Frantic (1988) Script

Do you know where you are? No.

It's changed too much.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.


So change the tire.

I help you. Change the tire.

Are we at the hotel? Flat tire.

Now do you know where you are? Yes. Mm.

Walker? Walker.

Thank you.

May I? Oh, please.

"On arrival, please confirm luncheon at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower... at 1 pm. Regards, Dr. Maurice Alembert.

Numero 45-84-32-53."


It's nice. Yeah.

Nice fruits.

Yeah, well, I would have preferred flowers.

Nice view. It's magnificent.

It should look exceptionally lovely from the Eiffel Tower this afternoon...

...where you and Dr. Alembert can share it together.

I wanna take a hot shower.

But first, let me have the notes so that I can confirm your luncheon.

What for?

You can't speak French and don't know how to use the phone.

I'm not gonna go, don't confirm.

Why not? You did tell Alembert you were arriving a day early, didn't you?

Honey. Richard, you obviously wanna see him.

Just give me the note. Don't mess around. I didn't tell him when I was coming.

Maurice Alemb-- Maurice Alembert...

...happens to be the chairman of the convention.

Richard, give me the note. No.

Give me the-- Richard, give me that. Listen--


Richard, don't swallow it. You're gonna choke.

Now she says--

Well, at least let me get you some water to wash it down.

Honey, Maurice Alembert doesn't give a rat's ass about me.

Now, since he saw you at the Berkeley seminar last year:

"Oui, your lovely wife. Make sure to bring her to Paris."

Was he the one with the long legs who took his shoes off when he spoke?

Never mind.

How do you feel? Do you want some breakfast?

I've already eaten, thanks.

I'm gonna order some café Au lait and croissants. You want some?


Hello. Room service?

Uh-- Over here, please.

Honey, I'm gonna call the kids. You can dial direct.

I know.

Um... Zero.

Zero. One-nine.

One-nine. One.

Yeah? Four-one-five.

Got it.

Walkers' residence. Hey, buddy.

Hi, Dad. How you doing?

I'm all right. It's 11:00 at night, Richard.

Yeah. What are you doing up?

You woke me up.

I know. Just testing. Sure, Dad.

Before that, somebody else called from Paris for Morn.

Somebody called for you from Paris.

Wha--? I don't know anybody in Paris.

Hold on a second.

- Mom wants to say hello. All right.

Would you make these keys work? I can't get my suitcase open.

- Hi. Hi.

- How are you? I'm all right.

Are you sleeping? Yeah.

Who called me?

- I don't know. Casey talked to him. Him? Would you put Casey on?

She's not here.

She left you alone? Casey's out?

- Yeah, she's out on a date. When did she go out?

- I don't know. She probably left around-- You're not scared, are you'?

No. No. You got that number?

Yeah. Yeah, you have our number?

Yeah. Yeah. Well, you can call us anytime, okay?

Okay Okay We'll call you tomorrow? All right.

Sweet dreams, my love. Good night, Mom.

Bye-bye. Bye.

No wonder you can't get the keys to work.

It's not your suitcase. What do you mean, it's not my suitcase?

I mean it's not your suitcase. It doesn't have your nametag. There's no name at all.

The keys don't work. It's not your suitcase, dummy.

Walker, you did this on purpose because you want me to go shopping in Paris.

Au contraire, my dear. Oh, no?

No, no, no. I'll get on TWA right away and get it straightened out. Heh.

Yes, please. Would you get me TWA?


The lost luggage department, please.

Besides, for the next 24 hours...'re not gonna need anything to wear.

Promises, promises.

TWA, bonjour.

Yes, please, I was on Flight 862 this morning from San Francisco.

Eight-six-two, yes.

And my wife, apparently, picked up the wrong bag.

Samsonite? Yes, Samsonite. You have it?

Oh, we have to look, but it's always Samsonite. They look alike.

What's your tag number? The tag number is...

Hold on a second, please. Okay.

The Grand Hotel Intercontinental.

Richard Walker.

So how about it? Uh...

They're gonna send somebody to pick this one up...

...and then we gotta fill out a form for yours.

And then we gotta hope that whoever's got your stuff...

...doesn't like it better than their own.

I was talking about breakfast in bed.

Be with you in a minute.


Honey, I can't hear you.

You're awful quiet in there, babe.

Haven't gone to sleep on me, have you?

I ain't in here shaving for drill.

You gonna get that, babe?


Come in.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

- Thank you. - This is your Les affaires de toilette.

Yes, certainly. Yeah, I can get that?

Can they fix a special dinner for mademoiselle?


I'm looking for my wife.

Where's the guy who was here this morning?

Good-looking guy, was here this morning when I checked in.

He stops work at 8.

Perhaps I can help you.

Is the manager in? I'd like to speak to him. Would you get him for me, please?

Certainly, sir. If you please.

Monsieur Walker.

Yes. You wish to see me?

Yes, thank you.

I checked in this morning with my wife. Yes.

While I was in the shower, she left. Yes.

And she hasn't come back. Well, how may I help you?


Does she know Paris? Beg your pardon.

Maybe she's lost. No, no, no. She wouldn't have gone out.

She left her bag and she would have told me.

Ah. It's for me? Oh.

Thank you. Hello? Yes. Dr. Walker?


Hello, Dr. Janet Perelman. Did you have a pleasant trip?

- Yes, thank you. Dr. Alembert asked me to call.

We have a slight scheduling problem.

Aortic valves seem to be a particularly temperamental group.

We wonder if you'd mind moving up, reading your paper tomorrow at 3?

No, no problem. Oh, good.

- We'll get your slides in the morning. Right. Yes.

And about the lunch at the Eiffel Tower...

...would you like us to pick you up or can you get there on your own?

I'm afraid we're gonna have to cancel.

- Oh, what a pity. I'm sorry.

It sounds like a tourist trap...

-...but it's not. The food is marvelous. No. That's not it.

It's unavoidable, I'm afraid. Oh.

Well, Dr. Alembert was hoping to see you and your wife before the madness starts.

- I'll have him call you back today. Yes, thank you.


No, it was something else. This is Pascal, our head of security.

Does your wife know anybody in the hotel?

Not that I know of. Have you checked with the concierge?

He may have seen something. He's off duty. It was Gai--

Gaillard. Gaillard.

Why don't we try to give him a ring? Oh, please.

Is your wife diabetic or...?

I'm a doctor. It's not a medical problem.

He says his father is sleeping.

He's not supposed to wake him.

We'll call back later.

Have you checked around the hotel?

Yes. I looked in the newspaper place, the bar, outside, everywhere.

How about the ladies' room?


Well, clearly, she's not here.



Wait. Uh...

Just a second, please. Excuse me, I'm looking for this lady.

I'm looking-- I think she might--

Um... I'm looking for my wife.

I'm-- My wife. She might have-- Ah.

Espresso, please.

Excuse me, you speak English?

My wife.

Yeah, what do you want?

I'm looking for my wife, this one here.

I was wondering if she might have come in this morning.

She had no coat. She was wearing a red dress.

A lot of people come here, you know. Sorry.

Over there, this morning, in the passage.

A man put a woman in the car.

This woman?

Corning. Corning with me. I explain to you.


I'm sorry. How much?

Five. All right. Thank you.

Twelve. Twelve.

Yes, it is true.

Incredible story.

Exactly, exactly.

They saw everything.

They saw what? What did they see?

One man push with brutality the poor woman in the car.

When? When? They go back later, you know?

Do you have a cigarette?

I don't smoke, but...

...that should be enough.


Blue. Blue-gray, really.


What about it? The shape.

It's thin and narrow at the jaw, with a rounded forehead.

Paris. City of Lights. Ha-ha.

Listen, listen. I expect you people to take me seriously, you know?

You are being taken perfectly seriously here, sir.

As a matter of fact, you have a special treatment.

Usually we fill out this form after a week or so.

Usually we just take a deposition.

Okay? This is the procedure.



You see, the thing is, even if they find Mrs. Walker...

...they cannot disclose her whereabouts without her consent.

Unless you get the attorney to make a formal request.

What are you talking about?

Why wouldn't my wife want me to know where she's at?

You and your wife have been to Paris before?

Yes, on our honeymoon.

Is it possible she met someone then, someone she has been thinking about?

Since June 15, 1968?

Please, don't take offense. I'm an ex-cop.

We've seen this type of thing before. Can we call the concierge again...

...see if he's awake?

It's his wife. Gaillard's gone out. Where?

Gym Tonic?

Gin and Tonic'? A bar'? Gym Tonic. A gymnasium.

Did you get an address?

Gym Tonic.

Gym Tonic.

They don't take calls for customers. Tell them it's an emergency.

They hung UP-

It's Walker. Dr. Walker.

That's right. -ls there something I can do for you, sir?

Yes. My wife, do you remember my wife? Yes.

She left the hotel this morning while you were on duty, I think.

Did you see her? Yes, I spoke to her.

What did she say?

She asked me to send up some toilet articles...

...and then she left with the man who had called her.

I don't understand. The man who-- Well, a man...

...asked me if Mrs. Walker was staying at the hotel.

I said she was. So he called your room.

Then, a few minutes later, your wife came down...

...she asked me to get her some toothpaste, a toothbrush and...

How do you call to take off makeup?

Take makeup off your face. it's...

Cotton balls. Cotton balls.

And they left together.

Is there some problem?

Did she seem to know him? Were they talking together?

Did you notice anything else?

I noticed she had wet hair, which is a bit strange.

I didn't really hear what they were saying but...

...he had his arm around her.

Around her waist or...? No, around her shoulder.

What--? What did he look like, this man?

Tall, well-dressed, mustache, dark skin.

He had an accent.

An accent? Not American, if you know what I mean.

More like Middle East.

Thank you very much for your help. No, no. Dr. Walker. No, no.

I'm sorry. Thank you very much.

I'm sorry, sir. You'll have to wait your turn.

But this is an emergency, you understand? Yes, sir.

You understand, but don't give a damn, is that it?

I'm sorry, sir. We have a lot of emergencies. You have to wait like everyone else.

Has everyone else had their wife kidnapped?

I don't know, sir.

Where you from, sir?

San Francisco, just like it says on the passport.

Can you step through the metal detector, please?

Here, I'll take that, sir.

Wanna step back through and remove all the metal objects from your pockets.

I keep your passport. Thank you.

You're supposed to wear this pass in the building, sir.

Thank you. Go in.


Blue, both of them.


Face? Oval. Look--

I know this must seem like annoying bureaucracy, but really...

...we have to get one of these to the police when we deal with a missing person.

I've already been to the police. I filled out one of these damn forms.

And it's not a missing person. It's a kidnapping.

Don't you think that's a bit premature to be so positive?

No, I don't think. I have witnesses. My wife was kidnapped.

Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Yes. Yes, of course.

But what would you like us to do, exactly?

I want you to find my wife.

Well, you understand, Dr. Walker, ours is basically a liaison function.

We can assist you in communicating with the French police.

We can put pressure on the Ministry of Interior. But this is their country.

It's their jurisdiction. We can't just send a posse out after her.

What do you do here?

I'm head of American Services. Visa applications...

...registering births, any kind of general-- -ls there somebody here who can help me?

Why don't you have a word with our security officer?

Are you rich? No. Well, I'm well-off. I'm a surgeon.

You involved in politics? No.

What about your wife?

The same. We don't even vote anymore, I'm afraid.

There doesn't seem to be much to support your kidnapping theory.

This is your only evidence? She could have just dropped it.

It's a bit flimsy, doesn't close very well.

It used to.

You were in the shower when this person called?


So you didn't actually hear any of their conversation?

No, none of it.

They spoke for a moment and then she went downstairs to meet him.

Meet him?

Yes, meet him.

And when they left the hotel, he had his arm around her.

Dr. Walker. He had his arm around her.

Here, like this. He could have had a gun. Like this.

Here. Pointed right at her.

"Shut up. Smile. Walk. Out the lobby." Like this, huh?

Yes. Yes, it could mean that. Or they could've just been having a good time.

Mr. Shaap, you're talking about my wife.

You must be thinking about yours.

402, please.

What's this?

Jesus, the suitcase.

No other messages? No, sir.

Nothing. Nothing.

He asked if you could leave it in the luggage room.

Yeah. Can I have my key, please?

It's not here, Mr. Walker.


Just a minute, please.

Thank you. And this.

Please call Dr. Richard Walker at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental.

It's important.

Been Tuborg, Heineken?



You're looking for Dédé, man?

Yeah, you know him?

Yeah, man. You don't look like you know him.

What am I supposed to look like? Desperate, man.

Yeah, well, I'm desperate.

Ha-ha. So where you from, man? New York?

San Francisco. Much better, man.

Yeah. North Beach. Much, much better, man.

Many places to dance.

Come on, man. Buy me a Kahlua and tell Jack about your desperate troubles.

Well, all I really need, man, is Dédé.

All the boys and girls are looking for Dédé these days.

But Déde's been gone, you know, two nights.

Yeah, but where?

Man, why not say what you're looking for?

Dédé not the only one who can show you.

Why don't you tell me what I'm looking for?

The white lady.

Now, isn't that so?

Yes. Heavy. Now I see the desperate man.

Is she all right? Beautiful, man.

Nobody has touched the lady.

You don't worry, man.

Follow me.

Where is she? Cool, man.

No one has so much as stepped on her toe.

She's here, man. And pure as the driven snow.

Hey. No, look. Come on, man, give it a try.

Do a one-on-one and tell me if I lie.

Come now, man. The nose knows.

The white lady.

Pure white.

Good, not true?

Six hundred franc.

You don't need Dédé, man.



All right, man. Now, look.

One more of these for Dédé's address, huh?

You have a stylo, man? Do you have a pen?

Your matches.





Please call Dr. Richard Walker, Grand Hotel--

No messages, huh?

Nothing here. Let me check with the operator.

Thank you.

Why don't you go to the gym and do some sports, Dr. Walker?

There were a couple of calls for you, but the man wouldn't leave a message.

Son of a bitch.

Would you come to my room for a moment?

Very well.

The suitcase. - I'll call the police.


Not now.

I left a suitcase in the luggage room. Would you get it for me?

It's gone. They took it. What? Who?

TWA. Just after I came on duty.

Shut the door.

I want you to tell me what this says.

"It's me. It's Michelle.

I'm back. I've made a good trip.

I'll see you tonight at the Blue Parrot. Don't forget my money. I kiss you."

She's waiting for Dédé.

Something about her leaving a suitcase in some locker.

She's got nothing to dress in and no keys.

It's her again.

She's angry now.

She'll wait at the Parrot until it closes, then she'll go to his place.

What time do nightclubs close? Four or 6, it depends.


Pardon. Listen, listen! Shh! Oh. Oh. Oh!


Where is she?

Please don't kill me! You tell me, where is she?

Who? What do you want? My wife.

What wife? Where is my wife?

Why did you kill Dédé? Why did you kill him?

I didn't kill him. I didn't kill anyone. What do you want from me?



Look familiar?

Where did you get that? In your suitcase.

So you have it. Then pay me what you owe me. I did my job.

Job? That's right. You know what I mean.

No, I don't what you mean. All I know is that I have your suitcase...

...and you have my wife's.

Do you understand? No, I don't.

You picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport!


Do you understand, huh?

Please, I must have that suitcase. What did you bring back?

What did they want? Please, we must leave here. Please. Quick.

Quick, please.

You were on Flight 862? Yes.

From San Francisco? Yes, this morning.

I want your ticket. What for?

You want your suitcase? I want your ticket.

It's at my apartment.

Well, let's go. Where do we get a cab? I have a car.

Here, hold this.

Hey, hey.

I'm not going to jump, okay?

I don't have my key. My roommate's in Bangkok.

And you know where my key is, don't you?

You see? I didn't fly away.

I have to call my hotel. Telephone? Over there.

Where? There.


Oh, it's dead. Sonia didn't pay the bill.

My roommate. Bitch!

The ticket?

Where's the ticket?

Oh. I threw it away.

Maybe it's-- Wait.

Okay. I gave you my ticket, you give me my suitcase.

Are you gonna put it back in the locker?

You are with the people who followed me this morning.

I'm not with anyone. How'd you know about the locker?

I listened to Dédé's messages.

You don't speak French. I had it translated.

Why is it so important?

I have your suitcase, you have my wife's.

You put my wife's suitcase in the locker. Yeah. I'm sorry, I can't get it back.

What are you saying? The suitcase, I can't get it back anymore.

I don't care about the suitcase. I'm looking for her.


My wife, goddamn it!

You put my wife's suitcase in the locker and it didn't have what they wanted in it...

...but it had my wife's nametag, our telephone number.

They came to the hotel and they took her. Your wife?

They kidnapped her. But they want my suitcase.

Why did they take your wife? When I find them, I'll ask them.

Who hired you?

Dédé hired me. Who hired Dédé?

I don't know.

I don't.

If they knew me, they would kill me.

I gave them the wrong suitcase this morning, and instead...

...they killed Dédé. No, I don't think so.

You think I lie?

You gave them the suitcase this morning. Déde's been dead for over one day.

Who says? I say.

How do you know? You're a doctor?

No corpse stinks that much after just 12 hours. Not even Déde's.

Take my word for it. Yes, I am a doctor.

What did you bring back from San Francisco? Was it dope?

No. Isn't that what you do, smuggle dope?

Not this time.

Then what was it?

All right, it was dope.

What kind? Heroin? Cocaine? Opium? What do you care?

It matters!

I don't know what kind and I don't care.

I'm very frightened. You want your wife back, you'll get my suitcase.

Is this how you got in?


Can I help you? Is this your wife?


She seems very happy.

Yes, she's happy. She's a happy person. That's her nature.

What? They're following me.


There was a man on the plane. I saw him on the train from the airport too.

I lost him at the station before I got to the locker.

Who are they, the police?

No, I don't think so. Then who?

Maybe the people that hired me.

Dédé. Hired Dédé.

Stop. I wanna talk to them. Stop!

Can we go now? I tell you, I'm being followed.

Take your fingers out of your face and drive us to the airport.

We have a lost bag.

What sort of bag? A white Samsonite.

Here, let me help you.

Now, what has it got, a false bottom? Huh?

The suitcase.

Oh, Jesus Christ, those dogs are drug-trained.

It's not drugs.

Then what's in it? What do you care what's in it?

I don't know what's in it. It's not drugs, that's all I know.

Do you want your wife back or what?

Then relax, be cool and just walk.

We'll give them what they want.

You will get your wife, I will get my money, and everybody will be happy...

...except Dede. ls there a doctor in the house?

Is there a doctor in the house?


Ha-ha. Peter.

We missed you. Where were you, up in first class?

No, no, no. We got here yesterday.

Yesterday? You haven't found your way out of the airport yet? I thought I was wrecked.

Ha-ha-ha. No, a mix-up with the bags.

Mix-up with the bags? Hmm. Ha-ha-ha.

Listen, I'll tell you the truth, I am wrecked. I hope I don't miss your speech.

It's tomorrow, right? No, no, no, Peter. Today. Today.

Today? Yeah?

Well, I hope you don't miss it.

Listen, have you got a match? Somewhere.

Irwin. lrwin, look who's here.

Irwin, look at this. You remember Dick? Oh, yeah. How are you doing?

Hi, Irwin. How are you?

Fine, thank you. Hi, Edie. Hi, Richard.

How are you? I was wondering when we'd be seeing you.

So how's Sondra? She's fine, Edie, fine.

Great. So you two have been in Paris for a day or so?

Yes. Well, then, when we get to the hotel...

...I'm gonna wake her up and see if she wants to come and have breakfast with me.

Yes, do that. See if there are any new faces in her life.

Listen, will you help me with this, Dickie...

...just till we get through customs?

Good, there we go.

Got that? Yeah, I got it.

You got it?

Looking for your little friend? She's gone through there already.

I'm sorry. Peter, I--

Here. Here, take it! Give it to the man.

What kind of music do you like?

I don't know, old music. Oldies, mostly. Yeah, me too. You like this?

This is not old. Three, four years.

Could you hold the wheel, please? Because it's-- Oh.

Thank you.

Goddamn it!

What did you do that for? Put your hands on the wheel.

That's good coke. That was 500 francs, at least.

Keep your eyes on the road and get us where we're going.

Jesus Christ.

Thanks. You can go on home now.

I got the suitcase. I don't need your help.

Unless you wanna tell me what's in it. No, thanks.

You think I'm stupid? If I tell you, then you really don't need me.

You do know what's in it?

No, I don't. But it's my suitcase and I will certainly tell him that.

You have me confused...

...and I'm very hungry.

There is a message for you, Dr. Walker.

What does he say, Dr. Alembert? Will you translate for me, please?

He wants the slides for your lecture...

...and he wishes you to drop them off before lunch.

Thank you. Would you order me breakfast? Certainly.

One or two? Two.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee. Ahem.

I thought my place was messy.

Yeah, well, there's always someone who will do you one better, huh?

How much were they paying you?

Oh, urn, uh...

Quick. How much?

Well, Dédé gave me first 10,000 francs...

...and 15 more because I had to pay my own ticket.

And when I will be back, he will give me at least--

How much do they owe you? Ten thousand francs.

Well, 10,000-- No, not twelve.


Ten thousand francs, more or less.

What are you doing?

You're in it for the money, I'm giving you the money.

Then you can leave me the hell alone.

Two thousand dollars, that's about 11,000 francs.

It's a bit more.

Room service.


I'm sorry for all this, Dr. Walker. The police would like to ask you some questions.

They won't let us clean that up until they spoke to you.

Just a moment.

I take only half.

Why? Instead of the other half... keep me with you. Why?

I'm trusting you with my suitcase. I stay with you until you give it to them.

I don't want to end up like Dédé.

You better get out of here. No, I won't go. Please.

I'll come to your apartment as soon as I get this straightened out.


Yes, I promise. Now scoot.

Wait. I need a little money.

I just gave you $1,000.

That was my salary. I need for expenses.

Leave her alone. I beg your pardon.


She doesn't know anything about this.

I'm a married man. Can I have a little consideration here?

Has Paris changed so much, huh?

So, doctor, has anything been taken? Jewelry, clothing, anything?

Why? Well, you must have some sort of list... order to lodge a complaint.

Well, actually, I don't wish to lodge a complaint.

Why not?

Well, the fact is, there's nothing to complain about.

The truth is...

...I tore this place up myself.

My wife and I were having a fight and...

...I was looking for her phone book.

You're right. She does have a friend in Paris. Heh.

Now, look, I've got...

I've got an important paper to read this morning at this medical convention.

I don't want this to get out of hand. I'm sorry for the trouble.

I know it's been a lot of trouble.

All right, doctor, we understand.

By the way...

...the concierge informs me you asked him to translate a tape with messages on it.

He mentioned a name, Dédé.

I was told that tape had important medical information relating to the convention.

You wouldn't have that tape with you?


Well, doctor, it may interest you to know that my colleagues...

...have come across a man called Dédé Martin...

...who was in serious need of medical attention.

If you should find that tape, please inform us.

I hope you know what you're doing, Dr. Walker.

Have a nice day.

Walker residence.

What's new, sweetheart?

Hi, Dad. Nothing much. Just having a party.

Nothing wild, Dad, you know.

Yeah, I know. Just... know, have a nice time.

Dad, are you all right?

I'm fine, honey.

You and Morn weren't having a fight or something?

Of course not.

How's Richie?

You sure you're okay, Daddy?


What's that music you're listening to?

Grace Jones.

Why, do you like it?

Just been hearing it a lot.

You're kidding. Sounds like you and Morn are really having a good time.


Go back to your party, honey.

I love you. - I love you too, Daddy.

Tell my morn I love her a lot. Give her a big kiss.

Bye, honey. Bye, Dad.

Honey? Honey? Honey? Where are you?

I woke up and you were gone.

Come back to bed.

You guys are making so much noise. Who are you?

These guys friends of yours, honey? Not really.

What the fuck are we talking about? Take it easy. There has been some mistake.

A crazy American. Damn right, there may be some mistake.

Cool it. Just cool it, mister. We're only asking the young lady a few questions.

You're not asking her jack shit. Go on, get out of here.

I haven't got all day. - I'll go on my own time.

You'll go now!

Don't mess with me, man. I am an American and I am crazy!

Where-- Where am I, huh?

Where am I?


How the hell did I get here? My friends brought you.

She called. Who?

Your wife. Where?

I called your hotel, she called twice. She'll call again at 1.




We missed them.

Hello. - Where is it?


Where is it?

Where's my wife? - Wait.


Hi, honey.


I'm right here. They haven't hurt you, have they?

Sondra. Sondra?

All right, you've talked to her.

Please don't frighten her.

Don't make her scared.

Don't worry, she's just a bit tired.

I've got the thing you want. What do you want me to do?

Yellow level at the Beaubourg Parking.

Wait, wait, wait. Say it again.

Beaubourg Parking, yellow level. You got it?

- Bring the statue, doctor. When?

Now. And, doctor...

...don't be stupid. Huh?

Or else beautiful Mrs. Walker goes bye-bye.

What is it? I don't know.

Have you got some tape?

I want you to take this and go behind that truck.

And don't come out until I tell you. Okay. I'm scared. Are you?

I'm scared shitless. Go on.

In French, it's good luck to say "merde." You're not supposed to answer.

Lady Liberty? Let my wife out first!

Ah! No! No! Stop.

I'll get the girl, she's got it. Michelle!


Come on.

Come on! First tell them to give me my bread.

What are you doing? Don't do this. Bring it here. Give it to them!

No! Never!

Michelle, watch out! Go!

Wait! Take it! Take it!


Blue BMW...

...four doors, license plate number:

You got it? They had a knife at her throat.

Hello? You hear what I'm saying to you?

Yes, yeah, yeah. A knife at her throat. All right, go on.

Go on where, go on? Goddamn it! My wife is being held for ransom!

Yeah, I know. I've got that too.

But let's see now...

-...they were after this electronic gizmo--? A Krytron.

Yeah, Krytron. Whatever, whatever.

Now, what about this other gang, the one that came along in the Peugeot?

Williams, the other gang was on foot.

The guy in the Peugeot was with them, the kidnappers.

He's dead. He's in his car on the Rue de Rivoli.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "them," doctor.

Oh, hold on a minute. Please excuse me, I gotta take this call.

- Hello? Doctor? Yes.

What number are you calling from?

How would I know what number?

Uhn-- Uh...

I'm in a café. The Paris Midi.

Pa-- How do you spell that?

How do you s--

With an S for shithead!

Those guys are supposed to be loaded.

Look at this, 200 francs. Would you believe it?

What is this? His wallet.

Whose wallet? The dead guy.

You took his wallet?

I wasn't supposed to? He doesn't need it anymore.

Let me see.

Born in Cyprus.

Look at this.

What is this? It's a nightclub.

You know it? Sure. It's for old jerks and really square.

It's full of rich Arabs. Greeks too.

You've been there? Once, Dédé Martin took me.

Mm. Waiter?

Well, Dr. Walker, I must admit, it looks like you were right.

About what?

Is that the--? Yes.


Well, you can talk in front of Michelle. She knows more about this than you do.

All right, who's got my wife?

We believe they're Arabs. Oh, that's news.

We're playing catch-up ball here, doctor. All we know is they're Arab agents.

Have you ever heard of Krytron before? No.

Must admit, neither had I.

It's an electronic triggering device.

A miniature, high-performance switch...

...capable of withstanding severe shock and vibration.

What's it for?

It's used in missile separation...

...and for triggering the detonation of nuclear devices.

This thing sets off atomic bombs?

That's what they're after. Stolen from the manufacturer.

We were lucky it was found by a U.S. citizen.

I should have asked for 20,000 francs at least.

Who were the two guys in her apartment? Probably on our side.

"Our side"? Your side.

We're doing everything we can to help. We put pressure on the Minister of Interior.

We brought in Interpol. I've already sent a telex off to the State Department.

Now, I think priority one is to get this to a safe location.

And where might that be? To the embassy.

This is Sandra's life.

The device doesn't belong to you, Dr. Walker.

It doesn't belong to you either. It belongs to me. I brought it over.

Hey! Hey! Bitch!



It's okay? Yeah.

Just don't touch my face.

Jesus. Michelle! Michelle!

What about this? We can't take this with us.

You look nice.

How will I know whether you'll take this? Of course, American Express.

Do me a favor, go and see.

No problem, I assure you. I insist.

I can't stand this music.

I'll be damned!

Dr. Metlaoui, Cairo Cardiology Convention, 1981. You remember?

Oh, yes. How are you? Nice to see you.

This is him. This is Dr. Richard Walker.

We were all waiting for your lecture today. Ha-ha-ha. Let me introduce you.

Dr. Alloullou, Dr. Bouzid, Professor Cherif. Best surgeon in Tunisia.

Excuse me. I'm sorry. What happened?

Did you have some trouble or did you have too much champagne like us? Ha-ha.

We dance? Yes.

I see.

We take American Express.

I've got something else too.

Where is he? Dead.

Those Israeli dogs. It's most regretted you were followed.

It's more likely you were followed.

We still have your wife, doctor.

And I still have what you want.

Then I propose another exchange.

And this time, I decide how it's gonna be done.

You'll hear from me. Very well.

So everybody is in your hands, doctor. That's right.

- Yes? Are you ready?


Five a.m.

On the bridge by the Statue of Liberty.

I understand.

You broke your word.

You were to keep me with you.

I'm sorry. It's dangerous.

I don't need your money, Walker.

It's cold.

Hold it there!

Let's see it.

Give it to the girl.

She comes alone. My wife first!

Give me my money or I'll throw your fucking thing in the river.

Money? What money? I still wasn't paid.

I don't have any money.

Oh, really?

Hold it there!

How much? Ten thousand francs.

Quick. All right.




Ah! Just go!


I'm cold, Walker. You'll be fine, baby. You'll be fine.

You'll be all right.


This? This is what you want?

I love you, baby.

I love you.