From the Dark (2014) Script


Nothing. Is there some words to follow that look?

No? No.

It's not that short. It's short.

It's not that short.

This is how short it was when we met each other.

Yeah, you loved that guy, didn't you? It was not.

Yes, it was. It was actually exactly like this. 'Cause I would have...

I would have thought that you had looked like a criminal if, if...

I don't look like a criminal. ...if you had it that short when we met.

I would've stayed... I would've avoided you on the street with that haircut. Sorry.

You're mad. I'm just trying to make a... what, a smidge of an effort for our little getaway.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.


Why are you making such an effort? It's like... that's like, that's like something someone would do if they were, I don't know, going to propose or something.

Going to propose? Yeah.

People can get their hair cut without it leading to marriage.

You mental-head. Come here, okay, while we're on the topic, just answer this question. Okay.

Marriage: why?

Seriously, that's the question?

"Marriage: why?" Because it shows that two people love each other, and care about each other and... No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't.

...They want to spend the rest of... No! Incorrect. It does not.

Okay, so tell me, what... what does marriage mean to you, Mark?

It means slavery, is what it means. It means shackles, is what it means.

It means going back to the bloody, I don't know, 1800s. That's what it means.

Really? Yeah.

Think about it, right? Waking up every day and choosing to be with somebody.

That is a commitment, a commitment that you can choose every day.

Being... being legally bound to. Yeah? Legally bound to.

That is slavery.

Yeah. Correct.

So, what, are you saying that you never want to get married?

Well, I don't know. I don't want to say never. Well, I mean...

No. Probably not.

You need to follow this road until you come to a T-junction. Yeah.

Aw, yeah...

What was that? What was that?

I'm giving the man The Guns. "Hello, good to see you." I'm waving.

That's not how you wave.

That's not how you wave? No.

You're going to tell me how to wave? Yeah.

There's, like, a technique to it. It's, like, a country wave.

The Country Wave! The Country Wave, yes.

That's a thing? You're going right here.

Is there really a Country Wave? It's a Country Wave.

Yeah, it's like how people in the country wave to each other.

Yeah, right. You're off your face.

Okay, so you're... Basically your hand is on the steering wheel... and it should never leave. It's just one finger.

Just one finger, yeah. By itself. Just one finger? By itself?

Like that? One finger? Yes.

Okay, try these people.

Index finger? Index finger.

Hey! See?

It does actually work! Let's do these fellas there.

Hey! I'm on fire right now.


I'm gettin' it! I'm blending in. They're accepting me as one of their own.

Let's get this fella here, now. Watch. You ready?

Alright, hold on.

You fuckin'...

Do you know what, actually? Do you know what? I've another one finger wave for you...

Mark, don't!

I'm joking.


Mark, this isn't the road.

It is the road. Well, this is saying that it's not the road.

I know, but... it is the road. I'm telling you now.

Look, I know exactly where I'm going.

Recalculating... "Recalculating, recal..."

I know where it is. Don't worry. Okay.

It's basically straight.


Recalculating... Recalculating again.

Just... put that thing in the bin.

Okay, this isn't... Turn around.

Give me a minute.

Oh, fu...!

For fuck's sake.

Mark, it's properly stuck. There's, like, it's... spinning around.

Mark, stop! You can't! You're going to wreck the car.

Fine. There's a massive hole there.

Okay, look...

I'm going to get out and push, yeah? You reverse just a little bit. Okay?

Yep, okay.

Geez, this fuckin'...

It's a massive fucking puddle... I think we should just stay here.

This is a lovely spot. Oh, you're hilarious!

You ready? Yeah.

You ready? I'm ready.




Here, hand me up my phone, will you?

I'll just ring my dad.

You're not ringing your dad! It's fine. He'll know what to do.

You're not ringing your dad. Call AA, if you're calling anybody.

Have you a signal on that? No.

Okay... New plan.

What's the plan?

I'm going to go find a house.

Okay, I'll go with you... No, no, no, no.

I'm going to go find a house.

You stay with the car.

If, like, a car comes, see if you can get, like, a tow rope or whatever.



So, just stay with the car? Stay with the car.

Stay with the car...




Hey, is there anybody... Is there anybody home here?


I just have a car stuck up the road there. Is there anybody here?


Is there anybody here?


Hey, hey, sorry...

My car is just stuck in mud up the road there.

Whoa, are you...?

Come here.

Sit down.

Hey, sorry, listen. Hey, are you...

What happened to your neck?

Okay, here, hold on...

Here, look. Hey...


Look... Hold that there, okay?

Sarah... Jesus Christ! You scared the shit out of me.

There's an old farmhouse not too far down that way.

Did you find someone? Well, I did but he needs our help.

What? What do you mean he needs our help?

Mark, what do you mean he needs our help?

I found someone who needs our help. Will you come on?

I'm just confused. What do you mean he needs our help?

Come on, will you?

Just explain what happened. Okay. The guy in the house, yeah?

He has, like, a big cut on his neck.

What happened to him? I don't know. He looked... freaked out.

So what exactly did he say? Well, he wasn't really saying much.

He was mostly mumbling. I couldn't really make out anything he was saying, you know?

Do you suppose he was in shock or something?

I don't know.


You're such a dick! You're such a... You fucking asshole...

Come on.

Yep? Yep.


The lights were on earlier.

It's like...

The door's a bit stiff.




Mark, what are you doing? Mark!

Just hold on. You can't...


Mark! He's hurt, Sarah. His neck is bleeding.


Hello? It's me, Mark.

Come on.


Sarah, he needs to go to a fucking hospital.

What are you doing? Come on. Mark, what are you doing?

What are you doing? Sarah, he was just right there.

Come on, let's go. Please, let's go. I'm serious, he was just right here.

Will you just wait one second? Come on, please, let's go!

Hello? Just wait a second. Let's just... Let's go!


Get him off! Get him off!

Sarah! Mark!

Sarah, will you come on!

Come on.

Mark, this is crazy. Can we just go? Mark!

Okay, come on. Let's just get back to the car.

This isn't the way. It is the way.

I said it about ten minutes ago. It still isn't the way.

This is the way, now will you shut up?

You know we're lost! We're not lost.

This isn't the way we came! Sarah, it's a straight line, okay?

What, the same straight line we've been walking in for the last twenty minutes?

Will you keep walking? Just admit that we're lost, Mark!

We're not lost!

Oh, my God... Sarah, I want to get back to the car.

Yeah, well, you're not going to get back there any time soon

'cause you're not going in the right direction. I am going in the right fucking direction!

What are you now, what, the fucking king of the bloody bogs?

You know where you're bloody going? Yes, I know where I'm going!

It's a straight fucking line! And what? And where?

We walked here earlier on! We didn't come this way!

You know this? You know this? I know we didn't walk this way!

Oh, this is your fucking back garden? Now will you get over the ridge?

What? Will you walk over the fucking ridge?

Sarah, it's a direct line to the car. It's directly that way.

What the fuck are you doing? Why are you taking... What are you doing?

Why are you doing that? Is that fun? Yeah?

What is wrong with you? Point it at the shagging ground so I can see where I'm going! I was!


Mark? Mark?




Let's get out of here, Sarah. Something just grabbed me, something pulled me. We need to go, Sarah, we need to go.


We need to go. Come on, we need to go. Sarah, get up, we need to go!

Just run!


What's that thing?

There's something... There's something out there, Mark.

Sarah, we need to get out of here. Get down, get down.

It's on the fucking bank.

Mark, let's just get back to the farmhouse.

You ready?




Okay, Mark, look, there! There's the house!


What the hell was that thing?

Watch you head, watch your head.

Okay, which way? This way. Come on.

Come on.

Okay, let go.

What the fuck?


Sarah, the door!

Lock it!

Mark, he's scared of the...

Mark, run! Run, Mark!

Mark? Sarah!




Mark? Mark, use your light on your phone!

Mark, use your light! Mark!



Go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

We'll get to the light upstairs! Come on!

Sarah, I can't, I can't...

Okay, in here, in here!

Oh, fuck...

Oh, fu...

Come on, Mark...

My leg, Sarah, my leg, my leg, my fuckin' leg...

My leg! My fuckin'...

Oh, shit.

Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay.


It's okay.

Come on, Mark, come on. Okay, listen to me, Mark.

You'll be okay, yeah? Okay?

He's gonna go through. Okay? Let's go upstairs. Go upstairs.

Keep going. Okay? Up the stairs. Upstairs. Okay...

Shit! Sorry.

Come on.



Go, go! Get the light, get the light.

Point it outward.

What the fuck was that?

Oh, shit, do you smell that?

Sarah, the place is full of smoke!

Sarah, he's trying to burn us out!

Sarah, what are you doing? Wait there. I'm going to go see.

Sarah! Sarah, get back up here now!

Sarah, what are you doing?!

There's a stove, Mark!

There's what?

There's a stove. It's smoking. It's not fire.

Well, he must've blocked the chimney.

I mean, the stove, it's smoking, he's going to smoke us out.

Okay, I can't see. Hand me your phone.

Come on, hand me your phone!




Sarah, are you okay?



Sarah? Sarah, I can't hear you.


Sarah! I can't see! Mark?



Mark, wake up.

Wake up, wake up. Wake up, please, wake up!

How are you feeling?



Okay... Okay...

We need to get out of here.

No, Sarah, look, the best thing to do is we just stay here. As soon...

As soon as the sun comes up, we run, okay?

No, we can't stay here.

There has to be something that we can use, like a car or...

There has to be something like...

Sarah, what's going on? He's out there.

What's he doing?

I need a light. I gave it to you, Sarah.


You're going to help me out. Okay?

You ready?

Mark, are you ready?







Mark, there's a tractor.

It's not that far.

Okay, come on. It's not that far.

Come over.

Okay? Okay.

Okay. Come on.


Okay. You ready?

Are you okay? You okay? Yeah?


See it there?


Look, you're going to shine it on me.

I'm going to run to the tractor and you're going to shine it on me.

Okay? And I'm going to be right back.

Just hold it there. Yeah.

Yeah? Hear me?

Okay. Okay.




Okay, I'm at the back door!

Okay, just keep it on me, yeah?

Mark! Mark, turn it back on!

Mark, the light! Turn it back on!



Oh, my God!

Come on, Mark.

Okay, I got the tractor. We need to go now.

Come on, give me your hand.

Come on. Stand up.

Sarah... Come on, let's go.

That's it.

Just a few more steps...

Come on.


Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck. Shit.





Okay, Mark. Nearly there.


Sarah, leave the fucking room now!





Fucking door!


Mark, stop, please.

Stop, please. Mark, stop.



Get away!


Fuck! Oh, my God.

Fuck... Okay.

Oh, fuck.