Flu (2013) Script


This film is not based on real life events

Hong Kong April, 2014

It will get colder.

If you don't want to die, stay close.

I know you need money. You are all doing this for your family.

Hey! You sick?

No, not me!

I'm okay!

Have a nice trip.

9 days later, Pyeongtaek Harbor

Bundang, near Seoul May 1

Out of the way please, let me through!

Who left the crane head like that?

The vehicle crashed in through here!

Move that dump truck!

Hey, you having a community meeting?

No, sir! I'm trying to assess the situation.

Assess what? Where's Kang Jigu?

You can't put the head that way!

Don't extend the arm like that!

Jigu, you're gonna just go down? It's too dangerous.

That's why I gotta go now. No time to waste.

I'll just stay here. As always.

You're going down, right?

I said I'll do it...

Emergency Response Team! How many inside?

Just me!

You okay?

Please, help me!

Hurry! I'm scared! Please! Get me out!

Don't worry. Please do something!

If you fidget like that during the rescue, it'll be dangerous.

Dangerous? Really?

Will we fall and die?

That'll never happen.

Now, just look into my eyes, nothing else. We really won't fall?

No, look at me. It's okay, I'll get you out.

Wait, wait. Gotta unbuckle the seat belt, let go for a sec.

Unbuckling the seat belt. Okay, done.

Just stay still for a bit.

Calm down, and could you please, lift your butt a little?

Can we go? We'll go soon.

Okay, one, two, three!

Your skirt's stuck, I'm gonna pull it, okay? One...

My skirt! How could you?

The skirt's not important now!

Grab my neck. No, I don't want to!

There's no time! How can I go up like this?

Here, put this on then.

Give it! Seriously...

It's not a fashion show! Not yet, not yet!

You okay?

Jigu Jigu! Answer me!

Are you alive? Jigu, copy!

I got her, lift us up.

Don't worry.

I almost had a heart attack! You always make me worry.

Is he okay, is he doing. what I taught him, etc. Okay, I hear you.

Like my own son... Where you going?

I had the right-of-way at the lights.

Your ID number? I already gave it to you.

Yeah, I found it.

I was driving straight and he crashed into me.

I'll check that with CCTV.

We'll contact you soon Understand?

Wait, sir!

He didn't even listen...

Are you all right? just making sure.

Ms. Kim In-hye, right.

This is what I go through everyday, but people fear that they won't make it.

But don't worry You only have to trust us when you're...

No need to be stuck-up, it's your job.

Yeah, I guess.

Watch out, I gotta go now.

Shit, how can she not even say thank you?

We do this for those few words.

How can she thank me in that situation?

Why the hell not?

You've fallen for her, haven't you?

Did you see her? She was so hot!

I was speechless for a minute, you should seen her.

She was looking at me, we locked eyes...

And I thought, I have to save her! So did you get her digits?

How can I do that during a rescue?

Of course you can, very formally.

But she did take my shirt.

So what?

So what? What do you do when you borrow a shirt?

Return it, if it's not Armani.

After washing it.

I just know, In-hye will come to me.

And she'll be like, 'You were so brave, thank you very much'

'I was in shock, so I forgot to thank you.'

Then I'll be like, 'Thanks, but you are?'

So tasteless!

Hey, Jigu! Yeah?

There's someone here for you! Who?

She says you rescued her earlier today.


You shit!

Where's he going?

It's a call.

I love you!

Hurry and find my bag!

You should've at least washed it.

I'm so sorry I've been busy.

No, it's okay So you wanted to meet me for your bag?

I've called around but they all said no.

Of course, it's too risky.

It's just that there's very important data in the car.

I'll pay you for your time, so please.

First of all, I refuse your money And the hole is sealed shut...

We only rescue people, not personal articles and stuff.

That's a lie I saw it on TV, you rescue pets too.

But that and this aren't the same.

Fine, I'll get it myself. Where you going?

It's dangerous.

I won't bother you, so leave me alone!

Why are you doing this to me? I risked my ass to save you!

Don't go in there! Don't touch me!

Are you okay? Let me see.

How could you let go of my hand!

I'm sorry It's all scraped. What did I tell you? It's dangerous.

I don't why it's so important, but it's gone.

Out of the way.

Can you walk?

You sure talk a lot for someone so useless.

Completely anal.

Do I need to put this mask on? It's not my style.

Why should I?

I'll cut your tongue out!

All right!

Just you wait, when we get paid, Michael Jordan? I'll buy you one.

Seriously? Ever seen me lie?

Hold that.

One, two, three!

It's a shit!

Put on the mask, idiot.

What a stench! I can't breathe! It's on my shoe!

Shut up.

Hello? Everybody stand up!

Are they jet lagged?

Will the stain come off?

Shut your mouth!

Get up everyone.

Gimme some light.


Film it, film it. Gotta show the boss, he won't believe this.

Shouldn't we report?

You got my face, asshole!

Hey, let go of me.

Help me... Please help...

What the fuck, you're the only survivor?

Please help me. Speak Korean!

Everyone's dead!


I dropped my phone inside.

Goddammit! Hold him down!

No, no! I'll get it.

Put the mask on!

May 2, Jukjun Rest Stop Why?

May 2, Jukjun Rest Stop Why are you doing this?

Come on!

I was only supposed to make the delivery.

Anyway, one's still alive so I want my full pay.

How the hell would I know that?

Son of a bitch.


Hello? just a sec.

Cops on out right, let's go Let's go.

Bro Something's wrong What?

That motherfucker!

Come on, be careful! I'm sorry, officer.

Rest is the best treatment. I'll give you something for the cough.



Okay, I got it, I hear you! I'll catch that fuck!

I'll get him and bring him to you!

Let's The thesis data is buried underground?

Yes, I'm sorry.

There's no time, so divide her load.

Professor, others haven't finished their parts yet.

I'm sorry, I'll make sure to get everything ready for the conference.

The least you can do is do your own work.

What a bitch!

If we get caught, I'm gonna spill everything.

That you fell for a woman and I was forced to help you.


You went on a fire truck joyride to impress a girl, with the siren blaring, was that part of work?

I'll tell on you!

I admit I was wrong, down you go!

Dude, don't do that How'd you feel if that was yours?

I'd hate it, that's why I'm just peeking.

No manners whatsoever, that's why you're still alone.

Then how come you have no woman either?

On the contrary, I have too many, I need to take some time off Vacation! Vacation!

Time off? Sure!

Dong-sook got married. Don't bring her up! on October 26, 2009! Don't bring her up!

What's this?

She's a doctor?

Who's this? Yo, womanizer, take this call.

Don't answer. Answer, answer.


Why are you answering my mommy's phone?


Why are you late?

I couldn't go home because of you.

I was stuck in traffic, I'm sorry.

What's your name? What do you do?


Mommy said never talk to strangers.

Is that so?

My name is Kang Jigu, I rescue people.

Look at this, it's written right here See? Emergency Response Team.

I can't read yet.

It does say that. What does it mean?

It means we're good men who help people in danger.

Better than doctors?

Doctors? Of course, we're better.

Doctors only help in the hospital, but we go to people to help.

And doctors get paid to help... But we do it for free.

Know what 'free' is?

Give me, mommy's bag.

How do I know you're her daughter?

Does she always sleep like this?

She's a human after all.

See? Give me her bag. Here.

It's not heavy?

Give me your business card.

Just in case something is missing.

Okay, here.

Should I drive you?

No, mommy said don't get inside strangers' cars My teacher will drive me so don't worry.

But, thank you.

Definitely her daughter.

I really overdid it, the kid was her clone.

She's married? Oh that feels good!

Yeah, I'm going home.

Class rep! Yes.

Parents letter.

God bless you, and then some.

Children, snack time!

Teacher, he's sick. What?

He's sick. Are you okay?

Jae-won, look at me.

There's nowhere to go.



Have you checked the time? I'm sorry, I'm late So sorry!

Take care. Mommy.

Were you good?


I'm saved! Thank you, thank you Mirre!

I love you! I was so worried because of it.


His name is Jigu, he rescues people, and I didn't get inside his car.

I got this, just in case he stole something but he didn't look like a bad guy.

But you never know, so check your bag.

So smart! Whose daughter are you?

Yours of course! Who else? I can't breathe.

Did I do good?

You did so well, I can't live without you!

What should I do for you? Really?

I want a cat. I told you, you can't have a cat.

You're allergic to it.

Navi hurt his leg, he's sick! I have to take care of him!

If you touch a street cat, you gotta get a 100 needle shots

Instead, I'll make you your favorite spicy rice cakes.

Should done it when I asked, my jeans are ruined, and scraped my knee too.

Mommy. Yeah?

Your phone.

I got my data back.

We got an emergency situation.

Vital? Over 40 degrees, and decrease in WBC according to CBC, don't know what's wrong.

Okay, I'll be right there.

It's okay, I'll be back soon.

But you have to eat alone. It's still delicious.

There's an emergency, and I can't get the sitter back.

For the sake of your daughter?

I don't do this often, just this once.

Dr. Kim!

Mom, please be there when Mirre wakes up.


He's in isolation A.

Came in as FUO? Which antibiotic did you use?

Blood pressure is unstable even with a full dose of dopamine.

It might be MODS.

Have you checked medical and travel history?

Not yet.

I'll do it, doctor.

Influenza is going around, administer Tamiflu too.


Are those his things? Yes, they Are.


What's the status?

This came out of the patient's cell phone.

The container became the culture room.

Judging from his symptoms, we can't rule out avian flu.

You're saying this could be Korea's first avian flu case?

Are you Ju Byung-woo's guardian?

Yes, I am.

We saw the video in the phone, where is the container?

I... don't know what you mean.

Mr. Ju is infected with an unknown pathogen.

In order to verify the virus, we have to check the container.

Virus? My brother's not a PC.

He's feeble, so he coughs a lot.

Where is the container?

Where's my brother?

He's under quarantine.

I wanna see my brother, why's that so hard?

Code blue! ER Isolation. Code blue! Code blue!

Out of the way, fuckers!

Please stop!

Stop it!

You could be infected too!

Grab him.

Byung-woo! You can't come in here!


Don't touch him.

Please don't touch What's going on Pull him back!

Please stop!

What's going on! Grab him!


Grab him! Pull him back!

Navi, Navi! Where are you?

Come here.

I have delicious food for you.


Watch where you're going!

Are you... sick?

Stay away I'm sick, you could get sick too.

Go away.

Don't come near.

I am Mirre, Mi-rre.

Why are you following me?

Go away now.

You, go home!

I said my name is Mirre!


Mirre, your name is Mirre?

My name is Monssai.


Thank you, you're very kind.

You remind me of my sister back home.

Monssai, are you sick?

Monssai, I'll get you help. Hold on until I get back.

Just wait here!

Minki Minki... I can't reach it.

Don't ever let a pretty woman inside your heart My life philosophy.

Pretty my ass, I forgot about her already.

You really did? Absolutely.


Then give me her number.

I got her!

Minki! It was really scary, wasn't it? Mommy's sorry.

She's so adorable. Is she potty trained?

Mister, you don't rescue by talking.

Just you wait, when I retire, I'll speed dial 911.

I'll call for back scratches, toe rubs and shit.

This is a problem with the system.

Who is this?

This is last year's Vietnamese avian flu case.

Note the skin rash.

Symptoms of both cases are identical.

Looks similar... Has an avian flu type ever progressed this rapidly?

It must have mutated inside the container.

Any other similar cases?

Not yet.

Let's not overreact over 1 comparable case.

We should at least wait for the results from KCDC.

Doctor! We got more cases!

Make Way!

Sir, we got a call from the police, they found the container!

Doctor! Another infected patient!

Where did he go? Monssai is sick...

Mirre, look at me.

I just got off work, and I'm really tired.

Are you alone?

Why did she leave her alone?

Mirre, give me her number, your mom's.

What's wrong?

No, she said don't call when she's busy.

Let's find Monssai.

Mirre, so your mom's busy, and I got time to waste?

We have to find Monssai.

Mirre, you can't call me for everything.

Have to find Monssai. I'm leaving, okay?

I have to go home I feel sleepy.

Monssai! Monssai!

You're not trying hard enough! Okay.

Monssai Dog, or cat, you better come out!

Take photos.

Sterilize, now!

Blinds please.

Due to damage, A proper inspection won't be possible.

But from what we could gather, we're certain it's an avian flu type.

According to WHO, avian flu isn't transmitted by humans...

It has to be the mutated H5N1 that can infect humans.

Don't cut me off!

What I'm trying to say is... I said don't cut me off!

Antiviral agents like Tamiflu were wiped out immediately!

No incubation period, and death within 36 hours of...

Come on! congressman Cho/ has arrived.

But that period is getting shorter!

Attention, Bundang congressman Choi Dong-chi has arrived...

We're not done yet!

What's your point?

It's a harbinger of an epidemic.

What's he saying?

Cutting people off, and using medical jargons to make us look dumb.

Don't beat around the bush, get to the point.

If we don't respond to this pathogenic virus now, it'll spread all over the country like foot-and-mouth disease!

Just your point!

Bundang must be shut down immediately.

Shut down?

Crossing the Pacific on a leaf! You don't remember her face.

Babysitting the kid? You love it?

I love it, I can't believe it My dream came true, my lifelong dream.

You're prince of the land... Please let her stop singing.

All right, fine, I'll call back later. It's very annoying.

It's our fate, let's get married!

By the way, don't tell mommy about this, okay?

I'll never tell your mom.

But sweetie, I have to get home too.

Forget your mom, what's your dad's number?

Give me his phone number.

No, mommy will cry.

Why does she cry?

Mommy cried everyday because of him She cries now too.

You don't live with dad?

He's in America, he left mommy and me.

That can't be, who'd leave a princess?

He did! That's why he doesn't come to my birthday!

You don't know anything.

All right.

Are you gonna eat that?

This? You want it? Have it.

No, I want to give it to Monssai.


Monssai, Monssai.

Jigu, put this on for me.

Well, I've never done it before, come here.

Tada! So pretty!

Jigu, I want a smoothie!

Did you catch a cold?

You shouldn't eat cold stuff.

But I want it.

Here is your strawberry smoothie.

Bundang isn't a hicktown.

Half million people live there Shut it down?

Exactly 472,000...

It's 15 km from Seoul.

It's practically part of Seoul.

So many international events this month alone, don't say things you can't take back.

You're gonna take the heat for it?

Sir, if this really is a mutated avian flu, the consequences will be catastrophic.

You made a big deal out of swine flu too.

But fatalities were comparable to seasonal flu.

Sir, let's conclude here, we'll assemble a conference later.

What the hell for! More people are getting infected...

We'll bring specialists from Seoul.

Let's have half hour lunch break!

Sir, there was a survivor in the container.


What's up? Got the text?

They want all units, on my day off too...

The kid just fell asleep. I can't believe it...

I'll call back later!

Are you okay?

Look An illegal immigrant perhaps, he was alive when this was shot.

Any evidence of his survival?

Aren't we done?

Now you're playing detective with her?

He must've slipped inside Bundang.

And patient Ju was in Bundang too.

Doctors are detectives now. Bundang cops are having a tea party?

Sir, if the infection route is doubled, the spread radius...

You're a doctor, right?

You must be desperate to shut down Bundang, then just go to the president directly, get his authorization, and have it your way!

Minister! Emergency dispatch is overloaded with calls!

All city hospitals are reporting positive cases!

The director said isolating them is critical!



Leave the city right away!

Do you understand?

Get father and just go.

Absolutely no contact with people!

She mustn't touch anything!

And stay right there, I'll come to you, got it?

Dr. Kim, get on, call in the air!

Professor, my child is alone, can I join you later?

Don't you see what's happening?

Forget it.

I'll secure a way for you to leave the city, so hurry back.

Where is she going?

Where does that path lead to?

That sector over there.

Cops are blocking the road, I can't get inside!

Cops are blocking the road, I can't get inside! May 4, 15:00 Entrance to Bundang May 4, 15:00 Entrance to Bundang Did something happen in Bundang? May 4, 15:00 Entrance to Bundang Did something happen in Bundang?

Speak slowly so I can understand.

Mom, don't come! I'll come to Seoul with Mirre.

I'll explain later!

Central Government Complex An official announcement should be a priority. Central Government Complex An official announcement should be a priority.

When cornered humans can't stay calm.

If fear takes over after the report, it'll be scarier than the virus itself.


We should take the minister's advice.

It's my district! This could blow up in my face later!


Did something happen?

This will bury the news of our by-election win!

Informing the citizens of the outbreak is the priority.

What if I stand beside you during the press conference?

Congressman. Yes, sir.

From here on, I'll take charge of the crisis.

The president is coming.

Is it true that this fatal virus has no treatment yet?

That is true for now... Course of action is set.

Lockdown first, inform later.

Forget the protocol, report immediately!

How long till lockdown?

Due to pandemic crisis, Bundang gates are being shut down.

Follow the police instructions and turn the cars around.

Please go back to your homes and standby.

What's going on?

I'm almost there, where should I go?

Almost here? You should come to...

Come to... The front of the E-Mart!

Earlier today in Bundang, outbreak of a virus was reported.

The KCDC has confirmed that it's a new variant of avian flu, thereby we raise the infection level to 'critical'.

I'm doing everything within my power for the safety...

Why don't drugs like Tamiflu work?

There is no known cure.

They haven't secured the survivor...

The number of infected and deaths will increase drastically.

So thousands may die?

Could be tens of thousands.

Where's Mirre, where is she?

Well, it's...

Answer me!





Due to an epidemic emergency, we'll close immediately.

Please stay calm, and exit in orderly manner.

Mirre! In-hye!

Mirre! I'm really sorry.

Let's spread out, and whoever finds her first calls Got it?


Cover your nose.


Mommy, mommy! Mommy!


Mirre! Mirre!




Mirre, look, it's mom.

She's here, look Come here, baby!

Come on.


Mirre, put this mask on. Outbreak is confirmed in the shop.

As per containment protocol, we'll quarantine the shop.

We have to leave, right now. Okay.

There, that way.


Mommy! Hurry!

Please help me.

Please let me out. My child is out there alone.

Yes, professor.

It's the last medevac hello, so be on it.

Could you secure one more seat? There's someone I want out.

Okay. Thank you.

Let's go It's our last chance to leave.

I can get you out of the city.

Go ahead, In-hye.

There are infected inside.

I know, but this is my job.

No one here knows what you do for a living.

But I do.

Take my car and leave with Mirre.

Remember where my car is?

Don't let go of her hand, okay?


I want it back clean this time!



Mommy! Mommy!

Why isn't he coming with us?

He'll come after helping those people.

You're gonna kick it down?

There's no time to waste, it's total chaos out there. About damn time.

My assistance is requested in a dozen emergencies.

Careful, Careful. Thank you.

Jae-hyung! Mommy!

It's very sharp, come out slowly.

Thank you So much. Thank you too.

We're here for the medevac.

I'm Dr. Kim In-hye, we should be on the list.

Okay, one moment.

We're short on time.

Go ahead, it'll take off soon.

Wait, wait! Stop right there! Why?

Symptomatic people can't fly.

It's not the flu She got it last week, almost recovered.

Common cold symptoms too.

Look here! Out!

It's the avian flu we're after, skin rash is the first symptom.

I'm the doctor who discovered it, shouldn't I know the difference?

I hear you.

My child is not feverish!

We're following the protocol.

Look! Get back.

Normally, when H5N1-infected birds come in contact with humans, the virus is transferred to the human body.

Recently, there were reported cases of H7N9 bird flu.

In Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Cases of human-to-human infection were reported in Indonesia, Vietnam, but never in Korea until now.

However, this new H5N1 virus mutation is said to he a super virus that is highly contagious.

The virus is airborne, so the mask will protect you.

Do not remove the mask for any reason!


I stand here, fully responsible for not protecting the lives of our people.

My sincere condolences to the families who've lost loved ones, and I promise I will do everything within my power, to eradicate the epidemic that is threatening Bundang.

To the citizens of Bundang, please bear it a little longer.

Please board the bus without exception.

The government has setup quarantine camps for your safety.

You'll be examined...

How did you miss the helicopter?

I'm sorry.

Did you find the container survivor?

This could only mean his system developed antibodies.

Police and military are searching for him.

We're being transferred to the camp.

You know how dangerous it is to keep us in one place.

I'm looking into it.

When you arrive, identify yourself and get out of there.

Please have your ID card ready for verification.

They're flying copters for a cold?

They're putting on a show, an all-out show.

Everyone at Bundang at the moment is considered potentially infectious person, and will be segregated at the camp.

We'll initially track down the erythematous infectious persons by visual examinations.

Is that a rash?

It looks like one.

Their status of contamination will be determined to PCR test.

Asymptomatic persons within the first 48 hours with negative test results may leave the camp.

That's too dangerous.

If you put infected with uninfected together, infection will spread rapidly through the camp.

In conclusion... Wait!

Wasn't it you who said, a single person leaving Bundang could lead to a catastrophic outcome?

We must ensure that the virus does not spread even more.

So we're saying manage them in one place!

You said not everyone is susceptible to the virus!

There's a 50% chance of infection.

Then 50% will be fine, even if we put them together.

Minister, 50% of the population of Bundang is 200,000!

Dr. Yang, what about 50% of Korea?

You want to infect 25 million?

My point is, development of vaccine is the priority.

Fine, whatever We have to put our efforts into locking down the camp.

Sir, during lockdown crisis in other countries last year, young people were spreading highly harmful rumors via smartphones and social media.

We must shut down cell towers and cut off the internet!

Not a bad idea.

Lockdown methods must be simple!

Wait! This is not what I was talking about!

We can't lock them up like prisoners!

I absolutely cannot agree to this!

We're not here to get your approval.

Phone's not working.

What the... phone's dead.

You'll be segregated by gender!

Jae-hyung! Mom!

One moment I'm an epidemic specialist Kim In-hye.

Did you fill in the form?

No, I'm supposed to be at the crisis medical center, but I was brought here by mistake.

Could I use your phone?

#2067, look behind you You're holding up the line!

Call and verify! Ask for Dr. Yang Ik-chan.

Your kid's #2066 Next!

Excuse me! I left my children at home.

I was picked up. Coming through while out for a bit. Make way.

It's Jigu! Mirre!

He's naked.


Don't look. Why?

Come on, don't look. Why the hell not!

Just don't.

Why are you being so anal?!

Mommy, it's stuffy in here. Yeah?

Let go of me. I have to go out.

Let me tie your hair back.

Mommy, let's go.


#3890, please open your mouth.

Come up here, please.

Put your basket down and open your arms.

Mommy, what's #2066?

It's a number they call you instead of name.

You're #2066, I'm #2067 Okay?


Don't cough. Why?

If you do, you can't stay with me.

Citizens of Bundang, please remain orderly.

Please enter your assigned isolation zone.

10 hours have elapsed, Tancheon Quarantine Zone Uninfected Area

He's injured his leg, you can't do this to him!

It doesn't matter, we're backed up!

You can't treat him this way!

Mommy, I'm hungry! Okay.

Should I sleep under this shit?

Mom, come on in. I don't deserve this!

Mirre! Jigu!

In-hye! I've been looking all over!

Mirre! Don't touch him!

What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?

It's nothing like that.

Are you mad at me for some reason?

I only wanted to help, is that a crime?

I never needed your help.

Because you...

Forget it.

It's too small for my family.

Get inside!

I came here because I was worried about you two.

This is... not right.

Bye Jigu!

Mr. GI, you have absolutely no clue.

People here live in high-end condos, and you force us into this tiny tent?

You should asked us to bring our own then!

If you shove us in, you think we'll simply comply?

No drinking water, no toilet, are we animals? Is that it?

We're not at war!

Go inside like you're told!

I was gonna do that, pardon me.

You mustn't Who gave you the right to do whatever...

From here on, complaints will not be tolerated!

Sir, what's going on here?

The fuck are you?

Mind your manners and explain yourself.

Shit, you wanna die? One moment.

Let's stop here, please calm down.

And who the fuck are you?

Operation officer!

You must never aim your gun at civilians.

Holster it.

Don't foster any ill will.

They get the situation, so stand down.

Please go inside, we mustn't clutter around.

All civil servants and soldiers report to tent B17!

Where? Tent B17.


I swallowed my cough.

Good girl.

Where are they taking me?

Mirre, it's okay.

After the first ever lockdown of Bundang, human rights issues are being raised.

Seoul, Gwanghwamum Square The lockdown was carried out without any notification...

The lockdown was carried out without any notification...

Neighboring city schools are reporting only 12% attendance rate.

It may not be easy to calm the citizens.

What if there's an outbreak in Seoul too?

Poll shows only 35% approval rate for the lockdown of Bundang.

Quarantine measures are also being debated.

They're only worried about the virus getting to them.

Their position is obvious.

That's why they dispatched the best CDC doctors, and successfully isolated Bundang.

Let's be honest now. This was impossible without them.

Dr. Yang, USA is still top of the world.

Let's just admit it.

They'll give the results to the civies first.

Why is that?

They're short staffed.

I recognize him.

Jun Guk-hwan, he managed the Chunnam rescue OP.


Right, right, two of our own died too.

I knew it.

Did you hear that the entire ERT got infected?

Our Bundang unit?

That's fucked up.

You two look okay though.

Well, nothing's certain until we get the results.

Hey, bud.

Are you sure about that? Did you see it for yourself?

Nothing is ever certain in a crisis, bud.

You think they'll let you go 48 hours after you're in the clear?

What do you think?

Well... We'll find out in 48 hours, for sure.


Could you check #3889 first?

#3889! Yes, Yes, right here.

What do you want me to do?

So damn impatient!

Camp duties will be assigned to those who tested negative.

#3895! What about #3890?

Let me see.

Let me through. You can't leave.

It's okay, please come out.

Did you look into it?

This fucker's going nowhere.

And what I asked?

I'll transfer you to the safe zone myself.

#8498, are you #8498? Yes, that's me.

Show me your ID card.

#8498 verified.


This is precious food.

Only civies have access to it, go on.

How's it going with her?

Stop it. Don't mention it?

Oh yeah It's for real, I heard Jun say, all the infected... they're shot and killed.

The basement is soundproof, that's where they do it.

Dude, this is Bundang, that's preposterous.

Isn't this our district?

You think I'm making it up? That's what he said.

Okay, fine Don't be that gorilla's bitch, you know better.

We've been here for a day, and nothing but bottled water.

Are they gonna starve us to death along with the virus?

Please eat something.

I'm fine.

I don't feel like eating, you go ahead.

They'll distribute food tomorrow, loaves of bread probably.


So hot...

Please look the other way.


I know, you... don't want to be separated.

But it'll be dangerous to let her stay here.

She's not in contact with anyone, and kept her mask on, so she won't infect anyone.

I'll keep her to myself.

Why are you so selfish?

Aren't you a doctor?


no treatment even if I send her there.

What are you talking about?

People are being treated.

Like you said, I'm a doctor.

I know this situation better than anyone.

So the government is lying to us?

What are they doing with the infected then?

I don't know that much, but... what your friend said is probably not a rumor.

So they're killing the infected?

They'll shoot all those people?


have to keep her here.


It's my fault then.

No, it's not your fault.

As her mother,

I didn't look after her properly.

I'm sorry, I really am.

The gunshots you're hearing are guns being fired at birds nearby.

We're taking action against any birds that may be carrying the virus.

We're handing out basic necessities

take a queue.

Sir! Afternoon.

Hey, what are you doing? just take one! We all get one for now!

He's really clued in. Maybe something's really up.

How can you think about women right now?

It's nothing like that.

Grade A bullshit, I know you too well.

Looked like she likes... It's nothing like that!

Buddy, don't take it so personally.

I'm not the mood to joke.

Well, but I'm in the mood.

Fine, Fine. How could you...

Infected Quarantine Zone (Sports complex underground parking lot)

Wait, his temperature is normal.

Let him be, you never know.

Huh? Look.

I think there's an APB out on him.

One moment. Take his mask off.

It is him! Get up!

Look at this.

This is sector C, block 424, APB verification needed.

Dr. Kim! Dr. Kim In-hye!

We found him, the container survivor.

We found the infection survivor.

If he has the antibody, we can make a vaccine.

So there could be a cure?

Could you take care of her for a bit?

Please hurry.

You said you won't leave.

Mommy will be back in a flash.


Why'd I lie to my baby?

I'm trying to make you better.

You're lying.

Look at this.

Mirre, respond, beep beep. Mirre, respond, beep beep.

You try it, 'Mirre, respond, over'

Mirre, respond, over.

Mirre, you try it.

Mommy, respond. Hear that?

If you call, she'll come back to you.

Yeah, I'll run like crazy. Here, touch it.

Mommy, respond, beep beep.

2 weeks after the infection, his vitals remain stable.

Blood test came back normal.

We may be able to produce a vaccine now.

What do you think?

We agree, sir.

Professor, can we isolate the antibody and inject it into a patient?

No! We have to wait to confirm the effectiveness of antibodies against the virus.

It's a dire situation, but let's wait for the results.

Proceed with filtering.

What's with you?

Don't you know how fatal it is to apply it without a clinical trial?

Patient could die of shock.

I'm sorry.

It was a love at first sight.

You're prince of the land. I'm princess of the sea.


What happened? Can you treat her? Yeah?

Dr. Kim time is up.

I'll come visit you.

#2066 has been in this room.

#2066, #2066!

No one is in here.


Who's #2066?

Please present your ID.

Yeah, I'm #2066, why?

You came back positive Please present your ID.

ID? One sec.


My card.

You took it earlier.

Go on.

Here it is. One moment, please.

Moron! Why are you #2066?

Because I was assigned that number.

We found #2066.

If you go there... Dude.

I have to go we'll transfer you to the infected zone.

Transfer him!

Let's go.

Transfer to sector D!

Where's the fuck who killed my brother?

Son of a bitch!

Did it come off? No, it didn't.

Is this live feed of the camp?


I heard they keep uninfected even after 48 hours, is that true?

Mr. President, if I can offer further explanation.

The virus is spreading so rapidly through the camp that we simply cannot afford to let anyone out.

But a promise is a promise, let them out now.

It's just...

Managing 230,000 out of the camp will be...

Backlash of the uninfected is becoming serious.

Says who? It's In the report.

That's why we must fortify the security needed to seal them inside.

It's an inevitable decision.

It's a terrible for the Bundang citizens, but you must ensure the safety of the country first...

And they're not our people?

This is not just about Korea anymore.

If this virus spreads, the impact on the world could be...

Please remember, the eyes of world are on Korea right now.

This is the only path out.

Sir, even if you leave here, it won't be easy leaving Bundang.

I'll worry about that.


You didn't have to.


That thing I asked you about.

Here, it was left behind.

Not Infected Thank you so much.

It's nothing. Thank you again.

Dr. Jung It'll be a while before the result is back.

Why don't you go rest?

You're looking after me?

Okay, let's take turns.

Here, this belongs to him.

Jun came through for you Thank him later.

You may have been infected here, so don't take it off before the result is out.

I hear over 2,000 die in Bundang every hour.

Streets are littered with bodies.

Do you... know if In-hye and Mirre are safe?

Snap out of it, she doesn't mean shit!

You can go.

Worked my ass off to get you out...

Look into it!

48 hours and another 2 days have passed.

Why still detain us? Look, I'm fine.

My son went for treatment, tell me how he is.

Go over there!

Hey, sergeant. What's the hold-up?

Sir, there seems to be a big probl...

Fuck it, just go!

Get out!

This is not harmful Please?

My daughter is dying now.

You can save her life.

I need your antibody!

I don't want to, go away!

Mirre! Mirre!




Found you... Monssai...

Are you okay?

Mirre, wake up Mirre!

You need my blood?

Dr. Kim! Open this door!

Open this door!

Take your hands off of her!

Why did you hide her infection?

If the virus spreads here, the cure is meaningless.

Secure the antibody.

Shoot! Son of bitch!

You're the first to leave here.

Sir, please hurry up.

Hold your horses.

Let's go.




Have you seen a girl who just arrived?

Hey, don't touch that Have you seen...

Look! He's alive inside.

He'll be dead soon.


Any minute now, let's go.

Are you fucking nuts? Can't you see he's still alive?

Look around you. They're being moved upstairs.


We've confirmed the antibodies.

Take him outside.

My kid, where's my kid?

Dr. Kim!

Isn't that the antibody?

That's the antibody, drop it.

Where is she?

Dr. Kim, what are you doing?

We had to send her to the infected zone.


Mirre Mirre!








Mirre! Mirre!


Sang-myung! Your girlfriend isn't here!


Put it on.

No. Put it on!

They'll find out! I don't want to!

Why are you here?


Mom, why are you here?

I was out visiting a friend...

You don't belong here.

Don't do it!

No, no! Honey!


Let go of me.

Fuck off!

Don't hurt my baby!

Let go of me.

I'll take you to your mom.

Who the fuck? An intruder! Get him!

An intruder has escaped.

Who the hell? drop the gun.

Stand down, or we'll shoot.

Go ahead, shoot!

Don't do it, Chul.

I'm fine I can get treated.

Mom, look at me You'll die there, there's no treatment.

What the fuck are you saying? Shut up!

There's no treatment! What?

This smoke! They're burning all the infected there!

Shut up or we'll fire!

Go on, fucker, shoot! Shoot me!

Shoot me, asshole!

That GI killed a man!



They were right.

This is insane, I don't believe it.

Let's get down!

Wait! They're all bodies! You got the wrong idea!

Bullshit, asshole! Wait!

He's alive! there are also.

Mirre You gonna be fine.


Mirre, it's mom!

In-hye, can you hear me? Mirre, respond!

Dr. Kim, there's an uprising.

We're ordered to evac, we gotta leave Bundang.

I can't!

The lab was ambushed, the sample's contaminated!

We have to get him out!

My daughter is still here!

In-hye! This is Jigu, can you hear me?

Jigu? Where Are you?

I'm at... underground parking. Underground...

What about Mirre?

Underground parking where?



I'm here, where are you?




Who ordered the evac of the staff?

The mob became extremely violent!

They could infect the military and medical...

It's because we kept the uninfected for 48 hours!

What if we freed an infected by mistake?

Now what then?

Who'll isolate the infected and safeguard the rest?

We're responsible for the safety of the medical staff.

That's why I'm asking for a little time!

We'll have the antibody soon!

Securing it will calm the populace.

Just hang on.

Protect the antibody.

In-hye! Please respond!


Are you with Mirre?

Yes She's with me. How is she?

She looks fine. She can't speak just yet but she's much better now.

Fever, what about fever?

It's almost gone.

That's it, she developed the antibody.


You'll be okay!

Can you update me on her condition?

Yes, where are you?

There's an exit on the Bundang intercity border.

Meet me there.


Don't worry, I'll be there.

Get them!

Strip the body of all gears.

Hold up!

The kid's not dead?

Come here Let me see.

Don't even think about it.

Come here, you fuck!

Jigu! where are you?


Bro. Bro.

Are you all right?

Let go!

Defense minister! Retract the withdraw order.

We'll send in more troops.

How many units are ready to deploy?

Mr. President, Mr. President May I have a moment?

Not now, Mr. Snyder.

Report to me immediately.

Dr. Yang! Yes, sir!

Has the antibody carrier left Bundang?

I'm on my way to verify.

You should hear him out first.

What could be more important now?

We need to talk about the OPCON protocol, sir.

The Bundang intercity border

You okay?


You can talk now?

Where's mommy? She... will be here soon.

Mom, I'm sorry.


Don't give up. I can't go home now.

Don't die on me. You have to live.

We have to go to Seoul!

We must infect Seoul too!

Only then will the government respond!

Let's go to Seoul! To Seoul!


Mommy, respond, beep beep!

What about the antibody?

The carrier was... killed on the way I'm sorry, sir.

Where do you think you're going?

I left my daughter there, I gotta get her back.

No, absolutely not!

She's alive.

She developed antibodies after receiving his blood.

I'm bringing her back. Who verified it?

It's not confirmed, but she's definitely alive.

See for yourself.


You mustn't! Something big could happen there.


My child is waiting for her mother.

I have to go.

We've lost the antibodies.

You're not gonna let the virus out of the camp, are you?


I'm ready to sacrifice some people to protect my country.

You need to take action now.

You're clear to engage.

We'll stop them, sir.

And they'll take the heat?

Ready to engage!

Ready to engage!

Aim at the targets in front!

Wait, wait, wait! Look at me, I'm not infected!

Please let me out of here!


Snyder! You order them to shoot?

Are you crazy?

What, you'd be willing to sacrifice the whole country for a gesture of compassion?

That's no reason ever to shoot innocent people!

I gave the order.

Won-jun, come here! I can't!

Get over here!

Do you know what you've done?

Of course I do.

Do you think I enjoyed making that decision?

I ordered it for the sake of our nation.

You killed them! Our own people!

Look at this.

Do you know what the country wants?

Bundang lockdown approval went from 35% to 96%!

Why do you only think of them?

You must follow the wishes of the majority!

Why don't you get that?

Are you okay?

These are the protocols we discussed this morning.

You got no option, we have to launch operation Clean City now.

Mirre, I'll be right back, wait right here.

Don't go!

Many people are hurt.

I have to help them.

Because you rescue people?

Like you rescued me?

I'll protect you no matter what!

Do you trust me?

I won't move an inch.

I'll be back.

Remember how to use this?

Stay put.





Are you okay now?

I'm scared, please come!

I'm coming, I'll run to you.

Are we at war? They're unarmed citizens!

As per USA-Korea military pact, I now have the authority.

Please go inside, they'll take the heat.

Wait! A child who is said to have received the antibody is in Bundang.

Stay out of this! It's not your place!

Dr. Yang, please come in.

Get back, operation in progress!

Let me inside! Please! My daughter!

Are you Dr. Kim In-hye?

Please let me through, my child is alive in there!

Does she really have the antibody?

That's right.

I gave her the injection and heard her voice too.

Jigu has... I mean, a Bundang ERT staff member is protecting her.

I need to get to her now.

Kiddo, come over here.

It's all right, come here, baby.

Everyone! Let's continue forward!

We stop here, and we all die!

So keep going!

Clear the path! Move the road blocks!



Be quiet and hold still!

You're doing me a favor.

What are you doing to her?

Let the kid go.

I'm doing this for us all, get out!

You're doing it for yourself!

I just need a little blood, leave!

Go on. Don't move!

Shoot me. I said don't move.

I'm dead without it anyway.

Don't move! Shoot me!

Jigu, come in! Mirre! One moment!

You can't go.

Why? I got permission!

The operation overrides the decision.

Minister! Please halt the suppression!

Can't you let me handle this?

We found someone with the antibody!

No way, I'm not gonna be swayed by speculation.

My duty is not just to protect Korea, but to safeguard the whole of the rest.

You need to stop the operation.

We found the antibody! Snyder!

Please go inside!

Snyder! Minister!



Go outside!

Defense commander, I order a preemptive strike against the protesters.

Anybody's caught crossing the orange line, shoot on sight.

I have to go!

You can't! Get back!

I'm fine, go find the kid.

Go on.

I'll be back.

Mommy, mommy!


Don't come any closer!

If anyone steps on the orange line...

Shoot on sight!

If we're dead either way, let's die in Seoul!



Don't do it, please stop!

Dr. Kim? Isn't that the doctor?

It is!

Mommy! Mommy.





Mirre... Mommy.



Mommy! Mommy!

Mirre! Mommy!


Mommy! Mirre!




Captain! Move back.



Please stop!





You okay?

Don't shoot my mommy! Don't shoot my mommy!

That kid is in danger!

Don't shoot my mommy!


Don't shoot my mommy!

Don't shoot my mommy!

Don't shoot my mommy!

Come to me.


Come here.

Fuckers! Let's go.

Out of the way.

Synder, tell them to hold fire!

Commanding officer, this is the president Do not engage, I repeat, do not fire!

Launch secondary strike as planned.

Fighter-bombers confirm your position please.

What did you say? Fighter-bomber?

Just in case the ROK army loses control on the ground, we scrambled fighter-bombers 10 minutes ago from Osan.

Position 5 miles southeast of Bundang. Confirm the drop location!

General, confirm the location.

Lock-on, sir.

What's going on?

Minister, what's going on?

Which cam is closest to the orange line?

Mr. President, look at the screen!

It's her, it's that kid! She must've recovered!

I saw this tiny child beat the fucking flu!

Does she really have the antibody?

Yes, we must stop the assault!

There's no evidence that she has the antibody.

That's why we need to check!

Get me capital defense command.

Yes, sir!

The president has absolute authority over capital defense.

You may... Connected, sir.

Commander, this is the president.

This is commander. Order, sir.

Ready surface-to-air missiles.

Shoot down fighter jets that enter Bundang airspace.

This is unacceptable.

You have no authority to countermand my order.

You see that little girl? Those people, they're my people!

Sir! I officially demand you you withdraw your order.

Mr. Snyder, I officially warn you.

I will shoot them down.

Everyone, take shelter!

Fighter jets are on the way!

I got eyes on the target, I got eyes on the target!

Mr. Snyder! We're ready to strike the target!

Target lock! Request permission to fire!

Mr. President, the jets are within attack range.

Shoot them down.


Mission aborted. All birds return to the bird farm.

The mission is aborted.

Citizens of Bundang, this is your president.

Your government will not fail you, no matter what I have halted all attacks.

They won't attack us?

Rest easy now.

Please stay where you are.

Medical teams will be dispatched.

Mr. President, you give me no option.

But to register the strongest possible complaint with the allies.

I know.

If the girl isn't carrying antibodies, I'll take full responsibility.

Let's go to Bundang!

Assemble all available medical staff.

Thank you,

so much.

Well, I didn't do this to hear that.

Still feels good though.

Mirre, you should thank him too.

Go on.

Thank you, Jigu.

Is that them?


You okay?

You guys look good.

I'm in so much pain You don't know when to give up.

Good luck.

Let's go already, I'm dying here.

I'll see you. Shut up.

I'll visit. Go away Shut it!

I want to come, but not right now.

Professor, take good care of her.

Don't worry, she's in good hands.

You'll join us soon, Dr. Kim.

Will you be okay?


You're going to help all those sick people.

You know that?


Jigu. Yeah?

You'll come with mommy?

Of course!

The KCDC officially announced today that avian flu survivor.

Kim Mirre is an antibody carrier.

A vaccine and the treatment are being developed, and Bundang citizens will be the first to receive them.

Mister, be careful, okay? Like it's your own.

Okay, almost there, almost there!

Come on, hurry up!

Here, move your leg.

Hey! Where are you putting your hands?

Don't put your hand on my man!


Jigu, just pull it. Pull? Pull what?

Woman, do you know how expensive this is?

Why don't you go ahead, I'll catch up with you.

No, let's go together, it's our vacation.

It's almost time for our flight.

Just pull it hard.

Jigu, hurry! Pull it out!

If it rips, take one of mommy's skirts.

Why should I wear your mom's skirt?

We'll miss our plane because of you!

Yo Jigu! Shouldn't you be on your vacation?

You'll miss your flight, what are you doing?

Her skirt got stuck in the door.

I can do it, let me do it. Have fun! Let me help you.

You kids have fun!

Mirre, be a good girl.

What are you waiting for?

I saved your dog from the sewer, remember?

Mister! just pull my skirt! Shall we?

How did it get stuck?

It's because of the bus driver!

Let's do this. One, two, now!

Oh no!

Honey Don't mind other people's affairs.

You're perfect except for that.