Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) Script

Come on, let's find this guy. I know he's here somewhere.

Come on, look for him. Just keep going. We're gonna find him. I know it's here.

There! Over to the right.

See over there? See anything?

That's it. There it is!

That's it. All right!

This is it. Let's rip this sucker open!

Gotta get a look at the main man.


Come on, dig. Deeper.

Come on, dig. Come on, let's dig. Come on, faster. Dig.


Let's just get all the dirt off and let's pry it open. This is it.

Come on!

Pry. Move it over here.

Harder. Come on.

Come on, Neil! Unh. Okay, here it comes.

No. No.


That must be the new kid.

Last stop, everybody out.

Tommy? Hey.

No? Beautiful. Sit there. I don't give a shit.

Hey. How you doing?

Tommy Jarvis? Hi, my name is Pam Roberts.

I'm the assistant director. I'm glad you're here.

Well, if you'd like to grab your things, I'll take you in to meet the doctor, okay?


Thank you.

Anytime, doll.

How was the ride?

Come on, Tommy.

You okay?

Come in.


Hi, Tommy. I'm Matthew Letter. Welcome to Pinehurst. Have a seat.

Sit down, son.

Uh, what I'm gonna do is tell you a little about Pinehurst...

...and then we'll let you get settled in your room. How does that sound?


How does that sound?


All right. About Pinehurst...'ll find we're very different from the state institution.

Uh, we don't have any guards here...

...nobody's gonna tell you what you can do or what you can't do.

-Basically, you're your own boss. -It's an honor system, Tommy.

What you're really doing here, Tommy... preparing yourself to reenter society and start a new life.

So, Pam, you wanna point Tommy toward his room and get him started?

Sure. Okay? All right, you go through the kitchen, up the stairs...

...and it's the first door on your left, okay? I'll see you in a bit.

So, what do you think?

-The kid's a real talker. -Heh.

I noticed. How'd they diagnose it?

Uh, "Severe trauma at age 12.

Brutal self-defense murder of a psychopathic killer."

Boy, they've given him every treatment...

...every therapy they can think of.

It's a wonder his mind isn't fried, with all the drugs they've given him.

You scared of spiders? You scared of rubber spiders?

You scared of rubber spiders on strings? Man, you are one scared cat.

Where I come from, you learn to be scared of nothing.

They call me Reggie the Reckless. No spider would scare me.

Yo, man!


You don't have to get all twisted out of shape about it.

I mean, you act like you made these things or something.

I did.


So you're the new nut, huh?

-Is that what they call us? -Us? I ain't one of you, man.

I'm just visiting. My granddaddy works here.

Oh, gotta split. Catch you later. There's action.

Joey, come on. Hurry up. Oh, my God! Whoo!

Hey, you guys. Joey, come on.

Stop, come on. Don't!

-Come on, stop! -Stay right here.

Hey, Matt. How's it going? All right, sheriff. What's up?

Well, Matt, you know, it's like we talked about.

You got some neighbors who aren't too happy about your place here.

Now, I certainly know what it is you're trying to do, and I respect it, Matt, I do.

But, well, we found a couple of your kids on the Hubbard place again.

-Deputy! -Yes, sir.

Bring them out. Yes, sir.

Everybody out.

Cut out the fooling around. Fall in by the sheriff.

-Yes, sir. -Just get moving, wise guy.

We found them in the Hubbards' woods.

They were screwing their heads off, Matt.

Now, I think we're all pretty lucky this time, because Ethel didn't see them.

I'll take care of it, sheriff.

-I'm gonna do the talking. You keep quiet. -Morning, Ethel.

-My, don't you look lovely today. -Horseshit!

Now, sheriff, you better hear me and hear me good.

I want this loony bin closed down.

Do you hear me, fella? Now, these kids ain't nothing but trouble!

They don't respect others' property and they're all crazy!

-You tell them, Ma! Ha, ha. -Ethel, these kids weren't doing....

Doing? Doing?

You think I don't know what those two perverts were doing in my yard?

-Say it like you mean it, Ma! -Would you shut the fuck up?

Now, I'm gonna tell all of you:

You mark my words, the next little bastard comes near my farm...

...I'm gonna blow your fucking brains out. You hear me?

Don't you come near me, sheriff. I've warned you.

I got a bomb on me. I swear to you!

You make one move toward me, I'm gonna blow us all up.

Start the engines, Junior. That's it. My final words.

Okay, people. Come on, let's go. Party's over.

Come on, you guys. We better go back inside.

-She's really something, ain't she? -Jesus.

Seriously, Matt, I'd make an extra effort to keep your kids off her property.

-I will. -Now, listen, by the way...

...I understand you got the Jarvis kid today.

-Yeah, he arrived a little while ago. -And?

-And what? -Well, what's he like?

He's like any other kid. He's just, uh.... He's been through a lot, that's all.

-Yeah. Well, good luck with him, pal. -Thanks a lot, sheriff.

-Hi, girls. -Hi, Joey.

-Hi, Violet. -Huh?

-Hi! -Yeah.

-What are you doing? -Doing laundry, Joey.

Can I help? I'm really very good at doing laundry.

Matt never assigns it to me, I don't know why.

Look, Joey, we really have to get this thing finished, okay?

So I'm here to help you.

You can count on me, Rob. You too, Vi.

Want a chocolate bar? Here, you want it?

-I'll give you half, but I need half for later. -Piss off!

Oh, please let me help you. It's really no problem....

-Joey! Will you just get out of here? -Fuck!

I'm sorry, you two. Really, I can do laundry great.

But, well, if that's how you feel, forget it.

I'll just go help somebody else instead. I'll see you later.

I can't believe this.

Listen, if you change your mind, I'll be right around, okay?

-Joey! -Joey.

Jesus, what a loser.

Look at this sheet. I'm not gonna wash it. You wash it.

-Hi, Vic! -Get lost.

Come on, don't be like that. I'm gonna help you with the wood today.

And anyway, uh, I got two chocolate bars, see?

-Don't tell the girls. -Jeez, what an asshole.

You know, Vic, before I came here, I never had anything to do... being an orphan and all.

People always teased me about sitting around... some kind of pig or something.

But here it's different. I can help others and do a lot of things.

You know something? I really love it here.

I hate it.

You know, um, to be perfectly honest with you, I never really chopped wood before...

...but it certainly looks like fun.

Leave me alone!

Here, Vic. Want a bite?

Here. I'll just put it over here...

...and later on, when you're hungry, you can have it.

Well, if that's the way you feel, forget it, Vic. Just forget it!

But I think you're really out of line.

Yeah, we got a homicide on our hands. See what you got on a Faden.

Victor J. Faden. F-A-D-E-N. Thanks, Harry.

Shh. It's okay. Why?

Is there someone we should notify?

As far as I know, there's no immediate family.

Mother died while giving birth...

...I don't know what the hell happened to the father. Took off somewhere, I guess.

This kid got shuffled around from home to home till he came here.

-He was a good kid. -I know, Matt.

So, what do we got here?

Oh, God!

It's all right.

Bunch of pussies.

Come on, Roy. Get your hands dirty.

I'm telling you, Pete, this is bullshit! This really sucks!

Just do it. Fix it, man! Those cunts aren't gonna wait all night.

Oh, fuck! This is a mess.

No way, I refuse to do this.

You're the one who keeps fucking around with this thing... get off your ass and you fix it!

You understand?


-You are an asshole! -Aw, what's the matter, Vinnie?

You scared of the dark?

You all creeped out by that murder at the nuthouse?

Oh, yeah, sure. Look, as far as I'm concerned, all those loonies...

...should be killed off one by one. Can you try it now?

Jesus, man! Can't you do anything? Stop screwing around!

Get this done by the time I get back. I gotta take a crap.

-Crap, my ass! -Just do it, man! I mean it.

Fucking asshole!

Oh, you little fuck.

What are you doing, douche bag?

Enough already. You can stop.

Would you cut it out?


All right, either you got the car started or you're a dead man.

This ain't starting, man. You fucked up again. It ain't starting.

I'm gonna kick your ass, kick your ass.

Come on, now. Come on, everybody, this ain't starting.

Come on, motherfucker, fix the fucking car.

Come on. You fucked up again, you asshole.

What you doing up there, Vinnie?

Whoo! All right. And we're off. Let's go!


- Die! Tommy!



Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die!



Tommy! - Die!


Die! Die! Die!

There you go.

Gramps. What is it, son?

Can I go see my brother? He'll be in town tomorrow.

We'll see. You know how I feel about that.

-But, Gramps.... -I said, we'll see, Reggie.


Come here, Reggie the Reckless.

Do me a favor. Don't kiss me when there's people around, okay?

Oh. Okay, it's cool. Go on and let everyone else know breakfast is ready.

Yo, breakfast! Come and get it!

I could've done that.

I, uh, miss Joey already.

So do I.

I hope Victor gets what's coming to him.

Morning, everybody. Morning.

-Violet, you set too many places. -Huh?

I said, you set too many places.

-No, I didn't. -Yes, you did.

Don't think Victor and Joey will be joining us this morning, Violet.

Heh, or any other morning.

-Reggie! -Oh, God. I'm sorry.

You don't set a place for a dead person.

-I said I was sorry! -What's going on here?

Look, I know how you all feel.

This thing is not easy for any of us.

So let's just have breakfast.

I'm sorry, Vi. I was out of line.

-Where's Eddie? -He's upstairs.

Tommy, would you mind telling Eddie to come downstairs?

Tommy? Would you mind?

Yeah, all right.


Relax, chief. What's wrong, no sense of humor?

Can't you take a joke?

Just relax. Just relax. It's all right. It's all right. It's gonna be all right.

Just relax. Yeah. It's gonna be just fine.

I'm gonna chop you into itty-bitty little pieces, my friend.

Just like they done to that piggo over there at that fucking crazy farm, heh.



You big dildo. Eat your fucking slop.

Ain't I make the best goddamn stew in the whole wide world?

Best goddamn stew in the whole wide world, Mama.

It's that goddamn coyote, gonna try to kill my lot again.

I'm gonna show that bastard once and for all. You hear me, Junior?

Holy shit! Who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want?

Ma'am, I ain't eaten in two days. I'd like to earn a meal.

-Yeah? What do you do? -Whatever you need done.

Okay. Clean all the shit out of the chicken coop...

...and dump it behind the shed.

You come back here when you got all the shit out and then I'll fill your stomach.

Yes, ma'am.

That is one fucking ugly man that goes there.

-That's one fucking ugly man, Mama. -Would you shut your trap?

You know, you ain't so pretty yourself, you know.

I ain't so pretty myself, I know.


I want every inch of this area combed thoroughly.

Bring back anything you find. Anything. Get going.

Yes, sir.

What the hell's going on here?

You talking to me, sheriff?

-Huh? -Oh.

I thought you was talking to me.

No, Roy. It's okay. Go ahead. Get them out of here.

Looks like we got us a maniac on the loose, huh, sheriff?

Lana! Hey, Lana!

Sorry, buster. We're closed. Heh.

That's all right. I just want a takeout order.

-You do, huh? -Yeah.

Well, what would you like?

I would like Lana, to go, with nothing on her.

Oh? And who wants her?

The pride of the Unger Institute of Mental Health...

...who has just dumped his last bedpan and would like very much to party.

Will you get your ass out here?

Lana? Hmm, I don't know about that. I'll have to ask her.

Hey, Lana. You want Billy? You sure?

She says she wants you too.

But you have to wait a few minutes till she's done inside.


There. I'm going to party.

It's showtime. Ha, ha.

That's it.

That's it. That's the whole fucking thing right there.

There it is. You just stay right there, doll.

That's just what the doctor ordered.

Nothing like a little preventive medicine.

And the forecast is cloudy in the mountains...

...sunny in the valleys and snow flurries up your nose.


I don't know if he loves me But I think he does


Girl, you are so hot.

Hey, Lana!

What the fuck is she doing?


Jesus Christ! Come on, will you?


Hey! Hey!

You bad kitty. You bad kitty.

That isn't nice. I don't like you anymore.

You bad kitty. I feed you, I love you and you scare me like that.

Go on, kitty.

Sorry, heh.


Billy, what are you doing? It's cold.

This is cute. I like this. A whole lot.

You're gonna waste a lot of money this way, smarty.

Oh, well, that just means more for me.


Mm, yummy.

Oh, my God. Billy? Billy!

I don't care if you have to put your fucking mother behind bars!

Get me the goddamn psycho who's responsible for this mess.

I mean, shit, Tucker, what the hell's going on here?

I mean, this is a small town, man.

And small towns are supposed to be safe.

I know who it is.

-What? -I said, I know who it is.

-Who? -It's Jason Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees?

You're out of your fucking mind! You've been out in the sun too long.

Jason Voorhees is dead!

His body was cremated. He's nothing but a handful of ash.

You know that for sure, mayor?

Were you there? Did you see him cremated?

-Jason Voorhees. -Yes.

I can't believe this!

Here. This is your Jason Voorhees here.


Your ass is on the line here, Tucker. Are you getting that?

You get me a goddamn live suspect.

-You fuck! You really scared me. -You loved it.

-You want more? -Eddie, we can't.

-Matt'll kill us. -Fuck him.

-Fuck you. -Exactly. Fuck me.

Come on, Tina.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Watch the dirt. Watch the dirt.

-What? -Wait. Wait a minute.

Especially for the occasion.

-I gotta go wash up. -Okay, sugar.

-Hurry back. -I'm hurrying.

I'm back.

What is this? Sleeping? Hey.

Let's get this show on the road!

Wait a minute, Reggie, I'm coming.

I just don't understand it.

Now, Reggie, I want you to be a good kid with Pam.

-She's doing us both a great favor. -Yeah, if she ever gets here.

And don't go getting in any trouble with Demon, you hear?

All right, all right. Yo, Pam, come on!

Tina and Eddie are gonna show up the minute they get hungry... stop worrying.

I'm not worried anymore, I'm just pissed.

Well, stop it.

Look, why don't you take Tommy with you?

Probably do him good to get him out of here for a while.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Tommy? Pam's taking Reggie to see his brother tonight.

-Why don't you ride along with them? -Yeah, great idea. Now, let's go.

Why don't you go see what you can do, huh?




Come on. It'll be fun.



-Come on. -No. I'll wait here.

-Come on. -I'm okay.

Yo, Demon!

That the big bad wolf rapping at my door?

Yeah, bro, it's me, it's me. Open up!

That you, Reckless? Open up the door!

Oh, my God. Well, get your ass in here, boy!

God, it's good to see you, dude. Damn, you look good!

I know, I know. Heh.

Oh, God. Look at this. God. Hey, you had any dinner?

Here. Have an enchilada. Man.

Wow, man, where'd you get those bad rings from?

If you been around the world as long as your big brother have, you get things.

Freaking-A! Where'd you get that?

Hey, calm down, dude.

Hey, say hello to Anita. She's my girlfriend.

Hello, beautiful.

Hey, little brother. What's happening? Heh.

Listen, I want you all to meet somebody.

Hey, Pam. Yo, Pam, come here, baby, come here.

-This is my friend, Pam. -Hi.

She's my girlfriend.

What's up, Pam?

-Pam, you hungry? -Oh, no, thanks.

You want a taco? Egg roll? What about a slice of pizza?

-No, thank you. -Cheese and sausage.

What about you, brother? I know what you want.

-Want a beer? -Yeah, I'll take--

-Get out of here. -Heh.

I'll tell you what. Why don't you take this?


Hey, man, this is bad!

Nothing is too good for my little brother.

You gonna give me this too?

I got you, didn't I? Really scared you, didn't I?

Are you dumb or something?

You a crazy from the loony bin!

Oh, my mama's gonna chop you up into itty-bitty pieces, my friend!

You hear me? I said, are you hearing me?

I said, are you hearing me?

You fucking lunatic!


Reggie, we've gotta go now.

-It's okay, bro. Take care, all right? -Thanks for the dinner.

-Anytime. -Stay cool, baby.

Hey, stay safe, Reckless. I will.

-You know, I miss him already. -Yeah, he's a cutie-pie.

-Wanna hit this? -Yeah.

What's wrong?

-Hey, you okay? -Ooh. It's them damn enchiladas.

You gonna be all right?

Who's that?

Stop it!

Stop it!

You gonna get it, bitch!

Oh, lighten up, Demon. You'll feel a lot better after you shit. Heh.

I'll feel a lot better when I'm out of here. This shit box is gross!

You better watch out for the snake that's gonna crawl up that crapper...

...and bite your ass, heh.

Ooh, baby Hey, baby Hey, baby Ooh, baby Ooh, baby, ooh, baby Ooh, baby, ooh, baby Hey, baby Hey, baby Ooh, baby, ooh, baby Ooh, baby, ooh, baby Ooh, baby, ooh--

Anita? Hey, girl, what's up?


Okay. I told you this isn't funny.

Now you gonna get it, bitch.


Matt's gone. George too.

Are you sure? I looked everywhere.

And Tina and Eddie haven't come back either.

-Where are they? -Look, it's okay. Calm down, Jake.

Let's try to take this slowly. Where did Matt say he was going?

He didn't. Yes, he did.

He said he was gonna go look for Tina and Eddie.

Where's Tommy? I thought he was with you.

-And where's Gramps? -I don't know, Reggie.

Look, why don't you all go inside? I'm gonna go find everyone.

-Jake, I'm putting you in charge. -Yes.

And you, little Reckless, I want you in bed asleep... the time I get back, right?

No problem.


I'm making your dinner, Junior! You hearing me, fella?

He hurt me, Ma! Do you hear me? They hurt me!

I am making your dinner!

They hurt me, Ma! Will you murder them?

Chop them and kill them! You hear me?

Are you hearing me, boy? Get off that fucking bike...

...and come here and eat my stew!

About time, you fuckwad.

Knew you couldn't pass up on my stew.

You hearing me, Junior? You talk. You dumb?

It's so lonely here.

Like we were the only two people left in the whole world.

Maybe we are.

Maybe when we get back to shore, everybody else will have disappeared.

I'd like that. Wouldn't you?

Robin. Ahem.

We've been here nearly eight months now, right?


That's a long time to get to know somebody, don't you think?


-Jake, please. -Sure, sure.

We could go anywhere we wanted...

...and we could live in the biggest house in the world.

Only, I'd like to live in a little house.

Just big enough for the two of us.

Only, there's gonna be more than two of us, isn't there?

I like you, Robin.

-A lot. -And I like you too, Jake.

You do? A lot?

What are you talking about, Jake?


I wanna be with you.

I really do wanna be with you.

I wanna make love with you.

-I can't.... -I didn't mean it.

I didn't mean it.

I said, I-- I didn't mean it!



-Vi, I'd like to talk to you. -Huh?

-I need to talk to you. -Can it wait?


Reggie. Reggie? Come on. Reggie, wake up.

Mm. Come on, it's time to go to bed.

Reggie, wake up. Reggie!

Okay, your way.

Jake, I'm sorry.

You know, sometimes, Robin, you are just so stupid.

There was a man so cold No life was in his eyes He had a look so hard I'd never seen him smile

I could've told you then You'd heard it all before And now you're in suspense You have to wait for more In all those mysteries You're taken by surprise You never thought to see That look was in his eyes

There's a man with no life in his eyes

There's a man with no life in his eyes

What are them nuts up to now?

Yo, Tommy. You back? Tommy, you in here?

Yo, Tommy.

What is it, Reggie? It's Pam. What's the matter? What's the matter?

-It's me. What is it? What is it? -In Tommy's room.

Okay. All right. You stay here. Relax. I'll be right back. Okay?


-Aah! -Get up! Get up!


Run! Come on! Let's go!

Help us!

Reggie! Reggie!

Pam, where are you?

-Pam! -Reggie!


Reggie! Reggie!


No! No!


Oh, it's okay, Reggie. It's okay. It's okay.


Oh, God.

Yeah! All right, Pam!


Tommy! Tommy!

Run, Tommy, run!

Run! He'll kill you!

Jason? Listen to me!

Run! Go! Tommy, get out!

Jason? Get out!

Listen! Oh, Tommy, go!

Please, Tommy!

Tommy! Remember.


Remember. Die!

Remember. Die!

Jason. - Remember, remember.

- Remember, remember, remember.... Tommy! Tommy!

Up here, Tommy! Come on! Up here!

Come on! Come on.

Tommy, please! Come on, Tommy, up here!

Come on! Come on, hurry up!

Tommy, hurry up!

Come on, come on.

Come on, Tommy, you can do it! Come on, Tommy!

Tommy, please! Tommy, hurry up!

Take my hand. Take my hand!

Come on, yeah.

Come on, yeah. Just one more, Tommy. Come on.

Come on, you can do it!


Pam! No! Please help me!

Please! Please, somebody help me! Pam!

Help! Help!

Help! Help! Please, help!

How are you doing?

Quite a kid.

We found this on Roy.

The kid who was axed to death at the woodpile was Roy's son.

God only knows why Roy kept it hidden all these years, but he did.

Roy was a real loner.

Never talked much, not even to the other paramedics.

I guess when he was called to the scene...

...and he saw that it was his own Joey, all hacked to pieces....

Oh, God.

We also found these.

I guess he used the Jason thing... cover up with.