Frankie (2019) Script

Good morning.

There's people in the hotel, you know.

I don't see anyone.

They can take pictures.

That's okay.

I'm very photogenic.

The whole thing's so unfair.

I can't get over it.

One of the happiest, most perfectly romantic couples we've ever known.

There's no perfection, though. They have their grievances.

You seen my yellow cashmere sweater?

To think one of them is gonna be suddenly taken away from the other by this--

This thing.

This horrible thing.

Makes me lose faith in love itself.

So romantic all of a sudden.

Don't be cynical.

Your father's going from romantic bliss to tears and despair.

I have to stop the bread.

Oh, don't start, please.

I'm gaining weight.

It's impossible to pretend we're enjoying this trip.

It's a brutal thing she did.

Getting us all to come here at a time like this.

You're sure it wasn't your father's idea?

What do you think?

We call that La Fonte dos Noivados.

The Engagement Fountain.

The tile work is from the late 18th century from the reign of Doña Maria I.

At that time, unmarried girls from all over the region would come here to drink from this ancient fountain.

They would do this pilgrimage because there was a belief that the waters would help them find a good husband.

And did it work?

-They say so. -How magnificent.

If only it was so easy.

You look tired today.

Did you not get enough sleep?

Oh, thank you very much.

That's so nice to hear first thing in the morning.

I'm sorry. I didn't...

Anyway, tired is sexy.


I'll pretend I believe you.

It's 14 euros.

His eyes are puffy.

He's been crying.

Have a nice day, Mr. Jimmy. Say hello to the madam.

I have terrible allergies, if you wanna know.

My husband too. It's awful this time of the year.

Thank you.

Will this one do?

Oh, wait a minute.

Yeah, isn't it gorgeous?

Is it real?

Yeah. Burmese gold and champagne diamonds, Pomellato vintage.

It was given to me by a man I knew between Michel and your father.

I was very young.

It was a long time ago. There were quite a few, you know.

I never wear it.

Not because of your father, Jimmy doesn't care, but it's a bit flashy, no?

No, not at all. It is exquisite.

I'm always afraid it'll get stolen or something, but now I'm like:

"What the hell?"

-Can I try? -Sure.

He must have really loved you, this man.

Loved? I don't know.

He liked me, and he was rich.

I try never to confuse money and love.

He said the colours were perfect for me, whatever that means.

-There's a leak in my room. -Really?

Switch rooms.

Oh, I asked. Nothing available.

Was the water dripping on you?

No, it's in the corner, but still, it's all night.

Drip, drip, drip.

Drip, drip, drip. It's impossible.

You're too sensitive.

You want to switch rooms?

You wanna sleep with my husband?

The question is, do you want to sleep with your husband?

-That's none of your business. -You started this.

Children, I haven't even had my coffee yet.

I'm gonna get some sun.

You should try it sometime, Paul. Be good for your skin.


Oh, sorry. Forgot.

Don't forget sunscreen, especially there on the side.

Sun can be so unforgiving to your wrinkles.

Mom, I'm so unhappy.

Of course you are.

Spare me the irony.

Paul, if anyone has a reason to complain, it's me.

You must admit this vacation is far from idyllic.

But it's all good for you.

You're moving to New York.

You're young, in good health.

The weather is gorgeous.

All in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I think I'm in love with Anne-Sophie.

Oh, no.

Please, that's not possible!

How come?

You stay with these girls two years, wondering if you love them. so they leave you.

As soon as they're gone, you discover you're in love.

It can't go on.

Anne-Sophie, Beatrice, Julie. You go around in circles nonstop.

Anne-Sophie and you, it was over two years ago.

You can't possibly still love her.

You're the one who believes in eternal love.

Eternal love? I wouldn't go that far.

You and Jimmy seem more in love now than when you first met.

Paul, she left you. It's absurd.

Meet the right woman, and you'll forget Anne-Sophie.

And you know the right woman for me?

Yes, maybe.



Sorry. Can I help you?

Yes. I'm lost.

Well, I'm not a local here, but where are you going?

Hey, Jimmy, it's me.

It's me. It's Ilene.

I worked with Frankie in New York, on the Noah Baumbach movie.

I was her hairstylist. I...

-I'm so sorry. -It's okay.

Oh, my God. What a small world.

Yeah, well, didn't Frankie mention?

-Yeah, no, she talks about you all the time. -Oh, well, that's really sweet.

Yeah. In all my years in the film business, she's the only actress I've become really great friends with.


You know, with distance, it can be hard to keep up.

Absolutely. You know what, it was just the other day, I was trying to remember the restaurant you brought us to.

-The last time we were in New York? -Which one?

I don't know. I was trying to recommend it to a friend.

A classic American steakhouse, really good.

-It's Keens, on 36th Street. -That's it. Absolutely amazing.

Yeah. Yeah.

-You like that mutton chop, huh? -Oh, I love that mutton chop.

Was that the last time we saw you?

I thought maybe London also?

No, no, I haven't been to London. I'm hoping to get there.

Anyway, what are you doing here?

I've been in Spain. I've been working on the new Star Wars movie.

Oh, does this mean Chewbacca's getting a new hairdo?

I tried a Farrah Fawcett on him, but...

Hey, hey, hey. We signed a confidentiality agreement.

-It's okay. -It's ridiculous.

But it's Star Wars, and they're serious about it.

I'm sorry. I'm Gary. I'm the second unit DP.

This is Jimmy. This is Frankie's husband.

You're Françoise Crémont's husband?

-That's right. -I'm a big fan.

-Wow, you're a lucky man. -I know I am.

So did you find it?

Nobody knows. No, I--

I can't understand these people, or they can't understand me.

It's strange, because I thought it's supposed to be either...

Maybe I can help.

Michel, this is Ilene, a good friend of Frankie's from New York.

-And this is... -Hi. Gary Tomlinson.

-I'm Frankie's first husband. -Yeah, Paul's dad.

Oh, I've heard so much about you.

-I'm not sure I like the sound of that. -No, no, no. No, all good things.

Frankie says that you have the best seafood restaurant in all of Paris.

The best? I don't know, that's very Frankie.

-This is Tiago, -Hi. a true local, born and raised here in Sintra.

-Ilene. -Hi.

-Where you trying to go? -Quinta da Boika?

Tiago, Quinta da Boika? Da Boika?

-Boiça. Boiça, not "Boika." -Boiça. Yeah.

-That's why we couldn't find it. -Here, I'll take you there.

-Yeah? -Yeah. Sure.

-Okay. Nice meeting you. -You too.

You want a pastry?


Nice to see somebody in the movie industry is prepared to take a pastry.

I know. I eat everything. It's the reason to travel.

Well, this place is something else. You're gonna love it.

This is delicious.

Take care.


Well, but that would cost a fortune.

Listen, my daughter's going to university soon.

I don't need two bathrooms, and I don't mind if we have to go a bit further west.



For a comparison, maybe. It's just too far.

What are you doing?

Thank you. I'd appreciate that. Bye.

Couldn't get any reception inside.

Is this about the flat?

And why would you think that?

Because you look all sneaky there.

I downloaded WhatsApp for you.

You can use the Internet connection. You don't need a phone line.

I tried, but you have to show me how to use it.

Dad was asking if I knew anything about a flat.

Did you say anything?

-Not much. -What do you mean, "not much"?

I said I didn't know.


No, that's not good.

Honey, Maya, listen to me.

-Let's not argue. -What?

Your father's just fishing around.

He's looking for something that isn't there.

-You're insane. -Don't use that word.

Why not?

You tell me lying is the worst thing I could do ever, and then you ask me to lie for you.

Maya, you're not lying. You're just holding information.

Your father shouldn't know anything until there's something real to know.

I'll tell him when the time's right.

Don't you think he knows when I'm lying?

-You always make me do this. -I'm not making you. I'm sorry.

I'm just struggling, that's all.

Come here, baby.

You're my best friend.

-I don't wanna make you unhappy. -Oh, please, Sylvia.

I can't see how you moving out won't make us more unhappy.

Stop calling me Sylvia. I am your mother.

Mother or best friend, which one is it?

Why can't I be both?

Maya, where are you going?

-It's not Independence Day if I tell you. -Stop.

Look at me.

Don't go very far.

You know we're all meeting at the Peninha in the afternoon.

What's that?

It's a place at the top of the mountain that Frankie's determined for us all to see.

I can't promise.


It's for Frankie!

Fuck Frankie! She's not even my grandmother.

-And how does she look? -She looks great. She looks better.

How long ago was that film?

-Five years ago. Maybe six. -Yeah.

No, she was too skinny when we were in New York.


She just looks more mature, you know?

-Oh, please, Jimmy. -What?

I hate that word, "mature."

It's offensive to a woman.

Oh, I don't know.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she and Paul get along?

What are you talking about?

New York can be a very lonely city.

They would be good to each other.

Ilene and Paul, Paul and Ilene.

-Jesus. -What?

You invited her. This is all a plan.

No, I just think she would be perfect for him.

Christ, Frankie, you're playing Cupid again.

Don't "Christ, Frankie" me.

You of all people should understand.

I don't want Paul to end up alone.

But don't let the kids find out it was your idea, because they'll go mad.

-This was supposed to be a family trip. -Well, it still is. It's... family with a plus one.

You come up with all these crazy scenarios in your head.

You think you can manipulate everything, don't you?

I'm usually right.




-What's so funny? -I've got news for you, darling.

Yes, what?

-Ilene has brought a friend. -A friend?

Yes. Ilene's accompanied by Gary, I believe that's his name.

A friend who looks very much like her boyfriend...

Oh, mais non, she wasn't supposed to bring anyone.

Well, quelle surprise.


We will see.

Place is incredible.

Photos on the site don't do it justice.

They should hire me to take new pictures.

This is really, really... really nice.

It must have been very expensive.

Oh, it's fine.

George Lucas has been very, very good to me.

And to me.

But who knows what the next job will be?

No, I know.

You know, that's why I want to make this movie.

You know, I don't wanna be a... cameraman forever.

I need to change gears before it's too late.

I hope so.


Hey, I have something for you.

-God. -Open it.

-You shouldn't have done this. -You said you liked it.

I know I did, but still...

But still...

I went back to the store in Valencia. It was still in the window.

You know what I was thinking?

What were you thinking?

I was thinking, I want us to spend more time together.

Oh, really?


Yeah, I mean, I just had this idea, just getting rid of the apartment up in the city, and just moving into the house in Water Mill... full-time, making a real home out of it.

All these plans all of a sudden.

Well, we'd have a beautiful house on the water and a nice apartment that I'd help with the rent on in the Upper West Side.

I mean, we'd have two homes.

We don't need anything more than that.

What do you say?

With more time in Water Mill, Ilene, you could write or paint or do some of those other things you always wanna do.

And without my apartment, we'd both save money.

You wouldn't have to work so hard.

I wanna be with you.

For us to be together.

Is this a proposal?

I don't know, I hadn't really... thought about it. I guess--

I guess it is.

What do you say?

I say...

I say...

Let's go out.

Let's go out. Let's see where we are.

We just got here. I love this ring.

I love it so much, Gary, and I--

Let's just...

Let's get your camera, get your jacket.

Let's see where we are before we plan the future.


Love this ring.

I'm sorry, I don't speak...

Yes, you do. You speak very well.

I don't speak Portuguese.

Oh, I see. That's okay.

What are you writing?

Oh, it's nothing.

-Are you going to the beach? -I am.

I take it this is the right direction?

Where are you from?

I'm from England, in the East Midlands.

My family moved to London last year. You?

I'm from Porto, a few hours to the north.

-Bento here is from Sintra. -Yeah, I live in Sintra.

-You here on vacation? -Sort of.

Hey, can I rent a boogie board on the beach?


But you can use mine.

No, that's okay.

It's fine. Bento has one too. We can take turns.

-Have you ever been to Praia das Maçãs? -Never.

Oh, you're going to love it. I can't wait for you to see it.

It's the most beautiful beach.

"Praia das Maçãs," Beach of the Apples.

-Are there a lot of apple trees there? -None.

I think it's called the Apple Beach because of the apple in the Bible, you know?


In paradise, the temptation? The original sin?

-The Adam and Eve apple. -Yes.

That's insane.

We are a very Catholic country, you know.

You're excited about New York?

I'm happy to be going there.

I'm not excited.

I can't be excited about anything at the moment.

Did you get the sublet?

I haven't sent the documents yet.

There's no better way to remedy an overwhelming situation than having to fill out paperwork.

Did you call that number I gave you, the tax lawyer?

Yes, I called him. What an arrogant guy.

He says I should try to convince my mother to incorporate with me and your dad.

I'll talk to Dad. You should talk to Frankie.

No, that is the last subject I want to bring up with her.

Then you will have to pay the ridiculous inheritance tax.

You're so...

-Pragmatic? -That's one word for it.

It's just life, Paul.

I don't make as much money as you do, and when you have a teenage daughter, you get practical.


I'm gonna leave Ian.

-How many times have you said that? -It's for real this time.

I can't do it anymore.

Is that why you're calculating your inheritance?

Stop it.

It's just I've been hearing you say this for so long, the timing is really interesting.

You are so fucking self-righteous.

-Come to New York. -Oh, why would I come to New York?

New life, new city.

Well, it's not that easy.

No, it's not.

Tiago was telling us the story of Saint Eufemia.

What a beautiful church.

So simple.

Told you.

-Bonjour, Tiago. -Bonjour, señora.

I was telling him that during the time of the barbarians--

It's okay, Tiago.

The beautiful princess named Eufemia fell in love with a commoner, but her father the king forbade it.

And the young man fell gravely ill.

Just keep going, Tiago.

Yeah, so the disease spread all over the boy's body.

His whole skin was full of horrible, bloody sores.

So the princess went to see the boy against her father's orders, and she brought him here, where they used to come to see the view.

And she washed him in the waters from the fountain...

And his skin went back to normal immediately.

Well, not immediately. He felt better slowly. It took him a few days.

It was the legs first, then the arms, then the face, then his whole body.

It was considered a miracle.

And people still come here to wash themselves in this miraculous water?

Yeah, they do, because the water is said to cure people of all maladies.

Where is the fountain?

It's down there, but it's not easy to find because it's...

Frankie, please.


Stop this nonsense, Michel.

Three drops of water won't hurt you.

I don't believe in this bullshit.

Don't say that. It is not bullshit.

Please, stop. You look like you're at a funeral.

I get that from Jimmy. Look!

I can't take it anymore.

Be more gentle, Frankie.

This is not about you.


I'm going to ask you both a favour.

At least to pretend that you accept my fate.

For the sake of this trip.

For today.

For the family.


You don't really believe in all this, do you?

I don't know, señor.

Whatever helps can't hurt you.

I guess that's right.

-You want one? -No, thanks.

-Are you married, Tiago? -Yeah, I am, señor.

I have a wife and a son.

They live in the north, in Braga.

Aye. I see.

Are you separated, then?

No, no. Just for five months a year.

I come down here for the tourist season.

I'd imagine that can be difficult.

To be honest with you, it is. It's quite hard.

My wife, she's...

She's like my police.

I love her very much, but she doesn't even like me sitting next to another woman.

So you can imagine what it's like when I'm here in Sintra.

That's why I look so tired today.

I went out to have dinner with a friend last night, another tour guide... and when I called my wife to tell her, "I love you, good night," she already knew where I'd been, what I drank and who else was at the restaurant.

You can't imagine how it's like.

-Yeah. -It's incredible.

We stayed up for hours on the phone, and it's not good for my business.

I have to stay alert.

-The days are not short, you know? -Yeah.

Sometimes, I don't even know why I stay married.

I'm sorry, señor, it's--

It's not to bother you. It's all good.

I should go see about your friend now, make sure we didn't lose him.

This is not really a place for tourists, and it's quite hard to find the place of the miraculous waters.

-You're walking so fast. -That's my normal.

We're not in the city, you know.

I think you're trying to get away from me.


Listen to me.

I want change.

I don't want to just continue on like this is all gonna last forever.

You know, I wanna start something new.

You just have to make your movie.

No, no, that's--

That's not it.

You know, maybe I will, maybe I won't, but I'm ready to settle down.

You know, and I love you.

I love being with you.

Which is why this house in Water Mill could be the answer.

You know?

I could convert that garage into a studio for me.

You could have that second bedroom all to yourself.

I'd knock before entering, I promise.

What do you say?



Sister Aline.

-Françoise Crémont. -Madame Crémont!

Madame Crémont.

Oh, Madame Crémont.

I'm a big fan.

Oh, you must have good taste in movies.

I know you from TV, Arquivos do Vaticano.

The Vatican Files.

Do you want to come with us?

It's my sister's birthday, so she will be delighted if you take a toast with her.


-Okay. -Thank you. Merci.

She identifies really with the character of Sister Aline.

Just as the sun rises every morning and the night comes at the end of the day, I was certain that Frankie and I were going to be together forever.

So when one day she told me she was leaving, I wondered, how is it possible?

When we got married, I believed in those vows.

"Till death do us part," and all of that.

You always were a good Catholic.

You know, until today, I hadn't been inside a church in a long time.

But yes, I was raised in a very Catholic family.

Frankie and I were so young, and I was scared.

I didn't know if anything was going to work out, the restaurant, my relationship to my own family, Frankie.

It's hard to remember now.

I remember mostly the fun, exciting parts...

But it was so scary to be young, no?

Oh, yeah.

You never met my father, did you?

I don't think so.

He was tough.

He was in the Resistance, you know.

A real hero and a real Catholic.

Marriage, for me, was a lifesaver.

I couldn't even imagine my life without Frankie.

But yet, today, I know that her leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I met Thierry.

And I finally allowed myself to fall in love with a man.

I remember the day you called to tell Frankie.

Frankie acted so shocked.

I almost gave her an Oscar.

No, it wasn't a performance.

-Oh, please. Please. -Well, I was there.

-She should have known. -But she didn't.

Amazing how people sometimes choose not to see what is right in front of them.

She told me she never knew, which means that your performance must have been very convincing.

You should have got the Oscar.

This is the Capela Manuelina.

It was built by Jeronimo monks in the 16th century.

It was a sacred place for meditation and reclusion.

Just a minute, my dear.


After Frankie, things might change.


After her, if there's somebody, and I hope there will be--


Life takes a turn, you know.

Things change.

I don't know what "after Frankie" means.

There's no "after Frankie" for me.

I saw your photo in the magazine.

The one they took in the hospital, you know.

Do you remember?

The photo that they took.

It's great.

You fought like a lioness, madam.

It's true.

My best friend went through the same thing.

She was a quite extraordinary woman.

So strong, just magnificent.

But... all the same, I lost her.

But you.

You won.

Here you are.

You are a fearless woman.

To you, Françoise Crémont.

You have made my birthday for my 88th year even more beautiful.

Oh, wait. I think it's the other one.

-What are you talking about? -Your coffee.

-No, mine's a cappuccino. -Yeah, mine's with skim milk.

-No, wait. -Ian.

I'm confused.

For God's sake, sweetheart.

You've just run four miles. A little fat won't kill you.

Another letting agent?

Look for it, Ian, and you shall find it.

Don't be such an ass.

Maya told me.

-She told you what? -She told me.

You don't have to hide it from me, Sylvia.

I don't know what she told you. There's nothing to tell.

Look, why would you ask her, anyway?

Why would you involve her?

It's not some Machiavellian scheme. I'm just looking.

Which means that you're thinking.

You can't be that surprised.

I'm not surprised.

I'm actually sad.

What we're going through, I think it's normal.

I don't want normal.



Frankie, bonjour. Françoise.

I'm Gary.

I'm with Ilene. We arrived this morning.

-You're the friend. -Oh, she told you about me?

No, no, she didn't. My husband did.

I guess you met him earlier.

It's such a pleasure to meet you.

Ilene and I are working together on Star Wars.

I'm the second unit DP.

Wow, that must be a lot of work.

I'm tired. Thankful for the break.

First time in Sintra?

First time in Portugal. Yeah.

We've been shooting for a month, and when Ilene told me you were here, I said, "Let's go."

I'm a big fan, you know.

I'm a big fan of Ilene's.

-She's been a good friend. -Yeah.

She and I met on another movie we did together, The Void.

I was the principal DP on that. Been hanging out, you know?

I'm not sure what that means.

I love Ilene.

-Yeah, yeah. That's something. -Yeah.

Frankie, Ilene says--

May I call you "Frankie"?

That's what my friends call me.

You know, you actually look even better in person.

-You're being kind. -No, no, it's true. It's true.

I have something that I wanted to talk to you about if we can ever find a good time.

I have a film project I want to direct.

Your first time directing?

Yeah. Well, no, my first feature.

But I thought about it for a long time.

And I've shot over 18 movies for other people.

I think I'm ready, you know?

And I think you and I would share a similar... taste in a certain kind of cinema.

It's about an opera singer that loses her voice.

-That's funny. -Yeah.

I think you'd be perfect for it.

I can't sing.

That's just it. She's lost her voice.

You know, it's like a silent film acting.

I can't think of anybody more expressive for the role.

Like Greta Garbo.

Or Fatty Arbuckle.

Can I send it to you?

If you'd like.

When are you thinking of shooting this?

Well, it won't happen now.

It'll take at least a year to prepare. You know the business.

I see.

You know...

Frankie, I'm gonna take time off in order to work on this film, and I have a house in Water Mill, about a little under two hours outside of the city.

Beautiful place.

And I've asked Ilene to come live with me.

Don't you think it would be a good idea for her to... settle down, not travel so much, not be so distracted with projects she doesn't really care about?

Does it matter what I think?

Well, you know her well.

Yes, but does it matter?

You've invited her, so then you should know.

Ilene is the kind of woman who'll tell you straight to your face what she thinks.

No bullshit, Ilene.

And no bullshitters.

She doesn't have time for people who are not very real, very sincere.

That's why I like her.

This rain is going to stop soon.

If you'll excuse me, I'll go look for my son.

I haven't seen him since the morning, and this was meant to be a family vacation.

See you later. Bye.

I hardly slept last night.

Your migraines again?

Awful. Getting worse and worse.

-Take your pills. -I do.

Increase the dose.

I'll go to Dr. Bernhard. It doesn't work that way.

I already take a lot.

So what, at this stage?

-Sorry. I apologise. -No, don't apologise.

I don't want you to suffer.

You're right. At this stage, who cares?

Anyway, you seem in great shape.


I want you to have it.


It's worth at least 40,000 euros.

If I give it to you now, you pay no tax.

Put it somewhere safe.

Then in a couple of years...

It's yours. No one will ever know.

I don't want it.

Maybe your future wife will like it.

How about I start with a girlfriend?

Life in New York is very expensive, you know.

I'll have a very good job, as I told you.

Guess what? I earn a lot.

Yes, I know, and I disapprove.

Your approval makes no difference to me.

Here, take it.

Another thing we need to discuss is this trust idea that Sylvia mentioned.


Money is your field.

What is it exactly?

We need to ask a lawyer.

A specialist in these issues.

You don't jump into it.

Let's not talk inheritance tax perhaps.

The vacation is to get away from that.

In my case, it's simple.

All I have is the Paris apartment.

I've put it on the market.

I'll bequeath the proceeds to the Conservatory.


You're giving it away?

Does Jimmy know?

Yes, of course.

You don't need me.

You've made that abundantly clear.

And Jimmy has done well.

His savings cover all his needs.

Sylvia can count on Ian.

I bet he makes even more than you.

No doubt.

I'm not complaining, Mom.

I have no wish to live in Paris.

If you want to donate the apartment, do it.

I'm just surprised.

How much is it worth? A lot?

Three million, in our neighbourhood.

You must be wrong.

Don't belittle me, Paul.

There's no need for it.

The Conservatory has promised to set up a scholarship.

The Françoise Crémont Scholarship to aid young actors.

I see.

Yes, it's vanity, but that's how it is.

It's what I want, so I'm making it happen.

But it must be done properly.

Can you make sure of that?


That they set up the scholarship!

Come on, you make them sound like crooks.

Have you seen Ilene?

My friend Ilene who arrived this morning.

-The one you keep talking about? -My hairstylist friend.

She's really talented and so smart.

She makes me laugh.

I'm sure you'd like her.

She lives in New York?

She's single?

That I don't know.

You'll see, she's very pretty.

And just happens to be in Sintra when we are.

She's working in Spain right next door.

Wasn't this meant to be a family vacation?

But she's on the new Star Wars. It's wonderful for her.

Shows you how good she is.

It's funny. Most mothers think no one's good enough for their sons.

I don't know which mothers you mean. Not mine for sure.

As long as he wasn't Jewish and he was a man, that was just fine by her.

It was fine even if he was homosexual.

Paul, all your life, I've given you everything you wanted, and you are never content.

Nothing is ever enough for you.

Not any one woman, nor man.

Not your mother, nor your father.

You're crazy! What are you doing?

I don't believe it.

Is that still Sintra?

No, that is the town of Praia das Maçãs.

Just like the beach.

It's so pretty.

I knew you'd love it.

If you want, I can buy you a postcard.

My whole life, I would come here with my parents and my sister.

Every summer until I was 12.

And then what happened?

Then my parents got divorced, and my vacation time had to be divided between time with Mom and time with Dad.

So there was no time for this Apple Beach anymore.

But then I met Bento in Lisbon last year.

We played football against each other in a national tournament.

His school won, but we became friends after.

And he invited me to visit him in Sintra.

Whenever I come, he and his friends bring me back here.

They know how much I love this place.

One time, we were here, before my parents got divorced.

And I remember my father took an apple from his bag.

And before he offered it to my mom, he made a joke about this being the beach where Adam tempted Eve with the apple.

The sun was setting, and just the sound of the waves breaking in the white sand...

How could she resist?

How could any girl?

What did you lose now, Frankie, darling?

If you stumble upon a very expensive Italian bracelet, it's mine.


Gold, and lots and lots of diamonds.

-You're joking. -I'm not.

What--? What happened?

My stupid son.

It's the only one I have.

Help me up here.

Oh, Ilene, it's so good to see you.

-Good to see you. -My darling.

-Frankie? -I'm okay.

Oh, help me.


-You're not gonna eat? -No, I'm not hungry.

Oh, excuse me.

Can I have a glass of Planalto, por favour?

Regardless of what I feel... and what I think you're feeling...

you've got a home and an amazing daughter, and...

Maybe it's my personality.

I don't know.

I didn't grow up like you.

All of you.

Of course, I can fantasise once in a while about what my life would be like if...

If I made different choices.

It's normal.

It's human.

But actually going through a divorce?

That hasn't crossed my mind.



Well, I can't say the same.

Then you know there's one ground for divorce under British law, which is the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Five facts constitute this ground: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, two years' separation if both parties consent, five years' separation if one party consents, and two years' desertion.


-You did more research than I did. -Of course I did.

I called a lawyer. What did you expect?

In the unlikely event that you are granted a... decree absolute, since you don't have a salary, your maintenance would get you, according to our calculations, a one-bedroom flat in Upper Edmonton, or maybe a two-bedroom, one-bath in...

Lower Edmonton.

I'm gonna go.

You're not gonna pick up Maya with me?

No, I want to go see the Regaleira.

What is the Regaleira, may I ask?

Doesn't matter.

-Shouldn't we call a doctor? -No, no.

I'm fine.

You sure?

Yes, I was down on my knees for so long, so when I got up, I just felt faint for a moment.

Oh, no, no, you didn't just faint, sweetie. You had a seizure.

Yeah. You scared me to death.

I'm sorry.

You sure you're all right?

Yeah, just feeling cold. Don't you?

Let's go back to the hotel.

It's not far, I think.

Has this happened before?

I have one of these every other day now.

But I thought you were fine.

I was.

After the treatment, I had two years completely cancer-free.

It was... great.

I went back to work, and I made two films back-to-back.

One in England, one in France.

You told me you were exhausted.

Yes, but only because it was a long shoot.

The one in Bath, and we had to be outdoors in the winter.

It wasn't easy, but it was wonderful, and I felt fine.

I don't want to go into all the details, but... the cancer has spread.

It's everywhere.

They don't think I'll see the New Year.

Oh, Frankie.

The difficult part for me is seeing people cry, so please don't cry.

I wanted you to come here because I want you to meet my family.

I want us to have a good time, which, for me now, means just time together.

I'm going to miss you.


I know you will.

Oh, are you cold? Are you cold? Here.

I'm okay.

Do you have any idea where we are?

I have no sense of direction.

-I don't know why I trust you. -I think...

Let's go this way.

Let's get it.


He has a lot of plans, this Gary.

He's a really sweet guy, actually.

We've had a lot of fun together.

I think the script will be good.

-But you-- -He's a lot deeper than he seems.

But you know he's not the right one for you, Ilene. You must.

-Is there a right one for me? -Of course there is.

Sometimes I think I've been looking my whole life.

"Find it before you look for it."

It's what Jimmy says.

One of his famous quotes.

Paul Valéry.

Or Breton, I think.

"Find it before you look for it."



Hey, honey.

No, don't worry.

Don't worry. It's okay.

It's okay.


You don't have to say anything.


When I came here, I wasn't...

When I came here, I wasn't expecting so much.

I know.

I know. Me neither.

I don't know if it's the mountains or the air or what, but...

I'm gonna leave, Ilene.

-We still have... -No, no. I know, I know, I know.

-...days off. -But I'm just gonna go to...

Lisbon for a night or two.

It's supposed to be a great town.

I'm really sorry, Gary.

No, no, no.

Don't apologise.


My feelings for you...

if it's not reciprocal, it's...

And besides, I understand how much you value your friends and...

Stay here.

You know?

But when you shoot your movie, I'm going to come and work on it.

I don't know if that's such a good idea anymore. I hope you understand.

Oh, yeah. Of course.

I have a car coming. I'm gonna go pack.

Is Françoise here?

You must be Ilene.

-Yes, yes, and you are...? -Come in.

-I'm Paul. -That's what I thought.

I just came to see how your mother is.

-She's resting upstairs. -That's good. Okay.

-I'm making tea. Do you want some? -No. I really just came

-to just see how she is. I... -Come, join me.

What an amazing place.

It is.

If you don't mind a few leaks.

You're moving to New York?

And you live there, is that right?

Twenty-three years.

Do you know where in the city you'll be living?

Oh, I don't know.

I thought your mother told me you'd found a place already.

My mother thinks she knows everything.

She has all these plans, you know.

Oh, of course.

She's in a hurry.

So you know?

Yes. I'm sorry.

If you ever need anything...

We'll be fine. Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Your mother invited me here, you know.

I know she did.

She wanted us to meet.

She's afraid I'm going to end up alone in New York City.

Maybe she just wanted me to be around.

We're really good friends, you know?

Can I tell you a story about Frankie?

I don't think that's necessary, Paul. I don't...

But I want you to hear it.

It will help you to understand our family a little better.

When my mom first started seeing Jimmy, he took us on a trip to the Algarve. Have you been?

-Never. -Praia da Falésia, beautiful beach.

South of here.

Mom, Jimmy and Sylvia-- His daughter Sylvia.

Have you met Sylvia?

No, I haven't.

She's lovely.

A little damaged, but lovely.

We all went to the Algarve together.

Mom had moved to London, but only for a short time, for a film, but clearly, she and Jimmy were also testing the water for this new family to be.

A family vacation was decided, and off we went.

I barely spoke any English at the time.

I was just your average French schoolboy.

So, as you can imagine, I was nervous.

Excited but nervous.

Particularly because of Sylvia.

Really, you might not know it now, but she was the most beautiful girl ever.

She was-- She is a few years older than me.

I was maybe 15 and she was 18 or 19.


She had a woman's body already.

A beautiful body.

When I saw her in bikini, my God.

I was such a boy.

Anyway... it was summer and hot, and she and I would spend the whole day on the beach together.

Maybe I don't need to go on.

You get the picture, right?

One night, Mom and Jimmy went out to dinner, and we said, "Sylvia and I are going to stay home and watch TV."

The movie Grease was on.

Do you remember?

I don't know what got into me, because...

I was actually a very shy boy.

Pimples and skinny and... very uncomfortable.

But I got up, and I start to imitate John Travolta and his choreography.

I grab her so we could dance together, but she screamed.

Not because she didn't want to, no. No, she was sunburned.

So, naturally, I offered to put some...

I offered to put some lotion on her shoulders.

She took her shirt off.

When my mom and Jimmy came back, we are having sex on the couch.

Me and my soon-to-be stepsister.

So, as you can imagine, it was the end of this new family idea.

And I was sent back to live with Michel, my father, in Paris.

And my mom moved to London to live with Jimmy and Sylvia.

And that was that.

You see?

In Portugal, I had lost my mother once already.

It only seems fitting that I'm here again now.

She's right about one thing, you know.

You are very attractive.

Is that a compliment?


My mother would like us to get married, so...

Do you think you're the marrying type?

Not to you.

I didn't think so.

It's beautiful.

I'm sorry.


It's very sad.

Very sad, indeed.


One more?


I'm going to go for a walk, if you don't mind.


I'll meet you all at Peninha.

How did you find Frankie?

Beyond recovered.

She's a star.

I know. It's wonderful.

And complicated.

I can imagine.

You know, people seldom say no to Frankie.

I know. She must be terribly disappointed with my visit.

She didn't expect you to show up with a boyfriend.

-Ex-boyfriend. -Oh?

As soon as we got here, he proposed.


And he's on a train to Lisbon now.

I've always loved New York.

Had a real love affair with it for the longest time, but now everything about it is irritating me.

Constant noise, the development, the terrible subways.

And all my favourite restaurants are gone or going.

Oh, not Keens.

But you can't eat at Keens every night.

Why not?

You know, if Gary had proposed to me when we were in New York, I would have answered differently.

But there's something about being here.

I don't know.

Felt strong.

You know, Jimmy, I'm hoping to be in London before the end of the year.

There's a job, and it will be for several months.

I hope that I can be a help to Frankie.

And to you.

When will you be there?


Just waiting to hear from production.

Oh, please let me know.

I'd love to show you around.

It got cold all of a sudden.

I know.