Frankie Drake Mysteries S1E4 Script

Healing Hands (2017)

Let me help you, Momma. I don't need any help.

I give God thanks I made it here alive in this death trap.

I barely hit the accelerator.

All hours of the night you and Frankie running around doing what?

We've been through this. That's how detectives work.

Well, the only work you are doing today is to worship the Lord. Hard labour.

I heard that.

God wants to work a miracle in your life today.

Yes, he does! To renew you... and make you whole again. Praise Jesus!

Our Lord says, "I am the Lord that healeth thee."

Can I hear an amen? Amen!

I said, "Can I hear an amen?" - : Amen!

"In my name, they shall cast out devils." Yes, Father!

"They shall speak in new tongues."

Glory to God in the highest! "They shall take up serpents

"that shall not hurt them.

And they shall lay hands on the sick."

Preach! "And they shall recover."

Can I hear a hallelujah? Hallelujah!

God has sent us his anointed healer...

Preach! raise us up out from the Valley of the Dry Bones.

Brothers and sisters, Elsie Thompson!

She's so young. David was but a child when he flung that stone.

I better join that line now if I want my aching hip to receive healing.

Father... we know you are a healer. Yes, Lord.

We know you're a deliverer. Yes, Lord.

We know you are a way-maker.


We know you can do anything but fail.

It's true, he can! Yes, he can.

Let your healing flow through the hands of your humble servant. Bless the Lord!

I can stand!

Oh, Jesus, thank you!

This man is healed!

In the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Ghost! We have no other God but you!



Well, I guess today just wasn't meant to be my day. Everything in the Lord's time.

Hands high, elbows low.

And keep that head moving.

Moses! You're back!

Why didn't you say something? I just got in.

What about your Jack Dempsey fight?

Not happening. Why not?

The mob turned up. Insisted I take a dive. They didn't like my answer very much. I am so sorry.

That's OK. Do you want to come up?

Well, I wouldn't want to interrupt with your training.

Well, I think it's time for a break.

Mrs. Clarke. Frankie.

I, um... this is Moses Page. Moses, this is Trudy's mother, Mildred. Ma'am.

Mm-hmm. What brings you here?

Oh, I, um... I brought you a case.

Well, I'll let you get to business.

Maybe we can chat later?

Count on it.

The pleasure is mine, Mrs. Clarke. Hmm!

"Chat later."

That's what they're calling it nowadays?

I'm telling you Trudy, Elsie is in danger.

I need you to find her and your mother says you're the best.

She is the best. Is that one of your employees?

Not exactly... It doesn't matter.

All I know is my daughter is in danger. You have to find her.

Don't look at me. You're the boss.

We'll take the case.

God bless you, girl!

So, a preacher's daughter walks out of church and just vanishes.

Maybe someone was waiting and just nabbed her.

Why would someone do that?

From all accounts she was a saint... literally.

You haven't known many preachers' daughters.

Maybe she ran away. It can't be an easy burden knowing that you're hoodwinking all of those sufferers.

You haven't seen what she can do.

I'm sure she laid her hands on someone, they felt like they were healed.

In a few days they'll be back in a wheelchair looking for the next miracle. She wants to heal people.

I'm sure she does. All right, look.

I know your instinct is to think that everything's a con job, but sometimes it's not.

When it comes to defying logic, I think it's a good instinct to have.

Good afternoon. You must be the ladies my wife hired.

Welcome to Merciful Zion Assembly.

I'm Pastor Edmund Thompson. Frankie Drake.

This is Trudy Clarke.

What can I do to help?

Pastor, can you think of anyone that might want to harm Elsie? Jealousy and envy lurk in every corner, but Elsie's anointed, protected by the blood of the lamb.

I am not sure that you answered the question.

Is there anyone you can think of that would want to harm her?

Elsie had no enemies I know of.

She doesn't have any close friends? Or someone that might know something? Well, my daughter is so busy doing the Lord's work she has no time to fraternize.

She doesn't have any hobbies or interests outside of church?

Well, idle hands are the plaything of the devil.

What about someone from church?

Maybe someone was angry because she didn't heal them.

Well, I suppose it's possible, but there's no one I know of. In fact, Elsie recently began taking on in-home consultations to see those she couldn't help at church.

Can we take a look at the list of appointments? Of course.

OK. Well, thank you very much.

That is the third person who says Elsie didn't show up for one of her private healing sessions.

I don't know what's worse - false hope or false hope denied.

So where is Elsie going if she's not ministering to the flock?

Where would a preacher's daughter hide her secrets?

Maybe we should stop thinking of her as a "preacher's daughter" and start thinking of her as a teenage girl.

I'm not buying it. Buying what?

This is not a teenage girl's bedroom, it's just staged to look like one.

There's no secrets.

Even her diary. It's... just filled with bible verses and poetry... and it's not very good.

"Now we must part love, I'll ask again.

"Don't let this pleading be all in vain.

"You know I love you, why not forgive?"

Those are lyrics

"Please Say You Will."

A preacher's daughter listening to the devil's music.

Maybe there's more to her than we thought.

This must be where she kneels to pray.

What is this? Nice work.


Tobacco, rolling papers, matches... Sapphire Club.

That's that jazz club down on Wellington.

Looks like Elsie's got jazz on the brain.

Trudy? I think you need to check your eyeliner.

Really? Trust me.

Oh. Right.


What am I looking for?

A blue, four door sedan.

Got it. I think it's been following us since we left the office.

Can you get a license plate?

650-857. Let's see if Mary can find out anything for us.

No sign of Elsie.

We might as well settle in.

Two colas, please.

The piano player... he's also the church pianist.

Small world. Isn't it?

I guess Elsie's not the only member of the flock who's looking for God in strange places.

Gotta give it to him.

He's good on the ivories.

Trudy... look at the singer.


I guess we can rule out kidnapping.

Healing's not her only talent.

Thank you.

You all are too kind. I'd like to thank my band, and especially my piano man, Tickles Malone.

We're just gonna take a short break.

Ladies. Hey there, big fella.

We're just going to say hello to Elsie.

She's a friend of ours. I don't know any Elsie.

She's the singer who just walked off the stage?

You mean Della? I suggest you go back to your seats and wait for her to come back out. Excuse me.

Take it back! Get your hands off me!

Not until you apologize to my wife!


It's OK. You're all right.

What happened? Someone grabbed me from behind. Did you see who it was?

I tried to fight back but all I could do was scream.

Your screams are probably what saved your life.


How do you know my name? I don't know either of you.

We're private detectives.

Private detectives? What are you talking about?

We were hired by your parents. Father?

You work for my father? I am not going back home and you can't make me! It's OK, just calm down.

You don't understand. My father is probably the one that did this!

Elsie, why would your father do this?

He's worried sick about you. I know he's worried about me because he needs me to fill the collection plates.

All I ever wanted to do was sing.

I don't want to be a healer anymore.

Elsie! Tickles!

Elsie, you OK? I'm so glad you're here.

Sh. Hush. Don't worry. I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you again. No offence Tickles, but in this case, a piano player might be in over his head.

Sorry, who are you?

These are the detectives my father hired to make me go back home. They can't make you go anywhere you don't want to.

Tickles is right. We can't make you do anything, but we can tell your father where you are.

We'll be waiting outside for your answer.

Let me take Elsie home with me. She'll be safer there.

People are always coming and going. They won't even blink an eye when she arrives. And you'd be with her to make sure nothing happens. And while she's there, I can work on getting to the bottom of things.

What about your mother?

Please. My mother loves Elsie.

There's no way she'd turn her away.

I know it's last minute, but it just happened.

Stop all the long talk and just spit out what you're trying to say.

You have to keep an open mind.

Are you bothering my head about the phone again?

No, it's just... I told you before, I am not getting one of those infernal things inside my house. I've spent my entire life without one. If people need to see me they can come to my door.

This is not about the phone. It's about a guest.

You invite somebody to stay in this house knowing how crowded it is already?

Well, she had nowhere else to go.

And I know she'll be safer here.

And I suppose this guest is here already?

In the living room.

Elsie, come on. Let's play.

I want to play hide and seek.

Please. It's gonna be fun.


You found Elsie! Oh!

Her mother will be so happy! Wait!

You have to keep this a secret. There's someone after her.

What kind of trouble is this girl in?

I'm not sure yet.

No enemy will harm her under my roof.

Promise me you'll keep quiet about Elsie.

Even her parents don't know she's here.

You think your mother is some kind of... loose mouth gossip?

No. It's gonna be fun.

I wanna play hide and seek. No.

Look, I have an airplane. Stop botherin' our guest, Baxter.

And you all can go upstairs and start getting ready for bed. It's early!

Mom, please! There will be no talking back.

Understood? You too, Jacob.

OK. What?

Mom, I'm not a kid anymore.

Welcome to our humble abode. I wish that my husband Elroy were here to greet you, but unfortunately he's away working.

Listen to me, young lady.

I know your parents raised you with more manners than that so pick your bottom lip from off the ground, stand up and greet me properly before I give you something to truly pout about. I'm sorry.

Mmm. Now let me explain how things are going to work around here. You are not a guest to be waited on. You will do your share of the chores just like everybody else. Chores?

Yes, chores. Pots and pans and laundry to begin with. And I expect you downstairs at 6 AM in order to help with the preparation of the breakfast.

Trudy will show you to your bed.

Have a nice night.

My mother's bark is worse than her bite.

Why do you live at home at your age?

Well, not all of us have the luxury to just run off on a whim.

I have responsibilities.

I'll show you upstairs.

I never took you for a custodian.

Welcome to the glamorous life of a musician, detective lady. Play three sets, then mop up.

That's the deal if we want to keep our gig.

And what's "the deal" between you and the church?

How does your congregation feel about a jazz musician playing the hymns? I play the piano anywhere people pay me to. Jazz or gospel, they're all the same chords. Only difference is one says I love my lady, while the other says I love Jesus.

Do you have any idea who attacked Elsie?

None. Well, do you believe it could be her father? I don't know. He sure can get riled up. You should see him in a sermon.

What's the deal with you and her?

I know what you're thinking. I'm like an older brother to her just helping guide the way. And you've told her all about the glamorous life of being a musician?

Like mopping up floors?

Her parents are stifling her.

Holding her back. She has real talent.

She's gonna be big.

Just a shepherd dog looking out for the little lamb?

Look, I'm no fool.

I stand to see a little something when she makes it big.

How about we leave it at that?

If you say so, Tickles...

But for a shepherd dog, you sure do have some sharp teeth.

I checked the record of every congregation member.

And let me tell you, there are many stories.

Pastor Edmund Thompson. He spent five years in Kingston Penitentiary for armed robbery.

A man of the cloth who's done hard time.

Just because the pastor is a convicted felon doesn't mean he'd harm his own daughter.

He was losing his meal ticket.

Well, maybe he thought if he scared her, she'd just give up the notion of jazz singing.

Or he was just angry with her for some reason.

Any luck tracking the blue vehicle's license plate?

No, I'm sorry. It know that it was stolen from The Annex about three weeks ago. Can you look into another suspect for us? His name is Tickles Malone. Tickles?

He's a pianist. And a hustler.

Claims that he's only interested in Elsie's singing career.

Maybe he's tickling more than just the ivories?


I'm shocked.

I wonder if Tickles has gotten Elsie mixed up in something.

I didn't have much luck with him.

Maybe you should go down there and have a chat?

What makes you think Trudy will have more luck?

Because I saw the way he was looking at her.

And you? It's time to have a chat with daddy dearest.

I don't understand how my prison record is helping you find my daughter. We already found Elsie.

Praise God!

Is she all right? Someone tried to attack her.

What?! Is she hurt?

She's fine.

So where is she?

I can't tell you that. What?

You have to. I'm her father.

I need to protect her. Until we know who tried to attack her, everyone is a suspect.

You think because I have a criminal past, I'd try to hurt my own daughter?

Let me tell you...

I am a redeemed man.

Like Saul on the road to Damascus.

And what happens when your flock finds out that you're a felon?

They already know.

I thank God every day for sending me to prison. It's where I found the Lord.

My flock realizes I'm not a perfect man, but that I am an example of how anyone can be reborn.

I hope for Elsie's sake that's true.

We win! Yay!

Another game! Yes, another game!

You all are having a little too much fun.

It's after bedtime. Oh please, let us play another game. Please, please!

Fine, but then it's lights out.

How about you and me, Trudy, against these two?

Let's do it. But be careful. They cheat.

No! We're not the cheaters. You're the cheaters!

You cheat! No, you cheat.

No. Let's go.

It won't open.

It's nailed shut.

I used to slip out and shimmy down the drain pipe... until Momma caught me.

How did you... There's no tricks we haven't seen before in this house.

Let's you and me have a little talk.

So, why'd your momma nail the window shut on her perfect little angel?

Because her perfect little angel ran away from home. You ran away from home?

I thought you had responsibilities.

I was 16 and I was in love.

Where'd you go?

Adrian Sullivan got me as far as Port Credit... and then I got cold feet. Was he cute?

Cute enough to run away with.

So, um... why didn't you end up with Adrian?

We were so young.

And back then I thought the world would have ended if we weren't together.

But the world doesn't end over some fellow.

Did you get punished? You've met my mother.

Well, and you've met my father.

I have. I tried to tell him how much I love jazz, but all he cares about is the church.

So you'd do anything just to sing - even run away.

Was this your idea or Tickles'?

Mine. Really?

He said I was as good as any singer at The Sapphire Club.

Said he could help get me in there.

How'd you two meet anyway?

I was alone in the church, just singing some hymns.

He came in, started playing the piano and it was unlike any music I'd ever heard before.

He asked me to sing along. Said I was a natural.

And that's when you decided to be a singer.

I did. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?


I wish my father saw it that way.

I have to go out. There's work to be done.

Don't try anything, understand?

And if you could take care of this for me?


Wow. Where'd you learn to sing like that?

Church. They taught you well.

Hey, I didn't even get your name.

Trudy Clarke. My real name is Chester.

God's given you a real gift, Trudy Clarke.

I'm sure you tell that to all the gals. Absolutely not.

Isn't that what you said to Elsie?

What's she got to do with this?

You know she's in love with you. She'd do anything you ask.

Elsie's just a kid. I've done everything I can to encourage her. I would never lay a finger on her.

That's good to know, but it wasn't what I was getting at.

Is there any kind of trouble that you got her into?

Some kind of scheme you're working?

Is this just because I'm a musician?

No. It's because you're a hustler and bad things come with the territory.

I'd never do anything to endanger her.

Sure about that?

Nothing I need to know? Nothing.

Let me tell you something. When all this is over, I strongly suggest that you sit down with Elsie and have a long talk about what's really going on between you.

That's if you care as much as you say you do.

Oh, Jacob. What are you doing up?

Um... you never came back upstairs so I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

That's very thoughtful of you.

You're actually just the person I wanted to speak to.

I am?

I, um... I need a favour.

I can't help you get away, if that's what you...

Oh, I would never ask you to do that.

Oh, yeah, then what is it?

I need you to deliver something to someone tomorrow morning.


I don't know.

This person is worried sick about me and I just want them to know I'm OK.

That I'm being well taken care of.

So you'll give that to them for me?

Yeah, um, I suppose that should be OK.

Yeah. OK.


Take care.


This is the man who was talking with the pastor.

He's also the driver of the mysterious blue sedan.

Pleasant looking sort.

I wonder what he and the pastor are up to.

How did it go with Tickles?

He's a charmer. And I told him what those charms could do to a certain young woman.

Did you now?

I don't think he's doing anything shady.

But I do still think that Elsie's holding back on us.

I wonder if it has something to do with these two?

Maybe. I just need a little more time with her.

Oh, Frankie!

Oh, I'm glad I caught you.

That car that's been following you?

I think I have something interesting.

What's that? Well, it has to do with its colour. I don't know if you realize this, but 95 percent of the cars on the road right now, they're black.

I had never thought of that before.

Well, it's dreary, isn't it, but it makes the coloured ones stand out. So I went to my fellow morality officers and I said to the gals, "Gals, keep your eyes peeled."

And? Lavina Gladding saw a car matching the description parked in the same place several times. Where was that?

Clarence Square, between Wellington and Spadina.

The Sapphire Club is on Wellington.

OK. Mary, can you do me a huge favour?

Can you go down to the club and talk to the piano man...

Tickles? Tickles, yes. Tell him to keep his eyes open. OK.

Do I know you?

Occasionally, I'm a church-going man.

Oh. That's where I know you from.

Well, what can I do you for?

We need to have a little chat.

It won't bite you.

Ah. Ah.

Here we go.

Keep going.

There. Yes.

Now, this will make a very tasty fish head soup come Sunday. Right?


Momma, you know you need to see the doctor about that hip.

I have no time for doctors.

It feels looser.

Oh, praise His name Praise God and give Him all the glory!

Thank you, child!

Oh, come, boys! Come dance with me.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

Vern? Baxter?

She's too proud to ask, but she's been wanting that since you got here.

I don't know if I actually heal people. Sometimes it seems that way and then other times they just get sick again.

You give them hope. That is helping.

Trudy, I think I may have made a mistake.

With Tickles?

Yeah, and maybe some other things too.

What are you two whispering about?

Just girl stuff. Hmm-hmm.

♪ Thou has taught me

I'd like to see Mr. Tickles.

He's in the dressing room in the back.

Thank you.

Mr. Tickles?

This is the police. I know you are in there now open up.

I'm assuming you're quite decent.

Oh, my gosh!

Who did this to you?

I don't know his name.

I wasn't gonna tell him nothing, but he got the letter...

What letter?

The one Elsie wrote...

He... he knows where she is...

Thank you.

So... who is your pock-faced friend with the blue car?

I'm not sure who you're speaking of.

I followed you to a warehouse on Logan.

I saw the two of you talking.

There's nothing wrong with two people talking.

No, but there's a counterfeiting operation happening at that warehouse, and that, that is wrong.

Someone in a blue car has been following me.

I believe the owner of that car is the same person who attacked Elsie. So if you care about her at all, you'll start talking.

His name's Lyle Walsh.

We did time together in the Kingston Pen.

So you two are counterfeiting.

No, no.

Prison changed me. I gave my life over to God.

So when, one day, Lyle showed up at the service, I wanted to believe him when told me he came to give himself to the Lord.

But he had other plans.

Lyle needed a place to exchange his counterfeit bills for real money, a place that saw cash come and go and no one would ask questions.

Where better than a church?

It started off small enough that I could almost ignore it, but he kept pushing for more and more.

Nothing was ever enough.

So how did the scheme work?

Every Sunday, Lyle would exchange his new bills with money collected from the congregation.

Right. And then you'd pass off the counterfeit bills because who would suspect a pastor of using fake money?

I'm not proud of what I've done, but I didn't have a choice. He threatened to harm my family.

If you were helping him, why would he attack Elsie?

Elsie stole money from the church.

I think she thought it was the collection.

But it was Lyle's counterfeit money.

And if the police discover Elsie with it, they'll be able to trace it back to the church, and then to Lyle. And he'd end up back in jail.

Drake Detectives.

Is he OK?

Planning your next great escape?

We know how well that would go.

I just wish there was a way of knowing what comes next. Where's the fun in that?

There's something I've been meaning to tell you...

I stole some of the collection money from the church so that Tickles and I could go away.

Go away where? New York.

It was supposed to buy us train tickets and a place to live while we made a name for ourselves.

Did Tickles know? No.

I was going to tell him but I just never got the chance.

OK, look. Elsie, you have to give that money back...

Now what is going on in my house? I don't know, Momma.

But please, go upstairs.

Why? Momma, please!

I'm scared, Trudy. It's OK. I need you to stay here with Jacob and Elsie and not make any noise. Can you do that for me, Baxter? Yes...

I can come with you. I'm not a kid anymore.

I know you're not a kid. That's why I need you to stay here and protect Elsie and your brothers. I'll be back.

Let's go play hide and seek, OK?


Give me the girl and no one else gets hurt.

You don't want Elsie.

You just want your money back.

Where is it? I got it right here...

Where's the girl?

She climbed out the window.

Now what's a God-fearing woman like you doing lying?

Don't you scold me!

Where is she? I told you she's gone!

Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah!

Come back and face me like the toad you are!


Where's my money?

I'll take you to the money, I swear!

Just don't hurt the children!

Everyone OK? Yes.


Yes. We're all fine.

Jacob kept us safe. That cretin has no upbringing!

Coming into a Godly homestead and acting so unruly!

We're getting a phone installed first thing in the morning, no questions asked.

I guess it can't hurt... if only for emergencies.

The lights all went out in the house, and...

Trudy took us all upstairs and all the kids were...


I'm so sorry about all this.


I'm supposed to protect you... and I failed.

I'm sorry.

There's, um... there are some things I have to tell you. I know.

There're some things I need to tell you too.

Everyone OK?

Yes, I actually think they are.

You're awfully quiet.

I have some news.

I hope it's good.

A promoter from England wants me to fight in Europe.

Moses, that's fantastic!

How long will you be gone?

I don't know.

I suppose it depends on how it goes.

Well... when do you leave?


Well... then I guess we better make these few hours count.

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