Freetown (2015) Script




Is that your government car? Church.

Is that where you work?

I volunteer.

Hey! Stop!

Stop the car!

You can handle this, Brother Abubakar.

Make sure their needs are met and they're kept safe.

These are fine young men, Philip. They look up to you.

Once things have stabilized here, they will be a powerful force for good.

And until then?

Keep moving forward.

Be careful. I know.

Here, watch your step.

Thank you. Watch your step.

Okay. Good.

Menti, where is Abubakar?

He'll come.

Should we wait for him?

Should we?

No. It would just worry everyone.

Thank you, Elder.

Are you ready?

Yes, I am.

Akatika Ronke Delia, having been commissioned of Jesus Christ...

Would you like a drink? Yes, thank you.

I felt clean and peaceful.

You almost missed it.

I got stuck in the mud.

Poor thing is starting to get old.

And on top of that, there were rebels.

Children with guns, stealing car parts.

They stopped you?

No need.

I was a mouse in a trap.

I couldn't leave the car, and that got them curious.

But they didn't do anything to you.

They asked if I was Krahn.

Wanted to intimidate me.

You don't need to fear us.

And if I'm Krahn?

Oh, you are not.

But if I am, what then?

Should I fear the rebels?

We want only to be treated fairly.

That is what we all want.

Congratulations, Akatika. Thank you.

We'll be by Sunday morning to walk with you to church.

You wait here. I'll be back for you.

Don't worry. We'll be fine.

There's still light enough. Don't worry, Brother Abubakar.

Brother Abubakar can't help it. He was born to worry.

It is true, you know.

My mother never worried because I did enough for the both of us.

You hurry back, okay? We will.

Let's move.

Don't worry too much. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Well done, boys.

Stay safe out there in Paynesville.

Stay safe in Monrovia. Take care of yourselves.

All right.

Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it!

Hurry up!

I got the Book of Mormon.

Your shirt in the wardrobe.

Church isn't going to wait for us.


Your turn.


Are you okay? Why?

Yeah, sure.


Grab your tag.

They are coming. Move! Move!

Move it!

Menti, are you okay?

Stay there. Stay there.

Brother, stay down. Stay down.

Get out of my way!

Get down.

Move it!

Shut up.

Doe's people will pay for his sins.

I'm not Krahn. Really?

I'm... I'm not Krahn.

Just shut up!

It's good to see you today.

♪ Know this that every soul is free ♪

♪ To choose his life and what he'll be ♪

♪ For this eternal truth is given ♪

♪ That God will force no man to Heaven ♪

♪ He'll call, persuade, direct aright ♪

♪ And bless with wisdom, love, and light ♪

♪ In nameless ways, be good and kind ♪

♪ But never force the human mind ♪

What's going on?

I don't know.

Stay down.

Get down. Get down.

What's going on?


He'll have to stay inside.

Excuse me.

Sister Akatika, the missionaries, Menti and Meyers, they did not come with you to church today?

No, I waited for them. They didn't show up. I came by myself.

I see. I'm sorry they were not there.

It's no problem. I would come either way.

I believe you.

Is everything all right?

Excuse me.

Elders, we have to go now.


All right. All right.

Wait. I'm coming with you.

Where are you going?

You may want to get packed.

What are you talking about?

We're not staying here anymore.

We are not going anywhere.

There was much rebel activity last night, and Brothers Menti and Meyers have not been seen.


Abubakar, easy.

Whoa, oh! Watch out! There's a car!

Sorry about that.

We need to get there in one piece, Abubakar.

You're going to hit somebody if you continue like this.

Abubakar, easy now. Come on.

What if something happened to them? What will I say to President Cunningham?

I should have been there for them this morning.

Save your promises.

That's why we go to church every week. Maybe next.

Okay. I'll take that as a yes.

How do you do that? What?

Talk to people so easily.

Do I? Yeah.

Can't just go up to someone you don't know like it's nothing.

Yeah, it's nothing. Just say hello.

No, it's not that easy. Have you tried?

I'm not good at talking to people. Then why are you here?

To teach people, I guess.

How can you teach people if you can't talk to them?

I teach by example.

The example of not opening your mouth.

You open your mouth, you're teaching people.

Hey. Hey, missionaries.

You should come to church with us, David.

Your goats will love it.

No, goats don't belong at church.

Did you know that? What?

That goats don't belong at church.

Isn't that just nonsense?

I, uh...

Hey, I've seen all types at church.

You're being funny.

You're too smart for us.

But bring you and your family along this week.

Okay, I'll tell them.

Learn about a Good Shepherd. Sounds good?


That's my guy.

Take care, David.

Don't forget to bring your goats.

You see? Easy.

If you say so.

Is that...? Rebels.

What are you doing out here?

You shouldn't be here.

We're just teaching about...

I know who you are.

Are you trying to get shot?

They're not after missionaries. No.

They are after Krahn.

Gaye? Yes.

My name. It shows that I'm a Krahn.

Shoot all the Krahn.


That way. That way. That way. Move.

Run away!

No, no, no, this way. Come back. Everybody, get inside.

Kids, come on!

Hurry! Hurry!

Violence escalated this morning as NPFL forces seized control of outlying areas of Monrovia.

Shortages of food and water in Paynesville are forcing thousands of refugees to plead for aid from the United Nations.

The NPFL threatens conditions will worsen...

Hey, look out! long as President Doe controls the government.

President Doe's actions...

Abubakar. Shh. Hang on, Elders.

We are trapped. No food. No water.

They shoot us if we try to escape.

Rebels are setting up checkpoints at the edge of the city, discouraging any who are trying to flee.

No Krahns can get by me.

I'll make sure I pull out in front of every Krahn that crosses my path.

We can get no food, water.

Our kids have been shot at. Come on.

Come, come. Come on.

The men who live in this apartment, are they in here?

Whoever it is, they'll go.

Menti. Meyers. Are you there?

That's Forkpah.

Praise God you were not harmed.

You're making the right choice.

It isn't safe to be here any longer.

How can you teach about Jesus Christ when people's lives are at risk?

Your mothers will be very happy to see you.

He's not going home.

We're going to teach.

During the war?

Away from the war, where it is safe.

It's not safe in Monrovia, my brother.

It is not safe anywhere.

Then we will leave the country.

Wait, what? He's not kidding.

Are you just gonna pack up and drag a suitcase to Sierra Leone?


Anyone have a better idea?

Lay low. Stay inside.

You can study if you want, but stay off the streets.

Brother Abubakar.

Stay out of the reach of the rebels.

Look. Stock food and water.

Let's just wait this thing out.

There's no more food.

The water is out, too.

Same with our place.

And power's been gone for weeks.

What if you run into the rebels just walking down the street?

What if they shoot you because you're Christian?

Or because you're tall or not, or for whatever reason?

Or they shoot us through our apartment door while we're hiding like cowards.

It is not cowardice to survive.

We are not going to Freetown. It is not an option.

Brother Abubakar.

You could drive them there.

No. No, no, no.

What else can we do?

There are rebels everywhere in the city and in the jungle.

They're gonna set up roadblocks and checkpoints at every intersection between here and the border.

Just finding petrol will take a miracle from God.

Let's just wait here until...

We aren't any safer here than we are in the open air.

I saw a man get shot right in front of our apartment this morning.

It could have been any of us.

We will use the main road out of the city.

But I imagine we can run into trouble here.

Stop. All of you.

This is just too fast. We need to think.

Lives are at stake here, including ours.

I assured President Cunningham that I was gonna keep you safe.

And he trusts that I do the right thing.

Look, I don't care if you're not gonna teach another soul ever again.

We are not going to Freetown.



The Savior...

These were not always a part of my life.

One day, I meet two men in white shirts and ties on the streets.

They ask me if they can share a message.

I said no.

It wasn't for me.

Not after some of the things I have done.

When I turned to leave, Elder Menti said, "Will you pray for us?

Will you pray for us?"

I didn't know who these missionaries were.

I've never been to any church before.

I've never even said a prayer before.

But those simple words stuck in my mind.

That night, before I went to bed, I spoke out loud to God.

For the first time in my life, I said a prayer.

I didn't even know if I did it right.

I just talked.

And it felt like I could tell him anything.

It felt like he was actually listening to me.

It was so easy.

Now, that was the first time I ever said a prayer.

If you do not have a chance to share this message with others, then the rebels have already won.

We don't even know if we can get there, let alone if we should.

When we leave our apartment every morning, we don't always know where we are going.

Revelation doesn't come when we are hiding in the shadows or sitting on the ground, asking for it.

It doesn't come that way.

It comes when we are out working, without knowing where we are going, constantly taking steps forward.

So, when do we go?

We should sleep at the mission office tonight, and then we'll leave first thing tomorrow morning.

What about Gaye and Nyanforth?

I'll go to Paynesville tomorrow morning and tell them to meet you at the mission office.

There's no time to wait.

No one gets left behind.

Thank you, sister.

At your service.

Where did all these people come from?

They are people that feel threatened.

We go with them in the morning to the northern region, where it's safer.

You will stay with us.

Thank you, but we cannot leave the mission.

They're killing the Krahn.

And the rest, they take into camps.

There's not enough food here for these people.

Not even for tonight.

We will go and get something to eat. No. The rebels are out there.


We will be fine.

I'll go with you.

Uh, your name.

They will question you.

They will know.

I will go.

Be careful.

I love you, daddy. I love you, too.

Hey! Stop the car!

I will head to the field.

You see what you can find.

And let's meet back here. Okay.

Where is your friend?

He went out to look for food.

And you didn't go with him?

It's not safe for me out there.

Why not?

Some men were taught to hate.

By who?

By men who were hated.


Look. There.

Give me your weapon.

What is that?

What is that?

It's that fool over there.

Shoot again.

Is he Krahn?

He's a thief.

What is that?

Give me that.

I'm sorry.

"And then it shall come to pass that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care and sorrow."

Alma chapter 40.

"Rest from all their troubles."

Seems difficult to believe at a time like this.

It seems like at a time like this, you have to believe.


But death is final.

It's a lot of trouble for you to live through before you get to that state of paradise.

It does not say anything about needing to die before you can feel paradise.

Do you want to go with them tomorrow?

Don't you?

It's dangerous.

So is staying here.

I'd rather find somewhere where we can teach than be here and trapped.

You can stay. They are only killing Krahns.


We stay together.

What if they catch us?

What if they identify me?

It won't come to that.

If someone asks you where you're from, say you're from here, born and raised in Paynesville.

Stand up and be counted.

Stand up, be counted, and lie.

If it means saving your life?

In the moment, when there is a gun to your head and the sun is beating down, you must choose to live or die.

Are you really going to die just to prove a point?

Think of all the people you'll teach after this is all done.

The rebels are killing Krahns just because they can.

They're not the law of Liberia, the law of God.

I'm not telling you to betray your tribe.

Just preserve it.

There's nothing wrong with that.

I think I liked you better when you didn't talk.

Well, Gaye, are you sure you want to do this?


I'll shoot! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Let's go. Move! All of you, move! Let's go!

Go on.

You. Are you Krahn?

No. I'm not Krahn.

I'm Gio. You're lying!

Why? Why would I lie?

Because you fear me.

There's a Krahn dog.

Gaye? Huh.

What are you looking at?

Do you ever think about paradise?

This is not the end.

Do you ever wonder how it feels like to be there?

And you, little mother?

Are you Krahn?

I'm Krahn.

There's no shame in it.


You should run.

I see my paradise.

It is beyond the river, near the jungle.

Coconut palms and a salty breeze.

I've never seen a more beautiful place like this.

Where do you come from?

Not... Not Krahn.

Not Krahn.

And you?

Are you a Krahn?


Are you a Krahn?

No, I'm not.


Are you a Krahn?


Elder is my title.

I am... an ordained minister of Jesus Christ.

Ansa! Ansa!


These men...

These are good men. I know them.

You know them?

They are from my church.

Let me take them.

I'll put them to work digging. This one is a Krahn.

He will be treated as such.

Menti? Yeah?

We don't have any bread.

What do we have?

Nothing much.

We will make it work.

Then I'll ration it for the five of us.


They will come.

We're gonna ration them.

I think we just have to make do with what we have.

Yes. That's better.

But the food and all that... 'cause...

Oh, no.


So, what do we do?

Maybe we're gonna walk.

Were you born to worry?


I'm looking for the Elder.

The one who is Krahn.

He used to live near us in the city.

But we have not seen him.


Tell me where you lived.




You're looking for Elder.

What do you want from this Krahn?

What about you?

Are you a Krahn?

Huh? No.

Lucky us.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Quick.

Brother Meyers, Brother Menti, We got to go. We got to go.

Hey, Abubakar, come on.

Guys, we have to go.

We have got to go.

Come on in here for prayers.


Why aren't they here?

I'll say it.

Dear God, before we depart, we ask for thy watchful care.

The journey we now feel prompted to take require thy protective hands.

We are unsure as to what lies ahead, but, Lord, we pray for the vehicle, that it will function properly and be able to handle the uncertain terrain.

We pray for thy children who have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

Help their faith to carry them through these difficult times.

Bless those who remain, that their burden may be lightened.

We pray for Gaye and Nyanforth.

We've done our best...

We've done our best to find them, but have been unsuccessful.

Comfort them, oh, Lord.

Be with them.

Hello? Hello?

Finally, we pray for our driver...

Is anybody there? ...Brother Philip Abubakar.

You must get out.

And for the safety of him and his family...

They're coming for you... the rebels. we strive to do... They are not here.

...that which is impossible. You must leave now.



I'm so sorry.

Down, down, down. Go down.

Menti? Elders?


I found them in Paynesville. Let's go.


We have to go now.

Brother Momulu, you need to come with us.

These rebels have nothing for you.

I will stay. They need me.

You have a good heart. Be strong, my brother.

You needn't worry.

I can't help it.

Where is he?

Now you tell me, or I'll shoot you right here, right now.

Where is he?

He's been taken to Freetown.

He's not a threat, Ansa.

Get up. You are coming with me.

Come on. Let's go.

Menti's going to get hungry. I am fine.

He already is. I am fine.

This is not going to be long, right?

Yeah, just two days, brother. Two days?!

Oh. Stop for coconuts.

Yeah. Let's do it.

Menti, I thought you said you were fine.

Who says no to coconuts? Nobody does that, you know?

I can use the stones to indicate to them for checkpoints.

Now, if we're going to...

Hey, guys, we got some more coconuts.

Selli. Yeah?

Here's your coconut.

Okay, so that's all the same.

Guys, come around.

Guys, guys, guys, come see. Come see. Come here.


We are right here. That's our current position.

And, now, we're going to meet these three NPFL checkpoints.

Mm-hmm. We'll go down this bridge.

There's a river.

So as soon as we turn, we'll get to the river.

So we'll have to cross it and then move to the main interstate.

That's Freetown? Yes.

Somewhere right here. Yeah.

I don't know. Is this our plan?

And is it the map? Yeah, that's the map.

Look, let's take this as...

It's not to scale, but at least it can explain something.

I know Freetown is supposed to be here.

Freetown, Freetown, Freetown.

Freetown. Right here. Yeah.


What is the difference between this and that?

I don't know any sign that would show, but I know Freetown's right there.

This is Free... Let's say that is Freetown.

There's a difference between this location and this.

Okay, Freetown is here. That's fine. Whatever.

That's Freetown. Are you guys okay? Any questions?

The rebels, are they looking for Krahn?

The rebels are there to cause trouble.

Most of them are there for the money, and then some are there for food.

And obviously, a few of them have been paid to report the Krahn.

Or shoot them.

Elder Gaye, we won't let that happen.

Okay, so we need to get going now.

Have to get going.

We need to go.

Have faith, brother.

Nobody say anything. I'll handle this. But what if they ask if we're Krahn?

Or any question why... Just keep your mouth shut.

Not a word, any of you.

Hey, someone is coming. Stop!

Stop the car! Stop the car.

You want some water?

How many are in there?

There are seven of us in here.

We're looking for a Krahn.

We have a message for you.

Have you heard of the restored gospel?

We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

When Christ was on the Earth, he established a church with the priesthood authority.

But the authority was removed after the 12 apostles were killed.

Many years later, Christ restored his gospel with the priesthood power through a prophet by the name Joseph Smith.

Go on. Off.

If you receive his gospel and repent, you will be happy.

We'd love to share more with you and your friends.



We're supposed to open our mouth, aren't we?

Yes, of course.

That was really fine. Seriously.

We will be okay, brother.

It was supposed to drop by now.

Did you serve a mission, Philip?

No. I joined the church after I got married.

How did you find the church?

You know, before I joined the church, I would hear about the Mormons and their evil and strange ways.

It was never a good thing.

Then one day, I see this young man walking by the streets, teaching people about God.

Then I started to pay close attention.

But it was never like people would say.

And even when people would not listen to them, they could...

They would even show kindness and sometimes even help.

Then I thought to myself, "What type of evil would compel people to do such good?"

I just couldn't figure it out.

It didn't make sense to me.

Cognitive dissonance.



When you learn a truth that conflicts with what you already believe, your mind isn't comfortable with it.

You know, the church used to have a policy that excluded Africans from the priesthood.

We were banned, not allowed, denied.

I remember learning about it after joining the church.

Here I was, one of the first Liberians to be baptized into the church.

One of the first priesthood holders in the country.

The priesthood has changed my life more than I could ever hope for.

Talk about confusion.

Doesn't God love all his children?

Why would his organization, which is truly led by a prophet, have such a racist policy?

I couldn't get my head around it.

Cognitive dissonance.

But you did.

God allows us to change.

He wants us to change.

The power of the atonement is that Christ died for everyone.

Being able to change, to improve, to move forward, it is for everyone.

When one person changes for good, God forgives and rejoices.

You know, it felt like the same way when I joined.

How long ago was that?

That was about five years ago.

Five years.

Now look at where we are.

Worst mistake ever.

There were some missionaries driving on this road. Did you see them?

There were some missionaries all in white.

How long ago did they pass through?

Maybe an hour ago.

Lift the gate. Lift the gate.

They need you.

And what about you and your mother?

I'll care for her, as usual.

We could keep her in the mission office or even in the church.

Philip, they're here to teach, and you cannot ask them to waste their time.

They should go back to their families, move on with their lives instead of being a horrible burden on everyone.


Is it a burden to serve?

Is it a burden to help someone in need?

You don't pray to have more faith and just expect it to come.

Can we get through? Unh-unh.

Not unless we move it out ourselves.

I'll go have a look.

They're all passed out. Meyers, come help me.

Don't make any noise.


What are you doing with these?

Saving lives.

I'll go out and help them.

No, no, no. This is faster.

We need to be ready to go if they wake up.

They're not waking up.


No, no, no. Go put it back. Go put it back. Go.

Is someone there?

Menti, freeze! Hey, stop!


Hey, hey. Stop!


Meyers, get in the car. He's going to shoot.

Menti! Hey, stop!

Start the car.

Where are the keys?

Can you be any more louder? I'm sorry.

I didn't know it would fall apart like that.

But wait, how did you know he wouldn't shoot?

Because you can't shoot what you don't have.

What are you doing with that? It's okay, brother.

Brother Philip, we'll give it to someone in need.

Abubakar, we should pull over.

We need to get some rest.

So, we're going to sleep here, and everyone takes watch for an hour.

90 minutes. Why does it matter?

Because a full R.E.M. cycle is 90 minutes, and it's more healthful.

Okay, whatever. So, where are we sleeping?

Where are we sleeping? Just find a spot.

Who takes watch first? Where are we sleeping?

I'll go. I'll watch first.

You watch first. Okay, good.

We'll just make camp here.

I'll make a bed.

Everybody okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

Do not disturb me.

It's my turn to watch.

You're gonna need this.

Nyanforth said you were face-to-face with a Krahn killer.

Momulu saved us.

His timing was lucky.

He interfered?


Maybe there is hope for him.

All in God's time.

I was standing there at the end of this row of people.

I watched as the guard interrogated each person.

I kept wondering, "Is it fair for anyone to die like this?"

It was just as Nyanforth had suggested the night before, being faced with the choice to live or to die.

I was ready to lie when the question came.

I wanted to be brave and tell the truth.

But there was an old woman before us.

She was brave.

But he shot her without blinking.

I didn't want to be brave after that.

It didn't seem worth it.

I was afraid.

You should not feel bad about that.

Scripture says, "Fear not."

Isaiah, Samuel, Moroni.

Look at where you are and what you're doing.

You could have stayed in the city and hid.

But you are here, moving forward, trying to live.

Is it brave just to try to live?

It is brave to face your fears.



Lift gate. Lift gate.

Do you see something?

Just an abandoned car.

Why are you protecting him?

Protecting who, Ansa?

Liberia will suffer for Doe's actions.

He must be stopped.

Doe favors his people above others.

He stole the power of the government, and he is there illegally.

He holds it over us, giving positions of leadership to his people.

The Krahns think they are all better than us.

This boy you're protecting is one of them.

They are responsible for this war.

They are responsible for the death of my father, my mother, and my two younger brothers.

I will not stop hunting and killing Krahns until they are all gone.

Liberia will not be well with them.


Hatred breeds hatred.

We'll catch them at the border.

Good morning, Menti. You're wearing a tie?


You want some breakfast? Everybody happy now?

Did you sleep well?

Ooh, that stinks.

Let's go over there.

Want some breakfast? Not if it's yams.

I think I slept on it wrong.

One more day until we are free.

One more day until we can teach.

One more day until this car can rest.

Abubakar, slow down.

Slow down. Lots of kids here.

Slow down. Slow down.

Don't fight. Don't fight. Don't fight. Hey.

Watch it. Watch it.

Hey, hey, hey.

These are some kids.

Tell them something, Selli. What?

Teach them something, anything.

Take the Book of Mormon.

This is Joseph Smith.

He was a prophet. He could hear God.

Selli, come down. I know you're happy. Come on.

Okay, here you go. Take this one.

This is Jesus Christ. He's the Son of God.

Come here. Come here. Everybody, come around.

Be careful. Yes. You are getting there.

Teach them something. Anything. Take the Book of Mormon.

Give him one. Step out, step out.

Watch out. Watch out. Watches over you.

No, no, no, no, that's my tie.

Give one to your friends. Yeah, and you, too. Okay.

And you, and you, and you. Okay.

That's it. And you.

And everybody. He watches over all of us.

We are finally teaching.

I'll be fine. I don't care. Just go.

No matter what, he's always there for us.

Come on, Selli. Get back in.

He loves you. He'll always loves you.

Come on.

What's going on?

The puddle. I bet it's all mud underneath.

Can you go around?

Everything's marshy and wet.

Meyers, let's take a look.



I think we can make it through.

Doesn't look bad, that side.

Think so? Yeah.

Abubakar, can you drive through it?

Yeah. I've done it once.


Let's do it. I think we can make it. Guys, guys, guys.

If the water has been sitting for a while, the ground will be very, very soft.

Meyers, nobody cares. Let's just do it.

Then go ahead.

I will walk.


Yeah. We'll go, then.

Just give it enough gas, and we'll go right through.

Have faith, brother.

God, I pray to you, better be right.

Come on, now.

Come on. Yeah.

More gas, more gas, more gas.

Step on it. More gas.

Let's go. Let's go.

Abubakar, let's go. Do it.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, that was good.

Shh. Here he comes. Here he comes.

Nobody say anything.

Hey, wipe off before you get in.

Well, we don't have the faith to walk on water.

But we sure can drive through it.

Rebels again?

These ones look serious.

Rebel or national?

Does it matter?

Nyanforth, don't say anything.

Why so many in the car?

We don't have a church van.

You have to pay for each passenger.

We have very little money on us.


Pay. Or turn around and go back.

Do we even have money?

Bring out the little we have. Yeah.

I have a toothbrush.

Toothbrush? What are they gonna use a toothbrush for?

All right. All right.


What are we missing?

I need this pen. For what?

No, this is good.

This is all we have.

Uh, this is enough for five.

Wait, wait. Here.

Please. Here. That's for petrol.

Take. Please take it. Okay.

Six. We don't have any more money.

That's it. That's all we have.

My friend, I said six. Wait.

I have something. What?

Forkpah, Forkpah, Forkpah, pay attention.

Look at this.

Three, two, one.


God. That's the last drop.

All right.

I knew it, chosen ones.

This is the end of the line.

We are not there yet.

I know we are not there yet.

But this is how far your faith will get us.

So much for, "We will be okay, brother.

We will be okay." We will be okay, brother.

Yeah, we'll be okay. We'll be okay walking to Freetown.

Even a traveling band of miracle workers cannot predict everything.

Oh, Brother Abubakar, take it easy. Where is your faith?

Can't you see I'm easy? I'm so easy. I've got faith... loads of it.

I was just saying if I just... Guys.

There's a petrol station right here.

You hear that?

Come on. Let's go.

Come on. Brother Abubakar.

Abubakar. Faith. Faith!

Let's go!

Okay, it's okay.

They were asking for $85 a gallon in Paynesville.

That's $85 more than we have.

Just say a prayer and hope they are kind to us.

You have been traveling for long?

Yes, sir. We've been traveling for long.

And it's not been easy.

Not at all. It's not been easy.

We will need your help.

We want to buy petrol, but we don't have any money.

We can give anything... everything that we have.

You've been traveling with your sons?

They are not my sons.

Not your sons?

I guess, in a way, you can say they are.

And you have all of them in that tiny car?


All the way from Monrovia.


And where are you going?


How far away from the border?

Oh, not far.

But you must be careful, hmm?

The road is very bad.

And even though you are close, you still have to drive slowly.

I will do that, sir.

And soon, you will catch up with your friend.

Earlier on, a man came here looking for a bunch of men wearing white and claiming he was very anxious to catch up with you.

Don't worry.

I will help you, hmm?

I will help you.

Open the trunk.

Give it to him. What?

All of it.

That should be enough to take you there.

We are not far from the border.

What if you don't find them, Ansa?

We will find them. And what if we don't?

We must find them because if we don't...

I will deal with you.

I'll make sure that you and any other person you care about wish that we had.

Help me.

Is it okay now?

Yeah, it's okay. We're good to go, guys.

Philip, let's go faster.

Look, I can't go any faster.

We have to be careful of the tires.

There are rocks all over the place.

I wish you guys could be up front here to see it.

If I should get out and walk, we could get there faster.


Keep going. Now we're really making good time.

Philip. Yes?

The rocks are very small.

Oh, look. Look. We just got two more bumps.


It is still bumpy.

The rebels. Abubakar.

Guys, come, come.

It's not good for my shoes. Did you see that one?

I can't believe Abubakar is making us do this.


You're a good driver.

Hey, need some help? Hello.

You have a good driver.

He's a good man.

Everywhere is clear.

Philip, don't try me. I'm warning you.

Let's go, let's go, let's go. This is your last chance.

Abubakar, you should get out so that you can jog.

How was the exercise?


Scoot over.

I can't take this.

Thank you.

Next time, I'll drive. You jog.

I think Menti's hungry.

I'm ready for this trip to be over, guys.

Endure to the end, brother.

I don't think my end can endure much more.

I wouldn't be opposed to a shower.

I wouldn't be opposed to you having a shower.

When do you think things will be back to normal?

Normal? Yes.

Define "normal."

I don't know.

We can go outside and not talk about all the things that we have seen.

The rebels, the killings, and the hatred.


There will always be more of it if we keep allowing it.

That's bleak, man.

He's right.

Maybe. Just seems bleak.

It is if you see it that way.

But the fact is there are going to be permanent consequences to all our actions.

The families that were displaced, the lives that were lost...

Those things can never be back to normal.

And there will always be more of it... more fighting, more wars, more racism.

Nothing that can be done can make that better.

But you cannot argue over spilled water.

You cannot dwell on the injustice of the past, but rather anticipate hope of the future.

Elders, look.

If we hurry, we can make it before dark. Look. Just get your passports ready.

Anyone need their bags?



Selli? Anyone?

Get your papers ready.

Anyone need their bag?


Brother Abubakar. Nyanforth.


What were you thinking?!

That you don't have a passport to get across the border?!

What, you think you could just show up and shout scripture, sing a hymn, and they'll let you cross?

That is not the way things work! We didn't know.

Some of us have never left the country before.

Clearly! And we aren't gonna tell them that!

"Sorry, forgive us that we're not abiding by your laws.

We've never left the country."

I've been traveling for two days with barely enough sleep and barely enough food, listening to your miracle stories and faith-promoting coincidences.

And yet, not one of you would just sit down to think that if you would just take a little time to prepare, then God wouldn't have to work so hard to watch out for you!

Look. I'm...

Look. I'm sorry, okay?

It's just that we've worked so hard, and a lot has happened to get us this far.

And it's been, like, miracle after miracle.

Then why are you doubting?

Is faith supposed to be this exhausting?

Let's finish this.

You mind telling me how this fits into the plan?

There's nothing we could have done differently.

All the preparation in the world wouldn't have opened this bridge for us.

So, what do we do?

We find a place to sleep and head back in the morning.

So, the scripture teaches us that in the deal of faith among the children of men, God can do a miracle of wonder.

Therefore, he showed not himself until after they had faith.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Yes, of course.

I want to show you.

Will you be willing to pray for peace?

Definitely, I will.

At least we got to see Sierra Leone, sort of.


But would the Lord bring us this far only to turn us away?

Did we do all we can?


Where are you going?

Just going for a walk.

Look, stay by the car, would you?

What are we doing here if we're going to be turned away?

What good is it?

You control everything.

Through your son, you've shown power to even feed thousands.

You've calmed the seas and even walked on water.


Thank you, God.

Walk on water.

Hey. Good morning.



It's a good day to teach.


Hey. Good morning.

Menti. Meyers.



Wake up.

Guys, let's go.

What? What's happened?

Good morning. Is it?

What did I miss?

A glorious sunrise.

Good morning, Abubakar. Selli, good morning.

Good morning. Let's go.

Up. Hey, come on, guys.

We're going to Freetown today.

What? How do you know that?

Because you, my brother, are serving an all-powerful God.

The Lord provides a way.

Yes, he does.

At this rate, we are going to be here for a while.


Got anything to do to pass away the time?

Okay, guys.

There's a bunch, probably...


I gave them the Book of Mormon. Guys! Brothers, hey. Hey!

Do whatever he says. Please.

Pull the car over, and get out, all of you.

Let's go.

Right there. Let's go.

Back off, all of you! Back off!

I'll kill every last one of you for helping this Krahn, starting with him.

Move! Move back!

These young men are missionaries. They've done nothing wrong.


What are you doing?

Hold it right there. Hey, you.

What are you doing? Huh?

What is your authority? Who is that?

Who are you?

My name is Elder John Gaye.

Let him go.

He is one of those people.

He is a Krahn.

I said let him go.

Where are you from?

I'm from Monrovia, sir.

I left my home and my family to serve the people of Liberia for two years.

I'm a volunteer.

And you are all with him?

And you want to leave Liberia?

Sir, we have been unable to teach for over six months now because of rebel fighting.

We are going to Freetown to continue teaching until conditions in Monrovia are safe to return.

And you all made it here in this thing?

Yeah, on one tank of petrol.

With no flats and very little damage to the undercarriage.

And you... Why do you want to deny them passage?

There is no place for any Krahn in this country.

And you? Whose side are you on?


You weak, little Krahn lover.

I've sworn to protect our great nation Liberia by eliminating all filthy Krahns, and he is a Krahn.

And so am I!

Get them on the next ferry.

Wherever they need to go.


How did you know, Abubakar?

Know what?

How did you know about the ferry, that we would make it across?

He had faith... faith we would.

How did you know?

I didn't know. I didn't ever know.

Somewhere along the way, between the mission office and the rebel checkpoints, between running out of petrol but somehow always having enough, or children fleeing from rebels but smiling whenever they see you, between hoping for the future but fearing what was ahead, it just doesn't make sense to doubt anymore.

Thank you, Abubakar.

Selli, when we get there, don't let Sister Cunningham see you.

You're kind of a mess.

If I stand next to Meyers, I'll do just fine.

Hey, what do you mean? I look fine.

This is it. All right.

Let's go say hello.

My leg hurts.

Elder Menti?

Elder Meyers?

Let's go say hello. Hey. All right.

Oh. Look at you.



President. Elder, how are you?

I'm fine.

You made it. Yes.

I'm so glad you're here. Meyers, look at you.

It's so good to see you.



Please, come in. Come in. There's plenty of room.

Is there work?

Lots of work. Good.

Hello, president.

What are you doing?

Uh, I thought I should remove the battery to keep it safe.

Everything is safe.

Brother Abubakar, you've done everything I asked. Thank you.

It's a pleasure.