Frankie Drake Mysteries S3E4 Script

A Brother in Arms (2019)

It's Frankie Drake.

So, you like the new digs?

For the third time: yes.

It's safe to say we will be here often.

That's not right, you know?

What's that? Mr. Chang's trial lasted less than a day.

Well, they say they have a lot of evidence against him.

None more compelling than the colour of his skin.

Seen that too often.

Ladies. Tickles Malone!

Is there a piano in town you can't play?

Any requests?

Oh, just that you don't stop playing.

Well, could use a vocalist.

You'd bring the house down in a joint like this, come on. Next time.

Tonight, I'm with my girls. Are you here most nights? As many as the boss will have me.

That Tickles sure is something.

I never get to work with a looker... unless he's on a slab.

What about your new intern?

Ugh. Some men have brains, but no looks. Some men have looks, but no brains.

Either will work and Bart is blessed with neither.

It's not working out?

As if I don't have enough on my plate, I have to train him.

He's a boob. Hm.

Thank you! Hahaha!

It's so nice to see things going right for Wendy.

Yeah. Did you leave the light on? No.

My arm doesn't bend that way.

It does now. What are you doing in here?!

Just please let go of my arm. This is no way to treat family.

What are you talking about? You're Frankie Drake, right?

Who's asking? My name is Jack Drake.

I'm your brother.

Why should I believe any of this?

Because it's true! Your mother was Nora Amory; our father was Ned Drake. He died 12 years ago.

Please! Anyone who read an obituary knows that.

He was a legendary con artist.

Alright, you want to get technical about it, I'm your half-brother.

You think I don't look like him? Who?


Why'd you break in here? The door was locked. I had to.

OK, you know what, "half-brother"? Enough with the wise guy act.

Why don't you start answering some questions?

OK, I had no place else to stay. I figured I'd see you in the morning and introduce myself.

No place to stay, nowhere to go; sounds like trouble.

Not for me, but a friend of mine's in trouble.

You might have heard of him: Li Chang.

I'd say a death sentence is a little bit more than trouble.

Especially 'cause he didn't do it.

Where is he?

Let me see you! I figured she might know something about this.

Oh, he's Ned's son all right. He's...

Oh, he's got the same lying eyes!

Why didn't you tell me I have a half-brother?

Well, I left that up to your cheating father.

He's not my son. Hey!

So what are you doing here, huh?

What do you want with my daughter?

Help. So, money!

I knew it. No, not money.

A friend of mine's been framed up on a murder charge.

Yeah, "framed." Sure.

Scram! Get out of here and leave my daughter alone! It's fine, I can handle this.

Don't let him dupe you. It's fine!

Never trust a Drake man.

They promise you everything; they leave you with nothing.

Hey, hey, you don't know me! Yeah, I'm not done with you, buster!

So, Jack, tell us why we should be interested in saving Mr. Chang.

I met Li when we worked shoulder to shoulder on a farm back in Chicago. He saved my hide one night.

What happened?

I got into a jam with my girlfriend's boyfriend.

So you believe a convicted murderer is innocent because he, what?

Covered up an affair you were having?

No. Because Li's a good person.

I can read people. That's something I learned from dad.

Don't be bringing Ned into this.

Uh, well, Raymond Fordham was shot in the back from a distance, and the weapon used was found in Chang's home along with $500 that could be traced back to Fordham's factory.

They make mannequins. Sounds pretty open and shut.

Yeah, sounds like it, but it's not. Look, Li was a decent man; he fought for workers' rights, for decent wages.

He's not just gonna steal a man's money and kill him.

Well, people could change. And most don't.

Look, I have some money. Please?

Just give us a minute.

So what do you think? You mean about the fact that you have a half-brother you never knew existed?

No. Whether or not we should take the case.

Well, Wendy seemed to think that Chang's conviction was more about the colour of his skin rather than any kind of evidence. It doesn't hurt to ask around.

What do you want? Oh, I'm just here for your dead files. Uh...

Thanks. You done with him?

Li Chang? Mhm.

World's done with him. Man gives you an honest job, he pays you back with a bullet through the heart?

Never trust them. "Them"?

You know what I mean.

Thank you for coming.

Jack said you're a... a great detective.

Well, this "great detective" is looking at a ton of evidence that suggests you killed Raymond Fordham. The evidence is wrong.

I was set up... plain and simple.

Cashbox found in your home along with the murder weapon; how do you explain that? I... I cannot.

Well, then I don't know how we can help you.

I-I-I took the money. After he was shot.

OK? So, you're a thief, not a murderer. Is that your defence?

OK, no. Just-just listen: two weeks before the shooting, Mr. Fordham fired every Chinese person working there.

Some had been there 10 years. This is not right.

Worst of all, he withheld all their pay.

So you decided to do something about it?

I begged him to make it right.

At first, he... he ignored me, but, but I... but I just kept at it.

Then one day, he called me. He-he agreed to talk.

And that was the day he was killed?

He was leaving the factory to make the payroll deposit when I showed up. But before I could even speak to him, I-I heard the gunshots just ring out.

And he ended up in a pool of his own blood outside of the factory.


He was on the ground in front of me and I-I...

I just panicked. I grabbed the cashbox and I ran.

There are people who needed that money.

They worked for it. They deserved it!

So how did the gun end up in your house?

I... I bought... I bought a gun a couple of years ago.

After the riots in Halifax.

I was scared. We were all scared.

We still are.

But I never brought it with me. I swear!

Do you have any idea where those shots came from?

They did not come from me.

All I wanted was for him... pay us what he owed us. That's it.

So what do you think? I don't know.

You believe he's innocent? I said I don't know.

He's a good man. I will decide that for myself.

It must be weird finding out you have a brother.

Half-brother. Who considers you to be a great detective. He knew about you.

It's weird you didn't know about him.

Nora never said anything. I'm amazed she kept it a secret after all these years. Me too.

Mr. Fordham and his security guard were shot with a.38 revolver, but the police officers at the scene were unable to recover the actual bullet that killed Mr. Fordham.

But they pulled one out of the security guard's leg. And then, they linked the revolver to Li. Well, they found a.38 at his house, along with all the money.

Did they do any ballistics tests on the gun?

Oh! Not that I could see.

So we have one bullet that was pulled out of the guard's leg, but not the bullet that killed Mr. Fordham.

And no proof that Li's gun was the murder weapon.

There is an eyewitness. Who?

The victim's son. He picked Li out of a lineup.

I'm gonna need you to go back to the office and do something for me.

Oh! Sorry.

I should have knocked first. Didn't mean to startle you.

Answer me one question. Shoot.

Why did you come back here? Friend of mine's facing the noose.

And that's the only reason?

I don't know. I guess I wanted to meet my sister.

Well, you could have given her some notice.

Yeah, I know. And I guess breaking into her office wasn't the swiftest idea.

No, and neither is walking around half-naked.

Guess not. Hey, uh, you got anything to eat around here?

Not only do you break into her office, but you want to eat her out of house and home?

Nora was right: you can't trust a Drake man. I'd say that depends on the man.

I gotta go.


Do you think you can dig up the autopsy report for Raymond Fordham?

Is this the murder that Frankie and Trudy are investigating?

Yep. As a favour for Frankie's half-brother, Jack.

Her what now? Apparently he just rolled into the office and announced he's Ned Drake's son!


Yeah. Wow!

How's Frankie? Fine, I think.

Oh, I'm sure she's putting all her thoughts into compartments.

Wha... what? What do you mean?

Focusing on the case now; worrying about surprise half-brother later. Oh! I gotta go.

Yes, Officer. How can I help you?

Thank you so much for coming, Wendy. I really appreciate it.

So, what can you tell me about Li?

Well, like most of us, Li Chang and his family didn't exactly sail first class on the Empress to get here.

They were from Hunan province.

And they landed in Halifax in 1911.

Many Chinese had come years before... they built the railroad... but his family settled in Halifax.

His father rubbed his hands raw as a dishwasher until he could afford his own place.

So did many others. They started businesses, - stores, restaurants, laundry. Started a community.

They built a home. And then the riots.

A home where they weren't welcome.

One day, a man who didn't want to pay his restaurant bill started a riot that lasted two days.

People destroyed every Chinese business in sight. So, his parents thought that Halifax wasn't a place to raise a family.

Especially one that wasn't white.

They got a foothold here, in the Ward, running a laundry.

And then Li Chang joined them a couple of years ago.

Then he started working at Fordham.

He did. And he didn't just defend the Chinese.

He advocated for all the workers.

So Jack was telling the truth.

Who's Jack? It's a long story.

You're trying to free the man who killed my father?

We just want to make sure justice is served.

It was. He had his day in court.

Hm. That's just it; it was literally a day.

You testified that you saw the shooting from your office window?

That's right. My father was my hero.

To see him cut down like that...

And this was the man who shot your father?

I'm afraid so. Li and my father had a history.

Mr. Fordham, that man isn't Li.

Sorry. I'm frazzled.

I should have looked at the photo for longer.

That's exactly my point. Isn't it possible that it happened so fast, it was far away; perhaps you thought you saw Li when you didn't?

It's worth investigating, don't you think?

Yes. I suppose you're right.

We all make mistakes, Mr. Fordham.

Good Lord. Does this mean my father's killer is still out there?

Ah! Frankie, finally! Nora, what are you doing here?

What is going on with Jack?

What's going on with my estranged brother?

Yeah. I mean, you know, what's his angle?

He needs help with a friend.

Really? Sweetheart, everybody has an angle; some are just better at smoothing theirs over.

Where is he right now? I'm not keeping tabs on him.

What?! Well, maybe you should because if he's anything like his father, what he's doing when you're not watching can walk through that door 30 years later, just...

Look, I'm happy he's here, OK?

I-I... I think it's good that he's here.

Really? What dad did to you was horrible, but that's not Jack's fault.

Oh, sweetheart. I just don't want you making the same mistakes I made.

A Drake man is not to be trusted.

Well, if that's true, I need to figure that out on my own, and you need to stay out of this. Can you promise me that?

I can promise not to have any surprise children.

That's for sure.

So that's a yes?

Standing up for people makes you a target. Li was just looking out for his community.

So he says. So you don't believe him?

I think I do. Thank you.

I'm doing this for him, not for you.

I was just... Just because we share the same father does not make us family.

What? Don't worry, it's not becoming a habit. Yeah, it better not.

You can add those to his bill.

So what did the court say?

"So, why are you snooping around a case that's already been decided?"

And what about the mistaken eyewitness?

They don't care.

So we're feeding him now? He has nowhere else to go.

I don't think he's a bad man, Frankie.

It's obvious. What's that supposed to mean?

I saw the way you were looking at him.

What's there not to look at? He's my brother!

OK. Mr. Macdonald?

You're the detectives looking into this?

We are. It's a waste of time. They got the killer.

Well, our client wants us to exhaust every option.

Look, I know what I saw.

Mr. Fordham and Chang were talking, and then Chang shot the both of us.

Thanks to him, I gotta use this thing the rest of my life.

That's awful. You're damn right it is.

You don't know what it's like to look down the barrel of a gun.

How do you know for sure it was Li Chang?

I knew him. He worked at the plant.

Look, he was a troublemaker, and it's time that he finally paid for what he's done. Now do you mind?

Thank you.

Look. Chinese workers.

I thought Fordham fired all the Chinese workers.

So did I.

Still can't believe Li popped the guy.

Did you know him? Yeah.

We were friendly until Li talked everyone into staging a protest.

Then Raymond Fordham fired the lot of us. I lost my job.

Looks like you got it back. Only because his son, Bruce, took over and hired some of us back after the shooting. He knows cheap labour when he sees it.

Who else did Bruce Fordham rehire?

I don't know. Ask someone else.

I just got my job back.

We need to get in there and look around.

How are we gonna get in there without Bruce seeing us?

Come on.

Hasn't anyone ever told you not to sneak up on people?

13.2 seconds. That simply will not do.

No, I would say not. Not at all.

Excuse me? Can I help you?

I should think not, but we can certainly help you.

Or at least this organization.

Well, it's too soon to tell who will still be here to reap the benefits of our services. What are you talking about?

What are you writing? I'm simply noting a pattern: disobedience, disorganization and disloyalty.

Oh, the three Ds: death to any organization.

Yes, death.

We are the efficiency experts. We were hired by your boss, Bruce Fordham.

He said it was an emergency and I can certainly see why. Hm.

Um, I don't see anything about that here. And I would because I'm the only one who answers his phone.

Mr. Fordham can't trust just anyone to tend to his business, you know. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Mm-hmm. Why wouldn't he tell you?

Unless, of course, the problem begins with the person who tends to his business phones.

We need access to the business archives, so we can accurately pinpoint where...

And whom... The deficiencies are.

I'll have to get his approval first.

That's no problem. I'm sure he will be very interested in our initial assessment in what we see as... problem areas.

No. I mean...

You know what? Actually, yes, oh, the efficiency experts he wanted. I remember now.

Please, let me show you the way.

If told you once, I told you a thousand times:

"Never leave a body on a slab on a hot day."

But it was my lunch break.

I don't care if it's your grandmother's 100th birthday; you just don't do it. What does my grandmother have to do with this? Uh... Never mind.

Oh. Hi, Mary. Can we help you?

No, you help me. Run to the pharmacy and get me some... rubbing alcohol.

He seems nice. Thick as a plank.

I am documenting every single mistake.

He'll be gone by next week. Are you gonna fire him?!

Oh, heck no! I'm gonna make the big boss do it.

Oh. So, took me awhile, but I found the Fordham autopsy report.

Look at that. Oh, that poor man.

The bullet pierced the aorta and then clipped the thoracic vertebrae on its way through. Ooh! Blew right through him.

You know the officers at the scene, they never recovered the bullet from the.38 that, uh, killed him.

.38? Mm-hmm.

That was the gun found at Li's house.

They say it's the murder weapon. Not a chance.

Police report says it was a.38.

Well, they were wrong.

You know, sometimes I think I work in the wrong job.

Do you?


So if Li didn't do it, let's find out who did.

Hmm... Good thing you're here.

You're right: there are a lot of efficiency issues here.

Say that again. This is gonna take forever.


Hm... She sort of looks like you.

I guess I will take that as a compliment.


I knew it!

The police report says they found the body of Raymond Fordham right... here.

So he must have been standing like this when he was shot.

Yeah, in the back. Ruthless.

Hold on for a sec.

This should do it.

Fordham was tall. Ah!

Uh, where did the bullet exit? Passed clear through the upper-right chest cavity. Right.

Pass me that stick, will you?

Right chest cavity.

It would have passed right through there. Alright, hold that!

Based on the trajectory of the bullet, it would have travelled at this angle.

And then it...

It could have ricocheted here.

And then based on the force and the angle, it could have bounced off here and landed somewhere over here.

Police report said they combed this area three times.

You don't sound convinced. Let's just say I'm well acquainted with the attending officer.

He knows his way around a bottle of gin.

"There are some people who see a great deal and some who see very little in the same thing."

That's T.H. Huxley.

My feet are killing me, let's get this over with.

Flo Chakowitz! Flo Chakowitz...


VoilĂ ! Nice, Mary!

That is definitely not a.38 calibre bullet.

So you were right. But how is that possible? The security guard had a.38 slug pulled out of his leg.

Either the shooter had two guns or...

There were two shooters that day.

This is taking forever. I thought you two were supposed to be efficiency experts. We're almost finished.

Raymond kept extensive records on everything, including his employees. Yeah, no kidding.

He even has duplicates of his switchboard notes, phone calls coming in and out. So we can confirm Li's story of someone calling him that day. Mm-hmm.

You know, if you two stopped talking, you'd probably be done already. And if you stopped interrupting us, I'm sure we would be finished by now.

Haha! What she means is we're going as fast as we can. Hahahahaha!

Look at this.

The man that we talked to who was rehired...

Mr. Zhang? He was rehired right after the murder for double his wage.

No wonder he liked Bruce more than his father.

Maybe Bruce is buying his silence.

What the devil's going on?

What are you two doing down here?

Mr. Fordham. What a pleasant surprise.

We were just... Uh...

I can explain.

What the hell is going on here?

OK, I can explain. Hahaha!

Yeah, you better. You can start with telling me what you took from Frankie's office.

You were following me? Ah. Wasn't hard, pal.

Who's this? This is the mother of the woman who's helping your brother.

I saw you take her stuff and I'm here to get it back, or I'm calling the cops. No, no, no, you can't!

Oh, okey-doke. Have it your way.

OK. You know what? Wait. Here.

Here. Take it.

What's this? You wanted the stuff I took from Frankie's office. This is it.

Oh, uh... this too. Wait, you raided her ice box?

I told you, you didn't need to do this.

You also told me you ate last week and that was a lie.

Hey! Excuse me.

Who are you exactly? Fei Chang.

Li's sister. Li who?!

Frankie's working his case. Right.

Li, the case. Sure. Charmed.

So, take the food, if that's what you want.

We don't need your pity, and we don't want your charity.

Yeah. No. No, no, no, no.

It's OK.

I'm just gonna leave it right there.

I just thought that he would...

But never mind. Anyway, I should...

I should go. Wait!

Tea? Please.

You should stay. Eat something.

Well, you know I did skip lunch to follow you, so... sure.

Thank you. Thank you.


What were you looking for? Li Chang's employee file.

Why didn't you just ask me? We didn't want to bother you.

Even though assuming an identity to gain unauthorized access is a crime. Half of being a private detective is taking the unconventional approach.

How about those files you slipped into your bag?

Shall I chalk that up to unconventional approach as well? It'd be great if you could...

I thought it was just plain old trespassing and theft.

I'll take those back now.

What are you doing? Well, you don't understand the ramifications of such actions.

I thought I might call someone to explain them to you.

You don't need to call the police. We'll see ourselves out.

They'll escort you out, then.

Look, I lost my father as well.

12 years ago. And the pain, it... doesn't go away no matter how much time passes.

You served?

Didn't everybody?

Canadian corps.

I rode dispatch.

I should have guessed a female P.I. would have come from uniform.

Oh! So sorry about that.


Mm-hmm? Be a dear and see Miss Drake and Miss Clarke out, will you please? That's it?

I mean, of course. I'd be delighted.

This way, ladies.

Bruce Fordham lied. There's no way that he saw the shooting from his office window. I guess your brother's right about Li. Half-brother.

Come in!

Thank God you're here. They moved up Li's execution.

They're hanging him tomorrow. We need to get some help.

Let's call the girls.

They pushed the execution forward?

Why?! The cops probably think we're close to solving the case. Cops! They'd rather condemn an innocent man than admit they're wrong.

Hey! Not all cops.

So, what do you have? Well, there was no way he was killed by a.38 like the police thought he was.

Wounds are completely inconsistent.

Right. You mentioned that. Uh, but we didn't get to show you this.

It's the bullet that killed Mr. Fordham.

It ricocheted off a lamppost in front of the factory and we dug it out of a crate.

So the security guard lied as well. Looks like we need to talk with him.

Well, there's no need to go.

And that'll be him.

Hey! I believe today is my lucky day.

You two again? I-I should've known.

Mary? I told him he'd won a raffle. He just had to come down here to collect his prize.

So what do you want from me?

The truth about what happened the day Mr. Fordham was shot.

I already told you. You told us something.

But now we want the truth. You broads are loopy.

My friend is waiting to die. You want me to beat it out of you?

OK. Jack...

Mary, take a peep at that sidearm.

That look like a.38 to you? Indeed it does.

If you have any intention of telling the truth, now would be a good time.

It all happened so fast.

I heard the shots and I went for my piece.

You shot yourself? Look, it was a bum move, OK? Next thing I know, Raymond's dead on the ground and my leg is on fire.

Why didn't you just call the police?

Because it was my job to protect Raymond, and I let him down.

Someone from the factory called Li. We have the records to prove it.

We can assume they were pretending to be Raymond Fordham.

The report says Bruce Fordham was in his office at the time of the shooting. See, look: he even has an alibi.

Yeah. Bruce is alibied by Zhang.

Who's that? He worked with Li.

They were fired at the same time.

Zhang went back to working at the factory after the shooting. So that means Bruce promoted him. So Zhang owes him.

Enough to lie. Arrest Bruce Fordham for perjury. And the guard. They're both lying.

Even if we can prove it, Li will be dead by then.

Mary, do you still have that bullet?

Oh! Mm-hmm.

It's from a.303 Ross Sniper Rifle... the same Bruce Fordham would have carried when he served.

Why would Bruce kill his own father?

Because he was driving the place into the ground. Fordham Mannequins posted losses for the past three years. And look at this: twice Bruce Fordham tried to have his father removed.

We gotta have enough to force a confession.

It's circumstantial, Jack. We tell him we have him red-handed that we're gonna pull his print from the bullet. That is possible, isn't it, Mary?

Uh, yes, but we don't have his fingerprints.

Well, Bruce Fordham doesn't know that.

Miss Drake, I'm beginning to wonder if I made a mistake earlier not reporting you. Hm.

I'm the one who should be reporting you.

What do you mean? You know, I always wondered if I could be a sniper.

Spending my nights crawling in the muck, my days just waiting to take a shot. How did you do it?

How did you know I was a sniper? I told you. I served.

You said you rode dispatch. Among other things.

Is it true that it's all in the planning?

Like all hard things.

You're here to trade war stories?

No, I'm here to talk about how you killed your father.

It's cold-blooded, shooting him in the back. Is that so you didn't have to look at his face?

I would never... You know, we found the bullet.

It's from a.303 Ross Sniper Rifle, your rifle.

Don't be absurd. And I'm sure when I give that bullet to my friend in the police department she's gonna find your fingerprints on it.

What do you want? What do you got?

Miss Drake, whatever it is you think you know, I've been in business long enough to know that if you were gonna call the police, you'd have done it already.

I'll ask again: what do you want?

What everyone wants: money.

Even Li couldn't resist grabbing the cashbox when you lured him down here. That was smart by the way, calling him pretending to be your father.

Li hated my father. Everyone knew it.

Is that why you pinned the murder on him?

You have the bullet? Where is it?

I'll tell you when I get my money.

5000 to be exact. And the bullet?

You'll get it when I get my money.

Meet me back here at 5 o'clock.

I wouldn't be late if I were you. Come alone.

Think he'll take the bait? No, but I'm guessing he will.

What if he goes after you? Let him try.

I always wondered what you'd be like.

Then you're one step ahead of me because I didn't even know you existed.

Really? I've known about you my entire life.

How? Dad would come by.

He'd talk about you sometimes. You never tried to find me?

How could I? I'm the reason your parents split.

I'm sure you're not the only reason.

Frankie. Thank you for coming.

Where do you want us? Just down the alleyway.

Give me a signal when he's close.

Alright. Uh... uh... how about a pigeon coo?

Good God! You should hear her sing.

A hand signal will be fine, Mary.

Where's Trudy?

I lost him. So he's not planning on meeting me.

He's running. Maybe, maybe not.

You three spread out, look around. You come with me.

Everybody be careful. Don't worry about that.

Yeah. We'll find him. Mm-hmm.

Sorry, Miss Drake. It's nothing personal.

You should take a closer look.

I'd be careful with that if I were you.

You know what? That really hurt.

If I'd have known you'd be the one picking me up, I'd have stayed inside.

Hey, now you owe me one. Well, that's a change, huh?

And, uh, you were right about your sister being a great detective. Yeah, she's alright.

Thank you, Miss Drake.

Well, my brother helped a little.

Hey! Go be with your family.

Do you want to come to Jelly's with us and have a drink?

I gotta catch the 6-20 to New York.

Yeah. "Blow into town, blow out of town" kind of guy.

Hey, if you want me to come back sometime, I will.

I mean, I wouldn't say no.

Loose, loose, loose.

No. Come on. Loose, loose, loose.

Say it.

Sweet Georgia Brown.

That was Dad's favourite when I was a kid.

I remember. Back then, I hated it.

Oh, me too.

I'm sorry you didn't get to grow up with him.

I'm glad you did.

I don't need to read this.

Oh, I thought you'd be interested. Sorry.

Oh! What's that for?

You four drink for free all night.

Oh! How about free drinks all night, every night? That's pushing it.

Thanks, Wendy.

Thank you... for helping Li Chang.

Aww... So, your brother just left.

Yeah. He had a train to catch.

So do it. What? No.

Come on. Trudy hasn't heard your most excellent pigeon impression. Richard Audubon would be proud.

Yeah, come on. Let's hear it. There's people around.

I'm sure they want to hear it too.

Alright, fine, but don't laugh.

That's a pigeon? Yes.

Pigeon stuck in a trap maybe.

OK, well, you try!

I don't do pigeons. How about a seagull?

Seagulls are easy.

How about another drink instead?


Oh. Hey, kiddo.

I thought... He left, didn't he?

C'est la vie.

Well... I'm just glad I could help him.

That's the way you're gonna play it, huh?

Play what? He needed a favour, so I gave him one.

It's not a big deal. He's not the first person to walk out of my life.

I wanted to say goodbye.

I did. I just... I was hurt and I was angry and...

I don't know. You were better off with your father than me.

He cheated on you.

We were young and dumb.

But I never did right by you.

Stop it. No, it's true.

And I'm sorry.

You know...

I always thought Ned was perfect and you were the rotten one.

Goes to show what I know.

There was a lot of good in your father.

Hmm? Sometimes.

Seems like it sure showed up in that boy of his, huh?


And in you.

Anyway, I just... I, uh...

I just... I wanted to say those things to you.

It's pretty good. What is it?

Oh, well! I... I made a new friend today and she makes it herself.

Could use a little something.

Funny, you know, I-I-I was just thinking that myself.