Free the Nipple (2014) Script

All before We fall apart We crawl into A jealous heart Come to me With open arms And don't you fear What waits for us

All the noise That talks you down We trace the view We taste the ground Come on in You chosen one

'Cause in your name The horses run Gone and gone it is, gonna get you right Get you, get you right, right along Gone and gone it is, gonna get you right Gonna, gonna get you right Talk it like it is, don't you pick a fight If you get to fly right out beyond Thought she was the West And she never rest Walked on out into the light All before We fall apart We crawl into A jealous heart Come to me With open arms And don't you fear What waits for us

Toplessness, female toplessness, was declared legal in New York back in 1992, where the highest court in the state of New York said... that where men can be topless, as a matter of equal protection under the laws, women can be topless too.

This is a Channel 2 News special report.

To update you on the situation, there has been a mass shooting at a movie theater just outside Denver, Colorado, in Aurora.

According to the Aurora Police Department, a gunman acted alone, opening fire on audiences in two movie theaters, at the premier of Batman: Dark Knight Returns.

So far, Channel 2 News has confirmed that there are at least

10 fatalities and 20 injured. We'll have more information...

Do you have a political agenda?

Today, we were wrongfully arrested, as the chief of police just admitted, and we were forced by law to be let go. So keep your laws off our bodies.

Thank you. You're welcome. Let's wrap this up.


Hello. Who the fuck are you? Sorry. My name is With.

I write for News Corp, and I was on Wall Street when you were arrested.

Yeah, you want to interview me? Yes, I think I'd like to do a piece on you.

Well, how 'bout this? Next time, you join us, and I will grant you whatever interview you'd like. Me topless? I don't think so.

Why not? Looks like you got a nice pair under there.

Because I'm a journalist, not an activist.

Do you have to be an activist to agree that it's bullshit that a man can walk around shirtless on a hot summer's day, and a woman will get arrested for it? I never really thought about it like that.

Well, how 'bout you join us next time, and I will think about giving you an interview?

How 'bout you give me an interview and I'll think about joining you?

I will win this game. No, you won't.

Yes, I will.

Oh, good. You're home.

I need two rent checks, because right now, they're on the verge of shutting off our cable, which means no internet, no email, no HBO, no connection to the outside world whatsoever.

I don't get paid till Friday, and I have, like, $88. to my name.

Can you please pirate the Wi-Fi from next door?

I have to finish this, and I will... yeah.

You want me to pirate the Wi-Fi? Yeah.

From next door? Yeah.

Maybe you could get a second job? A job?

Yeah. Really? Like what?

Waitressing. Hosting, bartending, stripping.

Stripping is a respectable... it's... First of all, there's thousands of people in line for every job in the city, and secondly, concerning the pole, I can't even get naked in front of people I'm attracted to, let alone random humans throwing bills at me.

I'm not the enemy here...

I'm not mad at you, I'm just... I'm done. I feel like you are mad at me.

'Cause you're not using your indoor voice, and now you're saying, "I'm done, I'm done," and walking away to the couch.

You can storm off and dramatically sit on the other side of the room.

That's fine. I'll match you on this.

I'll just stare you down until you give me your money.

If I don't sell this story, I promise, I'm gonna sell my eggs, my plasma, my blood... whatever it takes. Yeah.

I'm gonna get you the money, okay?

All right. So...

I just... I just want to get some face... basic facts out of the way.

Okay. Bring it on, reporter girl. Please say your name and age.

Liv. 23 years young. Where are you from?

Chicago, but I've been here since I was 17.

Where do you live?

Right now I'm squatting in a basement in Red Hook.

And what do your parents do?

They are professional hippies. And do you have a job?

I volunteer at this website called "Magic Transistor." It's really cool.

Are you married? Are you hitting on me?

No! No. I'm just trying to get, you know, the full picture.

What is your goal in going topless in public places?

To expose the double standard. Can you explain to me the double standard?

Absolutely. What I can't get my head around is that the nipple is the first thing we see when we're born.

It nourishes us, and then somehow, the symbol of life becomes illegal.

I mean, my own mother was kicked out of church for breastfeeding me.

And what's even more annoying is that, while we're allowed to see murder, violence, and war on every channel, Janet Jackson's nipple slips and it becomes the fucking crime of the century.

Furthermore, I'm trying to bring about more responsible representations of female nudity, because the only representations that I see in mainstream culture are ones that are totally hypersexualized and ones that make me question what it means to be a woman in modern society.

How many times have you been arrested?

No comment.

Why do you think you keep getting arrested for something that's legal in New York?

Because cops are morons.

So why do you keep doing it?

It makes me feel good.

Why don't you get a lawyer next time?

I've thought about it.

Maybe you can be in charge of that, since you've promised to join us next time.

I did? You did.

What if I don't?

I will deny everything in this interview.

I should not have to use an NFL halftime show as a negative example to teach my children.

Allowing tasteless Super Bowl programming is a nationwide entertainment industry standard.

I even had a photograph of 50 men and women's heads, and then one woman's breast was showing.

They had a problem with it, and I said, "Why don't you just blur it out?"

And they said, "Oh, we don't censor at The New York Times."

Right, and there were, you know, there were young children.

There was a six-year-old. What is the problem with people?

And I know that's not the main issue here. The six-year-old girl who died, okay?

She died because she was, unfortunately, in the same spot as a lunatic.

But she would have been at home, asleep.

At home asleep, at home playing board games... it's not about what time it was or where she was at.

Batman is a scary movie.

If you're in this to change the world, you're in the wrong business.

We have a dozen interns who can write more palatable stories for college credit and who would love to have your job.

In fact, clear out your desk. You're just not working out here.

Liv, it's With. Call me back.

I'm on my way to you right now. Are you there?

Liv, it's With. Call me back. I'm on my way to you right now.


I've been texting you for hours. Did you lose your phone again?

No, I live in a bomb shelter and have 1/8 of a bar of reception.

What? Okay, you're freaking me out.

Was there a terrorist attack? Should we flee?

I couldn't sell the story.

I called and I pleaded and I begged everyone I knew.

Who's everyone? Post, The Times, Interview.

So none of the paparazzi that were there... none of them printed anything. No.

Not even a blog? I tried.

Liv, I think if you want to impact mass culture in America, you need to take this to the next level.

I think you need to go really big. National publicity stunts.

Viral campaigns. Armies of women in every single city.

I think you need to make so much noise that these policy-makers have no other choice but to listen.

With, I can't afford to eat at a restaurant.

Where am I gonna get the cash for a revolution?

We'll find the money. We'll start a nonprofit.

We're gonna make it work. We?

What do you mean, "we"? What are you saying, Snow White?

I'm saying... I just lost my job over this article, I'm about to get evicted, and I have nothing left to lose.

You honestly believe that we can change the laws in this country?






What's that on your head? A check for fucking $5,000.

Why'd you put it on your head? That's a dumb place to put a check.

Yeah, let's go pig out, like, now. Okay. Yeah. I'm down.

How much of that did you see? Like, all of it, or just the end part?

Do you honestly believe that we can change the laws in this country?

Do you want to hear a quote that sums up my entire theory of life?


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, "then they fight you, and then you win."

Who said that? Mahatma Gandhi.

It's very optimistic. Yeah.

We got money...

I mean, money isn't really real. If you think about it, it's like... pretty colored paper and lots of numbers in a computer.

That's the single dumbest thing you've ever said.

Money is 100% real. Well.

It's the realest thing I know. This is real.

That's for me? You are such a good friend.

For rent and cable and 500 for all the takeout you've been buying.

I'm not gonna take money for takeout. Why aren't you gonna take money for takeout?

Because that's just me as a friend buying you lunch.

Just take it. I'm not... no. Because no.

Just receive.

Fine. Okay. I'm not happy about it, and I'll hold this against you.

Oh, Jim Black.

Jim Black? Who's that? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yeah, yeah. This DC PR guy that I worked with at the paper finally texted me back.

DC PR guy? What do you mean you're texting a DC PR guy?

I am starting... a full-scale culture revolution.

Seriously? Yeah.

And I need help. I...

And listen before you... and it involves a lot of women.

I might be able to make time. Look at...

How single are... most of them?

So, remember when you said we should get a lawyer to come with you to your next topless protest? Yeah, that was your idea.

Well, I looked into it, and these lawyers who specialize in freedom of speech have agreed to represent us in New York and nationwide.

Oh, my God! Freeing nipples state by state. Amazing.

One by one.

So are you gonna do it too?

What? Go topless.

Oh, my God.

Sure. Maybe. Maybe. If I'm surrounded by other women, but that's not the point, Liv!

Okay, okay. Sorry, sorry. So how much is this gonna cost us?

$3,000. to put them on retainer, which is a deal... believe me.

But where are we gonna get that money?


What is that?

Severance check from the paper. $5,000.

Consider me your first investor.

Thank you, With. You're welcome.

Do you have any issues with being topless in public places?

I made a resolution this year to try more new, scary things, so... that sounds really scary. Yeah.

It says that you have special skills.

Yeah. I know Final Cut, Excel, Photoshop, Java, Drupal.

And my grandmother was a Black Panther.

That's so cool. I read Malcolm X.

The description says campaign experience, film and editing skills wanted... must be comfortable with public nudity.

Can I be arrested? Yeah.

Where do you stand on pasties?

Do you have any objections to your going undercover inside government organizations to free this country from oppression and censorship?

Fuck, yeah.

Do you have any issues getting topless in public places?

Thank you. That's great. Thank you.

You guys are both filmmakers?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't know you guys didn't speak English, but that's great that you are here.

I mean, I guess I would have to tell my husband about it.

My tits are in. I'm free tomorrow.

That's great.

All right.

What's going on? Are we fucked?

It's working.

Officers, excuse me. What's going on here?

These women are my clients, and we have legal permits for this demonstration.

Now, according to statute 245.01, the Court of Appeals of New York has ruled that the exposure of a bare female breast violates no exposure laws.

And so on behalf of my clients, for violation of this statute, I'm officially issuing you a lawsuit.

For their wrongful arrest on Wall Street, September the 15th of 2012.

Suing them for ten million?

I mean, it was just a PR stunt. It'll probably get thrown out.

Our lawyers thought it would... it would lure the press into covering it.

Should've called me. What do you mean?

Well, you know I would've leaked it to Reuters.

In seconds, you could've been out to 150 countries in 60 languages.

I think you are tapping into the first, and probably most... important amendment to the constitution:

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, press, assembly.

Do you know that we are 37th in the press freedom index?

There are 36 other countries that have a freer press than we do. 36.

Who's the worst? North Korea?

Eritrea. It's a little tiny country in East Africa near the Red Sea.

Jim. I know that you're... that you're crazy busy, but we need somebody who knows this world, somebody that can help us connect the dots.

We need a consigliere, a Yoda.

A Yoda? Big shoes to fill.


I just don't know how this is gonna sit in the big, bad world.


How's the paper?

I'm done working for dinosaurs. You quit.

No, I got fired.

Fuck 'em.

Okay, With... here's what I can do...

Let me percolate on it.

If... if something sifts to the top, I'll give you a buzz. Okay?

He's percolating. Define percolating.

I mean, his schedule's nuts, but he's gonna make it work.

Oh, my God. This is huge. Yeah.

What are you coloring?

I'm color-coding the states that women can legally be topless in.

How many states in America is the nipple actually legal?


All right, nips. This is our hit list. What am I looking at?

Well, it's a list of 32 good and bad guys that we're targeting as of now.

Madonna? Lady Gaga?

Katie Couric? For a campaign of this magnitude, we're gonna need to form a coalition of like-minded organizations and reach out to high-profile people who will champion our cause in the media.

How do you expect us to just reach out to these huge, iconic names?

Easy, we just call their handlers, their humans, and say, "Hey, we are on the front lines fighting for your freedom.

"You don't want to give us ten minutes of your client's time?"

Then let karma fall where it may.

That's a really nice theory, but back here on Earth... what makes you think these people are even gonna talk to us?

Cali, everyone in the world is hungry for something real.

Our currency is meaning. You're joking, right?

No, I'm not joking. I mean, even icons... icons who have everything in the world at the end of the day, they realize all they have is themselves.

They want meaning in their lives. It's the only thing that they can't buy, but we can give it to them.

Hey, we have that meeting. What meeting?

That meeting with the investors.

Oh, with the investor. Yeah. Okay, great. So I'll see you guys later.

See you guys.

What do you think? Maybe I'll take, like...

That girl is a button-pusher. It's not her. It's her programming.

She just needs a new operating system. She's a contradictarian.

She's working her ass off for free.

Whatev, she can not be talking to us like that in front of the peeps.

Rooftop? Rooftop. Let's go.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is a reality.

Did you just make that up? Nah, it's John Lennon.

You realize you quote some genius at least twice a day.

Sorry. I just love quotes. I love their timelessness.

I love how they can lift people's minds, you know?

So we're not firing her.


Why are you still wearing a bra? I don't know. Someone might see.

Who cares if people see? That's the point. Whatever. Just stay there.

With, isn't the point that people see?


That speaks volumes.

Drop the bra. Free your mind.

Drop the bra. Just like that?

Just like that. All right. All right.

You know I appreciate your optimism, but, you do realize that societies and religions have been... oppressing women for countless millennia.

This is not going to change overnight. I hope you know that.

Yeah, but you know what, you have to remember that humans and animals and even bugs at a deep DNA level, they want to be free.

I'm just merely curious as to why you think that you... we can change something that has never been able to have been changed in the history of ever. Why us? Why now? What makes us so unique?

We live in a technological age of social media, where one idea can reach more people in one week than Jesus, Buddha, or Moses could reach in over thousands of years.

Let's be careful comparing ourselves to Buddha and Jesus, okay?

Besides, that's all relative.

There are way more people on this Earth now than there were 5,000 years ago.

But at the rate you can reach people overnight is in the millions.

Look what happened in Egypt. That started with one guy and one Facebook page.

I'm not sure how accurate that statement is, but listen...

In political movements especially, the lines between delusion and reality can become very blurry.

So how about I will stay realistic, and you two stay optimistic, and we meet somewhere in the middle.

I fucking love this ice cream.

I think the poster should look like a piece of Elle's street art.

Yes. I think I know someone who knows her.

Want any text on the poster? Tagline?

Free the Nipple. Right. Free the Nipple it is then.


Dude, we seriously need a bigger place to work. I mean, one bathroom?

There's no workspaces. It's like a mini Big Brother in here.

I know, you're preaching to the choir. But what do you want me to do? Work outside?

You want to work on the roof... what?

All right, you guys. It's still under construction, but... we needed a bigger space, so...

Oh, my God.

What do you guys think?

Things aren't really together yet, but we have it for free for as long as we want.

What? Too rustic?

When can we move in? Now.

Really? Yeah.

We're inside a pool.

The first film I make here was word-for-word, scene-by-scene remake of a film I do in Europe.

But after we lock picture, MPAA destroy.

They take out nudity, drug... you know, anything that was "too real."

But why did you let them do that? You get NC 17 is like pornography, right?

You know, theaters don't release, no DVD, no Walmart.

I mean, honestly, I feel like we're in a fucking Communist country right now.

You're not, but, you know, growing up, you all the time hear America's home of the free, but after I work here, I think it's more repressed than I imagined.

Excuse me, but we're ready for you. Yes, I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Burt sends me video. Very good. I like. So you need money?

Oh... yeah. Money would be great.

How much you need and what you need this for?

Here's what you're up against. In 1980... religious organizations mobilized and put Reagan in the White House.

Basically, from that moment, the Republicans made an alliance with the Christian right, and when puritans start manipulating politicians and hijacking government, that's when censorship laws get weird.

Here's how it works: Let's say there is a television show like Skins, where you have teenagers having sex, ingesting drugs, etcetera, etcetera. I like that show.

Here's why it's no longer on in the U.S.:

Groups like the PTC rally their religious base, to send e-mails and phone calls to DC, to the FCC, to the press, to the networks, and, in Skins' case, MTV.

The sponsors freak out.

They pull their ads. MTV freaks out.

No more money?

Puritanical ideology... meet commerce. Show's off the air.

But Jim, how do we go up against these huge Goliath institutions?

I mean, I just feel that we're slightly out-gunned here.

Okay, first thing you have to understand is this is not about fighting.

I'm pretty sure she meant metaphorically.

Metaphorically, literally, you got to forget about this idea of fighting.

Whatever you fight grows stronger.

That's very Zen of you, but I'm asking how do we change the censorship laws in America?

This is not about politics.

This is about the hearts and minds of the people.

You want to shake things up? Take a page out of the Christian right's book.

Use the same tactics they employ on your cause.

We're a product of this puritanical culture, but let me ask you this... who do you think runs the world?

The 1%? No.

The Illuminati?

No. You do.

The people.

When the masses align, Rome falls, Egypt falls, it all falls down.

In theory, but... No, not in theory. In real time.

What do you think all those little religious groups across the great unwashed are made of?

A bunch of people.

What you need is a state-of-the-art campaign that will be the butterfly wing that will trigger the tsunami of signatures to petitions.

You drive to Washington via social media.

When you reach your critical mass, I'll take care of the press.

CNN, Fox, BBC.

I'll make a few phone calls, and suddenly, the great media monster's eyes will turn toward you... for 15 minutes.

Maybe 15 seconds.

In that moment...

What are you gonna say?

We researched the name "Topless Warriors," and it's already been taken by some group in Russia. What? Are you fucking my tits?

Orson! Hey. What's up?

Talk to me. Who are these girls?

These are Femen. According to this site, they have over 300 members.

And they protested issues ranging from the plight of the Ukrainian prostitute to the election of President Putin. These humans are hardcore.

How did they get so much press? They're smart.

They target high-profile, international events like Davos and elections.

They hit the Vatican.

We need to do that. What?

Storm high-profile landmarks with thousands of topless women.

What's equivalent to the Vatican in America? St. Patrick's Cathedral?

Probably the White House, right? Yes! We need to invade DC.

With, can I talk to you just for a second? Yeah. We're gonna go get some food.

Would you guys want anything? Yeah. Could you grab some Dunkaroos?

Dunkaroos? What's that? It's the cookie with the kangaroo.

They're shaped in a kangaroo, and you drop them into the...

It's like the little...

I know what they are. Come on. Okay.

Get whatever varieties they have.

Chocolate and vanilla. And some string cheese.

We should try to get in touch with that porn star that's in parliament too.

What's up?

Nothing. Come on.

Well, we have a problem. Yeah.

Roz, tell her. What is it?

I ran the numbers and the invoices and the receipts, and as of now, we're down to $397.21.

And, girls, if we're seriously planning on producing a campaign with thousands of women in DC, we're gonna need real money, or this whole thing is going to fall apart.

Okay, the universe is not going to fall apart, Chicken Little.

The universe has a plan.

In quantum physics, they have proven that space and time are illusions.

So if time doesn't really exist, then the impact that we are going to make... we've already made... and everything that we are going to do, we've already done.

Liv, I don't need the Carl Sagan explanation.

All I need to know is do we have money?

Because, like, the wall... we're at it.


I have to start looking for a job. Seriously, I'm not even kidding anymore.

We're in the middle of a revolution. You can't get a job.

I have to pay rent in four days, and my phone's about to get cut off.

With, you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought right now.

We're out of money, and we need a plan.

Well, Cali had an idea, but, well... But what?

All right, well, you know those websites where you can upload a video to get people to care about your cause... Yeah, like Kickstarter.

Yeah, exactly. Well, we could make a viral video right now if we wanted to.

We've got iPhones. And shoot what?

All right. Heads...

I run topless through Times Square and you film.

Tails, you run topless through Times Square and I film you.


I mean, in front of you is one thing, but in front of complete strangers?

That's in my top ten worst fears ever, right next to being buried alive.


No what? No.

You know, you can't be halfway pregnant. You can't be half-committed, either.

What's it gonna be? Yes or no?

All right. Flip the fucking coin!

Free the nipple if you dare to Life is all too short You got to run the gauntlet, baby You know that you should Free the nipple Everyone who leaves an open door They are free to lead you into A better universe

Let me go home

This is the best bet ever. Now I don't give a fuck.

You don't give a fuck? You don't give... now I don't give a fuck. Whateva.

Let me go home Yeah

Don't let me be the last To let it go Let me go home Yeah Don't let me be the last To let it go

Right there! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

Run, run, run! Go!

Okay, okay, okay, okay. Come on.

Hey, hey. Hey.

I don't know what she's doing. She's not answering her phone.

I don't know.

How bad is it? It's bad.

They're charging her with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, reckless assault.

Reckless assault? For what? How much is the bail?

$25,000. $25,000?

With, where are you going?

To bail her out. What do you think? Come on. Let's go.

Is there any way around paying for this permit, Jim?

I have a money problem.

You could call it performance art and get a permit and set up a temporary art museum for free.

That's brilliant. Why didn't we do that to begin with?

It's risky. Most curators don't want the controversy.

There's no guarantee you'll get the permit.

With? You there?

Jim, let's do it.

Are you sure?


We require a 10% deposit, so for you... that's $2,500.

As soon as we... you know, as soon as we get the check from you, we can get her out of there.

Thanks. Yep.

Roz, how much money do we have in the bank?

The next check just cleared. It's, like, $1,500.

You cannot use that money for bail. That money is for DC.

We're getting her out. She's the reason this whole thing started.

I should be the one in jail.

So you're just gonna jeopardize our entire plan to get Liv out of jail?

No. There's another way. We can get permits for free.

What are you talking about? I spoke to Jim, and he said that if we get museums to sponsor us, we'll be fine.

And if we can't?

Then that's... that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Okay, look. I know how you feel. We all love Liv.

This is much bigger than her now. Okay? You cannot do this.

I'm not letting her stay in jail one more hour, and that's final.

That's final?

Who says? I say.

Not happy? Walk away.

That's a good idea. That's what I'm gonna do right now. I'm gonna walk away.

What? Cali, stop. Don't.

What are you doing? We need her. We don't need Cali. We need Liv.

We still need another thousand dollars.

Are you okay? We've been looking for you all night.

Every revolution meets resistance, and that's when things get real.

Roz, I appreciate the halftime speech, but we're broke, and Liv is in jail indefinitely.

We're done. The whole thing just...

is dead. It's not dead.

It's not dead. It got hit by a freight train, sure, but it is not dead.

With... do you even remember why you hired me?

I don't know, 'cause you're cool and you were willing to work for free.

No. She didn't even read my resume.

Before this, I threw events and fundraisers. This is what I do.

Liv is a political prisoner.

This is more than enough to get people together to throw a bail party.

Are you serious? It's not that complicated.

We just get a venue, some cheap liquor and food, and-boom!

She's out of jail. Boom.

Yeah. Boom. Now get the fuck up off the floor.

Our fearless leader is probably rotting in a jail cell on a dirty, urine-stained floor getting gang-banged.

Liv, oh, you so pretty! Come on.

Let this be your motivation. Get up.

We are organizing a massive protest with thousands of topless women in DC.

But the real goal is to get on the floor of Congress, speak to them about the fact that there are these censorship giants that control the flow of nudity and violence into our theaters and our televisions. Yes.

I think you'd be a great ally for our cause. Hold on one second.

Hey, With! Come here. Orson.

Guys, this is Dave. Dave, With and Orson. How's it goin', man? Nice to meet you.

Dave is an investor and his family is in the beef and cattle industry and he's really interested in helping us out.

Why don't you tell him about what we're doing?

So we're trying to hack social media, democratize the internet.

We're trying to just kill censorship once and for all in this country.

And the leader of our movement got arrested for a public stunt.

And bail is $25,000. So we're trying to raise some money to get her out.

Awesome. Do you want a drink? Let me get you drink.

Miss bartender, do you have any Everclear? Yeah. Sure.

With, With, With, With, With! I want you to meet... so Alexandria, this is With and... Pippi.

Pippi, nice to meet you.

So we're helping them raise money for the campaign, and now it seems for trial and bail money too, yeah?

So, tell about revolution. It's not exactly a revolution, see...

Pardon. ...revolution implies revolve, like something that spins but comes back to the same place.

We want to transcend that. It's time to evolve.

This is more of an evolution. Next level. A cultural operating system upgrade.

Hello. Hi. I'm drunk.

Me, too. Nice to meet you.

This is my friend. I'm gonna take her away...

Okay. Okay. Very good. If that's okay with you.

Have fun. Onwards and upwards! Yes.

Orson, I need a drink.

Hi. How are you doing? Can I get another whiskey, please?

Hey, how goes that revolution?

We raised $450, but her bail's $25,000.

We still have to pay the bond and hire a lawyer.

No. No, no, no. Jim, stop. Please, you've helped me out so much.

Stop. Oh, cut it out.

Here, just fill it out for what you need. Don't go crazy.

Okay. Get back. Kiddo, come on. I love you too. Come on.

I'm excited.

Hey! Look at that.

A vision.

The lower clouds We tried to climb And love another Hope's my name They wore me out Protect my flame I'll make you shelter Hold on Where do you go?

Hold on How far are you?

You You

You You

To the most beautiful humans on Earth.

I love you all unconditionally.

Give Cali and Roz some love. They're the real reason why you're out of prison.

I'm sorry... for being such a bitch all the time.

Do you forgive me?

I guess I have to.

Oh, my God!


Greasy fucking kiss.

Do you wash your face? No!

I knew you had a crush on me.

She did! I've been so rude all along.

You totally did. Oh, my God. I love that shit. I love that shit!

That was make-out session!

Cali, what's happening with DC?

I'm trying to get the permits for 10,000 women at the Lincoln Memorial.

Why the Lincoln Memorial? MLK, Forrest Gump... it's the venue.

I thought we were trying to get on the floors of Congress.

DC is a fucking logistical nightmare, okay? It is not happening. Hello?

Ready to see some propaganda? I want to see! I want to see!

These are great!

I finally got a hold of Elle, and she requested a meeting with you.

Oh, my God. You got Elle? You got Elle?

Who's Elle? Who's Elle? She's everywhere.

She's next up. Bomit, Banksy, The London Police.

She's the next bullet in the barrel. So when are you free to meet?

Now. Yay!


So Milk's driving us to an undisclosed location.

You need to put this ski mask on, all right?

You're safe. You can take it off.

So Kilo told me that you're organizing a big event in DC.

Yeah, we're planning on getting permits for 10,000 topless women to assemble at the Lincoln Memorial, and we would love for you to get involved in any possible way.

When is it? We're trying to do it before the elections.

Here's what I can do. A week before your event, I can trigger my teams to carpet-bomb and tag the entire Tri-State Area.

But there's a problem. What's the problem?

Yeah, what's... What's your identity?

What's your name? Free the nipple? Yeah. You don't like it?

I mean, it's a catchy phrase. I don't mean to offend, but it's a tagline.

It's not an identity. You want to know who I think you are?



I love it. Fucking brilliant.

Basta, per favore.

I am aware that the Vatican are accusing my show of being sinful and blasphemous.

I do not endorse a way of life but describe one, and the audience is left to make its own decisions and judgment.

This is what I consider freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of thought.

If you do not believe in these freedoms, you, the Catholic Church, are imprisoning everyone's minds. I would have that woman's babies.

Do you think we'll actually get to Madonna?

If it's in the stars.

Oh, no more quotes. Ready? Come on. It's for our DC speech.

All right. "In a country where obscenity is defined, in large, "by things sexual instead of things related to war and killing and hatred, what kind of world is that?"

Who said that? Hugh Hefner.

I love it, but he's a pornographer. Well, then you're gonna hate this quote.

"I think the real obscenity comes from raising our youth to believe

"that sex is bad and ugly and dirty

"and yet it is heroic to go spill guts and blood in the most ghastly manner in the name of humanity."

Who said that? Let me finish. It's Larry Flynt.

"But ask yourself this question.

What is more obscene, sex or war?" That's my line. He stole my line.

You weren't even born when this speech was made.

Whatever, it's just a confirmation of my inspiration.

Everyday, the media plays glorified images of violence instead of showing the...

Fact: "Over two million juveniles every year are incarcerated for violent crimes."

Fact: "On average, 32 people are killed by handguns every single day..."

"Behavioral science shows that children under the age of 8 can't tell the difference

"between reality and fantasy, making them vulnerable to adopting the violence..."

"Kids like to imitate their heroes, and, so many of our heroes solve problems through killing and violence."

No. Wake up.

When did you go to bed? 4:00 or 5:00.

I finished my speech. Really?

Do you want to read it? Yes. Can we do it outside, though?

I need nature.

I love this. I love this. Which one?

"Democracy don't rule the world. You better get that in your head.

"This world is ruled by violence, but I guess that's better left unsaid."

Dylan. I love it.

You do? Yes.

You mean it? Yes!


Here it is. A little surprise.

A little homage to our sisters in Pussy Riot.

Oh, shit.

Free the nipple! Free the nipple!

Hey! Free the nipple!


Hey, this guy!

You know what I read?

I read once that if you take the best orgasm you've ever had, right?

And you multiply it times 100, it's literally a drop in the bucket compared to the bliss you feel from enlightenment.

Well, no wonder organized religions hate pleasure for pleasure's sake.

You can't generalize religion.

Yes, I can, they demonize it, they make you feel guilty about it.

My entire childhood, I thought that God was up there watching me fuck myself in my bathtub.

Why are you so obsessed with masturbating?

I'm not obsessed. I just need a variety of ways to get turned on.

For example. I have started masturbating to videos of myself masturbating.

Like this masturbation via feedback loop. No way.

Yeah. It's amazing. I actually came. Like ejaculated.

Stop. You've never ejaculated before?

Oh, my God. Stop. You're making this shit up.

You really are. No, I'm not. I swear. It's amazing.

So hang on. Let me... let me ask you a question. So you... you masturbate to videos of yourself masturbating.

Yes. It is so narcissistic, but it totally works.

Jesus Christ! Fucking douche-bag.

We're talking about orgasms! Orgasms!

Yeah, if we can actually, like, collaborate and morph it into one event, that would be amazing.

Yeah, I think that would be so disruptive.

Thank you. Oh, my God. Spencer, you have no idea.

You are my God today! Yes.

Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Yeah. We'll send you all the information.

Okay. Bye.


Get your ass... in here!

On chante peitit saucisson!

Come here.

Oh, my God. We are so lucky. You know who just contacted me right now?

Who? Spencer Tunick.

Amazing. He's huge.

So he's gonna be collaborating with us. Kick ass!

I thought we were gonna do the other one from now on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. You go like this.


Got your fingers. Yeah.

Jim Black.


With, they aren't gonna give us the permits.

What do you mean? I thought you said you could do this.

I'm sorry. I tried. I couldn't convince them.

The museum's afraid it will endanger their budget.

I'm sorry, With. Wish I had better news.

All right. I have to figure something out, Jim.



We lost the permits. What?

It's over. I fucked this up. It's okay, okay?

We'll figure something else out. You know? Forget DC.

This is all my fault.

With, look at me.

Look at me.

I feel like I'm letting everybody down, you know?

You didn't let me down.



I don't know why I did that. That was really weird.

I wasn't, like... planning on doing that or anything.

Where are you going? I'm going out.

With, you still have a towel on your head.

And you're... not wearing shoes.


Cali, who's your contact in DC? Give me the number. I want to call them.

What is it that you think you're going to accomplish?

Cali, please give me the number.

I don't know how many times I have to tell you this.

Everything is booked, and even if it wasn't, we can't get permits.

Organizing thousands of topless women costs a shitload of money we don't have.

Pardon me for a second. We're looking for eyeballs, right?


I mean, how do you get attention in this day and age, you know?

Just, like, get some sort of viral hit count Bieber...

Gangnam Style, cat baby thing, right?

No, no, no, no. You are not suggesting we are doing a music video.

I'm not, but it's a valid art form.

What I'm saying is what do you do when you have an important message that you want to get out to the people? You update your Facebook status.

But to more people. You know?

To the world. If you want to announce you're running for President...

Press conference.

Hold a press conference, exactly. Okay.

So you've got your friend Jim, right? He's got the press in his pocket.

Why don't we put all that together and grab a microphone and...

Why would anyone else care?

No one's gonna give three shits about some speech. No offense.

Yeah. It's true. Unless you're topless.

Well, what's the hook?

Okay, what would be so undeniable that the press would have to cover it?


This is the perfect opportunity for us to just wreak some serious street-art havoc.

Can we define havoc quickly? Before... And we don't have any bail money.

Hear me out. It's just a thought. What if, on Halloween, while the cops are busy, we got Kilo and Elle to just go out on the street and paste Free the Fucking Nipple everywhere.

So that when everybody wakes up on November 1st, it's like the first snow.

Yes. Yes. I like where you're going with this. Keep going.

Great. And then the next day, we hold a press conference, and we take full responsibility for the terrorist act.

I fucking love it. I love it. I'm gonna call Jim right now. I'm on it, guys.

What day are you gonna do this? November 1st.

Jim, did you... did you read my speech?

Yeah. The topless thing is the Trojan horse, but the real dialogue that's happening is about violence.

Your movement is becoming poignant. Great. Thank you.

Let me off the phone. I got some calls to make.

Okay, cool. Thank you. Bye.

Hey, Cathy. Yeah, it's Jim. Is he there?

Well, get him out of that meeting.

Hey... With? Yeah.

Come check this out. I edited some stuff together.

It's very rough, but it can give you sort of a general idea of what is going on.

That's... you finished it. Everyone! No, it's not finished.

People! Humans! Stop. Come and watch this. Orson just finished the cut.

It's a rough cut, though. Not finished, so don't judge too harshly.



We live in oppressive times. We, as a nation, become our own thought.

Jesus Christ is one of the most historic victims of censorship and...

And even more disturbing, every... and even more...

And even more disturbing... ...concern for commercial viability...

...Pontius Pilate was his censor. And if you hate freedom, move to China.

Censorship, censorship, censorship is an obvious hallmark of any fascist, tyrannical regime.



It's 4:00 a.m.

You must crash. We've got a big night tomorrow.

Fuck. This is really happening.


It is.

Oh, and we have to call a lawyer... to arrange for some bail money, because someone is definitely... definitely getting arrested. Yeah.

You nervous?


Destiny comes to those who listen... and fate sorts out the rest.

I'm so proud of you.

Proud of me? And of us.

Don't do this right now.

I'm really proud of us too.

I'm proud of you.

We are getting reports in that there are hundreds of nude and seminude women running around the streets of New York City.

Sources are saying that Girlrillaz, Nipple Liberation front is behind this frenzy...

...this flash mob of topless women as evidenced by this influx of "Free the Nipple" posters, various Girlrillaz art installations...

No, march, still!


One, two, action!

One, two, action!

And the sun, it will rise And I will look into those eyes That sometimes appear as my own And we'll spread out our wings And we'll forget all these things And into your soul I will go


Holy moly, Liz, she actually left her house.

Alert the media!

All right. Thank you for coming. I'm sure that a lot of you are here purely because you owe me favors... or I once bailed you out.


But no, really, you are all some of the most influential bloggers and opinion writers I know, so I thank you very much.

I am here in lieu of my good friend, With.

And maybe you've heard some murmurings about her group of girls that have been tagging New York City with "Free the Nipple."

I just ask for a few moments of your time to watch a video that With put together.

And if not, well, I'll just fuck off and post it on YouTube.

Okay, I'll shut up.

The film censors in America, like the MPAA, allow excessive violence yet discourage nudity and one of the most beautiful acts of humankind... making love.

Well, our sexuality has been taken away from us and is essentially being sold back to us through advertisement and all this stuff...

You gotta be fair! You gotta be fair....

My body's not yours to feel ashamed of!

As a citizen of one of the most violent countries in the world, I just want to ask one simple question...

What is so obscene about a woman's body?

If religious leaders believe that God created man and woman, and they are so offended by our bodies, don't arrest us for public nudity.

Complain to the manufacturer!

Get on your knees and pray for God to make a less obscene version of us!

So you're watching the movie we made.

All of us.

Just a bunch of girls who've never made a movie before.

So why did we make it?

Because it's hard to change the world.

You have to start somewhere.

We need new heroes, new stories, and we need them now.

Look what they've done to my song, Ma Look what they've done to my song Well, it's the only thing I could do half right It's turning out all wrong, Ma Look what they've done to my song Look what they've done to my brain, Ma Look what they've done to my brain Well, they picked it like a chicken bone And they think I'm half insane, Ma Look what they've done to my brain I wish I could find a book to live in I wish I could find a good book Because if I could find a real good book I'd never have to come out and look at Look what they've done to my song

Well, if the people are buying tears They'll be rich someday, Ma Look what they've done to my brain Yeah, maybe I'll be all right, Ma Yeah, maybe I'll be okay, Ma If the people are buying tears Then I'll be rich someday, Ma Look what they've done to my song Look what they've done to my soul, Ma Look what they've done to my soul Well, they tied it in a plastic bag And they shook me upside down, Ma Look what they've done to my soul

There's a shower of light Shoots across the sky Gently flowing, the energy The stars flicker in time for you tonight If I seem out of place now I can see a way where I might be found There's a reason that I've never felt right You always painted me wrong