Frankie Drake Mysteries S3E10 Script

A Sunshine State of Mind (2019)

It's going to be a scorcher out there as this heat wave continues to roll through the city.

So, let's slow things down with a little jazz.

Listening to the radio about how hot it is is making me feel even hotter.

The trick is to stand perfectly still.

I don't even feel the heat at all.

That's 'cause you're close to the fan. Nudge over.

What I would do for a week of snow.

Frankie, we need a vacation somewhere case free and 40 degrees colder.

Sounds like a dream. You could come too.

I can't. I'm starting my clinical training at the hospital this week. Oh, that's right.

Flo, we didn't even properly celebrate the end of your exams.

Jelly's is probably hotter than a firecracker in this heat wave. True, but a gals' night out would be a great distraction. Woohoo!

Hello! Oh... oh, hello. Oh.

What are you doing here? Everything OK, Mrs. Clarke?

You bet your bottom, darling, it is.

You are now looking at the proud owner of apartment 18 in the newly-developed vacation complex Miami Springs!

What are you talking about? I am talking about how the Clarkes now own land in Florida, bountiful land, which we all know the good Lord isn't making any more of. Excuse me.

We can't afford that.

Yeah, not your job to tell me what we can and cannot afford.

How much did it cost?

Well, I might have dipped into the family savings to get the deposit, but your aunties and uncles, they invested a bit as well.

A bit? OK, a lot!

We all put in every extra penny we had into this.

Look, our generation work hard our entire lives.

What is the point if you can't give your children more than you had growing up?

Seems like you might get your trip away after all, Trudy.

I hope the ocean offers a breeze.

Drake Private Detectives. I don't even care about the humidity, let's go! Let's go!

Oh, let me go quickly! You're making me sweat.

Well, I'm being summoned to Jelly's.

Everything OK? With her? You never know.


What the hell took you so long?

What is so urgent?! I got conned.

What?! Yeah, I know! I can't believe it. Me! Me! Someone as versed in the art of the con as me gets taken in, but it's true!

What happened? Oh, my God. I'm, I'm sitting at the King Eddie. I'm having high tea.

I meet this man... Of course you do.

What is the scam?

He convinced me and some girlfriends to buy some land in Florida. Let me guess, Miami Springs?

What? How do you know that? Because Mildred just came by.

She's over the moon. No, no, no, no, no!

I wanted to, well, I wanted us to sort it all out before she told Trudy. Sort what out?! What happened?

Miami Springs doesn't exist! What?!

Yeah! Bernice went down last week. She took a look.

There's nothing on the land, nothing but water snakes and crocodiles, and I dropped five grand on that place, and all I got was a thank you pineapple!

A pineapple? Yeah, I mean, I don't care about the money. Nora Amory will find her way, but Mildred... Her whole family invested.

Oh, no, Frankie! Honestly, you have to help me get this money back.

Is that a yes?

Yes, I just need a little liquid courage before I tell Trudy.

Get her a double! Comin' up.

How the heck did you rope my mother into this?

I didn't rope Mildred into anything!

She invested of her own free will!

My mother has never spent a cent on anything frivolous like this, but she spends one minute with you...

Why Mildred decided to invest is beside the point.

We just need to figure out how to get the money back.

You're right. And to do that, we need to find out who conned you. What can you tell us about him? Alright. He had dark hair, a suntan, real easy on the eyes. Of course he was.

What else? He was wearing a... a white suit and a white fedora hat.

You are kidding me. Listen, I know how it sounds, a woman of a certain age being charmed...

It's not just how it sounds, Nora!

It's exactly what happened. Alright, but I wasn't born yesterday! I had him show me his financial specs and everything. He had pie charts!

Did you at least get a name? Yes, it was Jack.

Jack what? Just Jack. Florida Jack, he called himself.

Florida Jack... TRUDY!

But where did that child get away to?!

How am I supposed to tell her that she spent our family's money on a beach house that doesn't exist?!

We're gonna get it back, maybe even today.

Today? How? By going back to the scene of the scam.

I'm sorry, madam, I have no idea what you're talking about. No, but don't you re...

Don't you remember that man? You introduced us.

If you'll excuse me. No...

I'm really sorry, but we couldn't help but overhear. Are you looking for a man who goes by the name of Florida Jack?

What business of that is yours?

Oh, no need to be coy, honey.

I fell for his pitch too.

No thanks to that maître d'.

My friends and I are out nearly $10000 between us.

Well, not for long, you're not. My daughter's gonna get us back every red cent. OK. OK.

Hey, listen. Either you tell me everything you know about this Florida Jack, or I'll call the police and tell them you're an accomplice to a land scam.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, don't do that.

I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Alright, pal. Spill it.

He paid me $5.

All I had to do was introduce him to women who... wanted to retire somewhere warm.

I had no idea it was a scam.

Retire? Me?! How dare you! OK. OK.

Listen. Give me a call if you hear from this guy again.

OK. Let's go see Mary.

Maybe she can tell us something about this Florida Jack.

Miss Shaw, I have an assignment for you.

If you're not too busy with the fans, that is.

No, no, Sergeant Shriver. Not at all. What can I do for you?

I need you to accompany Retired Constable McKinlay home, if you would. I'd be honoured.

Shaw? You're not Matthew's girl, are you?

Yes... yes, I am. Did you know him?

Aye. Your dad and I were partners when we first started out.

Really? Aye. I remember you when you were just a wee sprite running around his desk.

Oh, Frankie. Are you alright?

Yeah. We need you to do some digging on a con artist.

But you look a little busy at the moment.

Oh, don't let me interrupt police business.

I can get myself home. Oh, no, no, no.

Officer, please. I could use the fresh air.

Ah. Frankie, why don't you give me the name, and I'll look it up as soon as I get back to the office. Florida... Jack.

We think he might be a part of a crime syndicate.

Florida Jack. What kind of a name is that?

Yeah, don't get me started.

Thanks, Mary.

Frankie has been all around the world, hasn't she? London, Paris.

Oh, are those the pyramids?

Well, she dabbled in some archaeology before the war.

My goodness, what a life!

Mama, I have to tell you something.

You know...

I have always loved an adventure.


Why you sound so surprised?

All I ever see you read is the Bible.

There are plenty of adventures in the good book, missy.

The point is...

I always thought that I'd grow up to have adventures of my own.

Eh. There was always work to be done.

Anyway, that's enough moaning for now.

What is it that you wanted to tell me?

Uh... you know what? It's nothing.

I am excited for this visit.

Can I see that brochure?

Just don't crease it because I haven't shown your father yet.

Ooh! There's a pool!

I have so many questions! Oh, ho!

You sound just like your old man.

So, what do you want to know?

Oh, gosh...

Well, um...

What was he like? At work, I mean.

Your dad... best partner I ever had.

He died before I became a morality officer, so... I never really got to see that side of him.

Hmm. He was smart.

And funny.

Never forgot my daughter's birthday.

And he always had my back.

He'd be proud of you, Miss Shaw.


Oh, Officer McKinlay, that... I just, um...


Thank you.

Now, you get back to your important police work, young lady. I can make my own way home from here.

Yes, sir, Officer McKinlay.


As I was saying, I finished my coursework and I'm starting my next phase of medical training this summer at Saint Joseph's hospital.

What does that have to do with me, Mrs. Chakowitz?

I'm glad you asked. My in-hospital training is Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM.

That conflicts with your shift here.

It does. Which is why I was hoping to move to the night shift.

But Bart works nights. I know, but...

I need you on days. But sir, my training...

End of discussion.

It says here that Florida has the oldest city in the whole United States.

Older than you and Daddy?


It is called St. Augustine and it was founded in 1565.

So yes, it's a little bit older than me and your father.

But only a little?

Are you sassing your mother, young man?

I'm not sure if I should give you any ice cream.

Please! I promise to be good.

I'll be right back. Oh!


Still haven't told them? No, I can't.

They're so happy. Especially my mother!

Trudy, I am so sorry.

I got Mildred into this mess but I promise you, when we find Florida Jack, I am gonna wring his suntanned neck on her behalf.

So no luck at the tea room? No, Mary's looking into it.

She's doing some research. I got one even better.


What kind of con artist leaves his address behind?

The kind who wants to look legit.

Yeah, well... that's impressive stupid, but impressive. Shall we?

I thought you'd never ask. You know what?

I'm gonna stay here.

I think I better be the one that breaks the news to Mildred.

Nora, it's OK. Go on.


Nora, I just wanted to thank you.

Thank me for what? For convincing me to invest in Miami Springs. Yeah, oh. There is no need to thank me for that. No, there most certainly is!

No, Mildred, I need to tell you something.

Oh, no! Speaking of telling, have you spilled the beans to Frankie about the apartment that you bought for her? Uh... no.

No, I decided to, uh, save that surprise for another day.

Why? I don't think she's gonna be as excited as your kids. Oh, no!

She will be as thrilled as everybody else!

You tell her!

It looks like Florida Jack left in a hurry.

Didn't even bother taking his tree with him.

There's nothing here telling us where he's gonna be next.

It's a dead end!

Maybe not a dead end.

How's that supposed to help us?

Nora said she got a thank you gift of a pineapple.

There's only one place in Toronto that sells pineapples.

There he is! Florida Jack!


Frankie Drake!

That's it? You're just gonna... walk away, start a new life?

If you're ever in Duluth...

...look up an Ira Philpott.

Joe Perry?! Hey! Hey!

Don't use that name. What are you doing here in Toronto?! And why are you tanned?

Hey! I can explain everything, I swear.

Just... just not here.

Come with us. Come on! OK!

It's time to explain yourself, Joe.

Yeah, well, it's a bit complicated.

Oh, wow. It doesn't look very complicated.

Yeah, I know how it looks but, uh... need to trust me.

So what have you gotten yourself caught up in this time?

Look, I am risking my life being back here.

I'm just trying to make something right, I swear.

I was determined to make a go of the straight life in Duluth.

I... I didn't know how.

But my landlady, Mrs. Triano, she helped me.

And a few months back, she gets swindled by a man calling himself Florida Jack. Sounds familiar.

I track him down. Turns out he's a small cog in a big scam being run out of a man who lives here.

What's his name? CC Glendale.

I want a face-to-face, so I pose as a sales rep for... Miami Springs.

Emphasis on "posed". Look, I'm gonna pay back every single person whose money I took. Look.

You keep track of all your markings. What's that supposed to prove? The only reason I took that money was to seem legit to Glendale.

If I show up empty-handed, he's gonna smell a rat.

So what were you gonna do with this face-to-face?


I was gonna put a gun to his head and take every penny that he has. I've heard enough!

No, no, no. Hold on. Hold on.

Maybe Joe can get us an in with this CC Glendale.

Are you crazy?! There's enough money in this bag to pay back everyone that Joe conned.

I say we take it, and let him do what he needs to do.

Well, what about all of the people that Glendale conned? Maybe we can get everyone their money back.

And so I hope you'll be willing to let me work flexible hours in the hospital this summer in order to accommodate my schedule at the morgue.

And why would I do something like that?

I don't think Dr. Mittich is gonna be that mean.

Well, that... that may be, Flo, but I don't wanna give you a false sense of confidence.

Your clinical leader may not be so...

Officer McKinlay?!

Oh, my goodness. Sergeant Shriver's gonna have my head. Officer McKinlay!

Gregory. Who's asking?

Who are you? And where the hell am I?

Uh... It's Mary Shaw, Matthew Shaw's daughter. We met yesterday.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I've never seen you before in my life.

Flo, you go on ahead. I don't want you to be late.

Are you sure, Mary? I'm sure. Good luck!

Call me if you need me. I will!

I gotta get you home, Officer McKinlay!

Why don't I grab your things?

Here, let me help you up.


I don't know... I guess we'll go this way.

Alright, I guess.

What do you mean you found Florida Jack and you didn't get the money?! Why'd you let the rat bastard get away?! We didn't exactly let him get away...

Mrs. Amory. Why I oughta...

Whoa! Whoa! No, no!

I want an explanation and I want it right now!

Nora, meet... what are we supposed to call you?

Eh, Joe is fine. Meet Joe Perry.

Joe, well, I'd say I'm charmed, but...

Joe is gonna help us get the money back.

Oh, yeah? From who? From the mastermind behind the whole scam. Name's CC Glendale.

We're gonna pitch Miami Springs to The Hunting Club. Glendale's gonna be there.

Yeah. And?

And I'm going to work my way into the scam so I can take them down! And you're on board with this?

I think it's the best we got. Oh!

Well, that's a ringing endorsement if ever I've heard one.

I really appreciate you dropping by to talk about my clinical placement.

Please, to the point, Mrs. Chakowitz.

I so look forward to being around sick people this summer.

That's an unorthodox way to put it.

I just mean I spend so much time here with dead people, the placement's gonna be a nice change... assuming we can work with the scheduling.

What is there to work out?

Well, I just need a little flexibility if I'm going to financially support myself through this.

Medical school is a full-time job.

You're in or you're out.

I don't think your partner trusts me.

And that mother of yours certainly doesn't.

They'll trust you once they get their money back.

Hey, don't they know it was you who got me to go straight?

Maybe I helped a little. Oh, it was more than a little.

Thank you, Frankie.

So... how do I look?



And that blonde hair of yours...

You like it?

I love it.

I... you missed a spot.

You know... I always wondered what would happen if we ever crossed paths again... Chinese Café Girl.

Is this how you imagined it?


We should get going.

You must be parched after spending the night in the park.

Let me get you a glass of milk. Oh, thank you, Miss Shaw.

Oh, you know who I am!

Oh, don't be silly! Of course I do.

You're Matthew Shaw's daughter. Well, thank goodness.

Officer McKinlay...

...why is there all this money in your refrigerator?

Oh, pay that no mind.

Well, I don't think I can do that.

Where did you get all this cash?!

Oh, that's just what's left of the money that my old partner and I stole.

I beg your pardon?


Took it as a tip when we busted the old bootlegging den on Dunn Street. Who was your partner?


Was it... was it my dad?

You know, I think it was.

Or maybe that was when I was working with Jack Hunt.

It's hard to tell, my memory's not what it used to be.

What are you doing?

You cannot keep spending stolen money!

Here. This is for groceries.

Thank you.

So? Well, we were right.

Ira Philpott's been arrested twice in the past year.

Who the hell is Ira Philpott? Joe!

What? The police gave him a new identity in Duluth when he spilled some Petrillo family secrets.

What, and he chose the name Ira Philpott?

The point is he still hasn't turned over a new leaf!

Yeah. Once a rat, always a rat. And that damn guy is playing Frankie like a fiddle! Hmph!

That's it. I'm off. Well, where are you going?

Well, now that we know we can't trust Joe, it's time for plan B.

Good girl.

White sand, blue seas.

Nowhere else I'd rather be.

She's not kidding. Folks, I practically had to drag her away from the beach to be here today.

It's true. If you wanna taste the sweet life in Miami Springs, come up, talk to Jill and I.

You won't regret it.

So, which one's Glendale?

I don't know. He said he'd find me.

Oh, thank you, sir! Please...

Thank you. ...accept this fresh Florida pineapple from Jill here as a token of our appreciation.

Oh, no. What is it?

I think I found him.

So the showgirl said to the bishop, why settle for a thigh when with a little patience, you could have the whole bird.

You naughty thing... Uh, excuse me.

Mr. Glendale. Mr. Philpott.

Wonderful to meet you. Oh-ho.

You were excellent up there. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

You'll make a perfect addition to the Miami Springs team.

Oh, thank you, sir.

And who is this charming young thing?

Oh, Jilly Farraday. Jill is hoping to become a member of the team too. Do you, now?

Well, I usually don't deal with female reps...

Oh... well, I... I don't know, CC, I think Florida Jill has a nice ring to it.

It does, doesn't it? Yeah!

What do you say? I say...

I could do something with a sales rep like you.

I can quit my job and focus on school... but then, I'll be living on boiled cabbage

'til I get my license.

I could quit school... but then, I'll be stuck talking to dead people for the rest of my life.

Oh, Flo! Thank God you're here.

Oh! Did you manage to get that old man home OK?

Oh, I did! Look at this.

Sweet banana pudding, that's a lot of cash!

I know. Officer McKinlay says they stole it in a raid.

Another dirty cop.

Colour me surprised.

What? He says he stole it with his old partner.

I think it was my dad.

A Shaw breaking the law? No way.

Well, that's what I thought, but then I remembered when I was 9... my dad brought home these brand new bicycles for Jenny and me...

That doesn't necessarily mean he stole this money.

But then we rode those bicycles from our apartment to our brand-new house in Parkdale.

Oh. Well, you don't know. Your parents might have been saving for that place for a long time.

They were always very frugal with their spending.

Plus, there's the fact that this money isn't real.

What?! It's counterfeit.

Why don't you look more relieved?

Well, because whoever stole it spent it like it was real money, and that's a crime! All my life, I have wanted to be like my dad, and now I just, I don't know, Flo!

Oh, Mary... Mary, Mary, Mary.

What do you say, should we shake on it?

Indeed. Joe Perry!

I thought that was you.

Ain't you supposed to be dead?

I don't know what you're talking about, mister.

This is my boyfriend, Ira.

Yeah, sure he is.

And I'm Babe Ruth.

I think it's time you get out of here, buddy.

I ain't going nowhere...

...'til you admit...

...that you're Joe Perry.

Mr. Philpott, who is this man and why does he think you're Joe Perry?

I have no idea what this boob's on about.

Get out! Get going!

Go, go, go!


Almost there. Flo?

Could use a hand, here! What on earth happened?!

Oh! Someone got trigger-happy at The Hunting Club.

The Hunting Club. Gee, what a surprise.

That punk made me. Word is gonna spread that Joe Perry is back in town. What do you think?

Well, the bullet missed...

...any vital organs. I'm gonna fish it out and stitch you up. You'll be right as rain.

Flo, you're a lifesaver.

Twice! Twice I've saved your life, Mr. Perry!

We have to stop meeting like this.

Ah! Took the words right out of my mouth.

Joe's on a slab at the morgue.

Oh, finally! Some good news.

He's not dead. Flo's trying to stitch him up.

Things seem to be going from bad to worse with this case.

And the common denominator being Joe Perry.

Mm-hmm. I think we have to tell her.

Tell me what? I'll tell you what!

This pal of yours and his straight and narrow act, it's a complete sham! He's been arrested twice in Duluth! I know you want us to trust him, Frankie, but he's lied to our face outright.

But Joe risked his life for us to put his finger on CC. Only to take part in gun fight that risked your life, Frankie. I say we cut him loose.

Mm-hmm. Look. CC and I had a couple of drinks yesterday. I get him talking, he lets slip he keeps a safe in his study. That was fast.

You're talking to a professional.

I say we crack that safe, we take our money before CC splits town. CC's leaving town?

Yeah! All that chaos yesterday sure spooked him.

Sounds like a plan. One condition.

No Joe! Mm-hmm.

Pardon me.

Am I interrupting?

How you dolls managing to look so beautiful in this heat?

May we help you with something?

I hope so. A little birdy told me my nephew Joe was out with one Frankie Drake last night.

Just wanted to bid him a hello.

You're a Petrillo.

Armando Petrillo... at your service.

If you're looking for Joe, I don't think it's for an overdue hug.

Where are you hiding that snitch?

We're not hiding anyone. Don't lie to me.

Word on the street's you're working some big job with him.

The street's wrong. Rarely is.

Now... I want an answer.

I don't take kindly to broads giving me a hard time.

You've overstayed your welcome, fella.

Joe sold us out to the police.

Hmm. He's a dead man once I find him.

You'd be wise to stay out of my way.


What are we gonna do?

Go to Quon's.

The agency is not safe with the Petrillos after us.

We should've given him Joe.


Lucky for you, my sutures are impeccable.

Once this heals, you won't even have a scar.

Eh, I find the ladies don't mind the scars.

It's too hot to even pretend you're being cute.

Thank you... for saving my life.

Again. Yeah, yeah.

Check's in the mail.

What's a dame like you doing in this dungeon?

Wow, you really have a way with words.

No, I'm serious.

I mean, someone with your skills should be working in a fancy hospital: doctor, white coat, you know, fat salary. Ain't that the truth.

You don't wanna?

More like they won't let me.

Seems like I have to make a choice: my job or my education. The powers that be won't let me do both.

You know what I do when people don't let me do what I wanna do?

Get Flo Chakowitz to stitch you up?

Ah! Ah!

What in blazes is going on here?

Uh... Coroner Thompson, I can explain.

Uh, just... schoolwork.

Uh, Scout's honour.

Mrs. Chakowitz, you're fired.

Leave immediately!

The both of you!

Oh, crap.

So what's the plan, Frankie?

Well, we know CC keeps a safe in his study.

Thanks to my detective work.

And we're gonna need you to be a distraction while I introduce him to a new potential investor.

Oh, what? Who?


Mm-hmm. Uh, me.


CC ain't gonna buy it unless he sees enough dough.

I might be able to help with that.

It seems I've come into some money.

You what? It's counterfeit.

I'm coming with you, Frankie.

In case you need help cracking the safe.

You do realize that you're speaking to Ned Drake's daughter, right? Just...

Why don't you tell me about the arrests in Duluth, Joe?

No point in lying. Yeah.

Uh... the cops got rough with my neighbours, so... I got rough with them.

Satisfied? Oh, isn't that noble.

Ain't nothing noble about it. What's right is right.

I never heard you say anything like that before.

Look... you need someone to stay back and take the heat if things go sideways so you can get out with the money.

It's the right call.

OK. You wanna be the fall guy?

Alright, alright. Romeo here can help.

I have just one question. How the heck are you gonna get in? Oh... leave that part to me.


Oh, uh, Mr. Glendale, Sarah Pierce. Now, what can you tell me about some prime beach real estate?


Who are you talking to?

Mama, you shouldn't be here. It's not safe.

Holy Moses and the burning bush, there is no righteous way that anybody comes into that much money. It's not what you think.

What kind of trouble have you two gotten yourselves into now?

Let me explain, please.


Apartment 18 of Miami Springs... doesn't exist.


Mildred! What are you doing here?


Welcome to my humble abode.

We got some cold ice tea waiting for us in the other room.

Mi casa es su casa.

Oh, it's a pleasure, Mr. Glendale.

Oh, please. You call me CC. Aww.

And you are? Oh, oh! I am Priscilla Pierce.

Church's chief treasurer. I'm just teaching my daughter the ropes.

A mother-daughter church duo!

Isn't that as sweet as hot chocolate on a Christmas Day?


You all right there, partner?

I'm fine. I'm excited.

Oh my Gosh! They've got a butler.

Calm down. I'll handle this. May I help you ladies?

Ah, afternoon. Ah, extra ice delivery on account of the heat wave. By city ordinance.

Ah, grand! Mr. Glendale will be thrilled.

Hasn't slept a night in this heat wave.

Is there enough for the whole house?

Oh, heck! There's enough of this here ice for the kitchen, the bedroom. Heck, even the study.

In 1739, Americans finally took to the beauty of printed wallpaper by way of Plunket Fleeson.

Who would have Plunket?

Which brings us to King Louis 16th...

Not to spoil such rich conversation...

But the city really does have us on a very tight schedule.

Of course. I'll leave you to it.

Did you guys do a tour of the whole house?!

Well, you have no idea how far the history of wallpaper goes back. Save the history lesson to when I'm not freezing to death in an icebox!

Hey! I wasn't giving the history lesson!

You guys go watch the front. We're going to find the safe.

Got it.

Can you imagine hearing the word of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John under the sunny Florida sky?

Mm-mm. God's own word and good work together in action right there!

Well, it's quite a presentation.

Thank you. He's no Florida Jack.

I beg your pardon? Mm?

She said, "It's no horrible shack."

And you're right about that, Mrs. Pierce.

I mean look at those shutters. Are those teal?

I think they are. You know, CC, I think we've seen all that we need to.

Is there anywhere we could find a private room and discuss numbers?

Yes. Yes, there is.

Ugh. I can't get the last number.

Let me try.

Why did your mother ask me if I knew I was talking to Ned Drake's daughter? Because Nora knows how to ask the wrong questions at the wrong time.

Yeah. I think she meant your pops knew his way around a safe.

Am I right?

Maybe taught you? He could've cracked this in half the time we're spending? Try a quarter... if that.

And here I thought you two were grifters.

When I was a kid, my dad used to pull these scams with his friends. No matter how they split the take, he always managed to sneak me some kind of a treasure.

Either an antique ring... or a gold thimble.

Sounds special. Yeah, it was special.

Until I realized how he got those treasures.

He switched out the money for gold bars.

Yeah. Smart devil. Gold's untraceable.

And it's a lot heavier.

Oh, this is taking way too long.


You two must have just finished.

Oh! We're not done just yet.

Ah... actually I...

I have to use the washroom. Me, too.

Come with me.

Flo and Mary are gone. We have to get this gold out of here fast. There's nothing here strong enough to bag it all. And even if we could, it would make too much noise. OK, OK. Well, we could roll it in... in the carpet; each take a side.

How are we going to manage the stairs with a carpet full of gold? Let me think.

I say once we finish up this deal, you, me and a bottle of gin hit the pool?

Oh, pardon me! I...

I think I've got the hiccups. Yeah!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What is Frankie doing hanging out the window and where is all the money?

I'm guessing we're not going to like the answer to those questions.

Come on, Peaches! Give me some room here.

I can't hear myself count!

Oh... ho, ho, ho.

I'll be damned.

You trying to take me for a ride?

Nobody makes a fool of CC Frasier Glendale.

No, no! CC, honey bunny: I'm sure there's a logical explanation. Well, you know no bank is going to take that note!

It's ripped in half.


CC! You're such a prankster!

I don't mean to be a prude. You wanna switch that out for me, that'd be good.

Thanks so much. I'm so sorry. I have a fresh one here for you. Oh, thank you very much.

That's terrific.

Well, ladies, I think you will not regret investing in Miami Springs and as a token of my appreciation...

Oh, my!

Thank you, dear old friend.

I hope your congregation likes pineapple.

Well, that is very generous of you, Mr. Glendale.

Thank you so much.

Well, praise the Lord and pass the pineapple upside down cake.

Oh! You're here.

What the hell happened back there?

Did you get the money out? Not exactly.


You did!

Oh... We switched out some pineapples for gold back in CC's study.

That CC ain't gonna know what hit him.

This'll be enough to pay everyone back!

And one very special landlady.

Well, this calls for some drinks.

I'll call Mary and Flo. Miss Drake... my family and I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Well, listen. Next time we invest money, let's make sure it doesn't cause my daughter to have to jump out a window.

You think it's safe in here

'til tomorrow? Probably safer than us.

As somebody who used to be a bootlegger, this is a hell of a home brew.


DRAKE! My boys and I got your office surrounded. Go hide!

Come on. Give Joe up and nobody gets hurt.

Frankie said to hide, so go hide!

This look like the Taj Mahal to you? I don't see any crawlspaces. We better get creative.

And here I was thinking my day was missing a little gun fire.

Quite the funny talk.

Where's Joe? He skipped town.

I bet he'll send a postcard. I mean business, blondie.

I heard Joe's voice.

And I got no problem shooting up this joint to find him.

Oh! Can I help you with something?

Sorry, sweetheart. I... I'm just looking for a pal.

And I'm looking for a way to beat this heat.

Do you mind? All clear.

Let's scram, fellas.

Well, it's that time in the shakedown where I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

That supposed to be a threat? I'm not one for threats.

But this is a fair warning. Oh, yeah? Or else what?

Hm. Well... my friend at the police force gave me this file.

Seems someone else was feeding the police information after Joe left town.

Now, I wonder what your brother, Lorenzo, would have to say if he got his hands on this? You wouldn't dare.

Oh, I like a good dare.

But I'd rather make a trade: your secret for Joe's life.

Deal. Now, give me that.

Let's scram boys!

Joe ain't our problem no more.

You are a free man!

And also very... soapy.

How'd you get him to leave?

Mary pulled a file for me.

Armando won't be bothering you anymore.

Well, well done, Chinese Café Girl.

Guess there's more to a mobster than revenge.

I'm gonna... go.

You know, you could have mentioned the file before I, uh... you know, drank half a gallon of soapy water.

Where's the fun in that?

Now... my train leaves tomorrow.

Any idea how you wanna kill some time?


There's no autopsies scheduled 'til this afternoon.

I know. But this one's an emergency.

Autopsies rarely qualify as emergencies.


He died? Mm-hm.

Coroner Thompson's dead.

I... I just spoke to him yesterday afternoon.

Now do you understand the emergency?

Oh. I have a feeling that Coroner Thompson's smiling down on us.

Or looking up. You said you talked to him yesterday? I did.

What were his last words to you?

Actually, we talked about you. You did?

Yeah. He wanted to move you to the day shift, move me to nights. Ah.

Then we should honour his wishes.

Yeah. Yeah we should.

A trick I learned on patrol always stick to the hot drinks in this weather.

Now, it sounds odd, but it works.

Well, if it offers a reprieve from this heat, I'll drink the whole pot.

I wanted to, eh... thank you, Mary, for helping me make the decision to go live with my daughter.

Oh! It was my pleasure. You shouldn't be on your own.

God forbid something should happen.



Now, don't be upset, but I got you a little goodbye present.


Ah, the other day after you left, I found a few more things that belonged to your father.

Here, take a look.

Oh, I don't know. I think I've had enough surprises about my father to last me well into 1930.

Yes, sir.

Oh, ho, ho, ho.

Oh, I must have drawn him this in grade school!

Mm-hm. Oh, yes! And this is from my first dance recital.

Dutch clock. That's me.

This is a Girl Guide badge.

This must be for leadership.


I guess he kept everything.

I'd forgotten that I'd, uh... cleaned out his desk after he passed.

I should have given you this a long time ago.

No. No, I think your timing has been perfect.

Thank you.

I hope I haven't tarnished his memory for you.

I... I get confused.

No. No, no, not at all.

You're a good man, Officer McKinlay.

And so was my father.

These goodbyes are starting to feel like an old habit.

Yeah... old habits die hard.

Takes a special kind of gal to save a man's hide not once, but twice.

I owe you.

Just make sure there's not a third time and we can call it even. Ah. Where's the fun in that?



Neither of us are the type. OK.

I, uh, confiscated these.

Figure you deserved a treasure after what you pulled off.

They're a little flashy for my taste.

I figured you could use the money.

Fence them.

Come visit me down in sunny California.

Could be fun.

Look me up under the name... Nah.

Don't ruin the surprise.

Goodbye, my Chinese Café Girl.

All of that talk about the Florida beaches?

It would have been a shame if we didn't get to see it.

I can't believe we're finally on vacation!

My mother's going to be so upset when she sees this tan, but I don't care!

You thinking about Joe? No!

Liar! Thinking about how good of an idea it was to bring Nora and Mildred.

Amen! Can you believe they've been out every night?

It's our last night, gals!

What do you want to do? Well, I say dinner at the crab joint. Ooh!

OK. Drinks and dancing at the speakeasy and we don't go back to the hotel until the sun comes up. I love that!

Cheers! Cheers to that!

Boof! Boof from afar.