Flightplan (2005) Script



David, could we just sit in the courtyard for a minute?

Just a minute?



What, sweetie?

Where's my room gonna be?

I thought we'd share a room for a while.

Would you like that?

My old room, from when I was a kid.

You need to go back to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow.

You doing OK, Jules?

We're almost there, sweetie. Come on.


I don't wanna go out there.

It's OK, honey. I promise. I'm scared.

What if I hid you?

Would that be OK?

Like on my shoulder, under my coat?

The whole way? Yeah, the whole way.

What kind of food do they have? On the airplane?

In America. Grandma and Grandpa.

The best.

Do they have toast? Of course.

Welcome to Berlin International Airport.

Do not leave your luggage unattended.

Unattended luggage is subject to collection and search by airport police.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Julia, how many times do I have to tell you... not to wander away in public places?

How many times? I was hungry.

Honey, it doesn't matter. You scared me to...

Look, you really worried me. Sorry.


What kind of snack do you want?

You want this one?

It's so big. It's the biggest.

What kind is it, Mom?

It's an E-474. It's brand new.

Did you make it?

See those huge engines? Mommy helps make 'em work.

Those men could fall.

Don't worry, honey. They're not gonna fall.

But they could.

Aalto Flight 9583.

Passengers with small children, please proceed to Gate...

OK, that's us. Ready?

Can I hold my own ticket? Sure.

You carry it until we get on the plane, OK?

26, and on the right-hand side.

Yeah. There we go. Right here.

Welcome to Aalto Airlines.

Stop. Wait, stop. No pushing. It didn't even hit me.

Stop it.

Can we have our candy? No candy on this flight.

I'm holding onto it.

Here we go. All right, so we're row 25.

Do you see what's going on with your kids?

How will we work this out? Guys, stop.

Dad. Why does she get everything all the time?

We like her more. We want you to calm down, OK?

Calm down.

Enjoy your flight.

Hi. Welcome aboard. Right this way. Thank you.


Excuse me. Ma'am?

I've got two questions for you. What are the movies?

And how loud do these headphones go?

Never quite loud enough?

I wish you guys would do that with bricks.

That way it would end faster.

Those empty seats in the back are starting to look attractive.

Thank you. Guys, stop it.

Hi, Stephanie. Hey, Bill.

Could be some high maintenance in row 25.

I heard 'em.

I think the people two planes away heard them.

Tell the new kid it's OK to laugh about the passengers.

It's OK to hate the passengers.

They've just shut down Frankfurt.

Thank God we aren't going to Frankfurt.

We may not be going anywhere.

Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the delay this evening.

We should be taking off shortly.

Bob, what was that?

I don't know. It's nothing to worry about.

They have to nick the ice off or the air won't pass over the wing properly.

You just sleep, honey.

And when you wake up, we'll be somewhere else.

We'll be in New York.

Daddy, too?


Daddy, too.

I love this part.

You OK? Do you want me to get the steward?

How'd you like a whole row to yourself?

Last couple of rows are empty.

We could take a few seats and we could stretch out.

Would you like that?

Honey, I fell asleep.

Are you watching this movie?


Not too funny.

Course at 36,000ft you can't just up and walk out of the theatre.

Did you see a little girl go by here? No, sure didn't.

My daughter...

How long have we been flying? Three hours. Maybe a little more.

Can I help you? I'm looking for my daughter.

There's a girl in the lounge. Thank you.

No, she's six, my daughter.

You probably saw us. I was carrying her aboard.

Of course. Yes.

She hasn't been up here. Sorry.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

She has sandy hair in a ponytail.

She's probably carrying a chenille bear with one arm.

She probably just found a couple of kids to play with.

Two Bloody Marys.

Here you go, ma'am. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Would you mind using the other aisle?

I'm just looking for my daughter. Well, she can't have gone too far.

Fine, I'll go around.

Your juice. Thank you.

Pardon me.


Is something wrong? I'm looking for my daughter.

Have you seen her walking by or...

I don't think so. How old is she?

She's six. No, I never saw her.

Can I help you, ma'am?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to interrupt.

It seems our aircraft is big enough to lose a child in.

Her name is Julia Pratt.

She's six years old and wearing a navy blue jumper.

If she's near you or playing with one of your kids, please press the call button.

We've got an anxious mom up here. Thank you.

All children should have to wear a cowbell.

Someone must've seen her.

Any takers?

We've got to search the plane. I don't know how to organize that.

Miss Pratt, I am sure she's perfectly OK.


No, she's not.

She's been through something. She's not herself right now.

Can we get the seat-belt signs on? We're getting ahead of ourselves.

There's nine closets on this plane. There's four up and five down.

And nobody's checked any of them.

There's galleys, crew quarters.

There's the holds. Kids can find places like that.

I just need the aisles clear so I can look, OK?


I'm gonna have to ask you to go back to your seat.

But I tell you what. I will personally go and speak to the captain... and see if he can step away from the flight deck. All right?

Are you in the airline business?

You seem to know aircraft design.

Yeah, I'm a propulsion engineer. I work for Elgin Air.

I mean, I just left.

Based in Berlin?

I know you're just trying to keep me calm.

But the problem is not that I'm anxious.

The problem is my daughter is missing and nobody can tell me where she is.

I'm sorry.

Do you have any kids?

Do nieces count? Yeah, almost.

They hate playing hide and seek with me because I always find them.

So, fear not.

Did you guys see my little girl?

You're the one they made the announcement about?

I didn't even know you had a kid with you. Did you?

Sorry, I didn't.

Maybe you could help me look for her.

Cool. Awesome. I'm so bored.

Sorry, no.

Why not? Dad, she's lost.

How lost can she be? We're in a tube.

Turn around.

I'm sure the captain will be here any minute.

Excuse me. I'll be right back.



You the one who came up with the five-across seating?

Miss Pratt. What's wrong?

Who's she talking to? We'll get to the bottom of this.

Is she all right? Did something happen to her? She's hurt.


Do you know where my daughter is? What aren't you telling me?

What aren't you telling me? Say it.

Miss Pratt, I'm sorry but I don't think that she's here.

What? We don't...

Ma'am, we don't have any record of your daughter ever having been on board.

What are you talking about?

The departure gate say they never checked a Julia Pratt onto this plane.

Of course they did.

She was right next to me.

We were the first two passengers on the plane.

We must have walked right past you.

Ma'am, this is our passenger manifest. Your daughter isn't on it.

We walked right past you.

Row 26. I put her in the seat next to me, 26A.

The manifest lists 26A as unoccupied and I did the headcount myself.

So you missed one. What does that have to do with finding her now?

You want to see her boarding pass? If you wouldn't mind.

I put it right in my pocket.

I put both boarding passes in my pocket.

Her backpack's missing.

She couldn't have reached up there by herself. She's not tall enough.

Somebody has her. That's quite an assumption.

How else could her stuff disappear? Can you think of a way?

I have to talk to the captain. I can't guarantee he'll see you.

People do things to little girls. Sick things. You know that.

I need to talk to the captain.

Get back to your seat. Someone has my daughter.

Captain, I need to speak to you.

You're a threat to the safety of this aircraft.

I'm not a threat. I'm an air marshal. Can I let you go?


Gene Carson. Are you hurt?

I just need to see the captain. I understand.

But that's his call, not yours.

All clear, captain.

The departure gate had no record of her?

No, sir. I had them double check.

And there's no boarding pass. There was but it was taken from me.

You were working the entry door, is that right?

Yes, captain. Did you see the girl?

I don't...

I don't remember either way, sir.

Sir, I did the count myself. 26A was empty.

Did you tell him about the bear? The bear?

It was under her blanket. She wouldn't have walked away without it.

Have you had anything to drink on this flight? Anything alcoholic at all?


Are you under any medication?

I have sleeping pills with me just like every other passenger on board.

And I'm carrying Klonopin.

For anxiety. I took two this morning.

I see. How long have you been on them?

I'm not on them. How long?

I filled the prescription a week ago.

When my husband died.

My daughter and I are bringing his body back to Long Island for burial.

There is a casket in the hold, sir, from Kaiser Wilhelm Hospital.

He fell six days ago from the roof of our building.

Does anybody on board remember seeing her?

Passengers in her row? No one has said so, sir.

There are 32 children on the manifest. They've all been accounted for.

You were seated near her, Mr. Carson, right?

That's right. Did you see her?

No. I didn't.

Think about what you're suggesting, captain.

That I imagined bringing her on board... and that I'm now pretending to look for her.

Does that make any sense? Can you think of a reason why I would do that?

I'm not drunk, I'm not loaded, I'm not looking for attention.

There are protocols about these things.

If a pilot has an inaccurate passenger manifest, he must land the plane.

A bear does not constitute an inaccurate passenger manifest.

I'm telling you it's inaccurate. That means you have to search the plane, just like you would if it was your own child that was missing.

Julia's only six years old.

She's not in good shape right now. She's scared of everything.

I had to put her under my coat today just to get her in the car.

But she did get in that car. She got on this plane like every other person here.

And I fell asleep.

Which I should never have done. But she was right next to me.

I was holding her hand when we took off.


You've got to help her.

Get the lights up.

Get every passenger seated. No one in the toilets. No exception.

Look for her backpack, her boarding pass.

Check every closet, every bin.

Are there any more questions?

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the inconvenience... but the captain requests that all passengers return to their seats.

We'll turn off the seat-belt sign in a minute.

Can you fasten that seat belt, please, ma'am? Thank you.

I don't see what the fuss is about.

It's not like she lost her Palm Pilot.

A six-year-old girl climbing into avionics?

This is really silly.

This is procedure. Captain.


Anybody in here?



Miss. I need to use the rest room.

As soon as the captain's turned off the seat-belt sign, sir.

I don't need an escort.

I'm responsible for any threat... to the safety of this flight. This is absurd.

Women with imaginary children qualify.

Sir, you'll have to return to your seat.

My back gets stiff... I'm sorry.

All passengers must remain in their seats.

I know.

Running out of magazines up here.

Tell me something. What are you gonna do when we find her?

How are you gonna explain yourself?

It's not so bad if she's lost. Because then you just look lazy.

But if somebody took her, if a crime was committed on this flight, and the law enforcement official on board didn't do anything, how's that gonna look?

You made your point.

Katerina. What?

Have a look. Why? Did you see something?

No. It's just that I'm dying to watch you crawl through that hatch.

What's the problem?

May I help you?

Do I know you from somewhere?

You've walked past me five times since we took off.

Does that count?

Are you from Berlin? Am I being interrogated now?

I asked you if you're from Berlin. No. I am not.

Let's go.

What was that all about?

Think about what you're saying no to. It would be epic.

You're terrible.

My daughter. You were looking for my daughter.

I need to speak to the captain again.

Can you get him on the phone for me, please?

OK. Can we look in the holds now?

There is no way a child could have gained access to any of the holds.

There's access to the forward holds from galley two.

The call button's too high for... So was the overhead bin.

She's with an adult. I told you... What adult?

Every passenger is in his seat. The passenger manifest is inaccurate.

You've got to search the holds now.

I'm sorry, Miss Pratt. I'm afraid I can't allow that.

Excuse me. Godammit, are you listening?


I don't think it's such a bad idea. What?

It might be good to have her below deck for a while.

She is making the passengers anxious. Obviously I would go down with her.

Mr. Carson, I am responsible for the safety of every passenger on this plane.

Even the delusional ones and I will not have a passenger out of her seat... bouncing around with the luggage bins in the holds.

Any turbulence and you could be injured. And so could you, Mr. Carson.

Now, we're going to continue to search this aircraft from the waist upwards.

If we don't find anybody, I will send two members of my crew into the holds.

I just saw two members of your crew... and they did everything except look for my daughter.

Miss Pratt, there are 425 passengers on this flight... who are not receiving any attention at the moment... because every one of my flight attendants are looking for a child... that none of them believe was ever on board.

If you think we could be doing more to meet your needs, then I suggest you take it up with customer service after we land.

Captain, can I speak to you for a moment?

Mr. Carson, this woman is in your charge.

I want her to remain in the passenger cabin.

Is that understood?


Do excuse me.

I know where I've seen him before.

I know where I've seen you before.

What? Where's my daughter?

You were looking through her window last night.

I saw you staring into my daughter's room. Both of them.

You are a lunatic. Where's Julia?

Hold it. Back up. Have you seen these men before?

Yes. No. She has not.

I saw them last night staring into my daughter's room.

Is this correct, sir?

I've never seen this woman before. Nor have I.

Do you expect them to say, 'You got me'?

Shouldn't we move this to a galley? Why? I didn't do anything.

I've never even seen this woman before.

Where'd you take my little girl? Aren't you listening?

I have never seen her.

I don't trust 'em.

Not that it's any of your concern, but I was at the Hilton last night on business.

We both were. And neither of us left the hotel.

Would you like to see our bill?

It's a bit unorthodox but...

...if you wouldn't mind.

When I travel with my children, I have an eye on them at all times.

I don't lose them and blame somebody else.

Satisfied? A bill doesn't prove anything.


Are you gonna let him talk to you like that?

Let's go. Where's my daughter?

I spent the night watching a movie, you crazy...

Come here. Where's my daughter?

Get a handle on this lady, will ya?

It's OK. I'm OK.

Is that the lady with the kid?

Anyone else have any questions for me?

Then you'll have to find a few other Arabs to harass.

Sonofabitch. We're gonna take our seats now.

All of us. Right?

I can cuff you, understand that? Why would you want to cuff me?

Got a seventy-year-old who couldn't hold his pee any longer.

Mine's six, almost wet himself.

You think those men were surveilling you last night... for the purposes of kidnapping your daughter... and stashing her until we land? Yes.

Mind if I ask you an obvious question?

If they knew where you lived, why not take her from there?

Why take her on an airplane with no means of escape?

I don't know. And let's not forget, her name isn't on the manifest. How could two passengers pull that off?

They'd have to have somebody from the crew involved.


Think about what you're asking me to do.

Approach two Arabs on an airplane and accuse them of criminal conspiracy.

I don't give a shit about being politically incorrect.

Fine, let's arrest them, just as soon as you answer one more question.

Why would anyone want to take your daughter?

What makes her so special? What makes you so special?

I know the plane. That's what this is all about.

Why they picked me. They picked you? For what?

I think they're hijacking the plane. I think my daughter's a hostage.

Your husband's death is starting to make a lot more sense to me.

A couple more hours and even I'm ready to jump.

He fell.

David fell. Sure he did.

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain's turned off the seat-belt sign.

You are now free to... What's he doing?

What's he doing?

Excuse me.

What are you doing? Are we done looking?

Just come with me. I'm not going anywhere.

We're not going to discuss this here.

Where's my daughter? Where is she?

She's dead, godammit.

You found her.

No, I didn't find her, Miss Pratt.

This is from Kaiser Wilhelm Hospital.

That's where your husband was pronounced dead. Correct?


Your daughter was also taken there.

No. She wasn't there when it happened. She was with the nanny.

Miss Pratt, according to the director at the morgue there... your daughter Julia died of internal injuries... at 2.36pm.

He took her with him off the roof.

Didn't he?

No. Julia wasn't even there.

She was at the park.

She was at the park.

She wasn't even there.

She wasn't even there.

You're crazy. You're all crazy.

She was never on board. No. I carried her on board.

Miss Pratt, I can't tell you how sorry I am.

She must be so scared.

But my main responsibility is the safety of these passengers... and I can't allow anyone, no matter how tragic their circumstances, to jeopardize that. She doesn't know where she is.

Our air marshal is going to escort you back to your seat.

Mr. Carson, would you take her back to her seat now?

What's she doing?

Stop her.

Grab her.

How are you feeling?

Are you in pain?

We can get you some aspirin if you want.

Kids, turn around. Turn around.

Turn around.

The captain thought you might want to talk with me.

I'm a therapist.

My seat's just a few rows up.

And I asked if I might be able to help.

I don't know you.

So many of my patients come to me after a loss.

To grieve.

Sometimes it's just stopping.

Allowing the pain to come.

Your husband, David...

...can you tell me about him?

I don't know you.

Was he very unhappy?


He was unhappy.

I didn't know.

He didn't talk about it like that.

I understand.

Last night I walked through the city...

and he was with me.

He was there. Was Julia there, too?


She was waiting for me at home.

She was happy to see you?

She said she couldn't sleep.

So I got into bed with her.

And lay there... until she closed her eyes.

When something's too overwhelming, too painful, we deny it.

We choose to believe something else.

So you can walk with David and... get on a plane with Julia.

It feels better than the truth.

So much better.

Yes, of course.

But it's impossible to move on if we haven't accepted, if we haven't grieved.

Sometimes it helps to think of an image.

You could imagine your husband and daughter on an island.

A beautiful place.

They'll always be there. And you can swim to them any time you need to.

Do you understand?

Am I allowed to go to the rest room?

I just need to be alone.

I don't know where else to go.

This is a very good idea.

She needs a moment on her own.

Is she any kind of threat to herself?

No. Of course not.

Should we take her belt and shoelaces? No, she's going to be fine.

She's going to be fine.

Aren't you?

You're going to be fine.

Excuse me.

Pardon me. Excuse me.


I'll be waiting right here.

I'll be right out.

All right, place the mask over your nose and mouth.

Breathe normally.

They're tangled up.

Sir, please take your seat.

I don't wanna die. Attention. There is no need to panic.

Place the mask over your nose and mouth and use the straps to tighten it.

Stay calm.

No way.

OK. Stay back in your seat.

Stay in your seat, ma'am. Thank you.

What did you do to the lights?

Get your hands off me.

Where is she?

You don't need a mask. We haven't lost pressure. Where is she?


Julia? Are you in there?

I'm right here, baby. Hold on.

Just wait. Mommy's here, baby.




I'm so scared, honey.

I can't find her. I can't find our baby.

I don't know where she is.

But no one will help me.

No one can help me.

They didn't even see her.

Turn around.


I'm not done looking yet.

Yeah, you are. Let's go.

What's he doing? There's two hours left.

We're descending.

That's what pilots do when there's an out-of-control passenger on board.

Fine. The sooner we land, the sooner we can clear the airplane... and I can keep searching.

I haven't checked in the attics yet. They've already been searched.

I haven't searched them.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun to descend now.

We are going to be making an unscheduled stop...

We'd like to apologize for any delay.

What's happening? I don't know.

Here she comes.

How come there's only one coffin down there?

If my daughter had died with my husband, I'd be flying two coffins home.

Wouldn't I?

You know what? I don't know... and I don't care.

You just scared the shit out of 400 passengers... who didn't plan to spend the night in Newfoundland.

My daughter's alive. You know she is. You know she's on this plane.

Why didn't anybody see her?

Please. There's not that many places left to search.

I just need the plane deboarded when we land.

You're gonna be arrested when we land.

Gonna hold onto her this time?

About time.

If you let them arrest me, she's gone for ever.

There'll be no one to save her.


I'm begging you.



I need to talk to the captain. Can you sit here?

We're descending. All passengers... I'm sorry. It's a security matter.

She won't be any trouble.

Are you hurt?


Did you eat anything?

What part of the plane did you search?

I'm sorry?

When we had the crew search for my daughter?

Where were you?

I'm very sorry for your loss, ma'am.

What does she want? $50 million.

Transferred into that account.

Or they blow up the plane.


She has an accomplice on board. She won't say who it is.

But... that's who's holding the detonator.

The plane's to be deboarded on the tarmac, passengers first, then crew.

And they want a G3. Fuelled and waiting.

So all that searching for the girl was just a...

She's disturbed. She used her husband's coffin to get explosives on board.

And as for the little girl, I don't know.

Maybe she killed them both.

I want to speak to her. She doesn't want that.

No approaches by any member of the crew.

Now, listen.


I don't get the feeling she wants to hurt anyone.

I've never heard of a hijacker letting passengers deboard before.

My recommendation is you ask the airline to wire the money, notify me when the transfer's been made.


Let's keep her thinking she's in control.

We'll land, get everyone deboarded, then we take her down.

Mr. Carson?

What are you doing? I am not sitting back there.

Gene, she knows. What does she know?

She knows the kid's in avionics, she knows that I'm a part of this.

Did she say anything about avionics? No.

Did you? No.

Then why are you panicking? Everything's working out how we wanted it to.

She has half the plane believing we have Arab terrorists on board.

It's priceless. She's putting things together, Gene.

What difference does it make? She'll be dead ten minutes after we land.

They'll find her with a bullet hole through her head.

And a detonator in her hand.

Hasn't this all been explained to you a thousand times?

The only piece of evidence that matters is about this high.

Her name is Julia and she is gonna get vaporized.

Now it is all working. Get it together.

OK, look. If something goes wrong when we land...

Mr. Carson? The captain would like you to call him.

Thank you.

Yes, captain.

The money's been wired. I have confirmation. Do you have a pen?

I do.

Go ahead.

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the seat-belt sign... as we prepare for our final descent.

Please return your seat to its upright position.

Thank you. I can handle it from here.

I don't understand.

Cuffs are for people who pose a threat.


We're putting down in Goose Bay, Newfoundland. The FBI's en route.

I've notified them that we have a missing person situation.

They'll clear the plane and every passenger on board... will be detained and questioned.

Two agents will come on board and help us look for her.

What about the crew?

Will they be detained and questioned?

You've no idea how happy I'm gonna be to hand this case over.

Thank you.

Where the hell are we?

Sit back.

All units, the suspect will be escorted off the plane by a flight marshal.

Confirm. Victor One standing by to provide transport.

Just keep quiet. You don't want to antagonize anybody.

These people already expect you to be arrested by now.

Touch me again, you're dead.


Go. Move.

Shut up.


The crew's gonna deboard now.

Another couple of minutes, the plane will be all yours.

Where are you going? I need to talk to him.

Make sure nothing gets taken off the plane.

No food carts, no trash cans. It's important the plane stays sealed.

Well, I don't really have the option to say no.

Do I?

OK, let's sit down.


All set for deboarding?

Captain, look. I know I broke the law and disrupted your flight.

But in a few minutes, we'll find my daughter...

The crew can deboard now. And you're gonna owe her an apology.


Miss Pratt, your money has been wired just as you asked.

A G3 is waiting, just as you asked.

Perhaps we can do without the pretence of the missing child now.


Wait here. I'll get them. Get who?

The agents. Wait here.

Subject is zero 50 meters.


You get off the plane when I say you get off the plane.

You want to play? Let's play.

I want my daughter.

Deboard the crew and we'll talk about it.

Or you can go back there and tell them I'm the hijacker.

And maybe they'll believe you.

Maybe I'll tell them what you've got in your pocket.

Go ahead. The first one to go will be your daughter.

Will that be all? No.

Give him your gun.

God speed, Mr. Carson. Thank you, captain.

I think you and I need to talk.

Me, too.

Where is she?

Where'd you put her?

She's in avionics, isn't she? Isn't she?

Stay here.

Listen, it's over.

Nobody is coming to help you.

You're the crazy lady. So why don't you just come out of there?

Nobody has to die.

My husband didn't jump off that building.

He didn't fall off it either.

You're taking things too personally.

We needed a coffin because they aren't X-rayed.

We needed a credible hijacker who knew the plane.

Those are the breaks.

You really wanna kill a little girl?

He wouldn't mind. I know that.

The harder this gets, the more he seems to enjoy himself.

But what about you?

What about you?

You wanna kill my little girl?

Is that our suspect?

Negative on that. That is not our suspect.


Honey, can you hear me?

God, what did they do to you?

OK. Your husband didn't fall off the roof.

He flew off.

Come on. Come on out.

Nobody's coming for you. You know why?

Because nobody cares.

People will think what I tell them to think. That's how authority works.

We picked her up, shoved her into a food bin... and nobody even looked up.

You understand what I'm saying? Nobody cares about Julia.

All right, it's over. Let's finish it. All right.

We'll be safe back here, honey.

What are you gonna do? You gonna blow us up?

No. Just you.

Good Lord, she did it.

Dispatch, this is F.B.I. Ground One. All units back to the outer markers.

Evac Transport Three switching to secure three.

My God, she's... What is she holding?

She's holding her daughter.

Her daughter.

Let's go, people. Go.

She looks like you.


Yeah, there's a bit of her dad in there, too.


I'm sorry.

Miss Pratt. Our office in Berlin has detained the morgue director.

They'd like you to ID a picture of him.

Can it wait?


The van's here, ma'am. Whenever you're ready.

Honey, look.

I told you there was a little girl.

She never gave up.


Hi, honey.

Mommy? Yeah, I'm right here.

Mommy's right here, baby.

Are we there yet?

Not yet.


Here. Hop on up.