Forte (2020) Script

Well? What?

Was he there? Who?


Not there.

It's so obvious. The dude's avoiding me.

He's always in the bar. Suddenly, he's hibernating.

I'll take a last look round in case he came in while we were talking.

Like we crisscrossed.

Like a traffic control clusterfuck.

Could be.

I'll go see. Sure.

Move it! What the hell!

We were looking for Farid.

This is where it's at.

What's that?

The bartender. He clocked I'm braless.

Vodka ok? A personal creation?

Fairtrade, dash of cranberry.

Check it out.


Feedback welcome.

No, give me your feedback.

Ages since I got hot for a hipster like him.

A week at least.

Bullshit, he was a Hasidic.

So fine.

You're kidding me!

That stuff sucks.

Fairtrade? Give me gluten every time!

It's no good. I like it.

I don't know her. Quite daring.

Text him or not?

Like one last time, no more.



Are you for real? Farid, obviously.

You always ask who. Farid!

Let it go maybe?

It's pointless.

Yeah, stop. Could be, dude's in Syria.

Radicalized suddenly, off he goes. Black flag.


Raising goats and stuff.


When did he last log on?

Go, chug it.

Hold it in.

Open your diaphragm.

No luck means no luck.

I wonder if you knock at the right doors.

From what I saw.

I tried every door.

Good point.

We're gonna dip.

We're gonna split 'cause...

We need a good talk.

Have fun.

Suit up!

Not feeling it. Really?

We so won't sleep. Not here.

We're not sleeping tonight.

Yeah, that's...

That's because...


Actually, this is simple. That's... my houseguest.

She comes from Wakandia.

I'd no idea she'd be awake.

Or I'd have said.

And he's...

I take part in a program that finds places for refugees.



So cute.

He thinks I'm his mommy? Insane.

That's always the danger. They get attached.

When I heard his story, it blew my mind.

Horrible. The kid found in a veg drawer.

The family totally radicalized.

I better go.


I got here at 9, so if I can get paid...

Your French has really come on.

In leaps and bounds.


We said 50? 70.


Ok, done.

That's a lot to process.

I better go too.

I'll do stuff you never did. Swear to god, nobody ever complains.

No, really.

I'll call. I got your number. Call me.

When? Soon.


What's happening?

Sorry, sweetie.

Mommy was talking silly. It's just...

Sometimes Mommy wants to hold a male body with some hair on it.

You're still the love of my life.


Nour, how are you?

Nour, this is Chloé. Chloé, this is...


How you doing?

Nour is a really old friend.

She works at the gym I used to go to.

That's where we met. Great!

I should work out. No!

I'm such a slob.

Look, here. You look great.

Hold on, let her come.

It's not your call.

Is it local? Yes.

No, it's quite far away.

No, it's around the corner.

Seriously, come by.

Come by, ask for Nour and I'm at the door.

Nour, door, she's a real...

Come by. I'd like that.

I will. Do.


My pleasure. Thank you.

It's so good to see you.

He'd vanished.

He vanished?

No one knew where.

Now we know why.

Where'd you vanish?

I'm so relieved all of a sudden.

See you Monday.

See you Monday. See you.



She's cool. I gotta go.

See you later.

You're a real prankster.

I'm going that way.

Why are you ghosting me?

Ghosting you?

Sure, alright.

Look, Nour...

I'll be honest with you, ok?

But don't get upset or...

I loved dating you.

Our whole relationship.

Honestly, you're great.

Marvelous, even.

We laughed so much together.

Seriously. Too much maybe.

My buddies used to say, "Where's Nour? She cracks us up."

I don't see myself dating a buddy, get it?

I want a girl who's a bit more of... a girl, you know.

A girl.

It's just...

You're like a majorette, always whining.

She's on her own. Mark her!

Knock it off, will you.

Give me a break.

I'm sorry.

Come on, are you crazy?

There's a sign!

So what about her?

She's no problem. You're nuts.

I'm leaving.

Scoping us out.

Horny! How old is she?

He said he wanted a girl who's feminine.

He's hardly wrong.

Is it normal, you being here?

I play soccer. Where can I go?

No, come on...

There are limits.

Hold on, I'm not feminine?

No, you're not.

Sofiane, honestly...

I'm not at all feminine?

Hold on, let's be honest...

She's right.

Your femininity's not up there.

This is a joke.

I'm hearing things. Not up there, you said?

Let's discuss your virility.

What about it?

We've seen better.

Question is, did you ever hook up with an actual person?

Are you into guys, girls, plants?

Hold on, let me think.

Laure. In high school.

Laure doesn't count. Even I slept with her.


C'mon, Sofiane, straight up, she looks like a mother?

No! You have a kid?

No. You're a mom?

A rental?

See how they look at me now?

Yeah, nuts.


You ok?

You're wound tight. I know you.

Don't stroke her like a dog.

And no more "bro." She looks like your bro?

Know what, guys?

Thanks for coming by but I feel just great.

Not mine.

I have a fulltime job, free use of the gym.

I love my life, see.


Your eyes are bloodshot. No.

It's the flies. No visor.

They get in my eyes.


No, Robert, not hashish.

If you say so. I swear it's not.

A man caused you heartache?

No. Yes.

Men always cause heartache.

Tell me about it.

I'm going to bed.

I'm beat, can't take any more.

Don't you think I'm tired?

I can't sleep, worrying about you.

The cards.

Not the cards. I'm your mother!

Your friend Axelle must wish her mom worried about her.

I'm coming. No arguments.

The chariot.

The hanged man. Not good.

The house of god.

The hermit.

That combination is horrible.

Very bad, you mean. Very bad.

How does he know? The chariot's your friend Axelle.

The floozy's taking you on the wrong road.

The hanged man?

That's obvious.

You, in ten years.

The house of god?

The home you won't have and weep for in heaven.

Tears of blood.

All that is the hermit's fault!

Who's the hermit?

This is too much for me.

I'll get to bed.

Mom, thanks for the cards.

Yeah, get to bed.

Go. Whatever you do, don't look back.

Looking back brings bad luck.

Throw the water.

Where you been? 4 hours late! Seriously.

Come on.

I'm desperate to pee and binge-watch Les Marseillais.

I saw an exclusive documentary on part-time hookers.

Could be, the hermit is her pimp.

No, impossible.

Her pimp. Could be.

Those girls, they're way more...

They're not so...

What? Not so what?

Look at my daughter's format. Her format?

Some folks like that format.

Not everyone's A4. Some people are A3 or A2.

Your daughter's niche.

Niche? Yes, niche.

Some folks dig that.

They do?

I'm thrilled.

All good? Cool, great.

Need anything? No.

A towel? Two towels?

Water? It's free. I'm good.

A ballpoint?


Which room is it?

There, on the left.

So, 3 times a week. Don't get down on yourself.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Same here.


Nour, where are the choccie shakes?


Bottom shelf?

Are you sure?

Yeah, right.

Bottom shelf. Told you.


Hey. You found your social security card?

Yeah, I...

I'll just see.

Well now...

Can't find it?

No, sorry, administrative issues.

Next week.

Is it busy in no. 1?

There's quite a few people, you'll see.

And one slut.


I said it's really busy. Filling up fast.

Hey, how are you? Hi, Gianni.


She likes a feel.

I thought I'd better bring him over. With the register.

All good?

We have a problem.

How come? Really so ugly.

The baby, I mean.




Forget it.

I was joking.

All right.

Can you check who my 2:30 is?

May I? Go ahead.

Son of a gun.


Well, your spreadsheets are just...

Just superb.

You think so? I don't think so, it's all...

All there.

Ripped like my abs.


Let's get the party pumping.


Thought it was a little sandbag.

Can I get you a shake?

Sure? Still no.

Ok, later.

Keep it up!

Literally hitting on me, right?

No, don't go there.

If I really want it, leggings, blowout, he's all mine.

No, that's so not me.

What the hell is that now?

That's our goal for next time.

All agreed?

She's crushing it.

No biggie.

It's not neonatal heart surgery, right?

Come on.

Right here. Hey, come back.



It was cool. Great class.

I'm starving now.

Hey, babe.

Hi there!

Pasta bolognese and tiramisu for Nour, right?

Sorry, the max is 2 extras.

Parmesan, coppa or gruyère, not all three.

That's pasta? Sauce bolognese.

I dream of eating that. It's been centuries.

Let's go. I can't finish.

Ok, let's go. Can you give me a ride?

See you.

See you.

Thanks. No, really...

You forgot your bag.

Drink some water.

Not only water.


Really sorry about the social security card.

No worries, who cares!

I'll get on it, so we're...

I appreciate it. You...

You've got my back.

You're a sweetheart, angel.

I was wondering...

If you were going to teach a beginner the basics.

In the pole dance. Pole dancing.

Sorry, pole dancing.

Are the rules complicated?

How do you spin on it?

My mother was asking and... Your mother?

She's interested in pole dancing? Awesome.

That's really rare.

She's super keen. She had so many questions.

I see.


I see that twinkle in your eye.

I see you not believing me.

You think "my mother" means me.

Not at all.

I see you do.

I swear to you.

You've got me wrong.

I'm the straight-up type.

I own all I do.

If it was for me, I'd say, "Sissi, love the pole. Maybe I can..."

What's wrong, beautiful?

You're too shy to join the class?


Same here. At first, I flaked.

I was intimidated by the others.

Know what? We'll start just you and me.

I can come show you the basics at night, after closing time.

It's up to you. I won't force you.

I really appreciate it but I was asking for mom.

I know that.

But you've gone and sown doubt in my mind.

It really was for my mother but...

Sure, why not? I mean I'm...

Maybe I'd be interested too. Yes!

Maybe I could do something with mom, like as a team.


Know what?

I'll check with mom 'cause it was her idea.

I'll get back to you. Great!

Tell her to call early. I'm on sleeping pills.


She runs a restaurant...

I need to make tracks.

Ok, see you later.

See you.

No way. Hands off my fries when you're hungry.

Screw your fries. I'm femming up.

One cherry tomato, one squat.

Squat, cherry tomato.

Making progress. A pure dynamo.

Let's see.

Born Tuesday and I cut the cord.

Swear to god.

He was premature but he'll beef up, I think.

He's such a cute baby.


That's one big baby.

A man, to be precise.

Weird, how'd it get there? I wonder.

He zoomed in. You zoomed in!

He's hot for the guy.

Bullshit. It's just a dumb photo I snapped.

Zoom equals hot. I have an idea. He's handsome.

Are we onto something? We are.

We sure are.

What turns you on more? Be honest.

That, zoomed up? That?

Or her?


Limber muscles.

You have the Pole Dance Attitude app?

It's for work. You guys said "be more feminine."

Like get a new hat, not rub up a pole.

It's kinda extreme.

To be more feminine, lose the 'tache.

It's like talking with Pablo Escobar.

Bullshit. I have no 'tache.

Sure you do. No mustache, nothing.

So we're going 6 zones?

6 zones, sure.

What is that in reality? The whole body?

A lot of it, right?

Straight in the deep end?

You know what? I have a suggestion.

Can we test it on my arm, see how I react to yellow wax?

I never saw yellow wax.

Goodness, great decorations.

Hold on, it's like you...


Not you, not your mother.

Really sorry, I didn't mean that.

Let's call it a day.

Knowing me, and the way this is going, it will be no fun for you or me. Or your mother.

I'd better go pay.

I'll be going. Thanks.

And one, and two...

Contact with the floor. And three.

And four.

And five.

Going forward, we'll try more complicated moves.

But for now, keep it simple. Your walk.



Head higher.

More sensual.

I'm sensual.

I'm hot, I'm thirsty.

Yes. How many of you?

Spin me.

What are you doing? What?

Getting into myself.

And you like what you're doing?

It's nothing special.

So keep that trap shut, angel.

Sorry, but for me that's not pole dancing.

I won't do it again.

I swear.

It's not striptease. No, it's...


Very good.

No, it's great but we could be a while.

Let's talk when I'm out of here.

See you.

That's good.


You feel it?

Yeah, I'm... You'll see.

In two weeks tops, guys will be scrambling to rape you.


Now, let's get you climbing.

That's not necessary.

For me to get a hold, we'd need to rent equipment, put down a deposit on a crane or freight lift.

Now then, angel, let's go.

Hand out. Your right hand.

This way.

Place it good and high.

Higher. I want your hide.


Let me see your bare hide on the bar. Or it won't stick.

Right hand there.

Leg there? Good. Swing.

And up we go!

That's good. That's great!

You're doing great.

Son of a gun!

It won't hold!

That's great.

Did that hurt? No.

You're not dead?

It's my hair.

Don't go breaking her, she's one of a kind.

Are you ok?

Just great.

That's good, Nour. Keep at it.

You're not weight-watching?

I don't care anymore.

I eat non-stop now.

I'll eat till I roll.

Till a passing fundamentalist feels sorry for me, introduces me to his mom, who teaches me home-cooking, and we buy a US fridge and make couscous on Sundays.

You're making that up.

I told you, I'm done.

I'll wind up with an Uber driver.

What about you? Talk to us.

We've no idea if you're into G-strings or boxers?

Men or women?

Yeah, so?

It's weird not knowing.

I don't know.

Want us to help? Yeah, I dunno.

I have an idea.

Concentrate. Scenario #1.

Eyes shut.

Picture yourself...


Eyes shut, I said.

We're in Tulum.


On the beach. It's hot, hot, hot.


I have the boobs of Jessica Alba. Up here.

The butt of J.Lo. Toned tush.

You can hear the waves.


Find some waves on YouTube.

Fine, sandy beach. Eyes!

I just have to shuck my bikini top.

I unclip it.

I spin it around and your eyes follow the bikini whirling in mid-air.

I tie you up.

I bind you all over. Tight.

Like you're in a Soviet gulag.

Now I have to shuck my bottoms. Logical next step, sorry.

And I decide to spank your butt.

That butt slaps good.

Good little butt.

I never saw a butt spank up so good.


What's wrong?

It's my daughter.

If you heard her, it's Sodom and Gomorrah.

No. Where is she? Her place.

Telling sex stories.

Who to?

I don't know.

She's making sounds out loud.

That reminds me of a TV exposé about webcam girls.

Sex on the internet.

Sex on the internet.

This is about my little girl.

I know.

Should I keep an eye on her?

Final scenario.

Here goes. You're at work.

And I...

Eyes shut!

I'm a guy. A hot guy.

Seriously hot. Charming. And buff.

Very muscular, see?

Muscles no one else has. Unique.

You never saw muscles like them. Solid concrete.

Every day, we eye each other up, working together.

Most mornings, he comes over to talk. Very close.

Wearing a blue polo shirt. Navy.

He leans over to see what you're doing.

He talks figures, spreadsheets...

Does that drive you nuts?

I don't know.

You gotta know. Right?

You sit there, stammering, but you need to know before you wake up next to a huge dance pole. You on the instructor.

Her ass under your head, nothing making sense.

And the hot guy who eyes you up is laughing at you.

You really gotta know.

Are you ok? Yeah!

You tried pole dancing?

Yeah, I did the pole dance.

And for a few minutes...

It's funny. I glimpsed the path.

A tiny, narrow path.

But I loved it.

And I really thought, "Maybe it's not off-limits after all."

Hooking up.

Stuff below the belt.

A libido.

Girly stuff.

Maybe flirting in a bar isn't off-limits.

That's it, I'm beat.

Can you spot us towels?

Why are you guys here?

The pole dancing drop-in class.


Come on.

Seriously, folks, this is my job.

My fulltime job.

Move it.

You guys will embarrass me.

Come on, it's free!

What can I say? I'm lost.

What are you doing honestly?

Hey, bella!

What are you doing?

Working. I'm totally focused on...

Let me see.

Wow, all those figures.

You're a genius.

You can understand all that?

For me that could be a row of donuts. It adds up to nothing.

You're good.


We're going to work.

That's a point, I gotta go work.

I cannot leave you like this.

It reminds me of personal failures.

I saw so many girls like you in jail.


Is Jail the name of a town or like the real...

Grant me 2 hours.

2. It's your lunch break.

Come on, we're going to Lotus.

Come on.

Lotus? What's that? The whole noodle shebang?

Hey. Hi, Coco.

Sissi, I'm not eating here. No way.

Meet Nour, my little honeybun.

Nour... Coco...

No kiss? Sure.

Go ahead.

I danced here for 15 years.

I still hold the record for biggest tip.

16,000 francs.

I counted them all, Sissi.

Not one of them wants to go to heaven. None.

Seriously, what do you feel when you see this?



It makes me nauseous.

I can't lie.

They're training for the Open Barre night.

Take a good look. It's all there.

Those girls work here, sure. They've got chops.

But her...

She's a banker.

And wife and mother.

Coming here saved her marriage.

It's better than ever.

Sorry, I got waylaid by the origins of the stain.

Stains, in fact. Plural.

Watch Marie. Beauty in action.

Look. Presents her butt.

Thrusts her pelvis and... forward chair.

And she only dances now and then.

Not bad. And to tell the truth, part of me wants to be up there.

Like we did that time, put on a top and rock it on stage with her.

Is that true, poppet?

No, Sissi, of course it isn't.

It's 2 in the afternoon. All of France is digesting.

What's the plan with me?

In simple terms, so I know.

I want you to watch.

Forget the bare butt aspect.

That's a big ask.

You know another big ask? Her.

Nuts. The chick's spinning around, pregnant.

Carrying new life in a thong. Cool.

Her. Look, over there.

Doing herself proud. So artistic.

Shut your mouth. You're drooling.

I'm not.

She started 2 months ago.

For real?


This is Nour, my little honeybun.

Hi, Nour.


What size are you?

My size in what?

Shoes. 7.

Hey, Nour.

You'll see, it's a cool place to be.


Don't tarry.

Do not tarry.

There we go.

Ok, I see where you're going with this.

If you want to give me presents, give me...

The screen there. I just love the bamboo.

Look at me. Love it.

I can tell you want to, but you don't dare.

Take this and practice when you want at home away from prying eyes.

When you're ready, come see me.

I'm not going anywhere. I'll be waiting.

Sure, but make sure you eat. It might take a while.

Good one.

Hold on.

A striptease bar?

And was she alone?

With a go-between.

My girl?

A vulgar go-between, a...

Like girls you ignore, with the eyes, the vulgar look.

Reeks of sex when she talks.

That mouth talking, those breasts...

My girl?

A tall brunette.

Why would she do that?

She has a steady job.

Easy money, what can I say?

I saw it on TV. Kids today want easy money.

She got suckered. She wants a father.

My whole life I protected her. My whole life!

My girl, my girl!

Excuse me, sorry.

Hi, Nour.

You good? Great, thanks. So....

I brought your pole back.

It bugs me.

Bugs me like mad. Me and the whole Métro line.

Did you try at least?

Yes, I tried, but there was no spark between us.

That special something. Nothing happened.

My fault. It deserves better.

What did you try exactly?

I tried this...

I'll show you. This.

I had that bit down.

Swear to god, I had it down. And that bit too.

Dropping the coat.

The sashay.

Perfecto! Very good.

Seriously, I nailed the walk.

Then I sat down. Not bad.

All the touching, I was there.

And hear me now, from then on, we were a zero fit.

But you can't go for that right away.

You don't go out and deal a kilo.

Let me explain.

Here, sit down.

First up, you're a lookout, then you run a stash house.

Then you sell balls.

Then 100g, then cakes.

And then you can sell your first kilo.

Work hard and you can make a go-fast.

But take it step-by-step.

Learn the basics.

Look at that, sweetheart.

Come with me and you can do it.

Not feeling it. Sweet of you, but no.

Thanks a lot.

If you give up, it could become a habit.

Never give up.

Simone de Beauvoir? No, Michael Jordan.

It's not about your physique. Who cares about your ass?

Flexibility's here. Right here, angel.


You're persistent, never let go.

Come on, we need to talk.

I got it.

I get that you often see me in baggy clothes or hoodies.

A beanie and track pants.

I'm not on your...

I'm not that kind...

How can I put it?

You and me are a no-go. Forever.

I see.

You get it?

We can't even be like sisters?

The monastery kind.

Shut it, angel.

Show me your move. I'll explain.

You don't... No!

Not too close there.

Got any talc?

Why? The grip.


Watching? Yes.

Let's go.

We have work to do.

Try again maybe?

Half a turn and flex.

Now you.

Go for it. This one.

And let yourself go.

Simple as that.

You're ready for Open Barre night.


I'm going that way.

Me, that way.

It was good.

Yes, it was good. Real good.

By the way, how much is a private lesson?

I've no idea. No, forget it.

You're my challenge.

I really like you.

There you go. Thanks.

And I don't want to play scissors with you.


Thank you, honestly.

I'm totally touched.

Nobody ever did anything like this for me.

You're so sweet.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow. Totally.

See you.

It's a bit...

Don't forget to show your mother.

Sure, I'll show mom.

Point 3. Voice. So he really listens.

So he listens.

Position your voice.

Position my voice.

Move as slowly as possible. It's never too slow.

Move your hands. Anything.

Again. Let it sink in.

That's good.

Bat your lashes very slowly.

Good. Really?

Way better.

5 fruit & veg 3 cakes max Sensual pouts

Yeah, I'm, y'know...

I feel more fluid, lighter. I don't know why.

I feel good. And you?

It's important you feel good.

You ok?

Yeah, and you? Great.

I wanted to ask, will you have dinner with me tonight?



Yes, if you can.

I can't tonight, no.


You can tomorrow? Really?

Lemme check my schedule. All good.

I'm stoked.

I'll take you to a great pasta place, called Al Dente.

I'm a pasta fan. So cool.

What's that?

Where? Smile again.

That's funny.

A magnificent little dimple.

That's so nice.


See you tomorrow?

See you then, principessa.

He fingered my dimple.

You saw that, Michèle? My cheek's numb.

Can I get a towel?

Only one? Take 2, 3, 8, 12. All you want!

Thank you.

He fingered my...

He called me principessa.

I'll go chill in the sauna.

Deploy some steps to cover me?

I may buy a trikini.

I want a trikini. My lifelong dream is a trikini.

Today's the day. D-day!

Michèle, sorry, but save those sentences for folks from your region or village.

It's over my head.

Guys, get your fingers out.

We haven't got all day. Two more moves to do.

Know the price of that?

1,000 euros?



This isn't The Price is Right.

Watch out, you're on probation.

How does she know?

Sorry, just wondering if you'll be done soon.

Morning. Morning, sorry.

We're on it.

We're just finalizing the finishing touches.

Great. For sure.

Akim, protect the gentleman's stuff.

We'll make it good and safe in bubble wrap.

Gotta look after the...

I wrap the remote? Yes.

Just asking, the clothes boxes have gone?

I need a jacket.

The clothes boxes have already gone?

I need my jacket.

Your clothes, yes.

But we found no sign of clothes for your wife.

I'm not married.

Come off it. No.

Just like me. No wife, no kids.

That's insane.

We have so much in common.

Let's discuss it over a drink.

Like this?


How about it? I'm a badass.

Nour and me, we got dates. And you?

By the way, I was wondering...

It's a simple question after all.



With great pleasure.


It's open.

Well? Dating!


All his stuff's here.

Let him watch Peppa Pig.

I'd lined up True Crime.

Toughen him up. Excellent.

Fresh or not?

That's way over expectations.

Wish me luck. Make me proud.

Do what you gotta do.

Goodnight, sweetheart!

Watch auntie. I never showed anyone this.

World exclusive.

Auntie's got raunch, right?

Check this out.

Pure raunch.

You're kidding me?

He's not asleep? You're back?

He's not sleeping? We both were a minute ago.

Can't you sleep? You ok, sweetheart?

He was sleeping. He isn't.

He was 5 minutes ago.

Look! He's playing you.

Bullshit. What did you show him?



How come you're back? It sucked? It was superb.

He's at my place, asleep.

Why did you leave?


I didn't know whether to tell him, to trust him, so I said you were terminally ill. He didn't buy it.

Basically, I'll never see him again.

Anyhow, he'd have bailed.

Over my kid or me earning more than him.

He'd have bailed, for sure.

It's hopeless.

Get some sleep.

Maybe you'll come through, Pablo Escobar.

Sleep now.

I swear he was asleep.

I promise he was. On my mother's life?

Sure. On my mother's life, he was asleep.

Axelle, it's me.

About last night, maybe tell the guy.

Tell him you have a kid.

It's not shameful. If he's into you, he won't care.

Love you, sister. Love you lots.

And about tonight, what can I say?

You remember ripping on chicks that said, "I have butterflies in my tummy"?

I think I've got them in my tummy. It's so wack.

Last time I felt this was the World Cup final France v. Croatia.

Half-excited, half-stressed out.

Half-looking forward, half-afraid.

Nude is a natural look?

I want the opposite of natural. I want glitter.

All right.

You have an amazing complexion.

That makes a total of 242 euros, please.

I'll leave the coffrets.

So not these and no coffrets?

Yes, no coffrets.

So that makes a total of 80 euros.

Actually, I'll just take this.

Just this one?

All those, I have at home.

Of course.

Too much.

Start in the middle and work out.

Like that. And then...

Like that to spread it.

We'll find a solution for the Aquaman hair.

It's not Aquaman.

I got something to show you.

Aquaman can't do this.


"Can I make it up to you?" "Tonight?"

"Tonight, I'm with my son."

"Tomorrow?" There you go, pings straight back, no awkward pause.

Like, "What? Your son?"

I like him. Classy guy.

He seems like the real deal.

Thanks. Thank you.

Hold on, let's zap that fuzz.

You can't keep that.

I'm on it. I bought every possible utensil.

Say something sexy with a really hoarse, husky voice.

Like sex-talk?

Porny, nasty stuff?

Guys like mysterious voices. Rough it up.

We apologize.


Hey, I'm Shana.

Hey, I'm Shana. Wanna meet tigresses locally?

Text Feline to 81212.

Scary, right? Terrifying.

That's not it.

You plan to wear this?

What the heck is this?

I like it. It looks casual chic.

It's casual shit.

It's not. Be nice. You cannot wear this.

See it on before you decide. No way.

We'll find a solution.

Take a break, Slimane. You tire me out.

I know.

I brought it all, the whole laundry basket.

I used to wear that jacket, pregnant. Got me so much action.

You have no idea.

When you were pregnant, you kept hooking up?

The amniotic fluid didn't stop you?

Pregnant, I was out of control.

My hormones were on fire.

I won't judge. Whatever came over me?

We're sure about the jacket?

It's vintage.

And sure about the mouth?

It's not too kinda Ariana Grande on cortisone?

You're beautiful like that.

It's true. I've waited 20 years for that.

So cool. But it's tough being a chick.

My nails won't stick. Lost one. My head's spinning.

So what about my date? Where is it?

I mean, depends what the date is.

I panicked and said, "Surprise me."

"Surprise me," that's great.

It is? Sure, it's stylish.

C'mon, move it.

Make me proud. Here goes.

You'll be proud of me. Makeout mania. Do it right.


Car for Liu? No, Nour.

Hello. For Nour?

Nour, you ok?


What's going on? No, it's...

A frog in my throat.


You look sublime.

Thanks. You look...

I got me some UVs.

The restaurant's there. Let's go?

Nour, baby, it's Mommy.

What on earth is that?

She's a hooker.

My daughter's a hooker.

You ok?


I can understand.


Are you ready to order?

Not easy, is it?

I think I'll take the penne... arrabbiata.

Hold the arrabbiata.

Just pasta? Just pasta exactly.

And you?

What'll it be?

Surprise me.

I think we can, yes.

A surprise.

Thank you.

Got me.

So stylish. "Surprise me."

You ok?

Yeah, fine.

Not enjoying it? Sure I am.

That one's not bad.

How about we go now?

Go where?

We can go anywhere.

In that corner there.

No? Or to a backroom?

A toilet stall if it's a backroom.

I'd prefer it. First time, toilet stall.

Perhaps. I don't know.

You prefer along the Expressway?

Let's get some fresh air.

It'll do you good. Come on.

If you want.

Good, isn't it?

Know what I do at home? Open the fridge, crack 10 eggs in a row into a shaker...

I only use the whites.

But I add some sugar.

I love the yolks. Just yolks.

The fattiest part.

I've been meaning to tell you something.

What's that? About what?

It's between you and me. Very important.

Yes, no, shoot.

I think you and I...


We're made for each other.

I'm opening a gym...

No Pain No Gain.

I thought of you right away.

To work reception.

I'm thinking, with your spreadsheet skills and my treadmill skills... we make a great team.


Truth be told, I cannot see beyond you. Please.

I never did this in my life.

Say yes. Please.

Just making sure I get it, you're offering me a job?

No, I'm asking you to be part of my Organization.

Something wrong?

Everything's just great. Never been better.

Thinking about it, what would we do together, hand in hand?

A superb tandem.

I spent 4 hours getting ready.

I put earrings on.

I got my hair done.

Candles, wine...

Pouring wine, pulling out chairs, holding doors...



Not for me. No tenderness.

A hand caressing my hair.

Or holding mine...

Off-limits for me.

Everyone else, no problem.

But me? Off-limits.

I don't get what's going on.

Best evening ever. Unbelievable. Thanks.

I don't understand.

I sense a misunderstanding.

So that's a no?

Weird, I feel nothing.

That's nice to hear.

No, it's not your fault.

Actually, I'm a virgin.


So I thought it would be more...


But in fact it's weird.

You're not gay?


I mean, no. I don't know.

You're not into women?

More like women aren't into me.

Perhaps we just need to try again.

Bad news, maybe you're straight.


You think so?

I don't know.

We all have a feminine side.

Just own it.

It's natural.

You're saying that to hook up? No, I promise.

He's an itty-bitty man.

That big.

He doesn't measure up to you.

Where are the real men?

Machine Gun Mesrine.

Belgian Frankie.

Jack the Pimp.

No, check out the server over there.

With his little hands.

I'd squeeze his pips.

Seriously, don't let it get to you.

It's like an aborted heist. Line up another one.

No step back. Keep the adrenaline pumping.

I may need to check your criminal record one day.

Don't change the subject.

Check him out.

Fish scales, all alone.

Go reel him in.

No way.

I won't let you leave without at least one number.

Or two.

How you doing?

Don't remember me?

Sure you do. At the gym, the delivery.

It was spaghetti carbonara, right?

All right, yes. Bolognese, though.

Can I hang here with you?

If it's sitting on the ledge, do your thing.

A fun night with the delivery guys?

Talking about what?

Fuel prices? Going up.

Expensive. Too expensive.

You never stop, right?

Let's go in, buy you a drink.

No way, I buy you a drink.

Hey, classy. Lose the waterproof.

Yeah, sure.

The pole dance, or pole dancing as some people call it...

Pole dancing was just a tryout.

My thing basically is soccer.

All right.

I nearly turned pro. No kidding?

Actually, soccer and accounting.

Accounting is my guilty pleasure. I love it.

I go wild when I see a calculator. Wild!

I keep the gym ticking.

Yeah, your life's wicked, right.

Best of all, it's a fulltime job, bro.

Unlimited access to the gym. All mine!

Know what?

That's my phone.

New contact. The sexiest guy in the joint.

Available 24/7.

Is this a joke?

No way. Let's grab dinner this week.

You're shitting me?

Not at all.

You're super cool. What's the deal?

Maybe you want me for an organization.

To start a business or work together.

Your partner, with equal shares in the firm.

Right? Seriously?

Know what...

What are you doing here?

I started in prostitution quite young.

At first for pleasure but very soon, it was a living hell.

I only got out thanks to my mother.

Thanks to her help and support.

In one word, she saved me.

The hardest part was quitting drugs. I was hooked.

Hold on, mom, you think I'm a druggie and a hooker?

Don't lie to me.

I clicked on show history and I saw all your cookies.

Pool dancing, everything.

How to turn on a man.

Striptease tutorials.

Islam and pool dancing. During Ramadan.

So you snooped in my stuff. Snooped everywhere.

All night.

So, why do this?

I don't know. Maybe to stop people humiliating me.

Maybe to steady myself and be a real woman.

At last, you see.

You are a real woman.

Without exploiting your body.

I'm not exploiting...

Why don't you get it?

It blows my mind, you never get it.

You don't get it, you don't know who I am.

You stick your nose in everywhere, you snoop all over. Look!

You don't know what's in my heart. You're toxic.

You're bad for me, never encouraging me.

You don't trust me, you spy on me.

You just fatten me up with fried food.

You fatten me up like a goose.

You get off on it. Snoop.

Snoop. I'm gone, I can't do this anymore.

Diploma for top goalscorer-ess.

I brought back your stuff. It was cool, thanks.

You won't practice with us? No, honestly.

Can I sit down and watch?

You won't do Open Barre with us?

You promised.

Promised what? To keep at it.

I promised to attend classes.

Remember what Michael Jordan said?

Never... Give up.

See that?

You know that one, right?

Sure I do. We rehearsed it.

The arms.

Both of them.

You do it better than us.

You do. No, really.

You're giving up on us?

Honestly, I'm done.

You practiced with us. No, honestly.

Come on.

We'll see.

Yes, we'll see.

All without OIL!

Not as GOOD

I came to see how you're doing.

How you're getting on. Open up, it's Farid.

See how you're doing.

I let you pass me by, bro. Pass me by.

I let you pass me by.

I tried to act the guy dating girls out of my league.

But we're made for each other, Nour.

For sure, we're made for each other.

We get on, we're complementary, respectful and tight.

You and me are tight.

We lose at FIFA? Never.

We never lose. Why?

Because we're too good and tight.

True or false?

Then the chump wants to start dating girls better than you.

Physically, I mean.

Right? It's not...

But you're all I need, you beauty.

Just the way you are.

That's all I need. I'm nuts.

All you need? You bet.

Just great.

I'm home now, see.

And the other chick?

She played me.

Really? You should've seen me.

You wouldn't know me.

I went to pick her up and I took her to the gym.

I bought her dinner. I paid.

And what for?

For her to see another guy. Slut!

So you were like her lackey?

Why insult me?

I'm not. You're insulting me.

I declare my love and you're like...

Hardly. I mean in terms...

It's hardly declaring your love. Is it?

Of course. I'm declaring my love, opening my heart.

All right.

But that slut, on my mother's life, has no respect.

No, it was a humiliation.

Humiliation, that's what it was.

Are you crying?

You're not crashing out on me.

Nour, so good.

Let's get you comfortable.

We're going out.

Wait, hold still.

What's up?

It's like you were ghosting us.

I was ghosting you.

Not anymore, right? It's complicated.

Switching to director mode. You're gonna love this.

Look who's in the hallway.


You're back together? Me? With that?

You're mad. Guy looks like a dump truck. With a chick eating apples.

Is he dead? So dead.

He's dead drunk. Slight difference.

He's wasted from booze.

You threw him out?

Yeah, I kicked him out.

I kicked him out.

Hold on a second. At last!

I kicked him out.

Let's put ice cubes down his pants. I'm on my way.

Not right now. I have one last thing to do.

I'll send you an address. See you there later.

I can't wait. See you.

See anything?

I don't see much now. I'm old.

Not like before.

I see everything fuzzy now, too.

It sucks.

You smoke?


I smoke.

And drink now and then.

I was that close to getting lipo.

It's my life, you know. It's not...

Come out with me.

No, I'll stay here.

It'd be good if you came with me. Come on, mom, please.

Come on.

Where are we going? Wait and see. Enjoy it.


Where though? Roll with it.

Let's go.

I have something to show you.

I did some research.

Pool dancing might make the Olympics.

If my daughter does an Olympic sport, I'll be so proud.

Just so you know, it's pole dancing not pool dancing.

Paul dancing.

Paul's dancing, right.

Like Paul-Edouard, Paul Eluard. So many Pauls.

Polecats. Polenta.

Can I go in? I need a pee.

Go ahead. Thanks.

I'm here for the show.

A friend of mine is in it.

I'm a bit early, I know.

This is Open Barre night?


Sorry, I...

I shouldn't be here.

So are you staying or going?

I'll leave.

I'll be going. That way.

How about we go for a drink after the... show?

You are so adorable. Totally cute.

Don't bother, I get it.

You ever tried a lightweight?


Because it's worth a go.

Opposites are likely to be the best fit.

Yin and yang.

Oxymorons. Oxymorons are cool.

You like poetry? Love it.

Really? You mean... maybe yes?


That's good.


So I'll be going.

With a maybe.

The stress is insane.

You'll be fine.

All good?

Feeling the pressure. Stage fright.

Sorry, I battled all day on CoD and the dog needed a leak.

Hey, Sissi.

Hold on, just a second. Sorry.

Can we talk? Sure. What's up?

Thing is, my mother's right there.

That lady there. Great.

She's here in the audience.

You remember the time I came to see you?

Asking for advice for my mother?

Of course.

It wasn't for mom.

It was for me.

I realized that. Of course you did.

Come on.

I'm not totally...

I just wanted to be sure.

So I don't mention it?

Definitely not.

Right, I don't mention it. You didn't change?

Sure I did.

You did?

Let's go. You don't like it?

Girls! Positions, please.

When you're ready, on the stairs.

When the lights go out, take your pole.

You ok? Yes.

It'll be fine.

That's an Olympic sport?

Hey, that's not the pole dance!

Mom, it's pole dancing.

It's me pole dancing my dance.

If I wanna dance, I dance.

I do what I want now.

It was awesome. For real?

You were the best. Beautiful.

I loved it.

Your twerking, girl. You slayed it.

Excuse me...

You're here.

I stopped by your gym and they said I'd find you here.

Who did?

I didn't catch everything.

Sure, that's Michèle.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'm just pleased to see you.

I thought you were great on stage.

Seriously beautiful.

You're into me?


Into this too?

Yeah, damn right.

Know what? Give me your number.

I lost it. My mother's here so...

I am so hot.

How about we get some air?

Look, isn't he a movie star? Amazing!

There you go.

Call me? You got it.

I'll call you.

Sure? Positive.


Maybe a little one, just to see.

A test run.

See you?



Subtitles: Simon John Subtitling: HIVENTY