Frankie Drake Mysteries S3E2 Script

Counterpunch (2019)

Sarah, are you sure this is the right street?

Don't remember there being a boxing gym around here.

The place I'm talking about isn't exactly legal.

Can we hurry it up? Don't worry.

I'm sure your husband is fine.

Or he's dead in the gym where he works.

Maybe he's just sleeping one off?

Joe's five miles from perfect, but he's no drunk.

He doesn't even sip the wine at church.

Ladies and gentlemen, gout or gallstones, headaches or heart problems;

Walcott's Wonder Elixir does it all!

It cures it all!

Joe didn't get home until 3 in the morning.

He was a sweaty mess, talking about dragons and spiders.

Ach. Never liked spiders. Did he hurt you?

He would never. But when I tried to get him to lie down, he burst out the front door and never came back.

Hey, you wanna buy some lady razors?

Smooth up them gams for half price? Mind your business, sir.

Come on, lady. Times are tough around here the last few weeks. Market's getting flooded.

Put some chocolate on sale and then we'll talk.

What makes you think Joe came back to work?

There's a cot in his janitor's office, but the warehouse door is locked.

I need you to break in, so I can make sure he's alive.

Why not just contact the police? There are places you bring the cops and places you don't. This is a place you don't.

Good thing we're breaking in then.

Just make sure you avoid Joe's boss.

He keeps a running count of all the kneecaps he's broken.

Let's go find Joe. I'm not going in there.

Isn't that the whole point of this?

That's why I hired you.

If Joe's dead on his cot, I don't want to see it.

After you.

Over here.

No sign of him.

Look at this. "Walcott's Wonder Elixir."

Didn't we pass that on the street?

We did.

There's two more in the trash.

I bet that's what caused Joe's crazy behaviour last night. Mhm.

Let's get out of here. Yeah.

Your hands in the air!

Don't shoot!

You got about three seconds to explain what you're doing in my place.

How the hell did you get in here?

We used the door. It was open.

You're a very funny girl, but I happen to know for a fact that that door was locked.

Mister, I swear! The door was open, we just walked right in.

Is that right? You seen Joe?

I'm looking for a new boxing coach and I hear he's good.


The guy that mops up the ring at the end of the night?

Now I'm gonna ask you again: what are you doing in my gym?

I can vouch for them.

Moses, you know these broads?

Trained this one myself.

Moses Page, I never thought I'd see you again.

We're on a case, play along.

Still got that mean right hook? I learned from the best.

If you're looking for a coach, I could take you back on.

Yeah, yeah. Enough flirting now. Look, you want to work out at my gym, come show me what you got.

Leo's not the kind of guy to fool around with.

What's the case? Another missing person case.

It's nothing to do with Leo.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Push and move. Push and move.

Alright, alright, alright, alright! It's not bad, it's not bad.

So can I train here? No, no.

I need to see you spar first. Sadie!

New fighter here for you to put through the paces.

Like to introduce you to my best fighter:

Sadie "the Anvil" Sawyer.

I'd love to! I just...

Couple more sessions with Moses first.

Anytime, Frankie.

It's probably a good idea.

Moses Page back in town... stirring up any old feelings?

I saw your face when you heard his voice.

That was relief; he saved our skin.

"Relief"? Is that what we're calling it? Haha!

Is he dead? He's not dead, but...

He's dead, isn't he? So it's another woman?

If it's another woman, I am gonna kill that man!


Oh, Joe.

I'm so sorry about last night.

I don't know what came over me.

Is it something to do with this?

Oh, keep that junk away from me.

Did you drink that last night?

The medicine man around the corner promised it'd give me a good night's sleep, but I couldn't even sit still. What do you mean?

My heart was racing and this real bad feeling came over me, like a dragon was chasing me.

Doesn't sound like much of a wonder elixir.

Let's go see if Flo can tell us what's in there.

Holy Hannah! Look at that colour.

It's positive for cocaine. Are you sure?

Chemical reactions don't lie.

You add a little chloroform to some liquid; if it turns blue, cocaine is present.

The brighter the blue, the more cocaine.

So, Walcott's elixir is full of it.

Those "Doctor Feelgoods" rub me the wrong way. Hacks and cheats, every last one.

We need to go have a talk with him.

Thanks, Flo. Thanks.

From staving off premature baldness to keeping you more regular than a rooster's call, there is nothing that my Wonder Elixir cannot do!

Now look, I'll give you a "for instance," hey?

Take Doreen here: three weeks ago, couldn't lift a sack of flour. But now? Show 'em the difference, Doreen.

That's right! Yes! Thank you!

And that is all thanks to Walcott's Elixir.

Now, folks, today it's available for a very special price.

Or you could end up six feet under.

Walcott's Wonder Elixir has never hurt anyone. Hey, unless... unless you count all the doctors who've lost half their business.

Or a hard-working husband who went half crazy with the cocaine in your drink.

Doreen, would you please?


Now look, folks. For the next 30 minutes and 30 minutes only... Hit the road!

...I'll be selling my bottles of Wonder Elixir for 30% off!

Yes, that's right! 30 for 30!

Either we get to speak with your boss, or we'll be here for every single one of his shows. It's your choice.

...botanical nut and seed oils.

Mr. Walcott, over here!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Do you have any idea what you're costing me right now?

Prison's gonna cost you a whole lot more.

Prison? Around here, cocaine is illegal.

Cocaine?! You're batty!

I only use natural ingredients. Follow me, I'll show you.

OK, folks! Thank you for coming! Speak with Doreen!

30 for 30, hey? Walcott's Wonder Elixir!

Step right in here!

Every ingredient I use is right here. Ginseng, turmeric, Kombuchaschwann imported direct from Germany.

All looks healthy, but where are you hiding the cocaine?

I already told you that I... We've had it tested with actual science, unlike whatever it is you do here.

I am a scientist. I studied chemistry.

A scientist? That's rich. I'll show you my degree, if you want to see it. A tablespoon a day, it keeps you right as rain. This stuff works!

Yeah? Well, your elixir did a number on our client.

If you didn't put the drugs in it, then what happened?

Someone must have spiked the batch.

And who would do that? Walcott!

Don't make me look for you! You-you need to go. Now!

What's going on? Please, for your own safety.

Officer Crowley. Time's up. Payment's due.

Yeah, I, uh... I just hit a... a little sales hiccup today, but... I gave you 'til today to pay and guess what? It's today now. Right. I just gotta cook up a new batch before I sell anymore, but...

What's wrong with the one you already got?

I... I-I ju... I can't sell it.

Why? It's not safe.

It's not the rubes' safety you gotta worry about.

You park on my beat, you pay my tax... no extensions.

Sorry. I just can't pay you today.

Ha. Well, I guess there's only one thing left to say. You're under arrest.

For what?! I've done nothing illegal!

I'm a cop, don't need a reason.

Arms behind your back! It's a shakedown.

You distract the cop; I'll meet you back at Jelly's.

Here goes. Oh!

Officer, thank goodness! I need your help!

Can't you see I'm in the middle of police business? I need your help now!

Someone just stole my purse! I need your help now!

OK, relax. Walcott, you take one step, you'll be in a world of trouble.

Come on, I see him! Let's go!

I heard everything. Let's go.

Sorry. Sorry.

I know I saw him! Oh!

What? Haha!

Just remembered: I didn't bring a purse today! Haha!

You know, I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on. Thank you!


I honestly had no idea there was cocaine in there.

Joe had a rough night, but he's gonna be fine.

Ah, there's gotta be something I can do.

I mean, how many bottles did that poor man buy? You know, at the very least, I can give him his money back.

No, please. You have bigger things to worry about.

That constable is pretty upset you disappeared on him.

Ugh! First I don't have Crowley's money, then he thinks I'm on the run. He's gonna kill me.

How long has he been squeezing you?

Three weeks. Ever since I got to town.

Did you tell anyone? Who am I gonna tell? The cops?

Do you think it was Crowley that spiked my elixir?

No. That would defeat the whole purpose of his racket.

You know, he wants you to make money.

And now I gotta throw the entire batch away.

There's no way I'm gonna make enough money to pay him. Well, you run a travelling medicine show, so why not just... travel?

Crowley's got buddies in every town.

We can help. Haha!

No offence, but come on?

How are two gals gonna me off the hook with a dirty cop?

"Private detectives"?

Ha! This is my lucky day.

Apart from, well, you know, well, everything else.

I've arranged for you to stay in a room upstairs until the heat dies down.

And you might want to get word to your strongwoman that the caravan isn't safe.

Doreen? Nah, she's fine.

She stays with a gentleman friend when we're in Toronto.

OK. That's good. Why don't you speak with the bartender?

He'll get you all set up, and then come by the office tomorrow, and we can figure out how we'll deal with Crowley.

Thank you both so much.

You can look forward to some free Wonder Elixir.

We'll wait for the new batch. Yeah.

Let's, uh... get an early start tomorrow.

I have... something.

Let me guess: boxing lesson?

♪♪ He's living in a dream ♪

♪ He doesn't seem to stray ♪

♪ Far from today ♪

♪ Now there are men who take a different route ♪

♪ Put on a tie and suit each day ♪

♪ But he don't care about their wares ♪

♪ He simply wants to blaze ♪

♪ The day away ♪♪

Nice footwork.

You gotta be quick to keep up with Kid Lewis and Bold Mike McTeague.

As in world champion light heavyweight Mike McTeague?

You've been keeping up with your boxing.

Well, I have a friend fighting on the European tour.

Or I had one.

When did you get back? I landed in Halifax in the spring. Boxed my way down to Toronto.

Been training here for about a month.

A month? Wow.

That's great.

What about you? Staying out of trouble?

Where's the fun in that? Same ol' Frankie.

Sounds like you had an eventful day.

I could use a drink.

Is that an invitation?

Well, that depends.

Are you thirsty?

Mm! Your coffee...

...still the best I've ever had. Hahaha!

Frankie! We have a problem!

A big problem! We went to the caravan to find Doreen.

She didn't know that someone had spiked the elixir.

And she already sold a bottle. Just the one?

Well, yes, but to an old fellow with a bad ticker.

Normally, my elixir would help him, but, uh, a heart condition plus cocaine...

We need to find him. Fast.



I need your help. Why would I help the broad who's trying to put my boss out of business?

Because somebody spiked his last batch and you sold a bottle this morning.

I need to know who you sold it to.

I don't take names when I sell the stuff.

Well, what did he look like? Grey hair, about 40.

Anything else? Was pretty unremarkable, except for the stench of gin on him. Did he say where he was going?

We didn't exactly have a chit-chat, lady.

Especially after he asked me to give him a veteran's discount.

So he served? So he said.

Well, that's something.

Will I see you before I leave? I know where to find you.

Thanks. Order up.

I came as soon as I could. Thanks.

What's up?

What do you know about Constable Crowley?

Oh. Only that he's a first-class heel.

Sounds about right. He works out of a different precinct than me, but every time I see him on his beat, he's always giving someone a hard time.

Well, we need to dig up some dirt.

You up for some surveillance work?

Absolutely. Perfect. Cheque, please!

You know you can't just call and ask for Crowley's schedule, right?

Well, the morality officer in his precinct is a friend, so...

Oh, hi! Lorraine!

It's Mary Shaw. Listen, I know this is a bit unorthodox, but I'm looking for Officer Crowley.

Do you know if he's working today?

"Why"? Why?

Paperwork. Ask for paperwork.

He left some paperwork at my station.

Time-sensitive and I believe it's of a personal nature, so I really need to get it back to him.

Wha... No! Lorraine!

No! I'm shocked that you would even suggest...

No, I'm not interested in Officer Crowley!

Can you please just let me know when he's off shift?

Thank you!

And now Lorraine thinks you're interested in Crowley.

Apparently. Clocks off in 15 minutes.

Think she'll tell? She best not.

Let's go.

Get 'em hot over here! Ladies and gentlemen, get 'em hot!

Hey, stranger.

Ah, Jesus.

What you got for me?

That does not look like official police business.

We need to get closer so we can hear them.

Uh, one turkey leg, please.

You didn't have to buy something.

Well, I panicked and I'm hungry.

Look I told you not to call me until you settled your debt.

Ah, come on! It's a few lousy bets, you know I'm good for it Got a feeling about the Sox tonight.

Pay what you owe, then you can bet on whatever you like.

Will you cut me a break?

I had an easy mark for some quick cash on my beat and he let me down.

I know the feeling.


Officer of the law? He should be ashamed of himself!

Yeah, but now we know his weakness.

Come on, shake that turkey leg. Let's go!

Uh, Veteran's Hall is for vets only.

Dispatch rider in the Signal Corps.

I probably delivered the orders that brought you home, soldier.

Apologies. First round's on me.

I'm looking for a man in his 40s.

Grey hair. I heard he likes a strong drink.

Gotta be more specific than that around here.

I think he has a heart condition? Ah, the Major. Eddie Flurberg.

Is he in there? Ah, you just missed him.

He left, like, five minutes ago. Didn't look so hot if you ask me. Which way did he go?

Right down there. Thank you.

No problem.

What's he doing now?

Blowing away his paycheque by the looks of it.

From a bookie to back alley craps?! And he hasn't even won once.

I just cannot see the fascination with throwing your money away.

Come on! Pay up, pay up, pay up!

Quick, hide. Hm!

What do we do now?

Think we got everything we need. Let's go!

Major Flurberg! Are you OK?

Where am I? What happened? You tell me.

I must've had one too many.

My heart was racing and then suddenly I saw black.

That elixir that you bought this morning, did you drink it? Yes, I did. Why?

Are... are you having any chest pains?

No, no. I'm fine...

Don't-don't try to get up, please!

You! Call an ambulance!

It's gonna be OK.

You the snake-oil salesman? I'm the purveyor of the elixir that's helped hundreds of people, if that's what you mean.

Whatever it is, Frankie sent me to help you brew a new batch.

Harland Walcott at your service.

Listen, just because you're not poisoning the masses doesn't mean I approve of that bunk you're peddling.

I studied chemistry at McGill University.

I've dedicated my life to this stuff. I believe it works.

Agree to disagree.

No offence. That's what great minds do.

Like Gilbert Lewis and Walther Nernst on thermodynamics.

Lewis was so out of his depth on that one.

And Nernst has the Nobel to prove it.

You know, it's not safe back at your caravan.

I have a better place we can cook.

Welcome to my office.

Are you the city coroner? Ha! I wish.

Maybe someday. Right now, I'm just trying to make it through medical school. A med student?

Impressive! I always dreamed of being a doctor.

So then why on earth are you running a travelling medicine show?

Well, for the same reason that you laughed when I asked if you were the coroner, I'd bet.

Oh. Underestimated 'cause we don't fit in the usual box.

Yeah, I got tired of it... of people judging me for no good reason.

And I-I decided to bring my elixir to the people, but word will get out about this.

Who's gonna buy an elixir that makes people sick?

Frankie said she'd catch the jerk that spiked your final batch when she's done with Crowley.

You'll be back in business in no time, Mr. Walcott.

Oh, please, call me Harland.

Harland then.

So, shall we get down to business?

Haha! Thought you'd never ask. Haha!

So Constable Crowley is a gambling man.

He's in the grip of a compulsion.

He went to three bookies after the craps game.

Plus the medicine show, and, boy, was he angry when he didn't find Walcott there.

So we have a dirty cop with a gambling addiction.

He has no business wearing a badge. We got pictures.

Yeah, but they only show who he's consorting with, they don't actually show him gambling. It's not enough.

Especially since cops don't go after other cops.

They don't call it "brotherhood" for nothing.

He'd have to get caught in the act doing something pretty shady before one of his "brothers" would care enough to arrest him.

So, we lure him into a bet he can't resist, and then we make sure that he loses. What would that accomplish?

If he can't pay, the bookie will come after him.

But will that be enough for him to go running his friends for help?

Oh, it'll prove that he's been gambling illegally.

He'll have to choose between losing his job or losing his kneecaps. I'm betting he'll choose his kneecaps.

Now, we just need to get Doreen to help out.

What do you want with Walcott's strongwoman?

Leo wanted to get me into the ring? Now's his chance.

Come on, girl. What does that mean?

Get that hand back! Nice!

Cross. Get that hand back. Cross. That's it.

Doreen DiMarco!

What's this?

You sucker punched my friend down at Jelly's last night.

She had it coming. You broke her nose.

She's never punched anyone in her life, but I have.

OK, OK. Get away from me, you nut!

A nose for a nose! OK, OK.

That's no way to settle this.

I'll settle for knocking her teeth in.

Listen: if you're gonna fight anyway, why not do it for money?

Right? Right? And in my ring.

I'm listening. What's the purse?

$15, winner take all.

And you keep all the bets on us? My gym, my bets. Yeah.

I'll see you here. But not for very long.

It'll be lights out for you! "Lights out for you." That's telling her. Another scam?

Could use your help. Anything you need.

Meet me back here for another boxing lesson.

OK, so Frankie's gonna get in contact with Crowley.

I've heard he has a thing for the ladies.

Which should work in Frankie's favour.

She'll charm him right into a trap.

You crapped out.

Maybe you need a little lady luck?

- What kind of trap? The kind he won't see coming thanks to his gambling problem.

Double sixes. Lady luck took a walk.

You're on the hook for 5 clams.

There's just one problem: I don't actually have any cash.

Frankie better be careful.

No credit. - Crowley's dangerous.

But he's also desperate.

She's gonna offer him a deal that's way too good to resist, and that's a guaranteed win. - What if I told you how you could make 20 times what I owe you? Is that worth 5 bucks?

You know what's worth 5 bucks? 5 bucks.

I'm fighting down at Leo's tonight.

When did they start letting ladies in the ring?

Point is I'm fighting against Doreen DiMarco.

Never heard of her or you. Well, the odds are in her favour, but I hear she has a glass jaw.

You could clean up. Never seen you fight, can't take that chance. Now pay up.

All she has to do is lose, and she's in control of that.

Because if there's one thing a gambler can't resist...?

It's a sure thing. And that's what she's promising him.

OK, OK. Bet on her and I'll take a dive.

You'll kiss the canvas? If you bet big enough, you could make enough to retire.

You'll be the only one with the inside scoop.

You're really willing to take a dive to settle a $5 debt?

I'll go down like a bag of hammers if it keeps from aggravating the guy with a gun in his jacket.

And how do I know you'll deliver?

Last thing I need is a guy like you after me.

She'll play scared, and he'll see so many dollar signs, he won't even think twice.

Ah, there's that right hook.

Someone's been practicing. Life doesn't stop when Moses Page goes to Europe. Mm-hmm.

Who's the new coach?

Why do men always assume there's another man?


I never make assumptions.

I mean, a woman would make a fine coach for you.

Ah. Haha!

You're my one and only coach.

Been practicing on my own mostly.


You're still dropping your left hand with the jab.

You need to watch out for that.

It pays to have a familiar sparring partner.

Yeah. Any time, Frankie.

I've missed you.

So, this is how these training sessions work?

Hey, Trudy. Heh heh!

Yeah, um, I'll let you get back to work and I'll finish cleaning up.


It's good to see you two together again.

You ready? Well, Crowley took the bait, so we're almost home.

And our inside man, Joe, gave me this little number to help me blend in at the fight.

Very nice! Uh-huh. Maybe I should have got one of those half-priced razors from the pharmacy.

OK, only thing left to worry about is that revolver of his.

He's not gonna shoot me in the middle of a crowd.

Well, if he's in as deep as it seems he is, I wouldn't put it past him. I'll grab the gun from him during the fight just to be safe. Just be careful.

He's seen your face once; if he sees you again, he might think something's up. No problem. I learned pickpocketing from the best.



Restorative, isn't it?

Smells like, uh... fresh-cut grass.

That's the wheatgrass; jam-packed with vitamins. Hm.

What else? Hmm. Lemon?

Helps maintain the body's pH balance and fights the common cold.

And is that ginger?

Studies show it has... Anti-inflammatory properties. I know.

What? Just because I don't buy into the natural cure-alls doesn't mean I'm not up-to-date on scientific literature.

Mhm. And it's missing something.


Cinnamon. Cinnamon?

Yeah. Smells great and it regulates blood sugar in diabetics. Cinnamon.


Brilliant. Mm-hm.

All these talents and, on top of that, you've got a good nose. Hahaha!

And you've got a silver tongue.

So how do I look?

Like a woman who likes betting on fights.

Really? Really.

This might sound a little silly to you, but... going undercover makes me nervous.

But you're so good at it! And I'm sure you come across your fair share of gamblers at work.

Abrasive and rude, every one of them.


OK, well... start here!

Go on, give you some time to practice.

Five clams on the blonde and I don't want to hear nothing about it!

OK, that was good.

You shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you.

I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, you know?

Oh. OK. Let's save that one for next time.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...welcome to Fight Night!

We got a real special show for you tonight!

You heard me: a hundred bucks on the strongwoman to beat the blonde.

Really? You got the scratch to cover that?

Ah, you know where to find me. Yeah. Well, if you don't have the scratch, I will find you. Yeah, yeah.

Oh! Oh! Hey.

Don't I know you? Depends.

You're that morality officer.

Yeah, during daylight hours.

All got our secrets, eh?

So, you gonna make a bet or what?

Yeah. 25 cents on the Blonde Bullet!

Ooh... Big spender.

Yeah. And what's it to you?

Hey, write it down! Sure, sure.

I just want to make sure I can cover that. Hahahaha!

Keep your guard up and remember what I said about dropping your left when you punch.

You do know this fight is fixed, right?

The ring is a dangerous place. Fix or no fix: don't drop your left. Yes, coach.

Good luck.

She's got better than luck, she's got me.

I still can't believe my first loss is coming to the hands of some scrawny blonde, but...

Well... Crowley bet big on you to knock me out, so when you go down instead, he'll lose big.

So we dance for a minute or two, and then you pop me with a good uppercut and I'll go down for the count. Right.

It's our song.

Alright, let's get you out there and warm you up.

See you in the ring.

Ugh! Ah!

First up on the card tonight, we have a spectacle like you have never seen before!

A lot of promoters are afraid of regulation, but Leo Rhodes brings you the variety that you deserve!

You got this. And variety you shall get because make no mistake, gentlemen: it is the female of the species that is far more deadlier than the male.


Hey! Is there anything you can't do?

Ask me again after the match.

Introducing... making her debut in the squared circle, wearing the red trunks:

The Blonde Bullet!

Go! Go get 'em, Frankie!

Sometimes, fake punches land, and when they do, they hurt. OK.

So keep moving in there. It's gonna be fine, it's gonna go fast; maybe it'll be fun. OK.

Gentlemen, gentlemen! Due to injury, Doreen DiMarco is unable to compete.

We have a replacement fighter. All bets will stand.

Fighting in the black trunks, with a record of 17 and 0...

17 by knock-out...

Sadie "the Anvil" Sawyer!


Come on! Come on! Come on!

Hahahaha! Don't do it!

She looks even bigger than she did yesterday.

We need to call it off. She's a monster.

Gonna take down Crowley, I have to win this.

Frankie. It's gonna be fine.

I've seen the Anvil in the gym.

Last week, she held up a Model T so a guy could change a flat.

That's not very inspiring. Not trying to inspire you;

I'm trying to get you to call it off.

If you fight her, you'll end up eating your meals through a straw.

You know what they say: "The bigger they are..."

The harder they hit.

Mary! Frankie, I can call the police I'll get them to raid this whole place. I have an idea.

Oh, brilliant!

Um, what was that? Plan B.

Hey, I'm gonna start it up.

Come on, let's go!


Who you calling a lady? OK, OK, OK, OK. Have a clean fight, no rabbit punches.

That's it? Yeah, that's it.

You need more rules than that, string bean? No. I'm good.

OK, OK. Save some for the fight.

Get her, slugger!

Move out of the way! Fight's about to start! Sorry about that.

Do I know you? Nope. Not from around here.

OK! Hahaha!

OK, fight!

Come on, Frankie!

Yeah! Yeah!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!


Get over here!

Use your speed! Go after her!

That's right! More of that! Come on, Frankie!

Mmm! It tastes even better than it smells.

Cinnamon was the perfect addition.

Hm. You're an astonishing woman, Flo.

Oh! I don't know about astonishing.

I'm serious. You're gonna make an incredible doctor, if that's what you choose to do.

Speaking of serious, any idea who spiked your last batch?

Nah, I'm at a loss.

Well, do you have any enemies in town?

Oh, haha! I hardly know anyone in Toronto; how could I have any enemies?

Flo! Flo!

I need, um... I need chloroform. It's for Frankie!

I'm sorry. I don't work with chemicals that... Uh, no prob.

Thank you. Is everything OK?

I don't really have time to talk! Goodbye! OK, OK.

What do you suppose that was all about?

Oh! Um... you've got something...


Yeah! Come on, Frankie!

Go to the body! Go to the body!

Let her go! Let her go! Back up! Back up!

Finish her! Go for the body, stay low!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Break it up!

Ah! Keep your left up! Keep moving your feet!

OK, that's the bell. That's the bell. That's the bell.

You OK? Yeah.

Get to your corner. Get to your corner.

Boxing with you is a lot more fun. I can get the ref to call off.

No, no. I have her exactly where I want her.

OK then. She's got a pattern, OK? She leads with a left jab, then the right hook, then an uppercut.

So block, block, then dodge.

OK. OK. Hey!

I got it. I'm gonna create a diversion and when I do, slip a few drops into her water bottle.

What if she sees me? No, she's too busy trying to pound me into next week. Just remember: only two drops.

OK, Frankie. Let's go, c'mon!

And we're back! Round two!

Come on, Frankie. You got this!

No, no, no. That's it.


Hey, hey! No rabbit punches! No rabbit punches!

Oh, come on, come on! OK.

Come on! Get her back!

Hey, hey, hey!

Get out of the ring!

Get back to your corners! Get your fighter under control!

You can't win if you get disqualified.

It's time to end this.

Here we go!

OK, Frankie, here we go!

You got this! This is it! This is it!

Ah! Stay left. Go for the body!

You've got this, Frankie!

No, no, no, no! You got her, Frankie! Finish her off!


Oh, my! She got her!

No! Get up!

One. Two.

Come on, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up!

Four. Use your arms!

Five. Get up. Six. Climb! Climb!

Get up! Seven!

Get up! Eight.

Will you get up? Nine! No!

Ten! Yeah!


Winner by knockout: Blonde Bullet!

Haha! You pulled it off, Frankie.

I had a great coach.

Now it's time to take care of Crowley.

Did you get it? Sort of.


You picked the wrong guy to double cross, sweetheart!

Nice work, Trudy.


Come on, get up!

Get up! Leo's gonna be here any minute, and I know for a fact you can't cover your bet with him.

You... you set me up!

You want to deal with him, or you want to confess your sins to your cop buddies?

I know what I'd choose. OK, fine. You win.

Just... get me out of here, and I'll call my sergeant.

Ahem! Frankie!

Oh! You look like you went ten rounds.

Actually, it was five, but it ended with a knockout.

So, you put on a good show.

My record is one and zero. I am retiring undefeated.

And what about Crowley?

You don't have to worry about him anymore.

Thank you. How's it going with the new batch?

Oh! 100% cocaine free. All we need to do now is figure out who spiked the last lot. That is for tomorrow.

Right now, everyone is down at Jelly's. You guys should come.

Oh! We just have a little more work to do here...

Right, work. Yes.

Does that mean you're sticking around town?

Ah, likely not.

I-I tend not to stick around one place for too long and flood the market.


"Flood the market." That's exactly what the pharmacist down in The Ward said.

A pharmacist has access to cocaine.

And he would have an axe to grind with the new guy in town.

Frankie, we'll meet you down at Jelly's later.

First of all, we have a prescription to fill.

Oh, wait! You're not going out like that, are you?

You should see what I can do with a makeup brush.

Let's get out of here. Oh!

What? I got an entire ruined batch of my Wonder Elixir for you to buy.

Why would I do that?

Because if you don't, we'll call the cops.

There's my favourite knockout.


We make a good team, Moses Page.

We do, Frankie Drake.

You know, the fighting game's picking up in Toronto.

I might be sticking around for a while.

If you're interested in more... coaching, that is. I'll keep that in mind.

Buy you a drink?

Sure. I'll just be over there. Mm-hm.

Hi, champ. How are you feeling?

I'm sore just from watching you tonight.

You look like you need a dose of Walcott's Wonderful Elixir. Oh!

I think gin will do just fine.

Oh! Right on time. Oh! Thank you!

Thank you very much. There you go.

To the champ! To the champ.