French Connection II (1975) Script

Taking your number, fella. I got it.

That's in case you screwed me.

Bartlemy! Pardon?




Bartlemy. Hm?

Bartlemy. Barthélémy?

Bartlemy. Yeah.

Which one?




I'm Doyle.

Ah. Doyle. Henri Barthélémy.

Bartlemy. We were expecting you.

A little spare-time work? Narcotics.

In the fish? In the fish.

Unfortunately this is our information, Monsieur Doyle.

Oh, pardon me. Inspectors Diron and Miletto. Monsieur Doyle de New York.

We shall work together. Great.


What's all this about? Poisson d'avril.

What? Oh, I'm sorry.

April Fools' Day.

You know? We are the first of April.

You see, this information was a bad joke.

Over here, on April Fools' Day, it's a custom to pin a fish on people. You know?

Only it's usually a paper one.

They really pinned it to you this time.

This way, please.

"Doyle, James R."

"42 years old. Nickname: Popeye."



What are you doin' with my file in the shithouse, huh?

This another one of your April Fool jokes?

No. I like reading it here.


60 kilos of heroin. It was a big arrest.

Regarde, Miletto. We have an authentic American hero here.

Where the fuck did you get that?

Mr. Doyle, I was requested to help you.

I didn't request that you come here.

But naturally I wanted to know who you were. I found out.

After this big arrest,... disappeared.

I read in the papers that somebody stole your heroin right out of the police headquarters.

Was it your friends?

My friends are still on the force.

How many men have you killed?

Wait a fuckin' minute. Wait a minute!

Am I bein' interrogated here?

Am I workin' with you, or am l some kind of goddamn suspect, or what?


Five people killed.

It seems quite a lot.

I've been a New York cop for 14 years.

I know that the dope that comes out of this city has killed a lot more than I have.

Two of the dead were policemen.


Miletto, show him his office.

Mr. Doyle.

This is, uh... your office.

Right here.


Right next to the, uh... the shithouse, huh?

I got a telephone, an extension... It's terrific.

Very nice.

Hey, Henry. It's beautiful. Really beautiful. I'd be better off in New York on welfare.

Hey, poor Popeye. You are - how do you say - homesick?

I'll send for some spinach.

Hey, Bartlemy, why don't you knock off the chickenshit, huh?

I'd rather be a lamppost in New York than the president of France.

I came over for one thing only: to get Charnier. And that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna get him and put him where he belongs, even if you won't.

Hey, bravo. It's D-day in Marseilles. The Americans have landed.

Hey, this Charnier of yours, to begin with, this is certainly not his name.

Second, there is no record of such a man - here, in Paris, or in the streets.

But there is more of a record on you, and it's not very nice.

I must remind you, it's you that let him escape.

Come, back to work. But you come only with us to observe, hein?

You carry no gun, I hope.

It's illegal for foreigners. Even policemen. No, no gun. I'm strictly by the book.

You read my file, right? That's why I asked.

Raoul? Oui, Henri.

Miletto? Oui.

Prets? Prets.



You just stay close to me and observe.

You are my guest. You do nothing, say nothing. OK?

Who, me? I'm naked, remember?

You must think I'm some sort of hero. No, I'm just here to watch how the pros do it.

I'm your guest.

On y va.

Ici la police!



Doyle! Doyle!

Doyle, come back! Doyle!

Doyle! Raoul!

You bastard!

Get him off me, goddamnit!

I want him arrested! You're under arrest, you son of a bitch!

Shut up! You've got no police powers here, Doyle!

Forget it. Raoul!

Come on. Come on, Doyle. No! I want that bastard collared!

You let him go? He's ours.

What? He's ours!

How do you think he got out of there? Come on.

Holy shit.

Why don't you go back to New York and kill policemen? That's what you do best.

Raoul, tu appelles "ambulance.

Two months' infiltration wasted through your madness.

If you'd warned me, he'd still be alive. No!

If you'd done what I told you, he would still be alive.

Hey, what'd he say? What'd he say?

Look at all this stuff. Must've been an accident, huh?

Look at that acid. Must be enough there for 50 kilos. Maybe double that.

You hit him too soon. Hey, you screwed up.

I have a job for you, Doyle.

You want to know what people say? You talk to them!

What do you mean? Hey, you mean interrogate 'em?

What am I supposed to use - sign language? I don't speak French, remember?

Miletto will be your interpreter. Miletto!

Hey. Shove it. No, my friend. You shove it!

You don't help us outside. You just fuck up.

What do you know of Marseilles? You think it's Harlem? Kicking blacks in the streets?

Get depositions from all of them. I don't give a damn what they say, but I want it in writing.

Hey, look. I came over here to nail that Frog son of a bitch good.

It's not part of my plan to sit beatin' my meat while you French narcs grab all the credit.

You stick me next to the shithouse while you take all the medals, right?

That's right.

We should decide the matter of the rendezvous.

A place to meet after you have made the delivery.

How's New York?

You know better than that, William. New York is hazardous to your health.

At least, to my health.

But it is an amusing city.

How did you do it, if it's not a secret? Oh, it was very simple, and very droll.

83 policemen wanted to talk to me,...

..and 52 of them chose to talk to my money instead.

I love a city where you always know where you stand.

Hey, Hank! I'm really learnin' a lot up here.

You're really missin' it, buddy.

This one's named Godardi. We arrest for drugs. One conviction.

I'm gonna take you right down there in that alley. Right down there.

And we'll start on your throat, right here.

I'm gonna bust everything in it.

You like that, huh? Then your belly. I'll start workin' on your belly.

I'm gonna hit you so fuckin' hard, it'll break your backbone.

Je comprends pas. You compris that?

Non. No, you don't understand, huh?

Then I'm gonna work on your arms. I'm gonna set 'em over a kerb.

I'm gonna use 'em for a trampoline, jump up and down on 'em.

And then your kneecaps. One, two. Kneecaps.

I'll make oatmeal out of your fuckin' kneecaps.

And when I get done with you, you are gonna put me right in Charnier's lap.

Je ne le connais pas. You connais pas?

Ah, food.

What'd you do - cremate the fuckin' thing?

You cremated it. You burned...

You got the ketchup there. Where's the mayo? The mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise. Mayo, mayo, mayo, mayo.

Watch my mouth: mayo. Mayo.

Mayo, right. And relish. Relish.

Relish. Relish.

Relish, right. Mayo and relish.

Send Miletto up too, will you? Hein?

Miletto! Yes, yes. Miletto.

That's good, huh?

Hey, Miletto! Come on, get up here!

I want ya to ask this fuck somethin'.

Ask him if he ever picked his feet in Poughkeepsie.

Is this comfortable for you? I didn't understand.

Ask him... You ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?

I'm gonna take a walk. Doyle, the orders.

Stick your orders right here.

I'd like a... Four Roses, straight up, and water on the side.


Four Roses, straight up, and water on the side.

Comprends pas. Aw, shit. Uh...


Bourbon. Bourbon.

OK. Um...

Can you give me some help here?

Uh... Jack Daniels.

Jack qui? Jackie, yeah. Jackie Daniels.


Let's see. Um...

Scotch. Right there.

El Scotcho. Whisky?

Avec glace? In a glass, yeah.

No, I don't want ice. I don't want it.

Uh, excuse me, miss. Excuse me, ladies.

Can I offer you a little drink?

A drink. Would you like a drink?

Comprends pas.

Mind if I sit down?


I don't understand. Just have a little drink.


How'd you like to kiss my Irish ass, huh?

Guess that told 'em, huh?

Hey, fella?

How about another drink here? Give me about two fingers, like that.

Un autre? Yeah. Um...

Give yourself one too.

Pour moi? What's your name?


Help yourself to one. I want... Somebody's gonna have a drink with me.

Um... you. Moi?

Right. Give yourself a drink.

Á boire, pour moi? Merci beaucoup.

You're gonna drink that green shit?

J'aime beaucoup ça.

That's not... Hey, come on. Fill it up. Merci beaucoup.

Have a drink. Un double, alors.

Pretty good drinker. Double?


I hope those Hel's Angels come back. Mais c'est de ma part. Moi.

Have another drink.

No, no, no. Have another - you.

Santé. Down the hatch.

Throw it back.


Merci. I'll have another.

No, no.

Bought the beans!

Yeah. Gimme my hat back.


Par... Parlez-vous?


Hello. Inspector?

Yes. How are you?

Well, it's... sunny, warm.

Yes. There too? Formidable.

Well, the plan is going as you said it would.

No, I don't like it, no. If Charnier is in Marseilles and sees him,... will be very dangerous.

Well, I have two men on Doyle, day and night. But he is unpredictable.

No, I would not do it this way.

First I would tell Doyle myself that he is being used as - how do you say - as bait.

Well, he is your man, not mine, Inspector.

Oh, yes. He is very evident, very visible, yes.

Hello? Hello? Merde. On a été coupé.

Hello? Hello?

Yes, operator? We were cut off.

I was talking to the New York Police Department.


What do you mean, it's the French operator's fault?

What? Hello? Hello.

Hello! Merde.

I wanna go right there, not here.

Do you speak English?

Speak English?


Hey, Henry?

Pretty good.

You had a two-hour lunch? Are you investigating the greasy spoons?

Doyle, this is Mademoiselle Lefévre.

Monique, Monsieur Doyle de New York. Bonjour.

I thought that you had left us. No, I was... hangin' around.

I wanted to find out why Charnier likes this burg so much. You know?

I think I found out. Found out what?

That while Charnier is walking around free, the police are having two-hour lunches.

Can I get you a taxi to the airport? No, I think I'll just stay here.

As you wish. Listen.

I want you to do me a favour.

Get your two tails off my back, will you?

Is the tall one your brother-in-law?

Listen, Doyle... No, you listen!

I came over to get that fuckin' Charnier, and I'm gonna get his ass.

And I could do it a lot better if Sacco and Vanzetti were off my tail.

Put 'em back on the school crossing.

They might get run over by a bicycle. I don't want that on my conscience.

Nice to have met you. Qu'est-ce qu'il a dit?

You want this ball? Huh?

Come on. Come over and get it.

God, I wish this Blanc de Blancs would travel.

I'd like to take 20 cases back to Washington.

All you Americans have that misconception.

Wine will travel. It is people who have difficulty.

They understood about you not travelling with the shipment.

Good. I'm pleased you all continue to see the situation as I do.


..have Geneva taken the necessary first step?

Exactly as you wanted it, with a good spread against inflation and floating currencies.

100,000 in South African rands, 50 in Canadian dollars, another 50 in yen.

200,000 altogether. Ten per cent, as per the agreement.

OK. Tell them the final shipment is en route.

Once it arrives, we cook for a few days. Understood.

We are expecting you for dinner. A little party, very informal.

I'd love to but... no can do.

Official business.

Looks like you guys want us back here again.

I've gotta be in Paris to have dinner with the Minister of Defence, talk numbers and bases.

Thank you very much for the lunch, Alain.

Incidentally, Geneva's counting on you.

Sorry. They wanted it made clear.


My expectations of them are the same. Be sure they know that too.

Bonjour, mon chéri. Je ne suis pas trop en retard?

Non, non. Pas du tout.

Mais... excuse-moi. Je suis obligé de partir.

Listen, um...

You play good volleyball. You bounce around a lot.

I'll see you down at the beach, huh?

Sacco and Vanz...

I must say, Mr. Doyle, that you were the one person I did not want to see again.

My... associates here want to discuss things with you, Doyle, but in their fashion.

I told them it would be useless, that you would die first.

And, of course, then we would never find out what you have learned about our...

..little business.

That was the expensive lesson of New York.

You're a good cop.

Honest, but stupid.

But honest.

Up your ass, Charnier.

I'll tell you what I found out.

I found out that you eat shit, you fuckin' Frog, you!

That's not good enough. You goddamn scumbag, you!


I have a son just about your age.

Nice young man.

I'm English, you know. I heard you speak English.

I heard you shout.

You mustn't shout.

They never listen.

I have lived in Marseilles for 42 years.

Even through the war.

I married a Frenchman.

He wouldn't listen to me.

And then my son went away.

Nobody listens to me.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

You mustn't do that. You mustn't scratch.

You'll get infected, and then you'll be very sick.

You must...

Like that. See?


When will they come around again?



But you mustn't shout.

No one will listen.

Ah! Voilá. There you are.

Not yet.


..tell me.

They sent me over here because I was the only one who could recognise you.

That's all.

I didn't find out anything.

You fuckhead, you.

This ain't my town. I can't even get a goddamn drink here.

Come on.

Come on!

You know,...

..I believe you.

We'll take you back, Doyle, to your friends. They are looking for you everywhere,...

..and making it difficult for me to operate.

So we are giving you back to them.

C'est "américain. Oui, c'est "américain!

Appelle Henri.


Henri, viens vite.



What are you lookin' at, asshole?

That's bitter.

It's bitter.

I need a doctor. I need an American doctor.

Doctors keep records, papers.

You want that?

Junkie cop?

They'll throw you off the police force.



It's cold.

Yeah, that oughta help a lot.

I feel like I spent a week licking a pool table.

It was three weeks.

Where were you guys? We looked.

Where the fuck were ya? 52 men were looking for you full time.

Aw, shit. If I had 52 men lookin' for somebody I'd find 'em in three hours in New York!

Yes, but Marseilles is not New York. Yeah, you're goddamn right it ain't.

Bet your fuckin' ass it ain't New York.

Scag City.

I'd like to pull the goddamn city down brick by brick and put it all in your fucking head.

You can relax now.

Shit. I feel like a goddamn pincushion.

Look, Henry... you're not gonna make me go cold turkey, are you?

Yes, I am. Oh, look, I'm s...

I've seen guys go cold turkey. They put their fuckin' head right through a steel wall.

They'd cut their mother's throat for a $5 bag of scag. Come on, you can't make...

I call your mother.

I call your mother. She will be proud of you.

Aw, come on. Leave her out of this. "Mrs. Doyle, I present your son, the hero."

Oh, shit. Will you stop this shit? Did I ever tell you? I had her once.

What a fuck! Oh, you...

Don't quit now.

Don't give up.

Don't give up.

I want a fuckin' Hershey bar.

That's OK.

It's not good for Frogs. Makes 'em jump backwards.


Hey. I don't want any of this fuckin' rock! What are they givin' me?

Wait a minute... OK. What I want is a nice, juicy PJ Clarke's hamburger.

Understand? With blood runnin' out of it,...

..and some onions on it and some ketchup and salt, and a beer. OK? All right?

Henry, wait. Wait a minute.

I need some help, Henry.

I need some help. I want a doctor, Henry.

A fuckin' American doctor. Forget it.

Don't tell me to forget it. Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Just wait till you go get the hamburgers. All right? I'll wait here.

Just... wait till... All right, wait.


Let's change the order. I don't want the hamburgers.

I want... I want some Hershey bars, Henry. You know what I mean?

Wait! I want the Hershey bars, Henry. Not the Frog oatmeal shit you've been givin' me.

I want real Hershey bars with the nuts in 'em.

Henry, you got it in the office. I know goddamn well... Henry!

Who the fuck would know, Henry?! Goddammit!

You motherfuckers!

Don't tell 'em anything until you see your fuckin' lawyer!


This is...

It's really good. I never drink this at home, you know.

"Gaston de Lagrange. Cognac."

It's good stuff.

Only the best for you, Doyle.


When I was a kid, I never drank because I thought it was a sin,...

..because of the nuns and everything.

Are you Catholic? Retired.


Retired, huh? You just turned in your papers and...

Do you get a pension?

Oh, shit.


Well, besides all that...

You didn't imagine me, did you? But besides all that...

When I was a... um...

..a kid, you know, with the nuns and the confessions and all that,...

..I was a ballpayer... ballplayer.

I was a ballplayer!

Baseball player.

Yeah. You know, I had a tryout with the Yankees.

You know what the Yankees are? Yes. As in "Yankee go home."

Yeah. No!

No, uh...


No, the Yankee baseball... baseball team.

Yeah, I had a tryout with them and...

..they sent me down to the... the minors.

And the poblem... poblem... problem was that...

..there was a fuckin' kid there, and he was...

..the fastest bastard, he was fuckin' fast.

And he... he played shortstop at the time, and he...

He could hit the ball a fuckin' ton.

A fuckin' ton!

You know what "fuck" means? Yeah.


Well, I was in spring training...

..and I saw this kid,...

..and I just immediately took the test for cops.

That kid was Mickey Mantle.

You know who Mickey Mantle was?

You fuckhead. No, I can't say that I know.

You don't know who Mickey Mantle was? Huh?

How about Willie Mays?

Say hey! Willie Mays! The mighty Willie Mays. See?


Max Lanier. A Frog.

Jean Kiley. You remember Jean Kiley?

Gene Kelly? Gene... Not Gene Kelly.

Jean Kiley, the fuckin' skier.

Oh. You mean Jean-Claude Killy.

That's what I said! Yes. Fuck, yeah.

Good athlete.

Well, and... Whitey Ford. Goddamn. You know who Whitey Ford was?

Oh... shit. He was a dandy little southpaw.

That's what we called him. He was a dandy little southpaw.

Southpaw? Yeah. He was a lefty.

You mean a communist? No, he was a Republican.

But he was somethin', I tell you. He was somethin'. He was...

He was... uh... a lefty.

He threw with his left hand.

Understand? With his south hand.

With his south paw.

That's why we called him a lefty.

You got it?

Look here...

And the batter was standing like this.

You gotta throw me the ball.

Wait a minute.

OK. Ready.

You never saw any baseball, did you? No.


Well, Whitey Ford was a dandy southpaw.

He was...

Give me one, Henry, quick!

You motherfucker!

Drink it.

He'd hit the fuckin' apple ball with the fuckin' stick!

Tell me about Southpaw. I told you about that fuckin' southpaw!

I can't take it no more! And Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle sucks!

Do you ski? Do I look like I can ski, you fuckhead?!

I can barely walk!

I need help, goddamnit!


I have your breakfast. I hope you can eat it. Uh... I'll try.

Are you gonna take me home? Not yet.

You were cold. We'll warm you up.

And maybe see a little of Marseilles too, hein?

I don't remember anything. They'd just knocked me on my ass.

Anything? Any detail?

I don't remember anything.

I'd like to have some of that.

You're kidding. A woman now would finish you off.

Not the woman, dummy. What she's eating.

Listen, asshole, tell me the truth.

I was set up, wasn't I?

Whose idea was it?

What difference does it make?

They sent me over here to work with you.

You put me on the street so Charnier could blow me away.

That's beautiful. Beautiful.

Why didn't you figure this out earlier?

Why didn't I think of it earlier?

Cos I'm a bigger asshole than you are.

Henry? It's Doyle.

Workin' kinda late at the office, aren't ya? Where are you, Popeye?

I'm at Charnier's place. I suddenly remembered it.

It's the Hotel Colonnades. Used to be the Hotel Tanger.

It's on the Rue Rappatu. You got that?

Stay where you are. OK.

Oh, Henry. Bring some water. A lot of it.

Qu'est-ce que vous voulez?

Exterminator. Quoi?

Rats. You got rats, buddy.

Come on outta there, you fuckin' rats!

Come on out or I'll burn you out!

Come on, you rats! Come on out!

Everybody out!

Hey, hey, hey! Move it! Hot pussy here!

Hey! You moustached motherfuckers!


Doyle! Doyle, you knew! You always knew the name of this place!

You knew and you wouldn't tell me! Doyle, I deserve an answer!

Look at that! That's your answer. Fuck you!

I came over after Charnier and I'm gonna get his ass!

Where is that goddamn motherfucker? Where is he?!

That's enough! Stop it, Doyle!

Look at this, asshole!

He told us what we want.

That's enough now. OK.

You'd better be right. I'll tell you that.

I'll come lookin' for ya!

I'll knock your dick stiff.

Look at my hat.

This time, Doyle, you stay right next to me.

Come on.

Where's my fucking gun?!

I hope you can swim, asshole!

Hey! Doyle, come on!

Henri! Henri!



Commissaire Delacroix. He wants your passport.

There is a plane for Barcelona in the morning with a connection to New York.

You'll get your passport back when you get on it.

Do you need me to translate?

They called your boss in New York.

Your passport, Popeye.

Why don't you tell him I lost it in the dry dock?

He wants you to stay in the hotel until we say you leave.

My French no good. In English.

I say nothing till consul get here. I know nothing of last night.

You must have known something was stuck to the hull.

We come for fixing of the rudder! I know nothing about the dope!

You will wait here, Captain. I go back in Dutch territory.

No! You are in French territory, and you will stay on French territory.

I don't want to see that. Keep it under wraps.

What are you gonna do now? We wait.

When this consul comes, we'll go to headquarters and talk.

And when the consul leaves, we don't talk so much.

Don't lock this bum up yet. He hasn't been paid.

Charnier would only pay after delivery. Last night there wasn't time.

This Dutchman will wait till he gets his cash.

It could be in Holland, on deposit in Geneva. No, it'll be here, and in cash.

Charnier won't stiff this guy. He's got too many stories to tell ya.

I don't know. Look.

If you follow this guy all over Europe, in a week's time...

..there'll be nickel and dime bags on 126th Street.

Let him go. Let him walk away.

He'll lead us right to Frog One.

You owe me one.

OK, merci.

We've got the harbour covered, in case he tries a rendezvous by boat.

When's that ship scheduled to leave? The day after tomorrow.


It will get very difficult if we see nothing tomorrow, Popeye.

Hey, look. Look!

Who in the hell does that look like? Henry Kissinger?

Alexandre, Raoul, Émil... Come on!

They're comin' in.

Hey, there he is. Which one?

The guy with the cigarette in his mouth. They switched bags!

The white collar. He's got a white collar.

Tell 'em he's got a white-and-blue bag around his shoulder.

Getting ready to cross the street.


Christ, look at this.

He goes to the Arab quarter.

Over here!


Get out of the way. Get out.

Come on, move it. Come on!