Follow That Bird (1985) Script

Ladies and gentlemen, Would you please rise for the Grouch Anthem?

No, no, no.

With the Grouch Anthem, you stay sitting down.

Down in front, man.

Now, brace yourself.

I'm gonna sing.

♫ Grouches ♫

♫ Of the world unite ♫

♫ Stand up ♫

♫ For your Grouchly Rights ♫

♫ Don't ♫

♫ Let the sunshine spoil your rain ♫

♫ Just stand up ♫

♫ And Complain ♫

♫ Let this be ♫

♫ The Grouch's cause ♫

♫ Point out ♫

♫ Everybody's flaws ♫

♫ Something is wrong ♫

♫ With everything ♫

♫ Except the way I sing ♫ Heh heh heh.

♫ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♫ You know what's right with this world? Nothing.

You know what really makes me hot under the collar?

You name it.

And the next time some goody-two-shoes smiles and tells you to "Have a nice day," you just remember, ♫ Don't ♫

♫ Let the sunshine spoil your rain ♫

♫ Just stand up ♫

♫ And complain ♫

♫ Just stand up

♫ And complain ♫

Well, anyway, you've seen the best part of this movie, so sit back, relax, and have a rotten time. Heh heh heh.

Sesame Street is brought to you today By the letters "W" and "B."

Your attention, please.


Attention, please.

Featherbeds are down.

I can't believe it.


Attention, please.


This meeting of the feathered friends Will now come to order.

Now, I need not remind you of our purpose.

Remind me!

To place stray birds with nice bird families.

Now, here today we have a sad, sad case That needs our urgent attention.

He's only 6 years old, and he lives all alone With no other birds around.

He looks so sad.

That's funny. He looks happy to me.

Of course he's not happy!

How can you say that?

Look at him.

Look at his face.

If you think he's happy, then you don't belong!

Madam Chairbird!

Miss Finch.


We all know he can't be happy.

He needs to be with his own kind.

With a bird family.

True, very true.

And I know just the family.

Where does he live?

Sesame Street.

Can you tell me how to get to...

Sesame Street?

Hi, Willy!

Morning, Big Bird!

♫ La la la la ♫ Today we're playing Trash-In-The-Barrel.

Bring me all the trash you can carry.

Ah... A bird.

Hi, little fella.

Oh, where did you fly in from?

Are you gonna settle here?

♫ ♫ Oh. You're only passing through.

Well, you're welcome to stay here as long as you want.

♫ ♫ Oscar's going to just love these cans.


Oh, wait, wait! Please don't fly away!

Please don't go.

Wait. I hardly ever get to talk to birds.

Hey, wait! Wait! Wait!


Heh heh heh.

Nice work, turkey.


Are you all right, Big?

You are Big Bird?

Yeah, I guess I am.

This is worse than I thought.

Big, I'm Miss Finch of The Feathered Friends.

Oh. Any feathered friend is a friend of mine.

I want to talk to you.

You do?

Well, let's step into my nest.

Oh, dear.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

You know, Big, You shouldn't be living here all alone.

Well, I'm not all alone.

There's Gordon and Susan..

Mmm, but they're not birds like we are.

I know, but they're nice people.

But you should have a home and a family.

Well, I am home.

I like it here on Sesame Street.

Wouldn't you like to be with your own kind?

Wouldn't you like to live In a big, beautiful birdhouse with a nice bird family?

Your own.

And a brother bird and a sister bird and a father bird and a mother bird? and sing and play bird games all day long?

Wouldn't you?

Wouldn't you?

Gee, I think I'd like that.


Because in a lovely city called Oceanview, Illinois, There's a fine feathered family waiting just for you.


Oh, when can I leave?

I can't wait!

But... What will I tell my friends?

Oh, Bird, this is goodbye.

You're leaving Sesame Street.

Well, I'm not really leaving.

I'm just going away.


Besides, as soon as I get to Oceanview, you can come and visit.

I can?

First thing, old pal.

I wouldn't go if you couldn't come and visit.

Oh, Bird.

Hey, Snuffy?


Will you do me a favor?

Oh, Bird, I would do anything for you.

You're my best friend.

Well, will you watch my nest and all my things while I'm away, so nothing happens to them?

Sure thing, Bird.

Oh, snuffy, I guess this is goodbye.

Oh, Bird, I hate to see you go.

Oh, Snuff.


♫ Da dee dum dum dee dum dum ♫

♫ Dee dum dee dum do dee do dee do ♫

♫ Do dee dum dum dum dum ♫

♫ Da dum da dum da dum da dum ♫

Hi, Big Bird.

Hi, Maria.

Hi, Big Bird.

Hi, Olivia. Hi, Susan.

Oh... You're all here to say good-bye.

Big Bird is leaving?

But where is Big Bird going?

Big Bird...

Are you sure you want to go?

You don't have to, you know.

No, you don't.

I know. But you know, I will be getting my very own bird family.

But big bird, we're your family.

You know that.

I'd like to give it a try.

Of course he would.

Well, Big Bird...

If that's really what you want..

Come on, Big Bird.

You don't want to miss your plane.

Just a minute.

Give us a big hug, Big Bird.

Don't forget to write.

I won't, Maria.

Don't forget to count!

Ok, count!

And don't forget to dress warmly, ok, Big Bird?

I got my muffler, Bob.

Don't forget to breathe in and out!

I always do, Grover.

I'll read every day.

Oh, Bird, don't forget to eat.

I won't, Cookie Monster.


Goodbye, Oscar.

Why.. why, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Big, it's time.

But can't we just, uh...

Just keep walking and don't look back.



What the...

I told you not to look back.


Bye, Big Bird.

Take care, Big Bird.

Bye, Big Bird.

Bye, Tanya.

Don't forget, Big Bird, we love you!

Bye-bye, Sesame Street.

Good-bye, Bird.

Don't forget, I'm coming to visit!

Wow! Look at the clouds, Radar.

Isn't flying wonderful?

Makes me feel like a bird.

Heh heh heh!

Heh heh heh!

♫ La la la la la ♫

♫ La la la la.. ♫


Hey, Radar!

We're landing in our new home!

Oceanview, Illinois.

Boy, in a couple of minutes, We're gonna meet our new bird family..

The Dodos.

Ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon.

CTW Flight 1138 from New York Is now arriving at gate 2.

Which gate did she say?

Oh, dear, I don't know!

Let's wait here.


Oh, look! Is that a bird?

No. It's a plane.

Maybe this is the wrong airport.

But how can an airport be wrong?

I think we should go to the snack bar.

I want a bird dog, Daddy.

Yeah, a bird dog!

Oh, I hate to think of him being lost.

He's only 6 years old.


Sorry. Sorry.

Excuse me.

Was there a big yellow bird On this plane?

Well, only me.

Oh, too bad!

Maybe he'll be on the next plane.

Yeah, next plane!

Say, you must be the Dodos!

Yeah! Yes!

I'm Daddy Dodo.

I'm Mommy Dodo.

I'm Donny.

And I'm Marie.

Who are you?

Why, I'm Big Bird!


No, you're not!

You're Big Dodo!

Yeah! Yeah!

Big Dodo?

Look, Big Dodo, This is our street, Canary Row.

Where are we going? Where are you taking me?

Is this the airport?

Here we are.

Well, we made it. I told you I could find it.

Find what, dear?

I... Can't remember.

I'm so proud of you, father.

Thanks, son. It's great to be here.

You have to come home before you can leave.

Here we are.

Don't be shy, Big Dodo.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Gee whiz.

Bird would be so proud of me.

I've watched his things all week, And nothing has moved.

Come on, Barkley. Cheer up, boy.

We miss Big Bird, too.

Oh, hey, look, everybody!

A letter from Big Bird!

Big Bird! Come on! Everyone come on!

What's he say? What's he say?


He starts, "Dear friends..."


"Here I am in my new home.

"It sure is a lot different

"From my nest on Sesame Street.

"The Dodos are a nice family.

"They live in a birdhouse with a big front lawn.

"They spend a lot of time there digging for worms.

"They never seem to find any, but they love to do it."

Gee, I don't see any worms here.

"The Dodos have lots of great things like a lawn mower you can ride on."

"I'm not sure they know how to use it right, "But nobody's perfect.

"The Dodos like to stay in shape.

Every morning, we do our exercises."

Come up off the floor, And start jogging in place.

Left and right.

Yippee! Yippee!

Look at me, Mommy.

Yippee! Whoo-hoo!

I'm getting tired.

Don't stop, Daddy.

Pressing it down.

I need a rest.

Four more. Hold on.

Three more. Come on. Get tough.

Two more and...

Cross your hands in front.

"Sometimes, after a hard workout, we take a dip in the pool."

♫ By the sea, By the sea ♫

"Now, that's fun."



"Well, it's time to go to sleep now."

Well, uh, good night.



"So that's my new home."


"I should be happy here."

"What's wrong with me?"

"Love, Big Dodo"?

Big Dodo?

"Big Bird to you."

Oh, dear.

Sounds like Bird needs me.

I know.

I'll write him a postcard and ask if it's ok to come visit now.


Hey, I've got a great idea.

Let's play make-believe.

I'll be Snow White.

But you're not Snow White.

You're bright yellow.


Well.. and you could be the Seven Dwarfs.

But we're not dwarfs.

We're... Birds.

I said we just could make believe.

You know, pretend, Use your imagination.

Oh, ok.

I'll pretend I'm Donny!

And I'll pretend I'm Marie.

Ha ha ha! Boy, this is swell!

I like this game. What a great time!

Get the door, Marie.

No way. Uh-uh.

Go on. Get the door.

Get the door. Go get it.

Nope. Uh-uh.

Don't be stubborn.

♫ I'm not gonna get it ♫ Get the door, Marie!

Never mind. I'll get it.

Oh. Hi, Mr. Postman.

Post card for, uh, Mr., uh, Big Bird.

Big Bird? Hey, that's me!

Oh, boy! I wonder who it's from.

I don't know, but I hope He's not sending you any packages.

Oh, yeah! Bye-bye!

Let's see. It says, "Dear Bird."

That's me.

It goes on.

"I am ready to come and visit.

Your best friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus."

Oh, Snuffy.

Who's Mr. Snuff.. Snuff..

Snuff.. Snuffleupagus.


He's my best friend.

What kind of a bird is he?

He's not a bird.

He's a Snuffleupagus.

Snuffleguppygus. Snuffleguppygus.

But your best friend should be a bird.


Because you are a bird.

Isn't that right, Daddy?

That's right, Mommy.

You should be with your own kind. Birds!

You'll find lots of birds your own age.

And make some new best friends.

Now come on out and hunt for worms.

But I don't want to hunt worms.

I want Snuffy to come and visit, and if he can't come and visit, I don't want to be here anymore.

I want to go home.

But you are home.

Ha ha ha!

There are varying opinions all through the west on this subject, However, most agree Congress will make up its mind about that sometime next year.

Now, the weather.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

A beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be mine?

More on that later.

This news just in Concerning a 6-year-old runaway.

The runaway's an 8-foot yellow bird Who answers to the name Big Bird.

Did you say Big Bird?

That's right, Big Bird.

He left his nest in Oceanview, Illinois, last night And is reportedly heading east for a place called Se-same Street.

Se-same Street?

Sesame. Sesame.

Sesame Street.


Here now with the report Is our correspondent, Kermit The Frog.

Ok, here's one:

Why does a chicken not cross the road?

'cause it's chicken, Get it?

Kermit... You're on.

Oh, heigh-ho, Kermit The Frog Here in Oceanview, Illinois, with the thank-you note that Big Bird left saying he was running back to Sesame Street.

The note reads, "Dear Dodos, you are a very nice family.

"Thanks for everything, "But I'm walking back to Sesame Street.

"I should be there in three hours

"Since it took two hours to fly here.

"So if anyone calls, "You know where to reach me.

Love, Big Bird."

And here is the family that he left, The Dodos.

Are we on television?

Yes, you are.

We finally hit the big time.

Let's go inside and watch.

Now, who'd run away from a family like that?

Uh... Uh...

They.. they certainly look very worried.


Dodos, be careful there.

Watch it.

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen...

The Dodos.

And, uh...

They certainly are.

One green froggie.

To complete the picture, Let's have a few words with Miss Finch of The Feathered Friends.

Excuse me, Miss Finch.

You sent Big Bird to the Dodos, didn't you?

Yes. I found him a lovely home.

And why was that?

Because he belongs with his own kind.

What kind is that?


Hmm. Yes. Well, Why do you suppose he ran away from home?

I can't imagine. Quiet!

Such a lovely home. Such a lovely family.

We at The Feathered Friends Take such pride in finding the right environment for homeless birdlings.

You think maybe he didn't like it here Or something?

Impossible. Hmm.

Well, what are you going to do About it, Ms. Finch?

I'm going to find Big Bird, wherever he is, And bring him back to the Dodos.

Well, you heard it right here, folks.

This has been Kermit The Frog Speaking to you from Oceanview, Illinois, So now, back to you, guy.

Ok, Radar, old buddy, We've got to split up, Throw them off track.

Don't worry, I'm sending you bear-mail.

See you on Sesame Street.


Telly, it's gonna be all right.

Oh, Olivia. I'm so worried about Big Bird.

Well, don't!

He's out there all alone, and Miss Finch could get him.

Not if we find him first, and believe me, Telly, we will.

Isn't that right? Yeah!

All right, listen, everybody.

Here's the plan.

We're here...

And Big Bird is here, Heading toward Sesame Street.

We hope. Ok.

Gordon, you're going to take the volkswagen On this route here.

You got it, Bob.

Linda, you go with Gordon.

Boy, I'd better work on that car.

Oscar, the sloppy jalopy will take route 12, and, Maria, you better stick with Oscar.

All right.

Hey, you and me, skinny.

The Countmobile will take this road here.

You should meet Big Bird around toadstool.

Toadstool? Toadstool?

Now, if you get there and you haven't found him, phone here.

Any questions?

Yes, I have a question.

What is it, Oscar?

What is the capital of South Dakota?

Oh, Oscar.

Oscar, if you don't want To go on this trip, You don't have to.

Are you kidding?

I love wild goose chases.

Let's go get lost.

No, let's all find Big Bird!

Ah, 1, 2, 3 cars going to find Big Bird.


Cookie, will you stop eating the hubcaps?

Oh, taste delicious. Me so hungry.

But, Cook, we haven't even started our trip yet.

That's ok.

Me eat three other hubcaps later.


Well, I think we're ready to go.

I got a Honker in the back Because my horn's broken.

And now it's time to see some of the Great Grouch Landmarks of America.

No, it's not.

Now it's time to find Big Bird, remember?


Party pooper.

Aha! This is a job for super Gro.. oh!

Oh, my cape got cut in half.

I'll take a taxi.

We're coming, Big Bird.

We're coming, Big..

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

Are you sure you know How to fly a plane?

Trust me, Bert.

I don't know about this.

Well, they're off.

Think they're gonna find Big Bird, Adrian?

I hope so.

Me, too.

I wonder where Big Bird is now.

♫ La la la la la! ♫

♫ La la la la la la! ♫

♫ La la la la! ♫

♫ La la la la... ♫

♫ La la la la la... ♫

♫ La la... la... ♫

♫ La... la la la... ♫


Hey, fellas, Can you give me a lift?

Talk to who? Oh. Him.

Say, you must be the driver.

Well, what can I do for you, big fella?

Do you have room for just one more?

I don't take no riders.

This here's a turkey truck.

Oh, well, But my friend Oscar always says That I'm a big turkey.

Well, I don't guess I can argue with that.

Hop in.

So, you are the bird on the run, huh?

Oh, yeah, and I can't wait to get back To my real home on Sesame Street.

I figure I can walk back there in, oh, about three hours.

Three hours?

More like three weeks, buddy.

Three weeks?!

Oh, no!

I'll never get home.

Sure, you will.

You just gotta keep going.

Pick up your feet, follow your beak.

I don't know...

Listen to me, son.

♫ I found out a long time ago ♫

♫ You gotta learn to say yes ♫

♫ When life says no ♫

♫ Don't dwell on the bad times ♫

♫ Once they're past ♫

♫ That kind of thinkin' gets you nowhere fast ♫

♫ 'Cause there ain't no mountain ♫

♫ you can't climb ♫

♫ If you hang on tight

♫ And just make up your mind ♫

♫ Once you set your heart to movin' on ♫

♫ Son, there ain't no road too long ♫

♫ Don't look back ♫

♫ Don't you turn around ♫

♫ Just keep your eye on where you're bound ♫

♫ And you're bound to get from here to there ♫

♫ 'Cause the dream can take you anywhere ♫ Take me to cookies!

♫ 'Cause there ain't no mountain ♫

♫ You can't climb ♫

♫ If you hang on tight ♫

♫ And just make up your mind ♫

♫ And once you set your heart ♫

♫ To moving on ♫ Putt, putt.

♫ Then there is no road too long ♫

♫ And you can count the telephone poles ♫

♫ 1 telephone pole, 2 telephone poles ♫

♫ 3 telephone poles, 4 telephone poles ♫ Oscar, this isn't route 12.

Picky, picky, picky.

Oh, no! Whoa!

I never promised you a rose garden.

We're gonna find him, all right, Bert.


Hey, you remember what color he is?


He's yellow.


♫ 'Cause there ain't no mountain ♫

♫ You can't climb ♫

♫ If you hang on tight ♫

♫ And just make up your mind ♫

♫ And once you set your heart ♫

♫ To movin' on ♫

♫ Yeah, there ain't no road too long ♫

♫ Ain't no mountain you can't climb ♫ That's right!

♫ If you hang on tight ♫

♫ And just make up your mind ♫ Uh-huh!

♫ Once you set your heart to movin' on ♫ Sing it!

♫ There ain't no road too long ♫

♫ there ain't no road too long ♫

♫ There ain't no road too long ♫

♫ No, there ain't no road too long ♫

You're right. If I just keep on going, Everything will turn out fine.

This is the worst circus I've ever been to in my life.

That 8-foot bird's still on the lam.

You know, Sid, people would pay money to see that bird.

Nah, I wouldn't pay to see no bird.

No, no, no. People would pay us to see that bird.

Us, us, us!


Hey, let me down!

If you wanna get down it'll cost you another nickel.

It's 10 cents for the round trip, kid.

10 cents?! What a rip-off.

You stole my apple.

Is that so?

That's my apple.

Well, this ain't your day, is it, kid?

Here. Now get out of here! Scram!

A big, fat nickel.

If we catch that bird, those nickels will be dollars.

Think of it, Sid. The big time.

Yeah, but how are we gonna catch that bird?

I don't know.

I just may have to use my brain.

Thanks a lot.

Hey, good luck.

Thank you. You know what?

You're gonna make it home just fine.



Now, I wonder how I get to Sesame Street.


Let's see...

No, not that way.

Ah. "No thru road."

That must be it.

♫ Well, there ain't no road too long ♫

♫ No, there ain't no road too long ♫ Uh-uh.

♫ It ain't too long ♫

♫ It ain't too long ♫

♫ No, there ain't no road too long ♫

♫ No, there ain't no road too long ♫ Boy, "No thru road" sure is awful long.


What, chickens? I hear chickens.

I love chickens.

Maybe they'll invite me to dinner.

You're the biggest chicken I've ever seen.

I'm not a chicken, actually.

I'm a bird on the run.

Oh, yeah. Floyd, he's the bird on TV who ran away.

I didn't run away.

I'm going back to my real home on Sesame Street Where I belong.

Are you tired?

Well, maybe a little.

I sure wish I had a place to sleep.

Have you ever slept in a barn?


Hey, not bad.

Will you stay and play with us tomorrow?

Well, yeah.

You know, I haven't played with any kids for a whole week.

Ok, but maybe just for a little while.

Ruthie, Floyd! Bedtime!


We'd better go.

Hey, well, thanks for the great bed.

Come on.

Good night.

Good night, Floyd.

Ok, Floyd. Down you go.

See you in the morning.

Good night, Ruthie.

♫ One little star ♫

♫ All alone in the sky ♫

♫ Do you ever get lonely ♫

♫ As the twilight drifts by? ♫

♫ One little star ♫

♫ In the darkening blue ♫

♫ Do you long for another ♫

♫ Just the way that I do? ♫

Good night, Barkley.

♫ Sky begins to fill ♫

♫ Darkness ends the day ♫

♫ Someone who I love ♫

♫ Is far away ♫

♫ One little star ♫

♫ Reaching far through the night ♫

♫ Do you shine on my someone? ♫

♫ Are we sharing your light? ♫

♫ Oh, one little star ♫

♫ shine on us both tonight ♫

Gee, I wish Olivia was here to sing me a lullaby, and Snuffy was here and we'd be together.

I wonder what they're doing tonight.

♫ One little star ♫

♫ One little star ♫

♫ Reaching far through the night ♫

♫ Far ♫

♫ Far through the night ♫

♫ Won't you shine on my someone? ♫

♫ Shine on my someone ♫ ♫ Someone ♫

♫ Somewhere sharing your light ♫

♫ Please, share your light ♫ ♫ Ah ah ah

♫ Oh, one little star ♫

♫ Shine on us all ♫

♫ Tonight ♫

Bad eats? The don't drop inn?

Oscar, I'm so hungry.

Let's go someplace else.

No way! We had lunch at Friendly's.

Now it's my turn.

Oh, all right.

At least we can use the phone and call Sesame Street.

Come on, guys.

No, thanks!

I've had enough Grouch food to last me a lifetime!

Telly, you're missing an unforgettable dining experience.

Hey, waitress, there's no fly in my soup!

It's coming!

Hey! I need a glass.

Broken or dirty?


It's about time.

This is my masterpiece.

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Hey, give me that syrup back.

Get lost!




What kind of service is this?

Waitress, I ordered this Jell-o medium rare.

This is well-done.

There you go.

A stack of spaghetti with maple syrup.


I love it.

Look at this real Grouch dining.

Meat loaf with marshmallow sauce, candied clams with french dressing!

Cream of garlic soup with Maraschino cherries?

There's nothing here I can eat.

Name your poison.

Tonight's specials are roast beef with butterscotch and Anchovies..

What about my Jell-o?

Keep your shirt on!

Ham with doughnuts, oatmeal sauce..


And tossed salad.

Tossed salad?

That sounds safe.

Uh, there's nothing in it like candied clams or anything like that?

What are you, a wacko?

Of course not.

Good. I'll have the tossed salad.

Hey, better make that two.

Two tossed salads!

Number two coming right up!

That salad looks marvelous!

Give me one!

I was first!

Yeah, me, too!

Give me some.

Salad for everybody!

Stop! You stop it!


Just.. Now stop that!

Heh heh heh heh!

Gee, maybe we made a mistake.

That salad looks great!

Where's my Jell-o?

Good morning!

Good morning!

Hey, I never knew water came out of the ground.

Here. Try it.

Like this?


That's funny.

Say, what's going on here?

Here. It's easy.


♫ The sun is in the sky and ♫

♫ Clouds are rolling by and ♫

♫ Today is going to be one ♫

♫ Wonderful day ♫

♫ Hand in hand together ♫

♫ We'll be friends forever ♫

♫ Sharing all the good times ♫

♫ Happy and free ♫

♫ It's gonna be so ♫

♫ Easy goin' ♫

♫ We'll laugh our cares away ♫

♫ On this ♫

♫ Easy goin' ♫

♫ Easy goin' day ♫

♫ We're never in a hurry ♫

♫ Got no time to worry ♫

♫ We'll take it nice and easy ♫

♫ Singin' a song ♫

♫ There's never any trouble ♫

♫ We're floatin' like a bubble ♫

♫ Tra la la la la ##

♫ Lighter than air ♫

♫ Why should we care? ♫

♫ We're easy goin' ♫

♫ We'll laugh our cares away ♫

♫ On this ♫

♫ Easy goin' ♫

♫ Easy goin' day ♫

♫ Easy goin' ♫

♫ We'll laugh our cares away ♫

♫ On this ♫

♫ Easy goin' ♫

♫ Easy goin' day ♫

Look, there's a...


It's Miss Finch!

What'll I do?

Hide! Hide where?!

The hay field. The hay field!

Yes! Run!


Bye. Bye-bye.

Oh, oh, dear.

Oh, oh, oh!

Where did that big yellow bird go?

I don't know. I don't know.

All right. Where are you?

Ah! Ah...

Sam, I've been holding this net for an hour. You take it.

How am I supposed to hold that net While I'm driving?

I'll drive.

No way, Jose!

Last time you drove, You ran that watermelon truck right off the road.

Watermelons everywhere.

Yeah, they were good.

I had to buy those watermelons!

They were still good.

Look, a haystack.

We're not looking for haystacks, chowderhead.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Big Bird's gotta be around here somewhere.

Gee, still no sign of Sesame Street.

Nothing but amber waves of grain.

I think I'm lost.

What will I do?

I wish Snuffy were here.

Then I'd be lost with my best friend.

Hello, Bird.

Snuffy? I thought I'd never see you again.

I can hardly see you now.

That is because you are imagining me, Bird.

Well, it's so good to almost see you.

I suppose a hug is out of the question, You being imaginary right now.

You could imagine that we're hugging, bird.

That's right! How brilliant.

Here it comes.

I'm afraid this isn't working, Snuffy.

For hugging, you need the real thing.

Oh, don't worry, Bird.

We can hug for real when you get back to Sesame Street.

If I ever get back to Sesame Street.

But I will!

Uh-oh. Snuffy? Snuffy?

I guess I got to go now, Bird. Bye-bye.

Snuffy? Snuffy, Please don't leave me.

What's that?

Oh, no.

Could that be Miss Finch?

Ernie, I see him!

See who, Bert?

See that yellow spot down there? It's Big Bird.

Oh, yeah. Sure looks like a yellow spot, all right.

Ernie, do something so he knows we're here, quick!

Ok. Hang on, Bert.

Ernie! What are you doing?

Ernie, watch out!


I'm just trying to get his attention, Bert.

Isn't this fun?

♫ La la la la ♫ Ernie, this is no time for singing.

Oh, come on, Bert.

♫ Come fly with me in an upside-down world ♫

♫ There's so many strange things to see ♫

♫ There's upside-down people who walk down the street ♫

♫ With upside-down shoes on their upside-down feet ♫

♫ In an upside-down world ♫ Ernie!

♫ In an upside-down world ♫ Ernie, I don't feel too good.

Whee! ♫ it's fun to be in an upside-down world ♫

♫ There's fish that fall out of the sea ♫

♫ There's upside-down clocks that make everyone late ♫

♫ Upside-down food that won't stay on your plate ♫

♫ In an upside-down world ♫

♫ In an upside-down world ♫ Oh, my bottle cap collection!

Hey, listen, I got an idea, Bert.

How would you like to take over the controls?

No! No!

Sure, Bert. It's really easy.

No! No! Never in a million years.

Hey, Bert, I'm gonna trade places with you.

What? What?! No, Ernie!

A hailstorm?

♫ There's upside-down everything all over town ♫

♫ It all looks so funny that I've got to frown ♫

♫ 'Cause a frown is a smile when you turn upside-down ♫

♫ In an upside-down ♫

♫ What-side down, whoop-side down ♫

♫ Oop-side down, what-side down ♫

♫ Upside-down world ♫ Ernie, don't stop. This is fun.

Bert, there's no time for fun now.

We've got to find Big Bird.

Oh, no, I'm afraid you've lost him, Bert.

I've lost him?

Yeah, while you were singing, Bert.

You were singing, too.

Why didn't you tell me? You always do that to me.

Oh, Bert, why don't you turn the plane around now?

You please drive.

Can you turn the plane around?

You drive it!

It's that stick in front of you.

Turn the plane, Bert.

Oh, my little super body Is tired from all this flying.

Big Bird, where are you?

Wait! I see a yellow something over there.

Birdie, I am coming!

Yum yum yum yum.

If you gotta eat, Go eat Olivia's luggage.

Oh, thank you.


Wait a minute.

What is that?

Super Grover to the rescue!

Gordon, do something! What's happening?

What? What? What? Whoa!


Look out!

Big Bird, I found you!

Big Bird!


This is not Big Bird.

You are impostors.



Super Prover, please.

When's lunch?

Ha ha ha ha.


Ooh. Oh, wow.


Big yellow bird at 1:00.

It's that late already?

That's Air Force talk, you nerf.

Now come on! Let's bag that bird.

My aching feet.

Well, I think I'll go rest under that tree.

I can't believe it.

He's gone.

How could you miss him?! He's 8 feet tall!

You were going too fast!

Sid... Don't shout at me.

You were going too fast.

Don't get mad. We'll just start all over.

Now let's get going!

Oscar, I told you to stop this car.

Ok, that's it. Stop this car right now.

We aren't anywhere near Toadstool.

Yeah, but this is where I want to be.

Grouch Paradise. Look at it.

It's like a work of art.

It is different, Maria.

Oscar, I want you to turn this heap around and head for Toadstool!

An angry face in a beautiful place.



Hey, it looks like everyone's Getting closer and closer to Toadstool.

You did it, Oscar!

Gee, I must have taken a wrong turn.

Hmm. Toadstool?

Sounds like another town full of suckers.

Let's set up here.

What about the bird?

Don't worry about the bird.

I got a feeling he's gonna pop up Right under our noses.

Let's see...

It says, "Welcome to Toadstool, The Mushroom City."

The Mushroom City?

"Annual tournament of Mushrooms Parade."

Oh, boy! I love parades.

And Miss Finch will never find me there.

Poor little bird found at last.

Oh, hi, Miss Finch.

Miss Finch! Oh, no!

Oh, ow! Oh, ow!




Get back here!



Big Bird! Big Bird!

There he is!

Gordon, back it up! We'll head him off!

Aha! Aah!

Excuse me. Let me out of here.

Let me out of here.

He's not getting away with this.

Oh, boy.

I hate parades.

Wait a minute.


Step on it, Oscar. He's getting away.

Well, I wasn't watching.

Which way?

Go to the left. Right.

We've been open 5 hours and No suckers have showed up yet.

You must have done something wrong.

What about them darts? Did you rig them?

Yeah. I put lead weights in the tips of 'em, So when you throw them, They go right into the ground.

What about the invisible gorilla?

Did you print up those disclaimers?

Yeah. I printed up a whole batch of 'em, But what difference does it make?

We got no customers.

Sam, we're washed up.

Hey, maybe not.

Check the gams on that butterball!


I'll take care of it.

Say, there's a lady named Miss Finch who's chasing me.

Do you mind if I hide in your fun fair?

Why, no. Not at all.

We have the perfect place for you to hide.

Right here in our hiding cage.

You'll be safe here.

Yeah. Real safe.

Gee, thanks.

Let's go.

Oh, gee, I sure am a lucky bird.


♫ La la la la la la la la la ♫

♫ La la la la ♫ ♫ la la la la ♫

Oh, swell.

First a parade, now a carnival.

Why, it's enough to make a Grouch sick.


I think we should forget this And just go look for the yellow turkey.

So step on it, Oscar, or Miss Finch will get him.


Psst. Hey, guys, you can let me out now.

Is it safe now?

Can I get out now?

What's the matter? Don't you like your cage?

My cage? M-m-my cage?

Hey, what are you talking about?

Let me out of here!

Hey, come on! I don't want to stay in here!

You can't keep me in here! This is bird-napping!

Hey, I just thought of something.

Everybody's looking for an 8-foot yellow bird.

He's hot!

Keep your shirt on.

I'll be really good. Ok, come on.

Guys, the joke is over. Let me out.

I got an idea.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls.

On the inside, our main attraction, The Bluebird of Happiness.

You've seen yhe invisible gorilla, Now see the giant 8-foot Bluebird of Happiness.

He's... One of a kind!

Yes, he's incredible. The Bluebird of Happiness.

He sings, he dances, he tells jokes!

Be sure to catch him now Before his big European tour!

♫ I'm a bluebird ♫

♫ That's been dreaming ♫

♫ Of a rainbow ♫

♫ I can follow ♫

♫ To that old familiar place ♫

♫ I long to see ♫

♫ Friendly faces ♫

♫ A smile to greet me ♫

♫ Or just a simple ♫

♫ Hello ♫

♫ How are you? ♫

♫ Oh, without them ♫

♫ I'm so blue ♫

♫ There's only one thing ♫

♫ That will do ♫

♫ To make this heartache end ♫

♫ To be ♫

♫ Back home ♫

♫ Again ♫


He sure looks sad.

He sure does.

♫ I'll never ♫

♫ Lose my dreams ♫

♫ Even though this time it seems like ♫

♫ I'm such a long way ♫

♫ From any rainbows ♫

♫ That might keep my ♫

♫ Dreams from fading ♫

♫ Well, no wonder ♫

♫ I'm so blue ♫

♫ There's only one thing ♫

♫ That will do ♫

♫ To make this heartache end ♫

♫ To be ♫

♫ Back home ♫

♫ Again ♫

♫ To be ♫

♫ Back home ♫

♫ Again ♫

♫ I'm a rich man ♫

♫ Getting richer ♫

♫ Here's my money ♫

♫ Let me count it ♫

♫ I'm so happy... ♫

Are you real?

He must be real. He's crying.

What's the matter?

Oh, oh, uh, I'm in big trouble, see?

Could you do me a favor?

Uh, I can't get out of here, And I want to!

So could you call Mr. Looper's Store On Sesame Street and tell somebody where I am?

Hey, kids!

Get away from the talent.

Go on! Get! Scram!

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

♫ I'm a rich man ♫

♫ Getting richer ♫

Operator. May I help you?

Hello, operator, Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Cookie, haven't you had enough?

But, Gordon, me growing monster.

That's how Bert lost Big Bird.

I didn't do it!

You did, too, Bert.

Hey, Count, baby, what's happenin'?

Hi, Bob. No news about Big Bird, I suppose.

Yeah. We've located him.


He's right nearby, locked in a cage.

He's locked in a cage?

The kids saw him. He's blue.

He's blue! He's blue?

In some kind of carnival, The kids said.

At a carnival...

Right. Maria...

That Fun Fair!

We passed that hours ago.

That's what she said. Come on!

Bye, Bob!

How we gonna get him If he's locked in a cage?

Come on, Telly.


What do you see, Ernie?

Your nose, Bert.

Ernie, get serious, will you?

We're supposed to be looking for Big Bird.


Put them in bundles.

Bundles of a thousand, and it's mine, all mine.

Of course you can't see him. He's invisible.

No place like home, No place like home, No place like...


Step into this cage.

You'll be safe here.


Stay here.



Maria, Maria, how'd you get here?

How, hi, where, How'd you get in? Shh! Shh!

Don't worry, Big Bird. We'll get you outta here.


Uh, right there.

Don't wake up. Don't wake up.

Don't wake up, please.

Thank you.

Oh, oh, try that one. Try that key.

That's the one.

Try it. I know that's the one.

One. One key.


Oh, sorry. Sorry.

One. One key.

No, try the gold-colored one.

Shh, Big Bird. Please!

Why don't you try the one with the funny end on it?

Shh, Big Bird, you'll wake them up!

This looks like a job for Super Grover.

One more, that's uh, three keys, four keys. Oh.

I don't..

Shh, Big Bird.

Never fear, Super Grover is here!

We do not need a key.

With my super strength I will bend the bars, and birdie will be free as a bird, So to speak.


I don't think that's the one.

No, no, try the next one.

Are you sure you have the right keys?


Big Bird, how will we get you out If you can't keep quiet?

Maybe you should ask him if he has another set of keys.

Gee, Big Bird, please?

Maybe it's a combination lock.



No, don't try that one.

Try that one. No, try that one.

No, that one. That's the one.

Three. Three more keys.


Wrong key.

Two! Two more keys!

One more key.

That's it!

Big Bird!

Big Bird!

What are we gonna do?

They're getting away!

We gotta catch that truck. Come on, Olivia. Let's go.

Telly, wake up Oscar.


Right, Maria. Oh, no!

Let me out of here!

Wait a minute.


Sis, you drive. Why me?

I've got an idea.

Olivia, Linda, help!

O.K., let's follow that bird.

Oscar! Oscar!

Oscar, wake up!

Come on.

Come on, oscar! Wake up.





Whoa! Oh, no. The doors are open.

Hey, fellas, these doors came..

What am I telling them for?

O.K., Gordon... There he is!

Oh... Oh... Who's that?

Who's that coming?

Anything following us?

Just a yellow volkswagen with a hole in the roof and no hood.

Fine. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Now what?

Just pull up behind the truck.

Pull up behind the truck.

Stay right with it. Ok.

Gordon, what are you doing?

Are you nuts? Get in here!


You know, Sid, I been thinking.

Our big blue bird needs a new act.

Yeah. How about if we teach him to dance?

That's a great idea!

We can teach him to breakdance!

An 8 foot blue bird breakdancing!

We'll get him a white glove.

We'll make a bundle!

♫ Gunka chica gunka gi-gi gunk ♫

♫ Gunka chica gunka chica ♫

♫ Gunka chica gunka chica ♫ Hey, Gordon!

Gordon, look. The doors are open!

I know. Now come on.

Come on?

You know I can't fly.

♫ Chica gunk chi-gunk chi-gunk ♫

♫ Chi-gunk chi-gunk chi-gunk ♫ I got a better idea! How about we build a high tower and have him jump into a pool of water?


Nah. He's chicken.

Couldn't we ask them to stop the truck?

Don't worry. There's plenty of room.

Come on, Gordon. Be serious.



Gordon, I'm not supposed to do this!

You should never jump from a moving truck.

I shouldn't even be standing up.

You have my permission this once.

Now come on!


Big Bird, what are you doing?



Oh, O.K., Gordon. I, ah...


Uh, uh, uh...


You can do it! Try it again!

Come on!

Got you!

He did it! Whoo! Hoo hoo!

Oh, I knew he could do it!

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, Bird!


Oh, Bird!

Hey, what's that noise?

It's the cops!

Sam, the bird's gone!

The bird's gone!

Get a grip on yourself, will ya!

Just try to relax.

I'll take care of everything.

Whatever you do, don't cry.

Are these the two men?

What seems to be the problem, officer?

What's the charge?

What about counterfeiting, extortion, fraud, impersonating a dentist, stealing an apple from a kid.

Oh, about that apple, Officer.

I can explain that.

We was just holding it for a friend.

Yeah! For a friend.

You can tell that to the judge.

The judge!

Be a man!

I don't want to be a man.

Shut up, Sid! Shut up!

Judge, Sam.


Big Bird is here.

You're right! Let's hope he'll be here soon.


Hi, everybody.

Oh, I'm so happy to be back.

Everybody, Big Bird's back!

Big Bird's home!

Big Bird's home!

Big Bird!

Bird! Big Bird!

The VW is on its way?

Not exactly. What happened?

They had a little car trouble.

Tell us about your trip.

I had such an exciting time.

You know, I was on this big farm.

There were two little kids there, and they were really nice, and I was helping them do things, and then suddenly, I looked up and saw...

Miss Finch!

Hello, Bird.

Perhaps the Dodos weren't perfect for you, But I have managed to find you another lovely bird family.

He doesn't need another family.

Uh-uh. No, no!

No, no, no.

He has one right here, and we all love him.

Right. For sure.

That's right, Big Bird!

But he's a bird.

He'd be happier with his own kind.

We're all happy here On Sesame Street...

And we've got all kinds.

We've got people...

And cows...

She's right about that.

And we've got...

We've got Bert and Ernie...


We want you here, Big Bird!

And there's dogs...

Ruff! Ruff! and birds.

That's me!

We've got monsters.

Where? Where monsters?

You see monsters?

And kids...

And there's Honkers...

Honk! Honk!

Why, we've even got Grouches!

Keep us out of this!

Yeah, that's right!

So you have.

And you're all happy?

Yeah! Yes, we are.

Yes, definitely.


You did go to look for him, So that must mean you care.

He does seem to have Lots of friends, not feathered, but...

All right.

Big, from now on, Sesame Street is your home.

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

Thank you!

I've done it again.

Placed another stray bird in a good home.

Case dismissed. Back to work.

I wonder where Snuffy is.

Would everybody excuse me for a few minutes?

I've got something I should do. Excuse me, ok?

See ya.

Bye, Big.



Oh, Bird!


Oh, Snuffy, this time you're real.

Oh, Bird, Can I stop watching your things now?

Ha ha ha! Oh, Snuffy.

Oh, Bird.

Ah... Home at last.

I hope nothing's seriously wrong with your car.

I hope not, either, but I can fix it.

Oh, Gordon!

Never in my life...

Gordon, what's going on?

What happened to your car?



What happened to the car?

Don't ask me, ask him.


Excuse me.

Our insurance man won't believe this.

Ruff ruff!

Once more around the block, Bruno.

Sure, boss.

Yeah, I got to walk off some of this happy stuff.

Bruno, come on.

Wait, wait! Wait! Don't leave yet.

My favorite part of the picture is starting..

The credits.

I love to count credits.

One "Directed by."

That's one credit.

Ha ha ha!

One "Written by."

That's two credits.

One "Produced by."

That's three credits.

One "Director of photography."

That's four credits.

Ah. One "Art director."

That's five fabulous credits!

One "Associate producer."

Somebody must associate with the producer.

Ha ha ha! I love it.

That's six credits.

One "Supervising Film Editor."

That's seven stupefying credits!

One "Music score by."

That's eight credits!

One "Music supervised by."

Nine credits!


One "Joan Ganz Cooney!"

Hi, Mom.

That's 10!

10 fantastic credits, and still counting!

I love it!

♫ I found out a long time ago ♫

♫ Ya gotta learn to say yes when life says no ♫

♫ Don't dwell on the bad times once they're past ♫

♫ That kind of thinkin' gets you nowhere fast ♫

♫ 'Cause there ain't no mountain you can't climb ♫

♫ If you hang on tight and just make up your mind ♫

♫ once you set your heart to movin' on ♫

♫ Son, there ain't no road too long ♫

♫ One little star ♫

♫ Reaching far through the night ♫

♫ Do you shine on my someone? ♫

♫ Are we sharing your light? ♫

♫ Oh, one little star ♫

♫ Shine on us both tonight ♫

♫ Friendly faces ♫

♫ A smile to greet me ♫

♫ Or just a simple hello ♫

♫ How are you? ♫

♫ Oh, without them ♫

♫ I'm so blue ♫

♫ There's only one thing ♫

♫ That will do ♫

♫ To make this heartache end ♫

♫ To be ♫

♫ Back home ♫

♫ Again ♫

♫ Easy goin' ♫

♫ We'll laugh our cares away ♫

♫ On this easy goin' ♫

♫ Easy goin' day ♫

Ugh, agh!

Agh, ugh, agh!

That is 278 incredible, colossal credits!

Ha ha ha!

I love motion pictures!

Ha ha ha!