For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) Script


You promised.

Adios, Kashkin. Adios, Roberto.


Hola, Americano.

Hola. Hola.

Help yourself, Jordan. General Golz?

What an accent! He even knows me in the dark!

That's all we have in Spain now... accents.

Eh, Jordan? I was looking for you.

I saw you. How did it go with the train?


And Kashkin? He caught one.

He didn't want to be taken alive.

Oh, so it was like that? Yes. Murder.

Orders are orders. I still call it murder. - Well... in this business, Jordan, remember nothing. Nothing except the next job.

What's next? - A bridge. Oh, a bridge. - Right.

To blow the bridge is nothing. But to blow it at the time of the attack, that's a horse of another color, as you Americans say. - Attack?

Yes. At last we take the offensive. Oh, it will be a beautiful attack.

On paper it looks wonderful, and if it succeeds...

No, I will not say "if." This time it must succeed and it will.

What I've told you, Jordan, is known only to the general staff.

Our only chance to succeed is by a surprise attack.

Now, here is the bridge, over a deep gorge.

It's the only way the enemy can bring up reinforcements.

Tanks, artillery, troops, all must come over this bridge.

I must know it is gone. Not before the attack, they'd rebuild it.

It must go the minute the attack starts, no sooner, no later.

So the bridge is nothing. But suppose their soldiers are sitting on it.

You know, sentries on both ends. What do you do then?

In my country, they say, "Never blow a bridge till you come to it." - Good.

That's good, you joke. In this business, one should joke a little.

I am so serious. It's why I can joke.

You think you can get through enemy lines tomorrow night? - Sure.

Good. That will give you 3 days to prepare for the dynamiting.

Wait for the attack at dawn, after the third night.

How will I know the exact time? Well, use these.

Listen. First we attack from the air.

When you hear the explosions, that's your time.

I've got a good guide for you, an old man named Anselmo.

Knows the country like a fox, and the people to help you.

Now, go and find yourself a pretty girl.

But first get a haircut. Is that an order, General?

Why not? I don't like your barber.

Up the gorge to the left is the bridge.

Sentry boxes, huh? At each end, Roberto.

Always two sentries on guard.

Where do the sentries live? - At the road-mender's hut, across the bridge.

You can't see it from here.

The other post is on this side, in that old sawmill.

How many men in the sawmill? Eight, and a corporal.

The other post, how many men? Maybe more.

We'll find out. Look!

They always spit in the gorge.

It brings luck.

I wish I could spit that far.


That sentry, he looks like a man from my village.

He's very young.

He must die? You couldn't do it, Anselmo?

I would kill the sentry, considering the necessity of the bridge.

But if I live later, I'll try to live in such a way, doing no harm to anyone, that it will be forgiven.

Come on, let's get this dynamite somewhere safe.

You wait here, Roberto. Oh, I can make it, Anselmo.

You want to be shot at, carrying these?

No, not even in a joke.

Go ahead.


He's the boss here, Roberto. Very strong man. - I can see.

Foreigner? - And a friend. Didn’t the old man tell you?

I'm asking you.

I'm here for the Republic.

You know those seals, don't you? SIM, Service of Military Intelligence.

The General Staff commands for the Republic.

In these mountains, I command. No one else.

What's that? Dynamite.

Good. I can use dynamite. How much you bring me?

None. What's your name?

What's that to you? Pablo. He's Pablo.

What for? A bridge.

What bridge? That's my business.

In this country, it's my business. Don’t talk so! - You want to die?

No! - Shut your mouth. This comrade comes for the Republic!


Help us get this stuff up to your camp. The old man's tired.

Hola! What is this that comes?

The old man and a dynamiter.

Hey, that stuff! Not in the cave.

What're you making? A trap for foxes.

See? Very practical. He catches rabbits.

If a Gypsy catches rabbits, he says it's foxes.

If he catches a fox, it's an elephant. And if I catch an elephant?

You'd say it was a tank.

I'll get me a tank, old man!

Some day I'll get me one and you can call it what you please.

Gypsies talk much, kill little.

I'm going for wine. Bring a cup for me.

You have wine, huh? And plenty of it.

We eat like generals here. Yeah, he eats like ten generals.

And what do Gypsies do in the war? They keep on being Gypsies.

That's a good job. The best.

How do they call you? Roberto. And you?

Rafael. Oh, wine! There will be food soon.


Oh, you have tobacco!

Yeah, I know these.

Much air and little tobacco.

Ah, we eat!



That's how I comb it.

Go ahead and eat.

Hey, bread!

How are you called?

María. And you?


Been here long?

This long.

Three months. They shaved my head in Valladolid.

I was on the train heading south. The train Pablo blew at Arévalo.

Many of the prisoners were caught again, but they saved me.

They and Pilar. - We found her hiding in the rocks where she'd run off.

You should have seen her!

No hair at all. Cried all the time.

And if anyone touched her, she'd shiver like a wet dog.

Man, but she was ugly. God's truth, Roberto.

Though Gypsies usually lie. She looked like a half-drowned kitten.

You blow trains? I have.

Here? No, in Extremadura.

In another six months it'll grow out.

Are you his woman? Pablo's?

You've seen Pablo!

I've seen Rafael too. No. No, not the Gypsy.

This is a very strange woman. Is of no one.

But she cooks well.

Really of no one?

No one.

Nor of you, either.


No. I have no time for women.



Who's that?

Pablo's woman, Pilar.

She's something barbarous! But brave!

A hundred times braver than Pablo. Pablo was brave in the beginning.

He killed more people than cholera.

Yes, at the start he kill more people than the bubonic plague.

But, Pilar, she is something barbarous!

The Gypsy's afraid of her. Why not? She hates me.

Why? She treats me as a time waster.

She doesn't like Gypsies. What an injustice!

She has Gypsy blood herself. She knows of what she speaks.

But she has a tongue. It bites like a bull whip.

What are you saying now, you lazy son of an unmentionable Gypsy?

Answer me, Gypsy!

I was telling this comrade what a kind woman you are, Pilar.

Liar! - This one comes as a dynamiter. I know that.

Go and relieve Andrés. He's on guard at the top.

I go, Pilar. I'll see you, Roberto, when we eat. - Not even in a joke! 3 times today you've eaten.

But I can eat twice more. Get out of here! And send me Andrés!

Hola, Inglés.

How are you and the Republic? Good.

Both good. I'm happy.

What did that Gypsy say about me? He said you were much woman.

And I'd say he's right.

And what did you say to the girl, before I came out? - Nothing.

I saw how she was from seeing you. I only joked with her. - Jokes?

Listen to me, Inglés. She's young, not hardened as we are.

And she's had a bad time. You understand?

Yes, I guess so. I'm worried about her.

When do you leave here? In three days. If I'm still alive.

What made you say that? That never brings luck.

Let me see your hand.

Well? Nothing.

I saw nothing. What do you come for? Blow another train?

No, a bridge. All the better.

Now we have horses. Let's blow all the bridges and go!

I'm sick of this place. We are rotting here because there's no fighting.

Only watching Pablo get drunk. This life is ruining him.

What did you see in my hand? I saw nothing.

Yes, you did.

I'm only curious. I don't believe in it. - In what do you believe?

In my work. I saw that. - What else?

Nothing else.

The bridge is very difficult? No. It is important.

But it can be very difficult? Yes.

I'm going to look it over again. How many men have you got here?

Five. The Gypsy is worthless, although his intentions are good.

Pablo, I no longer trust.

Thanks. I like your way of speaking. I try to speak frankly.

Then tell me what you saw in my hand. No.

I saw nothing else.

Go now to the bridge. I look after your equipment.

Let me tell you again, Inglés. I'm glad you've come.

We will understand each other.

Can they not dwell outside?

I don't want dynamite in here. We have fire.

It's far from the fire.


How goes the Gypsy?

Is she going to let you eat again? Why not?

Is there wine? Not much left.

Then I'll have some water.

María, is there any water left?

It's too strong, or I'd give you some.

I'd offer it to you, Pablo, but there's not much left.

I have wine. What drink is it?

Medicine, you wanna taste it?

What's it for?

It changes your ideas. Yeah?

Bitter as gall! I'd rather be sick than have the medicine.

That's the wormwood. I'm glad you don't like it.

What are you saying there?

I was explaining the medicine. María!

What's that? The bridge showing the construction.

Look how it seems.

Why, it's the bridge itself!

How do you blow a bridge? That's what I'm figuring out.


I don't go for the bridge. Neither me nor my people.

Then we'll do it alone. Old one? Yes.

Without this coward. Hey, you! What did you say?

Nothing for you. I spoke to Roberto.

My orders are to blow the bridge. And I say no!

In these mountains we hide.

I take care of my people. Live one place, fight somewhere else.

Fight, raid, blow trains, bridges, but way off.

Not here where they will hunt us. You'll clear out. You've got horses.

I have 5 horses and 8 people.

You and the old man with the loud mouth make ten.

Now if this bridge is blown, we will be hunted.

Hunted from the earth, from the air.

The explosions will fall from the sky on my horses.

Until you had horses, you were one of us.

Now you're rich with horses, you want to retire.

A lie! You know I expose the horses for the cause.

To eat well, yes. To steal, yes.

To murder, yes. To fight for the Republic, no!

You are an old man who will make trouble with his mouth.

I am an old man not afraid to fight. I'm an old man without horses.

You might not live long.

I'm an old man who will live until I die.

You will blow no bridge here!

No? No.

No bridge.


What do you say? I am for the bridge.

And for the Republic. What's that, woman?

I am for the bridge and against you. Nothing more.

What do you say, Primitivo? I am also for the bridge.


To me the bridge means nothing. I'm for the woman of Pablo.

Andrés! Yes, equally!

The same, Pilar.

Then we blow the bridge and retreat to the Gredos afterwards.

You with your head of a bull and heart of a hawk!

You think there'll be any "afterwards", from this bridge?

I am for the Republic and the Republic is the bridge!

It means nothing to be hunted like a beast after this thing which brings no profit?

Nor even to die for it?

Don’t try to frighten us, coward!

Coward? Is it cowardly to know what's foolish?

Or am I a leader for nothing? Haven't I gotten you this far alive?

This foreigner comes to do a thing for the good of the foreigners.

For his goal you want to sacrifice us!

I'm for the good and safety of all. Safety!

There is no such thing.

Did I spend 9 years with matadors not to learn about fear and safety?

Speak to me of anything but safety!

Look at him. How I believed in him once.

And look what he is now. From a year of war you've become lazy, a drunkard and a coward. Woman!

You have no right to speak like that. Not before my people and a stranger.

Do you still believe you command here?


Here I command! Here I command!

Haven't you heard them? Here no one commands but me now.

I should shoot you and the foreigner both.

Try it and see what happens.

Listen to me, drunkard! You understand now who commands?

Why, I command! No! Listen!

Take the wax from your ears.

Listen well.

I command.


You command.

And if you want, he can command too.

Maybe I am lazy and drink too much.

Maybe you think I'm a coward, though you know better.


But I'm not stupid.

Now if you're a woman as well as a commander, show us something to eat.


Take the food.

You must be careful. Pablo? - If you sleep, yes.

I'll watch out. What's he doing?

Only drinking. There will be danger if he begins to hide the sadness.

If he pretends to be friendly, then he's made a decision.

I heard Pilar say it. What kind of decision?

Who knows? After what's happened, it'd mean danger for you.

I'll look after myself. I'm thinking about the bridge.

I'm thinking about you, Roberto.

Why, María?

Well, I don't know.

Did I muss it?

All day I wanted you to do that.

I too, María.

Where's Pablo?

Ah, he's gone to the horses. Now you have to kill him.

Kill him before he kills you. He won't kill me.

We waited for you to kill him. Why didn't you?

And turn Pilar against me? She's in control here.

So, he takes the horses and goes. What about your bridge then?

You don't know Pablo.

Now men, you have tightened your garters.

You, my friend, you know I'm not a coward.

You are no woman, no fool.

Nor any colt of a girl either that makes a man crazy with hunger.

You don't lie, make insults, and leave me, like my people.

Yes, eat, my friend.

Pay no attention to the woman. You know who commands.

You and me, we'll show them who's stupid. Not me, not you, my friend.

Get out of sight!

Ours? German and Italian.

Can they see the horses? They're not looking for horses.

Man! I could see their faces! I spit in their faces!

I spit in the milk of their mothers!

I tell you they could see the horses. Wipe the sweat from your face.

They could see the cigarette butts. Huh?

Hey, wait! They may be back! Coward!

Go to your horses!

Have you seen planes like this before? Never, Inglés. - Get inside.

I'm going with Pilar to El Sordo. We've got to have more horses.

You know your sentry posts. Keep a close watch.

Anselmo, write down everything that passes along the road.

I can't write, Roberto. I'll show you how to write.

Look how Roberto can make pictures.

That's a truck, see?

And here's a soldier on a horse.

Look! Tank!

I will catch me a tank like that, old man.

Whatever passes, make a mark. The man on the horse is for cavalry.

Each mark means a troop of twenty mounted men. Understand?

Each troop a mark. In this way I can write, yes.

That's an educated pencil.

Use one paper for each direction.

Tonight I'll know then what they're moving up to the front.

Better get along, and take some food with you.

Can I write too?

Watch the bridge and sentry posts. See if more soldiers are brought, and at what intervals the guard is changed.

What is "intervals"?

How many hours the sentries stay on and when they go.

Without a watch? Take mine.

What a watch! Look at what a complication.

It should be able to read and write. Don’t fool with it.

Can you tell time? Why not? 12 o'clock day... hunger.

6 o'clock night... drunk. With luck.

Ten o'clock now. You don't need to be a clown.

Do what I tell you and keep out of sight.

Salud, Gypsy. Did you see the air machines? - See them?

We ate them for breakfast!

Is there food, Pilar? I'm hungry.

It's a long walk from La Granja.

La Granja? Yes, Roberto. You wish tobacco?

You? Didn’t you sleep here last night?

For a while, yes. Then I thought of my woman and children in La Granja.

Then I went there. Wasn't that dangerous?

You have to get past their sentries. That's why I only go at night.

Oh, María!

See much movement on the road? Nothing.

A few trucks as usual. Cars. A few guns, as usual.

No troops. Pick up any news in town?

But nothing.

Still goes battle in the north. That's not news.

Oh, yes... there is talk of the Republic preparing an attack.

What? That we are preparing an offensive.


Perhaps here or near Navacerrada.

Have you heard of it? Who told you that?

Who? Surely you know how rumors fly?

The officers talks in the cafes and the waiters listen.

They say this is an offensive of some size, but... it's only a rumor.

What else did you hear?

Nothing, man.

There is some talk of the Republicans wanting to blow the bridges, but...

Are you joking? This one doesn't joke, Inglés.

Bad luck he doesn't.

A man like me is never alarmed by rumors, Pilar.

Remember anything more? No.

They talk as usual of soldiers to be sent to clear us out of the mountains.

There is some talk troops are on the way. But it's always like that.

It's not important. Only rumors as usual.

Rumors! Everything as usual!

Things are bad in the north, as usual!

That troops come to hunt us out, as usual!

An offensive here, as usual!

Man, you are a monument to "as usual".

But the last two, Pilar, are only rumors.

My mother! Let's go, Pilar.

Who'll look after my things? The man of rumors.

Fernando, guard the explosives. Very well, Pilar.

Calm yourself. There is nothing to worry about. Only rumors.


Hello, María.

Hello, Roberto.


Hola, Pilar! Hola!

Joaquín! - María! - Tell Sordo I'm coming with Inglés!

A good boy, Inglés. El Sordo saved him when his family was killed, and now they are like father and son.

Inglés, tell me, have you known many women?

They meant nothing. I think you lie.

Well, maybe... a little. And for this one, for María, you care much? Let's get on.

What is the reason for the bridge, Inglés? Will there be an attack?

And the airplanes this morning? Does that mean the enemy's found out?

They're preparing a counterattack?

I only know one thing for certain. What? - You have to shout.

One thing is certain. The bridge must go when the attack starts.

And to do that we've got to have more horses and more men.

When do we blow it?

Day after tomorrow!

Why not tonight?


How do you get whiskey? Make it!

No, I joke.

This is good whiskey, we got it on a raid.

No ice. Plenty ice up there.

Too far.

Easier blow the bridge tonight. I'd be shot for it.

Do it in daylight, we'll all be shot.

Not if we have horses. Hmm? - Not if we have enough horses.

We'll be out of here before they come.

I have five horses and four men.

Five men, Sordo. So it is. Five with the boy.

Five men and five horses.

That's ten horses for 15 people. We've got to have five more horses.

For the retreat, yes. Otherwise we won't make it.

How can you get horses? Steal 'em.

Only soldiers have horses now. Soldiers and thieves like us.

Can you get five more tonight? What? - Tonight!

We can try. Good.

Maybe not so good. Not good if it snows.

Horses make tracks and soldiers follow tracks.

It is too late for snow, Sordo. Hmm? - It's the month of May!

And the sun is shining.

Look at the young general. Already he's stealing horses.

He's always talking, Pilar, how he carried the girl from the train.

Let's see you carry her down the hill, my boy.

Now you make fun of me.

Wait, Joaquín! I'll carry you on my shoulders.

Look, Inglés!

Look at the bullfighter. He's crying.

Don’t mock, Pilar. He was telling me about his sister.

She was a prisoner as I was, and he just heard that she's dead.

I'm your sister now, Joaquín.

We all love you. We are your family. - Yes.

Including the Inglés. Is that right? Of course.

You hear that, boy? The Inglés is your brother.

We're all brothers, Joaquín. Thank you, Inglés.

Don’t worry. I'll get you a horse tonight.

One for María too. What about me?

Do I have to kiss you too? It's been years since I kissed a bullfighter.

Hold this, Inglés, till I get a good kiss at him.

Look at him! He's afraid of a kiss as he was afraid of the bulls!

No need to joke.

When I kiss, it won't be as a sister. This trick of kissing as a sister!

Don’t be so brutal, Pilar!

I love you very much, but why do you speak so brutally?

Why do you think, girl?

Rest, Pilar! You are tired. Shut up! Nobody asked your advice!

You think I'm an old woman.

Sit down.

Many things tire me.

And one of them is to be old and ugly.

And another is to see a boy panic when I joke that I might kiss him.

It's not true. You didn't see that. What d' you know, with your face?

I have an evil temper today, and I'm jealous.

How foolish.

I'm an ugly old woman, and I love you very much, child.

I love you too. You're not ugly.

Go on, I'm not ugly! I was born ugly.

Do you know how an ugly woman feels?

Do you know what it is to be ugly all your life and feel beautiful in here? You are beautiful.

Try to use your head and not your heart, and listen.

I'm telling you things of much interest. Does it interest you?

María's right. Two of a kind!

You are a prize for any woman. If you'd ever let go of yourself.

And this one... this one is a gift to any man, if she could cook a little better.

Give me a cigarette and listen.

Life is very curious.

I would have made a good man, but I'm all woman and all ugly.

Yet many men have loved me. Is that strange?

I don't think you're ugly.

Don’t lie to me. Or has it begun to work with you too?

No, no, no. Look, I am ugly.

Yet one can have a feeling here that blinds a man while he loves you.

He thinks you are beautiful, and one day, for no reason at all, he sees you ugly, as you really are. And he's not blind any more.

Then you see yourself as ugly as he sees you.

And you lose your man and your feeling.

Then one day the feeling, that idiotic feeling that you are beautiful, grows inside of you again.

And another man sees you and thinks you're beautiful.

And it's all to do over again.

Now I am past it. But it still might come again.

Lift your head, this silliness is over.

I was only jealous of your 19 years. It isn't a jealously that lasts.

You won't be 19 always.

You see, I have evil thoughts, Inglés.

If I were 19, I'd take you away from this cropped head, even with my ugly face.

No, no, sit there. I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.

You too, Inglés. No, tightly, both of you.

Pilar, wait! Shut up, Inglés!

I'm bored with both of you! Pilar!

Let her go, Roberto.

Don’t you want to be alone with me? Of course.

And I want to be with you, Roberto.

Pilar knows it. She knows everything. I'm beginning to believe it.

Will she be alright? You don't have to worry about her.

It's a wonderful day, Roberto.

What are you worrying about? About you.

Me? Why? Because I'm so happy?

I wish you weren't here, María.

I mean it.

I'm thinking about what will happen to you after the bridge.

Can't I go with you?

El Sordo will get us horses for sure. I know we need them for the escape.

You've got to understand, María. I'm in this war to the finish.

I can't have anything serious in my life.

A man doing what I'm doing never knows what's going to happen.

Whatever happens to you will happen to me.

Haven't you anyone in the Republic?

No relatives all? You must have people somewhere.

My father and my mother, I saw them killed.

My father was the mayor of our town and a Republican.

When the Nationalists came, they lined up the Republicans against the wall.

My father cried out very loud, "Long live the Republic!"

And then they shot him.

But my mother was not a Republican. She had no politics.

But she loved my father and she couldn't say that.

So she just looked at my father who lay there at her feet, and said, "Long live my husband who was the mayor of this town."

She said it very loud, like a shriek, and then they shot and she fell, and I wanted to got to her, but we were all tied by the wrists in a long line of girls and women.

And I wanted to be shot too and say, "Long live the Republic and my mother and my father."

Instead, there was no more shooting.

They herded us up the hill and through the streets to the square.

My father's office was in the city hall,

but they took us across the street to the barber shop.

I want to tell you. No. Don’t.

Roberto... are you angry about something?

Of course not.

I'm glad.

I won't cry any more.

Oh Roberto...

I like...

I don't know how to kiss or I would kiss you.

Where do the noses go?

Always I've wondered where the noses would go.

They're not in the way, are they?

I always thought they would be.

Look, I can do it myself. María.

Did I do it wrong?

Look, Pilar!

Roberto fell in the brook.

Already she makes you blind, Inglés?

Can't even see where you're going.

Hola, Inglés. Come sit down here where it's warm.

I'll take your shoes and put them in the smoke of the fire to dry.

Hey, don't burn them. I don't want to stand around here barefooted.

María, fetch me some dry socks. The lord and master.

Here's the key. The pack is locked.

Who's on guard at the top? Agustín.

Put these on. Dry your feet well.

You can't dry them with your hair?

What a swine.

Hit him with a chunk of wood, María.

I'm joking because I'm happy. You are happy?

Yes. I think everything goes well.

Keep this under your feet until your shoes are dry.

Must you care for him as a child? No. As a man who's cold and wet.

And a man who has just come home to his house.

Take the coffee, worthless one.

Does it always grow dark this early? No, Inglés. It's the weather.

The wind is very disorderly. Getting colder out.

Yes, Inglés. It is not correct to be so cold in the month of May.

Any movement on the road, Anselmo? Not much.

It's all marked on the papers. Gypsy, what about the bridge?

Six hour interval.

I stayed till they changed the watch, at noon and at six.

It was a long watch, Inglés. And cold!

My... my bones brea...

How about the sawmill post? Eight men and a corporal.

No more arrived. What about the road-mender's hut?

I didn't get that far. I remembered what you said. To be careful.

Only ten cars? All written down, Roberto.


How do you like it, Pilar?

Very beautiful, the snow, huh?

Get out of my sight!

God help El Sordo.

If it snows all night, it may cover his tracks. - Lf, if!

How do you like it, woman?

How do you like to command when it snows? - Shut up, drunkard!

I know why you went to see El Sordo.

Horses make tracks in the snow, hey, Inglés? Yeah.

Now there will be no offensive. No bridge. No. Just snow.


And no making love in the heather!

Watch your mouth!

No. Let me.


Wipe the table clean, María!

Wipe your own spillings!

Wipe first your chin, drunkard, and then the table!

Pay no attention to him. He's drunk.

Fix my shoes, María.

Are you really drunk? Why not?

But not too drunk to watch your mouth!

No one on guard at the top? In this storm?

What for? No soldiers will move in these mountains tonight.

Pilar, bring me something hot to eat!

Wine, Inglés?

I thought I was Roberto. I call you Inglés before the others.


Don Roberto!

How is Don Roberto? Fine, Don Pablo. How's Bacchus?

Who is Bacchus?

You know. Your constant companion.

I don't know such a man.

You say funny things, Inglés. Sure, I do. I'm a laugh a minute.

Pay no attention. He's drunk. Tell us, Inglés, why have you come so far to fight for our Republic?

A man fights for what he believes in, Fernando. - In his own country.

Maybe you feel I'm sticking my nose into other people's business, but I don't feel that way. It's not only Spain fighting here.

It's Germany and Italy fighting Russia.

And the Spanish are right in the middle of it. The Nazis and fascists are against democracy and against the communists.

They're using your country to test their new war machinery.

Their tanks and dive-bombers. So they can destroy democracies like England, France and my country before we get armed and ready to fight.

Were you always a Republican?

And your father? Sure. He always voted Republican.

Did they shoot him for it?

No. They don't shoot you for being a Republican in America.

Roberto was a professor. He told me this afternoon.

Not a professor, María. An instructor.

That's the same thing. He was a teacher in a college.

The professor has no beard. He's a false professor.

Shut up! What did you teach, Inglés?

Spanish. That's how I got to know Spain.

No beard. He has no beard. He's a false professor.

Stop it! - Wouldn't it be easier to teach English?

Why shouldn't he teach Spanish? Doesn’t he speak it?

Yes, but in a way it is undignified for a foreigner to teach Spanish.

I mean nothing against you, Inglés.

He doesn't teach it to Spaniards! I should hope not...

Let me finish, you mule! He teaches Spanish to Americans.

Can't they speak Spanish? Mule! North Americans speak English!

No beard, no beard. Enough!

But he's got no beard. Beard...

No beard. He does have a beard.

You should know, girl.

Pay no attention, Inglés. He's drunk. I don't think he's so drunk.

Yes. Yes, I am drunk.

I doubt it.

Cowardly, yes!

You try to provoke me, Inglés?

No, you won't get rid of me that way.

I said cowardly, not drunk!

See? See, I don't provoke.

Signal to the woman that you've failed.

Pilar had nothing to do with it. You spoke to the girl as a coward.

I don't provoke.

See, woman? I teach the professor I don't provoke.

I'll still be alive, when you're all dead!

I'm not stupid.

I don't provoke.

I don't provoke.

To the Professor, to the Señora commander, and to all the illusioned ones.

That's silly. It's a waste of good wine.

I don't provoke.

I am drunk.

The wise man gets drunk to spend his time with fools.

Get out!


Yeah, I go.

I'll go to the horses. They have more sense than men.

Tell them about the bridge, Professor, and how to escape afterwards.

Who will lead your patriots in the retreat? - Get out!

It's still falling, Inglés.

Let me go! I'll kill him! Give me that rifle!

Why didn't you kill him last night?

What do you think he'll do now? He will toss a bomb in here.

Give me your pistol. I'll shoot him. You want to blow us up?

What fools we are! Why didn't you kill him last night?

He's got to die now!


What do you say, Pilar?


Whatever you will, I'm for it now.

Then let all speak. Andrés, what do you say?

Yes, kill him! Kill him.

Primitivo? Kill him.

Agustín? Do you need to ask? Kill him!

Fernando? - Don’t forget, Inglés, he's smart and he knows the mountains.

Who will lead our retreat after the bridge? - El Sordo!

He knows the way. Pilar, tell him that El Sordo will lead us.

Couldn't we hold him as a prisoner? Who would look after him?

He is right, Fernando. It would take us all to watch him.

Why not sell him to the enemy? Shut up, Gypsy.

That's filthy! No worse than Pablo.

If you'd blind him, he will be easy to handle.

Watch your tongue, Gypsy!

Didn’t Pablo blind the civil guard who was wounded?

Speak of blinding again and you go with Pablo.

Pilar, I haven't been allowed to finish yet.

Finish, then, finish!

I still maintain we need Pablo.

We should reason with him and point out that his conduct... - Stop it!

Even here one man can make a bureaucracy with his mouth!

You've voted to kill him. Now have done with it!

Kill him when he returns. He must make the first move.

Why wait? Kill him! - In cold blood? You Ingleses are all cold.

Give me your gun! I'm burning!

Not in here. No shooting in here.

You'll see how cold my blood is when that coward comes back!

Ugly. All of it's ugly!

Remember one thing, Inglés. He wasn't always like this.

When the war broke out, he wasn't the man you see now.

Brutal, yes, but a leader without fear.

Without Pablo's help, the Nationalists would have taken our town the day the revolution began, for many Nationalists lived there.

But Pablo organized the people, and in the night all suspects were dragged from their beds and locked up in the city hall.

In the dark, he surrounded the police barracks, cut the telephone wires and placed dynamite under the wall.

When morning came, he called on the civil guards to surrender, but they wouldn't. So he blew the wall open.

But then there was a shout for us to stop firing and four civil guards walked out with their hands up.

Pablo said, "Show us how to die, you who have always done the killing."

"What are you going to do?", the officer asked. "Shoot you."

Pablo passed behind them.

I can hear the pistol even now and see the head of each man fall.

One held his head still when the pistol touched it.

One shivered in his whole body and his head was shaking.

Only one put his hands in front of his eyes and he was the last one.

The hat fell from his head and Pablo said, "Pilar, he's polite.

He takes off his hat for a woman like you!"

A crowd was gathering in the plaza before the city hall.

"Why is it done this way?", they asked Pablo.

"To save bullets," he said, "and to make all of you share in it."

I had picked up that hat and a man said, "Pilar, that's bad taste. We're done with civil guards now."

Drunkards yelled, as if at a bullfight, "Let the bull out! Pablo, let the bull out!"

And then everyone shouted, "Here comes the first one!"

It was Don Perito García, the mayor.

He walked between the lines and nothing happened.

He passed two men, four men, eight men, and nothing happened.

From the roof someone shouted, "What's the matter, coward?"

But nothing happened.

I was watching one man who had a dispute with the mayor about a piece of land, and who hated him.

And it was this man who first raised his flail.

Don Faustino Rivera was known as an annoyer of girls.

He wanted to be known as a bullfighter and went much with them and Gypsies.

But he was a coward and was considered a joke.

But he was inspired by the example of Don García and he stood there looking handsome and brave, and he made his face scornful.

Now the lines began to shout, "Listen Don Faustino, there are beautiful girls over the cliff, why don't you chase them?"

It was then I knew that the lines had become savage, caused by the insult of Don García and the cowardice of Don Faustino.

Don Guillermo wasn't a bad man. He was only in politics because of his wife.

I heard her screaming, "Guillermo, husband, wait. I'll go with you!"

He couldn't see her without his glasses, but he looked up and waved.

And no one would hit him.

Then a drunkard yelled, "Guillermo!"

"What bothers Pilar?", they asked me. "I'm sick," I told them.

And they said, "Us too. We'll take no further part in it."

But the worst was yet to come, Inglés, when Pablo opened the city hall door and let the mob in to kill the rest.

For yes, it was now a mob, lacking any organization.

The snow has stopped, Inglés.

Now we'll have good weather for the bridge.

Yes, I've come back to help you.

I cannot desert Pilar and my people.

Wait, man!

What trick is this, drunkard? No trick, Pilar.

I've changed my mind, that's all.

You're right about the bridge and I'm with you now.

You'll need me for the retreat. Just what I said.

You were listening!

You're afraid of being killed. That's why you've changed.

Do you think I like to hear how we killed those men?

If I could bring them back to life, I'd do it. - Liar!

No, I mean it. I wish I could bring them back to life, even Don Ricardo who cursed me. Stop it!

Yes, I would restore them all to life. That's God's truth.

And it's also true that I'm with you now.

I was drunk.

Now I'm not drunk and I've changed my mind.

Either trust me or not, but no one can get you to the Gredos as I can.

I believe you. But take an oath.

Are you with us and for the bridge? Yes, man.

You think it can be successful despite the snow? - There will be no snow.

You have confidence?

Why not?

Fools! Lunatics!

You're all crazy if you believe him!

What, Roberto? A trooper.

What does it mean? I don't know.

See anything? No.

Are you sure it was a trooper? Yes.

Where's Pablo? In the cave.

Man, what a horse! Never mind, get in the saddle.

This horse must make tracks out again. You have much sense, Inglés.

I'll ride him in the hills until the snow's melted.

Keep your eyes open. There's bound to be more cavalry.

Get the machine gun and my binoculars. We've got to cover the pass.

Both of you give him a hand. Go back to that soldier and see if you can find more clips.

And leave his pockets alone!

Roberto! Roberto, I'm coming with you!

Go back. Tell Pilar to pack. We may have to run for it. - No.

Go back, María. There may be a fight. I'll help you. - No!

Let me help you. Go back!

Let me go with you. I want to help. Then go back!

Kiss me.

You're shameless. Yes.

What's happened to that Gypsy? I saw him coming down.

Then he saw a rabbit and went after it.

Fine time to go hunting. Primitivo, climb up that rock as high as you can.

If you see soldiers, throw a stone for a signal. Wait.

If you see one soldier, raise your rifle like this. - Like this?

If more than one, pump it like this. One for each soldier. Understand?


Anselmo, go to Agustín and hold the gun's legs, if I have to shoot.

Here, hold this for me. - For what? I'm liable to shoot me a Gypsy.

Look! Now we'll have fresh meat.

See? Does something annoy Roberto?

If you weren't a Gypsy, I'd shoot you! But why?

Look at how fat they are!

Get down!

Rifles! Now the soldiers are hunting.

Wait here.

Is it Pablo? El Sordo.

Come, Inglés, now they need us. Where? - To join in with El Sordo.

To die there? Don't you realize they're lost?

It's too risky. We have to think about the bridge.

Why that's our friend El Sordo! Listen... - I listen to that!

Are you afraid to fight for our friends?


We could hear the firing at the cave. I was afraid...

You shouldn't have come here. I let her. She was half crazy.

She thought you were fighting. Why aren't we fighting?

They want to go to El Sordo. Have you lost your minds?

What kind of locos are you?

Men, not women! Then act like men!

You'll die soon enough. Swallow your tongue and choke!


What use is courage if you have no head?

El Sordo has both. He'll understand.

Was he coming with the horses?

Looks like he did his best to lead them away from us.

Did you hit him? Pot full of grease-backed bat.

I'll tell you who's a pot full of grease:

Pilar. She knows we are dying here.

What could Pilar do? Take them from the rear. - How?

They're all around the hill. 100, 200... maybe more now.

Bandidos, cobardes! Can you hear me?

You sons of four-legged devils!

Surrender now, you bandits, before our planes blow you to bits!

Will they send planes?

With bombs or machine guns? Both, my son.

I'm giving you a chance to surrender before the planes come.

You hear what I am saying, bandidos?

Let's insult him. Maybe he'll show his head.

Do you surrender? Who has a big pistol? - Here.

The planes are coming! Do you surrender?

He can't wait for the planes. He wants to be a hero, to lead us back with a rope around our necks.

Have you seen any movement since the shots? - No sir.

What do you think? I don't believe it.

Why shouldn't they do it? They knew they had to die.

It's better than being bombed or captured, isn't it?

I think it's a trick. What about the planes?

They should have come a long time ago.

How many shots did you count? Five. - It's ridiculous if they are dead! Ridiculous to hide down here from dead men!

I think we should wait for the planes, sir.

Fire, cowards, if you are alive!

Fire on a man who has no fear of you!

Shoot, you saffron-bellied swine!

Now do you believe me? No one's alive up there.

You! Go up and see.

Don't you hear me? Yes, my captain. - Then go!

Do you hear me? - Yes, my captain. Why don't you go then?

I don't want to, my captain. You don't want to?

I'm afraid, my captain. Captain Mora! - Lieutenant Berrendo!

It is possible the soldier is right. Right to say he's afraid?

Right to say he wants to disobey? No sir. Right that it's a trick!

Don't you hear me, they're all dead. You mean our comrades on the slope?

I agree, sir. Very well, the sniper stays here.

I'll take care of him later. You and I will go to the top.

Not me. - What? - I will go if you order me. But under protest.

No, I'll go alone. The smell of cowardice is too strong here.

Assassins! Cowards!

Shoot me! Kill me!

Can you hear me coming? No, you can't hear me coming.

You think I'm a coward like the others? Shoot me!

Kill me! "Shoot me! Kill me!"

Cowards! Look at him coming.

Scum of the earth! - What an animal! Shoot me if you are alive!

Look at him stride. Bandidos! - This one is for me.

Do you hear me? - This one we take with us. - No, you don't hear.

Keep walking. Cowards!

Look at the stars. He's a captain. Stick out your chest, little captain.

I will kill you with a bullet! Don't stop. Don't be late, captain.

You vermin! A long voyage...

Fire! Cowards! If you are alive! Come on.

Now comrade voyager, close enough. Come on, voyager.

Can you hear me coming?

No, you can't hear me coming.

I am coming.

"Kill me! Shoot me!"



A little higher!



Hola, Pilar. Hola.

Salud, Roberto. Salud.

Salud, Pilar.

Look at him. Already at the wine!

Did you come back for us, or the wine? Both.

He came back for his horses.

Much riding, Inglés. I couldn't turn back till the snow has melted.

Didn't you run into the cavalry? A good horse, the new one.

I took to high ground and came back through the hills.

No food, Pilar? Where have you been? Guarding the pass below.

We had to wait until there was no more cavalry.


Inglés! I was with El Sordo.

You were in the fight? No.

On my way back here...

It was dark and I went up the hill.

Five dead at the top. They'd taken their heads.

Joaquín too?

No heads... Now let the fighting come.

No heads. Inglés!

Anselmo says there is much movement across the bridge.

I was just leaving the lookout when it started. - What?

Guns, trucks, armored cars, even tanks. - Tanks?

Everything moving up toward the front. I marked it all down.

I waited till the second column had crossed. - Anything more coming?

Yes, I could hear another column as I came up through the pass.

Should I go back? - Not now. Were these trucks full of soldiers?

Yes. What does it mean?

They know the Republic is going to attack when the sun rises.

Yes, now they know. They move up to meet our offensive.

Who knows the way through to the Republicans? - I do.

I need you at the bridge. Who else? I know it.

Have you been through before? - Twice. 8 hours, nearly 9 hours.

Can you make it to Navacerrada? I can try.

I could do it in less time, with luck and no pack. - I need you here.

Our route was longer because we carried explosive. It was safer.

I will get there as well as another. And something could happen to anyone.

This dispatch is for General Golz. Remember the name, "Golz".

Where will I find him? Ask when you get to our lines.

This seal ought to get you through. If you have problems, show this here.

You've got seven hours at the most. The attack is set for sunrise.

I prefer to be with you at the bridge. Get this to General Golz and we won't have to blow the bridge. We'll all escape to the Gredos safely.

Remember, the bridge's got to go if the attack starts.

Pablo! Pablo, come back!


Pablo has gone!

Didn't I tell you he was a coward? You and your confidence!

If it wasn't for you, I would have killed him last night!

I have been betrayed. Betrayed! Listen to him!

He has been betrayed! You fool!

No slanders, please! Forget it! I'm the one to blame.

Andrés, you better get going. And good luck.

Should I go back and guard the horses?

Fool! No. I'll look after them.

Who will lead the retreat now? Shut up, Gypsy!

Andrés will get to the general. Get back in the cave. Pilar, get everything ready for the bridge. And get some sleep.

I'll look after the horses. Look after my things.


Don't shoot, comrades. Who are you?

A comrade, Andrés Lopez, with a dispatch for General Golz.

Say the password, if you're a comrade! I don't know any password.

Toss a bomb at him. No, that would be a great mistake.

He's not alone, Pedro. Toss a bomb! No. Please.

I'm completely by myself. Allow me to show you my papers.

Sure you're alone? How many times must I to tell you?

Stand up!

Put your hands above your head!

Come on!

I'm in a big hurry. I have a dispatch for General Golz at Navacerrada.

Where? - Inside my shirt. How can I show it to you with my hands up?

You're a long way from Navacerrada. I will take you to Captain Gómez.


I brought your robe. I'll fix it for you.

Was this your idea or Pilar's?

Mine. But Pilar told me to come.

Even if she'd told me not to come, I would have come.

Will there be fighting tomorrow? Are you afraid?

I'm afraid for you so much I do not think of me.

Pilar told me that I'm to go with you, after the bridge.

That you'll take me to the Republic. You and Pilar will have horses.

You'll be safe with Pilar. That leaves 3 horses for the others.

But I go with you, not Pilar.

I came on foot with the old man and shall go the same way. - No!

Pilar says no one will get out alive without a horse.

But if Andrés gets through, there will be no bridge, will there?

Will there, Roberto?


Maybe I should've sent word sooner about the movements here.

How much time have we left?

A lifetime, María.

I mean until daylight.

Five, six hours.

Pilar told me that time is not important.

Maybe Pilar's right.

Three days and three nights. Yet they're everything.

Longer than the months in prison. Longer than the years I've lived.

She told me something else when I left the cave:

"We must live all our life in the time that remains."

She said... What?

What did she tell you? We would all die tomorrow.

And that you know it too. She's crazy.

Nothing more than Gypsy superstition.

You don't believe it? Of course not.

She had a reason for telling me. She said I must tell you all that happened to me when they shot my mother and father.

You've told me. No.

No, I didn't tell you what happened when they herded us up the hill and to the barber shop. I don't want to hear it.

Two men looked at me and one said, "That's the daughter of the mayor."

The other said, "Commence with her." They took me to the barber shop and put me in the chair and held me.

In the mirror I could only see my mother and my father at the moment of the shooting.

My mother's words were in my head like a scream that went on and on.

And I could fell a pain.

They were pulling at my hair and cutting it off with a razor.

And then they put the braids in my mouth... and tied them around my neck to make a gag.

Then they ran clippers across my head.

I commenced to cry, because until then I'd been too frozen to feel anything.

In the mirror, I could see the men laugh.

I couldn't look away from the horror my face made with braids in my mouth.

When they took me out, I stumbled over the dead barber.

They had shot him because he belonged to a union.

Then I saw my best friend being dragged in by two more men.

When she saw me, she screamed. She screamed the whole time they were shoving me across the square and into the doorway and up the stairs of the city hall, to the office of my father, where they put me on the couch. - María.

The worst things were done there. Quiet. Don't think about it.

I was going to tell you on the way back from El Sordo, but I was glad when you wouldn't let me.

Then I was happy, as if it had never happened.

No. Tonight, Pilar said I must tell you everything.

And now you won't love me.

Tomorrow you'll take me through the lines and I'll never see you again.

Never. You won't want me.

No, Roberto, we can't change things.

But it's true I never kissed any man until you.

When it happened I fought until they tied my arms. - No one's touched you!

You believe that? I know that.

And you can love me?

I can love you more.

I could see your headlight from afar. You want to bring down a shelling?

Where is the lieutenant colonel? He's asleep. Who is the bandit?

He bears a dispatch for General Golz who commands the attack.

You're crazy. I know no General Golz, nor no attack.

Get back to your battalion. Call the lieutenant colonel.


Call him!

All you barbers are emotional. Orderly!

Call the lieutenant colonel. Don't forget, I'm your superior officer.

I'm not afraid of your threats. Cynics like you would be eliminated...

"First" is the word you want. As long as they liquidate you.

"Liquidated" is a word foreign to Spain. - Shot, then!

That's Spanish, can you understand it? Yes, but don't talk so loud!

Your emotions bore me.

Hello, Gómez. Colonel.

What brings you?

Why didn't this get here sooner? Stupidity.

I'm not sure you can get through now.

Write them a very strong safe-conduct. You'll need something strong tonight.

We're careful before an offensive.

You know what I've been thinking about?

What I should do to take care of you well.

I'll learn from Pilar and other things you can tell me.

What about me taking care of myself? But you don't.

You should have hung out your sleeping robe in the sun this morning.

Before the dew comes, it should have been taken in. - Go on.

Your socks should be washed. I would see that you have two pairs.

What else?

This. I would learn how to fire it.

That's easy. I'll teach you. Then if you're wounded, I could kill you and then myself.

Do you have many ideas like that?

No, not many. But it's a good one in this war.

Pilar gave me this one and showed me how to use it.

I always keep it with me. Razor blade?

She says there's no pain if you press quickly and firmly.

And they can't stop it if it's done.

Not if you cut the artery. How long have you had it?

Ever since I was rescued.

But I'd rather have you shoot me.

Promise me if there's ever any need that you will shoot me.

Sure. I promise.

Thank you very much. I know it's not easy to do.

But there are other things I can do for you.

Besides shoot me? Yes. I can roll cigarettes when your box is empty. Without spilling tobacco? - Yes.

And if you're wounded, I'll take care of you, wash you and feed you.

Maybe I won't be wounded. If you're sick, I'll make soup and read to you. Maybe I won't get sick.

Then I'll bring you coffee. Maybe I don't like coffee.

This morning you had two cups. Suppose I get tired of coffee, I'm not wounded or sick, I give up smoking, have only one pair of socks, and roll up my robe myself. What then?

Then I'll cut your hair with Pilar's scissors. - I don't like that.

Neither do I. I like your hair the way it is.

So if there's nothing to do for you, I'll sit by you and watch you.

And in the nights we'll make love.

You are shameless.

If you don't love me, I love you enough for both.

I was asleep.

I'm sorry I woke up. I didn't know I was sleeping.

It was so beautiful in your house. My house? - Yes.

In America. The one you told me about. Where you were a little boy.

Does the stairway turn at the top, like this?

And there is the door to your mother's room? Yes, that's how it was.

Your mother was there, and your grandfather who fought in the American Civil War. He's dead.

He was there, just as you described him. I liked him very much.

And I loved your mother.

She was holding a child who looked exactly like my Roberto.

When I asked her whose son it was, she said, "Why, it's yours, María."

That's why I had to look at you. Maybe you weren't dreaming.

No, I was there, just as real as I'm here now.

Can't you wait till I take you there? Oh Roberto, that, too, is like a dream, like a wonderful dream.

My hair amuses you because it's odd. But every day it's growing.

And it will be long and I will not look ugly.

Perhaps you will love me very much.

All the things you've told me tonight, it's... it's as if you'd already taken me to Madrid and to America.

That's just the beginning. Wait till this war is over.

Do I please you? Will you always take me with you?

Unless you run away from me. No, I'll never go away from you.

I loved you when I first saw you, I always have, though I never saw you before.

Now I'm your woman. I'll always be your woman.


Where is the headquarters of General Golz of the 35th division?

Not here. - I was told he was in the vicinity. What is here?

The comandancia. Of what? - Who are you?

Captain Gómez of the 65th brigade and I ask where is General Golz.

I can hear the wind in the trees.

Now it will soon be light.

Will we ever come back?

Some day, María.

And stay here again? Some day.

Do you think Andrés got through?

We can't tell until sunrise.

Are you afraid?

Not now.

I love you, Roberto. Always remember.

I love you as I love my father and mother, as I love our unborn children, as I love what I love most in the world, and I love you more.

Always remember.

I'll remember.

Nothing can ever part us now, can it?

Nothing, María.



What is it, Pilar? What's wrong?

It must have been Pablo! Pablo's gone. What do you mean?

Your exploder! The box that explodes the dynamite.

When I stirred up the fire for coffee, I found it.

What? - It was under the ashes. I thought you were guarding it.

I slept with your things! You slept well!

He must have done it last night before we got back.

Maybe it will work again.

Is there no other way to explode the charges? - Yes, sure.

A bad way, but I can do it. That swine!

What is the way, Inglés? Get me your hand grenades.

Do they always explode? Yes, but not strong enough.

I didn't ask that. Have they always exploded? - Always.

I've brought 3 more men from the band of Elias. - Traitor.

I've come back, Pilar, and I've brought more men for the bridge.

Did you do that? I had a moment of weakness.

Kill him, Inglés!

Yes, I meant to leave.

Having seen what happened to El Sordo, I was afraid to die.

But having done such a thing, I was lonely.

Do you understand loneliness? I understand cowardice!

Don't mock me, woman. Don't you see I've come back?

I've thought of a way to explode the dynamite.

So have I.

The only reason I don't shoot you is because we need you.

I've brought more men for the bridge, Inglés.

They think I'm still the leader here. Or they wouldn't have followed me.

You are if you wish. For the fighting.

I suppose when a man has something once, always something remains.

Our men are waiting below. Tell them we're coming.

Don't worry about the retreat. Now we have three more horses.

And three more men! Maybe they won't need their horses.

You have much control, Inglés.

I'm glad he's back. No matter what he is, we need him.

One last thing I must tell you. In that thing of the hand...

What thing of the hand? No, listen. Don't be angry.

When I looked in your hand, it was just Gypsy humbug.

Gypsies do that to make themselves important. - Sure, sure. Forget it.

I don't want you to worry. Who's worrying?

The truth is, I saw only happiness for you and the cropped head.

I know that. And I don't need a nurse.

I care for you very much, Inglés. Remember that and don't worry.

Everything will go well at the bridge. Sure. Let's go.

Get your things together.

Are the orders clear now? Yes. Take the road-mender's hut, destroy the post and stop anything from getting through to the bridge.

Right. But not a move unless you hear the falling of bombs. - Yeah. Clear?

You, Pilar, the same with the sawmill. Don't shoot unless we hear the bombs.

Don't alarm the sentries unless you hear the bombs.

Don't worry about the retreat, Inglés. We'll have plenty of horses.

Get along before he steals the rest of your things.

You don't understand me, woman. We understand each other.

Nobody understands you. Neither God, nor your mother, nor I.

Nor you, either.


Goodbye. See you soon.

Goodbye, Roberto. Take much care. Of course.

Don't cry.

No, I don't. But come back to me. I will.

Don't worry if you hear firing.

Only come back quickly.

Bye, María.

Salud, Roberto.

Get across the gorge and don't fire unless I do.

When the sentry is eliminated, come to the middle of the bridge.

It is all clear to me.

I will do as you order.

When you fire, don't think of it as a man, but as a target.

And if anything happens to me, you'll have to finish the job as I showed you. Go now.

Until soon, Roberto. Until soon, Anselmo.

Captain Gómez, 65th brigade. An urgent dispatch for General Golz.

Why didn't this get here sooner? Stupidity and crazy suspicion.

General Golz! Urgent! But I just spoke to him.

Segovia? I'll try there.

No, no, no! Get me position Ávila!

Where's General Golz?

Planes 1?

Get me Planes 1! Can't you call the airfield?

General Golz! Not there?

I called Segovia!

Get me Segovia again! Quick, man! Stop the bombardment!

You think I want to get shot?

Yes, Golz. Golz! General Golz?

From Jordan? Yes, read it.


Too late, Duval!

That means we're done for. This time we fail.

Too bad.

Yes, too bad.


Hand grenade.

Other side!

Please have him be all right because all my heart is at the bridge.

Please bring him back to me, and I'll do anything you say, ever.

Because there isn't any me. I'm only with him.

Please take care of him for me. Take care of him!

Forgive me, for I'm very confused... but if you take care of him, I'll do whatever is right.

But this not knowing, I cannot endure it.

Pablo, I got me a... a tank!

One. Two. - Three.


Alright. Now take the wire back as far as it will reach before I connect it.


Hurry, Roberto!


Blow it, Anselmo! No, I can't! You'll be...

Pull it, I tell you! No, Roberto!

María! María!

Your Inglés is alright.

Hear me? He's alright.

Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you very much.


The old one? Dad.

We lost Fernando. If I'd had only had the exploder.

What's with Pablo? Maybe he can't leave.

Then let us leave! The devil with him! Wait! He'll be back if he's able.

Machine gun.

Here comes the...

Plenty of horses now, Inglés!

Where's Fernando?

And the old man?

Where are the three men of Elias?

What were you shooting in the gorge?

Why don't you say you shot them? Shut up! - Answer me!

I look after my own people.

And the men of Elias? They were not our people.

I provide horses for my people! We have horses to spare.

Yeah? How did I know we would have three killed!

Now, shut up! I lead the retreat.

No! Don't be stubborn, woman.

Watch the María. Watch yourself.

Look! There they are!

Wait for the next shot, then go hard before they can reload. - No.

Now! No!


Roberto! Let me go!


What is it? Is it... It's broken. - Can you ride?

Get me a strip of canvas. Tear it from one of the packs. - Yes.

Get me the machine gun. You can make it if I hold 'em here.

No, Inglés. We'll carry you.

Don't argue. I can't ride. I couldn't even sit on a horse. I'd...

I'd pass out. Pablo know I'm right.

I want to talk to María alone. But when I tell you to take her, do it.

Talk fast, Inglés. The soldiers will soon be coming.

María, listen, don't say anything.

We won't be going to America this time.

But always I go with you wherever you go. Understand?

You go now, María. No, I stay with you, Roberto.

No, María. What I do now, I do alone.

No. - If you go, then I go too. Whichever one there is, is both.

No. No, I stay with you. No, each of us must do this thing alone.

Do it for each other. But if you go, then I go with you.

That way I go too. I know you'll go now, María, for both of us, because we love each other always.

It's easier for me to stay with you, Roberto.

I know it's harder for you. But now I am you also.

If you go, I go too. That's the only way I can go.

You're me now. Surely you must feel that, María.

Remember last night? Our time is "now" and it'll never end.

No. You're me now and I am you.

Now you understand. Now you're going.

You're going well and fast and far.

We'll go to America another time, María.

Stand up now and go. And we both go.

Stand up. Remember, you're me too.

You're all there will be ever be of me now. Stand up.

No. Stand up.

There's no goodbye, María, because we're not apart.


Don't turn around.

Go now. Be strong.

Take care of our life.

No, Pilar, I can't go!

No! Oh Roberto!

Roberto, let me stay, please! Please don't make me go!

No, Roberto, no!

God, that was lucky I could make her go.

I don't mind this at all now. They're away.

Think how it would be if they'd got María instead of you.

Don't pass out, Jordan.

Think about America.

I can't.

Think about Madrid.

I can't.

Think about María.

I can do that.

No, you fool! You weren't kidding María about that talk of "now"!

Now they can't stop us, ever! She's going on with me! Yes! Right!