Freezer (2014) Script

( man panting )

( sirens wailing )

( helicopter blades whirring )

( man panting )

( siren wailing )

( distant dog barking )

( car engine stops )

( metallic gate rattling ) ( man gasps )

( gate rattling )

( gate clangs, whirring )

( panting )

( machines whirring )

Oh, shit.

( grunting )

Son of a bitch.

( extinguisher clatters )

( faint pop )

( panting )

( fans whirring )

( grunts )

Oh. Oh.


Happy fucking birthday.

( grunts )

( faint rattling )

( gate clangs )

( lock clicking )

( machines whirring )

Tell me you're the good guys.

( speaking Russian )

( speaking Russian )

( blades ring )

What the hell is going on here?

Did my girlfriend put you up to this?

Am I being punked? Huh?

( chuckles )

¿Tú hable inglés?

Cómo se dice, "I'm freezing my balls, so I want to get the fuck out of here"?

Uh, do you speak English?

English? Do you? Do you speak English?



Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Oh! Oh.

Yeah. ( chuckles )

Okay, I can see that you... you got a problem with me, so why don't we... find an interpreter and we'll just... we'll just take it outside?

Okay? Man: Mm-hmm.

Help! Help! This is a mistake.

Oh! Man: Bravo.

Help! Somebody help me!

Help! Help!

I don't know what this is about, but you got the wrong guy.

Ask the manager. Call the czar.

Find a... a comrade who speaks English.

People know I'm here. My girlfriend's waiting at our table right now.

( speaking Russian )

My shrimp-fucking-scampi is getting cold.

I'm supposed to be blowing out the candles. It's my birthday.

Don't you have any compassion?


Money? Money.


Okay. Okay.

My wallet.

You took my goddamn wallet.

There was 400 in cash in there.

You got my credit cards. Good luck with those.

How... how about ATM?

Huh? We take a drive.

We go to the ATM... A- T-M.

I can...

I can get you more... easy, "Conan. "

( speaking Russian )

So? Let's go.

What... what do you want? Passwords? My SociaI?

You want to steaI my identity? You can have it.

Robert "Shit Luck" Saunders. Have a merry fucking life.

( both speaking Russian )

Well, sounds like you two dildos are working this out.

You can't rush a good idea, especially if it's...

( groans ) Nice to meet you.

( cranks )

( bangs )

( bangs ) Let me out of here!

( gate rattling )

( gate clangs ) Shit.

( panting )

You're a shit magnet. Always have been.

( bangs )

( puffing )

( thumps )

( bolts clink )

( faint buzzing )

( faint cell phone ringing )

( ringing continues )


Caller: Sam? What?

Caller: Who is this? Is Sam there?

Wrong number. Goodbye.

Don't hang up. Stop. You need me.

Why do I need you?

'Cause anyone holding this phone is in a shitload of trouble. Am I right?

Maybe. Caller: Now who are you?

I'm trapped in a freezer, Cafe Volga, Brighton Beach Boulevard, Brooklyn.

I found a phone here Iying on the floor.

Are you alone? Yeah.

I'm locked in here.

Caller: Who are you? Who are you?


You're the police?

( police radio chatter ) I'm starting a trace.

Robert: You don't need a trace. Get someone over here now.

I... I... I'm locked in a fucking meat locker.

Caller: Give me your full name.

Captive: Robert James Saunders.

And your SociaI?

Yeah, right. What kind of scam is this?

Give me the last four digits.


Are you there? I'm here.

Are you sure you're a cop?

Detective Al Dorian, Narcotics, NYPD.

Yeah, well, Detective, you know, it's... it's 37 degrees in here, so I hate to complain, but if you can get here a little quicker, I'd really appreciate it.

Robert: I'm being held captive by two goons.

What do they want?

Money. They keep asking me questions, but fuck if I can understand.

They... they took my wallet.

This whole thing is insane.

Dorian: How did you end up there?

It's my birthday, if you can believe it.

I was having dinner at Cafe Volga with my girlfriend.

I hear they have a good steak.

Yeah, well, here's a hot tip for you... stay away from the bathroom.

I was taking a leak and one of these clowns sucker-punches me.

I saw stars and woke up here.

Who was your date at Volga?

Christina Welch, 28, red hair, hot as hell, sitting at a deuce by the bar. Can't miss her.

Christina. I'll have someone speak with her if she's still there.

She'll know exactly how long you've been missing.

The name Sam Gurov mean anything to you?

Robert: No. You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure. Why?

As of now, he is missing and you're holding his phone.

Can you describe the two men holding you?

Yeah, one's about 5'11", spongy hair, kind of looks like James Caan on a bad day, good suit, bad cigars.

The other one's a dead ringer for Conan the Barbarian.

He's got a star tattoo on the back of his neck.

They're Russian, I think.

You have an eye for detaiI, Bobby.

Robert, not Bobby.

Dorian: What do you do for a living?

Robert: A mechanic. Right.

Robert: You don't believe me?

You blame me? Who'd trust a mechanic?

All right, all right. But I happen to be one of the good ones.

Dorian: A mechanic, huh?

Pick that up in a machine shop at Rikers?

Robert James Saunders, two years for assault.

That you, Bobby?

Long time ago.

Dorian: Is this another mistake?

He swung first.

Dorian: That's what they all say.

So my mother said. It was my stepfather.

Dorian: Just so you know, Bobby, Sam Gurov was undercover, off the grid.

Now if SWATs break through that door, there's gonna be questions about Sam.

( gate rattling ) They need fast answers.

If you bullshit or withhold in any way, you'll wish to Christ they left you in your box.

Hold on.

( gate clangs )

You may be in a freezer, paI, but not in Cafe Volga.

What? You're not in Cafe Volga.

I'm in there now. I've been through the whole place, including the freezer.

Robert, what's going on?


Robert, are you there?

You know, I wasn't quite done with my call.

( speaking Russian )

You two need a room? You know, I'm starting to sense some obvious sexuaI tension between you two, and I like it.

No, really, you make a nice couple.

You should be together. You know what you should do?

Move to Woodstock, adopt a nice little Congolese baby and be happy.

Right? What's more important than love?

( KiriI speaks Russian )

( Stepan speaks Russian )

Need a bank?


( woman speaking Russian )

I apologize for their lack of manners.

Oh. I don't have much time tonight.

And neither do you in this cold.

Finally someone who can speak English around here.

Are you shy around women?

Only women as ugly as these two.

You've been here about 30 minutes.

Feels like 30 days.

Well, Robert Saunders, at this temperature, most men last between three and four hours, just so you know.

If you know who I am, then you know this is a mistake.

I... I... I was having dinner at Cafe Volga.

Please. Perhaps I know more than you think.

Then you don't need me.

It's not that easy. We still have to talk.

Fine, then let's step outside for a nice cup of hot cocoa.

The money.

You took my money.

Why does it have to be like this?

Because these two dumbasses picked the wrong guy.

I'm afraid we are stuck in here for a while longer.

All right, for you, I'll stay just for a little bit, because I'm supposed to meet some friends downtown.

So, maybe give me your number and, you know, we can hook up, have some borscht.

You must be getting cold. You think?

Tell me where the money is.

I spent it.

Oh, for Chrissake, I'm a mechanic. I don't believe you.

Well, neither did that cop I was just on the phone with, but he traced the call anyway.

They're gonna be here any minute.

We don't believe the trace worked.

We'll see. I don't hear any sirens.

They're sneaky that way.

Don't fuck with us, Robert.

They're not coming.

You know it. I know it.

If you don't give us the money, you will freeze to death.

Honey, I've been to a Giants-Bills game in December.

This is nothing.

Your shivering will increase.

You'll also get confused and have trouble concentrating.

It may get so bad that you'll bite your tongue off.

In the finaI stages of hypothermia, you will develop terminaI burrowing.

TerminaI burrowing?

Do we get to cuddle?

It's a self-protective behavior.

You will crawI into a small corner and wait there to die.

The good news is you won't even care.

How much money do I have, by the way?

Eight million dollars.

Eight million? Shit, I'm rich.

Robert, I'm trying to help you.

Help me what? Piss ice cubes? You've got the wrong guy.

Someone saw you.

Oh, damn it. Don't you get it?

It's some dude who looks like me, but it's not me.

Were you alone at Cafe Volga? I was on a date.

Oh, maybe she knows where the money is.

Ask her. She's there right now with a dozen cops looking for one of their own... a detective.

What do you know about that?

Oh, shit.

When did the money disappear?

Sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 tonight.

Okay, okay.

Um, before we went to the Volga, we stopped at Gina's on 3rd for a drink.

I... I paid with a... I paid with a credit card.

Maybe I... maybe I still have the receipt.

Oh, shit. Please.

Come on, come on, come on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Gina's. That proves it.

Take a look.

Well, the time on this shows you closed out at 9:14.

Well, we stayed for another round. My girlfriend paid.

Oh, such a gentleman. It's my birthday. She wanted to.

Go to Gina's. Talk to the bartender...

Will or William, something like that. We don't have time for this.

Then you're gonna lose your man. You are the man.

Oh, shit. This is gonna be a long-ass night.

It's not gonna be a long night, Robert.

Certainly not for you.

A man is coming to get his money.

If you're still here and the money is not, it'll be unpleasant.

It's already unpleasant, cupcake.

Can't he come a little sooner?


Are you a Gemini, by chance? Because I'm a Sagittarius, and we're supposed to be pretty compatible.

Did you guys feeI that?

She likes me.

( speaks Russian )

I feeI like it's something I said.

I'm starting to feeI like you don't like me or something.

Am I wrong?

( KiriI exhales )

Oh, that's awfuI.

Ooh! You missed.

( chuckles )

( cranks, whirring )

( shuddering )

Argh! Argh!

Oh, shit.

( bangs )

( bolts clatter )

( metaI clangs )

( slapping )


Oh, shit. Fuck. Help.

You scared the fuck out of me. Help me.

Hey, man, you're shot.

Help me up. No, no, no. CarefuI. CarefuI.

You might start bleeding again.

Let me guess...

Sam Gurov?

Detective Sam Gurov?

I found your phone. Dorian called.


Let's call him back. No, no, easy, dude.

The Russians grabbed it before he got a solid trace.

They would have been here by now.

Okay, help me out of here. Oh, so I can watch you bleed out?

Sam: What, are you a doctor? Get me out.

Robert: Oh, just like a fucking cop, always giving orders, huh?

Come on.

Nice and easy. Nice and easy.

There you go.

Sam: If I move, I'm dead. If I don't, I'm dead.

Robert: How long have you been in here?

No idea.

Why did they bring you here?

The Russians asked me some questions, the kind that hurt.

I'm dying of thirst. You got anything to drink in here?


( huffing )

That's good.

Thank you.

Do you think these guys are Russian mafia?

You know anything about that?

How can you be in here and not know who these people are?

They think I took their money. I suggest you give it back.

I didn't take it.

They ain't the type to make those kind of mistakes.

Well, they did tonight. If you say so.

So you know these guys?

They say someone's coming for their money... someone I should be scared of. Is it the boss, someone I can talk to, or what?

You don't want to talk to him.

Oleg is the "rukovodstvo. "

I was...

I was working my way up to meet him, take him down.

In six months, I never met him.

He lives in a fortress somewhere, never leaves.

Despite all that, some fuck almost whacked Oleg yesterday.

Really? Who? You?


One of his own, some trigger from the old country.

Oleg was scared.

He started moving money, lots of it.

Eight million came up from Miami, and then it vanished.

When the fingers started pointing, they landed on me.

Robert: This whole thing doesn't make any fucking sense.

Sam: What did Dorian say?

Well, he started looking for you in Cafe Volga, but he doesn't know where we are now.

Any ideas?

Robert... you are fucked.

They are going to kill you, money or not.

There's nothing you can say that's gonna make these guys park your ass on a curb and drive away.

Even if you can prove you got nothing to do with nothing, you've seen their faces.

You're a risk.

Sam: Oh, what's the story with that?

Oh, I knocked it open.

You've been busy.

There's no getting through these walls. They all have steeI backing.

It probably doesn't lead to anywhere anyway.

There's a duct inside the housing, but, you know, I'm thinking it connects to those circulating fans above the door. I'm not sure.

You know how much money these creeps have?

Billions... oiI, minerals, credit scams, whores, Internet.

It's ridiculous how bent they get over eight million.

That kind of money is nothing to them.

"Nichto"... that's Russian for "nothing. "

( bangs )


Hey, what do you know about this Alisa chick?

What's her story?

I think she's kind of into me.

She's a mule with a great ass.

I'll say.

She's also a punching bag for Oleg's son Vadim.

Sam: Who knows?

In their world, maybe that's love.

What about the guy with the cigars?

Sam: Stepan... smart, ambitious, dangerous.


( chuckles ) KiriI... what you see is what you get.

Who else is there? Anybody? ( groans )

I had someone working on the inside.

Whoa. What's his name?

( groans ) Boyka.

Maybe he took the money. Where is he?

Face down in a pooI of blood.

Who killed him?

S- Stepan.


Just keep hitting those fans. I'm dying, for crying out loud, come on.

( banging )


You know where I really want to go when we get out of this hellhole?

The Dominican Republic.

I really like Spanish women, man.

( banging continues )

Maybe we'll meet there for a drink, huh, Sam?

Sam. Sam.

Sam, open your eyes. Wake up. Wake up.

Wake up. Open your eyes.

( Sam mumbling ) They are open. I'm too cold.

And I'm tired, too fucking tired.

Okay, okay, okay.

Uh, come on. Come on.

What are you doing? Putting you back on your shelf.


Come on.


Come on. There you go.

Okay, get in there.

Okay. Good.

Home sweet home.

Sam: Okay.

Hey... the Dominican Republic sounds nice.

Yeah, man, Dominican Republic.

( Sam chuckles )


Sit tight. Don't say a word.

Quiet as a corpse.

Good. Okay.

( bangs )

( hisses )

I knocked out a big one.

TropicaI paradise.

( gate rattling )

( gate clangs )

( lock clicking )

You scare me a little bit. You know that?


What the hell was that for?

It's good for the cold, to help you keep awake.

You can turn up the heat, you know.

The food would spoiI.

Ow. What is this?

Where do you think you are, Robert?

You tell me.

You are in a coffin.

( sighs )

Do you know how many people these walls have seen?

You're not the first and you won't be the last.

No more lies about the money.

There is only one way out... the truth.

I am sick of asking you where the fucking money is.


What, is it your money or something?


So what's in this for you?

It keeps me alive.

You're responsible?

It's my head on the block with theirs and yours.

Huh. Sorry to hear that.

Then speak. May I?

How does a beautifuI girI like you end up in the mob?

Oh, I know... you have to fuck all the wrong guys.

Not this time.

There are many ways into this work, Robert.

Yeah, well, you should have read the fine print, sweetheart.

Alisa: It wouldn't have made a difference.

I was young.

I liked parties, and passed easily through borders and airports... the perfect courier.

So wait, you... you carried the eight million?

And I always delivered.

But that won't matter to the boss when he arrives.

Hmm, no worries. I'm sure a pretty girI like you has this guy's ear... or something lower.

I don't understand you, Robert.

Why is money more important to you than life?

Hey, that was good.

You almost looked like you cared.

No, really, I can see how good you must be dancing through borders.

But the reality of the situation is, sweetheart, you and I both know I'm not getting out of this freezer alive, so enough of the bullshit.

Then save me, Robert.

Please save me.


I wouldn't give you the ice off my eyebrows.

( rattling )

( KiriI mutters in Russian )

Let him go.

If you don't release me, he will break that man's neck.

Yeah, well, I might do you the same favor.

You won't. You don't know me.

You think I stole eight million bucks. That kind of guy wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way.

You won't kill me. Tell him to let Sam go.

Do it now. I can't.

Do it! Do it!

Sam: He has the money.

Robert took the eight million. He told me.

He's Iying. Where?

I'm not Iying.

He's full of shit!

He stole the money from Boyka. Boyka?

I got no money. Your guys made a mistake.

They don't make mistakes.

Well, look at this guy. He's still fucking breathing.

I call that a mistake.

Just give it up, Robert.

What the hell is he talking about?

You know exactly what they are talking about.

( Sam groaning ) ( KiriI mutters in Russian )

Yeah, go ahead.

( bangs )

( Sam coughing )

I ought to fucking strangle you.

Look, I'm not gonna last much longer.

Just tell them you have it.

Tell them you'll get it for them and we'll get out of here.

Oh, really? And what happens when I don't have it?

They'll shoot us in a nice warm graveI pit.

Oh, so that's your plan?

You should be thanking me.

I might have just saved your life.

What, for, like, five minutes?

Now they'll never believe I don't have the money.

After what you did, these assholes or their friends or their friends' friends will hunt me for the rest of my life.

You have kids?


I got two.

Paulie and Kat.

Paulie won't talk to me anymore since the divorce.

Boys are like that... the good ones.

They look after their moms.

Kat and I get on all right.

She's gonna miss her daddy.

( sighs )

Sam: Switch clothes with me.

What? Come on.

Come on, we're gonna get you out of here.

And what, leave you? Come on.

Yes, and leave me.

You stand me up in the back over here and hide by the door.

Next time those sons of bitches come in, you run.

Run like hell and get help.

It's now or never, Robert.

You don't get out of here... my kids will never know I sat here thinking about them.

There'll be no story, no body...

"nichto. " You understand?

If I leave you...

I know.

( chuckles )

I know.

Come on.

Sam: You're not handsome like me, but let's pray this works.

Robert: I owe you, man. No. No, you don't.

I think I'm the reason you're in here.

No, it's nobody's fault.

It's just bad karma. I don't think so.

My ex took everything.

I owe money, lots of it.

The vig on my marker is more than I make in two years.

( gate rattling ) IA, IRS... they all want a piece of me.

You took the money?

No, but I was gonna try.

They don't need it like I do. ( lock clicking )

I was... I was gonna share with...

With whom? Alisa?

No, not Alisa. Give me the name. The name!

Alisa: Robert, it's time.

( KiriI yells )

All right, all right, all right! You win. I'll give you the money.

Alisa: Where is it? I have to take you there.

He's gonna chop his head off. I need to be there.

Why? Lock, dogs, booby traps...

I gotta take care of it.

I took the money, not him! Cut my fucking arm off!

Where is it? Please don't do this.

Where is the fucking money? Cafe Volga!

I ran into the bathroom and hid the money in the ceiling.

That's where it is.

And I wasn't on a date.

I knew Stepan saw me in the parking garage.

I ran into the cafe to hide out, but they got me anyway.

( speaks Russian )

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What the fuck are you doing?

Yeah? You can't kill a cop.

He's a cop. Ask him.

Stepan: Huh?

Detective Sam Gurov, NYPD Narcotics.

You can't kill a cop.


KiriI: Okay?

Sam: No. No, no.

Stepan, please listen to me.

Listen to me. This is a police officer.

You can't kill a cop.

You'll go to jaiI for the rest of your life.

Don't be a fooI.

He, you.

( laughs )


He... you.

( laughing ) I hope hell is warm.

( coughs )

( gate rattling )

( gate clangs )

( lock rattles )

( gasps )

Hitting a woman is not so different from hitting a man.

It is for me.

You killed a cop. He was dirty.

You're animals.

Even you, princess.

I do what I have to to survive, as will you.

No. I wouldn't fuck the boss's son no matter how many times he hit me.

Argh! You fight like shit.

Didn't they teach you anything in mob schooI?

Eight million dollars, Robert.

All right, all right. Enough of this.

I got a little gambling problem. I spent it in Vegas.


I donated it all to my favorite charity.

They're gonna build a fucking orphanage in my name.


You first.

Start with the shirt.

You know, today is my birthday.

Shouldn't you be the one putting on the show?

You're not gonna kill me.


But I will put a bullet in your kneecap... or somewhere else.

( sighs )

Alisa: Slow.

Like that?

( KiriI mutters )

Now your pants.

Aw, babushka, we're moving kind of fast, aren't we?

Oh, no, no, not the... it's my life's savings.

Be nice to it.

That will do... for now.

It's kind of a weird time to be romantic, don't you think?

It's... oh, okay.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Ow! Oh.

I like you.

You've got a funny way of showing it.

I don't want to hurt you anymore.

Oh, good.

Oh. Oh, your hands.

Your hands... your hands are really, really warm.

I didn't find the money at the restaurant.


You can go. You'll be free.

Oh, that'd be amazing.



No. Then you die.

And you'll never get the money.



I think I'll liked the bite better.

Yeah. No, I did. I definitely... oh, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

Before you go, there's something you need to know.

I'm not the only one holding the cards here.

Isn't it odd that no one found Sam's phone? that Sam was still alive in here when everyone else thought he was dead?

I think someone was trying to save him.

What are you saying?

He told me he had a partner.

And if you don't listen, they're gonna get the money, I promise you.

Sam was a dirty cop.

You said it yourself. He owed money.

And you delivered the money to Boyka.

Am I right?

And Boyka was Sam's snitch.

If you didn't know that, he was.

Boyka trusted Sam... a bad mistake.

The money was stolen, Boyka is blamed, and who kills him?


And who saw me in the parking garage?

Think about it.


I trust Stepan.

Why would he kill the cop if they are working together?

Sam would have spilled the beans to save his own life.

If Stepan hadn't chopped his head off...

Robert: What... ( Alisa speaks Russian )

What's your beef, man?

( Alisa shouts in Russian )

( screams )

( Alisa sobbing )

( gunshot )

Alisa: Nyet! Robert: Oh, shit.

Robert: Tell him what I said.

Tell him! No.

That's right. He understands.

Right? You understand, right?

You got your fucking money.

Enough of this bullshit.

You don't need me. Run while you can.

Hmm? Huh?

What are you waiting for?

Huh? Pull the trigger.

Pull it.

Do it!

That's the only way to keep me from killing you.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Yeah? Whatever.

( door closes )

( knob cranks, fans whirring )

( huffing )


Did the bad man hurt you?


Happy birthday, dumbass.

Oh, that's nice. That's nice.

( smoke alarm beeping )

( beeping stops )

Did you bring the marshmallows?

It's out of fueI anyway, Borat.

This is goodbye.

I'm sad.

Don't trust him.

You know, a different place, a different time, you and me... I think we could have worked out.

A little apartment in the East Village, sipping vodka, making love, watching "Doctor Zhivago. "

I can't save you, Robert.

Aggh! What the fuck...?

The money. Ask him. He's got the money.

Huh? Huh? ( chuckles )

Save me, Robert. Please save me.

I'm not falling for this bullshit.

It's not a trick. It's not a trick.

Uh, uh...

All right. All right.

All right.

I'll get you the money. Give me the phone. Give me the phone!


The cop stole the money.

He had a partner, but it wasn't you, dickhead.

His name is Detective Al Dorian.

That's the cop I was talking to on the phone.

That's why he was trying to call Sam... to find out where he stashed the money.

If you let me call, I'll make him believe that giving the money back is the only way to save Sam's life.

What about Sam? Uh, I'll tell him that he's... that he's unconscious or he's tied up.

I'll tell him whatever the fuck I have to, to get the eight miI.

Then I'll call him. No. He'll never believe you.

But he might buy my story.

It's worth a shot. Just give me the phone.


Give me the phone.

Huh? Okay.

( panting )

( line rings )

Woman: What's your emergency? Detective Al Dorian, NYPD Narcotics.

It's Robert Saunders. It's an emergency.

Woman: I'll connect you now.

( line ringing )

Dorian: God damn, you're still alive?

Barely. They gave me a phone so I could call and get the money.

Are they with you now? Yes.

They want the money now or they're gonna kill Sam and me.

Is Sam there?

Can you get it? Where are you?

What are you doing? I had the money.

He was ready to bring it, but you have to tell me where we are.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Let me call him back. Let me call him back.

Alisa: Nyet!

Oh... ( door slams )

( yells )

( grunting )

( puffs )

( gate rattling )

( gate clangs )

( lock rattles )

( door opens )

( speaks Russian )

( chuckles, speaking Russian )

( sighs ) No Russian, please.

I'm so sick of it.

You a fucking cop?

No cop.

A mechanic.

Man: Really? A mechanic?

You're a bad liar.

Truth is, I'm a very good liar.

I don't think so. Look at yourself.

What kind of car do you drive?

What kind of car I drive?

BMW, M5.

( rattling )

Robert: Is it carbon-chipped?

For performance.

Does it jump through a red light on a mis-shift?

My friend says it's nothing to worry.

Friend sell you the car?

You are a good liar.


My name is known to many, but not my story, and never my face.


You took the shot at Oleg.

What did you hear, Robert?

That you missed.

Humph. Three months on Internet to get Oleg out of house with only four bodyguards.

I pretend to be young girI.

Rendezvous set, and Oleg switched location.

Then last minute, switch again.

Finally Oleg arrives holding a little puppy.

Too many ways to escape.

Shocking how fast the old rabbit ran.

All those years in a track suit, I suppose.

Who hired you?

Well, it might help to know who wants Oleg dead.

Do you see a way out of here, Robert?

Do you?

Only one, Robert... you.

I will be killed when Oleg arrives, but you're different.

There's a reason you're still alive.

I know how to get out of here, but I'm just... just too damn cold.





60/40. That's it.

( yawns )

How much is your life worth?

In here... nothing.



You're too cold, remember?


Take a look.

I broke that vent to climb out of here.

There's a small duct, probably leads to those fans above the door.

What I did find was wires...

110 for the fans and 220 for the condenser.

They run paralleI in there.


Meaning we need you to climb this shelf and play electrician.

Why don't you do it?

My fingers are frozen to the bone.

I can't even feeI them.

What are you trying to do?

The lights will blow when the freezer door opens and you'll be up front and attack in the dark... with this.

Unless you'd rather cut my throat.

I guess we're gonna find out, huh?

It's what you do, isn't it... move fast with a box cutter, cut us out of here?

And on to the money.

( coughs ) See it?

I see a conduit box.

The lid is off.

Yeah, I tried to do it myself, but I just couldn't.

I see wires.

What color?

Black, white and candy cane.

All right, pull the black and the candy cane ones out.

They're the ones that power this freezer.

Should be some slack up there.

All right. Now cut the wires and pull the insulation off about six inches.

You think I'm an idiot?

You cut it.

I told you my fingers are...

Do you worry that after we escape, I will kill you and take all the money?

I know you'll try, DaniI, but like any good thief, I plan to steaI your share and be long gone to the south of France by then.

( chuckles )

( lock rattling ) Shit.

Push these back up there and then close the vent.

( screaming )


( screaming stops )

( lights click ) Vadim?!

( Alisa mutters in Russian )

Do you know who you just killed?

I didn't kill anybody. Do you have any idea?

DaniI? That's not DaniI.

That's Vadim... Oleg's son!

( Stepan, Alisa speaking Russian )


Yes, you heard her... nyet.

Robert: Argh!

( Alisa whimpering )


( muttering in Russian )

( door closes )

( lock rattles, lights click )

( Alisa speaks )

I heard you were man of honor and integrity, but that is lie.

You can't kill me, so you kill my son.


I brought you here for a reason.

Oh, so you brought me here? This was your plan.

Some plan.

Who put you on me?

Who hired you?

Was it Arshin?

Trokmykov? Who paid you?

Speak, you fucking whore.


Let me do this the old-fashioned way.

I have news for you.

You are going to a very warm place.

It is honor to kill you myself.

( yelling )

( Oleg yells ) Confess!


Kill this dog.

( gunfire ringing )

( knife slices ) Argh!

When the deviI asks what brought you, tell him it was freedom...

I killed you for freedom.

Freedom? I don't own you.

I don't even know you.

Not for me. For her.

( sighs )

What took you so long?

( sobbing )


I was so scared.

So many times I wanted to cry or to say, "Stop. Stop. "

No, no, no.

No, don't cry.

Your tears will freeze.


( screams )

( speaking Russian )

I can't think anymore.

Oh, my God, they will kill us.

They will kill us.

You've been here too long, baby. You are nearly frozen.

Tell me.


Tell me again.

Alisa: In the south of France... in Montpellier, the historic center of town is called I'Ecusson.

( groans )

( sobbing ) It's full of small squares with beautifuI shops, wonderfuI bars and cafes, art galleries which you would suffer through for me.


I'm listening.

( electricity buzzing )

On top, there is a small restaurant.

They have the most incredible bread and cheese that melts in your mouth like butter.

( chuckles )

If you look out of the window, if you squint, you will see the Mediterranean Sea.

( door opens ) NYPD!

Put your hands where I can see them.


It's me... Robert.

I know who you are.

Are you armed?

One on your wrist, one on his, one in the middle, around that post. Do it now.

He is shot.

( coughing )

He will die if we don't get out of here.

The zips, now. Do it now.

( electricity buzzing )

You killed Oleg.

Who's that?

Vadim... his son.


( squeaking )

Who the hell is she?


Just one of their girls.

Did you find the money?


I'm not sure I believe you.

I'm the only one who knows where you are.

And I'm not leaving without that money.

Now you can walk out that door or I can close it and leave... up to you.

I've been hearing that a lot lately.


No. No.

I'll tell you.

"Just one of their girls," huh?

You bullshit me, I will leave.

New York cuts.

New York cuts...?

The money's been here the entire time? ( door slams )


Let me out of here!

Let me out! ( gate rattling )

Saunders, Let me out of here!

( reverse signaI beeping )

( bangs, clicks )

( gunshots )

( whirring )

You can kiss our eight million bucks goodbye.

I don't care about the money.

Are you sure you still love me?


Dorian: Let me out!

( yelling indistinctly )

I have something for you.

A gift from Oleg.

( truck horn honks ) ( large engine whirring )

( seagulls cawing )

Happy birthday.

( man banging ) Hey!

Keep it fucking moving, huh? Get a room already!

( yelps ) ( splashing )

DaniI: Sorry. ( Alisa laughing )

DaniI: Now how about that nice cup of hot cocoa?

( tires screech )

( instrumentaI music playing )