Front Cover (2015) Script

[brooding horn music]

[bells tolling]

[horn music continues]

[cheery string music]

[techno music rises]

[upbeat techno music]

[energetic techno music]

[shimmery techno music]

[window button clicking]

Driver, step on it.

woman: Ryan.

Oh, thank you. Hey, Tim.

How are you? Francesca here yet?

Oh, she can't come. She had to go to the hospital.

What the fuck?

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.


Good morning, sweetheart.


You said vampire on a ski slope, right?

It's not finished, darling.

Still got to add the blue highlights to her cheekbones, see?

No, it's just too geisha-to-Gollum, sorry.

Bloody hell. Let me see what else I've got.

Oh, is Gudlaug ready yet?

She's trying on the furs.

Which one? Um, let's see.

Yeah, we'll have her go with this right here.

'Kay. Thank you.

Actually, hold on.

Janet, can you cut this pattern and put it on her face like this?

And also on the other side too?


That looks like an allergic reaction.

Oh, no. Oh, God.

Why didn't you tell us you were allergic to fur?

It has never happened before.

Oh, you think she's enjoying this?

We are screwed.

Um, Tim, let's change models.

No, no, no, we're not changing anything.

The client wants her.

She's gonna wear the fur, all right?

No, no, don't. Just--just wear the fur.

You can't make her wear it.

Look, go see a doctor immediately, okay?

Are you kidding? She's not going anywhere.

But she might get permanent scars.

This is my decision.

If she goes, I'm gonna sue you and you.

I'll handle it, okay? You go now, all right?

Did you hear what I said? Yes, I did.

I'm fucked.

I'm fucked.

Are you all right?

I screwed up the last shoot too.

My boss said this is my last shot.

Gudlaug, darling, could you be an angel?



[camera shutter clicking]


Did you see the latest "Mais Oui" cover?


Yours will definitely be 100 times better.

[camera shutter clicks]

[indistinct chatter]

Oh, hey, Eddie. Hi, how was it?

Haunting, beautiful, melancholic.


Oh, uh, Francesca wants to talk to you.

It's got to be about the "Mais Oui" cover.

All right.

The "Mais Oui" cover, I'm going to give it to Eddie.


But you promised me this issue.

Stop whining.

I've got something better for you.

This is a perfect match.


Who's this?

Qui See-yow Ning?


Qui? Ki?

How do you say it?

I don't know. Who is this?

He's an up-and-coming actor in China.

Don't you know him?

So James is his PR, and he said his film is getting a lot of buzz in the festival circuit, and he needs a makeover desperately, as you can probably tell.

Well, just give it to Eddie.

No, he only wants to work with a Chinese person.

What? That's crazy.

You have no idea how much he's paying us.

Now, that's crazy, and it's all in cash.

[sad flute music]

The story is very powerful.

This thing might actually turn out to be huge.

Let's be realistic.

How big can a Chinese movie get?

"Crouching Tiger?"

"Joy Luck Club?"

Yeah, and what else?

"Kung Fu Panda!"


Come here, Missus.


Ah, excuse me.

I can't believe she gave the cover to Eddie.

I didn't get it because I'm Asian.

You'll get it one day.

Yeah, what if I don't?

I don't know, maybe my parents are right.

In America, Chinese people should only be doctors.

Believe me, you would have made a crappy doctor.

Yeah, well, at least they'd be proud.

Come on, you're not sleeping on the streets.

I'm almost 30, you know, and--and what do I have to show for it?

Huh? A bunch of designer clothes and--and a couple of spreads in some B-level magazines?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You're hard-working, you're talented and bitchy, perfect for the fashion world.

No problem. You got it.

Sure. Okay. Good-bye.

He's waiting for you.



H-h-he's waiting for us in the restaurant.

And why does he not want to go to the Moxie Club?

Well, it's his first time in America.

I guess he feels homesick.

Does he even speak English?


His mother is a translator for the government.

And, um, how long is he here for?

Well, he extended his trip because the first stylist didn't work out.

Wait, I'm a replacement? Mm-hmm.

What happened with the first one?

He said she didn't know anything about Chinese culture.

It's a styling job, not a history lesson.


Actually, driver, stop here, please.

Thank you.

The restaurant is just down this alley.

James, you got to come with me.

He said he prefers to meet you alone. My orders.

Well, who does he think he is, Mao Zedong?

I--God knows. All right, let's go.

Oh, God.

[all speaking native language]

Hi, Mr. Qi?


Oh, Lyan.

Yes, Ryan with an R.

I said the same thing.



You don't look Chinese.

Oh, why, thank you.

Yeah, some people think I'm half-Caucasian.

[speaks native language]

American borrow Chinese.


Pardon me?

Like the pandas, borrow from China, you.


[speaking native language]

[speaking native language]

My daughter's a big fan.

We should get a discount.

This should be free.

Thank you.

You're welcome.



[dishes clattering]

[speaking native language]

[shells crunching]

What are you doing?

Washing off the grease.

He's weird.

Country bumpkin.

I can manage, thank you.

So disrespectful.

No, you eat.

[laughs] Look, Mr. Qi, we're here to talk about your styling, so let's just--

No, we meet at my place tomorrow.

Why don't we just talk here?

We're Chinese, say eat, no talk, sleep, no speak.

Now no work. We enjoy eat.

[speaking native language]


[gentle music]

[all speaking native language]

[tiles clattering]

[tiles clattering, indistinct chatter faintly]

[doorbell rings]

[tiles clattering, indistinct chatter]

Hey, Lyan.

[laughs] Ly, Ly, Ly.

Hey, you want to play?

Uh, you know, I didn't know you guys were having a-- a party or--um, I'll just come back next time.

No, no, don't worry them. We--we do now.

All right. [sighs]

So what you have?

Okay, so since this is your first shoot and we're introducing you to the U.S. public, I, uh, think something like that.


This makes you look old.

This looks like that TV actor.

What's his name?

[laughs] Mr. Bean, huh?


[speaking native language]

I'll take that.

I'll take this.

You know, we could just meet at my office tomorrow.

[clears throat]

I--I can really just come back another time.

I thought you want to get to know one another, play mah-jongg, drink wine so we can be pengyou, friends, eh?

I like working with pengyou.

Uh, yeah, no, of--of course.

It's just that, um, I'm not a very social person, so.

We're both Chinese, so should help each other.

[indistinct speech]

Mm-hmm, yeah.


My father...

Taken before June 4.

June 4th?

You call Tiananmen Square [indistinct] Day in West.

Oh, um, was he involved in the massac--

I mean, um, was he killed?

No. My father was in the army.

He was one of the first to enter the square.

Do you know much about June 4?

Um, yeah.

I mean, I was young at the time, but, uh, I remember the kids at school would ask me if I was a Communist.

When I was 14 I was questioned by tourists, found out the world saw China very different.

So I think my style should be very Chinese because China not poor anymore.

We are much stronger, so I--I don't want to wear those Western-style clothes.

I want to represent a new China.

Can you do that, Lyan?

For the new China?

[Amanda Lear's "The Queen Of Chinatown" playing]

[singing] It was down in Chinatown That I met the opium queen Baby-face girl from Shanghai Never smiled and never cried She now rules the underworld Down in Chinatown She runs all the opium dens Down in Chinatown Bring her your gold Bring her your worries And when life gets A bit too dreary to stand Give a ring to the queen of Chinatown

[song continues playing faintly]

[all speaking native language]

Hey, your office is very small.

Well, it certainly feels cramped now.

Do you guys always travel in a group?

Oh, my fans are more women.

They're very important.

I need women tell me what to think.

Mm, okay.

Hmm, here, try this on, please, all right?

The fitting rooms are outside.

Wear this?

Yeah, I'm only interested in the concept, okay?

And if it works out, we can specially design a pair for you made with real silk.

I want to look strong and manly.

And if we get them tailored, you will look strong and manly.

He look like he's in bed.


Or "Come to bed with me because I'm hot."

Hot? Yeah, sexy.

All right, look, Asian men are rarely seen as sex symbols in this country, okay?

So we're trying something new and refreshing here.

What's he saying?

Don't listen to him.

Look, just try it on. It's not gonna kill you.

[women speaking native language]

Um, too tight?

Yes, too small.

Well, at least try the pants on. Here.

I--I ask my girlfriend.

What, your girlfriend? Why?

I want her say. No, no, keep it on.

Let me just take a picture.

[speaking native language]

Where are you going?

You guys coming back?

[club music thumping]

Shouldn't you be asleep?

Your baby can't live off caffeine.

What the fuck did you do this time?

Ryan: What?

Ning dropped us.

That fucking homophobe.

I don't fucking care what he is.

I told you before you have to please your clients.

He's going to be interviewed by "Culture Chic" next week.

"Culture Chic?"

Francesca: Yes, "Culture fucking Chic," Ryan.

Look, just calm down, okay, Francesca? I'll talk to him.

I don't care what you do. Just fucking fix it.

Hi, um, 1602?

[speaks native language]

Hey, Ning, it's Ryan.

Can we please talk?

Ning: We don't match.

How many stylists do you intend to go through?

Ning: We don't match.

Look, there are only a handful of Chinese stylists in New York, so--

Wh--James, he said he can find another one.

Well, yeah, a lousy one.

I mean, all the good ones are booked up well in advance, okay?

So can I just please come up?

[sighs] Um, so, uh, you don't want to wear the pajamas?


We can try something else.

But it has nothing to do with that, has it?

Is it because I'm gay?


Well, let me tell you something, okay?

All the good stylists are gay.

All right, listen, um, you have a interview next week, so let's just please try and work together.

We are fire and water.

We do not mix.



Unless what?

Unless you don't show your homo side so openly.

My homo side?

Are you serious right now?

You must--

wait, what do you mean by my homo side?

You know what I mean.


Mm, okay, let me tell you something.

I might be gay, but I have absolutely no interest in you whatsoever, if that's what you're worried about.

Yeah, I'm what they call a potato queen.

I'm only interested in white men.

I've never slept with a Chinese man before, and I never will, so don't worry.

You're safe.



Okay, thank you.

Fucking biscuit.


[elevator dings]

[melancholic music]

So how did you do it?

Look, this Rosemary's Baby's really fucking up my hormones.

I'm sorry I snapped last night.

Look, Francesca, he hates gays.

I can't work with him.

Ryan, if you want to get ahead, you have to learn how to deal with assholes.

Maybe--maybe you just need to get to know him better.

Let me book you a table, okay?


[smooth music]

So you like French food?

J'adore la cuisine francaise.

I beg your pardon?

I adore French cuisine.

Good evening, gentlemen.

Would you care to start with a drink?

Hmm. '95 Opus One, not bad.

Um, what do you fancy?


What do you want to drink?


A sake, sir?

Do you have it?

I'm afraid not.

Whiskey then.

I'll have the petite syrah.

Very good choice, sir.

This is a French restaurant.


In Beijing, Americans, they always order dim sum at a Sichuan restaurant.

What does restaurant do?

[snaps fingers]

Put dim sum on menu.

So your--your family, uh, what do they work?

Oh, my father's a lawyer, and my mother teaches art history at NYU.

And they--they don't want you to be lawyer or doctor?

No, they're not Chinese in that way, no.

And they know that you are... you know, abnormal?

I'm not abnormal.

Uh, unusual then.

They're okay with it.

I can't imagine any parent being okay their son's--

I can't imagine you've never worked with someone gay.

We must exist in China.

Yes, many time, but never someone like you, so... no shame.

You know, it's not all that hard being gay nowadays.

You never problem?

No laughing?

Well, when I was younger my parents sent me to Sunday School to learn Chinese, and yeah, some of the kids there were stupid.


They called me names.

Nothing creative; things like

[speaking foreign language]

Hate you?

They'd try to make me cry many times, but I never cried in front of them.

And that's why I'm so happy to be in this industry where being gay is not just accepted but celebrated, until now.

[clears throat]

[rock music playing faintly]

[bouncy electronic music]

[phone buzzing]

[phone continues buzzing]


Hey, Lyan, it's Ning.

Do you know what time it is?

Oh, you asleep?

I call you tomorrow.

No, no, no, no, no, I'm good.

So what can I do for you?

Ning: I, uh, don't know wear what for my interview.

Uh, you go shopping with me?

About dinner-- [computer chimes]

Fucking asshole.


Um, no, not you. I'm sorry.

You--you're busy.

I--good night.

No, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Um, yeah, I--I'll go shopping with you.

Oh, you will help me?

Ryan: Yeah, I just want you to look good, you know?

For the sake of "Culture Chic."


Thanks, Lyan.

Oh, one last thing.

Can you please not bring the tour group?


[carefree music]

There are way more choices in America, huh?

Made in China, huh?

So how long have you been with your girlfriend?

Three years.

And does she buy all your clothes?

Uh, yes.

Well, you should fire her.

She's not doing a very good job.

Hmm. Ning?

Please come here for a second?

So, um, is your girlfriend gonna visit you anytime soon?

It's hard for a girl to get a visa.

America no free.


She not allow visa before we leave, so we work out it.

Oh, and, uh, what does she do?

She, uh, won a beauty prize.

Now she wants to be a actress.

Wedding bells?

She wants, but if I marry, fans not happy.

What's her name?



What is she, a pussy?


Um, yeah, it's, uh, it's a fashion word for, um, stylish.

Yeah, kind of like catwalk.


So you are pussy?

Yeah, I'm-- I'm very pussy.


Uh, so is she your first girlfriend?

Why do you want to know about her?

Uh, nothing, just-- just making conversation.

Earlier this year, the Parson family decided they were going to try to survive without using any products made in China.

Mr. Parson, what inspired you to start this 100% USA campaign?

Mr. Parson: Well, I was taking my boys shopping for baseball gear, and we noticed everything in the shop's made in China.

I looked at my boys, and I wondered how could they have any pride or sense of belonging if everything they-- [TV clicks off]

Did you see that?

They say made in China is bad for America.

What are you doing? I cook for you.

Oh, I said no need for dinner.

Hey, whoever crosses the door is a guest.

Anything you don't eat?

No carbs.

No, no crab, don't worry.

Um, what does that t-shirt say?

Central Academy of Drama.

You know, you should just wear that to the interview tomorrow.

Wear this shirt?

Not very respectful, no?

I think it says a lot about you.

After all that cash you made me spend today, you want me to wear this shirt?

[speaking native language]

Ryan, Gus's schedule has changed.

He can only do tomorrow.

The pajamas aren't ready yet, okay?

Gus is a fucking big deal.

Just embrace it, and don't fuck it up.

Ning, oh, they finally dropped the pajamas off, thank God.

Hey, tell the doorman the Chinese press coming.

Wh-what press?

They want to interview me.

[chuckles] No, no, no, no, no.

Gus doesn't allow any press when he shoots, so.

I told them yes first.

They already are waiting outside.

Um... all right, let me just ask Gus first, okay?


Gus: Chair goes over there.

[clears throat]

Gus: Put the chair over there.


Uh, hi, Gus? How's it going?

Is he ready?

I got to catch a plane at 7:00.

Well, um, 7:00, I didn't--

Where is he?

Um, well, he's almost ready.

It's just that, uh-- well, he was wondering if a very famous public-- Chinese publication can--


Um, Gus says no.

I know.

He has a big voice.

All right, don't worry.

Let me handle the press.

Gus: What are we waiting for?

=He's an asshole, but he takes great pictures.

You'll be fine.

This is not gonna work.

Well, what's the matter?

Look at his fricking underpants.

Ning, can you just--


Talk to him in Chinese.

Tell him we can't shoot with his underpants on.

Well, you tell him in English I won't do what he wants.

Ning, please, can you just-- No!

Look, this shoot's as important to you as it is to me, okay, so--

I don't care about American market.

But I do!



But I want everybody out.

Wh--no, Gus doesn't do--

If he can shout, he can move lights around.

We can't let white devil win all.

Oh, my God, Ning, this isn't a time to get political.

Tooth for tooth.

He should respect people more.


Gus, he wants everyone out of here so he can--

[indistinct speech]

All right, guys, this is a closed set from now on, so everyone out except for the, uh--for assistants.

Right. You heard him.

Let's go. Out, quick, move, move.

Thank you.

Dex, what time is it?


Are you ready yet?


Thank you so much for doing this.

Good luck. Thank you.

Oh, this is no good.

What is wrong now?

Look at his fricking feet.

You know, I can get Dex. I can just--

I got a plane to catch.

Come on.

No, no, no, no, don't you move!

I'm still shooting.

I hate working with fucking amateurs.

You don't have to do this.

Gus: Oh, for Christ's sake, hurry up.

Come on, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

Come on!

What the fuck are you doing, giving him a pedicure?

I thought you people were supposed to be good at that sort of thing.

Shut the fuck up!

Come on, let's go.

[dramatic music]

[phone buzzes]

Merde! I can't believe it!

You're fired!

Well, fine.

[phone beeps]


You can always come to work in China.


I know many actors there.

You can style them.

I can't even speak Mandarin, okay?

Good, they like that.

You'll do even better.

"Vogue," "GQ," they're all in China now.

You'll start own company.

Here you're just a kid.

In China you are a--

A lion?

Yes, Lyan.



That shirt looks really good on you.

Oh, no, it looks better on you.

No, really, no. It looks good.

Hey, Ning, you ever try weed?


[both chuckle]

How do you feel?




[both laughing]

Very USA.

[both laughing]


[Amanda Lear's "Fashion Pack" plays]

Oh, girl, this is my jam.

Ooh, ooh.

[singing] It was night And suddenly I felt like dancing

I took a cab to show me to the disco scene

He said, "Okay

"You want to see those crazy people

Hustling out the door to get into Studio 54?"

[singing] Who is in?

Who is out?

Oh, jamma, jamma, jamming Who is in?

[doorbell rings]

[doorbell rings]

Lyan? Lyan.

It's mom.

Oh, fuck.

-Open the door.

Open the door.

Mom, I told you to call before you come.

Remember, we're meeting Mama.

Oh, shit, I forgot.

What a mess.

Young people are like that.

You had a party?



[Ning sneezes]


Let's go.

He has to come with us.

Let's go.

Your Mama misses you.

Oh, yeah, no, I'm-- I'm coming with you.

Just, um, I have a friend.

Uh, Mom, Dad, this is Ning.

Hello, Mr. Fu, Mrs. Fu.

=You speak Cantonese?

I speak Mandarin.

Oh, you speak Mandarin?

Please sit.

You want tea? Uh--

Talk to him in Mandarin.

Talk to him.

Go talk to him.

Uh, how are you?


Sorry, my Cantonese is rusty.

Why don't we just speak in English, okay?

Um, so Dad, do you recognize him?

He's an actor from Beijing.

Oh, actor?

Um, we saw TV you in?

"The Legend of the Eagle Blade."

"Eagle Blade"? We've seen it.

You in it? You the prince?

Uh, no. Oh, you the Genlo?


[General? Genlo?

Oh, General, I see, but no, I wasn't the General.

Oh, you the monkey?

Mom, it's a Mandarin TV show.

Oh, it's a Mandarin TV show.

We've never seen it.

Tomorrow we get DVD.

Eat. Eat.

Aren't these for Mama?

Mama is old.

She can't eat all of them.

Oh, no, it's all lard. It's gross, ew.

He's always complaining.

He busy, busy all the time.

Father very mad him.


It's true.

Actor in China pay good?

Uh, depend on your name. How much earn?

Dad, you can't ask those questions.


[indistinct] you say white people we can't say.

He's [speaks foreign language].

We can say.

Ning, how old are you?


32? Very good number.

This boy tell us all the time he only see, only date white men, never Chinese man. Hey, [inaudible].

That's what you said.

Gay people okay.

White people no okay.

[speaks indistinctly]

Hiya. [indistinct speech]

It's true.

Chinese like water, take long time to boil, but once hot, lifetime to cool down.

White man like sand: fast hot, fast cold, do not last.

Ning, come with us to visit Lyan Mama.

She love for to see you.

[gentle music]

Mama is so smiley.

I can tell.

She finally see Lyan with Chinese man.

Oh, Mrs. Fu--

I know, I know, I know, see.

Your parent know you are--


Give them time.

When Lyan little, we no time for him.

After school he go community center all day.

The boys there beat him.

He come home one cut here, one black eye there.

We scold him, think it will make him stronger, more like a man.

He hate us.

Chinese people very old-fashioned, take long, long time changing.

When Lyan tell us he no like girl, we no talking one whole year.

Then Mama sick.

He know life is short.

We talking again.

Now no problem.

You good Chinese son.

You no want tell your parent because you no want hurt their feeling.

You want to give them hope.

What about no grandkids?

It's fate.

Some things...

Are never meant to be.


Ah, photo, photo. I--I take your photo. both: No, no, no, no, no. You too, you too.

Yeah. Next to Mama.

Oh, no, no, really, I don't--

With Mama. Eh?

Aya, next to Mama.

[speaking native language]

Lyan, Lyan, [speaking native language]

Okay, ah.

[speaking native language]

Okay, ready?

[speaking native language]

Why didn't you tell them that we're not--

Well, you saw how happy they were.

Just let them enjoy it.

They're wonderful.

Yeah, well, now you know he's not a lawyer and she's not a teacher at NYU.

What do they do?

Uh, they, um--they run a nail salon.

It's where I grew up.

That's why you were so upset at the photo shoot?

Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Look, I just-- I remember them working on people's feet all day long, and I told myself when I grow up I'd never do that.

There's nothing wrong. It's a job.

I know.

I--I know.

I'm a snob.

I bite the hand that feeds me.


But don't bite me.

[lilting string music]

[singing in native language]

[singing in native language]

[music and singing continues]

[surf crashing]

[horn honking]

Hey, you want to go to a party tonight?

Look, the only scary thing in there is bad styling, okay?

Come on.

Oh, don't get hit.

[energetic dance music]

[dance music continues]

Am I your first Chinese?

My first Asian ever.

Is it different?

How do you feel?

Like a virgin.

[both laugh]

This isn't your first time, huh?

Oh, please, I could tell a difference.


Well, a straight man moans like this--


Um... a closeted gay man moans like this--

[feeble moans] [laughs]

Oh, and a queen, oh, she screams like this, "Oh, Ning, Ning, harder, harder."


So, um, how many?

A few.

No, not how many men.

How many years have you been doing this?

Too many.

Not enough.

I don't want to go.

Don't go.

Stay a little longer.

[plaintive music]

Do you always have to look so pussy?

Pussy, what do you mean?

Pussy, it means stylish, right?

Oh. [laughs]

Who are you going to meet? A man?

Oh, shit, work.

Come to Beijing.

Can you imagine all the famous actors you can style?

Your parents, they'd be very proud.


[scoffs] Slut.

[laughs] Perfect.

I'm not like you.

I don't play hard-to-get.

What do you mean?

Wh--you think I should go with him?

Well, you don't have a job.

What's holding you back?

Are you crazy? We just met.

Yeah, well, you don't have to move there.

Just take a trip and see if you like it.

Look, don't forget he's still in the closet and he still has a girlfriend, so.

You moved to Kenya for Lakey's dad, and that didn't work out.

But I don't regret it.

[phone buzzing]


Francesca: Aren't they brilliant?

Gus loves them.

He has such an unconventional way of working.

You know, he only said those things to get the shots he wanted.

You've done it, kid.

I want you to style the next "Mais Oui" cover.

"Culture Chic" is gonna print them in their next issue.

Oh, and I read your interview.

I can't believe you said all those things about how Chinese goods are destroying America.

James says it's good, bring many attention.


This is very important to me.

Thank you.

I thought you didn't care about the U.S. market.

[both chuckle]

In China there are many stories that we can tell, but when I have a name in America, I'll make those stories into movies.

And what happened to showing the glory of the new China?

China's better.

When I was young I didn't want to think what life would be like when I'm 30, but now always dreaming, dreaming of what I can do next.

China, it will be great.

We have to make it happen.

[plaintive music]

Any suggestions?


So Ryan just did a shoot with a famous Chinese actor from Beijing, and so this is right up his alley.

Perhaps he needs some more sleep too.

[both laugh]

Hey, Francesca, can we talk?

I expect more from you in a meeting.

So right after the "Mais Oui" cover, you will be working on the [inaudible] spread.

I need a break after the shoot.

Are you serious?

You finally got the "Mais Oui" cover, and you want a vacation?

Now is your time.

You know, many magazine are asking about your rate.

Oh, that's fantastic.

Yeah, now with this chinoiserie chic, what is your idea?

Um, look, I got to take a week off.

There's something important that I have to do.

What can be more important than your job?

Do you want more money?


Is it love?

Ryan, Mr. Qi is here to see you.


Did you tell the press?

What the fuck?

Why would I do that?

I don't even know what this stupid magazine is.

What are they saying here?

"Ning is in love."

But that doesn't say you're gay.

This is not the first time they say this about me.

My parents, they will be very ashame.

Look, don't worry.

Um, you know, worse comes to worst, you can just stay here with me, all right?

I will never act again.

My dream is over.

I was planning on going to China with you.

Don't you understand anything?

I have to carry on my family name.

So what--what are you gonna do?

Just stay in the closet forever?

Great, you are finally here.

Can you leave us alone?

[wistful music]

Such a sour face.

So dry.

Happy face, yeah?


This always made you smile.

If you don't look after yourself, who will?

[phone buzzing]


Le petite syrah.

It's what you like, right?

So how are you doing?

I'm all right.

Look, um... what I--what I said to you, that was--that was bad.

I'm sorry.

Gan bei.

[glasses clink]

Go back to China next week.


Um, that's great, going back home.

But before I go, there's something I want to do, something to do with us.

Oh, um... do you want me to go with you?

There are many directors who want me in their next film, but they are afraid of the magazine.

I need to clear my name before they use me.

So... can you please, please help me?

Say something on my--

And tell them you're not gay?

Something like that.

James, he'll tell you what to say.

You just have to say it.

Lyan. Lyan.

Lyan, please!

Please help me.

[gentle music]

[singing] As I lay in the morning

With the sun on my face

As the new day is dawning

What am I doing in this place?

And there's no regrets or sorrow

Just an emptiness inside

As I look to what's tomorrow

What hurts is not just pride

It's only natural to defend

We all end up losing in the end

And I know when I'm on the run

And all's said and done

I'll live to be the one Standing in the shadow of the sun

[music fades]

"Mr. Qi and I are both tennis fans, and we share a mutual fondness of watching Miss Sharapova"?

Why don't they just ask you to make gorilla noises and scratch your balls while you speak?

Don't do it.

Out the bastard.

Ning: After we took a walk in the park, we actually made it happen.

[laughter] James: Yes?

When is "Springtime in Nanking" coming out?

It will come out next March during the springtime.


Next question? Yes, sir?

Mr. Qi, having been here for a month now, how would you compare New York to Beijing?

Very similar, full of opportunities, both, but Beijing, better food.


Anybody else? reporter: Miss Song, what's your take on New York?

We had a breakfast at Tiffany?

[light laughter]

We have time for one more.


Recently in the magazine there was a picture of you that stirred up some rumors.

Do you want to comment on that?

Of course.

You know, the press has a very big imagination.

It was a normal photograph, and the photographer use angle to make me and my friend look abnormal.

The other person in the photo's actually good friend of us, and he is here now, so I ask him to come up and tell you the truth.

My Chinese-American friend, Ryan Fu.


Mr. Fu, can you describe your relationship with Mr. Qi?

I am gay.

[crowd murmuring]

[camera shutter clicks]

I told Mr. Qi this the first day we met.

But Ning doesn't mind me being gay.

He's a--he's a type of person who treats everyone equally despite their race, class, or sexuality.

And I think it takes someone who's very happy and confident with himself to be so kind and accepting.

Yeah, uh, very proud to call Ning my friend.

No, actually, he's--he's like a brother to me.

James: Two brothers.

Mr. Qi has a flight to catch, so we have to wrap this up now.

Thank you, everyone, for coming.

We have tea, coffee, and cakes waiting for you outside.

Thank you very much.


[knock at door]

Thank you.

I hope you're happy.

We Chinese have a saying.

You have to plow in order to harvest.

You have to give up something in order to achieve your dream.

[somber music]

[uplifting music]

[uplifting music continues]

[upbeat dance music]

[singing] I just can't stop obsessing of When again you'll need my love My love still lingers I don't know who I'm supposed to be Without your company And I hope you'll come around Say it ain't over I don't know why you pulled apart Took half the rent Stole my heart My heart won't answer And though you moved along you'll see Our hearts will never beat The same way Now bring it back to me Whoa, oh, oh, I see And I I, I, I still feel You're into Me and the way we thought as one Two broken hearts, we lived undone Undone together I know you've moved along I see Our hearts will never beat The same way Now bring it back to me Whoa, oh, oh, I see And I I, I, I still feel You're into Whoa, oh, oh, I see And I I, I, I still feel You're into Our hearts will never beat Our hearts will never Our hearts will never beat Beat, beat, beat, beat Beat-beat-beat-b-b-beat Whoa, oh, oh, I see And I I, I, I still feel You're into Whoa, oh, oh, I see And I I, I, I still feel You're into Whoa, oh, oh, I see And I I, I, I still feel You're into me

[dance music crescendos and cuts off abruptly]