Frozen (2010) Script

(wind howling )

( rumbling )

( screeching )

( rock music playing )

I don't see her.

The shift changes. Just give it a couple of minutes.

You guys sure about this?

Yeah yeah, works all the time.

Besides, this lady loves Lynch.

Loves him. I'm cute.

( chuckles )

( sighs ) ls that-- is that her?


Parker, what you could do is go down there and look beautiful and smile.

What? Me? Yeah.

Uh, no.

No no, this is your thing.

All you have to do is go over there and say, like, "Hey, me and my friends--"

Girlfriends. Say girlfriends.

"Me and my girlfriends totally forgot our credit cards so we can't get our lift tickets from over there.

So can you, like, help us out?" That is so lame.

Give me my money back. Your money.

It's not gonna work. Take this. Start at 50.

That's what the other lady usually takes.

And just, you know, work your way up if you need to.

Dan... Hey, look at me. Look at me.

You're gonna be fine. You'll be great.

Parker, you've so got this.

Yeah, and what's the worst that can happen?

The guy says no.

And he's not gonna say no. No one's ever said no.

Dan, you do it. I feel stupid.

Relax, okay? I promise, you're gonna be great.

Why me? That's 'cause you're a girl.

A beautiful-- hey, you're a beautiful girl.

And you have a charming smile.

Just... just...

There we go.

That's great. Go get him.

Get in the game. Okay.

Come on.

Woman on P.A.: Attention all skiers. The Black Dog Trail is now open.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Can I bum a smoke?

( clanging )

I'm Parker. Jason.

Oh cool. My brother's name is Jason.

That's awesome.

Yeah, so I don't want to waste your time or anything because you seem like a wicked busy guy and everything.

This is gonna sound really stupid. lt's just that my girlfriends and l came all the way up from Salem State.

I was kind of the dumb ass who said that I could pay for all three of the tickets on my mom's credit card.

And then I left her credit card at the gas station.

Right. No, I mean...

I totally have money.

Just not enough for all three, you know?

How much? 50?

I could lose my job.

No no, he's not going for it.

Yes he will. Just shut up, please.

I mean he's either gonna do that job for-- what do you call it, minimal?

Minimum. Minimum wage, or he's gonna do it for minimum wage plus a little bit.

I mean, I know what I'd do.

She just had to come skiing today, huh?

You said you wouldn't mind.

I don't. I don't mind. I don't mind at all.

I'm just saying we haven't seen you at Fezzywigs for a $1 pitcher since last semester and you don't show up for Monday Night Football.

I watched football at your house last week.

Dan, 10 minutes. Football games are more than 10 minutes.

They're like lots of 10 minuteses, you know?

I have a girlfriend now.

I don't know what you want me to do about it.

I'm sorry. You know what? It's fine.

I'm-- I'm just just saying that Mt. Holliston was kind of our thing.

And she can't even ride so it's a little weird.

She's getting better. Yeah yeah.

( laughs ) Now I feel like a dick.

I mean, if you had a problem with this, you've got to say something.

No no, it's not a problem. Just forget I said anything.

I'm sorry.

Woman on P.A.: Attention all skiers.

Mt. Holliston will be open next Friday through Sunday.

Get your tickets now to avoid waiting in line.

( laughs )


I think you did great. I'm proud of you, Parker.

I did good, right? You did well.

So where's my change?

Um, there isn't any.

You just gave him the full 100?

Well, yeah. He wasn't gonna do it for 50.

Okay, so what happened to the numbers between 50 and 100?

Like, say, 51 or 75 even?

Dan, you gave me two 50s. Was I supposed to ask for change?

I would have asked for change.

I mean, it's still way cheaper than paying for tickets, right?

I definitely would have asked for change.



What's up?

Look at these chumps paying top dollar for their lift tickets.

Whoo-hoo! Not us, though.

Thanks to you, babe.

Oh, now I'm babe.

You never call me pet names.

I'm not a pet name guy. Hmm.

He calls me Parker.

That's your name. I know.

But you're supposed to call me something affectionate like honey or sweetie.

You know, I hooked up with a girl last semester that called me my last name in bed. It was weird.

She was all like, "Oh, Lynch, your hair's so soft.

Do me harder, Lynch. " It was like throwing it to Dan over here.

Yeah, I could call you O'Neil.

( laughs )

You don't touch my face enough either.

Third wheel.

Watch it, Lynch. Hey, I'm not dating you.

You don't get to make my life suck.

Whoa! No no no. Whoa.

No one ever said anything about you making my life suck.

Uh-huh. Sweetie.


So Dan tells me you're getting a little better on that board.

Well, I don't know about that.

Last time I did pretty good, didn't I?

Yeah. Yeah, you're getting better.

You fall on your ass snowboarding.

The first few times you fall on your ass.

After that it's easy. It's like riding a bike.

Just tell me, when are you gonna get rid of those goddamn skis?

Come on. What?

I mean, snowboards are just too emo for me.

Those things are a fad. In 10 years they'll be gone.

Yeah, that's what they said about rap.

That's true.

( inhales )

Can you guys smell that fresh mountain air?

It smells a bit like... cancer.

You know what? I am so sick of potheads giving me shit about smoking butts.

At least pot does something for you. Oh.

Yes, cigarettes are just gross, especially in the cold.

They stick to you. You smell like an ashtray, an old man's used floss.

Old man's-where the hell do you come up with this stuff?

Okay, have you ever smelled your floss?

No, I have never smelled my own floss.

Never. Not once. Well, it's nasty. It is nasty.

Why am I friends with you? I don't know.

Here, give me a drag.

Do you guys know when we're gonna get back?

'Cause I've got like two weeks worth of chapters to read.

Oh come on. She broke the first rule.

Parker, you broke the first rule. What?

You can't talk about real life shit while we're up here.

The whole point of being here is to forget about all that shit, Relax, enjoy ourselves. Okay.

Deal with that shit when you get home.

Okay, but I've got-

( skiers shouting, groaning )

Okay, what asshole couldn't get on the chair right?

What the hell, right? Dude.

Oh, that's good. Yell more.

Hello! Man: Having fun up there?

Parker, it's okay.

( laughs ) ls someone afraid of heights?

No. No?

So it doesn't bother you when I do this?

Quit it! Don't be an asshole.

( laughs ) -Stop.


Honey, crazy thing.

Only one of the sethings has ever fallen off a chairlift thing before.

Okay, points for calling me honey.

But you just made that statistic up.

Yeah, and statistics don't work on smokers.

Come on, man. We paid good money to ride.

Let's go!

Actually, l paid good money.

Actually, I'm gonna pay you back, so it's like the same thing.

Okay. Okay.

What, do you want it now? ( lift clangs )

All right, that's what I'm talking about.

Whoo! You guys ready?

Why do I have to wear a helmet? Safety first.

But you guys aren't wearing helmets.

Only kids wear helmets.

That's 'cause they're still learning, like you.

Here, I'm not arguing about this. Just put it on. Here.

No, Dan, l don't want--

Look, even the pro guys wear helmets. Nobody makes fun of them.


You guys are just doing this to make fun of me.

Dan: No, huh-uh.

Parker: Oh yeah, sure.

No, l think chicks in helmets are hot.

Right? Yeah.

Need a little help? You think?

Yeah, looks like your bindings are a little loose.

Come on, I'll get you up. Come on.

There you go. l'll just tighten these up for you.

Thanks. No problem.


Look at Lynch.

Yeah, look at him. He's a chick magnet.

These all right? Yeah, that's a lot better.

What the hell are you doing, man? Lynch: What's your problem?

I'm trying to help her. Ryan!

He had his hands all over you. No he didn't. I can take care of myself.

Just go, okay? I'll be there in a second. l am so sorry about that. He can be such an asshole sometimes. l was seriously just trying to help. l mean, l don't know if l can compete with a catch like that.

( laughs )

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

Well, thank you for your help.

I'm really sorry about that.

I'm Shannon, by the way. Joe.

Shannon, come on.

( sighs ) Well, it was really nice to meet you.

Yeah, you too. I've got to go.

Good luck with that. Yeah. l was like a second away from kicking that guy's ass.

Yeah, l know you were, Lynch.

Don't worry about it. He's a douchebag.

Seriously, that guy was such a dick.

Why don't we talk about how tough you guys are at the bottom?

I'm tough. l know you are, baby.

Come here.


* How can you say there are no answers to my questions? *

* You just called once to let it go *

* How can you say that none of this is really worth it *

* When we've already won? *

* When we've already won. *


( sighs )

Oh, she told you that?

Yeah, we'll go to Okemo, Killington. We'll just go up north.

We'll get away for a while. Let's do it.

Christmas, you and me. Deal.

Listen, it's not like out Westwhere, you know, it's like a commercial.

You've got to ride three lifts to get to the top, it's like perfect powder.

Let's be honest, it's not gonna be like that.

Yeah, well, speaking of good skiing, riding the bunny hill has been fun all day, but, you know, l think I'd like to do an actual run before we leave tonight.

Look, if you want to go off on your own, you don't have to hang out with us all day.

No no, it's fine. l'm just saying I'd like to step it up at some point.

You know, it's been amazing watching Parker fall on her ass all day, but, you know, it'd be cool to... do some real skiing. ( laughs ) l think I've had enough skiing for today anyway.

So l can just stay here at the lodge if you guys want to do more. l didn't mean that. l didn't mean it like that.

That's not what l meant. l don't know what l meant. l told you l didn't-- l didn't have to come.

No no no, Parker, l didn't not want you to come.

No, he was the one who suggested you come in the first place.

Okay okay.

The last thing l want to do is intrude on guy time. l will not be offended. l have a lot of things l can do here.

Actually, why don't you give me the key and I'll go check my messages?

Not to the locker, no. You're gonna--

Come sit down for a second. Come here.

All you're gonna get is a bunch of messages from your mom complaining about this, complaining about that.

No, I'm not gonna give you the key.

I'm sorry if l ruined skiing for you today.

You didn't. Honestly, you didn't at all.

You missed the whole part of the conversation before you walked up where l was saying, like, um... what was l saying? l was saying, like, "Dude, this has been really cool.

I'm glad that we sort of had this chance to bond as a threesome."

( laughs ) What?

No, l mean, I've seen you fall a couple times today.

But Dan, l mean, l think it took him maybe three months before he could even stand on that thing without looking like a total idiot.

No offense, buddy. Just the truth.

Joe. l will catch up with you guys.

Hey. Hey. Hey. l just-- l wanted to apologize again.

Yeah, it's no big deal.

He's just lucky he didn't make me mad. l only look half your boyfriend's size.

Ex. He's my ex-boyfriend.

We're, you know, trying to still befriends and everything.

But as you can see, it's not really gonna work out.


A group of us all agreed to go skiing this weekend.

Well, whatever. lt's this whole story and l don't want to hold you up.

But that was just really embarrassing and I just wanted to say sorry.

That's no problem.

Um, are you gonna be here next weekend?

Yeah yeah, probably.

My roommate and l come up like every Sunday, so maybe I'll see you around.

That would be a nice time.

Okay. I guess I'll see you then.

Great. Good night. Good night.

Come on. You know what?

Can I just get your number so l know how to catch up with you?

Yeah.Yeah, sure.

Shit, l don't ski with a phone. You have a pen? l don't ski with a pen. Sorry.

All right, you know what? Just shoot.

I've got a pretty good memory.

I've only smoked pot like 500 times so I'm good.

Dan: How can they afford to close early?

You're only open three days out of the week, man.

Why don't you write a letter?

Why don't you give me my money back?

( laughs ) What money?

We're only had, like, four runs.

Can you give us a break, please? -830.

What? Just remember830.

Just one more time, please? Sorry.

I'd give you more money but l gave it all to you.

Hey, you got a pen?

It's not about the money. We got weather coming in.

We're trying to clear the mountain. There's nothing l can do.

Okay, what if we run straight down? Like the quickest run ever?

We'll be, like, wicked fast.

We gave you 100 bucks.

Come on.


Hurry. Like I said, wicked fast.

Like the wind. 7860.

Seriously, for 100 bucks you'd figure the guy would cut us some slack.

No shit. l thought they were open till 10:00 on Sundays.

Whatever happened to night skiing?

Wachusett's got night skiing. Should have gone there. lt's kind of like Quash Hill, just not as lame.

Do you remember the numbers l told you?


Look at you, Lynch. You got her number.

What did He-Man have to say about that?

That guy? Who cares? Steroids shrink your dick.

( laughs ) Oh shit, what are my numbers?


Parker, will you remember that, 7860?


Early night, huh? Yeah.

Pendergraph wants to see you in his office.

Something about the schedule next weekend.

I'm not working next weekend. Well, that's what you thought.

Come on, Rifkin, it's my brother's bachelor party. l put in for it two months ago.

Go talk to the boss. He's packing up.

I'm the best man.

Ready to shutdown?

There's three more on the way down. Wait for them and it's all set. l am not waiting till we get back to campus to eat. l am starving.

Why didn't you just eat some of that pizza?

Oh, you mean the cardboard with tomato sauce you guys ate?

That's not pizza.

That's like roller-skating-rink- birthday-party pizza. No.

There's a Papa Gino's in the way back. lt's like 15 minutes down the mountain.

Sweet. l may eat a whole real pizza myself, thank you.

Dan: Whoa, look at those guys.

We are definitely hitting that jump this time.

Last run, got to make it count.

Hey, Sullivan, hey. -( groans )

Hey, man, do me a solid. I've got to take a piss so bad l can taste it.

What? What? I'll just be gone for two minutes.


-(wind blowing ) -( chairs creaking )

( metal groans )

Jesus. It's just the wind, Parker.

Don't you mean baby?

Man on radio: Last chair is through.

All set down here.

Man on radio: Let's go home.

( metal groans )

Oh, come on.

It's freakin' cold up here!

We don't have time for this. Thank you.

Anyone know any good jokes?

Uh... what did the 14-year-old girl from New Hampshire say to her dad when she lost her virginity?

Get off me, you're crushing my Marlboros.


Dan: What do you think the worst way to die would be?

Parker: That's not morbid.

Lynch: Yeah, seriously, that's kind of spooky, Dan.

See, l think being eaten by a shark, that would be the worst way to go.

Not like one of those surfers who gets attacked from below.

You know, never sees it coming.

Like the poster for "Jaws."

The chick on the "Jaws" poster was hot.

She was? l don't know. She was naked and naked chicks are hot.

What if you actually saw the fin coming towards you?

That'd be worse than being eaten, l think. l mean, knowing this giant animal is coming at you and it's gonna eat you alive.

Did you ever see the video, by the way, of that great white that's jumping out of the water and eating the seal?

Yeah, that's why l only swim in pools. l think burning would be the worst way to go.

Well, yes and no. l mean, most people die of smoke inhalation before fire even touches them. lt's a fact. l remember watching TV for three days straight after9/11.

The footage they showed of those people leaping off the Trade Center.

Can you imagine how bad it must have been inside to know that jumping would have been the better way out?

Yeah, but they say that when you jump from that height your heart stops.

You don't feel it when you hit the ground.

Okay then, Lynch, what is the worst way to die?

What? Oh no no no.

You have an answer for everything. What is your biggest fear?

That's easy. The sarlacc pit.

I'm sorry, the what?

The sarlacc pit from "Return of the Jedi."

Uh, hello. Being slowly digested over 1000 years-- worst death ever.

"Dan, why don't l ever have a girlfriend?


Hey, shut up.

Why hasn't the chair started again?

Just give it a minute.

This is nothing, man.

At Stowe last year, me and Sullet were stranded for like 25 minutes.

This big chick fell at the top and twisted her leg, you know?

And l was like, fine, people. Just hoist her off to the side.

Keep the line moving. But no, they had to stop, celebrate it right there. We all had to stay on the lift and freeze our asses off.

Honestly, by the end of it l couldn't feel my fingers.

Dan: What? Come on.

Lynch: Oh, come on now.

Man, this is so messed up.

( laughs )

Are you kidding me? Dan.

I kind of just shat my pants a little bit. I'm not gonna lie.


Turn the goddamn lights on!

They forgot that we're up here. No one knows we're up here.

They didn't forget that we're up here, okay?

There's cameras all over the place.

Hello! Hey!

Assholes, start the chair! We're freezing!

Parker: Oh my God. What if they can't get the chair moving?

What if--what if everyone went home?

Hey hey, you know what you need to do? You need to stop, okay?

You're just scaring the shit out of me.

By the way, remind me to knock the shit out of that chairlift guy.

What exactly did you say to him?

What? Nothing. l didn't say anything to him.

Well, you clearly pissed him off enough to do this.

Look, he knows we're up here.

Then why are the lights off, Dan? ls that part of their policy?

Turn off the lights and scare the customers? l don't know.

Maybe it's a power outage or something, okay?

That stuff happens all the time.

They didn't go home. That's retarded.

This is so messed up. l mean, worst-case scenario they send up a ladder or something, right?

Worst case l could just jump.

I've done that before. lt's not so bad.

We have to get off these chairs. We can't stay up in this chair.

Why isn't the goddamn chair moving, Dan?

You acting all psycho is not gonna make the chair move along, okay?

All right?

( Parker sobbing )

Please don't yell at me. l didn't mean to yell.

This shit happens all the time though, okay? l mean, they can't just leave people up on chairs.

You know the kind of lawsuit that they would have?

What other people?

There wasn't anybody in front of us.

They're not gonna leave us up here all night.

That's all I'm saying. lt's Sunday.

It's fucking Sunday and they're not open again till Friday.

We're gonna be stuck here all week.

Oh God.

We're not gonna be stuck up here.

Parker. Parker, look at me.

Come on, there is no way a ski resort would let that happen, no matter how shitty they are, okay?

( sobbing )


Somebody help us, please!

Somebody! Hello! Hey hey hey.

Come on, it's all right. Somebody!

Shh. Come on, it's okay.

They're gonna turn the power on in a minute.

We're all gonna be laughing about this. Seriously.

(thunder rumbling ) l have to pee.

( laughs ) l have to pee wicked bad.

Yeah, that makes two of us.

Ew, Lynch.

If you pull your junk out in front of me, l might puke.

Well, what do you want me to do? I've got to go.

How am l supposed to go? l don't know. Just, you know, lift this up and bend down.

Are you crazy? Put the bar down. lt's just a safety bar, okay? It doesn't really do anything.

Well, l like the safety bar and l like it down where it's supposed to be.

Well, how are you gonna piss?

I can hold it. For a week?

What? She's the one saying we're gonna be here for a week. l can hold it.

Well, l can't. I'm pissing.

Ew, that is so gross, Lynch.

Well, too bad, okay?

Make me wait up here in this below freezing weather... while l wait fort his Fisher-Price lift to work.


Oh shit.

(thunder rumbles )

( ice clanking )

(wind howling )

Hey! We're up here!


Somebody help us! Somebody!

Put the bar down, Joe. Help!

Put the goddamn bar down, Joe!

Parker: God, it feels like a needle.

( panting )

( engine humming )

Hey! Hey!

What did l tell you guys?

Parker: Hello!

Hey! Hey, we're over here!


Up here!

Whoo-hoo! Help us!

Help us!

Man on radio: Cody, this is base.

Parker: Why is he stopping?

Dan: He's gonna help us. He sees us.

Go for Cody.

Hey man, where you at?

I'm cutting over to Pinewood to pick up Barnes.

No, man, Barnes just landed. The mountain is clear.

Come back to base so we can get the hell out of here.

-Copy that. -(truck beeping )

Parker: Hey, where are you going?

Hey! Hey! Where's he going?

What is he doing? Where is he going?

Up here! We're up here!

( clangs )

Hey! Come on.

Up here.


Hey! Please don't leave us!

Look up! No!

Come back! Stop! Hey!

Stop! Stop!

Hey, come back!

Parker: Come back. We're here.

( sobbing ) No. No.

Parker: My face is burning.

Dan: Power's coming back on.

Parker: No it isn't. It has to.

Parker: Does anybody know what time it is?

Dan: Hold on. Let me just run back to the locker.

I'll check my phone real quick.

Okay, top three breakfast cereals of all time.


Okay, I'll go first.

Uh, Crunch Berries.

Parker: Stop. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Please stop.

And I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Lucky Charms pre purple horseshoes. ls it just me or is it really weird eating purple horseshoes?

Everybody went home.

They left us up here.

Top three celebrities you'd do. Go.

Somebody needs to jump.

If we're up here all week we're gonna die.

( sobbing )

Hey. Shh.


Shh shh.

It's okay. I don't want to die up here, Dan.

No no no. Hey, you're not gonna die. l promise l won't let you die.


I'm so--

I'm so scared.

Dan: Yeah, me too.

Oh my God.

Hey, guys.

What was the best Christmas present you guys ever got?

Shaina my puppy.

Hey, Dan?

No? Okay. l guess it's my turn.

My skis. You get it?

Oh shit. Oh! Shit.

Hey. Hey.

Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.

Your face is-- it's really red. l think you got frostbite.

Lynch: No, you can't get frostbite that fast.

We've only been up here, what? l mean, it's only been a few hours tops.

Parker: What are you doing? I'm jumping.

Lynch: No you're not. Yes I am.

Even if l hurt myself l can get myself down and l can get us some help. lt's too far, man. You can't jump.

Do you have a better idea? Than jumping?

Yeah. Yeah, I got a better idea.

We can wait till the morning. l mean, someone's gonna come.

A groomer or some shit.

They're gonna groom the mountain when it's closed, huh?

When it's not gonna be open for anothe rfive days.

Dan, don't leave me. l can do this.

All right, Joe's gonna be herewith you, okay?

All right? He'll take care of you.

No, man, don't do this. Walker, don't.

Dan, don't leave me. Please.

Look at me. Look at me.

You're gonna be okay, baby. You're gonna be okay.

Dan, no. Don't do this, man.

Remember that thing l said about having done this before? l totally lied. I'm scared shitless.

-( cracks ) -( groans )

( groans echoing )

( Parker muffled ) Dan! Danny!

( Lynch muffled ) Dan, are you okay? Say something!

Oh my God.

Oh my God!

Parker: Danny! Talk to me, Danny!

-( heart beating ) Oh my God.

Oh my God, my legs. Lynch: Dan!

Oh my God! Oh my God!

My legs are broken! Oh my God!

Can you move, Dan?

No, l can't. l can't move.

Okay, hold on. Hold on, baby.

What are you doing? I've got to get down to him.

Stop, you're gonna get hurt. Calm down.

No no no, stay there.

Don't get off the chair. Stay on the chair.

How bad is it? It's bad. lt's really bad.

The bone is sticking out of my leg. Help!


Please help!

Hey, Dan, buddy.

Dan, can you move at all?

No, man, it's bad.

You can't slide down the hill or anything?

No, l can't slide down the fucking hill! I'm bleeding to death, man!

Okay okay.

Can you stop the bleeding?

With what? Hold on.



Hey, Dan, hold on, man.

Hold on. I'm gonna throw mine down to you.

Here it comes. Ready?

Can you get to it?

Just feel for it, buddy.

( grunting )

-( screaming ) -( cracks )

( screaming )

( panting )

( grunting )

( sobbing ) l got it. l got it.

Okay, Dan, you're gonna have to tie that to your legs.

Tie it on to your legs above where it's bleeding.

Okay? Like a tourniquet thing.

( groaning )

Okay, hold on. Wait. Here, take my coat.

No, leave your coat on. Don't take your coat off. lt's okay. l can huddle next to Lynch.

Please. Leave your coat on!

( screaming )

Dan: Fuck!

Hey. Hey, Dan. What?

Maybe l can climb up to the cable and get to a chair that's closer to the ground.

You've got to be careful, man. Those cables are razor sharp.

You think you can pull yourself across on these chairs? l can't even do a pull-up.

You never even tried to do a fucking pull-up.

Your mom had to write you a letter so you could get out of gym class.

Hey, Joe. Yeah?

Remember Jenny Bluth? Huh?

Remember her? She could do a fucking pull-up. l know, but... even if l get to that chair, how many more chairs is it gonna take before l get to one that's closer to the ground?

( groans )

The poles.

The poles, they all have ladders on them, okay?

The lift poles.

You just have to find your way to one of those.


Okay, how far is that chair away from the pole?

I don't know. Just give me a second.

Give me a second, all right?

Wait, what if you fall too?

Parker, if we stay up here we're gonna freeze to death and he's gonna die.

( groaning )

Okay, Dan. Dan, I'm gonna try and scale back to the next chair.

( growling )


Baby, was that you?

What? Hey, shut up, Dan. Shut up.

(wolf howling )

Oh my God.

Oh my God. That was a wolf.

Dan, that's not a wolf, man. That's a coyote or something.

Dan: l know the sound of a fucking wolf!

Help! Lynch: They're scared of people.

Help me! -Come on, relax.

When was the last time you heard of a wolf attack in New England?

Never. They're pussies, man.

The wolves around here, they're not even that big.

( sobbing )

Hey. Hey, listen. It could be worse, right?

How could it be worse?

It could be the sarlacc pit.

Lynch: Hey, Parker came through with the tension breaker, bud.

Your girl's all right, Walker.

Hey, she's all right. Dan: Just climb.

Please, please just climb.

Okay, hold on. Hold on, I'm coming.

Hold on.

It'll be okay, Dan.

You know it's funny, l was never afraid of heights until right now.

Okay, what can I do to help? I don't know.

Just hold on to my legs. l mean, you can't stop me from falling but it's-- it's like psychological or something.

Okay. Okay.

Oh shit, it's high. lt's really fucking high.

-What can l do to help? Nothing. Just stop talking, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Come on. ( grunts )

Dan: Please hurry!

Dan,just be quiet, okay?

-( gasps ) -Oh God.

Shit, it's all ice.

Hey, Dan. Dan, buddy, it's all ice.

But l think if we knock it off l can get to the top.

Hold on.


( groans )

( growling, barking )

Oh shit.

What am l supposed to do?

( barking, growling )

You guys!

What the fuck am l supposed to do?

Get the hell away from him!

( panting )

(wolf howling )

Hey. Hey, are you all right?


Yeah, I'm alive.

See, l told you, man.

They're more afraid of you than you are of them. Huh? l don't know, man. I'm pretty afraid. l know, man. l know. l can't feel my legs anymore.

That's not good, right? l mean, they don't hurt as bad, but that's not good.

No no, it's fine. You're gonna be all right.

Okay, it's probably really really bad.

We're got to move and get--

Hey hey hey. Go like this.

Ow. Ow, it's like a sunburn.

No no, I think it's frostbite. What? ls my face changing color anywhere? l don't know. l can't see anything.

Don't--don't touch it. Stop.

Stop. But it itches now. l know, but if you rub your face it's gonna come off.

Will you just hurry up up there?!

Okay, I'm trying. Hold on.


Be careful.

Okay, just don't talk. l can do this.

Oh, l got you.

Shit, it's slippery.

Parker: Don't look down.

My boots are so heavy.

( grunting )

The cable is cutting through my gloves.

Do you got it?

( groaning )

Oh, my hands.

( branches rustling )

Oh my God.

What? What's wrong?

Oh my God. Okay.

Parker: What is it? What? l got you. l got you, you're okay. l got you.

You're okay.

What's wrong?

What's wrong? Don't look down.

What? Don't look. Don't look.

Lynch. Yeah, man?

-( barking ) Don't you let her look.

Don't you fucking let her look. Dan!

Shh. Dan!

No, l won't, man. -( growling )

-( both sobbing ) Don't.

Don't you let her look!

-( screaming ) Dan!

Let me look. l need to look. l need to look!


( crunching )

No! Dan!

Let me look!

( Dan screaming )

( Dan gurgling )

No! Oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh my God. ( crying )

Oh God. Think about Dan.

(wolves growling )

( Dan gurgling )

-( shrieking ) -Shh shh.

Don't listen to it. Just don't listen to it.

Don't listen to it.

(wolves howling )

(wailing )

Okay. Okay.

-( sobbing ) -Okay.

( screaming hysterically)


No, Dan.

( echoing ) No!

( chair creaking )

Cables cut through my gloves.

My hands are wasted.

Why'd you let him jump?

You can't be serious. lt was too far.

No, he said he could do it.

You didn't try to stop him. l can't believe this. Are you trying to blame me?


No, I'm not blaming you. l mean, you're his girlfriend. l didn't see you trying to throw yourself in front of him.

He wasn't going to listen to me.

But he would have listened to me?

No, l said it was a bad idea. l said it was too far a drop. l didn't hear any ideas from you except for crying about it.

Don't you fucking blame me.

You've been his girlfriend for what, a year?


I've known him my entire fucking life.

You should've--

-you should've-- -What?

Say it!

It should've been me.

No. That's what you want to say.

No, that's-- that's not what l said. lt's okay. l get it. l get it. lt should have been me down there, right?

'Cause who gives a fuck about me?


You know what?

If we hadn't spent the entire day on the fucking bunny hill watching you fall on your ass we would have done some runs and we could have gone home.

I'm sorry.

Or maybe if you hadn't fucked with our thing.

Maybe if you had just stayed home and not tried to force yourself into every little aspect of his life my best friend wouldn't be dead right now.

( sobbing ) That's... not fair.

That's not fair. lt's not fair that my best friend is dead.

( crying )

He's not coming back. He's gone.

I'm sorry. Fuck you!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, Lynch.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. l didn't mean it.

I'm sorry. l didn't mean it, okay? l didn't mean it.

Parker: 830.

Lynch: Oh shit.

What were my numbers?

-786... Parker: 7860.



I'm so gonna call that girl when l get back.

You know what?

I'm gonna ask her to marry me. No messing around.

I'm just gonna call her and I'm gonna be like, "Hey, Shannon. lt's Joe from the chairlift. Will you marry me?"

We'll get a house, have two kids and a dog named Steve.

-Who's gonna pay for the house? -She will.

She's got a great job.

Parker: What does she do?

Lynch: Orthodontist.

Parker: Orthodontists make a lot of money.

Lynch: Yeah.

Parker: Well, I'm sure the two of you will be really happy.

Lynch: 830-7860.

Who names their dog Steve? l will.

Steve's a people name.

Says who?

You don't, like, goto someone's house and have them say, "Here, meet my dog Steve."

Why not? l think Steve's a good name for a dog.

Here, meet my cat Chris.

No cat.

Just a dog-- Steve.

Shaina must be so hungry.

What kind of pizza should we get?

The poor thing.

She's just a puppy.

She's not gonna understand that l died.

She's gonna think that l left, that l forgot about her.

She's probably waiting by the front door right now.

At every little noise that she hears in the hallway, she's probably cocking her little head to the side wondering when I'm gonna come in.

But l won't. l won't come in.

And she's gonna-- she's gonna starve to death.

She's gonna starve to death waiting for me to come in. lt's all my fault.

She's not gonna starve to death.

You're not gonna die, Parker.

I'm the only one with a key to my apartment, though.

Yeah, l know, but the neighbors will kick the door down if she doesn't stop barking.

Someone will figure it out.

She'll be just fine.

So will you.

So will we.

( groans )

I just want to see my mom.

And my dad.

( birds chirping )

(wind howling )

( squeaking )

( birds chirping )

( grunting )

(wincing )

-Ah! -( bar clangs )

l thought l was dreaming. l thought l was dreaming this.

-You okay? I'm fine.

Your frostbite is getting worse.

Really? How bad-- Don't touch it. lt's bad.

It doesn't itch as much anymore.

Okay, don't touch your face though.

When we get out of here I'm gonna get you to a doctor.

-They'll fix it right away. -You have--

You have red marks on your face too.

They'll fix me up too.

Don't. Don't. Don't touch it. lt's bad.

Lynch: Well, it's the morning.

Maybe someone will come up now.

Parker: For what?

Lynch: Mountain maintenance. l don't know.

Besides, if we don't show up for class people will start looking for us.

No one knows we're here. l didn't tell anyone l was coming.


We need help!

If I can get to that pole l can climb down the ladder.

How are you gonna climb with your hands like that?

We won't make it another night.

Are you sure you don't want to... wait a few hours? l mean, maybe you're right.

Maybe someone's coming in today.

( sighs )

( sobbing )

( exhales )

Parker: The sun feels good.

Lynch: First we're freezing, now we're gonna get sunburned.

Be careful what you wish for, right?

Parker: How come you never have a girlfriend?

Lynch: How am l supposed to answer that?

Parker: l just mean you're a decent guy.

And chicks dig you.

But you never have a relationship.

Lynch: l had a serious girlfriend once.

High school doesn't count. No.

No, post high school. Freshman year.


This girl Annie.

We met at freshman orientation.

We emailed each other during the summer.

When we got back to school it was like we were dating.

Oh. l just really felt it with her, you know?

We were into the same stuff, which was cool.

She was way into Aerosmith.

I'd seen 'em five times. She'd seem 'em eight.

What happened?

She, uh... had the same favorite movie as me-- ET.

It was like soulmates, that shit you read about.

So what happened?

Same old shit.


You know what happened? She-- she liked another guy.

This fraternity douchebag named Dean.

She dumped you for a frat guy?


No, l dumped her.

We were in the cafeteria, right?

You know, we were having lunch, facing each other. l was facing the wall and she was facing everybody behind me.

And l kept seeing her, like, you know, looking at somebody. You know, like kind of laughing.

And l was just like, you know, "What's so funny?" You know?

And, you know, like, "Whatthe hell is going on?"

And she said-- she said, "Dean's making fun of you."

So l turn around and I'm ready to just beat the shit out of this guy.

But all l can see are these random fucking people.

All these faces.

This guy was making eyes at my girl and could see me but l couldn't see him.

That's messed up. l never felt so stupid.

I just walked out.

You just walked out?

Yeah, l told her to laugh it up with Dean the frat guy. l was out.

That sucks.

Maybe l shouldn't have been so quick to walk away.

You know, maybe l should have had a thicker skin and not been such a sensitive bitch.

Sometimes l feel like l was just insecure.

Maybe l screwed up.

You should tell her that.

When you get home you should call her. l can't.

( chuckles )

She's dating Dean.

( laughs )

l should have done something.

There was nothing you could have done.

I just sat here and l let him die.

No, you didn't. We didn't let him die, okay?

There was nothing we could have done.

He jumped down there to save us, okay?

He was the one.

He was the boy l was gonna marry.


First grade and we get left there by our moms for the day. lt's like the first real day of school, you know, without your folks around.

And Dan was this chubby little kid.

( laughs ) No, fuck it.

He was a fat ass. -( Parker laughs )

And so our moms all leave but Dan wouldn't let go of his mom's hand.

And even after she left he just stood at the front of the class crying like a total pussy.

-That sounds like Dan. -Yeah, you have no idea.

Anyway, so the teacher... oh, what's her name?

Mrs. Schifrin.

So Mrs. Schifrin is trying everything to get the fat kid to stop crying.

And she says, "You know, maybe there's somebody-- somebody else you know in the class.

Maybe you have a friend you want to sit with."

And this little fucker points right at me and says, "Him."

Now I've never seen this kid in my life.

But for some reason he pointed at me.

-So you had to sit with him? -Yeah, for a whole week.

Whole first week of school l had to share my little cubby with his fat ass.

( laughs ) Oh, gosh.

He was a douchebag. l never let him forget it.

( sighs )

Dan didn't die up here just for you and l to give up and die too.

Help me up.

( breathing heavily)

Are you okay?

( groaning )

( screams ) Oh God!

Lynch: Oh shit.

-Shit,just hold on. -Oh my God.

-The chair is gonna fall. No it's not. No it's not.

( groaning ) Oh, God.

My hands.

Oh God, my hands.

( groaning )


Fuck you, Jenny Bluth.

( groaning ) Oh fuck.

( growling )

Oh shit. Shit.

Hey, Parker. -What? l need you to throw my extra pole as far as you can this way.

What? l said l want you to throw my ski pole as fard own the hill as you can.

I'm gonna need some defense when l get on the ground.


( cable groaning )

( rattling )

( chair creaking )


( shrieks ) Oh my God.

-Shit. I'm sorry. lt's okay. -(wolf barking )

Shit. Oh shit.


Parker: You can do it.

You can do it. Please do it.

( grunting )

Please don't break. Please don't break.

( growling )


( groaning )

I just want to go. Please let me go.

You did it! You did it!

-Oh shit. -Joe!


Lynch! I'm okay.

(wolves barking )

No! No!

( screaming )

Lynch: No!

(yelps )

Stay the fuck back!

Try and stay still.

I'll be back as fast as l can.

Please please hurry. Please.

-( barking ) -Joe, lookout!


( sniffling )

( birds chirping )

Aw, Joe...

(whimpering )

( rattling )

( grunts )

( screams )

(whimpering )

( cables snapping )


( crying )

( grunting )

( panting )

( groans )

( growling )

(wolves bark)

( groaning )

(winces )


Help, please!


( groans )

( panting )

(wind howling )

(tires squeal )

Hey, you okay?


Hey, you all right?

Hold on. Hold on.

Hold on.

I'm gonna get you help.

No, there were no other cars. l found her laying in the road right outside of Mt. Holliston.

I'm taking her to you now.

Hold on.

The hospital is only 10 minutes away.

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

Dan's voice: You're gonna be okay, baby.

You're gonna be okay.

( orchestral music playing )