Full Out 2: You Got This! (2020) Script

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The Oklahoma Sooners Women's Gymnastics Team.

Some of the toughest, strongest athletes in the entire world.

You think running across a field and catching a football is hard?

Try doing back flips on a four-foot-high, four-inch-wide piece of wood.

Or flinging yourself over a bar, six feet in the air, and reverse-catching it.

You wanna talk difficult?

Try doing what we did every day.

We like to compete, and we like to win.

We were the best college team in the country and we were chasing a national championship.

Okay, what did you think?

I liked it. Yeah?

Yeah. What about the final salute?

No, it looks great.

KJ totally knows what the judges are looking for.

You know, my dance instructors always told us to never look at the judges and just play it to the audience.

Well, maybe in dance but not in gymnastics.

Yeah, I guess so.

So, what are you working on?

I'm thinking of upping my difficulty for my first pass.

I want to get more technical points.

Ooh. Like what?

Piked double front.

A piked double front?

Are you crazy? Only guys do that.

Not anymore.

Brenna Dowell was one of the best gymnasts in the country. She could do jumps and flips that none of us would ever consider trying.

Little did we know that across campus, a new, amazing dancer had arrived at OU and was going to change our lives.

I'm so sorry I'm late, everyone.

Uh, my meeting with the lighting tech ran late, and I'm just very behind.

So today, can we just go through our showcase numbers? Yes, I promise I won't make you do it full-out over and over, but I do need to just run through that.

Riley, do you mind giving them a quick warm-up.

Sure. Thank you.

Uh, maybe we can do some stretch and strength, uh, but we'll start with jumping jacks.

Nice one, Brenna. So good.

Hey, KJ? Yeah?

There's a tumbling pass I trained in club... Mm-hmm?

...and I'd really like to try it again.

It's my favorite skill and no one does it.

Hmm. I'd like to up my difficulty on floor this season and put it in.

Can I show you? Okay. Let's see it.

Brenna was our anchor gymnast and our team captain and we were all counting on her to lead our team to another national championship.


Are you okay, Brenna?

Yeah, I'm good.

A piked double front?

This has never been done before in an international competition on any level, ever.

This could be a serious showstopper.

I know. You think you got this?

Yes, I'll have it in a couple of months.

Keep putting in numbers and consistency will come. Yes, coach.


Natalie Brown was one of the hardest workers on our team.

Come on, Nat.

Natalie always strived for perfection and anything less really frustrated her.


You got this.

I know I can. My body is just fighting me right now.

Shake it off.

Okay, well, uh, it still needs a little bit of work, but you totally got it.

This is your year, Nat.

All your hard work is gonna pay off.

I thought for sure I'd crack the lineup last year.

I wanna do it for the team.

You'll get your chance. Hmm.

And you know, I'm always right.

Oh, really?



See ya. Bye. Okay.

That's me, Chayse Capps.

From the age of 6, I was both a competitive dancer and an accomplished gymnast.

Concentrate on your timing.

When I turned 12, I had to choose between one or the other because both required a full-time effort.

Obviously, gymnastics won out.

I may not have been the top athlete on the team, but I was certainly the most confident.

You have been after that perfect 10 all season, Chayse.

This routine will get you there.

But you have to be 100 percent focused.

Yes, coach. Right?

Look, go do some timers. Let's try it again tomorrow.

Think you're gonna upgrade to that full-out?

Ha. We'll see.

You know, you really have the skills for elite.

Ever think about trying for the U.S. national team?

No, mm-mm. No, that's definitely not my thing.

There's not even a small part of you that pictures yourself up on that podium, with a gold medal around your neck and the National Anthem playing?

Why are you even asking about this?

I don't know. I think it would be really cool.

News flash.

There's actually more to life than gymnastics.

Not for me.


Never gets old.

And then there was AJ Jackson.

Growing up, AJ was the number one gymnast in her state and was recruited by every top school in the country.

AJ wanted to be on a world-class college team and have a great college experience.

And OU was the place to get it.

That's really nice.

That's really nice.

Oh, my gosh... Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Yeah, you could give a girl a warning.

Let's just start over. I'm Elliot.

AJ So, what are you working on?

Well, I am trying to paint the view from my parents' house in Missouri. Cool.

I haven't seen you around much.

And I'm here all the time.

I mean, I don't really have anything else to do, right?

Except play Smash Brothers all day and eat pizza and go to class.

And I'm really sharing a lot right now.

So is this your first time in the studio?

Uh, well, I don't have a ton of spare time.

But when I do, I like to spend it here.

It's really nice to meet you. What are you working on?

Oh, it's the, uh, third issue of my comic book, OU Alien Invaders. Oh, wow.

This is actually pretty cool.

Yeah, you could sell these online or something. Well that's the plan, one day.

Are you an art major?

Art and history, yeah. What about you?

Health and exercise science. Cool.

Do you want to be a trainer?

Oh, um, I don't know. Maybe.

Haven't really figured that out yet.

Well, after I graduate, I'm gonna launch another comic series, called The Clockwork Crooks.

All right, get this, it's about these guys that hack the past using spells and disrupt the space-time continuum.

It's an online comic right now, but we'll probably go to physical mags.

I don't know if print is worth it these days.

I might go straight to film or TV adaptation depending on success of...

I'm sorry...

It's okay.

It's actually really cool you have it figured out.

Well, you know, "do what you love and you never work a day in your life" right?

True story.

Look, I'll let you get back to this.

Hopefully, I'll see you around sometime.

Yeah, definitely.

Oh, whoa, easy there.

Is that that cute guy from physics texting you again? No. I wish.

It's my dog. My mom sends me pictures every day.

Much cuter than that physics guy.


Brenna, what did Coach say about your piked double front? She okay with it?

Well, as long as I don't kill myself.

This could be my signature move.


Hey I just got a call from the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy and they need an extra coach.

I volunteered you. Okay. Um, why me?

Well, you have the personality and temperament to work with that age group.

And you have more patience than the other girls.

So you don't mind, do you?

No that's fine. Okay, great.

They need you there this afternoon at 4:00.

KJ, that's in less than an hour. Yeah?

Well then, heh, better get going.

Bye, guys.


Hi, you must be my assistant, Chelsea. I'm Natalie. Nice to meet you.

Hi. Hi.

Girls, if you all want to huddle up?

So I know you all know Miss Chelsea here, but I'm Natalie. I'm going to coach you today.


What happened to Coach Davis?

Um, she accidently slipped and broke her ankle.

I am going to coach, if that's okay.

Mm-hmm. Okay, cool.

Chelsea is going to lead you in laps.

You are going to do a quick warm-up.

You got it? Yeah, got it.

All right, awesome.

Y'all follow her, okay?

Miss? It's Natalie.

Miss Natalie, are you on the OU gymnastics team? I am.

I knew it was you.

My cousin goes to OU and I have seen that big poster of you on campus.

What's your favorite event?

Hmm, that would have to be beam and running laps.

So let's go, come on.

Our team had won the National Championship two years ago.

And last year we missed out by .32 of a point.

So close, but yet so far.

That's how it works in gymnastics.

This year we weren't gonna let that happen again, especially with Brenna leading the team.

She's looking really good.

Summer training paid off. Uh-huh.

She's even stronger than last year.

You know what she's attempting, right?

Piked double front. No way.

If she lands it in competition, it will be named after her.

Yep. If anyone can do it, it'd be Brenna. That would make her a slam dunk for the anchor position.

And the crowd would totally love it.

Oof. Just got goose bumps. Can you feel it?

Feel what?

Top of the podium, the bottom of your feet.

That's a champ, baby.

When I wasn't busy doing gymnastics, I always liked to check out some of the dancers.

There was this amazing group of breakers.

Whenever I had time, I loved to go and watch them.

These guys are sick, right?

Some of those moves are just so crazy.

Oh, that's my friend Fin.

We have anthropology together.

Cool. I mean, how can a guy from an anthropology class be such an amazing dancer?

Well, I am in anthropology and I can kind of dance.

But, like I can't do this crazy stuff, you know?

It's gotta hurt, right.


I'm Chayse.

Do you have a name?


Nice to meet you, Riley.

You a dancer?

Cool, I'm a gymnast.

Can you do any of this stuff?

You don't say much, do you?


Hey. Oh, Fin, hey.

Yo, the dance department is having a Choreography Showcase. Tuesday night at the Reynolds. You going?

Well, are you guys dancing?

We can't this one, but there's going to be a lot of great dancers. Okay.

Hey, we should go.

Uh, I'll be there. Sounds good.

See you later. Yeah.


Girls, bring it in.

This year, our theme is all about going full throttle.

Putting our foot to the gas and never letting up.

Last year, we missed the championship by such a narrow margin because we held back.

We were simply too cautious, trying not to make mistakes.

We didn't just go for it.

We will take risks.

We will pay attention to every small detail.

We will build each other up.

And on that final day, we will know, yes, know that this championship is ours before we even set foot on that mat.


So the key to becoming a true champion is not simply what happens here in the gym, but what happens here.

So my question for you is:

What is it that you really want?

We want to win.



In order to be a great gymnast, you also have to be a great dancer.

So when the dance department was putting on a showcase, I was super excited to attend.

There were so many things that we could learn from the dancers and even though Brenna, AJ, and Natalie weren't much into dance, I decided to drag them along.

Chayse, why exactly are we here?

Because we're sophisticated, cultured, and interested in the arts. Oh.

And because I said so. Mmm.

And that's the real answer.

Guys, it's gonna be cool. So just enjoy it.

Okay, whatever you say. Let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our annual Choreographer's Showcase, featuring our best students from the OU Dance program.

To start the evening, we have a beautiful modern dance performance.

We hope that you enjoy the show.

These guys are really good.


They're amazing.

Up next is a modern interpretive contemporary dance which is absolutely spectacular.

Wow, these guys are really good.

Told you.

Next up is an urban hip-hop dance routine that you are absolutely going to love.

Wow, these guys are really, really good.

You already said that.


Now let's add a little good old Oklahoma flavor to the show with a great country line dance.

♪ Girls like to dance For no reason at all ♪

♪ Up in the shower Cruising in their car ♪

♪ This is my favorite song ♪ I love this song.

That's because you love every country song. Shh.

♪ Just like the air, yeah It's something they need ♪

♪ Mm-mm ♪

♪ Girls like to dance Be spun around ♪

♪ Up on trucks With the tailgates down ♪

♪ Kick off their shoes ♪

♪ At any old place ♪

♪ Girls like to dance Stomp on the bar ♪

♪ Knowing what they're showing Not going too far ♪

♪ Or out on the streets In the pouring rain ♪

♪ It don't matter Who they're with ♪

♪ Or where they're at ♪

♪ 'Cause girls like to dance ♪

♪ Like no one's watching ♪

♪ Like nobody's there ♪

♪ They don't care What people say ♪

♪ They're gonna do it Anyway ♪


And now, our final performer for the show, our own OU B-girl, let's hear it for Riley.

Hey, I know that girl.

Oh, cool.

Now, that's what I call a dancer.

We hope that you enjoyed this year's Choreographer's Showcase, and thank you all for coming.

Chayse, can't we meet her tomorrow? I have class in the morning.

Nat, chill for a few minutes.

That flash kick combo?

I need that in my routine.

Oh, hey, Riley.

Oh, hey.

I can't believe you held out on me like that.

But girl, I see you. You're unbelievable.


These are my girls, Brenna, Natalie, and AJ Hi. Hi.

I wish I could dance like you.

Me too. Like, you're amazing.

You should train with us.

We're all on the OU gymnastics team.

I bet we could learn a lot from each other.

If you want to check us out, we'll be at the Gymnastics Center tomorrow at 2.

Okay. I guess.

Great. Uh, see you there.

Uh, she doesn't say much, does she?

No, but there's something I like about her.

Dude, is it true?

Is what true? That you stepped out of your comic book art-studio man cave long enough to talk to a real-life girl?

She... She's just a friend. Just a friend?

Friend good. Alone bad.

Dude, this is so cool. You're almost becoming sort of normal.

What's that supposed to mean?

Is she cute? Yeah, I guess.

Is she into comic books and superheroes?

She's a girl, bro, not a fantasy. Okay.

She likes painting. Painting?

Hey, that's pretty cool.

So this girlfriend of yours...

She's not my girlfriend.

She's just a friend who happens to be a girl.

A friend who's a girl.

I guess that could work.

What's with the interrogation? Dude, in case you didn't know, in this group, when someone gets a girlfriend, it's headline news.

For at least a week.

Where's she from? She... um...

She grew up in Missouri.

Missouri? Hey, that's pretty intense.

I just met her. She probably doesn't even like me.

Well when she meets us, she'll like you.

Right. That'll be the deal clencher.

Everything was going really well until Brenna gave coach the news.

What's on your mind, Brenna?

I don't know how I am gonna tell you this, but, umm...

I wanna try out for the Olympic Team.

The Olympic team?

That's next year.

Yes, but I also wanna try out for the U.S. national team and hopefully compete in the World Championships in the fall. Mm-hm, that's in a few months.

That means you'll be leaving our team.


The Olympics.


That's a big one.

I've been dreaming of it since I was 5 years old.

It's every gymnast's dream.

Ha. Yup. I know.

I assume that you've discussed it with your parents.

What are... What do they think? Well, you know my parents.

They just want what's best for me, and they said it's my decision.

But I won't do it without your blessing.

Coach, I...

I know that I would be abandoning the team, and that it's kind of selfish of me.

But I really, really want this.

And if I don't do it now, I'll age out.

This is my only chance.

Brenna, I totally get it.

Now, you realize you may have to give up your scholarship.

Yes, coach.

And what if you don't qualify?

Well, I've thought about that a lot, actually.

But I feel really solid about my training.

And I want to take the chance.

I realize that this is a hard decision for you.

So just please think about it.

No. There is nothing to think about.

This is not my decision, Brenna. It's yours.

You've been training for this moment your entire life, and if you don't take this chance now, you will always regret it.

This is your time, Brenna. This is your moment.

And yes, the team will miss you a lot.

And you will leave a big hole in my starting lineup.

But we'll figure it out.

If anybody can do this, Brenna, it's you.

And I am really proud of you.

So you're giving me your blessing?

Of course I am.

Thanks, coach.

This really means a lot to me.

Now, when will you be leaving?

Next week?

Next week?

So when are you gonna tell the team?

Oh, no, I will not be telling the team.

You are. Me?

Yep. I will schedule a team meeting later this week.

Okay, everyone, remember what I told you last week about shoulders squeezing the ears, hands are pressed firmly into the ground, hips are flat.

Hey, Natalie. Hey, hi.

How ya doing? Hey, girls you all remember Bart and Nadia? Hi, ladies.

Hi. Hello.

Do you mind if we help?

Please. Well, ladies, the secret to a great handstand is not only balance. It is confidence and a lot of repetitions. The more you repeat, the more confident you get.

Does it make sense?

Yes, Miss Nadia. But what if I keep on falling?

Then you get right back up and do it over and over again.

Pretty soon, it will just feel natural.

Like Chelsea. You mind demonstrating a handstand for us.

She's been doing this a long time.

Look how solid she is in that handstand.

She could hold that all day long.

It took her a long time to get to this form.

So remember, repetition makes you confident.

Do you know who many times Bart went down?

And you never fell.

Not too much.

Have a good practice, ladies. Bye. Thank you.

All right everyone, let's partner up.

Cindy, you're with me. I can only do handstands against the wall.

It's gonna stay that way until you try it on the floor.

Come on, I'm gonna spot you. Okay.

You can do it.

You got it.

You just gotta swing your other leg up.

Okay? Try again. Okay.


You are so close, Cindy.

Let's watch Chelsea do one.

Just like that, okay?

Good job.

Believe in yourself.

She got it.

Yes. Great job, Cindy.

Give me a high five.

Solo. Everybody, come over here.

Brenna is gonna do a piked double front and she is gonna land on her feet.


Let's see what she's got.

So good!

I did it. Girl, that was incredible.

Seriously, I will protest if you get anything less than a 10 at Nationals.

Please, don't let her protest. She totally will.

Congratulations, Brenna.

Now, we still need to see more power, more height, and more heel drive.

Got it. But that was amazing.

It's gonna to help us win our next championship.

Hey, no pressure, Brenna, but, uh, we're counting on you to lead our team to victory.

Thanks, Chayse.

Okay, everybody, it's time to get back to work.

I still can't believe you got that.

You've been working all year. Thanks, AJ It felt really good. You got it.

This is exactly what we needed.

She lands this double in competition, it'll take us to a whole new level.

Brenna's leaving the team.

She wants to try out for the Worlds and the Olympics.

Please tell me that you're joking.

I wish I were.

KJ, she's our best gymnast.

If you lose her, we lose our chance of Nationals. I get it.

But this is the Olympics that we're talking about.

This is a lifelong dream.

I don't know if we can win without her.

She's just one gymnast. We're a team.

We're gonna pull together and everybody's gonna step up.

I don't know. I think this could be a really bad idea.

Or it could be a really good idea.

She's trying out for the Olympics.

The Olympics. Think about it.

If she makes it, she will be an Olympian for the rest of her life.

And even if she doesn't make it, I am darn proud of her for even having the courage to try.

And this decision has already been made.

Nice one, Nicole.

Thanks, Bren.


You made it. Come practice with us.

I'll just watch for now.

No, you've gotta meet the girls.

It's okay. I'll just stay here.

No. Come on. Okay.

Okay. Oh, Natalie, come here.

You're gonna love her.

How's it going, girl?

Not my best day, but it's going.

It takes time.

But once you get it, you own it.

You remember Riley? Yes. Hi, Riley.


You got any tips for her on beam?

Not really.

Maybe you could teach me to spin on my head, and then I'd really get attention. Heh.

I have to practice, so I'll see y'all later. Okay.

Bye. Bye.

So, what do you want to learn?

I don't know. Everything.

What was that one-handed turn you did in your solo?

Oh, the 1990? Yes.

That's one of my favorites.


She's really good.

Brenna's a powerhouse.

That's a new move. It's crazy difficult.

The piked double front?

You know it?

Yeah, the move takes a lot of height.

Yeah, usually guys do it.

But Brenna likes to be the best.

Still working on that landscape?

It's literally driving me crazy.

I can't get the lighting right.

It doesn't look realistic and I've been working on that cloud for, like, the last hour.

Do you mind?

Oh, okay.

That's actually really nice.

I never would have thought about that..

See, it doesn't have to be right.

It just has to feel right.


Just try not to get so hung up on the mechanics, you know?

Just paint. Paint because you love to paint.

It's the same I sketch and color and why I'm here every day.

I can definitely try.

So Elliot, other than making superhero comic books, what do you like to do?

I mean, do you like to play any sports or anything?

If you call video games a sport.

I'm pretty gnarly at online FIFA, but I wouldn't call myself a jock.

I have friends. Oh, that... Okay.

We hang out. That's good.

Pretty cool guys, maybe not your type. What about you?

Well, I spend a lot of time at the Gymnastics Center.

I'm actually on the OU...

Also, I dogsit for one of my professors.

He's got this cute little terrier mutt.

Do you like dogs?

Oh, yeah, I love dogs. They just accept you for who you are, you know?

Mr. Scruffs wants a treat and a belly rub, and he's perfectly content, you know? Mr. Scruffs?

That's so cute.

So AJ, is he cute?

He's just a guy.

Does he know you're one of the best gymnasts in the country?

He doesn't know a lot about me.

He's kind of oblivious, actually.

Of course he's oblivious. All guys are oblivious.

Can I have my hair tie? Ugh, yeah.

Okay, ladies, listen up.

Brenna has some news she wants to share with us.

Hey, come on up, Brenna.

Okay girls, let's move in.

Let's move in.

Hey, guys.

You know you're all like my second family,

and I love you all.

But sometimes...

Sometimes you have to leave your family in order to pursue your dreams.

This will be my last week with the team.

Next week, I'm going to leave to train for National tryouts and eventually, the Olympics.

Really, Bren?

Yeah, really.

I knew it.

I knew something was up when you started practicing that piked double front.

That's why you were asking me about Nationals.

Yeah, that's why.

I don't mean to abandon you guys, but this is my only chance to pursue my dream.

You don't have to apologize. It's the Olympics.

If I was as good as you, I would do the same.

Okay? We all would.


We're 100 percent behind you Bren.

Really? Yes, really.

Go, Brenna.

Go, Brenna.

Go, Brenna. Go, Brenna.


Hey, now maybe I can be KJ's favorite.

Okay, with Brenna leaving I'm gonna need to reassign the starting lineup. So Ashley, you take Brenna's position on the bars.

Jade, you're gonna be on floor.

Megan, you're gonna be on the beam.

Okay, now, we will certainly miss Brenna, but we're still full steam ahead. Right?

Got it? Yes, got it.



Sooner. Boomer.


Yay. Whoo.

Were we happy for Brenna? Of course we were.

She was going to try out for the Olympics.

I mean, that's incredible.

But truth be told, we were all secretly thinking:

"What about our team?"

"What about our chances of winning the Nationals?"

You have Professor Johnson for bio, right?

Yeah, he's kinda scary. That's what I've heard.

How was his midterm? It was so hard.

Really? Yeah.

Okay, I have no idea what I'm doing.

I mean, is any of this really necessary?

When am I ever gonna do a quadratic equation?

Hey, look who just walked in. Aren't those the guys you were checkin' out the other day?

No, I wasn't checking them out.

I just wanted to session with them.

So? Why don't you?

Eh, I'm just...


Where you going?

Gonna go talk to them.

Sit down.

What's the big deal?

Sit down! I'm just gonna say hello.

Hey, you guys are Fin's friends, right?

Yeah. You the gymnast?

I am, but I dance too.

You talking line dancing, cowgirl?

Hey, ain't nothin' wrong with a little country.

But I can dance dance.

You really should see my friend Riley.

Met her at a choreographer's showcase.

She's pretty dope.

Maybe even better than you two.

You calling us out?

Prove me wrong.

Right here, right now?

Why not?


This is gonna be good. Come on.

Hey. Hey!



Let's go.

Go, Riley!

Hey, go ahead! Check her out.



What is going on in here? Everyone out!

Chayse, you're crazy. You know that?

You're welcome.

When Brenna left, we all began to feel it.

Everyone seemed to lose a little bit of motivation.

We began to lose that winning edge.

What the heck?

Is it a full moon? Yeah, last few weeks have been a bit rough. Ever since Brenna left.

Well, if we wanna win a championship, we're gonna need to focus.

Any ideas? Maybe.

Girls, huddle up.

Ladies, what is going on in here?

It is certainly not gymnastics.

Chayse, you look like you're in outer space.

AJ, what is with all of those step-outs?

That is so not like you.

Natalie, you're asleep on that beam.

Ladies, if we want to win this year, we are going to have to step it up.

We need to focus.


I know your potential and I have seen what you are capable of doing, and this is just not anything close to that.

So we're gonna need to switch it up.

I want you to meet me at the North Oval tomorrow, 9 a.m., dressed to work out.

What are we gonna do?

You'll see tomorrow.

Nine a.m., North Oval. Don't be late.

Okay, back to work.

Sometimes when Coach Kindler got an idea, watch out.

One time, she made the whole team work the night shift with the cleaning staff at the cafeteria.

She wanted us to appreciate how lucky we were to be on the gymnastics team.

Uh, this is a dance studio.

I know. Come on.

This time around, it wasn't so bad.

Actually, I was kind of excited about this new strategy.

Dancers, as you can see, the OU gymnastics team is joining us today.

Welcome, girls.

Hi. Hi.

Coach Kindler wants us focusing on technique.

So we're just gonna start with some simple across-the-floor exercises.

Okay? So everyone just spread out, get comfortable. We'll start with our right foot behind in B Plus.

And we take our right foot chassé, one, and two, saut de chat, three, four.

Saut de chat, five, six, piqué arabesque seven, eight.

And finish.


Let's go ahead and get in groups.

Let's do dancers and gymnasts together.

Perfect. All right.

First group, ready? A five, six...

...seven, eight.

Chassé one, two, three, four, five, six. Next group, here we go, two, three, four, five, six.

Yes. Again, here we go, a-one, two, three, four, five, six. Next group and a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Next group, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Very nice, guys.

Come back. Let's do it again.

So a couple of things...

From my gymnasts, I-I have a lot of tension.

Okay? So I really need you to try to relax your arms a little bit for me. Okay?

But other than that it was very nice.

Let's do it again with music. Here we go.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Dude, my feet hurt. Yeah?

Like, severely.

Yeah, that's what ballet does to you.

Chayse, I'm heading out.

Oh, you are? Okay, bye-bye. Yeah. Bye. Yeah.

We still good for dinner tonight?

Yes, I'll text you when I'm on my way home.

Okay. Bye, guys. Bye.

Talked to Brenna last night. How is she?

I need to give her a call. I miss that girl.

She's good. Working hard but loving it.

She also told me she's gonna throw her piked double front at Worlds. What?

Mm-hmm. Oh, I bet she's gonna stick it.

Our girl's gonna make history.

I can see it now. The Dowell.

But, um.

If we could only steal her back for Nationals.

I mean, what are the odds we actually win without her? Y'all heard what KJ said.

Hey, what do I always say?

We got this. Yeah.


Sooner. Yeah.

Breaking was mainly a guy's sport and Riley desperately wanted to prove herself.

But it was not easy for a girl to fit in.

Nico and his crew are insane.

Yeah, they're good.

I have an idea.

Hey, Fin.

What's good, Chayse? Hey, I need to introduce y'all.

This is my friend, Riley. Riley.

You're the B-girl from the library. I heard about you.

Yeah. Hey.

Hey, you should let her session with y'all.

You must have heard how amazing she is.

Oh, you down? Let me talk to the boss real quick. Hold up.

Nico, that's Riley. What up?

That's the girl Eddie was talking about.

She wants to get down with us. Is that cool?

Maybe another time.

Dude, just one round?

When the boys are done. Thanks, man.

You can hop in when the boys are done. Cool?

Yeah, cool. Come on.

I don't know about this.

You've got this.


Let's go, Eddie.


Hey. Turn that back on.

We're done here.

Hey, man, what are you doing?

I said we're done. Now let's go.

She was about to get down.

She can find her own place to practice. Coming?

What the heck? I'm really sorry.

Maybe next time?

It's okay.

No, it's not okay.

Can't believe that guy.

Come on, let's go.

...great American, Brenna Dowell.

Brenna made it onto the U.S. national team.

And we were super-excited to watch her attempt her piked double front at the World Championships.

That's Bren.

Come on, Brenna. Whoo! You've got it.

Let's go.

Do it, do it.

Come on, Brenna.

You got it. Go!

Let's go.

Right here, right here.

And after that, the piked double front became known forever as "The Dowell."

This thing just got taller, didn't it? I promise, it's the same height.

Oh, gosh. You got it.

Oh, boy. Come on. Good.

Fine. Stand.


You got it.

Okay, now, focus. Think tall, shoulders back, tummy in.

You got it. Okay.

Good. Think tall.

Think tall. Good.

You're almost there.

All right.

All you have to do is jump off.

All right.


Salute your judges.

Perfect 10, right?


So why did you want to meet here?

I mean, I don't know. It's just nice and quiet here when there's not anything going on.

Yeah. This place is pretty cool.

Do you ever come to any of the sporting events here?

Like basketball or volleyball?

Well, I come to all the OU Women's Gymnastics meets.

Gymnastics? You know, I've never been to a gymnastics meet before.

Maybe we could go together some time?

Yeah, that'd be great.




Hi, sweetheart. Hi, Mom.

You need to see Chelsea's tumbling pass.

It's amazing.


Yeah! Chelsea, high five! So good.

Nice. Very impressive, Chelsea.

Oh, thank you.

You ready for the big meet this weekend?

Me and Chelsea are coming to watch you.

My gosh, you guys are?

I'm not sure if I'm competing just yet, but it's gonna be a really great match-up, so we definitely need you cheering us on.

You'll love AJ's floor routine.

I can't wait. Boomer Sooner.

Can you tell she's excited?

Okay, honey, time to go. Go grab your bag.

Good luck, Miss Natalie. Thank you.

Can't wait to see you this weekend.

I'll be cheering extra loud for you. Okay.

When you hear high-pitched yelling, you'll know where it's coming from.

Cindy got up on the high beam today.

My daughter? Mm-hm.

She hates heights.

It took a little bit of convincing, but she did it.

It really is such a pleasure, getting to teach her.

I'm just amazed you got her to try beam.

She's always been so scared of it.

Thank you for everything you do for her.

She loves your class.

Oh, thank you. Oh, really, she talks about you all the time.

You and Chelsea both.

You're her idols.

That means a lot to me.

Hey, uh, why are you so bent up about dancing with those B-boys?

I don't know. I mean, it'd be cool to have dancers to session with.

And I think it'll really push me to learn and get better.

I get that. Oh, hey, I need a really cool move to end my floor routine. So any suggestions?

Oh, you could do a flash kick.

A what?

I'll just do it. Okay.


But if you need to do a round-off instead of a cartwheel to get your punch, it might be a little bit easier.

Okay. You think I could do this?

Yeah, totally. Well, let's do it.

Riley was really helping me become a better gymnast.

So now it was time for me to help her.

And this time I had the perfect plan.

There's a party at Main Street Event Center.

Let's do it.

Hey, guys, hang on a sec. Okay.

Oh, that's him. I know.

Hey, Elliot.

Who is that?

That's her boo.

These are my friends. This is Dan.

Fantastic to meet you. Nice to meet you.

This is Oliver. You're really good.

A bunch of us are going to Main Street. Wanna come with?

You mean us?

Yeah, you guys coming?

Yes, he means yes, we are coming.

Well, all right, let's go.

Chayse, you were really great.

Thanks, KJ. You know, it just felt right.

You too, Natalie. You nailed it.

Thanks. I was pretty nervous.

Okay, where exactly are we going, you guys?

You'll see.

All right, all right, all right, y'all let's clear the dance floors for these battles, y'all.

We got the battles up next.

Chayse, you told me we were going to a party.

This is a party.

Really? It's a battle.

I know! Surprise.

All right, who's ready for the best battles in the OKC?

Make some noise, y'all.

Please tell me you didn't. Oh, I did.

I signed you up for a battle.

I'm not doing it. Get this battle started.

Yes, you are. We got Fin and Revive.

Did you guys know about this? Make some noise, y'all.

About what?

Don't worry. You're gonna kill it.

I can't do this.

Yes, you can. No. Do you see how good those guys are?

Okay, when are you gonna see how great you are?

Stop doubting yourself.

You've got this.

Come on.

Oh, boy, I can't wait to see this.

Let's go, Finn!

Wait, look who else is here.

Make some noise for the B-boys, y'all.

Make way for the B-boys. Yes.

Judges, who y'all got? On the count of three, let me know.

One, two three.

All right, it's gonna be a good one, y'all.

This battle, we got Pat versus Riley. Let's go, DJ.


All right, all right, dope battle, dope battle.

Judges, who you got? One the count of three.

One, two, three.

Next up we got Nico versus Tofu.

Tofu, it's on you. Let's go.

Let's go!

No doubt, no doubt. Give it up for 'em one more time.

Y'all, come on, make some noise.

All right judges, all right judges, I need to know who y'all got.

On three, let me know.

One, two, three. Who got it?

All right. We got Revive and we got Riley.

Right now, make some noise for them, y'all.

Dope battle.

That was a dope battle.

Judges, I need to know who won.

Who y'all got on three, one, two, three.

Some of the crazy things that these breakers were able to do, I mean, wow.

Some of their moves actually seem to defy gravity.

All right, you all, this is the final battle of the night. Give it up for Nico and Riley, y'all.

All right, we got three rounds.

This is for the championship.

It's for the respect, it's for the win, it's for everything.

Let's go. Make some noise!

It's gonna be really close.

They're both so good.

I know, Nico's power is insane.

Guys, Riley's got this.

Give it up for 'em, y'all. Give it up. Give it up.

All right, all right. Judges?

Let me know who y'all got.

On the count of three.

One, two, three.

Who you got?

What? Are you kidding me?

Thank you all for coming out.

DJ, hit 'em with some music.

What is your problem?

I don't know. Don't ask me.

What was that judge looking at?

He clearly just gave it to his friend, Nico.

You totally should have won.

It's okay, Chayse. It's fine.

Excuse me, Riley? Hi.

I'm M-Pact and this is my brother ViLLN.

What's up? Hi.

You clearly killed that last round.

I don't know how you didn't win.

That was just some politics.

Thank you, guys. That really means a lot.

Would like to come session with us sometime?



Okay, yeah, I'm down.

Cool. It's next Tuesday, 5 p.m. at the Complex.

Come by at the end.

Okay. See you there.

See you there.

I don't know what just happened.

Okay, now it's time to party. Yeah.

M-Pact and ViLLN were two of the hottest B-boys in town.

And now, they wanted Riley to session with them.

I guess my crazy plan worked.

From inside the Lloyd Noble Center, a night we've been waiting all season long for, it's the Women's Gymnastics Collegiate National Championship.

The big question on everyone's mind is can the Oklahoma Sooners pull it off?

That is the big question, Lori.

And OU came into this championship last year ranked number 1, undefeated all season long.

But when they stepped on the floor, made several small errors that cost them the title.

Let's see if the Sooners can make the adjustments to come out with the title this year.

And without their key player, Brenna Dowell.

That's exactly right. Brenna Dowell took the year off from Collegiate Gymnastics to pursue even bigger goals.

She made the World Championship Team and the next step is the Olympic trials.

At the World Championships, she competed a skill that no one has done before, a piked double front.

She is the very first athlete to ever compete that skill.

Now the skill she was performing will be called the Dowell for the rest of time.

So the drama continues to build.

Can OU achieve this championship without Brenna Dowell?

All season long, this team has emphasized a team effort philosophy.

They'll need every athlete to contribute to make this happen.

I have goose bumps. I've got butterflies.

You said it. We won't have to wait long.

These women have been waiting all year for this moment.

They will start here tonight.

First up on bars, Katie Burns from Nebraska.

What an amazing night we have in store for us.

The best of the best right in this room battling it out to win the National Gymnastics Championships.

So dude, other than looking at cute girls in leotards, um, what are we doing here? AJ is gonna be here.

Okay, but how will we find her in this crowd?

She's gonna text me whenever she gets here.

Come on! Come on!

University of Oklahoma is up next on floor.

Uh, dude, call me crazy but, um, isn't that your girlfriend?

What the heck is she doing up there?

That's fantastic.

She's on the team, bro. She's about to do her routine.


You telling me you didn't know she was on this team?

Yes, AJ, you got this!

How did I not know that?

'Cause you're a space cadet?

She's good, dude, real good.

She's crazy good.

AJ Jackson scores a 9.9...

AJ Jackson is a stunner.

She absolutely wows the crowd every time she steps out.

I was able to talk to Coach Kindler last night and let me tell you, I asked her the question:

"What will it take for this Oklahoma team to win the National Championship?"

She simply stated one word, "confidence."

All of the teams have the talent and the ability to win the National Championship, but who will be right tonight?

After three rotations, Alabama is over Oklahoma by .025 of a point.

But more importantly, the top four teams are separated by just .15 of a point.

And we have Oklahoma up next on bars.

Another athlete to watch for Nicole Lehrmann.

She's only a freshman, but the Sooners rely heavily on her scores on both bars and beam.

She capable of going 9.9 plus every single time out, but can she be relied on today under this immense pressure?

We'll have to wait and see.

I've never seen her miss. I hope she's okay.

What a shame.

We are gonna have to throw out this score for OU.

Now the question remains, will Nicole Lehrmann be okay to do beam?

Or will Coach Kindler have to select a new athlete to step in in her place?


Me? Yes, you.

Next up on beam May Kennedy from Alabama.

You're in for Nicole. I've never competed in a meet.

Well, you're about to.

Go get warmed up.

This is it, Natalie!

I told you you'd get your chance.

Chayse, I don't know if I can do this.

I've never done this.

Yes, you can.

You've trained your whole life for this.

You're gonna do great.

You think so? I know so.

May Kennedy scores a 9.8875 on bars, putting Alabama in the lead.

Next on beam, Natalie Brown from the University of Oklahoma.

Come on, Natalie! Whoo!

You got this.

Whoo! Go, Natalie!

Finish strong, finish strong!

Come on!

Whoo! Go, Natalie! We love you!


Natalie Brown scores a 9.9250 on beam, keeping Oklahoma in contention for the title.

This is tight as it gets.

OU is going into the floor exercise.

They have one competitor left.

Chayse Capps.

The title for OU is in Chayse Capps' hands.

She will have to score a 9.9 on floor for OU to achieve this national championship.

But she will have to perform her very best routine under this pressure.

I bet they're missing Brenna Dowell right now.

She's got this down.

So it all came down to this.

Years and years of endless practice.

This was my one big moment to truly shine.

This is actually more exciting than I expected.

Come on, Chayse, you got this.

Whoo! Way to go, Chayse.

Come on, Chayse. Come on. That's right.

You got this, Chayse. You got this.

Yes, Chayse!

Wow! What a way to finish.

That routine was impeccable.

I would go with a 9.9, but who knows, what the judges will go with.

That's the best I've ever seen her do it, So we'll just have to wait and see what the...


That's a 9.9, guys.

The Sooners are gonna walk away with this National Championship.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all aboard the Sooner train.

Woo-Woo. Boomer Sooner, baby.

Boomer Sooner!

And that will wrap it up.

OU is gonna win it.

The Oklahoma Sooners 2016 NCAA team champion.

What a night here in Fort Worth.

And that's how it all ended.

We won the National Championship.

Brenna came back to OU.

And like all good stories, it ended with a big fun party.

Bart, can you still do a handstand?

Yeah, of course.

Give me a score?

A nine.

Ugh, let's see yours.

Ambulance is standing by, I'm gonna try it.

Of course, it's a 10.

It's Nadia Comaneci.

We still got it.

You mentioned you had a chance to catch up with Coach Kindler.

What is she like?

What an amazing woman.

That's all I have to say.

She is so creative, so on her game.

I would love to be like her someday.

I have heard she is a great coach, but not a very good sportscaster.

I personally think she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Brought to you by TRiNiTY