Full Contact (1992) Script

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May I help you, sir?

This is a beautiful piece.


Thank you.


Who wants a bullet hole? Just stand where you are.

Why don't you come in?

Where are the Golden Buddhas?

Open the safe.

You like peeping?

What color is it?

I can't see it.

What are you looking at?


No parking here.

Drive away!

I'm the security officer here.

Toilet is dirty enough.

Don't dirty it anymore.

Take a walk!

Sucy, this is the money to keep my mouth shut.

We'll soon be over.

Making love is a holy thing.

Do it in bed.

Put on your trousers.

Jeff, your buddy Sam is in my hand.

If you want to see him alive bring me the cash.


You really is his buddy!

How much does he own you?

Not much!

About $300,000.

Hung, give me face.

I'll pay you when I've money.

You mean you don't have money now?

No! We do!...

I'll pay you within 15 days.

15 days?

I'll pay you the heck!

Don't beat him!

Are you telling me?

Don't! Jeff! I am OK!

It's was nothing. I'm fine.

I'm giving you face.

Chop his hand off!

Don't chop my hand off!


Jeff, they have weapons!

Take it to me!

Was I bluffing?

I've told you not to beat him!

Sam, go! I'll certainly pay you back.

Go! I'll pay you back the money!

Save it! Dead don't bear debts!

You'd better go as far as you can.

Don't let me get you.

Let's go!


What a deep darn!

Mona What's the matter?

Let's go, hurry up. What's happened?

Jeff injured Loan-Shark Hung.

Go! Quick!

Let's turn this place upside-down.

Take the rear door.

Sam, get on!

We can't get away!

The whole Bangkok is controlled by Hung.

Like I said, let's kill that darn and that's it!

So what?

Can you terminate this society?

I've a few thousand dollars, you can pay him as interest.

It's useless. They want our lives, not money!

Are you Kidding? Would he refuse money?

Money? He has plenty!

It's his face!

Don't worry, I've got an idea.

What is it?

Rob a bank?

Isn't it?

If we pull it through, we'll be darn rich!

Then we can go anywhere we want.

Don't! It's dangerous!

I wouldn't think so! It's an alternative!

Are you crazy?

Stop dreaming! It's bad enough now!

Then, what'll we do? We are in deep darn!

So why did you borrow from the loan-shark?


Don't worry!

Let's take it easy.

I don't worry! You know, I always have confidence in you.

I know you'll fix it.

Wait for me here.

Take my mom's ash to HK a couple of days later, and bury the urn next to my dad's.

Let them see their daughter in law.

How about you?

After the job, I'll pick you up in Hong Kong.

Why don't we go together?

What? Are you shy?

Even an ugly wife should meet her father-in-law.

Am I ugly?

Look at your bottom! Isn't it ugly?

No! I'm not your wife, I'm afraid your dad won't accept me.

What are you doing? Don't!

It hurts! Let go of me!

This mark is better than any marriage certificate.

I'd better wait for you.

Your money is not enough for the air tickets.

I can't leave Chung and Sam alone.

Unless, you keep some money behind me!

You've misunderstood Sam.

The money borrowed from Hung, was used for your mom's grand funeral.

What? Still talking about robbery?

Nothing special.

Let's hear something positive,

Nothing special.

I have a cousin from HK.

He's got a plan and wants us join him.

Let's make a date!

It hurts!


I quit!

Come on, it's fun!

Play for a while No! You wacko!

I'm not refusing! Why treat it like a rape?

Come on! Get lost!

Come on!

I'll beat you! I am warning you!

Hi, Virgin!

What a way to keep your body fit?

Let me introduce, Jeff...

This is Virgin.

Save it.

With such her and him?

Go Stop!

Be gentle!

Don't! How dare you?!


Stop! We are on the same side!



How come your mouth so stink!

We haven't kissed, how do you know?

Don't give me face! Beat him!

Beat him!

Go! You've almost killed him!

Are you kidding?

You darn!

Darn you! How dare you beat me?

Jeff, our man.

Your eyes are so charming and attractive!

Yeah! Your eyes are charming and attractive too.

We are on the same side! Money is our game...

Let's co-operate, we won't lose.

Yeah! We won't lose!

It's a piece of cake!

Let's talk business.

Take care of it, I'll give you 20 million.

But on one condition, you have to kill Jeff.

Come this way! HK Tour, come this way.

This is North, the vehicle carrying arms will make a turn here.

Passing Patong Street, then towards the South through here.

This is Chang Wang Bridge.


You'd block their way with Virgin.

I'll go with Sam at the back.

Chung, you and Deano shall ride the vehicle off.

Any opinions?

I'll ride with Chung.


Are you scared of me?

Isn't my girl qualified to be your partner?

Changing partner? We ain't dancing!

This is business! Asking for a fight?

What did you say?

What did you say? You try to say it again.

You always quarrel whenever you meet!

We are doing big business there!

If you have no objection, it's a go.

Stay calm.

I'm not scared, it's the heat.

I met your mom in the Mainland.

She complained she hasn't got one letter from you.

What for? I don't have money to send her!

I've told you to team me up Look! I'm so rich, but you are like a beggar!

Check if there's a hole in my underpants?

No! I saw a vomiting crab.

No reaction?

How long haven't you touched a woman?


I can tell that you're a stud.

Let's ball after this business?

Not interested.


Hey. What?

Haven't you taken enough advantage?

Not yet!

You're crashing it!

Have you stared enough?

So what?

Want a fight?

I'm not scared!

Judge, the vehicle is coming...

Sure it will!

Step out...

We're working!

I'll finish you off in a second!


Come on!

What are you two doing?

The truck is coming, let's go!

Start working!

I'm working!

I haven't reached the big O yet!

Ready? Ready!

Jeff. I got it!

Have you had enough?

I'm coming...!


Jeff, I love you.

I want it...

Darn, want to get killed?

You scum! Can't you treat a lady better?

What happened?

That half-wit kicked me off the truck.

Get in.

What are you doing?


You stay off!


Why do you want to kill Jeff?

Why did you kill Chung?

Shut up!

Why did you betray us?

Why did you betray us? Shut up!

You can't get away!

I'll get you by all means.

I'm scared! Come to me!

Don't kill Jeff!

You can take the money and everything, OK?

If you want to die, come along.

I'll revenge for you.

Run over him!

It's fun!

Get away, don't fight in front of my door.

Go! Quick!

Go! Go!

Get lost!

Hey, kid!

I hate people messing up my hair.

Are you OK?

I'm OK.

Cousin, are we on the same boat?

If yes, go in and finish him off.

He is dead meat!

If you don't go in, then go to hell with him!

Jeff, I... I am Sam.

I'm coming in, don't shoot me.

Sam, you betrayed me! Why?

No! It's not my fault!

Jeff, I've no choice!

I've 2 choices only.

Either you die or I die.

I'm scared!

Give me the gun.


I know you're scared.

Would you sacrifice a pal because of fear.

Give me the pistol.

We still have a chance.

Give me the pistol.

These arms are as good as what Judge can supply you.

And, you'll save money on mind.

Kau, doing business is like darn.

Smoothness is most important.

Don't worry, I won't make you constipate.

How long has Judge been around?

Get lost! What are you doing?

Go to hell! Everybody down!

Don't move.


Sam, what do you mean?

Never heard of shooting before?

Sit down! And pretend nothing's happened!


You mean it?! We are friends!

Are you high? What are you yapping about?

Hung, you'd better leave.

No problem, anyway, none of my business!

Better settle it in peace.

Hark, let's go!

The Judge wants to see you.

You hear?

He said he's taking your boss away.

Sam, so you learned to handle a pistol at last!

Judge don't misjudge you.

Don't you think I'd scared with such rubbish?

You insult my gun?!

No... Help...

You want to go to hell? Sit down!


Come on, quick.

How could you check like that?

Go back to your hometown.


Chow Sang.

I want you to taste the bullet from your friend!


What happened?

I saw Jeff!


Don't touch me from my back.

You scared me!

Your call!

Jeff If you want to take revenge, just shoot me.

No more tricks!

OK! I'll be right there.

Jeff no matter you are alive or dead.

I know I own you a lot.

If you want to kill me, just go ahead.

I won't fight back.

If I wanted to kill you.

You wouldn't be standing here and talk to me.

What do you want?

Will you help me once in return?

If you give me a chance, I'll help.

I need a sum of money.

What can I help?

I'll inform you later.

Does he know our relationship?

I don't know.

Did he mention me?


Why did you tell me Jeff was dead?

I thought he was dead!

Do you think I lied to you? When did I?

Don't you trust me because he is back?

Are you afraid that he knows about our relationship?

You wish he cares to ask about you?


No?! Then what do you want?

Why are you so anxious to know if he asked about you?

You can go back to him.

What's that mean? Why are you so mad?

I'm asking about my ex-husband!

Why don't you show your care to me?

You ask me Did you care about me?

I was nearly drowned by him.

I did care about you! Will you say that?

I really want to know why!

Why Jeff shot at you? You were good friends.

Are you covering up something that I didn't know?


What's the fuzz?

Did you see me killing him?

I wish I did!

But I can't do it!

Being a dog is more simple.

Bark when you're hungry, darn after the meal.

But being a man, it's more complicated!

Come on, have your breakfast!

Thank you for putting my parents urns together.

You are welcome.

I want to know where does Judge keep his arms?

You want me to betray Judge?

You betrayed me once,

I was wrong!

But I don't want to make another mistake!

You have improved!

I'll being you to see someone.

Why did you take me here?

Do you know Judge traded with him last time?

On one condition, Judge's kill us all.

Did you?

Did you? Hung?

Scared to admit what you've done?

So what?

You're lucky that you lived!

I couldn't kill you last time!

I'm always lucky! Don't you know it?

You're lucky to be taken care by your cousin.

Chung was not that lucky!

You'd remember a friend called Chung, don't you?

Come on!

Just by you?

I don't know where they are.

I'll inform you when I find out.

Judge doesn't trust you?

Check if Virgin knows.

Mona wants to see you.

Don't talk about personal affairs with me.

I'll contact you later.

Why do you drink so much?

Lack of sex!

What do you mean?

Are you complaining about me?


We did 7 times per day.

Now, we do once per 7 days.

Deano, how are you?

Long time no see! Julia, your tits look bigger than before!

Go to hell!

I want to piss.

Virgin, why do you drink so much?

Lack of sex I said!

Where is Deano?

That darn is masturbating himself in the toilet.

Let's go!

Why so early? Let's stay for a while.

Are you hurrying home to screw?

7 times a night?

I'm leaving, I've to rehearse tomorrow.

I leave first, accompany her.

Virgin, I'm leaving.

Are you scaring of me?

Who are you?

Forget it! Let's go for a ride.

How dare you?

Let's go!

What's up?

You show up at last!

Let me see who you are!

It hurts!

She... seems to be your wife.


Why did you stay away?

I don't want to see you.

Then why did you tail me?

I shouldn't show up!


You weren't dead, why didn't you come back to me?


New and quiet.

Let's breathe deep together.

I think you are chickening out.

I warn you! Don't say I'm scared.

Do you really think I dare not to darn you?

If Deano knows this, what do you think he'll do to you?

Are you going to give him a report?

If we have to do it secretly, there's no fun.

No fun at all!


Want once more?

You are the only who cares about me!

What are you talking about?

Judge treats you well too!


Kidding! If I were not his cousin, he'd have kicked me away.

How can I sit here now?

If he treats me well, he would have told me about the arms trade everybody knows it! You know, Deano knows too!

Except me!

Say if we've money, it'll be great!

You love money?

Who hates money?

If we have money, it'll be perfect!

You darn!

Bravo! You made Virgin talk.

I didn't make her. She just talked.


Where did you go with Mona on that night?

Why don't you ask her?

When she was back, she seemed to be upset.

Mona is your woman, upset or not, it's your business.

I'll leave when my mission is done.

Where are the stuff?

Virgin said it was put in the freezer.

We don't know how many people are three!

Don't shoot if not necessary.

What are you doing?

I come to collect the stuff.

What stuff?

Judge's stuff.

Get out of here

Where is it? I don't know!

How about this?

I don't know

Oh my hand...

You are stubborn!

Where is it?

In the boat.

Where is the boat?

Parked at the pier.

In the trawler!

It's darn high!

I never dreamed we could still team up like this.

That darn is really disgusting!

Her mouth stinks like the toilet.

Yet she opened her mouth and yelled!

I can't stand her!

It's worthwhile!

We haven't wasted our time.

How is it? No news at all?

That's it.

You haven't found out who did it?

Darn, dare you!

Don't worry! We'll know who did it sooner or later.

Judge, someone is starring at us.


He looks familiar.

Am I seeing a ghost?

Aren't you dead?

I missed you!

Your eyes are still charming!

Thank you.

You took my stuff, didn't you?


I killed your fellows too.

It's really you!

What are you doing?

How dare you to beat me!

I'll beat you to death!

Deano! Stop!

You always go against me!

I just want a fair deal.

Can you still handle a pistol?


The money should be divided by 5.

It's fair for you to take 2 million.

Not 2 million, it's 10 million!

Paper money?

Don't you want the stuff back?

You're breaking my heart!

I'll give you 10 million.

Where is the stuff?

I'll contact you later.

I regret I didn't screw your girl. and I ended up like this!

What did you say?

Sam said she was lousy in bed.

And her mouth stinks too!

You darn!

What did you do with Sam?

I'm standing here! What can I do?

Where did you go last night?

Haven't you slept with Sam?

Haven't you slept with other women?

How dare you talk back to me like this?

Don't beat me! I won't let you go!

Take Sam to me!

Why don't you go now?

Hello. I'm Jeff.

Jeff? What's up?

Nothing! I want to tell you I've just met Judge.

What? You met Judge?

He'll suspect me! That's darn!

Yes, it's darn!

So I am telling you to leave at once.

You scum! You are framing me!

Leave now, or you can't make it!

Here. why do you come so late?

Judge, how do you know Sand come?

Why did you betray me?

What did you say?

We are partner, you make things difficult.

You mean you don't trust me?

As you said! We are partners!

It's you who told Sam where the stuff was.

You're insulting my wisdom by keeping your mouth shut.

This way.

He knows your affair with Sam too.

Sir, something to drink?

Mineral water.


Judge wants to see you.

Don't move! Stay where you are.

Hands on my shoulder and walk slowly.

I want you to die terribly for screwing my woman.

I'm scared! Look who acts faster!

Don't follow me.

Mona, stop dancing, let's go!

Darn! Are you finding me?

Darn! Freeze!


What happened? Shut up!

Don't let them call the police!

Thank you.

Deano! Get lost!

Stop fooling around!

Darn it!

How dare you screw my wife?


why don't you come over here?!

Jeff, you are playing me!

Sam. Sam.


Watch out! Jeff!

If you don't want the stuff, just shoot.



We've plenty of time!

Let Virgin go first, then you can go!

Mona, take Sam away.

Darn, sit down.

Are you OK?

I'm still alive!

Deano is a wolf, but he breaks you as his wife.

We are partners, we'd be frank.

Union means force.

Why did you betray us?

Darn, you admit now?

Judge! Don't!

Even cheaper than my stuff!

I've done so much for you, but you just want a revenge.

Let go of mw! if Jeff wanted you die, he wouldn't have saved you.

He was there to save you!

Don't worry !

I'm not back for Mona.

Judge knows you're with me sooner or later.

So I told you to leave.

What happened?

I know you still hate me to shooting you.

Say no more.

Until now, I still treat you as a pal.

You shot Jeff?

But you're a loser What's the different with Judge?

Betraying friends, not righteous!

Being robbers, we blame no one if we're killed.

But in Thailand, a whole family died of no reason.

And a little girl, her face was burnt!

You know that?

You think I mean it? I don't want it happen!

It's none of my business!

You were on their side, so you were accomplice!

I was scared their!


This is not a reason.

You're in the business!

That darn betrayed me, she'll betray you too.

Sam and her are no longer our partners.

But we've partners for a long time.

How can you stay in business?

You can't even handle a woman.

Are you a man?

Get out!


Get out!

You must be cruel to be successful!

The world is insane.

Sympathy will kill you.

If you want to live, you must be insane.

Then, you'll have chances.

Blame it on Jeff and Sam!

Hold it.

Don't worry, he'll be fine.

Thank you for taking care of me these days.

I can't be with you anymore.

Take care.


Jeff, don't let her go home, it's dangerous!

Where are you going?

Sam needs you here now!

I can't live with a man who shot my husband.

We can be friends.

Have you thought of this?

Are you angry with me?

Yes! I was very angry!

What wrong have I done? Why do you treat me like this?

Isn't it because I'm Sam's woman?

Stay, please?

Are you asking on behalf of Sam?

I've my own choice to decide whom should I follow.

I won't stay with you, that doesn't imply I'll stay with Sam.


Where is Mona?

She's gone.

Why don't you ask her to stay with you?

By what?



I can't sleep cause I always think of you at night.

Me too!

But I'm thinking of the 10 million.

Where shall we meet?

Good, I will wait for you.

Your voice is still so sexy through the telephone.

Wash your tool and wait for me.


You can't get the money that easy!

Even you get the money, you'll lose your life.

The money is for that little girl.

I did wrong last time.

Give me a chance to redeem.

I wish I could.

It was wrong once, no redemption can undo it.

The dead can't return to life.

The pain would stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Let me go with you.


Take care of it for me.

Sorry, Jeff.

Where are the arms?

Where is your boss?

He is busy.

Money is here, let's deal now.

You are not qualified to talk to me.

Ask Judge to see me.

If not for the arms, I've killed you already.

You want the arms?

I'll give you.

You are a great sharp shooter.

But I can shoot better from the dark.

When I ruined your right hand, you trained your left hand.

Now, you lose your left hand, You'd better train your legs.

The arms?

Here it is.

Your right hand is a bit rusty.

Actually, you're the one I admire most.

What a pity that, I couldn't sleep with you.

But I'll regret more if I couldn't kill you.

You'll be disappointed.

Let's see who go down first.

Don't you think your knife is faster than my bullet?

You are so cruel!

Although I've no relation with you.

I want to die with you.

Well! Masturbate in heck!