Flowing Gold (1940) Script

And all we bring in was salt water.

Then I high-tail it to California.

You can have my part of California too.

An old drill boss of mine told me about this field as I was coming through Bute.

Ten after three. Seems like I've been here since Christmas.

Daylight is sure taking its time.

Might as well be sleeping here as behind some oil derrick.

Where you from, kid? Huh?


Happen to know an old Toolpusher by the name of Jim Benson up there?


Then you never slung a bit in Montana.

Look, did I ask you where you are from?

What are you fellahs doing here?

There's a sign up there says "Men wanted".

There won't be anybody here until seven in the morning.

There is nothing like being on time.

You'll have a long wait.

What of it?

Now don't get tough about it.


See you don't hurt anything.

You sure got a chip on your shoulder, kid.

Like to try knocking it off?

But somebody might someday.

And a couple of your ears along with it.

The line is getting bigger every minute. How many men you feel they'll take on?

How would I know? Probably two or three.

That's nothing I got to worry about. I was here first.

Let's take a look at you.

Can you handle that?

He spends all night waiting for a job and then takes a powder.

Ah, there's a million nuts like him on the road.

How far you going, buddy? New Martin field. 20 miles.

Get in. Sit down. Thanks.

Boy, it's getting hot.

You have no idea.

Hello boys. What's the matter? Trouble or something?

No trouble, Hap.

Ever see this guy?

No. I never saw him.

He's an oil worker. We got reason to think he is in this part of the state.

The police in Oklahoma City are looking for him.

Keep this.

If he shows up, notify us.

Yeah, I'll notify you.

Come on Petunia, shake the latch. Shake it!

Get a move on, Petunia.

Hey Hap. Petunia is dreaming about his flower garden again.

Keep your shirt on Hot Rocks.

Just because you were born in a slush-pit.

Come on, Petunia. Lay off. We got to bring this well in by tonight.

These ground leases don't go on forever, you know.

I got me a kind-of a headache.

You are not working with your head. Come on now, hit it.

Look out below!

What's the matter with you this morning, Collins?

Don't worry, Mr O'Connor.

You're going to get your oil-well in on time.

Not my business, Mr Collins. But if Hap finds out you're drinking on the job ..

Who says he's going to find out?

Sometimes, barleycorn talks awful loud.

Alright. Pull her up.

Aright. Come on, boys.

If that bit isn't out in 20 minutes ..

You get a blast from me that makes a gusher look like a water fountain.

Now come on. Hit it!

What's the chances for a job on this rig?

Have to apply to the field office.

Foremen can pick their own crews.

I'm sorry, kid.

You're sorry?

Hey, wait a minute. What a minute, son.

How long you been around oil fields?

Too long, it looks like.

What's your name? Johnny.


Alright Blake, I'll give you a try. Get on that pipe over there. - Thanks.

Better grab yourself a tin hat. It's been raining wrenches today.

I can look after myself.

Collins, are you plumb nuts? Will you let me alone.

I knew you'd stick that thick neck of yours out.

Come down off that derrick Collins, before I come and get you.

What's the matter now, Mr O'Connor?

You better do what Hap says. He ain't fooling.

That slave-driving swivel-neck has been riding me ever since I came here.

Now I'm going down to tell him a couple of things.

You will be surprised at the answers you get.

Collins, you know the rules about drinking on the job.

Take this to the paymaster.

Get your money. You are fired.

I've been doing my work.

You've got no right to fire me. I got all the right I need.

If I see your ugly kisser around here again you'll think a derrick hit you.

Look out, Hap!

Allow me to shake the hand of a man who delivers a beautiful right cross.

It was a lily.

For a minute I thought he had you.

That goes double.

He's ..

He's okay, isn't he?

Sure. He's alright.

By the way he's sleeping he could have been bitten by a Tsetse fly.

Alright. That's it, boys. Go on back to work.

I'll take care of that monkey.

Much obliged, Blake.

That guy came awful close to hanging a wreath on me.

Get in that tool-shed, Blake. What for?

Do as I tell you. Get in that tool-shed.

The driller on number 5 ..

Told us he thought he saw that fellow Alexander headed this way minutes ago.

If he had, I'd have seen him. What happened to him?


Any charges?

No, no charges. We'll throw him off the field and see he doesn't come back.

Say, Mack.

What's Alexander wanted for? Murder.

What have you got against cops?

Nothing. Why didn't you turn me in?

Don't you think I'd be kind-of a heel after what you did for me?

You don't owe me anything.

Alright. Suit yourself.

But you'd better get out of these fields before the cops throw you in the clink.


Here's your pay. I didn't do any work.

Forget it.

There you are.

Like a smoke? Sure.


Keep the pack.

Say, Blake.

How did you ever happen to hang a murder rap on yourself?

Say, what is this? Another 3rd degree? If you don't want to tell me, skip it.

The guy was a Toolpusher on a field near Jesse.

He came at me with a piece of rat-hole pipe.

Like that roughneck did you.

I hit him with a steel spanner.


How did you get away?

While they were holding me for trial a couple of fellows broke jail one night.

They took me along with them.

Self-defence, huh?

You should have stayed to see it through. You may have beat the rap.

Yeah? That bull-hunk was a company stooge. I wouldn't have had a chance.

But running away won't help you any. They're sure to get you sooner or later.

The guys that try taking me are going to know they took on something.

You are pretty tough, ain't you Blake. Well, I ain't soft.

No, you're not tough.

A tough guy wouldn't do a back-breaking job for 6 bucks a day in these fields.

He'd be out packing a gun trying to hold up a gas station or something.

This lecture isn't ending up by you turning me in after all, is it?

No, not that. But why don't you go back and try and square yourself?

You're going to end up just the way you are now. A Bindlestiff.

The cops after you all the time.

No. If I were you I'd go back and give myself up.

Not this season. I'm not going up for something I didn't do.

I'll be seeing you. I hope it's not through bars.

Don't worry. It won't be. Blake.

I'm winding up here in a few days.

Heading west for a new field that just opened.

I'll tell you where I'm going to be. Pretty wild country.

Never mind.

You see, where I go isn't quite up to me.

Okay, kid.

Adios. So long.

This location.

Right over the Hammond Petroleum pool.

We are going to drill a well that's going to make millionaires ..

Out of everyone that gets in on the ground floor.

I don't have to tell you what Hammond Petroleum has been doing.

Why, there is millions in that pool.

Millions of dollars in liquid gold ..

Ready to be released from the bosom of mother earth.

In ten minutes we're going to put a block of 30,000 shares up for sale.

30,000 shares of stock at only one dollar a share.

Why, it's the chance of a lifetime.

Nice going, skipper.

Hurry it up, Hot Rocks.

I got it wide open, Hap.



You big lunk. We've been looking for you every day.

Hiya, Linda.

Welcome to Eagle Neck. We ain't seen you since Louisiana.

Gee, it will seem like old times having you drill with us again.

Say, you look swell.

I must say you've changed.

I have changed? Now, how do you like that.

I'm exactly like I was two years ago only you didn't notice it.

I notice you still have the same freckles on your nose.

Hap, they are something we don't talk about anymore.

Where would we find your dad, honey?

Where do you think?

His elbows have worn a groove in that bar already.

Well, I got some business in here. Will I see you later?

You sure will.


Hey, she's beginning to be a bit of a Lulu.

Hot Rocks, you catch on quickly, don't you.

Well, I drink.

Hap, my lad. How did you find me?

Easy. We smelt your breath 20 miles out.

You still got the same unholy crew, I see.

Same old crew. Just as unholy. How could I lose them?

Well now, this is the moment I've been waiting for. Harry, serve the gentlemen.

Everybody grab. It's free.

Wildcat, you haven't changed a bit. Not to the casual observer I suppose.

Much water has flown under the bridge Hap, and much whiskey under mine.

I thought you'd be retired by now after all the wells I brought in for you.

Yes. The wells you brought in for me.

You know, I regret deeply that I didn't have you with me in California.

Heard you got the hottest lease in California.

Hap, the Linda Number 8 was the greatest well I ever promoted.

I personally disposed of 50,000 shares in two days.

A herculean accomplishment which required dynamic tenacity.

In fact, the well looked so promising I went out and bought back at a premium ..

Most of the shares I'd issued. Oh, but she came in a duster.

A victim of my own avarice, I was.

If this new lease is as good as you say it is, why ..

Good? It's right over the Hammond pool. Almost in the middle of his holding.

And you'll bring her in for me Hap, my boy.

The name of Ellery Q. Chalmers will, like a snare drum ..

Once again reverberate throughout the petroleum world.

The Gods of fortune are truly smiling.

Stick around, Wildcat. Maybe you'll hear them laugh.

Charlie Hammond. If you're inferring you can keep me from binging in my well.

It takes men and money to get oil out of the ground.

I've got men, you conniving poltroon.

The best drilling crew in the world.

And money? Yes, and money.

The bankers agreed to all the financing we need.

Have they?

A sloe gin.

By now you two should have buried the hatchet.

I'm ready to bury it. Behind his ear.

You know, he's sore because I grabbed the best lease in Eagle Neck.

Right out from under his scrawny nose.

But I took him once for all he had and I'll do it again.

Alright, just put all these drinks on my tab.

That's Wildcat alright.

Well, there's no use delaying.

We might as well get down to the office so we can sign the payroll.

What payroll? Why ..?

Linda, what has happened?

Dad, the bank reneged on our loan. They won't give us a cent.

It seems there's a new member on the board of directors.

And for your information his name is .. Charles Hammond.

Well, we might have expected it.

Hammond always sworn he'd never rest until he broke dad.

The treacherous scoundrel.

Linda, I think I will go .. You will do nothing of the kind.

There must be a way to raise that dough. There is no time now.

Hammond has already begun sinking a well on his property. Right next to our line.

The offset clause in our lease only allows 3 more days to start drilling.

What about equipment?

The derrick is up and the bunkhouse and boilers are in.

I've arranged for trucks but the tool supply company wants cash.

And there isn't even enough cash left to pay the crew.

Hap, I'm sorry it turned out like this. Getting you fellows here for nothing.

Oh, that's alright. We got round-trip tickets.

Well to coin a phrase, there is no fool like an old fool.

You know, I was sure this was going to be my opportunity to get back on top.


I don't know how I did it but I did.

I've got eight Gs saved up.

Stashed in a bank in Kansas City and it's yours if you want it.

Thanks, but we can't let you take the chance.

Why? Rockefeller never got any place keeping his dough in a bank.

Hap, I know this well. I won't borrow your money. I'll have you as a partner.

That's alright with me. That's even better.

I've always had a yen to drill my own well.

Trouble is there's nothing in the kitty to pay you off.

Shucks, Hap. You can pay us later out of the oil you get. Eh fellahs?

Sure. Well, I don't know.

I mean he sure can. That is if we get a place to eat and sleep.

I'll string along, Hap.

No, Mike. I won't do it that way.

You pitch in with us and if we're lucky I'll give you cut of my share.

Out of our share, Hap.

Thanks, Wildcat.

If we get a break we won't have to push pipe the rest of our lives.

Now, what do you say? I'll take a chance.

Then it's a deal.

Here is to the new partnership and Hammond's precipitous downfall.

Gentlemen, I give you our new well.

The Linda Number 9.

Oh, if we could only strike whiskey.

I'm just going to drink to a swell guy.

Boys, this has the makings of a tremendous organisation.

The Linda Number 9 will be known from coast to coast.

And after that will come the Linda Number 10.

Then Linda Number 11. Then Linda Number 12

Don't forget now.

The trucks with the pipe tools will be ready to go first thing in the morning.

Tell Hap and the crew to be at the tool-hut at seven.

I shall convey the information my dear, with the utmost alacrity.

And I will be back as soon as I paid the riggers at the derrick.

You stay out of the bar.

Tut-tut, my dear. Tut-tut.

I suppose it's funny.

Well I am laughing.

You'll never make it that way, freckle-nose.

I know what I'm doing thank you.

I could tell you how to get out.

Listen, this is my car and I have been stuck before.


Listen, why don't you climb in the car and let me do this may way?

Or if you like it better here.

This is a situation which requires great engineering ability.

Hey, buddy. You mind moving over a few feet? The lady wants a pull out.

Sure. Anything for a lady.



I don't usually go to so much trouble for people.

Pretty smart, aren't you.

That's just like a dame.

I tramp around in the mud to do you a favor and get balled out for it.

Believe me, baby, Never mind. I'll pay you.

Who said anything about pay?

If you are going down towards the oilfields, you can give me a lift.

Get in.

Thanks. Don't mention it.

Aren't you taking a risk, driving out here with a stranger?

I've hung around oilfields too long to be afraid of a roughneck like you.

Don't tell me you work in the oilfields?

I certainly do.

I can drill a well as good as any man too.

It must be getting pretty bad.

What is? The oilfields.

If they are starting to let dames in on derrick floors.

Next thing, they'll be tying bows to the drill pipe.

If you want to ride in this car I'd advise you not to talk so much.

Do you go anywhere ear the Hammond wells?

Yes, I go right by them. Why?

I got a job with them. You can let me off there.

Well, that's the last straw.

What's the idea?

I'm not giving anyone a lift that has anything to do with that outfit.

What's wrong with them?

Charlie Hammond would cut your throat if he thought he'd strike oil.

I don't know what you say. But to me a job is a job.

Yes, I am sure it is. It's probably what you want and where you belong.

You'll feel right at home there. Now, get out.

You might at least have taken me to the gate.


Here they come. You are in charge, Blake.

If you value your job, don't let them through.

They won't get through.

Well I might have known you'd be here. Well, if it isn't freckle-nose.

You take down that fence and let us through.

This land belongs to the Hammond Co. I've orders to keep out all trespassers.

You are a crook and a perfidious braggart, Hammond.

By the great spirit, I will take this to the Supreme Court.

I told you I'd get back at you someday, Wildcat.

We've a legal right of way to our lease. There is still the river road.

The river road?

Why, it's so full of holes and cave-ins it will take a week to make it usable.

In the eyes of the law it is a road.

Did he tell you if we don't get in there and start drilling we'll lose our lease?

I don't know anything about your lease. My job is to keep people off this road.

And nobody gets through.

Come on, Dad.

Don't let them start anything, Blake.


What's up?

Hammond's villainous crowd of hijackers blocked the road. They have a fence up.

So they got a fence up, huh?

It will take days to get the river road in shape. We have to get in there now.


Yeah, I get it.

But once we get through there's nothing to stop us from drilling on time.

No, but what about all those men? Quit worrying. We're on our way.

We'll tear up that fence and ossify them with it.

Shove over. It is a through-train from here on in.

Do me a favor, Hap.

Grab that smart aleck head of Hammond's gang and knock his block off for me.

Honey, it is practically done.

That's the spirit. Undaunted courage. Reminds me of my youth.

They're going to crash the fence.

Roll those barrels across the road.

Get them out of here.

Come on.

Call off your dogs, Hammond.

Now, dad. Dad nothing.

I will whip this rascal asunder.

Stay away from me. I'm wearing glasses.

You are the baby I've been looking for.

Well, I'll be ..

Small world, eh?

Wait a minute.

You drilling that hole?

I own part of it. So what?

Hold it, you guys.

I said hold it.

If you fellahs want to keep on fighting it is okay with me.

But from now on I'm on the other side.

Nice going, Blake.

Alright, boys. Back to your own roost.


Thanks. Keep the pack.

How do you like it now, Shylock?

I'll settle with you yet, Wildcat.

Well Linda, it was a great battle while it lasted, wasn't it.

I want you to meet a friend of mine, Johnny Blake.

Glad to know you freckle-nose.

Too bad you didn't get that swelled head of yours knocked off.

She is crazy about me.

What's the score, Hap?

We're making less than a foot an hour. Be easier drilling through a bank vault.

The sand is sure getting harder every minute.

I wish it was oil-sand.

3,000 feet before we hit the pay, if we ever get there.

Suzie is a honey. What a honey.

If you guys get to the dance tonight, I might let you take a twirl with her.

Of course she is nothing compared to Tillie.

But she is the best I've seen around here.

You've talked about this Tillie so much Hot Rocks ..

Why not marry her so you can forget her?

Wait a minute now. Wait a minute. Tillie is a high-class lady.

And I ain't going to marry no lady until I got a lot of jack.

When this well blows in I'm going to get me about 6 snappy suits and look her up.

Last time I seen her was up around Casper a couple of years ago.

She's probably got another roughneck by now.

Wait a minute, son.

No, sir. Tillie is particular. She's got a business of her own.

And don't have to knuckle to nobody.

Oh .. a business woman, huh?

Yes, sir.

Tillie started from practically nothing ..

And is working her way up to be one of the biggest women in her line.

Too bad there's not four of you. You could start a fresh game.

Come on, jump roughnecks. We're coming out of the whole.

Want to go high, Johnny? Sure.

It's getting so I can do it in my sleep.

Hi, Hap.

Hi there, Linda.

Every time I drive over that washboard I think I'm going to lose my place.

I just came around to see what's on the list this morning.


Have the supply house send fifty doubles of drill pipe right away just in case.

It really sounds like you are dropping that Kelly.


At the rate we're going we'll be striking shortly.

Oh, that's great.

You know, dad has been running on top of the world for the last couple of weeks.

To hear him you'd think he had just taken over the Standard Oil Company.

So don't disappoint him, Hap.

I haven't let you down yet, have I?

You know, dad is a funny fellow.

He can't stand being a nobody.

If he has another failure I don't think he could take it.

This is his last stake, Hap.

Honey, if there is a pint of crude down there I'll get it for you.

Hiya, freckle-nose.

I've met some wise ones before.

But that fellow would give even Napoleon an inferiority complex.

Oh honey, Johnny is alright.

Why don't you two quit trading punches?

You want me to save you a dance tonight, freckle-nose?

That's what I'm talking about.

Say ..

I just remembered something.

I've been wanting to ask you.

That is if you are not doing anything tonight.

You know that shindig in town? Well ..

Would you go with me?

Would you?

It's about time you asked me out. Well, I've been thinking about it.

Suppose I got with dad and meet you at the hall at eight?


I'll show you a new step I learnt in Louisville: the roughneck's wrestle.

Alright. See you later.



Coming, Hap.

Alright. Drag it down here a minute, Johnny.

Lower away!

You keep doing that and you'll be sprouting wings.

Sure they'll be wings?

Alright, hold it up, boys. I've got something to say to you.

I don't have to tell you what this well means to everybody, including us.

But the guy that's getting the biggest kick is Wildcat.

So I don't want you sounding off about this hard shale we're cutting through.

I ain't making no cracks.

Me neither. Cross my heart.

Alright. That's it. Just watch yourselves.

We've plenty to worry about but no use punching a hole in Wildcat's balloon.

We'll get oil.

We'll get it if I have to hire a bucket brigade of trained moles.

That little talk with freckle-nose sure steamed you up.

You're not kidding.

I'd better go first on account of my date.

Here. You may need that.

Come on, butcher boy.

Violet breath.

Why didn't you get the kind that makes your breath smell like sweet peas?

I ain't dancing with you. I'm dancing with Suzie.

Come on, son. Ain't got all night.

I've a date with a bit of sweetness that is going to set the boys on their ears.

When she and me walk into that dance ..

It's going to cause a small riot and I ain't presuming.

It's my big night so pick the best shave you got and slap me in the face with it.

Wait a minute. No.

You've got a date with a bit of sweetness.

You two-timing, double-crossing oil-soaked Casanova.

Tillie, when did you get in town?

Your big night, huh?

Suzie, huh?

Violet breath, huh?

Say, fellahs ..

This is my fiancée. Yeah. You told us all about her.

She sure is the biggest thing in town alright.

A businesswoman eh, Hot Rocks?

Shut up, you mugs!

Tillie. Couldn't I just have massage?

So you promise to marry me and run out on me will you?

You one-cylinder gigolo.

Nobody is going to trample with my affections and get away with it.


I guess Hap must have let me down.

He should have arrived half an hour ago. I wish he would come.

Perhaps it will be more pleasant to wait in there. I think I see some seats.

Dad, you promised me you wouldn't go near the bar tonight.

I know my dear, but ..

I feel such a chill in my bones. A drop of rum might warm me up.

We'll dance some more. That will warm you up.

Very good, my dear.

Hiya, fellah. So that's Suzie?


Get out.

Good evening, folks.

Well, Johnny my lad. Now, isn't Hap with you?

See, something came up. Something very important.

It must have been important to make him break a date.

He said he will be here as soon as he can.

Mr Chalmers, can I have the pleasure of dancing with your charming daughter?

Certainly, my boy. Certainly. Go right ahead.

Dad, you gave your word of honor you'd drink nothing but milk.

Why, nothing my dear. Nothing but milk punch.

Well, what is holding us up?

I'm sorry, but ..

I don't dance with nobody when I ain't been introduced.

I just remembered I promised the next six dances to Petunia.

Didn't I, Petunia?

Sure. Thank you, Miss Chalmers.

Come on, baby. I am going to show you the time of your life.

Quiet, please. Quiet.

Ladies and gentlemen, so that all folks can get better acquainted ..

The next dance is going to be a tag dance.

So here is your chance boys to step in and ..

Kick a heel with your favorite lady friend.

Don't you think we'd better sit this one out?

Oh, I'm just getting warmed up.

Well, if it isn't freckle-nose. Excuse me, but ..

Will you please stop calling me freckle-nose.

Say, you're not a bad dancer.

Of course you haven't got Hap's technique.

The technique goes with he type I understand.

You don't think much of me do you.

You must be a mind reader.

I don't like you either. That's a bad sign.


Well, I've noticed when two people come out their corners slugging each other ..

The way we do, they usually end up in a clinch.

I wouldn't be too sure of that if I were you.


Have another one, boys. Just put these drinks on my tab.

Kinda cosy, isn't it.

Will you get me out of here.

I can't seem to move.

Please, Johnny.


If it ain't my old pal, O'Connor. Got a little job for me, have you sweetheart?

The trouble with oilfields Collins is the wolves like you following the pack.

Hap, you are so late. We missed you.

Sorry I didn't get here sooner, honey. You'll see why in a minute.

Where is Wildcat?

I'll give you one quick guess.

Why? Is there something wrong?

Wildcat, we're in trouble. Oh, tut, tut, tut.

I should have said before. I must get it off my chest.

We'll lose the well unless we extend the lease.

I'll see Mr Stover without delay and persuade him to give us an extension.

No. I just left him. It's no use.

He sold that property we've been drilling yesterday.

What? To Charlie Hammond.


What can we do about that? Hammond won't give us an extension.

Only way we'll bring the well in is to work day and night and in between times.

That's it, boys. Go on back to the bunkhouse. We'll hit that rig at dawn.

Johnny, you get Hot Rocks and Petunia and I'll take Linda with me.

Sure, Hap.

Goodnight, freckle-nose.

I know you.

Yeah? I know you too but I'm not bragging about it.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I've been waiting a long time to catch up with you.



Take this you big gorilla.

Take this!

Coppers, fellahs. Let's get out of here.

You are under arrest.

Wait a minute. I didn't start this.

Come on. A night in the cooler will do you good.

Say "Uncle".


That's more like it.

What's the matter, kid? A little jittery?

So you got yourself thrown in the jug last night, huh?

Yeah. It's been nice seeing you, Hap.

You going to blow?

The Sheriff took my fingerprints.

When the report comes back on them I'll be on the other side of the country.

They'll not check up on your fingerprints.

No? I'm surprised I got away this long.

In ten years they'll be where they are now. Hidden away someplace in a drawer.

Sorry, Hap. There's a freight out of here this morning. It takes me with it.

Look, Johnny.

You see, we just haven't got the dough right now to hire good men.

Got a big job ahead of us.

If you decide to stay I'll cut you in with the regular gang.

It might be a lot of dough.

Thanks, Hap. I got to keep moving. You can't run away forever.

I can try.


We'll be missing you, fellah.

That's on the level.

Linda is going to miss you too.

She won't have anybody to fight with. Yeah.

Give her my regards. Sure I will.

I hope you get out of yourself one of these days.


Well, So long.

Wait a minute.

Johnny, you haven't pulled out any dough in a couple of weeks now, I guess.

There hasn't been anything to pull down, has there?

That's right. There hasn't. Here. Take it.

There's a passenger leaving at ten.

Try riding inside a train just for once.

Thanks, Hap.


Keep the grease out of your ears.

Come on, snap that joint! Or do I have to do it myself?

Alright, Hap. We'll get it.

Get your carcase off our property you skinny-nosed heel.

It is my property now.

Why? We are leasing it. We have legal proprietary rights.

Yeah? You won't have after the 20th if that well isn't in.

I came here to tell you that the 20th is the deadline.

You get out! Don't ask for one minute's extension.

Because you won't get it. You get out!

You might as well save your breath, dad.

It's just a waste of energy.

Go on, get out of here!

Morning, Linda. Hi, Hap.

Still at it, huh?

Yes, if I get any action out of these farmers.

Come on, boys. How long is it going to take you.

It's all tonged up.

Where is your pal, Johnny? He quit.

Okay, Mike.

Johnny quit?


Got a better job I guess.

And I suppose it will take all day to get that Kelly out of the rat-hole.

Oh lay off, Hap.

You'd think we had to strike oil today.

He left kind of sudden, didn't he.

Yeah. This morning.

If you go into town have the tool-house send out a 9 3/4" bit. We will need it.

Yes. Sure, Hap. If there's anything left in the bank account.

I'll see you later.

Alright, hop to it boys.

Okay, Mike.

Look out!

Take it easy, Petunia. Now don't move him.

Get a stretcher Joe and take him to the bunkhouse.

I'll get a doctor.

Can you beat that?

This is my good dancing leg too.

Hey. Easy, son.

There isn't much I can do for you in Eagle Neck.

I must take you to the hospital in the city where you'll get proper attention.

I can't leave now.

It's the quickest way for you to get on your feet again.

If the leg isn't rigged right it'll grow together shorter than the other one.

Don't worry about the well, Hap. We'll get it in somehow.

I'm sure the boys will be okay.

But they couldn't drill into a cracker box without someone to keep them moving.

I only regret that I haven't had more experience in the field.

Johnny could do it, Hap.

Linda, I think he could at that.

Yeah, he could make those monkeys step.

Wildcat, I think he could bring her in.

But he's going you said. What time is it?

It is nearly ten. He's leaving at ten.

Maybe the train's not gone yet. Try and head him off Linda and bring him back.

I'll try, Hap.

A busted leg, huh?

Too bad I'm not a horse.

Johnny! Johnny, you got to come back.

Sorry, freckle-nose. This is a one-way ticket.

No. I mean Hap's been hurt. He must see you before it's too late.

Hurt? Yes. Come on.

Johnny, there is no-one but you that can take his place at the well.

Whose idea was this?

Hap's, of course.

Why pick on me? There are other guys.

Johnny, we've put our heart and soul into this job. All of us.

You got to help us.

I don't know that I can.

Don't you ever think of anyone but yourself?

Sure I do.

But it won't get me any place.


I'm sorry I made you miss your train.

I didn't expect you to do it for me.

Thought at least you might for Hap.

I'd just as soon do it for you as anybody else.

Go on. Take me to him.


Gee, for a minute there I thought I was going to lose a good sparring partner.

"Why do I do just as you say?"

"Why must I just give you your way?"

"Why do I sigh?"

"Why don't I try to forget?"

It is men like us. Men who work with their hands.

And grapple with the stern realities of existence.

That are the bulwark of this mighty nation.

I wonder why I never worked before.

There wasn't a Johnny Blake around to say you had to.

Yes, and I thank him for it, my dear.

I know you're a bit peeved at us, but bread pudding is all I could afford.

But bread, my dear. That is the staff of life. But beans ..

Say, we've still got some of those left, haven't we?

Hmm. A couple of sacks.

Music. And free haircuts.

All for nothing.

Gee, this is really swell of you, Tillie.

Well, you're all beginning to look like a bunch of sheep herders.

Hot Rocks, you don't know how lucky you really are getting a girl like Tillie.

You'd never get him to admit it, the flathead.

Oh, as soon as that well blows in we'll get married.

Going to get one of them big automobiles with a fancy top and a radio.

So you can take Suzie riding, I suppose?

Now Tillie, what do you want to say that for?

When I get my share of the oil.

I'm going to buy me a farm with a hothouse.

That will grow real live flowers.

Not a bad idea.

What are you wearing your good shoes for, stupid?

I can't run around just in my socks, can I?

I fixed mine with tin.

Take a look.

It wears like iron.

That's a good idea. I been putting paper in mine.

That ain't no good at all.

Mud soaks right through it.

I hope all this sacrifice means something, my dear.

We'll win, dad.

Here, let me finish these. You go and help the boys.

Well, don't you look cute. What?

Just a man of many tasks, my dear.

Okay Johnny.

Anybody at the bunkhouse? Not outside the women.


You keep asking that every day.

I thought Hap might be showing up.

If you run in another single let me know, will you.

Yes? Who's in charge here?

Johnny Blake is the Toolpusher. Blake, eh?

I guess that's the one I want to see then.

Couldn't I help you? I'm a partner in the company.


What did he want?

He is just a salesman from the tool company.

Are you sure?

Certainly, I've seen him round the supply house a dozen times.

He didn't look like a salesman.

What difference does it make? We can't afford to buy anything anyway.

What's the matter with you, Johnny? You've been acting very funny lately.


Just tired, I guess.

Well, you had better come in before Joe and Luke eat all the beans.

I am not very hungry.

I saved a piece of apple pie that Tillie brought out yesterday.


Johnny, you must have something in your mind.

You don't even fight with me anymore.

I was just thinking about the well.

All that oil down there a million years.

Waiting for somebody to come and get it.

You'll get it, Johnny.

That's what I'm trying to do for you and Hap.

Why just for me and Hap?

After all, you are a partner now, aren't you.

Well, it means more to you two than it does to anybody else, doesn't it?

Johnny, you ..

You think that I am in love with Hap.

Don't you?

Well, you write to him nearly every day.

Of course I write to him. He's in the hospital. He's lonely.

If I am in love with anyone ..

It's not with Hap.

Boy, you come out slugging, don't you.

Without pulling your punches.

Remember how I said it was going to end?



I don't believe it.

Falling for a freckle-nose.

Here in the middle of a bunch of greasy derricks with the ..

Noise of thumping engines.

The smell of crude oil.

Those aren't derricks and engines and oil, Johnny.

They are a forest of trees.

With the sounds of birds singing and ..

Flowers growing everywhere.

Sure it is.

And that isn't a gas flare across the fields.

It's a new moon coming over the horizon.

And my nose isn't really freckled.

Is it?

Well, it had better be or I am with the wrong girl.

Another one, huh?


The girl is a fool.

Do you think she means it?

She keeps saying it in all her letters, doesn't she?


I've got to start figuring out some presents to get her.

I wonder how she'd like a red and yellow mackinaw.

A mackinaw?

What's the matter with it?

Up in those oilfields it gets colder than a ..

Than an Eskimo's nose.

If you want something she'll appreciate, take her a negligee.

What do you mean? One of those ..?

Yes. One of those.

And be sure it's thin enough to catch pneumonia in.

I know, but that is kind something or other ..

Good heavens, Mr O'Connor. You're trying to equip a farmhand.

Instead of a bride.

Well, I'm not up on that stuff.

You'll catch on.

Come. It's time for your exercise. Oh, thanks.

Pretty good, huh?

You'll be able to go home in a few days. I should have been out a week ago.

When is this wedding going to be, Mr O'Connor?

Well, I don't know.

I haven't asked her yet.

You haven't asked her?

Do you know that fellow?

Maybe I do and maybe I don't.

With a jail full of vagrants and drunken roughnecks all the time ..

It's kinda hard to remember.

It seems like I've seen him somewheres.

"Johnny Blake."

"John Alexander."

What will you do?

I'm just going to send these prints down to the city and have them checked on.

Three days.

Only three days left.

We haven't time to go any deeper.

It'll take three days to run the casings and swab the hole.

We've got to stop drilling now.

What good will that do? The showings are getting worse instead of better.

We'll just have to swab out and see what comes up.

Oh, then it is no use.

I've been around oil-wells before.

We've lost.

If Hap could have stuck on the job, why ..

Hap couldn't have done it any better.

Hey fellahs, take a look.

Johnny, this is it.

Make the mud heavier or we'll get enough gas running to blow us to the moon.

Mike, shut her down.

Go on guys. She's deep enough.

Get that mud in condition. We'll ream her out and run casing.

Keep your fingers crossed freckle-nose, and pray we hit the jackpot.

Almost at the bottom.

Something is going to happen soon. Come on baby, give. No fooling.

Pappy needs a new pair of shoes.

Better get back, boys. Better get back. We don't want anybody hurt around here.

Get back.

You'd better get back Hammond, before she blows daylight through you.

Get back now, boys. Get back, get back.

Get set everybody. We're pulling the swab out.

Get ready, fellahs.

Here she comes!

Johnny, it's wonderful. You did it.

You did it!

Come on, let's find Dad.

Look, we've done it!

We sure did!

Oh, isn't that a beauty.

I tricked you, you beady-eyed shark.

Oil, oil, oil!


Nothing but mud and water.

Foreclose our lease, will you? Water, water.


The lease calls for oil by the 20th, not water.

It is water.

That's it, boys!

Dad, we won! Didn't I tell you we would.

We've struck a pool of water.

Water? You call this water?

You must have had a bad dream last night. We've got oil.

It is water.

We could open this thing up as a swimming pool and charge a nickel a dip.

Stop your whining.

That barbershop of mine will support two.

What do you think I am, a squaw man?

Hey, what's the big idea of calling me a squaw?

We hit the jackpot okay.

But there wasn't any nickels in it.

It doesn't really matter to us though.

Does it?

Linda, it won't work. It's no good for us now.

Without money. What?

Are you trying to tell me that all bets are off?


It's not just the money.

We just got to forget about it.

I'm afraid I am not much good at forgetting.

Hey, it's Hap.

Hey, Hap!

Hello, Hot Rocks.

How'd you get back so quick?

Why, you look as fit as a fiddle.

Will you take a look at Hap's gam. How'd they put it together so good?

With a soldering iron.

Well Johnny boy, they tell me you brought her in, huh?

Yeah, I brought her in so you could take a bath in it.

Nothing but water, Hap. Not even fit to drink.


Are you kidding?

There's not a well round here that's not a producer.

Every one but ours.


That's that.

Worrying won't get us anywhere will it.

5,800 feet is a long way to drill for an artesian well.

5,800? And 44 feet 4 inches.

Where is that geologist's report? Right here.

That won't do you any good, Hap.

I thought you crackpots were oilmen.

Why? What do you mean?

Two months ago, the Carson number 6 over here.

Flowed water for 12 hours but they finally made oil and plenty of it.

Yes, but the Hennessey well they brought in last week is still flowing water.

That was in a different formation.

Our stratas are the same as the Carson number 6.


If she doesn't kick in I'm going back to soda-jerking.

You see that? That's freshwater.

Feel that pipe.

Feel how hot it is getting.

Somebody shut that valve.

Run this stuff in the flow tank right now.

Come on, snap to it or we've lost ten bucks already.

It's oil!


Oil, as pure as gold.

We're rich. We're rich!


Hot Rocks, we struck oil!

Oil, oil!

No more barbershops. No more whiskers, honey.


You hurry home and dress. I'll see you after as I get cleaned up.

Tonight we celebrate. Swell, Johnny.

You coming, Hap?


Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.

5,000 barrels a day a a dollar 27 cents each.

Incredible! I am a millionaire!

I'm a millionaire!

You move in pretty fast don't you, bud?

You are way ahead of me, Hap.

You and Linda I mean. Hot Rocks just gave it to me.

You're too yellow to tell me yourself?

I had no chance with everybody going nuts about the oil.

How long you think it'll last between you two?

As long as she will put up with me.

Look, Hap.

I guess you think I'm some kind of back-biting rat.

But I'm crazy about that kid and I think she feels the same way about me.

I'm on the level about her.


Maybe you are on the level, Johnny.

There is going to be some money now, thanks to you.

I can look after her.

I'd have called the whole thing off if that well had come in a duster.

When are you going back to Oklahoma? I'm not going back.

You just told me you're on the level.

You can't wed without clearing yourself. Yes, I can.

We're leaving the country for Venezuela.

I'm going to try and tie up with some big oil outfit.


You are not going to do it, Johnny.

You are the only one who can stop us, Hap.

Do you realize the life you're setting up for Linda?

Yeah. But I've done nothing I'm ashamed of.

Ah, Johnny.

The cops chasing you all the time. On the move.

You know there is extradition laws in South America too?

Do you want to drag a girl like Linda through all that?

Venezuela is a long way off. Nobody will look for me down there.


You're asking for it.

You're not stopping in on the Sheriff, are you Hap?

No, I'm not stopping in on the Sheriff.

I'm stopping in on Linda. I'm going to tell her everything I told you.

If she hasn't got sense enough to brush you off and you do go ahead with it ..

I'm going to come back here and beat your brains out.

Johnny come with you?

He'll be along later.

Is Wildcat here? No.

He went down to the bank to sign some papers.

They gave us the loan. Yeah?


Let me have your hat.

Did Johnny tell you about us?


Yeah, he told me. It's wonderful, isn't it.

I'll bet you were knocked for a loop.

You kinda sound like you really like this fellow.

Like him?

Now I know what people mean when they say they are in love.

We are going to Venezuela in a couple of days you know.

A lot of Indians down there.

I don't ..

We'll take along our bows and arrows.

You make it sound like it's what you really want.

It is.

Hap, I know why you came here.

You think I'm wrong running away with Johnny?

Well, I didn't say that, did I?

Well, Johnny told me all about himself.

He wanted to go back here and stand trial.

But I wouldn't let him.

You shouldn't have done it, Linda.

You shouldn't have done it.

I couldn't let him go. I'm afraid I might lose him.

What if he got convicted?

When you finally find somebody you like an awful lot.

You'd do almost anything to hang on to him.


But I'm not going to let you do it.


You don't know what you're getting into and Johnny's no right to drag you along.

He wasn't to blame for what happened. It was an accident.

That makes no difference. He'll pull you down with him.

In a few months you'll hate him and everyone else.

Hap, even dad understood about this.

I thought you would.

The thing I understand is you're running off with a guy that's wanted for murder.

I think you had better go.


You are not kidding.

I think I had better.

Why don't you bust that ukulele?

Why, I'd be only too happy to, Hap.

What's a matter with you? You gone nuts?

Well, when I get all the sugar I'm going to make I can buy me a zillion ukuleles.

And when you get a zillion ukuleles, that's all there is.

[ Door knocks ]

See who is at the door, will you boy.

Hi, Sheriff.

You picked a tough night to be out. Yeah.

But there is work to be done. Where is Johnny Blake?

I don't know. He's not here. He's in town, I guess. Why?

We've come to get him.

He's wanted in Oklahoma for killing a fellow.

Not this Johnny Blake?

I seen him knock guys kicking.

He wouldn't hurt nobody.

Knocked guys kicking, eh?

What makes you so sure Blake is your man?

The fingerprints I took on the night I booked him for fighting.

Just got a report back on them.

Hey, that's serious.

How do you like that dirty little tramp. And me treating him like a brother.

We're waiting here until he shows up. Sure. That's okay with me.

Petunia. Yeah?

Make some coffee for the boys, will you.


Go on, you heard what I said. Fix the coffee.


Sure, sure.

Looks like the rain kept Blake in Eagle Neck.

It's let up now. Maybe we'd better go back to town and look for him?

Stick around. He'll be here.

That's our well!

Say, that derrick won't last no time at all.

Luke, start firing those boilers.

Hot Rocks. You and Petunia set up the pipe. We'll kill that blaze with steam.

Right, come on. Joe.

Get into town for a truck crane. Brannigan.

Help me rig that pipe.

Sheriff. You can help get it out of the shed. Come on, let's go.

Come on, boys. We got to knock on it.

There she goes!

We passed Joe in the crane truck. He told us.

I guess we've a big job ahead of us. Shut off the lights and turn around.

What's the idea? The sheriff is here.

You kids can marry in the next town. But Hap, how about the fire?

We'll take care of that as soon as Joe gets here with the crane.


I thought you would beat my brains .. It still goes if you don't get going.

Good luck, kids.

You're a swell guy, Hap.

I'll send dough to Galveston in the name of Arthur Smith.

Get on your way.


When the Lord creates bigger fools we'll still lead the parade.

Well, I hope they make it.

Come on, Wildcat.


How can I be sorry when I know we are right?

And away we go.

Look, there is Joe. I wonder what's wrong.

Joe, what are you stopping here for?

The river has cut the road away. Every hundred feet I must stop for the slides.

You can't get through. You just saw us come through.

There's no room for the truck. It'd cave right into the river.

Better go via Hammond's field. He can't stop us at a time like this.

I can't. The creek bridge is out.

Then you must go through here. They can't control that well without a crane.

I can't help that. I ain't driving that truck over a cow-pat.

It isn't going to fly over.

You'll never make it, Johnny.

I got to make it.

What are you doing back here?

I always chase fire engines.

Thanks, kid. We're going to kill her with steam.

Alright Petunia, get on that crane.

Alright Mike, lift. Here we go!

She is sanding up.

Look out boys. She is going to let go!

You got to let her go, Hap.

The next time sands up she'll blow up the whole field.

No she won't if we get that fire out.

Johnny, it's too big a risk. What you wanna do?

Lose the well for keeps after tearing yourselves up bringing her in? Come on.

Mike, let it go.

More steam.

Alright, we're going to cap her.

Bring that crane in. Get your things, Blake.

You might have known the law would catch up with you.


Don't tell me it was you who pushed over that mountain.

If you ever drive that fast again I'll divorce you.

Ah, 91 ain't nothing. You ought to see me when I got both hands on the wheel.

Come on, but watch your step, Tillie.

I beg your pardon, "Mrs Harris".

Hey, wait a minute now.

It must be the President. I don't care if it is.

He can't do that to my car.

Just wait for me my good man. I shall return presently.

Well smack my face and call me Pig. If it ain't Wildcat.

Gee Mr Chalmers, you sure do look pretty.

Well thank you Petunia. And so do you.

Are they here yet? Yeah, they're up on the platform.

Well come, come.

Well, here she comes.


Linda, darling. Well, the best of luck to you my boy.

And the same from me and the missus.

Why, we'll all be at the trial to see you and right in the front row.

You are a cinch to clear yourself, Johnny.

I'm not afraid. When I first came here I didn't have a friend in the world.

Well now, look.

All aboard!

Come on, Blake.

I'll be seeing you.

You mean we'll be seeing them.


Is there a law against it?

Goodbye, Johnny!

Goodbye. Goodbye!

I guess you kinda wanted to marry her yourself, didn't you Hap?


Can you imagine a roughneck like me rocking a cradle?

We'll be back, Johnny.

We'll be back. You bet we will.

Excuse me.