Free Willy (1993) Script

There he is, at one o'clock!

Let's get behind him!

We'll cut him off!

Get him!

Out there, about 200 yards!


I got it!

Full throttle!

Let it go! Let it go!

More throttle! Keep it up!

That's it!

That's it!

Lay it down! Keep it coming!

Yeah, fish!

Go on, fish!

Go on there.

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, fish!

Go on in there!

Pin it! Pin it!

Closing in! Close it up!

He's not getting away! Keep the others away from him.

We got him!

Close it up!

Get him in the middle!

Keep closing it up!

Come on! Come on!

Excuse me. Mom dropped me off on her way to work and forgot my bus fare.

Could I borrow some money?

Thanks, lady! You have a good day.

I've got to get home. Lend me a buck... Get out of here.

My friends and I spent all of our money at the Natural History Museum.

We have to take the ferry home. Can you help me out?

I suppose. Yes.

Few bucks.

Shoot. I'm hungry.

I need some food.

Come on. Let's go.

Go, Jess.

You kids come back here!

Cool. Yeah! Come on, guys.

The first time I ever went there... it was so bad.

My mom dropped me off and went to work in Houston. I never saw her again.

I don't care, I hate her anyway.

I could eat one of these every day.

Yeah, well, I bolted.

You bolted from Cooperton? I did, bonehead.

Yeah, right.

Shut up. We both did. What do you know?

I know they watch you like you're gonna stab them.

I had to wait till some foster-home losers took me. Then I slipped.

Maybe you ain't as smart as us. Eat it.

I am.

I want my own place. Like an apartment or something.

Yeah, right. You and me.

We'll hook up with someone.

With my brains and your personality, we'll be rich.

Get out of here. Go!

Let's split up.

See you guys. All right, bye.

This way!


Go! Go, man!

This way.

Come on!

Go! Quick! Quick, move!

Down here.

Shut it. Quick!

Check it out, man.

Look at this.


What is that?


Jesse! Cops! Run!

There he is! Hold it, kid!

Heading up the stairs!

Hey, kid!

Hold on.


Calm down.


Breaking and entering, malicious mischief, vandalism, resisting arrest.

Anything else I should know? I robbed a few banks.

I'm glad you were only out there three days.

Did you miss me, Dwight?

Was Perry with you?

Perry who?

Look, don't play.

Don't be a bonehead. I hate telephones... and I spent 45 minutes talking to the police and that adventure park... trying to keep you clean.

You were lucky this time. I kept your behind out of court.

You have to clean up the mess you made at Northwest Adventure Park.

That is your probation. Any problem?

Why should I clean it? Why do I fool around with you kids?

I'm working too much overtime with you.

But you split out again here, and I am out of the picture.

You'll be with Youth Authority. Court supervised and controlled.

They'll put you in baby jail. That means a lockup in juvenile hall.

Okay, look.

Your placement is still on. The Greenwoods don't mind this incident.

What's wrong with them?

Because they want you in their home, there's something wrong with them, right?

What do you think?

I think that on paper, you're still real young, so you get some chances.

Not an infinite number of chances, but a few.

A few, son.

You get it?

You got any questions about any of this?

You hear from my mom?

You still want me to hear from your mom?

I just want to know if she's okay.

Nobody's heard from your mom in six years, Jesse.

Anytime you're ready, big guy.

Hi, Jesse. Hi, Dwight.

How are you, Annie? Good. And you?

It's been a long day for both of us.

Hello, Dwight. Hey.

There he is.

Can I carry your stuff? No.

Why don't we go inside and wash up, and we'll have dinner.

We got a little paperwork here for you.

Always got to have the paperwork.

I bought a new car recently. With the contracts and all, it came to 37 pages.

Well, this is a lease. I ain't buying yet.

You interested in computers? No.

I could teach you. I learned last summer. I'm not into it.

That makes two of us.

I wasn't either... but then I decided I wanted a second career as a journalist. I'm a teacher... and so I'm taking the summer off to write.

A couple of weeklies have taken a couple of my stories.

I haven't earned anything yet. Just dig right in.

That's how I know Dwight. I did a story on Cooperton.

Dwight's a jerk.

What exactly are you into?

I'm not into talking while I eat.

Here's your room.

Our bedroom's downstairs, but you've got the best view in the house.

Go ahead, open it.

It's a welcome gift.

You can open it later, if you feel like it.

I bought you some things. Some clothes, some socks... and there's lots of blue. Dwight said you liked blue.

Try them on, and if you don't like them, we can exchange them.

We'll get out of here.

If you need us, we're downstairs. Good night, Jesse.

It's great to have you here. Good night.

You remember that turn right before the bridge? That's 88th Street.

My garage is straight up from there.

If you go six more blocks, you'll be at the house.

Think you can find it?

When you go inside, look for the Aquatic Theater. Ask for Randolph.

Yeah, great.

Hey, mister. Do you know where I can find Randolph?

He lives in the cottage by the water.


Hello? Randolph?


What's this?


The artist returns.

Welcome back.

We've all become great admirers of your work around here... but all good things must come to an end.

Time to let your creativity flow backwards.

You know what to do with this?

Yes, I do.

Good. See you later.



What are you doing up here?


Seven thousand pounds, that one.

Jaws powerful enough to crush bones to oatmeal.

Willy gets into moods. You've got to give him his space.

Don't bother him, he won't bother you. Understand?


Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys... remember that our sea lion show plays four times daily... and your Adventure Pass will admit you to all sessions.

Showtimes are at 10, 12, 2 and 4.

As you can see, Olivia and Belinda flip out at lunchtime.

Belinda, we have a nice-looking audience, don't you think?


You look beautiful. How about a kiss?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Wave goodbye to everybody. Wave goodbye.

Give a big hand for Olivia and Belinda, and their trainer, Rae.

Come on.

In a couple of minutes, you'll be able to see Willy, our prize orca whale... right here in the main tank.

You're the graffiti kid. I guess.

You messed up our observation area.


You like whales? I like him.

He doesn't like anybody, so be careful around him.

Willy's a case.

A special case.


Who isn't?

Wanna play catch?

Catch? Yeah.

I like to throw the ball around once in a while.

Had this mitt since I was in 8th grade.

I used to sit around and spit in it, smack it.

Get a nice pocket there. Look at that. Nice, huh?

Let's play.

How much they paying you to be my jailer?


I'm making such a great deal on you, you wouldn't believe it.

You're a regular cash cow.

That, plus a million dollars, I could retire when I'm 300 years old.

You have to help me out a little.

Dwight says I'm supposed to make some rules for you.

Problem is, I've always been a better rule-breaker than rule-maker.

So tell me what you think you need.

You're asking me?

You're the big expert, right?

I don't know any rules.

A kid like you? Been around, been in trouble...

What will it be? Okay.

Let's see...

I got it. First rule is... you have to give me an allowance every week.

Five bucks.

What's next?

I don't know, I haven't thought yet.

While you're thinking, I need you in bed every night by 10:00.

And up every morning in time for breakfast.

And I want you in the house every night by 7.

And don't disappear without telling somebody.

We need to know where you are. Okay.


Almost finished with this place.

Come on. Come on.

Well, you have a nice day too, grouch!

He likes messing with people's heads, doesn't he?

Yes, he does.

If I can't get him to perform, no one can.

Orcas are usually nice and smart.

Willy's smart and nasty.

You really like him.

Yeah. Good. You can help me out.

Broken belly. Toss it.

Look. This is a good fish.

That's a bad fish. Good fish, bad fish.

We must sort out what Willy can eat from the cheap crap they buy.

Willy's a killer whale, right?

So will he kill us? No.

Orcas are just hunters. Mostly they eat fish.

Well, sometimes they'll eat porpoises, squid, birds... sharks...

What Willy really likes is salmon.

That's his chocolate.

Kiss me. Kiss me.

Ready to get back to your painting?

You saved my life.

You must have something special, that's why he didn't eat you.

What do you mean? I don't know. High blood, medicine roots.

No way.

Then you're just a lucky white boy. You like that better?

Willy doesn't have a problem with me. We appreciate each other.


Willy saved your butt.

I don't know why everybody has such a big problem with him.

Willy doesn't like visitors in his tank. Why were you there?

I came to say goodbye.

Job is almost up.

Didn't want to say goodbye.

Just maybe... What?

Old Indian stuff.


Ever look into Willy's eyes?

Those eyes discovered the stars... long before man was even a whisper on Mother Earth.

Could look into a man's soul if they want.

Willy won't look at Rae, or me.

Maybe he sees you.

Your parents are still up.

They're not my parents.

Jesse, where have you been?

You're soaked.

I was at work.

You snuck out at night to clean up graffiti. That's an amazing story.

I fell in the tank.

The whale tank?

Will somebody tell me what the heck is going on?

I slipped and fell in the tank. It's my fault.

Right. Folks, my name is Randolph.

How are you? I'm Glen. This is my wife, Annie.

Hi. Hi.

I've been supervising Jesse at the park. He does a good job.

Did his cleanup, helped out in some other areas and made friends.

We could use him for the rest of the summer, if that's okay with you.

Make a job of it. Pay him a little something.

What do you say?

I want to! Please!

Finally found something you're into?

It sounds okay, but days. No more sneaking out at night.

All right. I promise I won't.

Just be straight with us from now on. If there's something you need, just ask.

Think you can do that?

All right, it's past your bedtime. Get in the house, son.

I'm not your son.

Yeah, I know that.

Okay, easy. Watch it. Watch those lines!

Easy. You're okay.

Just get out of the way.

I'm not in the way.

This examination area is inadequate.

It's all we've got.

Holding him in this net is dangerous. We've told you that before.

Can you finish the exam? No, he's acting up too much.

You and Dial bought Willy from some slime ball.

He's too big and old to be caught in the first place.

Then you put him in a dolphin tank, alone.

He's not a natural performer, and you expect miracles.

You're paid to train him, not analyze him.

These were not the circumstances described when I signed on.

You're a professional, right? Make it work.

Dial gave me a line, I won't cross it.

This isn't about crossing lines. Which words don't you understand?

If the whale brings in customers...

we can spend money on him. Since he's not, make do with what you've got.

Easy, Willy. Easy, son.

Untie those back lines!

What's going on? What happened?

I don't know, the net came loose.

I saw what you did.

So? So nothing.

I'm sure Willy's grateful.

The whale won't perform, we're getting deeper into this... and Rae says we must expand the tank.

Very nice. This is what I get for bringing the whale in to boost business.

Let's move him into the Ritz. Tack it onto the $5000...

I dumped into his insurance premium.

The whale's worth more dead than alive.

It will cost at least $100,000... to expand that psychotic malcontent's playpen.

Huh? God, I hate that whale.

You got any leftover scraps...

I could take off your hands?

Might have.

I got a special friend named Willy.

Why would he want scraps?

He's a whale. A whale?

Hey, Jess.

I'll meet you up there.

What's up? Perry.

New clothes. New gig?

Staying with some people. It's cool.

What happened that night? I saw you get popped.

Not much. Had to clean up all our mess.

I'm working there now.

They looking for me?

Nah. Cool.

It's a total drag, man. Sorry.

No sweat. Where you been staying?

Dayton set me up. Working for him now.

Looking out for cops and stuff.

I mentioned you to him. I can hook you up if you want.

I gotta think about that.

Snooze, you lose.

Stop by sometime.

See you around. I gotta bail. All right, man.

See you. Later.

What's wrong, Willy? I thought you liked these things.

You're supposed to eat it like this.


You want me to put it in your mouth.

I'll make a deal with you.

Don't bite my hand off, and I'll give you the fish.

You like these.


You're like... rubbery.

Your skin peels off.

Still a beautiful animal though.

Well, buddy, I gotta go.

We'll save these scraps and fishes for later.

You want to go with me?

I can do that too.

Can you do it with your other arm?

You do it with the other arm?


Can you wave?

Can you dance for me?

Can you groove? Dance?



Can you go in circles?

You're really doing it.

Look at you.

Makes me dizzy.

Looks like Willy has a soul mate.


Can you feed him?

Sure, I can feed him.

It's easy.

Wanna try?

Come on.

Willy and I didn't get off to a good start.

He thinks I'm the Wicked Witch because of all the medical tests I did on him.

Out in the ocean, killer whales like Willy live in families, pods.

Some of them never leave their moms.

Never? Nope.

Their social structure is important to them.

Over 50 orcas have been seen traveling together.

Some of them stay together forever.

You've seen them? Yeah.

My dad was in the Navy. He did sonar research on whales.

I went out there all the time.

Do you do research here?

Here I'm just a trainer, but I want to work out on the ocean.

I'm going back to school to get my Ph.D. in marine biology.

If you do that, Willy will be alone. There'll be no one to take care of him.

Well, Charlie's in school...

Who's Charlie?

My boyfriend, Charlie.

Do you have a girlfriend?

What makes you think I want one? Just guessing.

This isn't him. What?

Willy, right here.

Sure it is. Willy's fin is flopped over.

That's what happens in captivity.


Nobody knows. Maybe they need more room to really swim.

Then how come Mr. Dial won't build Willy a bigger tank?

Because Dial treats wild animals like a commodity.

What's that?

Just a big word Dial likes to use.


It means that Dial won't build Willy a bigger pool... unless he can make more money off of him.

How'd you like to help me with that?


Most orcas love to play and do tricks.

They like the stimulation.

Can he see me underwater?

Sure. He can hear you too, from anywhere in the tank.

Now this, young man, is a target.

Willy's supposed to respond to it, follow it.

When we work on tricks or behaviors, we reward him with fish.

We're gonna see if we can get Willy's nose to touch the target.

Okay. Move out there.

Doing great.


Thank him with a fish.

There you go.

He likes that fish.

Roll on over.

Orcas love to be touched, pet, hugged, anything like that.

They love to have their tongues stroked.

Wait a minute... you want me to take my hand, stick it in his mouth and rub his tongue?

Yeah, eventually.

I don't think so.

You'll learn to read him. You'll be able to do it.

What's this?

Thought you'd want to know what we're dealing with. My father gave it to me.

Thanks. It's Haida.

What? "Haida" is the name of my people.

300 years ago, there were so many fish in the water... my people only had to spend one day a week gathering food.

Everybody ate like kings.

What did they do the rest of the time? Carved and painted totems.

Made music, told stories, made babies.

Sounds good to me.


It's the Haida word for "whale."

Natsaclane was a Haida who lived long before there were orca whales.

Hunting fish with the other warriors, young Natsaclane lost his way.

While he was searching, a fierce storm began.

Natsaclane couldn't find shelter anywhere.

The otters came and took him deep under the water where he'd be safe.

After the storm, Natsaclane again searched for the braves.

But all he found was a huge log.

He began carving a great beast in the log and tried carrying it to the ocean.

Finally he found water, but it wasn't the ocean.

The great carving sank to the bottom of this pool and disappeared.

Natsaclane sat and watched and waited, saying a prayer he'd never heard before.

He kept saying this prayer. It was so weird.

He'd never heard it before.

It really got crazy, because the water started flying out... and all this commotion started happening.

And out of the water came the carving.

It wasn't a carving.

It was a whale, like Willy.

He flew all the way down to the ocean, like a bird... and Natsaclane, he went after him, down to the beach... and he got on his back and rode him all the way home.

Isn't that cool? That's very cool.

What is this? It's an orca, like Willy.

Randolph gave it to me. It's from his tribe.

It's beautiful.

Well, you get some rest.

Sweet dreams.

Night. Night.

Hi, boy.

What's up?

Hi, buddy.

You like that?

You like that.



Hey, kid. You took my fish!

Yeah! Whoo! All right!

I got your chocolate, buddy.

What's the matter?

What are you making that awful noise for?

What you got there? It's a toy I made for Willy.

Big slap!

One more. Big slap, Willy!

Come on, buddy.

Come on, Willy! Big circles, buddy, big circles!

Big circle. Big circles, buddy, big circles.

Come here, boy.

Come on.

Come on, boy. Here we go.

Whoa! Yeah!

There you go.

Double A 6-7-5-4-3-4.

Hey, Jesse, what's up?

Annie. Dinner.


Hold on one second.

I need two sets of gaskets for that too. Bring them in the morning.

All right. Thanks.

Neat car.

Check it out.

You like that car? Oh, yeah.

That's a classic.

It was the love of my life.

I spent a year and a half getting that baby in primo condition.

Then I had to sell it.


The simple reason that you can't have more than one love in your life.

Oh, yeah?


You and Annie... ever fight?

Yeah, we schedule one every other month or so.


Just asking.

What's this? That's a picture of me and my mother.

Long time ago.

About your age there.

Where is she now?

She died. About two years ago.

Well, my mom's coming to get me one of these days.

She is?

Not too long from now.

That's funny. That's not what they said.

You don't believe me, do you?

It's not that, I just was under the impression that...

I don't care what they said! They don't know anything!

Okay. Okay.

My mom has some things to take care of, then she's coming for me!


Hi. Hi.

What happened?

He wasn't at the park. He wasn't?

Maybe we should call Dwight. It's after 11.

I know what time it is!

I'm sorry.

Where have you been? What are you doing?

You weren't at the park. You're supposed to tell us where you are.

Doesn't matter. You want to dump me? Go ahead.

I'm not living here, I'm staying here for a while.

How do you like that?

Just when you think you're starting to get through, starting to make sense... starting to make a connection...

He's scared, and he's pushing us away.

I'd like to push him out the door.

Don't say things like that! Does it make you angry?

It didn't help that you used that tone of voice with him!

He's driving me crazy! You know why you're angry?

No. Why? You wanna know why?

You care for him. That scares you, because he reminds you of yourself.

We did the best we could do. It doesn't have to be more than that.

Is this another of your crusades? This is not a crusade!

We're talking about a human being!

Annie, I'm happy, just you and me.

Are you okay?

I just got scared.

What are you scared about?

I don't know.

I heard you guys fighting.

It scared me.

Adults argue sometimes... but that doesn't mean that anybody will get hurt.

I'd never hurt Annie.

Or you.

You should know that.

I know.

I see you opened your present.

Yeah, thanks.

Let's go outside and find the baseball. What do you say?


Not gonna steal this one, kid. I should charge you double.

There you go.

See you, kid. How you doing today, sir?

This is from me to you. There you go.

Got that with all my pocket money. Enjoy.

Ah, Perry, man. What's up?

What is that? It's an orca.

Awesome. Definitely awesome.

I'm going.

First Sacramento, then L.A.

Dayton and I are like... business partners.

You can get in on it.

I can't do that right now.

Come on, man. This is major stuff.

We're gonna be rich.

All right, fool, be that way.


This is where we're going.

If you get the guts to go, look me up.


See you.

Hey, Willy.

You miss your family?

Well, my mom's a pain.

Couldn't take care of me. Couldn't even take care of herself.

I haven't seen her since I was little.

But, you know, I still miss her.

Greenwoods are okay. They're okay.

You know, it's rough. I'm nervous with them.

That's just the way it is.

Could be a lot worse.


You understand?

I'm sure you miss your family too.

I hope you find them one day.

I love you, Willy.

They're ready inside.

Would you like to do some tricks?


Don't squirt me. Squirt everyone else.

Go squirt them, buddy.

Swimming tail, slap.

All right. Why don't we thank the nice people for their applause.

Excuse yourself.

Thank them. Good boy.

Thank you.

Wanna play ball?

Yeah, good boy.

Big barrel.

Good boy.

All right, boy.

Come on, Willy.

Go, Willy!

Go on back down!


Now come to me!


And that, gentlemen, is our show!

Yeah! You did it!

You did it!

Did you see them?

You can do all that again?

What you and Rae want costs money. I must be sure.

Do dogs pee on brick walls?

I mean, yes, sir. Sure, we can do it again.


We'll set it up.

Yes! Yes!

We may be able to turn this around. It'll cost to set up a show.

So what? We let the kid work up a presentation... it catches on, and we're back on track, just like we planned.

"The Willy Show."

It'll make money.

And that is what we are all about.

You'll have a whale of a time when you see me at the Willy Show!

Programs for Willy the Whale!

Ladies and gentlemen. Please take your seats.

The Willy Show will start in 5 minutes.

A reminder:

We ask you to remain seated at all times during the Willy Show.

If you wish to buy Willy souvenirs, our gift shop has a great selection.

It's open all day, right outside the Aquatic Theater.

Lots of people out there. You nervous?


Here. What's this?

A little present from Randolph and me. Hey, cool.

Thanks, Rae.

You're welcome. See you. Yeah.

--please take your seats immediately. The Willy Show is about to start.

Hey, Dwight, how you been?

This is exciting. I'm proud of you.


And now... we proudly present the Willy Show!

Go get them!

Ladies and gentlemen... presenting the superstar orca of Northwest Adventure Park... let's hear it for Willy!

This could be big.

This could be big.

And this is Willy's friend Jesse.

Jesse and Willy have a special show for you.

Get them.

He's not into this. Something's wrong.

Try something simple. I'll talk.

Willy is a 12-year-old orca.

He is 22 feet long and weighs in at over 3.5 tons.

Come here, buddy.

So, guy...

Come on, you know the signals.

Willy, this is important to us.

Please, Willy. Please. Don't blow it.

Come on, Willy.

I know you can do it.

All right? Now let's go, bud.

All right.

Get off the stage.

Oh, come... Shut up.

Let's go! Let's get on with it!

Hey, stop. Stop!

Like every great performer, sometimes Willy gets stage fright.


He just wasn't ready.


That wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything.

I'll hold it and you kick it.

Jesse, it takes a lot of courage to do what you did... to work with an animal that's so big and strong.

Maybe that whale just doesn't want to be a performer.


You gave it your best shot.

You worked hard, and you did everything you could.

And we're very proud of you.

I'd be nervous too if I had to do tricks in front of all those people.

What's up?

Show wasn't... Screw the show and the Greenwoods.

So now they're against you too? Like everything else.

I don't think you have it so bad with the Greenwoods.

Then you live there!

I'm sick of this place! I'm going to find my mom.

You mean you're gonna hit the streets again?

No, I'm going to find my mom. Right.

The state can't find her. The federal government can't either.

I'll find her.

When are you going to get it?

She's not coming back.

Forgot the day she dropped you on that doorstep?

Forgot about that? Well, I remember.

Turned around and drove away.

Didn't look around or slow down, didn't look in the rear-view mirror.

That sound like somebody's mama to you?

These two people want to be your friend. That's more than your mother ever was.

And you could use a friend. Because if you go off on your own... you'll end up losing bigtime. You got that?

Shut up and leave me alone!

I feel sorry for Willy.

Me too.

You know... animals can be unpredictable... and they can misbehave sometimes... just like people.

But that doesn't mean you have to lose faith in them.


Well... good night.

What do you want?

Get out of here.

Just go.

Now you want to mess around.

What happened today?

You choked, didn't you?

Quit it.

Better stop that.

Quit it! Willy.

See this?

See this? It's going bye-bye, and it's never coming back!

Don't you start that now.

I'm out of here.

Going to California.

Have a good life.


It's your family.

Randolph! Randolph, wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

There's a hole in Willy's tank.

They tried to kill Willy! Wade was with them?

Yeah, and they dropped this.

It's part of the tank.

Dial's trying to collect the insurance. Willy's worth a million dollars.

A million dollars?

Let's free him! What?

Let's free Willy! We could take him to the bay and put him in the water.

I never liked this job anyway.

This is no accident. Dial's trying to kill Willy.

So we're putting him back in the ocean.

You two? And you.

And me? That's right, lady.

Wait a minute.

He'll die if he's dry-docked too long. The tank's beyond repair.

He's got family out there! I heard them.

He's homesick. That's why he acts so weird.

Jess... They tried to kill him!

Hand me that.

Did you call the police?

What good would that do? If we don't get Willy into water, he'll die.

Either get out of here or go turn on the pump.

Come on, boy.

Come on, Willy. That's it.

Come on, boy.


Jesse, get out of there!

Come on, Willy. Now!

Please. We're gonna get you out of here. Help us a little.

Attaboy, Jess.

Please, Willy. Please! Just cooperate.

Come forward.

Into the net, boy.

Good boy.

Good boy, Willy.

Good boy.

It's gonna be okay, Willy.

It's gonna be all right.

That's good enough.

Come on up.

Bring him out a little more.

All right, come on.

Nice and slow.

Watch his pecs.

Come on, boy.

You're going to be okay, buddy.

How's he doing?

He's all right.

He's been moved before. As long as he's wet, he'll be fine.

How are we going to pull him?


I'm hurrying!

Go! Go! Go! I'm going!

License plate number 5-2-Zebra, 34-Baker.

Glen... That's right.

Hold on one second.

Jesse's not here. His things are gone.

Take care of Willy.

Do we go straight to Dawsons Marina? Yeah.

It's the only ocean access for miles. Better stick to the back roads.

Jesse, this is Glen.

If you're there, answer me.

This is Glen. Are you in the truck?

Answer me.

Jesse, please. Answer us.

Are you there?

Okay, let's go.

You'll be okay, boy. Jess...

We won't let anything happen to him. I promise.

What do you think?

Old Forest Road?

It's the least conspicuous.

Nobody steals a whale.

The whale is gone. The trailer's gone, the forklift's been moved.

The trainer and the Indian must have done it.

This is a disaster. Why?

Because we don't have theft insurance on the whale, that's why!

Call Wilson. Tell him to bring his crew down.

You see that?

Oh, no, what are we gonna do?

We'll have to back it up. Let's go.


Keep going.

It's okay.

Watch it, Randolph.

Stop! Randolph! Stop!

You okay? Yes.

It's okay, boy.

It's okay.

How's he doing? I don't know.

He's pretty scared.

Maybe we should try going forward again.

If the trailer tilts any further, we'll lose him.

It's okay. You're gonna be all right.

Hey, Brody. Hey, Glen.

Heard anything about a stolen truck? It's yours?


The whale yours too?

The what? The whale?




We've definitely hit some kind of low.

No question about it.

We need help.

Glen. Annie.

You guys there?

Glen? Yeah, Jesse.

Are you all right? I'm okay.

What's going on?

What are you doing with my truck? And this whale?

They tried to kill Willy. Kill him?

We're putting him back in the ocean.

Glen, help us.

Help us, and I'll do anything. Anything!

What is it that you think I want from you?

I don't know. I don't know what you want from me.

Look, I've got to look out for Willy, and I've got to do what's best for him.

You understand?

Please, Glen.

I'm asking for your help. He's gonna die.

There's a chain and a winch behind the seat of the truck.

Go and get it.

Thanks, Glen.

Behind the seat. That's the only place I didn't look.

Come on.

Don't worry, boy, you'll be okay.

Glen's working on it. We'll get you out of here.

Hand me the other board!

Keep him wet. Okay.

Coming up! Keep going!

Keep going!

Annie! Yeah?

Move your car and lock it up.

Hang a right.

You're good.

You're good.

Jesse, sit down.

We gotta wet Willy down completely, he's getting dry.

The sun's gonna come up.

I know a place we can go.

Don't worry. You'll be okay. We're just gonna give you a nice rinse.

Open his mouth. All right. Okay, bud.

Open up!

Good boy.

Good boy.


Sorry, I haven't got a fish for you.

Let's go.

Nice whale. Thanks.

It'll be okay.

Hang in there. We're almost there.

We've got to hurry! He's not doing so good!

Please, Glen! Hurry!

You're gonna be okay.

Hurry, Glen!

Go for it!

Stop them!


Come on, boy! We got you to the water, now do your part!

Stop them! Don't let the whale get away!

Why isn't he moving?

You said when we got him to the water he'd be okay.

He's been out of the water a long time.

Come on, Willy!

Go! Get out of here!

Come here, kid!


Let go of my boy.

Willy. Willy, go!

Go, Willy!

Good boy.

Good boy. Good boy.

I love you, Willy.

Go, Willy. Go!

Go, Willy, go!



He's never gonna make it.

That whale's not going anywhere.

Water's 20 feet, those nets will touch bottom, close him in.

Jess. No.

Come on!

Jesse! Jesse, get back here.


Come on, get out of here! Go!

Come on, Willy!

Come on, boy!

Follow me to the breakwater!


Go, Willy!

Get away from the boats!


Come to me! Get away from those nets!

Over here, boy! Hurry!

Over here!

Hurry, Willy!

Come here, boy!

Come on.

Come on.

Come here, boy.

I'll miss you.

Don't forget me, okay? I won't forget you.

Say hello to your mom for me.

I really love you, boy. I believe in you.

You can do it. You can be free.

Do it. Do it!

Come on, Willy. I know you can do it!

I know you can jump this wall!

I believe in you! You can do it!

You could be free! Come on!

You can jump it!

Come on, Willy! You only have to do it once! Just once!

You ever see him jump that high? Things can happen.



I hate that whale.

Bye, Willy.

I'll miss you.

Hope we get to see each other some time.

I love you.

Hey, Jess.

Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

So long, Willy.

Let's go home.