Forsaken (2016) Script

From all evil, deliver us, oh, Lord.

From all sin.

From your wrath, be merciful.

We sinners, we beg to hear this, oh, Lord.

Do not forsake these people.

From all sins.

From your wrath.

Be merciful.

We sinners... beg you, hear this.

Do not forsake these people.

Thee of little faith.

Do not forsake... thee of little faith.

Do not forsake these people.

Thee of little faith.

I'm sorry, Paul.

But it seems that it's returned and it's spreading to... other areas of her brain.

Although not the most probable decision... we'd recommend you not proceed with further treatment.

Out of respect for Elizabeth, I beg you.

What up, Paul?

Where's my daughter?

Stop. What's the matter with you?

Are you crazy?

What the fuck, man?



You simply cannot expect there to be a different outcome at this point.

Notice this area here?

Brain blood flow usually determines where the metastatic cancer... will lodge in the brain.

And about 85% will locate in the cerebrum.

The largest portion.

But take a look here.

Notice the clumping of tissue creating a cluster effect.

Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma.

PXA for short.

But I'm afraid your wife has a more... deformed case, to the likes to which I have never seen.

What about the... chemotherapy or... radiation?

As was told to you by Dr. Hammond of Georgetown and Dr. Hikachi before him... and Dr. Burden and so on, and so forth.

There's simply not enough that is done in the areas of the brain... and it's currently adopting and remapping every generation.

Causing a lot of these side-effects. Blindness, disillusion.

And a host of other phenomena.


You're telling me though, my wife could...

Kenzie loves chocolate cup pancakes.

She's crazy about 'em.

I dare say she loves 'em more than... she ever loved dolls or... whatever it is a young girl is supposed to like, nowadays.

Elizabeth would make 'em for... whenever Kenzie was feeling alone or scared.

You see, my work can be all around the world.

One day I come home...

and I noticed Elizabeth in the kitchen.

As you can imagine, I haven't been around in a while... and here she is.

Healthy, making pancakes.

I say to her...

"Hey, honey, I didn't know you were home, "if I did I would've brought you flowers."

She seemed always so much... so much better than me.

And since I figured I could never live up to her.

Her essence.

She looks at me, and she says...

"Kenzie, look!" I'm making your favorite.

I replied...

"Honey, Kenzie's at school...

"but I'm sure she'd love to try one."

I look closer.

And I notice something on a plate.

I just couldn't quite make it out.

Suddenly she looks at me, and she says...

"Do you wanna try one?"

My wife... had just... she... she had cut pieces... of her arm...

and she cooked them for her daughter.

Phantom pain.

A disconnect between the brain and the pain sensory... causing a direct disassociation to the pain stimuli.

I'm so sorry, Paul.

I truly am.

At this point in time, I would make arrangements.


You're a man of faith.

I implore you to lean on it now in a most disparaging time of need.


I've seen a young girl... speak a language that's over 4,000 years old.

I've seen marks appear on the body of a young boy.

Code in ancients texts even.

The most devout scholars couldn't define.

If God has ears... he stopped listening to me a long time ago.

I baptize you, in the name of the Lord.

I baptize you, in the name of the Lord.

It'll be for one true judge to thee.

Do not speak to it. And do not make eye contact at this stage.

I can handle her, Father.

Stay behind me. And remember what I said.

Look what I've done.

Look what I've done.

This is not an exorcism.

This... is a sacrifice.

Shield your eyes.

I've come seeking your blessings, Father.

To do what you did that night.

So many years ago.

That night, shook the faith.

And not just amongst the living, I'm afraid.

There are forces that are ever present in our lives.

We are always too caught up in the moment to truly recognize them.

But they're always there. Watching.

You can feel them when... the cold chill goes down your spine.

When the hair on your arms stands in a moment of fear.

We call them the forsaken.

Souls that have not yet crossed to the infinite life.

Looking for a vessel.

A path back.

Our faith... teaches us that... the soul will be damned... if done so through ignoring the teachings... of our savior.

Our faith teaches us that... there is a heaven and because there is... such a place, there must exist such a place as hell.

But what our teachings omitted, Paul, is that hell and this place are one and the same.

We exist in a space that blurs the damned and the living.

Which is us.


What separates us... from the damned souls we spent so many years... eradicating from the living?

We draw breath and they do not.

A chance to correct our mistakes.

To be born again, that is the purpose of most possessions.

It's a myth.

Death is sometimes lingering.

When something so evil finds itself torn between this world and the next... it becomes something different entirely.

I sacrificed something much more precious that night.

In order to save my daughter, that night...

I asked God to abandon my soul.

I believe... he abandoned us long ago.

You've been a man of faith, Paul.

Before you make your decision... seek... to find him once more.



What are you doing, Paul?

Paul? Wait.

I love you.

I evoke thee... to heed these words.

Greater love has no man than this... that a man laid down his life... for his friends.

Hey, sleepy head.

Kenzie went to spend the weekend with her friends.


Someone's acting a little weird.

Sit down, honey, 'cause I made your favorite.


I know, I didn't add any salt.

That's okay.

Let's eat.

In all my years...

I've never seen anything like this.

Take a look here.

It's all gone.

The treatment must have worked.

At this rate, your wife could not only be looking at a full recovery, but she could be the key to discovering an entirely new way to treat this disease.


You are going... to burn in hell.

Do you know what you've done?

Do you hear that?

Why is he just talking about school now? Yeah, what did he say?

Nothing, he bumped into me and the last thing on my mind was the dance.

So I honestly can't remember.

He's gonna ask you. Watch. We'll see.

Selective amnesia.

Seriously, my mom went Norman Bates in traffic.

Oh, yeah, we heard about that.

Anyhoo, changing the subject.

How is that changing the subject? Hush, Taylor.

Taylor and I agree, this is not a good idea.

Did I miss something? How old are we?

I am not touching that thing.

Look, bitches, if you don't play, Taylor, I'm going to tell everybody that you gave homeless Bobby a blow job during lunch last fall.

And Kenzie, I seriously doubt that you want everybody to know about you and your father's slightly checkered past.

Hands in.

Spirits of the beyond, hear our words now.

We ask that you show your face if you are there.

Seriously, Em, this is a waste of time.



Seriously, stop moving it, this isn't funny.

It's not me, I promise.




What do you want?


Don't worry everyone, I'll get it.

That wasn't funny.

Why would you do that? What, you guys think I planned this?

Oh, yeah, you're real clever.

We must've blew something. Maybe the spirit put the power off.

Shut up, Emily.

Well, you heard what it said, it's just looking for a home.

Fuck you. Guys...

Looking for a home. I want your soul. Stop it, Emily.

Take me back to hell. Guys... the board is moving.

What the hell, Emily, stop it. B...

Back to hell. R...

Back to hell. Stop it, Emily.

I just want to play.

Don't worry, honey.

I'll make it better.

They can't take you.

I know just the place.




Jesus, Paul. I'm going away for a while.

Where are you going? Your mother's not feeling too well.

Trust me.


Mackenzie. Help me, please.

We're going to the old house. Tell no one.

Don't trust anybody. You understand?

Do you understand?




I'm just looking for a home.

Don't speak to it.




Let me go.

Before it's too late.


Reveal yourself, demon.

I'm going to slit that bitch's throat.

Reveal yourself.

Reveal yourself, demon.

I'm so sorry to wake you.

Yeah. Name's Billy. Billy Albritain.

I've been tending to your horses.

What do you need for them?

I'm sorry to bother you so early.

But... what happened to your hand?

Something dirty, that's all.

You were saying? I was just saying...

I'd come and tended Jasper, well, he usually gets so jealous of Dakota, so I tend him on one side, and Dakota on the other, well, this time, Dakota ended up jumping that there fence and headed out yonder.

Where'd she go? I don't know.

But wherever it was, it was way past that mile post.

So what seems to be the problem?

You best come with me and see.

Been a while since we heard from you.

Word around town... you're not a God man no more.

I'm off my changes to the word around town.

Yeah? That's what my pa keeps telling me.

Says "Billy, people are about as dumb as an empty box on the shelf.

Bat shit crazy." That's what he keeps telling me.

That pa's a wise man.

Yes, sir.

His daddy's daddy... he's a string pull up at the ranch house.

Before the auction sold it to you.

Said that the townspeople thought they saw Satan himself in this one woman.

There wouldn't be no telling doctor and them, so they brought her up to my granddaddy, strung her up, cleansed her in front of the whole town.

Okay, Billy.

So Dakota got lost and made her way back.

Is that what the fuss is about?

Dakota didn't just get lost.

She died.

She got caught up real bad in a wire fence.

I had to put her down myself.

Are you certain? Yes.

Are you sure? Yes, sir.

It's strange. She showed up just before you did.

It's weird, she just stood there waiting.

What do you mean?

It's like she was waiting for something or someone.

Do you remember... that first time we met on campus?

It was the night of the blackout.


You'd been coming back from the library.

Do you know what I think?

You came down the... the steps.

That god-awful dress.

You looked like... you'd lost your best friend or something.

Do you remember what you said to me?

I asked you, Angel...

is it the dress that's got you down?

It's not aiding God.

He gets it right every time.

And then what happened?

I don't remember. Come on.

You gazed into my eyes... and you told me that...

I was Episcopalian. You stole his best stuff.

I remember... telling you that I wanted to study the bible.

I was completely lost in you.

You were so handsome.

I gave you a gift.

Paul, This is Dr. Edwin, I've been trying to reach you.

The results came back from Elizabeth's cat scan.

The reading suggests that there are...

Easy, boy.


It's me, it's me.

What are you doing here? I texted you a million times.

I came to see you.

Your door was open, so I thought I...

Wait, what?

Your door was open, so I just came in.

I didn't leave my door open.

Kenzie, Oh, my God, Kenzie? Taylor?

Kenzie, strange things have been happening to me.

Calm down, what's going on? Meet me at Emily's now.

Taylor, I don't understand.

Is she okay?

I don't know.

Vito, there's something I have to show you.



Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Elizabeth, is that you?

Everyone you love... is going to burn in hell, Paul.

Why did you let him touch me, Father?

Why didn't you protect me?

You know what he did to me. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Why did you leave me alone, Paul?

Why did you leave me alone?

It's your fault I'm sick, Paul.

It should be you dying, not me.

Why didn't you love me?

God wasn't there for you, Paul.

I know He wasn't. He wasn't there.

Do you denounce Him?

How's your faith, father?

There, there.

Come on.

It's okay.

Paul, it's okay.


It's okay, sweetheart.

It is.

You're gonna be alright.

I know. But I'm here now.

I'm here.


I'm terribly sorry, this just couldn't wait.

What are you doing here? It's about Elizabeth.

You know, don't you.

Did I do this?

Did I... curse my family?

You know when...

Kenzie went missing...

I turned my back on God.

You know it's natural to feel a sense of responsibility, Paul.

I mean... who would've thought Lily would survive so long?

Who's Lily?

I'm afraid I... haven't been completely honest with you, Paul.

I mean... we can't allow her to escape us again.

What are you talking about?

We have waited patiently for her return.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master...

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

Cleanse this world, let us serve you, master.

We have a vessel for her return... and now, they are all coming, Paul.

All of his children.

You have exchanged with the master.

For another.

I want you out of this house.

I'm not gonna say it again.

I see her.

We thank you for your sacrifice.


No kidding, where is she?

Way to be punctual there, Taylor.

Your call sounded like you were on fire, what gives?

What are you talking about?

Your phone call. You said to come to Emily's now.

No, I got a call from you telling me to come here.

Kenzie... can you come in?

You can bring your friends.


Okay, what's going on?

Well, at first we thought it was just an act.

But, after Emily...

What? What happened.

Well, she was acting very odd.

So, we had to restrain her.

Restrain her?


In the garage.




Where is she?

What did you do?


Somebody... somebody help me.

Emily. Emily?

Are you alright? I'll get you out of here.

Kenzie, get over here, help me.

How's your faith?


There's no one there.


We're waiting for someone to let us in.

You should have never come down here.

We're always watching, and now...

You forget to say good work.

Welcome to the first day of your beginning.

So much written about the next phase.

The after life.

What did you do to me?

The bible... the book you all stand up... and raise over y'all heads real silly like... was actually the account of one man.

Where's Elizabeth?

It is called The Sigil.

I know what it does.

The one who had his life stolen from him... by a false prophet...

Beelzebub, was the highest ranking angel, until he was cast out for trying to ascend his rightful place on the throne.

So he came here to die for our sins.

You lie.

He had a child.

A child that was taken from him.

A child meant to be the true ruler of man.

A child killed by your God.

A child caught between this world and the next.

Our true savior.


Many tales of our name.


Survivor of the nine gates of hell.

So you're his daughter?

This is your destiny, Paul.

Balance finally tipped... in the favor of truth.

I need you to believe in our cause.

Your wife is nothing more than a mindless soul... trapped in Lilith's body.

Lily, I'm going to stop you.


You have no soul.

Come back here.


Everything is prepared.

Your father would have been so proud.

Thank you so much.

Brothers, sisters... it's time for the order to reveal it's destiny.

A destiny that has started long ago.

This is the order... What's going on?

Your rebirth.

You don't need to hide any longer.

It's time.

There's plenty of time for your sorrow.

For now, enjoy this moment.

Ye, who have little faith, those who have been lead astray... shall come to the light to be judged... to serve the master. You're crazy.

You're all fucking crazy!

We call to you, oh, Lord.

The true Lord of Lords. Forced to live amongst the shadows.

Hear us now.

And take this body... for your own.


And rule us.

As you see fit, Master.

I don't deserve to be in your heaven... so allow me to go to any hell she may be... if you choose not to save her.

Use me, Father.

Help... help me.


Did you come to save a whore?

I've come to give you my death.