Frankie Drake Mysteries S3E9 Script

A History of Violins (2019)

Hey! Oh, you finally made it!

Excited? Mm-hmm!

I am glad I decided to wear a dress.

You look beautiful. When you said concerto, I assumed you meant Massey Hall. Natasha Petrov marches to her own beat. This... this place is more her style. She's been in seclusion for an entire year. Everyone's excited to meet her.


Isn't that Nora? Yeah, with a new mark.

I mean fella.

I didn't know she liked classical music.

It must have been his idea.

Nora! Oh, Frankie. Hm!

Here at the hottest ticket in town. How on earth did you get in? Who's your new friend?

Oh! Patterson Rogers, this is Frankie. She's my...

...daughter, who was born when I was very young.

Obviously. Yeah.

Hi. A pleasure, Mr. Rogers.

Patterson, please. Mm-hmm.

Trudy Clarke. Oh, and Trudy.

Patterson deals in exclusive musical instruments.

He has some pretty high-class clientele.

Mm-hmm. We should go and take our seat because we're way up front in the VIP section.

Front row. Just make sure no music stands fall and hit you.

That's not a thing, is it? No.


Either Nora's really falling for that guy, or he better hold onto his cufflinks and his watch.

...there's no truth to the rumour that she was in a motorcycle accident in Upper New York State.

What is true, though, is she'll be playing a Nicolas Lupot violin, 100 years old.

Very rare. Very exciting.

Very... Excuse us, please.

Thank you.

I think she's a bigger fan than you are.

She's just showing off.

Is this the best that you can do?

We might as well be in the parking lot!

You have no idea how hard it was to get these tickets!

Just because you drank a bottle of merlot the night before they went on sale and then slept in!

Well, you're lucky I brought you, vache anglaise!

Hey! Just keep it down!

He just called me an English cow!

Well, take it outside, or I'll call a constable friend of mine to come down and take you guys down to the station.

Enjoy the music.

If they carry on like that during the show, I will drag them out of here myself.

I just have to say that that was amazing.

Do you really work with the police?

In a manner of speaking.

We're private detectives.

Oh, how interesting! I'm Simone Jordane, nowhere near as fascinating.

I'm Frankie Drake. And I'm Trudy Clarke.

Well, thank you for shutting their mouths.

I love Natasha's music so much. I would hate for them to ruin it. Me too!

What's your favourite piece? Oh, there're so many.

But there is... one I would love to hear.

I'd also really love to meet her.

Have you seen the stage door?

Well, Frankie and Trudy, it's been a pleasure.

I thought you said this was a violin piece.

Oh, it is. So, where's the violinist?

She'll make an entrance, you can bet on that.


What's happening? Please, someone help!

My violin!


Low priority! Can you believe it?

See? This is why I don't trust the police.

They don't assign a lot of resources to thefts like these.

Well, that's apparent, and that is why I shall hire you.

That violin has been to 16 different countries with me.

I played it for the last king of Prussia!

Do you have any idea who would do this?

Maybe someone with a grudge? Oh, this wasn't personal.

People love me. This was about money and that violin is worth a lot of it.

Is it insured? Of course!

But that hardly matters. That violin is the most perfect instrument I've ever laid my brilliant hands on.

It sounds like the music in my head.

Well then, we better get it back for you.

I can check the music hall and see if we could find a witness.

I'll come with you. Oh... OK.

Frankie, what are you gonna do? Well, luckily I just met the top music dealer in town. Oh.

Could I have another? You know, just when it's convenient.

Thank you, sweetie. Have lunch prepared.

You've certainly made yourself right at home.

Patterson would have it no other way.

Isn't that right, darling? She's right about that.

Nora's become a ray of sunshine in my life.

Just make sure you don't get burned.

Excuse me? The musical instrument game certainly has been good to you.

Well, yes. I've been lucky to cultivate a loyal clientele.

I hope you haven't come here just to gawk.

What's the black market like in your business?

Flourishing. Frankie!

You are not suggesting that he stole Natasha's violin?

He had his hand on my thigh the entire night.

I really don't need to hear about that.

It's called an alibi, sweetheart.

I was wondering if the thief, perhaps, was looking for a buyer. Stolen merchandise is a very real problem in my business.

I've been careful to avoid it.

Do your competitors share the same scruples?

There aren't any other dealers in town with that kind of money, not for a violin of that stature.

So, the thief could be long gone.

Yeah, I'd say. Wouldn't be surprised if both violin and thief were on a boat to Europe right now.

I hope for Natasha's sake that they aren't, but...

Thank you for the information. Oh, you should stay.

I've ordered lunch. I'm still working on the case.

Oh, well. Right. Besides, I want this guy all to myself anyway. Tell me...

Yes? How did you two meet?

It's funny, that. It was a complete chance encounter.

It was almost as if she sought me out.

Oh, well... Nora always did have a good eye.

Patterson... do you know another expert Frankie could go and talk to?

Yes... Tamara Gordon.

She could tell you the entire history of that violin.

She was at the concert last night.

Right. She was the one holding court in the aisle.

Mm-hmm. She's a bit much, yes, but she does know her stuff.

I can get you her telephone number.

That would be great. Thank you.

Maybe I will stay for a drink after all.



I just don't want to get fired.

Why, you guilty of somethin'?

Just being terrible at my job. You said it, not me.

I should've stopped him. He pushed right past me.

I got a nasty bruise on my hip. You want proof?

No, we'd rather not.

So, you were close enough to see him?

It was too dark. But he definitely went through that stage door? And got in a taxi.

It had a number on it. Would that help?

More than those bruises.


Thanks. Next time, grab the violin.

When the Mona Lisa was stolen 10 years ago, they went so far as to arrest Pablo Picasso.

Sounds like you made that up.

Mm. 100% true. Someone in his circle had actually already given him a piece of stolen art, so... the gendarme suspect him. The police!

Yes, I am aware.

So you're saying this is the Mona Lisa of violins?

It's a French equivalent to the Stradivarius.

A real treasure! A work of art.

And how much is it worth? Who cares?

It's a piece of history we're talking about here, culture.

Who knows whose hands it passed through.

And how much is this history and culture worth in exact dollars?

It could fetch... 50,000.

Well, if you're so interested in it, how do I know you didn't take it?

I would give anything to study it, but that would deprive the world of hearing Natasha play it.

If I had any money, I would hire you to find it for her.

Well, one client per case.

Please keep me updated. I will.

Right after I hear from Picasso.

You're popular today.

Why is that? Someone else is here looking for your services.

I'm not sure if you remember me?

Simone, from the music hall.

Ah, of course: the memory of a private investigator.

This doesn't seem like a chance encounter.

It's not. OK.

Follow me.

I did come to the right girl.

What's your pleasure, ladies? Two please.

Right away. So what can I help you with?

I would like to hire you.

Oh. Seems to be the theme of the day.

My car was stolen last night. I'm desperate to find it.

You think it has something to do with the missing violin?

No, I don't think so. I went for dinner after the performance was cut short. I parked it outside the restaurant. Thank you.

I have my hands tied at the moment.

Please. It's quite important. I'm just about to interrogate a bunch of musical instrument dealers.

I'd be very grateful.

I have a friend who is very qualified.

She's looking for a little excitement in her life.

Let's talk to her.

Of course I'll do it!

Are you sure this is a good idea?

There's a lot more to Mary than just her uniform.

Aren't you needed here? Well, I'm only on shift

'til this evening. But we could meet tomorrow morning.

Say 6AM? 6AM?

Well, it's best to get an early start.

Right. How about 9:30? Perfect!

That will give me time to prepare.


You know, I've been meaning to say how much I love your music.

I'm a huge fan. I know.

How'd you know? I've been doing this a long time. I can just tell. You a musician?

A singer. I've always wanted to play the violin, but money was tight growing up. Never too late.


Sorry, ladies. Carburettor's busted. No rides today.

Oh, no. We just wanted to get some information from you.

Your dispatcher said we could find you here.

Listen, if you've got a complaint or something...

Oh, no. It's nothing like that.

You picked someone up from the Music Hall last night.

We just need to know where you dropped them off.

Oh, privileged information, sweetheart.

You know, if you're having car troubles, it probably means you're not making any money.

So, suppose... we ask you for a ride across town?

You won't have to press on the gas.

Alright, yeah.

I remember that guy.

Dropped him off at 490 Britannia Avenue.

Hold on! Did you say Britannia Avenue?

Last stop of the night. Connor!

Connor? Who's Connor?

You might want to call Frankie.


Mm... Hm...

Oh! Oh, yeah. That's nice. Ah!



You know that key I gave you was for emergencies, right?

Hold on! This is an emergency: an emergency of the heart.

I need to talk to you about something personal.

Tell me this has something to do with your new fella?

Look, do me a favour, would you?

You know, if you see him again?

Could you just not mention anything about those crazy little schemes I used to pull?

Don't tell me you're trying to con him, Nora.

He's seems like a nice guy. What? No! Of course I'm not trying to con him, Frankie! I just don't want to ruin this. You really like him, don't you? Just... just promise me.

OK? Yeah. OK, OK. I promise.

Thank you, doll.

It's nice to see you actually care about something.

Alright, alright. No need to make a moment out of it.

Drake Private Detectives.

Yeah. I'll be right there.

You can lock up, right? Just one more short one and I'm out of here.

Open the door, Connor!

Who's Connor? That's what I said.

Natasha. What a pleasant surpr...

Oh! Where's my violin! You lazy...

They just left with it! You just missed them.

Where is it? Both of you, just calm down.

Keep her away from me! She's crazy!

Please tell us what is going on here.

Frankie, Trudy, meet my idiot ex-husband, Connor Griffin.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

No, no!

Doesn't count as theft. I paid for it, so it belongs to me.

So you just ran up on stage and snatched it out of her hands? It was a gift.

Then she walked out on me, left me high and dry.

Because I found you in bed with a clarinetist.

Seriously, Connor! A clarinetist?

Why don't you just tell us what happened?

I don't know. We had a couple drinks. I told her she had a nice horn. One thing led to another...

No. What happened here. Oh, right.

They must have came in when I was sleeping.

I didn't even hear them. Them?

Yeah. There's more than one. One cracked me in the skull and the other one grabbed the violin.

So you admit you stole it?

OK, Natasha.

I spent every last dime I had on that thing.

If this is about money. If you needed money...

What? I'm going to ask you? Actually, no!

I was going to suggest you get a real job.

I'm an entrepreneur! Frankie?

That might as well be French for "unemployed".

And what's French for pretentious lunatic?

You're quickly reminding me why I disappeared for a year!

Patterson Rogers. Was he in on this?

I left a message with the gal at the shop.

A hotshot like that, I thought he'd pay a good price.

Did he call you back? No.

Did anyone else know that you had the violin?

No. I got hit in the head before I could call anyone.

Oh, Connor. You're tragic.

Think Patterson's the one who attacked this guy?

I think that's a question we have to ask.

Hope that answer doesn't mean bad news for Nora.

I'll go over there tomorrow morning.

If he's got Nora mixed up in this, he's gonna have to deal with me.

So what do you think? Should we call the police?

Guess that's a no.

So, uh... Thanks for helping Frankie out with this violin thing. When she gets on a case oof... she's got tunnel vision.

Well, I just hope she has some good luck.

What? You, uh... you don't think she's going to find it?

Oh, rare instrument like that?

Like I said, it's long gone.

Well, you don't know my Frankie. Huh.

So, uh... well, what makes that violin so special, anyway?

Mm. It's just the sort of thing that stirs legends.

You know, I once heard it belonged to a Russian czar who didn't even know how to play it.

Oh, what a waste! Having a fine instrument like that and not being able to fiddle with it.

Hm. Another story?

Yeah? It was made specially for Beethoven and it was the last instrument he ever heard before he went deaf.

Oh, that's good. Hm.

But is it true? Well, who knows?

Sometimes the story is the most important thing.

More important than the truth?

Mm, my dear, the truth... is what the buyer will believe.

Ah. Well... you're a good man for helping out.

So I, uh, I'll see you again tonight?

Shame you have to leave.

Well, a gal's gotta freshen up.

Well, still, though: wouldn't it be more convenient if your stuff were already here?

Are you, um... are you asking me a question, Patterson?

I never ask a question unless I already know the answer.

Well, I don't know the answer until I hear the question.

Which will be asked at the appropriate time.

In the appropriate place.

Well, until the appropriate time and place.

Ah. Hm.


I have this coffee imported specially from Venezuela. Thank you.

I think you'll agree it's well worth the expense.

Patterson, your name came up in a troubling way during our investigation. Ooh! How ominous.

How so? We found the man who stole the violin. Do you have it?

No. It was stolen from him before we could get to it, but he said that he left a message for you at your shop.

And you think that I bought stolen merchandise?

Well, I assure you... I know you didn't buy it.

He was beaten and robbed last night.

Well, that sounds like karma to me.

The thing is he didn't tell anyone else that he had the violin. Ah!

I see. So, you think I heard the message, then attacked the man? Frankie, I haven't been in a fight since I was 10 years old.

And why should I believe you?

You said it happened last night, yes?

Mm-hm. Ask Nora. She was with me the whole time. In fact, you just missed her.

I just had to ask. Hm. Oh. No offence taken.

So, you and Nora. Is it serious?

From my side of the fence, yes.


Thanks for the coffee.

It definitely tastes expensive. It does, doesn't it?

Thank you for meeting me. That is a lot of notebooks.

Oh, well, this case has my full attention.

I was up most of the night and I have made a complete and comprehensive plan of investigation.

The police are wasting you. That's nice of you to say.

I can see why you like working with Frankie and Trudy so much.

Oh, are they having any luck with the missing violin?

Well, they found the man who stole it.

But then someone else stole it from him.

So, it's a big mess.

An exciting mess. Any idea who the second culprits were?

Well, not yet, but they'll find him.

Now... Oh!

Wendy, I am so sorry.

No problem. If that were enough to knock me over, I wouldn't have lasted a day in this business.

Alright. So where exactly was your car parked? Ah, let's see. I left the show and I came to the restaurant here, so my car was just around the corner, right here.

And how long were you in the restaurant?

Quite some time. I sent my food back twice.

You sent your food back?

Yes. It wasn't properly prepared.

Oh, cripes. I don't think I'd have the nerve to do something like that. Well, my motto is you should always get what you asked for, especially if you're paying for it.

Anyhow, when I left the restaurant my car was gone.

And it was...


What's wrong? Well, um...

...parking is strictly prohibited in this area, so... most likely your car was towed. By the police.

Well that's a bother.

Do you think you could help me get it back?

Of course.

You decided not to break in this time.

You accused Patterson of being involved?

I simply hinted. What are you thinking?!

I was following a lead! Well, follow it somewhere else.

He was by my side the entire night. Think about it this way: at least we both know he's on the level now.

Well, I should hope my future fiancé would be.

What? Yeah! Well, no, not... he hasn't asked me yet. But I have a feeling the big question is about to be popped.

Oh, get over here.

Are you happy for me? Yeah. Sure.

Yeah, you should be. Listen, don't screw it up with any more wild accusations.

And Frankie?

Would you give me away?

Gladly. Thank you.

State your business.

Well, hi Bob. I was wondering if you might be able to check... Name.

Bob, it's me. It's Mary Shaw.

Oh. Yeah, right. Didn't recognize you without the uniform. Oh, we've only been working together for three years.

Three years, huh. That's remarkable.

Mary, is it? Yes.

And I can't believe that you'd...

I need to trace a car that was towed two nights ago.

Trace takes 48 hours. It's been 48 hours since the car was towed. 48 hours from the time of the request. All you have to do is check your list. Oh, oh, oh. Whoa.

A lot on the go right now. Yes, I can see that.

You're run off your feet. Lot happening under the surface. I'm a fellow officer.

Surely you can look... Definitely not a fellow.

Or an officer.

48 hours.

Doesn't matter how many times I prove myself.

It never changes.

You know what your problem is? You asked him.

You didn't tell him. You haven't spent much time around policemen, have you? You can't be so deferential.

There's something you want, something you need, you go after it. No matter what it takes.

Like you sending back your dinner?

Yes, like dinner. Who wants an overcooked steak when you asked for it rare? Or potatoes mashed when you ordered au gratin. Exactly.

Or salad when you specifically asked for soup.

I think you've got the point, yes.

You know, it would be so easy for him to just check a few lists for a colleague. So march right up there and tell him that. Take what you want.

You're right. I will!

OK, go! No, I'm go... I'm going.

I just have to practise in my head for a minute.

I'm hearing you found the guy, but lost the violin again!

Where'd you hear that?

The musicology grapevine hears everything.

So. Is it true?

We're working on it.

This is a disaster. First, she gets a piece of history ripped right out of her hands, and now... Hey!

While you're busy talking about music, I'm dedicating my life to playing it.

Oh my Lord. It's you.

I'm honoured. I can see that.

Now, perhaps you'd let Detective Drake do her job? Please, call me Frankie.

Why don't the two of you have a seat?


Tamara, you seem awfully invested in a violin that doesn't belong to you.

So what is it that you're not telling us?

About six months ago, I heard a rumour.

I assume we're all familiar with Claude Debussy?

"Clair de Lune." It's beautiful.

For those of us who are more interested in jazz?

Oh! Debussy was a French composer who died about five years ago. He was one of the true greats.

When Debussy was a young man, maybe 23 years old, he stayed here for several months in Canada.

You're not about to tell me that Natasha's violin used to belong to him?

That's exactly what I'm telling you.

But there's a lot more to the story than that.

He fell in love with a French-Canadian woman and they lived together in a cabin just north of Toronto.

He was a handsome man and brilliant.

I would have chopped a little wood with him too.


In any case, he wrote a violin concerto for his love, which he gave to her, along with his most cherished violin, before he went back to Paris. The concerto... was never found.

The lost violin concerto belongs to Debussy?

Mm-hm. Legend has it Natasha's violin holds the clue to finding it. Well, if that's the case, I've certainly never seen it!

So who's this mystery woman that he wrote it for?

No one knows.

Piece of music like that could be worth a lot of money.

Is that why you didn't tell us in the first place?

You wanted to find it for yourself and try to sell it?

Don't be absurd!

Would I sell the air that I breathe?

Or an October sunset?

This concerto should be shared with the world.

Long as I get my violin back.

Well, I think we need to speak with your ex-husband.

He's the one who bought it for you.

I'm going to have to skip that. Pretty sure Connor thinks we're back together after last night.

It's very awkward. We'll look into that for you.

I'll meet you at Jelly's afterward. I could use a drink. Or five.

Someone should definitely go with her.

I'll go! No, that's OK.

I, uh... I think I know the perfect person.

Who was Claude "De-buzzy"? It's pronounced "Debussy".

Nah, I prefer baseball. I can list the top nine of the Brooklyn Robins. Composers? Not so much.

So you're telling me you never heard about the legend behind your ex-wife's violin? Where is Natasha, anyway?

We're getting back together y'know?

You need to tell us where and when you got that violin.

I got that at an estate sale about a year and a half ago.

Saw it, it looked pretty, so I bought it.

I thought it might save our marriage.

But at least it's given us a second chance, right?

Hi Natasha. This seat taken?

Sorry! No autographs today.

The only autograph I want is Niels Henrik Bohr.

Oh. Who are you, anyway?

Flo. Frankie thought you might appreciate some company.

Well, I don't. But I'll tolerate it.

Listen, sister. I'm just here to help.

I'm sorry.

Who's this Niels something-something?

Sounds like a flautist. Handsome Danish physicist?

Won the Nobel prize this year? Oh!

What are you drinking? Gin Rickey, easy on the Rickey.

Hey, Wendy. Flo, been a while.

What're you having? I'll have two of what she's drinking.

What? You run out of gin?

Stand up, Natasha.


You're coming with us.

What happened?

There were two of them: a man and a woman.

They came in, pointed a gun at Natasha and took her with them.

And Flo? She tried to stand up to them.

She said that she would call the cops and then she mentioned you, Frankie.

As soon as they heard that, they took her too.

Can you describe them? She was, ah, short.

Dark hair. He was a bit taller, dark hair too. He had a French accent.

Wait, that sounds like the bickering couple from the concert. It does.

Can you call Mary and get her to meet us at the office?

Will do. Thanks.


What is it now, Maureen?

It's Mary. And you should know that.

I'm your colleague and I deserve your respect.

Ah. Oh, oh, oh.

Definitely not a fellow. Or an officer.

Whatever you say. I know how easy it is for you to check your list for my friend's car and I demand that you do so immediately. Her name is Simone Jordane.

Oh! You demand, do you? Yes.

And if you don't help us, the Lieutenant will find out about how you've been late for work every day this week.

Fine. Whatever you need.

Huh. Her car's in the, ah, lot around back.

That was easy. Wasn't it?

Just a $5 fine and, uh, she can take it right away.

Thank you, Bob. You're welcome... Mary.

You were great. How did you know he'd been late all week?

I didn't. I was bluffing.

Mary! Phone for you.


Mary Shaw, Morality Officer.

I'll be right there.

I need to get to Frankie's right away.

Oh, well, I'll drive you. It's the least I can do.

And lock the door, too. Come on! Use your head.

I'm holding the gun. You do it.

It still sticks because you never oiled it.

Because you never told me we were out of oil.

Just give me the gun and lock the door!

You two obviously have stuff to discuss.

We could come back later.

Shut up and don't move.

You give that violin back to me right now!

Right after you tell us how to use it to find Debussy's lost concerto. You had a gun.

Did you really need to bash Connor's head?

That is what I said, but this guy gets over-excited.

That's what I get for trying to keep you safe?

Now! The concerto.

This violin is a clue to find it. Show us how.

I never even heard of that concerto until a few hours ago.

You're wasting your time with me!

Liar. I never lie to a gun in my face.

She's telling the truth. It's a mystery to us.

Stay right here.

I think she's telling the truth.

Oh, please, Marcel! Of course you believe her.

What's that supposed to mean? It means...

If they look like they're coming back, whistle.

I'll just be a sec.

What do we know? Well, we know who they are.

We just need to find them.

If they hurt Flo... who are these people?

There was a couple at the Music Hall: a French man and an English woman. Right. They were bickering.

You're lucky I brought you, vache anglaise!

I remember them. They introduce themselves?

I'm afraid not. But I heard them talking to that other woman. The one who was holding court, giving everyone a lesson in music history.

Tamara. Do you think she's involved?

I don't think so. They were telling her about a classical record store they own. On Dundas.

Let's go.

Blinds are drawn.

Says it's closed. You buying it?



Good old Flo. What are we walking into?

They're in there. And we know they have a gun.

Which means we can't break the window and storm inside.

Plus we have no idea how dangerous these people are.

Well, if we could create a distraction out front, then Trudy and I could sneak around back and surprise them.

Yeah, but they already know my face, so...

I can do it. No, no, I should go.

Gotta go after what we want, right?

Right. You got this. So what do I ask for?

Oh... Stravinsky. You do that, they'll know you're a real music lover. Stravinsky. Got it.

Wanna keep watch? Yeah. On it.

Let's go get our girl back.

How are we going to get the gun?


What? We're closed. Hello, sir. Do you have a recording of the new Stravinsky?

Yes, we do. Close the door.

Come back tomorrow. Oh, no, no, no, please!

I... I've come all this way and I've heard that you have the best record store in town. Come another day and I'll...

I'll give you a 10% discount, OK? Would you stop offering discounts to... to every pretty young woman you see? You pig!

Helen, that's not what's going on here!

I didn't even notice that... that she was pretty.

Oh! So you admit that she's pretty?

Drop the gun unless you want to know what a bullet in the back feels like. Drop it.

You had to open the door.

Let's go. Move!

You should go Mary. No. I want to stay.

If the police show up, you're in a lot more trouble than we are. OK.

Cut us a break. We were just trying to keep the shop afloat.

We wanted to record the lost concerto and... and... and sell it here, like an exclusive!

Just don't shoot, OK?

Don't worry. I won't.

This is all your fault! She got a point, you know.

Thank you. That was amazing!

You gals are top notch. Your message in the window was pretty great. Cat-like dexterity.

We did it and not a scratch on her.

Everything OK? Went surprisingly well. Yeah.

Oh, come on!

Nobody move.

Simone, nobody needs to get hurt.

I agree. Just do what I say.

Look under the neck of the violin.

There's a piece of paper in there.

Hurry up.

Give it to me.

You stay where you are. You seem like a really nice group of women. Just stay where you are and it won't get messy.


This is your only warning.

I'm sorry. I really am.

Mm-hm. That's it.

That's it? Doesn't look like much of a concerto to me.

That's because it's not. Well, it must have something to do with the concerto. Maybe try to play it?

I could try.

It's a little odd. Well, that's because it's not written for a violin. Violin is written in the treble clef.

That has some bass clef in it. I can't really play it.

Well, maybe that's the point. What do you mean?

Maybe it's not about the song, but about the notes.

A code.

Wait, hold on. If you add a high A and a low D, you got space for 26 notes on a full music staff.

The full alphabet. Right. And if each note corresponds with a letter, which translates to...

C, E, L, L...

"Cello 16 UT"?

It's a start. What does it mean?

I think I know the person who can help.

I know what this means. This is the cataloguing system for the University of Toronto Faculty of Music.

I do a lot of work for them, finding deals on used instruments for the students.

It's a good place to hide a lost concerto.

Mm-hmm. And this is for a loaner cello, number 16. OK, we need to get there fast!

We could use an expert. You feel like coming for a ride?

And you could get us into the music department.

Well, we'd have to be back here pretty quick.

Nora's going to meet me here later. We've got a pretty big night planned. I know she hates to be kept waiting.

OK. 14, 15, and this is it, cello 16.

Let's bring it down and put it over there.



There's something written in here.

"Clair de Lune."

Where do you keep the sheet music?

Follow me.

Alright. That top shelf.

You have Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy... and "Clair de Lune".



Looks normal.

On the edge of my seat here, ladies.

Doesn't have a title. It's just his signature.

It's Debussy...

This is it. This is his lost concerto.

Wow. This is incredible.

You're too late, Simone. We found it.

Can't believe you cracked the code faster than me.

Give me what you found.

It's over.

This isn't me.

I didn't want it to go this way.

Then put the gun down and we'll all leave together, OK?

Can I at least see it?

How do we know that we can trust you?

Take it.

Wasn't trying to get rich.

I just wanted it back in my family.

What do you mean?

Debussy's lover...

That's your mother.

He wrote it for her years ago.

She never told anyone... not until her deathbed.

It was her beautiful little secret.

Then why did she hide it if you already knew?

Oh, she worked here most of her life.

She loved music. But her mind was going.

Near the end, she was always hiding things.

The violin? It got mixed up in her estate sale. I couldn't find it.

But then when Natasha announced her return show...

You saw the poster.

And I saw the violin.

So were you planning to steal it?

No! I... I wanted to talk to her after the show.

I didn't want the violin. I just wanted the music.

So, why didn't you just tell us the truth?

You saw how many people were after it, lying and stealing.

How did I know that I could trust you?

So, you hired Mary to keep tabs on us.

I hated lying to her.

But the concerto... it just means too much to me.

It was a love note to my mum.

You know what? It belongs to your family. You should have it.


It's yours.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

Come on.

You've got to be kidding me!


So, what's the big surprise?

Oh! A trip to New York? No... a cruise!

We'll head over to your place and we'll pack a bag.

Yeah, but am I packing for a temperate climate, or do I need a jacket?

I think the more important question is how are you planning to pay for it all? What are you doing here?

I need to speak with Patterson.

I told you not to ruin this for me!

You have a big sale on the horizon?

Nora, we have to go. Your daughter's been harassing me for days. You wanna tell her, or should I?

Don't. Tell me what?

We found the lost Debussy concerto.

See? I told you. Turns out, the daughter of the woman he wrote it for was looking for it as well.

Yeah, well, it's a family heirloom.

Patterson here helped us find it.

That's my man. And then he stole it from her right behind our backs. He what?

Patterson? She's lying.

Oh! Hey! Hold it right there.

My daughter is a lot of things. She is mouthy. She is impetuous.

She is stubborn as a mu... Nora.

But she is not a liar.

You think this lifestyle is cheap?

Huh? Do you? I did this to impress you.

Me? I don't... I don't care about all of this.

If I can sell this concerto, I can make enough money for us to live the way we really deserve.

You should be happy for us! You can't steal something so personal, so precious to that woman.

It was right there. I had to try.

Oh, you should be ashamed of yourself.

This is all your fault.


Keep away from my daughter.

Nice shot.

Don't call me.

It was truly an honour.

Thank you. You played it beautifully.

My mother would have loved it.

That was amazing. She would have be so happy to see you play her violin. I owe you all so much.

Thank you.

Especially you.

I'll take good care of it.

Would you mind playing it one more time?

I thought you only liked jazz?

I have a new appreciation.

Well, I could hear it all night, so...

Mary, I'm so sorry. You were so good to me and all I did was lie to you.

I understand. And you taught me something, so I appreciate that.

Well, perhaps I could take you for dinner?

Yes. I'd like that.

A proper one where we both get what we order.

It sounds great! It's beautiful.

You mad at me?

At you? Are you nuts?

I dodged a bullet.

Plus, I got to punch a guy.

Well, you can do a lot better.

Yeah, you got that right.

You know, I don't even think he owned that house.

No? No. I think he was renting.

Can you imagine?

Plus the lying and the stealing.

Well, yeah. That too.

Here we go.