truth?

You're too young to understand.

Then I'll never grow up!

You compared him to a big sluggish black carp.

Poor Uncle.

Enough. No more trips with you.


I'd never badmouth my husband. I'd never marry such a man.

I'll find someone. I hate arranged marriage!

Come in.

You're so naive.

You'll know one day.

I don't want to know.

I'd never call my husband “Bony McBonehead” around others.

The president wants you.

Me? Yes sir.

Hello sir. It's been a while.

You wanted me?

Your father-in-law's here. Sit down.

I came to see Okawa here.

I hear you're busy.

How's business?

Well, I think things will remain static till autumn.

Oh, I see.

Come in.

You have a visitor.

Me? Yes sir.

Right, I'd better go. Forgive me.

Oh, hey.

Could you tell Taeko to come to Oiso?

I will. Excuse me.

I'm thinking of sending Satake abroad.

You are?



What's up?

I got hired.

You did? Congrats. That's great.

Please be my guarantor.

Yeah, sure.

Are you busy today?

How come? Let's celebrate.

On me? No, on me.

Sounds fishy.

Leave it to me.

How come?

I know a great fried pork place.

Cutlets this big. And cheap too.

Come back around 5.

Really? I'll wait outside then.

Until later.


“Pachinko The Sweet & Sour School of Life”

That place is tasty, isn't it?

Yeah, tasty. I'm stuffed.

Their crab omelet's great too.

It is?

Fancy one? No more for me.

Hey! Number 7's jammed!

Come to my place then.

You're good.

It's my light touch.

So, will you come?

I'll take a rain check.

Your wife's that scary?

No, but...

It went in.


It's jammed.

It's jammed?

Hey! Number 18's jammed!

Don't bang on it.

But it's jammed.

Banging won't fix it.

Which hole?

This one.

Hey! Honcho!

Oh, it's you.

Fancy meeting you here. Good to see you.

Yeah, long time no see.

Please, come out back.


Who's he?

We served in the same unit.


Please, come with me.

You too. Come on. Come on.

Come in, please.

Hey, we've got guests!

Here, sir. Thanks.

Have a seat.

It's been a while.

It sure has. You haven't changed a bit.

Neither have you. You look well.

Hardly. I look old.

My wife.

I owe this man.

Thank you so much.

No, thank you.

Hey, I bumped into Takahashi at Shibuya Station.

You did? I met Fujita recently, in Ginza.

Wow. Fujita moved to Tokyo too?

Yeah. He's fixing cars in Mikawajima.

Is he now?

Have a drink.


I never expected this.

Same here.

I opened this place a year and a half ago.

Thanks to your banging, I met Honcho again.

Oh, sorry about that.

No, forget it.

I'm pleased. Very pleased.

How's business? Booming, it seems.

No, just middling.

But I think it'll go downhill sooner or later.

It's a mug's game.

It grows on you quickly though.

Really? You play much?

No, today's my first time.

How about you?

I play now and then.

Drop by again sometime.

Yes, I certainly will.

You mustn't.

No, you mustn't. Its popularity alarms me.

I regret it.

Here, have some more.

You too.

More? No.

It'll get more popular yet. It's fun.

It is? A game like this shouldn't be fun.

It won't do society any good. It's abhorrent.

You think? It's abhorrent.

Anyhow, those were grand days in Singapore.

They were. But I've had my fill of war. No more.

So have I. No more. Never again.

What's happened to North Bridge?

Yeah. I wonder.

I loved those palm groves.

Yeah. Beautiful skies. The stars were so clear at night.

They sure were.

Those stars. The Southern Cross. I loved them.

I loved them so much.

“I'll lead the charge," you boldly said My comrade-in-arms who so bravely died Carrying your remains I forge ahead Into the morning streets of Singapore Look, my comrade All is now calm The Southern Cross over the Malacca Strait As we advanced through day and through night We gazed out together at those stars I see now


Grandpa! Auntie's here from Tokyo!

Huh? Oh, she is?

Come on! Come in!

Yes, I will soon.

Hurry! Hurry!

I told him!

Thanks dear.

So, what's he like?

Born in Sweden. The son of a diplomat.

Really, Sister-in-law? You met him?

No, not yet.

But my husband has. At Keio University.


Good day.

Oh, welcome.

I've asked her to go.

Take Setsuko. The Togeki Theater?

No, kabuki.


Oh, I sent you the usual.

Thank you.

Don't waste it. Mokichi needs it too.

I'm careful with money.

You are? That's a relief.

So Taeko, does this Sunday suit you?

It does. But has Setsuko agreed to a marriage meeting?

Yes, she did last night. At last.

Brother persuaded her?

Yes. She protested at first, till he told her off.

Really? She agreed?


Just like I did. It was Father who persuaded me.

You cried, didn't you?

Did I? How about Setsuko?

She sulked in her room, then left early this morning. She's a headache.

Things were so different in our day.

They were. She reads a lot of translated books.

I tried reading one once, and it shocked me. Books these days...


“Musume Dojoji"

Did you find Setsuko?

I couldn't.

The restroom?

She isn't there. I checked.

Where did she go?

The cafeteria?

Oh, of course.

Let's go look.


Thank you.

I won't betray your trust.

That'd be nasty. Don't worry.

Fancy going out?

It's fine and refreshing. Let's go.

You go there often?

Yes. It's a lot of fun.

I bet on strategic racers.

I love it when they break away in the last lap.

It's more lively and thrilling than pachinko.

Alright, I'll try it.

Yes, let's go.

It's great. And fun. It's the ultimate.

Pachinko can't compare.

But it's quite addictive.

Is it?

How can I put it?

Among all the other players, you forget yourself.

You can truly be alone.

It's just you and the balls.

You flick them, and your troubles go away.

You're the balls, and they're you.

It's pure solitude.

That's what I like.

The blissful isolation.

Is that so? Then you'll love cycle racing.

The balls are the racers.

Watching punters is fun too. Like a microcosm of life.

You don't say.

Hey, Fumi.


Been here long?

Just got here.

Yes sir? I'm going out.

Didn't you go to your marriage meeting?

I did, but I pretended to go to the restroom, and left.

Without telling anyone?


That was rude. They'll be looking.

It's alright.

No it isn't. It's rude.

But arranged marriage is uncivilized.

So what if it is? You were rude. Go back.


They'll be looking. No.

Let's go.



You must go. Come on. Let's go.


You must.

Oh, hello.

Are you coming? Yeah.

Come, I'll take you.


The Kabuki-za.


Let's go. Come. Come on, let's go.

Let's go. Come on.

Now everyone, it's time for the sixth race.

What's Setsuko's suitor like?

Well, I don't know. Haven't met him yet.

Is Setsuko embarrassed?

Others her age usually aren't.

Were you?

Yeah, a little embarrassed.

You were? I bet I will be too.


Found you at last.

Why are you here?

I came again.

You shouldn't have. You'll regret it.

I don't mind.

You should. I don't.

Oh, it's starting.

This is great.

Who've you got?

Red and black.

Red's no good.

He's ahead! Amazing!



Setsuko, go home.

Not yet. I'm okay.

How am I doing?

That's enough. Go home.

Not yet. I've finally got the hang of it.

How's it going? Scoring?

Well, so-so.

Try number 4.

Hey, try number 4. It's a good 'un.

Setsuko, please go home.

Not yet.

You're on your own. I'm going.

Go on then.

You're incorrigible. I'm really going.

Go on then.

How's that?

I'm going now.

You are?

Take her to the station.

Sure, I will.

Bye then. Goodbye.

You're going?

Yeah. Early start tomorrow. Bye.

Thanks for coming.

Setsuko, go home already.

Okay. Goodbye.

It was your idea to come. Don't say you were with me.

Yes, I know.

You're sure?


Number 16's jammed.

”Ramen noodles"

They're hot.

Hot's tastiest. Really?

Setsuko, why did you run away?

I don't want to do it. It's archaic.

Why not check him out? Sounds fun.

Not to me.

Are you sure? He might be a real catch.

I don't care.

Are you sure?

Arranged marriage isn't necessarily bad.

How so?

It depends on what the guy's like.

I don't love him.

That comes later. I'd check him out.

If he's handsome, I'd swoon.

So, you're easy.

What's wrong with that? Easy's best.

No. Maybe for a dog or a chicken.

Listen Setsuko. You think you're complicated, but in God's eyes, you're just an animal.

How is it? Tasty?

Yes. Yummy.

The key to ramen is the soup.

It's gotta be tasty, and cheap.

It does?

Lots of other places are too.

We'll have yakitori next time.

Yes, take me.

You might get scolded.

Auntie doesn't scare me.


Seconds? No, I'm full.

You are?

Hey! Another bowl. Heavy on the soup.

Setsuko came here?

Yeah. When?

An hour after you left. So I took her to the Kabuki-za.

She didn't come. We looked hard.


What on earth was she thinking?

Her suitor was there. It was rude of her to do that to him.

She's thoughtless.

Well? Don't you think? She's reckless.

It was wrong of her.

Her parents are too lax. That's why she's headstrong.

Lay down the law. No soft-sell.

Please do it. She needs it.

Yeah. You're right.

Lay down the law. You have to.

Yeah. I will.

No more antics like today. I got all sweaty.

Yeah, she's a headache.

She is. Indeed.


Oh, you came? When? You didn't go home?

Mother will tell me off if I do.

Your aunt's angry too.

I can handle her better. Mother never shuts up.

Has Auntie gone to bed?

She'll be up.

Don't tell her I came.


Oh, Auntie. Good evening.

What was today about?

I'm sorry.

I won't forgive you!

Dear, give Setsuko a scolding!

Lay down the law!

Setsuko, sit down.

Sit down.

What you did was wrong.

Your suitor was there. You had to go.

It was rude to him, reckless, and thoughtless.


You're acting foolishly. You need to think. Think more.

It's a crucial time for you. Time to grow up.

Exactly. Open your ears!

Listen, we're all worried about you, but you act so selfishly...

That's not fair, Uncle.

I said you'd regret it.

Like you're so innocent.

Well, never mind.


I ended up winning all this. I gave half to Non.

There's lots left.

I'll go again.

The trick is to do it gently.

You do it like this, then slowly let go.

It goes around...


You were with Setsuko today?

Why did you lie? Why?

Well, I didn't...

You didn't what?

I didn't lie.

Meaning what?

I just... didn't tell you.

That's the same! You knew about her meeting.

I did. That's why I took her back.

She didn't come!

It's true, Auntie. He took me.

Then where were you?

Where'd you go? Well?

It doesn't matter.

It does! Why wouldn't it?

She didn't want to go, so...

So what?


So what? So what?

If we force her to get married, we'll just be creating another couple like us.

So that's it? I get it now. Loud and clear.

What now, Uncle?


Yeah, whatever.

Wow. When was that?

10 days ago.

You're not talking? No.

How's he taking it?

I think he wants to talk.

Two days ago, he came home drunk and banged on my bedroom door.

I pretended to sleep, and he kept saying “Honey!” How do you resist giving in?

I wouldn't last two days.

No no, I don't want to talk.

That's hypocritical. You lied too.

What couple doesn't lie to each other? Everyone does.

Do they? I'm sure there are exceptions.

Some couples don't lie.

You're wrong.

If they don't, they've given up. They can't be bothered.

You two aren't that bad.

Not that bad? Rubbish.

You're spoiled, and too finicky.


Back in school, you never came on bad hair days, and wore long skirts no matter what.

Why dredge that up?

No, you haven't changed. You've always got to have your way.

With skirts, and men. You're pig-headed.

Come in.

Oh, hello. Hello.

Is your husband well?

He is.

Hey, come here.


I need 5,000.

What for?

Just get it.

I envy your amity.

Here. Thanks.

Right, excuse me.

Hey. wait!



About that. What? This?

Go home. Quietly.

I envy your husband.

Don't. He's a handful.

He is?

Yours is fine. You're just selfish.

That's not it. It is.

Your complaining only proves you love him.

I do not.

Yes you do, or you'd have left him long ago.

You don't get it.

Get what?

How I feel.

I do get it.

You don't. I'm going.

Don't go yet. Please...

Come in.


Mr. Satake's waiting to eat.

I'm coming.

Mrs. Satake's coming.

Serve me some. I'm starving.

Oh, hello. I couldn't wait.

You won't eat?



Don't eat like that.

I forgot.

You always eat that way?

Fumi, does he always eat like a dog wolfing down chow?

Say yes.

I do when you're not here.

I told you it disgusts me.

Yes, you did. I forgot.

Please stop it.

I will. I poured it on without thinking.

She told me off.

Do they eat like that back home?

They do.

In Saitama?

Yes sir.

In Nagano too.

But not in Tokyo?

It tastes so good.

You don't here?

I don't, sir.

Why not?

Mrs. Satake hates it.


Who is it?

It's me.

You won't eat?

No thank you.

Where's my wife?

Taking a bath, sir.

Oh? Tell her to go upstairs afterwards.


Yes ma'am?

You wanted me?

Yeah. Have a seat.

No. Say your piece.

You're in a bad mood.

No. I'm not at all.

Have a seat.

No. I'm fine.

Well, I'm sorry about before.

I didn't know you hated it so much. I'll stop.

No, please keep doing it.

No, I'll stop.

I was brought up that way. I didn't know better.

That it's bad.

I didn't say it was bad.

No, I'll stop.

But, why are you always like that?

Like what?


Take cigarettes. You hate me smoking Asahis, but I like them.

They're not only cheap, they taste good.

Trains too. You hate me riding third class, but I like it.

It puts me at ease.

So do my old favorites, Asahis.

I'm fond of the box too.

It's all to do with the way I grew up.

I beg your pardon. I didn't grow up that way.

No, I'm at fault. You're fine the way you are.

Asahis wouldn't suit you.

We all have our own habits.

In my case... How should I put it?

I like intimate and primitive things, without modesty or constraints.

Is that so?

If I'm in a hurry, I'll catch a plane.

If it's faster, I'll ride first class.

That's enough.

Then I'll stop.

You might not like it, but I'd rather be casual.

So do I. I'll be more casual from now on.

I'll ride trains as I like.

That's more casual to me.

Hey, another thing.

No more! Actually...

Ladies and gentlemen, we will soon stop at Hamamatsu, at 12:20 p.m., in five minutes time.

The doors will open on the left side.

The train will stop for five minutes.

We are scheduled to arrive in Nagoya at 2:04 p.m., Kyoto at 4:22 p.m., and Osaka at 5 p.m.

The president wants you.


Yes sir?

There's a seat on a flight to Uruguay in two days.

Oh. I see.

Can you go? I know it's sudden.

Yes, it's fine.

Really? You're our man then.

General Affairs has info.

I see.

Sorry it came out of nowhere.

It's fine. I'll go.

Oh, hey.

Take the day off to prepare.

Let's do lunch tomorrow.

See you then.

Yes sir. Excuse me.

Welcome home, sir.

My wife?

She left after you this morning.

She left?

She told me to give you this when you came home.

“For the time being, I shall do as I please."

When's she coming back?

Oh, in a few days.

Telegraph office? Telegram please.

This is Ochiai Nagasaki 1025. Correct.

The address is Kobe City, Suma Ward... As in Suma Akashi.

Rikyu Street, 32.

Taeko Satake, care of Hideko Murayama.


Message: “Work matter." M-a-t-t-e-r.

“Work matter. Come home." Line break. “Mokichi.” Yes, that's all. It's urgent.

That's right.


I have to go overseas. Don't we have a trunk?

You do, sir. Er, what about Mrs. Satake?

I sent her a telegram. Get that trunk.

The one like this.

Where is she?

I wonder? It's time.

She won't make it.

So, Honcho's gone.

I'm glad it's such a fine day.

Should we wait longer?

I guess so.

You can go. I'll wait a while.

She has to come home.

Did you send a telegram?

Yes, yesterday.

Then she should've come.

She's thoughtless. What's she doing?

Oh, she's back!

Welcome home, ma'am.

Welcome home. Rather late, isn't it?

Good to see you.

What were you doing?

You're too late.

Auntie, Uncle's gone.

What were you doing?

Uncle looked so lonely.

You saw her telegram?

I did.

Why did you go to Suma?

Why shouldn't I? I wanted to go.

You should've rushed back.

I wasn't in. I was in Kobe with Hideko.

Everyone was worried because you didn't come.

How could I? I didn't know.

Mokichi sent you a telegram two days ago. Didn't you see it?

I did.

Then why not come?

It just said “Work matter." It's his fault for sending that.

It was a telegram. You should've returned. You'd have made it.

Forget it. I don't care.

Oh? You obviously don't.

I don't.

Oh? You don't care?

Setsuko, I'm leaving.

You are? So will I.

Goodbye. Goodbye.



Did he say anything?

No ma'am, he didn't.

Who is it?

Mr. Satake has returned.

I'm fine. Sleep.


Hi. The plane broke down.

Oh? You were flying to Uruguay?

Yeah. Montevideo.

What happened to the plane?

Engine trouble two hours in.


I fly out tomorrow.

I'm exhausted.

What time tomorrow?

9 a.m.

When did you return?

About two hours after you left, I think.

Really? How was Suma? Fun?

I won't do that again.

Do what?

Go far away without telling you.

You can. That's you.

No, I won't.

I saw your first telegram, but I didn't know what you meant by it.

You didn't? Sorry about that.

It's all so sudden. Didn't you know?

It was on the cards. I wanted to tell you, but...

...you'd been in such a bad mood.

Still, you should've told me.

Yeah. It surprised me too though.

Were you up early?





Oh? Will you eat?


So will I.

Yeah? Let's go down.

Aren't you cold?

No, I'm fine.

We shouldn't wake Fumi.

Know where everything is?


Bowls and chopsticks.

We'll find them. Let's go look.


No, tea over rice.

Tea over rice?

We've got takuan.

Isn't that the servants'?

How about this?

No, tea over rice.

Ah, here's the rice. Is it enough?

It is. Now we just need pickles.

What a noisy sleeper.

It's Yone.

Where's the nukamiso?


Shall I?

It's alright.

Got it.

What is it?

I wonder?

Watch your hands. I'm fine.

Get some bowls.


Hey, did we forget anything?


Soy sauce.

Do you mind?

Hey, the rice.



Really? I'll have some.

I reek of nukamiso.

You do?

Your hand's shocked.

It's yummy-

Yes, it's delicious.

What's wrong?

What is it?

I feel awful.

What for?

Till now, I...

You what?

I didn't know.

I'm so sorry.

It's like you said.

Intimate and primitive, without modesty or propriety.

I realize that now, at last.

It's no big deal. Forget about it.

No, it is a big deal. It's important.

I'm so stupid.

It's okay, really. I'm glad you understand me.

Eat up.

That's tea over rice. The flavor of it.

Marriage should be just like it.

You're right.

I didn't know, until now.

Hey, that's okay.

You know, I'm so glad I could come home tonight.

I am too. I'm so glad you came home.

It's okay. It's okay now. I'm glad you understand me.

He left the next morning?

You sent him off?

No, I didn't. Oh?

Just me. I sent him off.

You did?

How were you?

Surprisingly okay.

Really? I'm impressed. I was a mess.

The thing is though, we ate tea over rice together.

Yeah? With your hubby?

Yes. After that, I cried.

Wow. That's rare for you. Did you wail? Or whimper?

I whimpered, then wailed.

I apologized for many things, then he told me to stop.

But I wanted to.

Then he said he'd heard enough.


I looked, and saw his eyes had welled up.

I said “Don't cry! Men don't cry!"

He said “Don't you get it? I'm happy."

“In all our time together, I've never been happier than now."

I said “I was an idiot. I'm so sorry I didn't realize sooner."

I bawled my eyes out.

My heart felt clearer, and my body felt lighter.

Setsuko, you okay?


Is it time?

Yeah, it's time.

Don't say it yet.

Men are so complicated.

We only know our husbands at home.

They're like tortoises without their shells.

Outside, they race hares and piggyback Taro Urashima.

We only see a fraction of them.

You're right.

You called yours “bonehead.” He knew everything. I was shocked.

He knew about Shuzenji.

What did he say?

“Become a better liar, or a poor truth-teller. At least I won't worry."

I'm worried. I should go.

What is it?

I lied about where I was going.

See you.

I'll go home too.

And Setsuko?

She's fine.

No, I'll go too. Non's going to treat me.

Sit down. You can make him wait.

Good day.

Good day.

Setsuko, do you know?


Think hard. Think hard when choosing a husband.

It's permanent.

His taste in neckties or clothes doesn't matter one bit.

What's the right word? Above all else, a man should be reliable.

I didn't know that.

But now, I love the things I used to hate about him.

There's no better husband around.

Why are you laughing? Don't be cheeky. Heed my words.

Yes ma'am.

Oh well. I wonder what he's doing in Uruguay right now?

End of lecture.

You're horrible, Auntie. I'm going.


Don't go yet.

I've heard enough.

Really? That's sweet. She loves him that much?

Yes. Very.

Very sweet. She's right too.

Taste in neckties and clothes isn't important.

This is army surplus. This was someone else's.

Oh? So what?

Well, this'll do for clothes. A man has to be reliable.

You're saying you are?

I wonder.

Don't doubt me. I guarantee it.

You've only seen me without my shell.

You only know a fraction of me.

I hate your arrogance.

It's no use hating me.

You'll come around. You'll regret it. I know.



The End