Fresh Meat (2012) Script



You can not believe it, but ... Let me guess: Have you no soap?

Is it okay if I ...



It's mother. Yes, she is omnipresent.



(All unpublished)

Ubiquitous? She's everywhere.

She's probably watching us now.

A guest from Tijuana gave me this recipe.

Lots of jalapeños gives the right spice.

But do finally not cheap meat.

MARGARET CRANE KENDISKOK I add a little rosemary, which real have the flavor of the meat.

Do I taste?

I'll fuck your hairless ass all the way back to China.

He does it. I've seen it.

Butter becomes your best friend.

Do you speak English?

I come from Otaki. Okay?

Is there not also a place of the name here in New Zealand?


I should have bought a lottery ticket.

What would it be? With meat and cheese, please.

Fucking hell.

Damn. Fucking idiot!




Damn ...

GIGI FORMER KADET Dental Hygienist

Meat and cheese.

Get me out of here!

Have you been able to keep you away from the boy school?

I'm not interested in boys. I do not have time for that.

What is this shit? Shit?

The type of music has its roots in an ancient culture. Try.

That sucks, Dad.

In today's program we used jalapeños. But remember that too ...

... can be used in desserts. She filming.

Next week we do jalapeñogelé. Open up, Bruce.

What do you say? Strong!

Thanks to Bruce Takutai to look past. This is his new book:

"Hajføde - a report of survival. "

Check it out! Unbelievable.

Until next week: Ka kite ano. E hoa ma.

Cut. My darling!

Is he all right? Cathy takes care of him.

Look at you! What skinny you are! You need some home cooking.

In the glove compartment! Ensure that he did not bleed on the seats.

Who the hell is this idiot? He's explosives expert.

I used shown too much. Sorry.

This is going to hurt.

What is it? Morphine. Better than aspirin.

Stop, dammit. Let Gigi run. I only do what your brother says.

Okay? So Paulie's grown up? Fuck off.

Kia ora, Rina. Shaun.

What is it? You have breasts.

You've been away for 6 months and come home like a woman.

He wahine a koe. He wahine.

You have not changed! There will never be anything between us.

You can not predict the future. That I can. They are really heavy.

Yes, I have made ??them heavier. So wrists become stronger.

I love your balls, Rina. Shut up!

Where the hell are we?

What a big box of chocolates. The first copy.

How do you market you get it? I must be a guest in your program.

Of course. It will be a definite improvement.


You have to go now. If he finds a guy in my room, he goes berserk.

Why do not you introduce me. No.

There's a long way down. Too bad.

You would not do ... Maybe.

You are not like that.

I'll keep it and imagine me your new breasts in it.

Losing a body part or are victims of incest is a bestseller.

Maybe you should cut one or another of yourself?

You have already cut the rolls of me, what more do you want?

I just want the opportunity success. You are tomorrow's Oprah.

What do you mean by that? Have I ...

What is it? You should tell her.

We change roles. So now I take the call?

What's it doing in our fridge?

It is probably artificial?

Oh, honey.

While you've been away, the father and I put our lifestyles on.

What? Eating In humans?

What's wrong with the car? It has gone through vision.

Shoot the idiot Paul. The cops!

Run into the garage. Go!

What are you doing?

Not a sound! Not a fucking sound.

Hey, baby. I'm home. My nose.

How to close the garage door?

Sit down. Relax.

Neat curtains. Sit down.

I know you. Get out of my house!

Do not! We are the new owners. So shut up.

They can not just disappear. Are they inside one of the houses?

Yes, but what?

Drill the other here? No.

Gigi and I look for while you take care of his wounds.

If the deal was that? Can we take care of this first?

If you fuck up again, I'll kill you.

You need more morphine. You are a little tense.

Where did you find him? On the web? Do not mix in.

Have you talked to Ritchie about it? He sat inside! I can think for themselves.

Check the rooms. It will be hard to get here.

I'll take care of it. I have planned this, so I decide.

Table bearings in Seaview? Or a teacher at Reparoa Intermediate?

Where is the boy? Leave her alone!

Margaret Crane! Shoot her!

Her cookbook saved my life, when I was studying.

She has written a cookbook. A harmless cookbook.

You lied. No. He does not live here.

He's always with his friends. His name is Glenn and he's ...

... To cricket training. Does anyone else in the house?

No. Waiting In no?

You have my word.

Running, Glenn!

Now you will renovate the living room. I'll kill you!

Do not worry. You're up and running.

Share them up.

It's just a suggestion, little brother. We are in the suburbs.

The neighbors do not like being disturbed.

I'll take the girl.

I'll take the pig there. Gigi takes the kid.

And wonderful boy gets the writer. I am the author.

I am the Author, dammit.


Let me take the girl.

Why should I listen to you? I risked my life for you.

You made ??me almost killed.

Do you remember how it was Ritchie?

You really can not live without me.

Or what?

Let me get the girl. Fuck you.

Get in there.

When you emigrated from Taiwan?

Why do you think I'm from Taiwan? I can feel it.

You and I have the same blood ongoing in our veins.

Are you crazy? No. DNA.

We share DNA.

Maori origin takes us all the way to Taiwan's highland.

I publish a book about it.

Do you have stolen them from your father?


You got me started with cooking, mrs. Crane. Particularly in crock pots.

I really thought that they were for families and older people.

I could understand why you left Morrinsville and moved to the city.

I also grew up on a farm.

"50 ways to prepare potatoes."

They are ... May I call you Margaret?


Johnny. You're a culinary genius, Margaret.

You are a Maori, right? Yes. What else would I be?

What do I know. From a Pacific island? In all look the same.

I do not mind Maoris.

At least not the girls.

You would save your family?

Remove them.

I have only one usable hand. It's hard when I hold the weapon.


Do you know where the heart of this new culture exist?


In combat sport.

It's great!

It's probably the stupidest thing I have seen. Who do you think you are?

My name is Crane. Dr. Hemi Crane, professor of religion.

You're funny.

Unfortunately, I have your hands full.

I have other skills.

Okay, show me your CV.

You seem to be more interested in them than I am.

Take a lesson. No, thank you.

Take a lesson.

Have you tried my sausage rolls? Hell, yeah. On dad's birthday.

As for the meatballs ... What?

The flavor is so delicate. Not like pigs, but something close.

I've never tasted anything like it. Solid, yet tender.

It melts almost in the mouth.

I got it.

Jeez! What the hell is that?

It is a prosthesis. It looks real.

It is an artificial hand. A prop.

This is incredible! Yes, it can be safely said.

Solomon Ihaia Smith. Ihaia.

Solomon Ihaia Smith was a prophet from the 1800s.

His father was Irish Catholic, his mother Maori.

He and his congregation took poison and committed mass suicide.

But his words live on. What part of satan!

And he promised his most loyal followers immortality.

Why the hell did you do that? I'm your biggest fan, Margaret.

Put the gun. No!

Also you. Are you trying alerting the entire neighborhood?

You'll wake the dead with your screaming.

What happened? She jumped on me.

And tell me, when I tried to push her ??away.

Forced her panties at you? Yes.

And the bra Yes!

You're a sick little cow. And dangerous.

Girls like you should be locked up.

Give him his clothes.

Go out and see if Johnny has something in its magical first aid kit.

Keep an eye on her. She is up to scratch.

You do not immortal now.

Let him get away with it?

With what? That he molest school girls?

He was first in iron, when he took my panties on.

But you know well that he is a pervert. Associate Sylten.


She called Hine Whae Ao.

What special property does she have? I have not decided yet.

Everyone has a special property.

I almost thought of, you were immortal.

No more trouble now.

Hello! Collect them in the living room. We have to stay together.

What a hide and seek.

There is something I have to tell you.

About mom and dad.

Now do not panic. I took a hand in the fridge.

Oh, that. What do you mean?

It was a human hand. It's just leftovers. Relax.

Father is about to revive one of the post-colonial religions.

Solomoniterne. They would eat humans. What?

Father consecrated me while you were away.

I have been solomoniseret.

Forced they give you to eat human flesh?

Or? They did not force me.

Like they did not force you. What?

Do you remember meat and rosmarintærterne that we sent?

It was not pigs. You are also cannibals.

No! No.

I helped dad find the meat. How to "find"?

If you try anything, I break your nose.

It's stuck.

Keep your arms up.

If you need help with your pants? Yes. I'm all over the place.

Moving on. Dress up. But I smell the still.

A little soap helps safely.

Where is the little bitch?

She bit me. I kill her!


We beat them all to death. Are you bleeding?

Hello! That's my brother! You must kill them now.

Do you know where the mother is known? Stop aimed at my brother.

She's an icon. Is not exaggerating?

Stop aimed at him. She's my hostage, not yours.

Thank you, Johnny. Do not think that I'm done with you.

You know each other so well? The whole country comes after us.

Add the weapons. We need hostages.

You need to rest.

He has a tøserøv. I'm just saying.


Hello, cook! Do you have any food?

There is food in the pantry. The kid's a genius.

Food in the pantry.

I made ??me eat it without my knowing it.

Let's talk about it later. You stink.

You get used to the idea. You may discover the benefits of it.

You are my parents, I must be my moral compass.

How could you? We're still here for you, baby.

Like Solomon. Our family getting stronger thanks to him.

Blood is thicker than water. And taste better.

Where is Paul with food? Maybe he bolted.

And make a deal with the cops. Hell, no!

Maybe he's not more drugs. Is Paul on drugs?

I'll find him.

Remember that dead hostages not worth anything.

What? They're not worth anything.

What are they up to? You ask.

It must stop.

Maori language school is over. It was the smartest thing you've done.

I read the article in "New Idea". I do not blame you your affair.

The cops are here. Paul has disappeared. He do not put off.

He is abusing, he disappeared. Now it's me who decides.

Okay. Stand up.

Hi there.

Police constable Lance Nisbet.


There are criminals on the run in the area. Stay indoors and lock behind you.

Have you noticed anything unusual the last few hours?

Are you home alone? Where are your parents?

They are the parents meeting. Okay.

Can I come in? No.

I want to make sure that everything is in order. I know.

Is that a problem? It's just ...

I lied to you.

About what?

About my parents. They are not the parents'.

They are ... at the casino.

Problem gamblers.

It is not a place you expect that problem gamblers live.

What a great house. Do you have your own room?

We need to be out in the course of a week. Repossession.

Okay ... It was probably sin.

It is not necessary. Father goes into safety.

Yes, he has valuable things here.

Mother and father quarreled, before they left home.

Remember what? No.

Are you taking drugs, Rina? No.

It's not mine.

It is methamphetamine.

It is the root of all evil.

You can be in big trouble, Rina.

It does not look too good.

Looking at the ...

Is it a secret lab?

Rina, Rina, Rina ...

What the hell is going on here?

Johnny! Help me!

Johnny! Who's the boss?

Damn! Say it! Who's the boss?

Call emergency services, Rina!

Who ... decides?


It prevents pepper spray. Rina!

I decide.

There are websites with girls who do like that.

Do not ever fuck with me again. I should be able to trust you.

Otherwise I will have to kill you.

So what do you say? Okay, okay. You decide.


I'll take your gun. You are on probation.

Save the corpse in the garage. Thank you.

Can we go now?

We need to talk. About what?

About you. About us. About our future together.

I'm not going so much of it.

I believe in your future together.

Either you love Gigi, or you do not.

It does not work that way. Why she lives so yet?

I like her. She's a fucking schoolgirl.

Put him in place.

Do it! Shut up!

I have found myself in a lot. Infidelity.

Whore. She was not a whore.

You do not have the loser. You can get just who you want.


Should I go while I get married?

It is not a Your porn movies, Ritchie.

Fuck off, Ritchie.

You talk too much.

Leave her alone.

Really? Kill me, so you'll never know.

You will sit all alone back and wonder if she's dead?

Or whether she's alive.

What did the big, bad Ritchie when my baby?


I woke up one day and my child was gone.

He said I would get her back if I was nice to him.

That he would not say where she was. You should have gone to the police.

No. To someone like me do not go to the police.

Now we're even. Not more services.

Love is not just the suburbs.

Away with you!


Die, you filthy pig!

Going somewhere?

Turn off the engine.

Do it!

I just want out of here. I will not be a part of this.

It's mr. Updike, my brother's cricket coach.

He is the leader of the Boy Scouts. And for the boys' swim team.

He fiddled shown at the wrong child. - Remove the belt from him, Johnny.

I really do not know my family.

Who does that?

Salt and pepper to taste.

Volume dickhead with the belt. Very tight.

What would your mother say? I'm not like my mother.

Get in there! I suffer from claustrophobia.

Get in there.

You are truly part. She has changed you.

Be careful, otherwise do she will make you crazy dyke.

You have five seconds to get out. What do you do?

Clean up and run away. No! You can not.

If you want to beat my family to death, Do you start with me.

I'm sorry, sweetie.

Where is my daughter?

Margaret! Good to see you.

Johnny. Margaret?


Not pot!


Did you have it? Were you?

We've already talked about this. You do not talk to me about anything.

A photo of me and my publisher to a dinner, does not mean that we cubes.

You cubes at least not with me.

Where are you going with her? Get there where we store the meat.

The meat? No, Daddy! Ye shall not eat Gigi.

Gigi? It's her.

Not anymore. Now she's food.

What are you doing here, Rina?

I ... I ...

I had a close relationship with my secretary.

But it was her turn at the end. Did you kill her?

She was a lovely Bourguignontærte.

She dreamed of traveling to Paris. Oh god.

Where do you think we get the meat from? It should be fresh.

There is no one else who can get it to us. Not yet, at least.

All non solomoniter, food.

Is it indendørstrillebøren? Yes.

It smells nice, Mom.

Do you want a line now, idiot? What happened to you?

Where is my father? We are the last solomoniter.

We follow the Prophet Solomon Smith. He had a vision from God.

If his successors took others' vitality, his kingdom flourish.

God said that by eating human flesh and drink blood ...

... Would his family grow strong.

Do not look at me that way. Cannibalism existed 1000 years BC The evidence found in females caves in Germany. The Bible speaks of Samaria.

Two women made ??a pact to eat their children. The Aztecs-

French and English Everyone has tried it.

Your ancestors did it safely. Mine did anyway.

Maori ate only their enemies. You hung up on details.

Destroy now not meat! Sorry.

Is not that mr. Updike? Yes.

The perverts. Did you perform the cleansing ritual?

No, not yet. Go up and help your mother.

I will help you. Rina can help me.

Rian do not like human flesh. And Now she must cut them into pieces?

I call on you, If I need help.

You could at least have enabled him to death. Totally worthless.

What have you done to him? I'm strictly for his own good.

He needs discipline. Misunderstand me, I am very fond of him.

He is the youngest and it makes him tick.

Father ...

You're both special.

No more muffins for you, Peter.

Nau mai mae armies. Welcome home, my own.

The dinner was a little late. It is safe to me.

Okay? Is this your amorøse publisher?

It's probably the police.

They can not come in here. They look well after the dead cop.

Curious bastards! I'll fix it.

Glenn, keep an eye on your sister. Do not do anything stupid.

Fucking police. They give us just speeding fines and arrest Maoris.

Kia ora, Rina. Go home. We are busy.

I think of you constantly. Do not judge me on my skin tone.

I am perhaps white, but I have a Maori heart.

I feel like a Maori, Rina. - Who is it?

One of Rina's friends. This is Shaun, who lives across the street.

Invite him just entering. He can stay for dinner.

Was it your father? Go.

If Dr. Crane greets me and see I'm more than just a paperboy ...

He's the real me to see. Go.

Then you and I ... No. You just do nothing ...

Shaun! Stop!

This is ... Shaun Armstrong.

I read your books, dr. Crane. Yes?

Are you familiar with my work? I've started to study it.

He's lying. You lie, surely not?

What was the book about?

About dinosaurs? I get it.

You flatter me to get your panties on my daughter.

It is a waste of time. She is pussy meatballs.

Do you like fish? No, Rina like pussy.

Shut up! Pussy?

We bathe sometimes together at school to conserve water.

How sweet. Here you go, Shaun.

Shaun can not stay here. He said yes to eat with us.

Do not like my food, Shaun? Yes, of course.

I am ... He's not hungry.

I can speak for myself, Rina. I do not eat meat, mrs. Crane.

It's impossible! You wear an animal bone around his neck.

The sperm whale was already dead. I helped to remove the bones.

Afterwards gave strain me this piece ...

... And I got a Maori name. Come on.

"He who builds bridges between the worlds. "

Why is that funny? It has nothing to do with bridges.

That means big nose.

Did they also know that it is rude not to eat when offered food?

In particular, the one that bites. The best.

So be it. Now.

Very ...

The game-like.

Do not, you stupid idiot. Run your language.

Come on, boy. Eat up.

Jeez, is it?

An ear?



What did I just say?

Join. I can not leave you here.

Come on!

Destroy now not the meat.


Let him go. Who are you loyal to, Rina?

Your faith has nothing to do with Shaun to do. Rina!

It is time you get blood on your hands.

Lift it up high and aim for the throat.


Okay. Would you rather kill her?

I'm so sorry, Shaun.

I'm sorry, that my family eats people.

I am sorry that you were unfortunate enough to be my friend.

I know that cannibalism was part of the Maori culture.

We are not maoriske cannibals. We are cannibalistic Maori.

I love you.

Whatever you are. He's too cute.

Do not call me cute. I am a man.

I am a man. Just do it.

If I have to be murdered by someone it must be you.

In my pocket.

I've kissed it a thousand times.

I know that there is another world.

A world where people and animals are friends.

How dawn birdsong can be heard again.

How whaling is a thing of the past.

Where there is no contamination. Where people live environmentally friendly.

How Maoris and pakehaer live together in cohesion.

Where all children are bilingual and learn Samoan.

Where the green reigns and trains are ... For God's sake!

... Free.

Keep an eye on her.

You're crazy. All this is crazy.

This place is the engine and the dead is the fuel.

They bring us a larger location. Where to?

A power only for solomoniter. Stop it!

He's mad. In killing people. Why do you do it so complicated?

He finds just that. He turns on power.



I'm your sister!

Surround the house.

Get the helicopter away.

Well, Professor? What ends up here with?

I think.

Hello? This is the police dealers. Is it Paul Tan?

Are all hostages okay?

Hello? It is Paul Tan.

The hostages are okay. Fucker with me, so they die.

What's your name? I am Commissioner Jimmy Katene.

Okay, mr. Jimmy. Here are my requirements:

We will have a herein copter with pirot. Herein ... What?

A Copt herein. With pirot. In the course of an hour in front of the house.

And with a full tank. Are you in?

Yes. Okay. Requirement number two:

Campus is a employee, an accomplished man.

The white conspire against him, because he is Maori.

He will be appointed as professor now. His name is ...

Calm down. The hell I will!

I do not understand. Is Tanbrødrene Maori activists?

They are Asians. What kind of Asians?

"Asian" includes many different cultural groups.

Who cares about that? Japaner, Chinese, Taiwanese.

They all look the same. That's because you're an idiot.

Paul Tan's father's name was Tommy Tan. He was a greengrocer.

It was a front for drugs. Why's he going on about racism?

Paul Tan fucker with the wrong Maori.

You have no fucking helicopter.

Fucking redneck! No one talks like to Solomon's high priest.

So now you're high priest? I've always been.

No one else wanted the job.

You do not even believe in Solomon Smith, right?

Swing over to me.


Swing over to me.

I can get them.

Keep going.

I know that there was terrible things while I've been away.

They are fed up with human flesh and made you totally confused.

But we have to get out of here. Now! You're not the boss of me.

I know that mr. Updike ... Do not say his name!

He's dead. He's not here anymore! But it was he, right?

And he hurt you. My poor little brother.

Why would you come home and ruin everything?


That went fine.

You are not the only with a twisted family.

I did not touch your mother or brother. But your father ...

He will do no harm, if he is not stopped. Save you.

Get out of my kitchen, you fool! You and Your religion has destroyed the family!


Your money horny slut! Madman!

Out of my temple! It is not a temple.


I've bungled it. It does not matter my youngest son.

You will surely make restitution. I will. I promise.

Glenn. Come here, baby. He will not. - Well, son?

Would you die for me? I just wanna make you proud, Dad.

That you will also. Come here, Glenn.

In Solomon's name.


This is the largest of Solomons gifts, my own.

Your monster!

Eating the vibrant heart of my youngest son makes me immortal.

You son of a bitch!

But first I have to drink blood from my daughter, the virgin.

Is that why You sent me on a girls' school?

That, and the excellent capacity haka group.

Api was a wonderful lover. We met every day.

Sometimes he was still in our bed when you got home.

Oh, Api, amore mio!

The slimy little creep.


Come to me, my daughter untouched. I'm not a virgin.

It's happened a few times. In the bath.

I fell down on the shampoo ... You lie!

Move in!

What's going on? The response force? Move in with two police officers first.

I am immortal!

I am Solomon Smith. Reincarnated.

One, two, three!

Check the upper floor.

Maybe she's not a virgin.

No, I drank just not enough of her blood.

I'd rather be dead than let it Monster harm you, Rina.



Stay away from my daughter!

May you rot in hell!

You're wrong, Margaret. I never dies.

Glory to Solomon Smith.

Rina! Where are you?



Where are you, Rina



You can not kill me.

Put the gun, Rina. I never dies. Never.

To do this, surely not?

You want to bet?

Goodbye twisted family.


Stay away from the back! Get them out of there.

Good job. - Check the house!

I know where you get your special powers from. From here.

Gas. Gas! It explodes again!

It was Shaun.