Focus (2015) Script

Elegio, how may I help you?

Yes, I'd like to make a reservation for tonight, please.

- Sorry. We're booked months in advance. MAN". Okay. I understand.

Thank you very much.

Elegio reservations, how may I help you?


Is that ready? Thanks. Yeah.

Gets another dollop of the burrata. There you go.

No problem. I can get that for you, sir.

Okay, you know what?

So, yeah, you know...

...he could be here any minute now.

Ah, heh-heh.

Oh, look, you know what?

He's right there. That's my friend.

Will you be my boyfriend?

Just for a minute.

You're not a serial killer, are you? -That depends.

How many times does it take to get to "serial"?


Oh, no, we're good.



Heh. Burgundy.

Very good.

It's very confusing, isn't it? Hm.

How do you know it all?

Mostly from drinking. -Mm.

Yeah. More you drink, more you learn.

In that case, I am, uh, the foremost expert in Jägerbombs.

I will walk you through it all...

It's been a pleasure to serve you, Chef Oshowole.

Chef who?

Uh, Oshowole.

Yeah. Heh.

You know, it may be the roofies talking, but this was really fun.

Thank you. Thank you for rescuing me.

Yeah. We showed him. -Yeah.

Gotta respect him. He left it all on the field.

That's what I'm missing out on tonight? -Ha-ha-ha.

Can I walk you somewhere?

Actually, I'm staying here.


Oh, really.

Oh, my God. It's my husband. -Shut the fuck up.

Jared, wait. -Whoa, whoa! Whoa!

I'll fucking kill you. -Just let him go.

No fucking way. He's fucking dead.

Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn't do it.

I'm drawing a blank. -What?

I think you should shoot me. Let's be honest, you've been aggrieved.

Don't mess with him, Nicky, he's done hard time.

I've done fucking hard time.

If you had any idea what I was about to do to her...

Shut up, man. -She was gonna be no good to you after that.

So you should really shoot me. -What the fuck?

What kind of stuff are we talking about? -Saudi bachelor party shit.

Saudi bachelor party?

R. Kelly drop-cloth shit.

Please, come on, shoot me.

Stop fucking around. I'm gonna fucking kill you.

You'd really be doing me a favor. Cancer.

Tumor the size of a peach.

Pull the trigger, you'll see.

You--? You got cancer?

He's onto us. -Shit! I knew this wasn't gonna fucking work!

You guys suck. -Just give us the money.

Or? He'll shoot you in the neck.

I don't wanna shoot a guy with cancer. Grandma Mukulski had cancer.

He doesn't have cancer, you idiot! -You guys really boned this thing.

First of all, you gotta wait till she gets my pants off.

And then you gotta give me a chance to run. That's how you get the money.

And you never drop the con.

You never break.

Die with the lie.

When did you make us?

Uh, when you stole the wallet from the bum downstairs.


No, real shit.

Then Why'd you come up here if you're so smart?

Professional curiosity.

And I like boobs, you know.

I figured it was a win-win.

All thumbs, sweetheart. It was a bum lift. -It was a great lift.

Please. He was so shithoused, you could've taken his appendix.

You suck.

You really should be more aware.

I've been behind you for two blocks. You didn't see me?

I don't have eyes in the back of my head.

Well, if you're gonna play this game, you might wanna grow a pair.

I can take care of myself.

No, you're gonna get hurt.

Let me buy you coffee.

I don't drink coffee.



So, what's your thing?

Inside? Roper? You can tell me. -Mm.

Everything. Been in this game so long.

I wanna cannon. That's what I wanna do. -Oh, really?

Yeah. -Yeah, okay.

My grandfather used to run a crooked game in Harlem.

Eventually, my father started shilling for him.


One day they get burned.

Mobbed-up guy catches them throwing signals.

Everybody's guns come out. Standoff.

No way out. Except one.

The Toledo Panic Button.

What the hell is that?

You shoot your partner. It proves you're not together.

You kill your partner?

You hope you don't.

Does it work?

He's 0 for 3.

So your father killed your grandfather?

That's the world you're in.

Dabblers get killed.

Look, I wasn't born into this like you.

I was a dyslexic foster kid.

No prospects, no future.

I mean, it's a minor miracle I'm not a hooker right now.

Tutor me. -No.

Why not? -I'm headed out of town.

Well, wait, look, I can pay you.

If that helps. -Whose wallet is that?

Uh, "Dr. Peter Woshilak."

All right, we're gonna make this quick because it's really cold.

Now I'm gonna show you a few touches, but at the end of the day...

...this is a game of focus.

That's very clever. -All right, now, attention is like a spotlight.

And our job... to dance in the darkness.

I didn't even feel you take that.

The human brain is slow, and it cannot multitask.

Jesus. When--?

All right, I'm sure you can flip a leather on its feet.

But what we're talking about is much more complex than that.

When did you take my wallet? -You take Zumba?

It's actually a really good cardio workout. Thank you very much.

You're thinking with your hands.

You gotta get inside the Vic's head. Perceive from their perspective.

Human behavior is very predictable.

If I look at my hand, it naturally pulls your gaze...

...and allows me to enter your space.

But when I look up at you, it causes you to look directly at me.


I touch you here, I steal from here.

I tap you here, I steal from here.

I step to here--

You're not gonna slap my face, are you? -Why?

You would if you knew where my hand was.

Okay, I get it. I get it.

You get their focus... can take whatever you want.

You be safe.

So why do I like this place?

Lots of space. Doesn't open for a month or two.

We can tie into multiple lines, diffuse our footprint, keep hopping DNS addresses.

Plus military-grade fiber.

How many bathrooms? Fat-Ass Farhad is flying in.

Two, coed. He still got irritable bowel? -Yep.

Man, he should do a cleanse.

Horst, he is a 400-pound Persian. He is not gonna do a cleanse.

Where you been staying? Hyatt again?

Yep. I love the brunch.

You should stop by. -No, no brunch. I'm doing a cleanse.

The horses are in the gate.

And they're off!

Hyatt Rewards card, in my wallet. Admit that you're impressed.

I got your wallet and I found you all the way down here.

Please. World Series, Final Four...

...the Sugar Bowl, Super Bowl, any big event like this is sucker central.

Well, I still found you. That's gotta count for something.

So how many Hyatts did you have to go to?

All three, five times each.

I want in. -Maybe I'm just here to watch the game.

I asked around who ran the game in Harlem.

The Limehouse Kid is your grandfather. Bucky Spurgeon is your father.

"Father" is a very generous term.

And you're Nicky Spurgeon. They call you "Mellow."

I'm all crewed up, sweetie. -Oh, come on. Please! Can we--?

Can we just--?

Can we skip the part where I speak through thinly veiled allure...

...and lead you to believe there's some earth-shattering hump in the works?

Because I suck at that kind of stuff. I just want in.

No earth-shattering hump in the works? -No.

I don't even get "thinly veiled allure"? -No.

No baby voice? No lingering eye contact?

I am hopeless.

That's all my favorite shit. -I'm sorry.

Can I suggest that you learn? Professionally.

Well, I mean, you could...

You could show me... your room?

That is so bad. -Is it?

Does it feel sexy on your face? -A little.

It does. Okay, let's go.

Wait, where are we go--? Wait, am I in? -No.

This is Horst. -Hello, Jess.

Hi. -Nicky told me you were coming.

You're such a dick. Ha-ha-ha.

Yeah, he gets that a lot. Let's go.

What are you, a size 4?

Why do I have to wear this?

No one looks at your hands when you got that working for you.

I can't breathe. First, we stick to rich folks.

And no one with a cane or a wheelchair, it's bad luck.

Tommy's the shade, Gareth's the stick.

All eyes on me until I make the mark. Once I fan him, I tug my lapel.

Two fingers means it's a prat poke. Three fingers means the leather's an insider.

If it's a cordeen or an ox tongue, I'll scratch my nose.

Unless I use my thumb, which means I am actually scratching my nose.

Left or right tail I'll cock my head, but keister kicks are 95 percent of it.

So you just do the touch, and I ding the poke in the nearest mailbox, okay?

I'm sorry, what?

Okay, plan B. You two, come with me.

Excuse me, please, we're so lost.

It was excellent. You wanna wire?

Let me wire.

Ponytail's your mark. Right bridge. Right rear pocket.

My bad.

That was nice. Okay. I got this.

What? -Give me some shade.


Ooh! Oh. Sorry. My heel keeps-- You're such a gentleman.

Derrick knows how to treat a lady. Married?

Dude! -Didn't mention that, did he?

All right. Thank you, boys.

You're in.


Congratulations, you're a criminal. -Okay, what now?

Want me to do the primer? -I got it.

There's a flight landing every two minutes at Louis Armstrong.

Whoever's not here for the game's here for the party.

Every one of them looking to drink big, bet big...

...cheat on their spouses, and it all costs money.

There are boost teams at all the major hotels.

They hit quick and get out before anybody ever knows what happened.

And if you think for one second...

...I'm gonna let your mother talk to me like that, you are fucking crazy!

I'm a grown-ass man!

Why are you yelling at me?

There's card games everywhere.

And they let anyone with enough cash in.

Chances are, at least one of those guys you don't know... a mechanic who can work a deck like Bill Clinton works a crowd.

All in.

Full boat.

I swear...

...I've never had four of a kind before! Ha!

Sorry, coach. I've never had four of a kind. Hey, come on, coach.

Motherfucker! What the fuck! -You win some, you lose some, right?

That's it. Get the fuck out of here. Come on, let's go. Move.

Um, it's my husband! - I'll kill you!

Give me my pants! -Go! No, just run!

Wait! Wait! Stop!

Baby! Stop! Baby!

Married guys are the best. Who they gonna tell?

I will kill you! It's my husband!

Every minute there's something going on down here.

Every bar, restaurant, hotel, everywhere.

Guys working alone, working in teams.

Not just cash either. Identity theft and credit card spoofing are big too.

You can skim the data right off a credit card in about a second.

But boosting a wallet only gives you an hour...

...before the vic gets wise and the cards are canceled.

So you put the card back.

By the time the mark gets wise, he's in Youngstown arguing with his wife...

...over the charges we rack up before the bill comes.

A skimmer swipes the card and records the keystrokes... you can get the pin too.

Look, you see that?

Oh, wow, did he make that?

Yeah. A few years back he replaced the credit card terminals... about a dozen 99 Cent Stores in L.A.

Took down a few million before they caught on.

What does a guy like that do with that kind of money?

He, uh, financed his own line of gravies.

Uh, yeah, he just-- That's his seat. Just let him--

Oh, I'm sorry.

Who's the girl?

Her name is Jess, Farhad.

She's our intern.


You're hitting that?

I'm right here.

No, Farhad, I'm not hitting that. -You should hit that.

Yeah. Hi. Still right here.

I'd totally hit that.

He's fucking with me, right?


She talks a lot. - Smile.

Thank you. I'll get this loaded in.

Shouldn't take long. Get a digital camera.

So we're about 30 strong, everybody gets a percentage.

We cover bribes and fall money for anybody who gets pinched, knock wood.

We sell the ATM data to a guy in Singapore.

The shopaholics here... merchandise which we overnight back to ourselves and resell on the gray market.

Yesterday we bought 200 MacBook Airs.

Oh, my God.

That is incredible.

Oh, do you think that maybe I--? -No.

Sell everything. Take no chances.

So, what about the big con?

I thought you were all big time.

Oh, you mean the one where we make so much money...

...we all retire and get yachts and boob jobs.

Yeah, that's a fantasy.

We are in the volume business. Safer that way.

Hey, Jen, I need a dime. I got bit at the track.

Come on, girl.

Thank you, baby.

Clean card, clean ID, everything you need.

Thank you.

Well, don't thank me yet.

Got a lot of work to do. Tough week ahead.

I know.

So, what now?

There's a key card in there. Um...

I got you another place.

I think you'll like it.

Wow, thanks.

Do you know how I can get a cab there?

I can give you a ride.

Yeah? That'd be great. I mean...

...if it's okay with you.

It's fine with me. Is it okay with you?


You sure?

You seem like a pretty good driver.

You can count on me.

Can l?

- Most would say no. Mmm.

You seem trustworthy.

Maybe you should take that cab.

Yeah. -Okay.

Okay. -All right.

Aw. Who's that? -This is my little girl, Mina.


My son, Dani. -Oh, that's sweet.

That's my wife, Lida. -Pretty.

That's my dick.


Sorry about that. -That's okay.

That's my dog. -Aw.

Hate it.

So you've known, um-- You've known Nicky a long time?

Uh, ten years. Why?

I'm just wondering.

Okay, you got me.

We're sleeping together, okay? -Mm. Mm-hm.

Like the ancient Greeks. -Ha-ha-ha.

Actually, I don't know. I mean, I like the guy, I do...

...but people aren't really his bag, so it's hard to tell sometimes.

Yeah, I guess you can't blame him. I mean, he told me about that thing...

...with his dad and his grandfather.

It was crazy.

He told you that?

I mean, I've heard that story, but never from him.


You must throw a mean one. Damn. -Ha-ha.

I'm really gonna miss sucking his dick.

So's he.

Stop it.

All right, you ready? -Yep. Aah!

Frank? Frank! Oh, my God, somebody help.

Please, please, somebody help.

Baby, we're getting you someone. Okay? Just stay with me.

Stay with me, goddamn it.

Somebody get someone! Somebody call a doctor.

Is there a doctor? I need a doctor. Doctor, help me.

My husband's just had a heart attack. I don't know what to do. I'm so worried.

Frank? Frank? Can you hear me?

Oh, my God! Somebody call 911! Hey, Frank.


Who was the cop with the wandering hands?

Oh, he was real.

He just stumbled in.

Who hits on a grieving widow?

I guess that's just how fantastic you look in that dress.

What's a girl to do?

I can think of a couple things she could do.

Yeah, me too, actually. Mmm.

I think we should start with oral.

Just saying. Come on, man, I'm right here.

Sorry. Sorry.

Everybody! Everybody. Everybody, everybody.

Can I get your attention?


What you laughing at? Ha-ha-ha.

Record-setting week.

And I wanna say congratulations to you all.

After expenses...

...$1.2 million.

Great work, great work.

After the big game's over tomorrow, this place gets bleached down.

Anything not nailed to the floor goes in the incinerator.

Horst here has all of your travel money.

Once you get home, I will wire you all your cuts.

Thank you, guys, really.

To Nicky. To Nicky!


No, no, no. Farhad, not Forehead.

What's that mean? Doesn't matter.

Stay juicy.

That's all of it, 1.2?

Do not let it leave your sight. You promise?

Uh, yeah, I promise. -No dogs or ponies.


How long have you known me? No, just look. Look at me. Man to man.

No gambling, okay?

Yes, dear.

I'll see you when I see you.

You guys are so cute.

I'm tired.

Okay. Wanna go to the game tomorrow?

You have tickets?

Of course. It's one of the perks of the business.

Oh, uh--

Did you mean these tickets?

Okay, you're gonna need to stop that, all right?

Stop showing off. -Ha-ha-ha.

An exit interview? Yes.

Oh, my God. Are you serious? -Tell me.

So you mean like, uh:

"Jess is a hard worker, honest and prompt.

I believe she'll be a valuable asset to your team at Sizzler of San Bernardino."

No, not a reference, you dick.

Criticism. Constructive criticism.

Uh, really?

Are you serious? -Yes.



You got a light touch.

You know, you're kind of invisible out there.

And you're calm.

You know, you get upside down, you don't panic. You adjust.

You actually rally...

...when the going gets tough, which is rare.

And I been in this...

...for a really, really long time.

And I've never seen anything like you.

Thank you.

But I was actually talking about the sex.

Please, there's a thousand hos better than you.

Whoa! Please! I can't believe you said that!

You're just laying there. You know? I'm like, "Come on, is this thing on?"

You're mean. -Mm.

Why Mellow? -Hm?

Why do they call you Mellow?

Oh. Yeah, you know, I don't like that name.

I know, but why do they call you that?

Oh, my dad just started calling me that.


And I don't like it.

Ow. Ow!

My dad, he said, um...

...there's two kinds of people in this world.

There's hammers and nails.

You decide which one you wanna be.

He said there's no room for heart in this game.

That shit'll get you killed.

He, uh...

He said I was soft.

So he started calling me marshmallow.

Mellow. -Yeah.

You're a big old marshmallow, you are.


I'm gonna get some more wine. Do you want some?

Nope, I'm good. -Okay.

Where are we going?

How did you get these tickets?

Just one of the many wonderful things about being me.

This Hall of Famer is a three-time champion MVP with Chicago.

Let's give a Superdome welcome to Billy Canady.

Brevings on the kick for the Miami Threshers.

Is this a bad time to mention I don't really like football?

Yeah. Like the worst time possible.

I'm sorry. It just seems like a lot of standing around all the time.

Are you kidding?

Don't you think? I--

Well, you were really excited about the tickets.

No, I am. I'm so excited. I just don't get the game.

Okay, I get it. All right. Um...

You know what? Forget football. We can still have fun. All right.

Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs right here!

Let me get one. Right there.

I will bet you $1 that that guy does not catch that hot dog.

Down there? -Yep.



How did you know that?

Because that guy cannot throw.

He knocked this old lady's glasses off about 10 minutes ago.

Okay. Okay. Ooh.

Okay, um... Whoo!

Down there. Shirtless guy with the body paint.

Ten says he's too drunk to get up for the wave.

Are you sure? His team is on a drive. -Are you in or out?

I'm in. -Okay.

Don't do it.

-Yes! -Really?

Really? -I know my drunks.

So you're a fan? You're considering yourself a fan?

Thank you! Okay. We're even now.

All right. Hold on, no, no. A tiebreaker. -Okay.

Um, okay. Mamita with the short shorts.

Oh, yeah. -See her?

How many guys are gonna look at her ass as she walks up the aisle?

Closest one wins.

End seats only? -End seats only.

At least eight. -Eight?

Mm-hm. -Three.


Can I get in on this?

Sure, 10 bucks, Mr...?

Liyuan. I say five guys look. Sure thing.


There's one.

Two. Yeah.

Three. -Three.

Four. Sorry. -I'm out. I'm done.


And it's six. -Come on.


Seven! Yes!

I'm the closest! I know my leches too.

Money, money, money.

Okay, okay.

I want justice. I want my money back. Make another bet.

Okay. -I want my change.

Okay. Which team draws the next penalty?

I don't know football. You boys play.

Okay. Defense.

How much?

One thousand. -Ooh.


I'll do the thousand.

We have holding! Number 77! On the offense.

Ten-yard penalty. -Yes!

Okay, 5000.

Do they pass or run?

Five thousand. -Oh, wow.

He's been drinking. Definitely. -He is... Yeah.

I have.

Okay. You call it. -They run.

They run.

Three-18! Hut!


They run, they run! Yeah!

Ooh. Ouch.

Yeah. Ouch is right. Ouch is right.

On that note, I'm gonna get a drink. -Yeah. Me too.

Double or nothing. Your bet. -No, I'm good, man. Thank you.

No. Easy bet. Easy bet. They make this kick, you win.

Good odds, huh? They always make this kick. You can't lose.

Come on, I want to play.

I like you.

You can't lose.

Oh, come on, I want to play.

How much? -Double or nothing, 10,000.

Oh, too much?

All right, 10 grand.

Three-42! Hut!

Really? Oh, no.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm such a lucky guy.

Maybe we should just get going.

Come on. All right. Ahem.

Wait, hold up. Hold up.


Say again? -Fifty grand.

Nicky. it's all right. Okay?

Okay. -Relax.

Um, he's not gonna return the kick.

On the kickoff he'll take a knee. Ahem.


Now you make things interesting.



Okay. We good?

Nicky? -Relax.

Wow. Oh. -it's okay.

-It's okay. -All right. Hold it, hold on.

Give me one second. Give me a second. Give me a second. Give me a second.

A hundred grand.

One hundred thousand.


You don't have 100,000.

Yeah, I do.

You can't do that.

Next play. Pass incomplete.

I say he catches it.


You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

We're going.

We're going.

All of it.

One-point-one million. Nicky.

Nicky, that is my money too.

High card takes it all.

You are crazy.

I like it.

After you.

Thank you.

What is that you said, tomo ha de? What's that?

It's just an expression.

It's hard to explain.

Rough translation's...

am fucked."

I'm sorry, friend. That's what happens when you play with the big boys.

Oh, fuck me.

Double it.

Oh, man. Dude, what are you doing? -I'm good for it.

Double it.

You got a problem, my friend.

Take those binoculars. Pick any player on or off the field.

And I will guess the number.

Any player?

That's like 100-to-1.

It's good odds for you. Two million.

That's fucking crazy.

I don't like it.

Okay. Okay. I'll sweeten it for you.

You pick the player.

And she'll guess the number.


You're fucking crazy.

But I can't turn down free money.

You got a bet.

Ha-ha. Alvin.

What are you doing?

Don't drag me into this.

What, it's not enough you lost everyone's money? My money?

Ugh, she sounds like my wife.

Get your hands off me. You're sick.

Hey, come on. Wait, wait. -Don't put your hands on her.

What the hell is your problem? -Steven, stop! Bah-bah-bah.

Tell him to keep his damn hands to himself!

I understand. I understand. I am sorry. He has gotten carried away.

He likes pretend he is the Kevin Costner and I am the Whitney Houston.

The hell! -Steven.

Please. He just knows that I want to play.

Let's Play.

Look at me. Hey.

Please, don't make me do this, Nicky. Please.

Just pick. -Don't make me do this.

Jess. -Just let me go.

Just do it.

Pick a fucking player.

Please, don't make me do this, Nicky. Please.



I got one.

Do you want me to write it down?

No, I trust you.


Then it's her turn.

Just do it. Pick.

Pick a fucking player.

He's crazy, I know. But it will be his fault.

Not yours.

Team, let's go!

Don't take a chance! Fair catch if you have to!

Set up to run! Let's go!

I don't know. I don't--

Look. I give you one chance to back down, okay?

No hard feelings.



I guess...

I guess number...


Number 55.



No, no, no, no fucking way!

That is unbelievable! How did you do that?

I'm right?

Fuck! -Am I right?

Yes! You're fucking right! I'm right?

Fucking shit! You're fucking right. -Oh, my God.

That is great. -You're not mad?

No fucking way! I'm not-- Mwah. --mad. -No?

We have got to go to Vegas. Right now. I have a jet.

Oh, that was incredible.

Did you see what she just did?

And, you. You. Oh, you have got some big fucking balls.

You are my new fucking hero.

Double or nothing? -No! No fucking way!

Get the fuck out of my suite! Now!

Yeah! First down, baby! First down!

We're good! We're good!

We're good, coach.

Consider your debt settled.

I am going to kill you.

Kill me later.

I'm going to kill you!

What? -You did great. You did great.

Oh, my God.

How did you do that?

Liyuan Tse. Legendary gambler.

He bets on everything. Anything. Huge cash bets, all the time.

Once the Bellagio put Bill Gates out of the high-roller's suite...

...because Liyuan was flying in.

He is the perfect vic.

But how did you know who he was gonna pick?

We told him to.

We been telling him all day.

From the moment he left his hotel room, we've been priming him.

Programming his subconscious.

He's been seeing the number 55 all day long.

On the elevator. In the lobby.

Even the stick pin on the doorman.

Not only that, we loaded his route from the hotel to the stadium.

He looks out the window, primers are everywhere.

Now, he doesn't see it, but he does.

There's no getting around it.

He even sees Farhad.

I'm trying to drive, you Rhino bitch! Fuck the Rhinos! Fuck the Rhi--

Suggestions are everywhere.

From the number of flowers in a vase... the tramp stamp on the hooker we sent to his room last night.

That is genius.

Yeah. And it's not only what he sees. It's what he hears.

The Mandarin word for "five" is woo.

There are 124 "woo-woos" in "Sympathy for the Devil."

Now, he's not registering it, but it's all there.

So when he picks up those binoculars, looks out on the field...

...sees a familiar face with the number 55 on his jersey...

...some tittie voice in the back "That's it."

And he thinks it's intuition. And he picks.

Do you want me to write it down?

And you, being in the dark, was the convincer.

We call that the "Little Blind Mouse."

I'm the "Blind Mouse"?

You're such an asshole.

You can't tell me that's 100-percent real.

Well, it's probabilistic.

Farhad has it at about 59 percent...

...but it's better than Vegas.

And what if he picked wrong?

Double it till it happens.

That's amazing.

You're amazing.


What's wrong?

You did great.


What's going on? Why are we pulling over?


What is this?

It's 80.

The job is over.

You did great.

You're kidding, right?


Take her to the airport.

I'm not going to the airport. Wait, can you just talk to me?

I'm sorry. You did great. You did great. -Nicky? What's going on?

Answer me!



I wasn't expecting such a kind face.

The tech says his gizmo checks out.

But in all candor, I don't like this.

And I don't like him.


He's a con man, sir.

That's the point.

I keep my Beretta well-fed.

Owens. Why do you have to be so dramatic?

Invite him to lunch.

You are a man known for great skills of persuasion and deception.

You were very hard for me to find.

Why did you take my offer? -Went broke.

My car.

Forty million euro in R&D, easily.

McEwen, Rahal, Lotus...

Any team in any class, they spend half of that.

But I have something none of them have.

A fuel-burn algorithm. -Yes.

The EXR.

They all want it.

It's legal.

And my engineers promise it guarantees me a win.

That's not enough for me.

This year McEwen is the only team standing in my way.

That is why I wanted you.

80-- This needs to be discreet.

It needs to be safe. No holes.

I will pose as a disgruntled team engineer of yours...

...offering to sell the EXR to McEwen.

What I will give him is a fake.

It doesn't really do anything, just gives false readings to their instruments.

It will mislead the driver enough that you'll have a slight added edge.

A third of a second every few laps. imperceptible.

Just because the techs say that it checks out...

...what makes you think you can convince them that you're absolutely real?

That you're-- That you're totally authentic?

You can't be clicking around here, boy.

You don't need to worry about me. I'm extremely well researched.

We'll proceed as planned, starting at the kickoff party tonight.

Okay. - I'll be seen drinking...

...and boisterous and disgruntled.

I will approach you in full view of McEwen.

An argument will ensue, I will throw my drink...

...I will shove you, if that's okay with you?

It's okay.

I'd be very surprised if McEwen didn't approach me right there...

...but if not, I will contact him. -Good.

Whatever he's willing to pay me, I will be keeping 100 percent for myself...

...on top of the 1 million from you. -Do we have a deal?

Yes, Mr. Garriga, we have a deal.

That's great.

Appreciate your time. I'll see you tonight. -Thank you.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


I'm excited.

That's right.

Do you speak English?

Yes, absolutely. Yeah, but you speak good Spanish. Oh, yes.

Oh, why, thank you, thank you. Um...

Look, I'm here tonight for business.

And I am a recovering alcoholic.

So when I ask you for a vodka martini on the rocks...

...if you could give me water with olives that would be fantastic.

Great decision, sir. Wise. -Thank you.

And the thing is, I don't even drink.

That man got me drinking again.

Vodka martini on the rocks. -On the rocks.

I wonder if "Garriga" is Spanish for "thief."

Oh, my God, what a drinker!

Who the fuck put a couch full of women in the middle of this place?


Where are the black people?!

There he is, right there, the Commander in Thief!

But I guess you can do what you want when you're a rich prick!

Maybe you should slow down a little.

No, no, no. I just wanna talk to the man. This is a free country.

Buenos Aires is a free country, right? Okay. -No, Buenos Aires is a city.

I'm gonna go over there.



Well, hello. -Hey.


God, it's been a long time.

So you...?

You're here with, uh...?

Rafael? -Yeah.

Yeah, he, um-- He owns one of the teams, so...

Is he a mark?

No. We're together.

Have been for a long time.

I'm out of the game.

Jess, um...

All right. Uh, about New Orleans, and just...

Oh, Nicky. No. I really don't need an explanation.

I mean, if anything, I should be thanking you. You did me a favor.

Well, that's fantastic.

He's probably wondering where I am.

Take care of yourself, okay?

You too. Be well.

Um, Nicky.

He doesn't know about my past, so... don't know me.



Thank you. -You're welcome.


Can I get a vodka, please?


This is water.

No, sir, it's vodka.

It's water.

Sir, I know who you are.

Marcello told me about you and your condition, so back off.

All right, you're kidding.

Are you drunk?

Mr. Garriga is not a guy you wanna cross.

Me neither.

Now just what part of the plan calls for a tray full of appletinis?

Pledging a sorority?

Mm. I'm just rethinking the plan a little bit.

Goddamn prima-donna delicate-science bullshit.

You are not splitting atoms here, pal. This ain't CERN.

Just do what you're being paid to do. Shitheel.



Oh, God.

Don't worry, it's just a disgruntled engineer.

I expect you have something to say to me.

Ow! -Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

Why are you punching? -You stole from me!

Nobody steals from me!

I am such a disgruntled engineer!

Get him out of here! -Yes, sir.

Out! Get out!

Oversold it a bit, didn't you?

I was just caught up in the moment.

Ah! Get him out.

Get rid of him.

It's okay. I'm good.

Go back to the party.

Are you okay? -Yeah, I'm okay.

What the hell was that?

The racing business, cariño.

Jesus. -That's all.

Wait a minute.

You can't throw me out. I'm staying in this hotel.

Let me see your keys.

Thank you.

Mr. McEwen would like to have lunch.

Information is on the card.

I still got it.

You ever heard of Udo Pappenphus?

What the fuck are you looking at? -Nothing.

I'm sorry, I'm--

Udo Pappenphus was an engineer for Ferrari for many years. Fucking brilliant.

One day, Udo Pappenphus was found behind a berm with his throat cut.


...he was that prick Garriga's man.

I want 3 million euro.

Well, fuck. Jesus.

It's the EXR.


You're Father-fucking-Christmas to me, mate.

I'm gonna need to see some proof.

You understand? Proof.

What the fuck are you looking at, mate? -Nothing. Just repeat what you said.

What, the pool go Euro?


Get me fucking field glasses, mate. They're on the thing.

Oh, yeah. She is a beauty.

I love these race skanks. -She's not a race skank.

Course she's a fucking race skank. Town's lousy with them.

Can we get back to business? Please. -She's a little small on top for my taste.

One man's small is another man's perfection.

It's like a "breasts are a subjective opinion" topic.

Maybe if you're booking a fashion show.

I'm talking about fucking slapping balls, mate.

Do you want the thing or not?

I'm gonna need to see proof.

I'll contact you.

A Spritz, por favor. -Okay.

And a vodka and cranberry, please.

Hey, you need to put some clothes on.

Excuse me?

There's Australian people here.

What is that supposed to mean? -I'm just saying, Jess.

They shipped all those people down there for a reason.


Whoa, what--?

You don't know me, remember?


And what was that last night?

Was that about me?

Please. No.

Are you working an angle on Rafael?

No, Jess. I'm working for him.

But I wouldn't trust him if I were you.

But I should trust you?

All right, Jess. Okay. -That's interesting.

Come on.

Nicky, if Rafael sees us together, I don't know what's gonna happen, okay?

He's the jealous type. You need to stay away from me.

Fuck Rafael.

And, Nicky?

You're still an easy lift.

Stop touching my shit, Jess.

Well? -Looks credible.

Three million, eh?

Yes, sir.

I can have the complete package in 48 hours.

Codes, documentation and analysis.

No worries, mate. No worries.

So, what's next?

Wait for my call.

Thank you.

Sefior Garriga's assistant called. She pulled a few things she said you might like.


Sorry-- Miss?

You... You forgot...

...your bag.

You really should be more aware.

Oh, God. Seriously?

Malbec? -Yes, it is.

Where'd you learn that?

It's all they drink here.

And it says it on the label.

You know, Nicky, I've been thinking about all this.


And, um...


Let me have it.

Nicky, if we just ran. If we just-- You know, if I could slip away or if we could--


Can we just--? -Whatever. Yes.

I can't.

I can't, I'm sorry.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait, Jess.

Whatever you want. I can keep you safe.

Nicky. -Come on, Jess.

Nicky, you taught me so much.

But I've learned a lot since then.

And I'd really... to show you all the things I've learned.

Like how I learned how to play men.

Like I just played you.

How's it feel? -Wow.

Yeah. Wow. -Ah.

I think you're losing it. That was pathetic.

"I'll keep you safe"?

What was that?

Does that work? Does that get you laid?

Hey, that was not a line. -I'm not falling for your shit again.

Don't... Ah. -Okay?

And I'm very happy-

So stay away from me.

Nice ass-o.

Nice ass. Nice ass.

Very nice, very nice.

Hey. Let's get a steak.

A steak? It's 9 in the morning. -Take that up with God.

How was the flight?

Jesus Christ. They had me squeezed between two fat guys.

It sounds like you're complaining and you shouldn't be, because I'm giving you a cut.

All right, where's this going down?

You got the piece? -it's in my bag.

Can you get it? I'm too fat to reach it.

Watch this.

Nothing but net.

Ah, fuck, you all right? -Yeah.

You all right?

Hey there.


Hi! How are you?

God, look at you. You've lost so much weight.

I did a cleanse.

You here with Nicky? -Sort of.

Do you mind? -Please.

You must be turned on by all these women.

I suppose. -You do more than suppose.

What does that mean?

Oh, dear God. -I'm just saying.

Please, never make that face again. I don't even wanna know what that means.

Oh, I think we do. Heh-heh. -I think we don't.

Everybody knows you're a lesbian. It's completely fine.

Who knows I'm a lesbian? -it's especially fine to me.

Where are you getting this from? -Every other time you speak, I smell a vagina.

-It's not true. -That's not a bad thing, believe me.

Oh, Jesus.

Okay, all right.

Listen, you got Nicky all nuts.

I do? Good. -Yeah.

I've never seen him like this. You know, he's barely worked since New Orleans.


I know he's an asshole. I mean, a really big asshole.

Yeah. -He should've handled it better.

But he's my friend, and I'm gonna bat for him.

So can you give him a break?

I don't care what Nicky told you. I'm not falling for this shit.

I don't think you got that right.

He seems different now, and I've known him a long time.

How do I know that?

What is that?

It's an orange.

He kept it for you all this time.



That looks nice. Hm. -I can't believe you kept it.

Or found it.

Or replicated it.

Ha-ha-ha. -I don't know with you.

No, I kept it. -Thank you.

So Farhad said you didn't work for a long time.

Yeah, a couple years. Just didn't feel right.

I even reached out to my dad.

I hadn't seen him in years.

I asked him if he'd ever gone straight before. "Of course.

I go straight every time I'm on parole.

Oh. -Now drink a cup of concrete. Man up."

Solid advice. -Yes.

Mm. Heh-heh.

How's that working out?

Well, thought I was ready to work.

Then the girl walked in.

Why are you going to all this trouble, Nicky?

What do you want from me?

I can convince anyone of anything.

I once convinced a man that an empty warehouse was the Federal Reserve.

So I'm good. -Yeah.

You're the best.

But what I really want... to tell you that I've changed.

And tell you that I am sorry.

And I just want you to believe me.

You know I want to believe you. I want to believe you.

I'm different now.

I have to be getting back.

I can't do this. I'm sorry.

You all right?

What happened? -I don't wanna talk about it.

Did he do something to you? -No.

Jess, did he put his hands on you?

Tell me what happened. -Just-- Just kiss me.

I have to leave soon.

I want you to come with me.

I know you think you love him.


...I want you to come with me tonight.

I don't love him.

I just-- But I--

But you can't trust me.

I understand that.

If you come with me, we'll figure it out.

I want--

It's Owens. I gotta take it.


Where are you? I'm in my room.

Good. I'm at the door.

He's at the do-- Uh--

All right. Um... -What?

Damn, you should've ma--

All right, uh, give me a sec.

We're good, just--

Ugh. I'll get rid of him.


You're still sleeping? I thought you were meeting with McEwen.

I am. Later.

There's a lazy Sunday softness to your generation.

Makes me uncomfortable.

I like to be on my feet.

I'll lie down when I get cancer.

Or if I fuck.

Both of which will be done on my back, in case you were wondering.

Um, no, actually, I wasn't wondering.

But thank you for sharing that.

Sarcasm. Another pillar of your generation.

You wanna tell somebody to fuck off, tell them to fuck off.

Don't say, "Gee, what a great jacket."

It's weakness.

That is a messy bed.

Yeah, I don't sleep well.

Someone here, son? Who you calling "son"?

You know why you don't sleep well? No, tell me.

You with your iPhones and your smartphones...

...and your laptops and computers.

All of which produce nothing but a barrage of useless information.

Fucking Twitter.

As if anyone actually cares that you're eating a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Sorry. Panini.

Sarcasm? -Satire.

Fucking panini.

Look, um, are we done?

You might be.

Who'd you pick up at the airport?

Garriga has you fucking following me? I got people there.

My computer guy. Why? ls there a problem?

There won't be because he's fucking here.

I got a little red hair on my taint that tickles when something's afoot.

And lately...

...I've been scratching my nethers like a fucking macaque.


Look, there's no reason for anybody to panic...

...and start getting bent out of shape...

...because we're getting to the end.

Nice day.


How the fuck did you do--?

Back here, 7.


Uh, guess your taint was wrong.

Enough of the pleasantries.

Hey, nice jacket.

Fuck off.

It's real.



Fucking you, mate. You're my new fucking favorite person, fella.

I swear you're fucking 6 inches fucking taller...

...and twice as fucking handsome since you walked in here.

There you go, son.

Lap it up. -My pleasure, Mr. McEwen.

I wish you the best of luck. -Friends like you, who needs luck?

Now fuck off. Ha-ha.

- Yes? Mr. Garriga.

- How did it go? -It's done.

Good. -I wish you the best of luck.

With friends like you, who needs luck?

Jess, letting you know, uh, I left a key for you at the desk. See you at 7.

Wish you the best of luck.

With friends like you, who needs luck?

I wish you the best of luck. -With friends like you, who needs luck?

I wish you the best of luck.

With friends like you, who needs luck?

Wish you the best of luck. With friends like you, who needs luck?

- Best of luck. Friends like you, who needs luck?

Friends like you, who needs luck.

Friends like you, who needs luck, huh?



Sorry I'm late.


Nothing. Let's go.

Do you really think I'm such an amateur that I would not have someone with McEwen?

Someone to keep eyes on you?


Twenty years in this business teach you never to be too careful.

He is my secret weapon.

Now, heh, imagine my surprise...

...when Gordon showed me what you sold to McEwen.

Not some fake softwares, as we discussed...

...but my plans, my designs.

The real EXR!

Stolen from my servers, stolen from me!

What's more, you sold it to McEwen for 3 million euros.

But in these bags, there is 27 million euros!

Which means you sold it to everyone!

This is my reputation. This is my standing.

You've made me look like an amateur.

Ah, that's what you get when you hire a con man.

Thieving piece of shit.

How did you get the information? Hm?

And what did she have to do with it?

All right. Nothing. All right? Listen--

-Tell me. Hm? -Hey--

Hm? Tell me!

Leave her the fuck alone! I'll tell you!

I have a guy.

He cracked your encryption.

He found a back door into your server.

It was actually pretty easy. You should probably fire your IT guy.

No! You used my login. My password.

Computer tries every possible combination. -Bullshit!

This generates a new password every 15 minutes.

It never leaves my sight.

How did you get it? -Who the fuck cares, man? It's done.


Tell me!

I want to know how! -Let her go!

How, how, how? -Let her go!

How? -All right. It was her!

It was her. All right? It was her!

It was her.

It was her.

But she didn't know.

She didn't know anything.


Your security was tight.

It was tighter than I expected.

I thought I could break the key, but I couldn't.

Then I saw Jess at the party.

And when I found out that the two of you were together...

...I knew she was my in.

So I used her.

And I've been using her.

You see, there's a science to getting people to trust you.

With women, it's all about emotion. Connection.

That you feel the emotion... strongly as they do.

They've been dreaming about that shit ever since they were little girls.

With her, it was shared history.

A friendly face. Set her off balance. Helps diffuse aggression.

You've lost so much weight!

Start discussing emotional shit.

They're disarmed.

Now they're open. You know you got them...

...when they start to unconsciously mimic you.

A head nod.

A hand gesture. It means you're in sync.

Sociologists refer to it as the Gauchais Reaction.

And then you move in for the kill.

You tell them how they've changed you.

I'm different, Jess.

Changed how you see the world.

Then you close.

A talisman.

A gift that says:

You've always been in my thoughts.

The necklace had a wireless keylogger in it.

All I needed was for her to enter your room.

And when she did that, I had what I needed.

Picked up on your keystrokes.

I logged in to your computer as you...

...and downloaded everything about the EXR.

I'm sorry.

But it was not her fault.

She had no idea.

She got fooled.

So why don't we let her go?

And me and you can do whatever the fuck you need to do.

I think he's lost his mind.

What's funny?

More bullshit.

What is so funny?

More lies.

What the fuck is so funny?

What's so funny?

Garriga's not my boyfriend.

What? -I hardly even know him.

She's just a race skank.

What's a race skank?

But I saw you-- -No.

You saw what I wanted you to see.

You taught me that, remember?

She's been driving me crazy.

Hanging around, flirting, teasing.

The minute I try to get her up to my room:

But I have a headache. -Cramps.

That time of the month.

It's like a crime scene.

I have Scrabble in my room.

A headache.

A period. Right?

The world's longest period.

She's never even been in my room.

What? -We're so screwed.

What the fuck?

I was trying to--

What the fuck, Jess?

I was trying to steal his watch.

This watch? -You're not still doing watches.

It's a Piaget Emperador.

It's worth 200 grand.

I'd been on him for a week. I was waiting for my chance.

And then you showed up.

You are so much better than watches, Jess. -it's what I am good at and I like it.

Okay, no, no, no. When you came to my hotel, he had roughed you up.

No. He had roughed me up.

She was stealing from him.

He caught me charging Garriga's credit line...

-...and scared the shit out of me. This is really fucking unbelievable.

You did all of this to make me jealous?

No. Some of it was payback for New Orleans, but--

Yeah, to make you jealous.

I cannot believe you lied to me.

You can't believe I lied? -Can't believe it.

You can't believe I lied? -I can't believe it.

Oh, that's so rich from you. So rich. -That's what you wanna say to me?

Yeah, because there's always a job. -Be sure. I just tried to save your life.

By lying! Because you're always lying, Nicky!

I don't know when you're telling the truth. And now we're dead.


She's right.

You're right.

Heh. Here's the thing about lying. Here's the problem:

Fucks up all your options. Paints you into a corner.

What the fuck you talking about? You out of your mind?

And then you're forced to do some really dumb shit.

You wanna die? -Well, if I die, I wanna die telling the truth.

And if I lie, I wanna lie like normal people lie.

I want my wife to say, "Hey, honey. Do I look fat in these jeans?"

And I wanna say:

"No, sweetie. You look terrific. You should wear those."

That's how I wanna lie.

But this...

If I'm done...

...I'm gonna tell the truth.

So, Mr. Garriga, I'm gonna tell you the truth.


And you are not gonna like it at all.

About a year ago, I pick up the phone--

What the fuck are you doing? Nicky?

I couldn't take another fucking word.

You're next, honey.

No! Are you crazy? -Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

What the hell were you thinking? Huh?

Fuck you.

Now somebody's hurt.

You know what? I have nothing to do with this.

Look at me. Look at me. It's okay.

This is your mess. You clean it up. And keep me out of it.

I don't know what to do. Please--

Please, please, stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me.

No, no, no. No. Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me. It's fine. Nicky, look at me. Look at my eyes.

I love you, okay? I love you.

Please. Please, don't do this. Please.


I trust you.

You cannot leave me again.

Please, do not leave me again.


What the fuck? You want him to fucking die?

What kind of a piker are you, for chrissakes?

Oh, shit! Didn't he tell you I was on the inside?


You must be terrified.

It's gonna be okay. He is not gonna die.

Do you hear me? He is not gonna die.


You see, you shoot between the third and the fourth rib...

...just about eleven o'clock off the left nipple. Here.

Hold pressure on that. Hold pressure on that. -Okay.

That misses the heart and the major arteries.

It does, however, puncture the lung. Let me in.

There we go.

Is this Toledo Panic Button?

Oh, maybe you're not such a piker after all.

Left untreated, you got about 10 minutes...

...before you drown in your own blood.

But you patch it up... account for the cavity pressure. Oh.

Agh. Oh, God.

And then...

There we are. There we go.

There we go.

There's my boy. -Ah!

Oh, Jesus. There's my boy.

Ah. Agh! Are you okay?

Oh, Jesus. -Here. Hold on to that. Hold on to that.

Keep your eye on that. If he can't breathe, you pull the plunger again.

-Okay? -Okay.

Good Lord, I cannot believe that you made me shoot you.

And then for what? So that you can make cow eyes at some race skank!

She is not a race skank! -I'm not a race skank!

You die with the lie, Mellow...

...and you still just might.

Fuck you. Don't call me "Mellow." Jesus Christ.

You're his dad?

In the loosest fucking possible terms.

I'm Bucky, by the way.

You know, I like you, honey. You can take a punch. Ha-ha.

God. And there it is.

Tell you what, you steal us a car, and I'll gather up the money.

I can't steal a car.

I've been working for this prick Spaniard for three years...

...and he's got a guy at McEwen and doesn't tell me?

What the hell ever happened to trust?

Are we almost there?

I bust my ass to get you that EXR crap and... Agh.

And then the girl walked in.

Don't be an asshole.

That any way to talk to your father?

You're not my father. You walked away.

I took you off the street.

Taught you my trade, I taught you my passion.

Three generations of skills.

Ah. And in spite of all my earnest efforts, in spite of all my hard work... turned into a good person.

Well, I just--

Ah. Go figure.

And I left you on the street for a good goddamn reason.

Because I was soft. -Oh, that just shows what you know... dumb son of a bitch.

We had a good thing going.

And then one day... seven years in, we're running this poker deal in Boston...

...and a guy pulled a gun.

Fucking gun. Glock.

First time I'd ever seen one.

And I'm just paralyzed.


And all I could think about was the kid.

That night I walked. I never looked back.

Love'll get you killed in this racket.

No place for that shit here.

No happiness with that.

You know how they say there's honor among thieves.

Well, you're no thief, Mellow.

You made your choice.

So I'm taking the money. -Mmm.

All of it.

Mm-mm. Uh-huh.

Well, that explains a lot.

Yeah, that's Dad.

No. -Yep.

See you at Christmas.

One, two, ready?

Okay, that's good, that's good.

Mm. -Okay, almost there.

I don't know what we're gonna do now.

We'll be fine.


Trust me.

Oh. I got you. -Agh.

I got you.