Frankie Drake Mysteries S3E7 Script

Out on a Limb (2019)

Hahaha! Oh, yeah!

Whoa! Whoo!

Gimme that million-dollar smile, gals!


Hey! Move over there. We need a better angle.

Now, these lovely ladies can be seen dancing six nights a week at the TipTop Club - seven nights if the city fathers decide to finally axe that Sunday law.

Ah, don't bet on that happening. You're not in the Big Apple now, Irwin.

Well, you need to stay with the times or get left behind. That's what I always say.

The TipTop. Got that?

Irwin sure knows how to put on a show!

This club is quite the swanky place.

You've actually been inside?! Are you kidding? That's just what I heard.

We need more New York here in Toronto.

Is it as glamorous there as everyone says?

It sure is! You gotta live more, Mary.

There he is: there's Jake Irwin. Where?

Why does it take always take an American to up the ante?

I don't know. Must be something in the water.



You got the moves down aces.

Thanks. You still down in the dumps?

I'm fine. It happens to all of us.

Not to me.

And then it did.

You just gotta pick yourself up.

Let a smile be your umbrella.

Yeah, something like that.

You're gonna come down?

In a minute. The night looks nice tonight.

Oh, no! Oh, no, no. Oh, no.

I don't buy it.

My sister's death was no accident.

And you want us to investigate?

I may not be a city sophisticate, but I know the difference of right and wrong, and what happened to my sister is wrong.

What can you tell us about her?

Our family's from Cobourg. My father owns the haberdashery.

But selling notions to housewives was never for Josie.

She always had her nose in some Hollywood magazine, saw every stage show she could.

She lived for dancing and the limelight.

It sounds like you two were very close.

Moving to Toronto was the big time for Josie.

I always tried to keep an eye out for her, but she was a trusting soul and a bit star-struck.

Do you live in the city? Yes. I work at the tax office.

What makes you think that her death wasn't an accident?

She phoned me the day it happened.

She had something important to tell me.

I never found out what it was, but maybe it's why she died.

And that's why I want a proper investigation.

Well, we're gonna find out what we can, Harold.

Call me Harry. Josie called me Harry.

We'll do what we can, Harry.

Is that an exposed wire? Aaah!

Oh, Flo! Please be careful.


Are you sure you know what you're doing?

No! Yes.

My father was an electrician. I sat in his workshop every Saturday morning. Picked up a thing or two.


I am more than just a pretty face.

Haha! Who's for tea?

Me! Mary, how's it going with the report? Ah, yes.

I've got it right here. Timmons, Josie.

Detective Matthews was sent to the scene to investigate.

He found a whiskey flask, almost empty, near the ledge where Josie fell.

Was tested for fingerprints and Josie's were on it.

So she was out on the roof having a drink.

Yes. The detective figured she reprised her dance, misjudged her footing and fell. Seems he thought it easy to do in the dark, wearing heels and all.

Right. 'Cause he knows what it's like to wear heels.

Nevertheless, it was ruled an accident. Case closed.

That's some fine police work.


Coroner found no evidence of foul play.

Injuries were consistent with a fall.

I took a look at this poor girl myself; she died from a skull fracture.

Her head burst like a watermelon when it hit the pavement.

The coroner did a thorough examination for once.

No autopsy? No medical evidence to warrant an autopsy and the family didn't ask for it.

The family was pretty distraught about her death.

Her body's already being shipped back to Cobourg for burial.

Josie was dancing on that ledge, light as air, just hours before she supposedly fell.

I don't buy it. Well, maybe she had a skinful.

No evidence of that.

Her brother Harry said that she wanted to tell him something, maybe some kind of secret.

You know, she seemed to be friends with the gal she was dancing with; maybe she knows something. Think it's time we visit the TipTop. Thanks.

Get a load of her!

Good evening. Oh, hello.

Table for one, please.

Just yourself? It's just me.

Sally. Find this young lady a table and make sure that she's not bothered.

Sure thing, Mr. Irwin. Enjoy your evening.

If you need anything, just say you're a friend of the owner's.

Thank you. Right this way.

Well, looks good, son.

It's as swell as that Manhattan joint you opened.

Stick around for a day or two. I've got a surprise I want to show you.

Hoho! Another surprise to show my chequebook?

Dad, I want you to meet Richard Cole. You guys actually have a lot in common.


Nose for a good investment no doubt.

Your son never stops pitching his ideas, Mr. Irwin.

Oh, yeah. He's a regular Babe Ruth.

I never cared for the Yankees.

Oh? Who's your team? Cubbies.

Oh, well, then I feel sorry for you.

Ah, thank you.

Keep 'em coming sweetheart, night's just getting started.

You got it.

Cheers, cheers, cheers.

Thank you. He's a big tipper.

That's Richard Cole. He's a buddy of Mr. Irwin.

Spends a lot of time here. Big fan of cabaret?

I guess.

Mr. Irwin only picks the best dancers.

You wanna be a showgirl?

I'm kind of hoping that I'll get the spot that opened up.

Oh... I read about what happened.

The newspaper said that it was an accident.

I guess. You know something different?

20 cents for the ginger ale. Well...

That dancer there? You know her name?

That's Annabelle. But she won't talk.


I was a friend of Josie's.

I'm so sorry about what happened.

Thanks. It's so hard to believe that... that she slipped and fell like that.

What do you mean?

The newspaper said it was an accident.

It was awful and I don't want to think about it.

I gotta get changed.

Did she say anything to you when you were up there?

Nothing. Nothing?

I said I don't want to talk about it.

Are you following me? Shhhh!

Why are you following me? Is this about Josie?

You're her friend, so you should know, but it goes no further. Understand? OK.

She was the best dancer out of all of us.

She didn't deserve what happened.

Are you saying that it wasn't an accident?

I think Josie jumped. What?

It was her way out of a bad situation.

Uh, what kind of trouble was she in?

I think she was involved in an unwanted liaison.

She felt trapped. By who?

She didn't say, but it could only have been one guy:

Mr. Irwin?


Never mind. No! It...

No, I shouldn't have said anything.

No. Josie had no reason to kill herself.

Last time I saw her, she was happy. She had everything going for her.

Did she ever mention Mr. Irwin, her boss at the Club? He was the one helping her.

How? I came across a letter when I was packing up Josie's room. A Hollywood agent was offering her a job in a fancy club down there.

Mr. Irwin set it up. He gave her a great reference.

If she was on her way to Hollywood, why would she take her own life?

Exactly. Dancing in Hollywood was her dream come true.

Do you recognize this?

Ah, I don't. Sorry.

You won't give up, will you, Miss Drake?

No! Of course not. We'll be in touch.

This is one expensive gift.

If her brother didn't give it to her, who did?

I'll ask the jewellers around and see what they can find.

That's a good start.

So, what's your take on Irwin?

He seemed like a nice enough guy, but...

Never judge a book by its cover.


I'd like to find out more about Josie and this Hollywood deal, but the girls at the club are so tight-lipped.

Wonder what they're hiding? I need to find a way in there.

Oh! I may have something.

I saw this this morning.

TipTop is looking for dancers.


How good are you walking in a tail?

I guess we'll find out.


Well, Miss Holden, I-I just performed at the Folies Bergère.

That's in Paris. I know where the Folies Bergère is.


I've mainly worked throughout Europe.

They don't really ask for references.

Sure you have.

Good luck to you, Miss Wilson. Thank you, Mr. Irwin.

Ruth, send a telegram to the Rogers Agency in LA. Miss Wilson here will be on the next train.

Can't thank you enough, Mr. Irwin. I won't let you down.

Oh, you never have. And you deserve every success, Annabelle. Give my regards to Hollywood.

Hello again. Hello.

What brings you back to the TipTop?

Actually, I am applying for a job.

So you liked what you saw. My club, that is.

I did. Hire her.

I look forward to seeing you again.

You start as a hostess. What about being a mermaid?

You'll have to audition, honey.

Annabelle, wait! We need to talk.

No time. I gotta pack.

The train to Los Angeles leaves this afternoon.

What you said about Jake and Josie...

Forget it. I didn't know what I was talking about.

What? You seemed pretty sure last night.

I was upset. I got my wires crossed. What do you mean?

Mr. Irwin didn't do anything to her. She made it all up.

Are you sure that's not just the fancy new job talking?

Just forget it. I gotta go.

Pretty classy!

Thanks! I start tonight.

So, Annabelle did not want to talk to me.

Oh, she was bought off. Well, I mean it seems a little convenient that she's just heading out of town.

Or maybe Annabelle pushed Josie off the roof, so she could have the Hollywood gig, and then she lied about Irwin's advances to cover it up.

That is a very devious theory, Flo.

Well, I only started having those theories when I worked with you.

Any luck on the jewellery? As a matter of fact, yes. It was a special order from Birks.

Wow! Just as I thought: no expense spared. Do you know who bought it?

It was bought in cash by a Ruth Holden.

Ruth Holden? That's Jake's secretary.

So maybe he gets her to do his shopping.

Maybe Jake and Josie were having an affair and Ruth knew about it. Maybe, but no one at TipTop's gonna say anything, they have way too much to lose.

Sounds like showgirl jobs are rare.


What about the girls who aren't there anymore?

Like the ones who quit.

Or were fired.

I bet Ruth Holden holds on to all the records.

Let me see what I can dig up.

Good to see you.

Good evening. Uh, Mr. Cole is expecting me.

Yes, of course. Right this way.

Are these drinks for me?

Hello, darling. You look lovely.

Mm. Thank you.

Bruce, meet my fiancée, Pamela.

Bruce Irwin. Delighted.

How do you do? Please.

What are you doing?!

I was just looking for whatever Mr. Irwin keeps on the mermaids. I...

I really want to be a mermaid.

You wait your turn. But I'm good.

And you're not the only fish in the sea. A girl's got to try.

How are the photos Frankie took coming out?

Nearly done. We can actually see the names of the women quite clearly in this one.

So, the plan is gonna be that you, me and Flo approach these women and... ask them if anything untoward happened at the Club?

Uh... yeah, but untoward sounds a little... Victorian.

I mean, maybe we should ask if they were harassed.

It sounds more modern.

But harassed? That sounds like they're mothers dealing with rambunctious children.

Oh... What about, what about dishonoured?

I mean it's on the right track, but it's still very medieval. I mean, if we're gonna get these gals to talk, we gotta use the right words.

Alright, so we need something that's not too genteel, but not too explicit.

OK, what about "unwanted advances"?

Oh. "Un... unwanted affection"?

Are you sure you're OK to do this?

Yes. I'm a morality officer, I question ladies all the time.

Sorry I'm late.

We're going with "unwanted advances" when we talk to the gals. That pretty much covers it.

Here you are.

Thanks, baby. Hey! Nice try.

Watch your manners, sir.

Frankie! I don't run that kind of establishment.

Trudy told me I'd find you here.

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I'm on a case.

Figured that.

Just wanted to tell you I got a big fight coming up: Tony Wilson.

Oh, he's a contender. Number one.

Until he meets me. That's what I like to hear.


I hope you don't mind. It's just not every day we have a real name like Moses Page in here.

Buy you a drink? I wouldn't say no.

Please. This way. Mm-hm.

Trudy Clarke. Drake Private Detectives.

Thanks for meeting me. What's this all about?

Some rumours I heard about TipTop.

Why did you quit your waitress job at the TipTop Club?

I got a better offer at the King Edward Hotel.

Yes, I was a showgirl at the TipTop. Why are you asking?

Well, I'm enquiring on behalf of a gal who worked there, and she may have experienced...

...well, unwanted advances.

Is that what they're calling it these days?

You mean the staff being preyed upon?

Yes. But you don't seem surprised. No.

Why are you asking me that? Just a rumour.

Asking for a friend. Like I said, I got a better offer at the King Edward Hotel.

You're cute.

This is for you.

If you really wanna know what's going on at TipTop, go ask the cops. Really?

I went to the cops and filed a complaint about things going too far when I was working there. I'm not just talking wandering hands; worse than that.

Well, of course there was hanky-panky.

How do you think we got promoted to showgirls?

Is that's what's really necessary?

It goes with the turf. Did you know Josie Timmons?

She the one that jumped off the building? Yeah.

Not really, but I can understand the impulse.

Come again?

Josie, God rest her soul, was a floozie like the rest of us.

We didn't like it, but we did what we had to do. End of story.

The detectives I talked to shrugged it off like it was nothing. That's what it was to them: nothing.

I gotta go. I'm... late for work.

Uh, would you be willing to talk to someone about this?

It's all ancient history now.

I got out. Married me a decent man.

I'm not interested in talking to a private detective.

Sorry, honey.

Would you be willing to talk about it?

Who the hell to? To anyone who will listen.

Me? No way.

No way. No way.

Well, it seems you've impressed Mr. Irwin.

You've jumped to the front of the line.

What do you mean? Means your girlhood dream is about to come true. You get to be a mermaid.

That's great.

Sure is. It's time for your costume fitting.

Never worn a mermaid tail before.

Is it supposed to be this tight? Keep up that enthusiasm. You'll make a great addition to the troupe.

So what exactly am I supposed to do in this?

I mean, I can't... can't exactly dance.

Think about it: what do mermaids do?

Swim, I suppose. Exactly.

Hello, everyone.

Very nice. Very nice work.

Give me a minute with the new girl, will you?

So what do you think?

I'm all ready to go for a swim. Where's the pool?

All in good time.

I should probably go as well. There's no rush.

From the minute you walked into my club, I've had my eye on you. Me?

Now, you don't need to play so coy.

Look, I... I had no idea.

Why else would you apply for a job here?

'Cause I thought it would be fun. I think I was wrong.

So... we are.


You want to be a mermaid or not?

Not this bad.

Who the hell do you think you are?!

He came out of nowhere.

It all happened so fast.

One minute, Ruth and I are joking around, and then she leaves the room and... uh... and he's basically forcing himself on me.

Thank God you got away from him, Frankie.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but... it was humiliating. It doesn't sound ridiculous.

Do you think he did the same thing to Josie?

I wouldn't be surprised. He's a bully.

Well, I'm gonna stop him.

Be careful dealing with a guy like him, Frankie.

Um, Frankie can handle him, right?

She hit him; he is not gonna like it, he's gonna want to fight back. I'll be careful.

Did you guys get anything from the women that you spoke with?

They all told us the same story, more or less.

And none of them want to take on Irwin.

I think these seductions are a pattern, Frankie.

This one gal, Naomi, she actually went to the police.

So I checked the file. Sure enough, she reported Irwin accosted her in his office.

What happened? Oh, nothing happened. Nothing.

No follow-up, no investigation, nothing.

What's the point of even having a police force if they don't actually serve and protect?

Well, the police are gonna have to do something because I'm going public. Whatever you're trying to do, looks like someone beat you to it.

"How Frankie Drake investigates"?

The cheese is off the cracker now.

I'm telling you, no one can resist a mermaid.

It's a winner, Cole. What do you say?

Sounds tempting. Hmm.

You picked the wrong mermaid this time, Jake.

You think this ridiculous article is gonna silence me? You're wrong.

I had nothing to do with it. Oh, please. Of course you did.

And good luck suggesting that I did.

No one's gonna listen to some girl detective with questionable morals.

I'm sorry? "Questionable morals"?

The company you keep, sneaking into my club, pretending to be someone you're not, preying on my charity.

Why, do you want to hit me?

I'd welcome laying an assault charge.

Come on. Some of these plans will knock your socks off.

What happened to Frankie really upset you, didn't it?

It did. It was hearing Frankie say she was frightened.

I've never seen Frankie scared before.

It seemed like... like maybe you knew what she was talking about.

Did something happen to you, Flo?

It happened a long time ago, before I was married.

It's nothing to dwell on. Did you ever tell anyone?

It was nothing.

You could tell me if you want.

This man invited me out sailing.

He was very dapper, a bit out of my league. I was flattered.

We had a really good time.

We laughed a lot and did a bit of canoodling.

And then after, uh... he took me out behind the boathouse and it kind of went too far.

And I, uh... and I didn't know how to stop it.

That's not nothing, Flo.

I guess I felt like it was my fault 'cause I wore a slightly revealing dress and I laughed at his jokes and I kissed him. No!

No, his behaviour was terrible and against the law. And, excuse me, this was not your fault!

How dare he treat you like that?

Boy, you are living in a bubble. This goes on all the time and we just don't want to talk about...

Like Frankie said, look, it is humiliating!

Flo, I'm not living in a bubble.

I'm a morality officer.

Upholding moral order is my job and I do...

I take that responsibility very seriously.

Oh, I'm sorry, Mary.

No, Flo. I'm sorry I can't find that "dapper man."

Irwin shouldn't get away with what he's doing.

No, he shouldn't.

And those showgirls, they shouldn't have to put up with his awful advances just to get ahead.

But we tried, Mary. They won't even speak out.

Well, Flo, we have to try again!


I don't want to do this by myself.

Well, you sure have a way of talking a gal into something.

I hate to say it, but Irwin's right.

It's ridiculous. It's OK to attack as many women as you want, but you can't kiss a man with different-coloured skin? Yeah, that about sums it.

What the heck is this about, Miss Drake?

Well, you're obviously onto something or someone.

That's why they're going after you personally and publicly.

It's shocking! What did you find out?

Jake has been preying on the dancers at his club.

Josie was one of them. What do you mean?

He's been demanding "favours" from them.

Oh, my God, no. I'm so sorry.

That's appalling. Poor Josie.

Do you think she took her life because of it?

I think that she felt trapped and she had no other way out.

She deserved so much better.

Please, don't let him get away with this, Miss Drake. We won't.

If you stop this man from hurting one other girl, Josie's death will count for something.

I don't know if this will help.

It's a bill from a lawyer. Arrived for Josie this morning.

We'll look into this.

You want to go after Irwin?

We do, but we need your help.

Forget it. Men like him are untouchable.

They are if we let them, Maxine.

You're talking to the wrong gal here.

I'm no angel.

No one's gonna believe what I've got to say.

Anyway, I-I don't like to think about it. I know what you mean.

It's humiliating to be taken advantage of by a guy who's supposed to look out for you.

Like a boyfriend or a boss. You've been there?

I kept it to myself for years.

I didn't tell a soul. 'Til now.

And I already feel better about myself.

What happened to you?

He was a popular guy. I was flattered that he asked me out.

It was new and exciting, and I thought he was my beau.

Mr. Haines?

Yes. And you are? Frankie Drake.

I'm a private detective. I was hired by Harold Timmons to look into his sister's death.

I heard what happened. My condolences.

I'm sorry to have to ask, but why did she need to hire a lawyer?

She wanted to sue her boyfriend for breach of promise. Did you take the case?

No. I told her it'd be a waste of my time and her money.

She couldn't prove anything. Meaning?

Miss Timmons was pregnant. What?

She was a showgirl with a showgirl lifestyle.

I told her no judge would believe her story, I did her a favour.

Do... do you know who this boyfriend was?

She didn't give a name, but he had money, that's for sure. What makes you say that?

He gave Josie a gift. An expensive pendant.

Thank you.

Ruth. What do you want?

Just to have a little chat between us girls.

I've got nothing to say to you.

Oh, you have plenty to say. You know exactly what's going on behind closed doors.

That's a private matter.

Not anymore. I intend to expose Jake.

How will you do that? This isn't about me; this is about Josie Timmons.

You bought a pendant inscribed "To Josie."

Was that a gift from Jake?

Yes. I bought it.

But not for Jake. It was for his friend, Mr. Cole.

Cole bought it for her?


But take a piece of advice from me:

Stop this vendetta against Jake Irwin.

This is a battle that you won't win.

I'm sorry. Club's not open yet.

Oh, she's one of the hostesses, darling.

Was. Can we have a private word, Mr. Cole?

That's not necessary. I don't keep secrets from my fiancée.

Even your promise of marriage to Josie Timmons?

Don't be ridiculous. I'd never marry a showgirl.

It's just a bit of fun. Josie knew that.

Well, I'm pretty sure Josie saw it as more than just a little bit of fun.

Did you know she was pregnant?

That's a lie.

Richard told me all about Josie.

Sad story, but I've met girls like her.

She was a gold digger, just like the rest of them. Josie was a daughter and a sister and she had a family who loved her. The only mistake she made was trusting people like you.

Cole seduced Josie with expensive gifts and the promise of marriage.

And then when she told him she was carrying his child, he just abandoned her. Her career was over.

She couldn't go to Hollywood pregnant.

So she chose suicide over the shame of telling her family the truth.

Cole's a bastard. And we can't touch him.

What have we got on Irwin?


Hey, gals! Why the long faces?

It seems the forces of evil have won this round.

Oh! Well...

...I think I might have something to cheer you up.

Come in.

This is Maxine, the gal who could take down Jake Irwin. This is Trudy Clarke and Frankie Drake.

You ready to talk?

I hear you serve a decent gin.

So they say. Then what are we waiting for?

I started out as a waitress at the TipTop.

It was alright, tips were decent.

Some of the guys were a bit frisky, but nothing I couldn't handle.

You wanted to be a showgirl. All the waitresses wanted to be showgirls. But Irwin made the call on who got the promotion. So, I started hanging around after work, chatting him up. Next thing - no surprise -

I'm invited into his office. I wasn't the first.

He had his whole thing down to a tee.

He even had a "do not disturb" signal.

What was it? Turned on a lamp outside the door to his office.

I walked in, eyes wide open... and endured his clumsy seduction.

Now you don't need to play so coy.

I knew there was a price to pay.

That's a brave thing for you to say.

Hmm. All this time, I made it like it was nothing, like it's what you have to do to get a job, but... you know, I was disgusted.

Truth be told, I was disgusted with myself.

And that's why I quit the business.

So why did you decide to come forward now?

These two persuaded me.

I'm glad they did.

Maybe I'll feel better about myself.

Hm. So what do we do, Frankie?

Well, we can't go to the police.

They don't care.

Or the newspapers. Irwin's got them sewn up.

So, we hit Irwin where it hurts the most.

How do we do that?

Well, we're gonna need an electrician...

...and a mermaid.

Hi, Ruth. The boss in?

Didn't think we'd see you back here.

Never say never.

Well, look who misses the limelight.

Hello, Mr. Irwin.

I figured you'd be back in no time, Maxine.

I heard you're looking for mermaids.

I take it you can swim? Been at Cherry Beach all summer. I'm a natural.

Well, you always were a quick learner.

Hm! Come on in. I've got something special planned and you could be just the ticket.

It's good to have you here, though. Enjoy yourself. Good luck.

Aaah... Shall we?

A bit premature for celebration, son.

Oh, please! These guys can't wait to give me their money.

All you need to do is put your cheque in my hand, and they'll follow like lemmings. We're golden.

So, bring on the dancing girls.

Cheers to that.

Canapé, sir? Don't mind if I do.

Enjoy the show. This will be for Josie.

Good evening, everyone!

It's good to see all of our investors here tonight.

Thank you for all coming to the TipTop.

And a special thank you to my father, Bruce, who's made the trip from New York.

He's having a real swell time in your city.

But, as you've all been promised...

...the best... is yet to come.

We thought we would up the ante and bring you real mermaids!

Ladies and gentlemen, let Mermaid Maxine lure you into her undersea world, let her show you the depth...

Sorry. Just a - ahem - momentary glitch here...

How about a kiss to get us started?

Not sure I should be alone with you.

Drop the coyness, Maxine.

It's not like you haven't done this before, many times before.

And that's why you came back. This is obviously some...

- I came back to be a mermaid. Kind of prank, um...

You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

You ask for a lot more than just a scratch.

Someone please switch, switch it off!

Well, you know what that takes, sweetheart.

You give Jakey a little love. OK, um... switch this off!

I've missed your lips and your hips, honey.

Come here. Just a little bit closer.

OK! Where... where is the band? Um, band, please play something! Ah...

Now what would your father think, Jakey?

This is just between you, me and the lamppost.

I'd never tell anyone about our fun.

Ha! - Don't do that, Jakey.

When girls like you say "no," it never means no.


If only he knew.

Come on, Maxine.

- This is the way the world works. Time to join the fun.

Uh, Dad, help me out here. Thank the stars your mother's not here to listen to this filth!

No, no. It's-it's the hoax. I-I-I-I-I...

Here is your precious cheque.

You were brilliant! You think I've got a future on the stage?

Oh, you bet! You're no son of mine.


Please accept the family's apology for my son's appalling behaviour, Miss. Good night.

You. You betrayed me.

You said you'd keep your mouth shut if I gave you a job!

I didn't say a word.

Seems to me it was you who did all the talking.

Well done. He's humiliated.

And broke. Thanks to Josie.

Without her, it would be business as usual at the TipTop. Too bad Josie couldn't see it for herself. One last thing, Miss Drake.

He's right there. Let's get out of here.

Thank you. Mr. Cole?


That's for Josie. And Monday morning, expect a visit from the tax office.


Look at that!

Thought we should treat ourselves.

It's been quite the week. No kidding.

You know, everything we uncovered, it's... it's enough to put a gal off men altogether.

How so? Oh, I don't know. I just...

I think I've gone off the whole idea of romance.

Probably won't even bother getting a boyfriend.

Mary, don't let one bad apple ruin everything. What do you mean?

If I'd done that, I would never have married Herb, and I would have missed out on all those amazing years.

I am so glad I told you what happened.

It really helped, and I'm glad that it helped Maxine.

Women need to talk to each other more.

We really do. And don't shut yourself off to happiness. Not all men are like Irwin.

You are so strong, Flo.

So are you! You're like Boudicca in that uniform.

Really? Yes you are!

Keep it up. We gals need you.

Uh! Let's eat our lunch.

I got a floater coming in at 1.

Leaving town?

Mr. Irwin is headed to the West Coast to start a new venture. Hm. No showgirls this time?

I don't know what his plans are.

Well, what's your plan?

You're going with him, aren't you?

When are you gonna stop covering for him?

Make sure the bags go on.

Goodbye, Miss Drake.

We're all packed.

Not sorry to be leaving this backwater, I'll tell you.

Well, aren't you a pretty thing.

A face like that, you should be in showbiz. Give me a call.

Coming or not?

One day the penny will drop, Ruth.

Or not.

I was pretty excited to be a mermaid.

You know, the tail actually looked good on you.

I intend to keep it. Must be a nice life, just swimming around all day. Mmm, salt water's good for your skin. That's true.

We walked by Jake Irwin's club on the way here. The place is completely shuttered.

Closed for business indefinitely.

To Josie.

To Josie. To Josie.

To Josie.