Full Out (2015) Script

That kid right there?

That's me, Ariana Berlin.

Gymnastics is my life.

I've been doing it since I was three years old and I've never looked back.

That's my best friend Isla.

She and I used to choreograph our future olympic routines in our hallways.

What? Normal kids don't do that?

My coaches always said that sometimes you have to fall before you can fly.

I fell a lot.

I trained a lot.

And right now I'm in the middle of the most important level ten meet of my life.

Going too fast?

Let me step back.

♪ You gotta get up Whoa You gotta get up ♪ Ladies and gentlemen, thank you to UCLA for hosting this year's level ten regional meet.

The opening heat will begin in fifteen minutes.

♪ You gotta get up Whoa You gotta get up ♪

♪ You gotta get up Whoa You gotta get up. ♪

Good job.

We've got this.

No kidding. We're toast.

Just breathe.

It's just, if I don't place...

If you don't place you can just ask to borrow one of his Olympic medals.

What does he have, like three?

Four, actually.

See, you'll be getting off easy. Now if I don't qualify, my parents will pep-talk me to death.

Oh I'm sure it's tough living with all their love and support.

Forget about your Dad. Today is about you.


Nervous I might kick you into the foam pit if you ask me that again.

Here, I got you something for good luck.

Aw. Did you splurge at the prize machine in the lobby?

Yeah, a whole dollar.

I love it.

You've got this.

Hey, Ladies, quit joking around The stakes are even higher than what we thought today.


If you ever want to go to UCLA, the woman who holds the keys to your future is standing right over there.

That's Valerie Kondos-Field, head coach of the six-time Champion UCLA Gymnastics Team.

Up next on the uneven bars, Isla Steponchev from Elite Gymnastics.

♪ [pop music]

[crowd cheer]

That was amazing.


And Isla scores a 9.85.

You were fantastic.

It was okay. Wasn't perfect.

You'd only be satisfied with twenty out of ten.

Up next Ariana Berlin.

Which is what I'm about to get.

♪ I feel so good

♪ I feel, I feel oh, yes , I feel so good ♪

♪ I feel

♪ I feel so good

♪ I feel

♪ I feel so good

♪ I ain't trusting tonight nothing on my mind on my mind ♪

♪ Why you wasting your time ♪

♪ To get on a high stay with me there ♪ Up next Ariana Berlin from Elite Gymnastics in San Diego.

♪ I feel, I feel, I feel Hold, extend, twist, focus on the catch.

Flip, toes up, dismount, stick.

[crowd cheer]

♪ [pop music]

Who's that on the bars?

Ariana Berlin from San Diego.


[crowd cheer]

Ariana scores a

9.95 on the bars.

Sweetheart! You put on quite the show for the college coaches.

You think they noticed me?

Noticed you? Are you kidding me? Our phone's gonna be ringing off the hook tomorrow.

Oh we'll know in a few days.

They said they'd have the final results by Friday.

Hey Ariana. Wow, you nailed it out there.

Thanks, you did great, too.

You're totally going to qualify for sure.

The way you stuck that landing on bars. Wow.

I was jealous.

Don't be. This is just a Level 10 meet. There's still a long way to go.

Could you imagine what it would be like to make the Olympics?

It would be so unbelievable, but I doubt it's something I'll ever get to experience.

Me neither. I wish I could go.

Come on, you gotta be more positive.

You never know what life is going to throw at you, right?



Okay, remember this trip?

That girl who peed her pants on the bus ride home?

What? We were six and I had way too much water.


I'm so glad your Dad let you come over.

How was he about your score?

He said it was acceptable.

But, of course if I don't qualify for the Olympic team he'll downgrade it to

"deplorable" or something.

Well don't worry, you'll qualify because you are the best in the country.

It would be a dream come true.

Yeah, for me it's the Olympics and then UCLA.

I haven't even started thinking about college.

Well UCLA has an amazing gymnastics team.

Well you came over to study so let's get to it.


So you're lost in thought, what's going on?


Uh-huh. Can you be more specific?

Pierce said one of the coaches from the UCLA team was at qualifiers.

Yeah, well honey, you throw a rock in that stadium you're pretty much gonna hit a college coach.

Well don't throw any at UCLA

'cause I want to get in there.

I know you do.

One thing at a time.

Let's just focus on the shopping today.

What if I don't qualify for the Olympics?

Would you be upset?

Are you kidding me?

Your father and I are so proud of you. Olympics or -

Mom, watch out!

Hey! Hey!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I don't think she's breathing.

Go call an ambulance.

Try and stay awake for me, okay?

Can you tell me your name, honey?

Tell me what happened.

Do you know what date it is?

No, she's gone again.

Ar, honey. It's okay, I'm here.

I love you so much.


You're in the hospital.

You had an accident.


Don't try to talk, okay?

I'm gonna go get the doctor.

Where's mom?

She's just down the hall in another room.

I, I need to see her.

No, you need to, you need to lie down, okay?

You've been in a coma, honey.

I'm gonna tell the doctor you're awake.

Both lungs punctured, broken collar bone, two broken ribs, slight fracture of the right wrist, injured pancreas, one femur snapped, the other fractured. Well the good news is she only suffered minor head trauma, no major concussion.

Neck and spine are in fairly good shape considering the accident.

I would say under the circumstances, your daughter is a very lucky girl.

I don't feel very lucky.

The fact that you feel anything at all is enormous.

We could have lost you, young lady.

Sweetheart, I'm so happy to see you awake.

When can I get up?

We're looking at nine to ten weeks for the bone to heal, then physical therapy for a few months. Luckily you're an athlete so I think the body is going to respond quickly.

So I lose four, maybe five months, and then I can get back to training, right?

Truth is, gymnastics is pretty much off the table.

Honey, I'm so sorry.

You don't know what you're talking about! I want another doctor! This is ridiculous.

Calm down, honey.

I, I can't sit in bed all day. I have to train.

I'll see you outside.

I need to go to the Olympics.

It's ok.

Want a gum?

Nope, I'm good mom. Thanks for asking.

No problem, anytime.




You know, Isla had a great floor routine and a perfect vault, but she did take that step after the dismount from her bars.

And, that's the difference between Gold and Silver.


Somebody's in a mood.

I'm not in a "mood".

You know, you've had your pictures on the paper, too.

Yes, I know, Mom.

I especially liked the one of me unconscious in the hospital.

You know, you were a lot more pleasant when you were unconscious.


Ariana? Hey, I'll take you in. My name's Michelle and I'll be- okay. Uh, are you coming?

No, no, no. She's all yours.

Where's Brittany?

She's not here today. I'll be putting you through the paces.

Aren't you a little young to be a physical therapist?

I'm a physical therapy resident, which means I'm in training to become a P.T.

I was in training once. Lot of good it did me.

Well let's see if we can get you back on track.

♪ Too easy to slip into darkness sometimes ♪

♪ The way we left things weighs heavy on my mind ♪ I'll be back in a second.

♪ I find it hard to get the light into this room ♪

♪ Let's break the door open Break it wide open Break it wide open ♪ You know, you could still compete. I mean maybe not soon, but if you want something you have to fight hard for it.

And what if something I really want is no longer attainable?

Look, sometimes when the front door gets slammed in your face, you have to go through the back door.

What if there is no back door?

Then go through a window.

There's always a way in.


I just need you to just trust me, okay? One, two, three, up.

Okay, put your weight onto me.

Okay, take a step.


♪ We will come alive Are you okay? And then you're going to lean forward onto the...

...mat with your arms and then push up.


♪ The music never dies Oh my gosh, wow.

How'd that feel, good?



♪ We bring in the light the music never dies ♪

♪ We've been high and low pulls us under light's beyond the door ♪

♪ never let it go Won't let these locked doors Shut me out anymore ♪

♪ I will break them down Let the daylight show ♪

Alright, so last time we did fifteen steps, but I think we can beat that.

Without holding onto the railing.

It says here that you should be able to walk now on your own without help.

It says that?

Yup. It says your body's well on the road to healing. But your mind's still broken.

It does not say that. They wouldn't put that in a chart.

Yes they would.

It's even in pen.

Let me see that.

Sorry, professional eyes only.

Well that rules you out, resident! Give it to me.


And you just did twenty steps.

Nicely done.

My leg is killing me.

Yeah, but for a minute there you forgot.

Does it really say all that stuff in my chart?

What's a six letter word for stubborn? A-R-I-A-N-A.

Thank you for helping me through all this. I owe you one.


You did really good and you should be very proud of yourself.

Maybe thirty steps tomorrow?

♪ Still have the letter that you wrote. Still haven't read it and I won't ♪

♪ I wanna know what it says but I don't So it stays, ♪

♪ cuz I won't throw it away just yet ♪ I just don't think I'm up for a visit today, mom.

You'll be fine. You're old teammates have been asking about you. You can't stay away forever, you know.

Says who?

I better go move the car.

I don't want to get towed.

But wait, mom, I can't-

I'll be right back.

Hey coach.

Hey I'll see you guys in there.

Hey, welcome back, kid.

Great to be here. Are my uneven bars ready and polished?

Well you know they've been covered in dust since you've been gone.

It's great to see you.

The gang will be so excited to see you again.

Hey guys, listen up. Ariana's here.

Hey, stop. Hey, hey, stop, stop, stop. Where are you going?

You just got here.

I saw enough.


Isla and Nate?

Come on, Ariana. It's not what it looks like. He's probably just congratulating her for getting into UCLA.

She what?

Hey, what's uh, what's going on?

I'll give you guys a minute. I'm sorry.

This isn't going to work.

What's going on?

I just want my life back.

Hey, you better get ready, you're going out.

With who?


And you didn't think to tell me?

Of course not. That would have given you more time to say



Come on, don't want to disappoint her.

Welcome to Palace.

Hey Cashmere.

'Sup brother?

I get the feeling we're not a physical therapy convention.

Where are we?

Girl, for all your whining and complaining about your boyfriend and your medals, have you ever thought to ask me one question about myself?

Michelle, my babe!


Where you been?

Well besides making money to pay for this place?

Picking up Ariana here.

Ah, you're the gymnast. Sorry about your accident.

How you doing girl?

I've been better.


Watch where you're wavin' those on the dance floor, you'll take someone's eye out.

Actually, there's one or two guys I wouldn't mind you wavin' those at.


She's kidding. Emma has a strange sense of humour.

I won't be getting out on the dance floor.

What kind of party is this, anyway? Is this a rave?

Darling, the '90's ended a longtime ago.

This is a session.

A session?

Adam! Step! We got a lady on crutches!

Oh, you're Michelle's gymnast friend from the hospital?

I'm not from the hospital.



That's not right.

He's gonna be sore tomorrow.

Michelle. We up.

Who's up? What?


♪ We get down we get to the ♪

♪ Get down

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Go go she go she go Bring it burrito boy!

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Go go she go she go get down ♪

♪ Down check down Down check down ♪

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Go go she go she go

You just did a side-semi after eating a burrito!

What? That? You should see me after a double-cheese quesadilla.

♪ Down check down

♪ Down check down

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Get down

♪ Go go she go she go

♪ Get down

♪ Get down

♪ Get down

So, you post all those videos online?

Yup. It's a good way to promote.

We usually get a few thousand hits.


That's nothing. My goal is to get a million hits one day.

So you're a champion dancer who runs a studio, and does physical therapy? And I thought I was an overachiever.

I'm all about that hustle, baby. So... can you help us?

Me? What could I possibly help you with?

Well, there's this big talent management company called Crystal Image. C.I.

They represent the best of the best.

They hold auditions once a year, and anyone who gets in with them, is in with the money. Travel around the world, be on TV, tour with rock stars. You get the picture.

Auditions are coming up soon.

I still don't get what I can do.

Well, they're looking for a dance crew with edge - some sort of unique special skill, and I was thinking since you have Olympic level experience -

Michelle, first-off, I'm not Olympic level.

Second, I've never danced hip-hop a day in my life.

And third, even if both of those were the case, look at me.

You look to me like you're ready to get moving again. Think about it.

Mom, Dad, I'm home. Sorry I'm late.

Alright, this little rift between you guys is hurting everyone, and it's hurting your recovery.

So you're not leaving this room until everything is settled, okay?

Look, I'm sorry about what you saw earlier today.

I had no right coming back there unannounced.

I know what it looked like.

But I want you to know that it's nothing.

Yeah, you're right. It is nothing.

Listen Ariana. You can get back on your feet.

You can get into UCLA.

I have a metal rod in my leg.

I'd be lucky to hop up on a beam again.

Well I can help you. Pierce can help you.

Please just come back to the gym tomorrow.

I'm busy with something else.

Yeah? What?

I'll do it.

Do what?

Help out your crew. Teach you guys some flips and handsprings and stuff.

Really? Wow. Sorry, Ariana this is Caity.

Hi. Ariana.


Caity was a professional downhill skier.

I got in a fight. With a tree. Been a regular patron of room 404 ever since.

How long is your recovery schedule?

Only another, what, 60 maybe

70 years. If I'm lucky.

Does that sound about right?

Caity has come a long way. A very long way.

I'm sorry.

No, don't be. You should see the tree. No, I'm not a patient anymore - I just come to spend time with others here who are in similar situations.

Caity heads a support group for families with spinal cord injury patients.

If there is anything I can do to help-

You just stay focused on yourself. You've got your own hill to climb.


I'll see you next week, okay? Take care. Bye.

So? You had fun last night?

Yes. Thank you for taking me.

I dunno, it's taking a while.

They're late probably, right? I don't know.

Hey. I got us some help.

Welcome back.

Hold up. Hold up. What do we need peg-leg's help for?

"Peg-leg?" She ain't no dang pirate! What's wrong with you?

I just don't need no gymnast telling me how to dance.

There's a small chance the speaker may be broken.

That's Twist running up my overhead.

And you remember Adam from the other night?

And of course, Emma.

The "Empress" at your acquaintance.

And this fountain of positivity here is Cashmere.

Eighty percent attitude and twenty percent high heels.

So, what are you going to teach us that we don't already know?

She's going to teach us moves that we can use in our routine so that we can get a contract with C.I.

With some leverage training and a little less burrito I could help you get seven or eight feet of air.

Seven or eight feet of air?



So, you're gonna teach us leverage?

Sounds good to me. I'm always down to learn something new.

I'll bet you are.

So you going to take those off?

There's two things you need to know, honey.

One. I take off my heels when I'm good and ready.

Two... can someone help me take off my heels?

Girl, you are a mess.

♪ You run me like a machine We go faster You know exactly what I mean ♪

♪ It's all in ourheads Get out of this bed get up ♪

♪ I'm a house fire I'm a hot iron I'm burnin up burnin up ♪

♪ Out of crushed carbon Build a hope diamond Then we run run run ♪

♪ This is my hot house pool party Like a cool high school party ♪

♪ While the cats away the mice will play ♪

♪ It's all in my head

♪ Easy money in my hand body under my command, I can't let go. This is my disco ♪

♪ Easy money in my hand, Drawing lines in the sand, I don't tip toe this is my disco ♪

Alright, I have a patient to get to. Adam, would you mind closing up?



Okay, let's go.

Shoot. I don't think I'll have time to drive you home.

I can drive her.


Yeah, no problem.

Yeah. Alright, later guys.

Yeah let's just get this place cleaned up really quick and then -

Dude, actually, I gotta pick up my sister.

But you don't have a car?

Or a sister.

Okay, gotta go. Bye guys.

Have fun cleaning.

Every time we have to clean up.

Need help?

No, don't worry about it. Just chill out. This won't take long.

So, uhm, what kind of gymnast are you? Do you jump around on mats or swing around on bars?

Wow. You know the technical terms. I've done it all - balance beam, uneven bars, vaults.

Now I'm just a girl who used to be a gymnast.

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast.

So, where'd you learn to dance?

I learned to dance on the streets.

Oh, the streets. Wow. Hard-core.

Mostly my backyard or in the schoolyard.

So how'd you guys all get together?

Well we all went to the same elementary school.

But this whole C.I thing, this is recent.

Michelle's just been laser focused, she wants to go bigtime.

You guys totally could.

You're honestly amazing.

So, do you have a boyfriend?

Smooth I mean, I was just wondering

'cause I think Twist thinks you're really cute.

Oh. He's kinda cute.

Okay I think it's time to take you home because you're mentally exhausted or somethin'. Let's go.

What? What are you doing?

So tell me more about these auditions.

Ever seen "Dance for the Moment?"

Both the movie and the Broadway show.

Well those are Crystal Image dancers. Look, if you want to make it as a dancer, you have to go pro.

And making this audit ion is the best way to do that.

And what about the clinic?

I love it here. But, dance is my passion and I'd say passion's worth a shot, no?

Well you guys need to gain confidence for acrobatic stability and that's after many hours on the floor and that's before we even start with the trampolines.

Trampolines? I'm sorry, what kind of hours are we talking here?

Well, for expert-hood they say ten thousand, but since we don't have that kind of time... all of them?

Are you crazy?

You just realized that?

Michelle Franklin room

316, Michelle Franklin 316 Look, I gotta run. But, we'll talk about this later.

Practice starts tonight.

Remember, ten sits and stands three times a day.

Hey! Look who's ready to conquer the world.

I'm feeling pretty good.

Michelle's a great motivator.

That she is.

Well, it's my last day here today and I just wanted to say that -

This is one place where goodbyes are a good thing.

It's great when people can leave, especially on their own two feet.

There should be gold medals awarded to inspirational people like you.

What's a medal anyway?

Nice Vicki. Work your snap down. Keep your weight behind you.

Pierce, I need a favour.


Can my dance troupe practice in here during your off hours?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Since when do you have a dance troupe?

It's a hip hop group. I'm just teaching them some flips and stuff.



Nothing. It's just..

Spit it out.

If you're doing hip hop, why aren't you doing gymnastics?

And where am I going to do gymnastics, Pierce?

Same place as Isla. UCLA.

You know, I can get you a demo in front of Coach Val in a couple of weeks.

You really oughta think about it.

So what about letting us practice in here?

Well done, Vicki!

Let's see that again.

Wow Okay, so last time we did this everyone had to hold back.

Now we can all let loose and not worry about anyone breaking their necks. Okay, so what do you guys want to do?

You know what I want to do.

Uh, Cashmere, take off those high heels before you get on that mat.

♪ You're wonderin' if I'll be back again You knock me down but ♪

♪ baby don't count me out I love it, I love it, I'll never be above it ♪

♪ But you can still watch me soar I love it, I love it, ♪

♪ I'll never be above it

♪ But you can still watch me soar How many layers did I shed ♪

♪ When I was lying in that other bed If fate's a ninja I'm a ♪

♪ victim of it's karate

Let's do this! Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight.

You know you wanna dance.


So, can you give us an edge? I have an idea.

Knees up. Push your torso forward.

♪ I'm putting on the gloves

'cause today is another fight ♪ Ok, just let go.

♪ Swinging through the jungle and hanging on to every vine ♪ Breathe. Good.

♪ The animals keep on nipping at my heels ♪

♪ You can pull me down but I'm made of steel ♪ Put your arms over your head, and your fingers

♪ I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool ♪ One and up. Nice.

♪ I make the rules You can knock me over but I'm getting up again ♪

♪ I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool

♪ I make the rules . You can knock me over but I'm getting up again ♪

♪ You don't see light if you don't give it a shot ♪

♪ You might seem small but we got a lot going on ♪

♪ Until we try we won't know what we got ♪

♪We seem alone, We're holding onto the top ♪

♪ Like a child, taking everything we bargained for ♪

Come on. Come on.

♪ We're kicking down the doors woah ♪

♪ It don't seem right if we don't give it a shot ♪

♪ We see that mountain, We're holding out until the top♪

We're holding out until the top ♪

You're looking amazing, kid. How's the pain?


Normal human manageable, or Ariana manageable?

Well, let's say it's manageable.

Look, I know I mentioned this to you a couple of weeks ago, but UCLA is having some walk-on demos soon.

I don't know.

You should go. Just to try. I know, you have your dance thing, but come on do you really want to leave your entire past behind? This is the date and time.

Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, and six, seven, eight.

Aight, everyone take five. This isn't working.

Ok, the problem is we're too coordinated. We need to loosen up. Instead of getting together at this point, let's break off in a freestyle section. Play to each of your strengths.

Twist, you've come further than anyone else with the height, you're going to do a chest lift off of Adam since he has the strength.

And then Cashmere, aerials moving forward, Michelle you're going to run through it all.

Yeah, but we still need something bigger to close it.

An aerial section?

No, that would be good enough for the Palace, but not for C.I.

We need something bigger.

What's the holy grail of gymnastics, Ariana?

The full out. Two flips with a full twist.

Thought impossible until the invention of spring floors.

Even elite gymnasts have a hard time with it. I tried landing one in practice a few weeks before my accident. Never had the chance to try it in competition.

You could totally do one now.

I mean you are stronger than ever.

Please. Do you know how tough it would be with a rod in my femur?

Yeah! Full out, full out, full out, full out, full out, full out, full out, full out, full out-

Yeah, come on. Do a full out!

Yo, if you're gonna gawk, you gotta pay admission!

Hey, what are you guys doing here? Isn't it a little late?

Pierce told us that you skipped out on UCLA.

I'm good.

I didn't think you were serious about the hip hop thing.

I figured it was a cover story or something.

Well, here it is.

Who's the Swedish bikini model?

Isla's one of the top gymnasts in the world.

She just won a Silver medal.

Ariana, this is ridiculous.

Are you really gonna throw away a chance at college gymnastics to hangout in alleys making up dances with low-lifes?

We're five of the top ten ranked artists in the city.

Sorry, I guess I wouldn't know about artists.

See, I'm what they call an athlete.

Well, that's good.

Considering that you're definitely not a stylist.

Stop taking advantage of Ariana's fragile state, and let her come back to where she belongs.

She belongs wherever she wants. She's here. So why don't you just do a little flip outta here.

Oh, you mean like this?

Hold my burrito.

♪ my tape booming out ya speakers loud we take it back to ♪

♪ the lac with a big old sound I said my high top shell-toes, ♪

♪ finished with velcro big brick cell phone, keepin' my belt low♪

♪ I came up where the B-Boys was at same place where all them ♪

♪ D-Boys was at rollin onto feeling like the Z-Boys of rap ♪

♪ Round the way girls sayin' these boys can rap ♪

♪ now here's a little story that must be told about the old♪

♪ school way before the school was old we made em clap-clap, lose ♪

♪ control DJ put the record on cruise control ♪

♪ we got the cardboard taped to the concrete we rocking with the ♪

♪ all-star crew how it got to be got us on a big stage paying us♪

♪ handsomely shouting out

♪ "all I wanna do is make you dance with me" ♪

♪ Don't Stop - Put ya hands up Don't stop - People Stand up ♪

♪ Don't Stop - Put ya hands up Don't stop -People Stand up Get♪

♪ off the wall and get on the floor scream out loud if you ♪

♪ want some more rock ya body just lose control everybody let me ♪

♪ hear you say Ho-oooooooh

♪ what you wanna do my DJ bumping out his speakers loud we ♪

♪ at the house party rocking with that big old sound we do the ♪

♪ Roger Rabbit and the Cabbage Patch we do the Running Man then ♪

♪ moon walk from that

♪ take your - Take your front back spin it all around and ♪

♪ bring your front back spinning on the ground and when you done ♪

♪ that DJ playin something make you come back - DJ Run that ♪

♪ It's a full moon so you know the beasts come out ♪

You guys are good.

Well, if you watch who you call a lowlife, I might say the same to you.

That was actually pretty impressive.

Why thank you, your highness.

But you're a gymnast, Ariana.

You should be at UCLA with me.

It was very nice to meet ya'll. You're very talented.

Val: That's good Julie

Val: don't bend your knee.

Val: Good

Val: Nice. Go slower.

Val: Cindy! No more speed.

Ariana Berlin, right?

I saw you compete two years ago You did well. It's a shame about the accident.


What can I do to help you?

I'd like to know, what do I have to do to become a walk on at UCLA?

You want to walk onto my team?


You realize I get paid to produce the most elite athletes in the country.

I've always been a winner and I'm ready to win again.

Well I'm sure you are. But that's not enough.

Please don't waste my time.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Ariana, if you're going to come back to gymnastics, you need to come back like you really mean it.

Ma'am, I'm willing to do anything and everything to be a part of this team.

Look, I've seen your work ethic. I know it's good.

But can you give me one hundred percent commitment?

Absolutely. A hundred percent. A hundred and ten percent.

I'll need to see you do a demo.

Sure, yeah.


Oh, sorry, did you mean another time?

No, if you're ready, then let's do it.

♪ This is game day right here Get your game face on

♪ It's time to shine

♪ So here we go Deep breath and don't look down Time to make a move ♪

♪ So here we go Here we go ♪ The level of difficulty isn't high enough.

♪ So here we go Deep breath and don't look down Time to make a move ♪

♪ So here we go Here we go ♪

Ariana, I told you not to waste my time.

And you didn't. Welcome to UCLA.

You're sweaty.

Thank you, thank you ma'am.

Thank you so much.

Ariana, don't call me ma'am, sounds old.

The other girls call me Miss Val.

Ok ma'am- I mean Miss Val.

She's good. She's not great.

It'll be good to have a dancer on the team. The other girls can learn from her.

But she'll never compete.

Ariana, are you okay?

I'm fine.

Do you want help?


Why are you so mad at me?

I never said I was mad at you.

Not in so many words. Mainly

'cause you don't say anything to me anymore.

Why do you keep shutting me out?

Are you okay?

Stop asking me that!

Look, I didn't cause your accident.

What was I supposed to do, stop living my life?

I don't want to talk about it.

Look, I wish you were at the games too. But it is not my fault.

She's hit a plateau. It's one amateur mistake after another.

Can you talk to her?

Help her find her focus.

Why me?

Because she'll listen to you.

I think it coming from me it's more pressure.

Well Miss Val, Isla and I don't really talk much.

I thought you two were friends?

We kinda fell out.

Well fall back in, Ariana.

This is a gymnastics team and your teammate needs your help.

Isla! Wait! Where are you going?

Just to the bus stop. My dad left without me so...


He said he can't even look at me right now.

Do you want to talk about it?

Val set you up for this, didn't she?

I bet you didn't want to.

Isla, it was always my dream to go to the Olympics and win a medal and then go to UCLA and have lots of fun. But that didn't happen, instead you got it all.

And I guess it's just hard for me to watch from the sidelines.


Yeah, really.

I thought you were mad at me.

Well I guess I was a bit mad about the whole Nate thing, but I'm over it.

I'm so sorry about that. I should have told you the truth but it's over and it didn't work out.

It's okay. And I'll still always know that you peed yourself on that bus.

Well, just so you know, the Olympics weren't all that great.

Don't believe the hype.

Are you serious?

No! They were amazing and you needed to be there. It was so awful that you weren't. I missed you the whole time.

I bet you did? Especially when you blew that dismount.

Well at least I was there and not slacking off in some hospital room.

Well at least I got free pudding!

Well, you're getting your revenge now.

I peaked and it's been downhill ever since.

You can break out of it.

Oh I would love to just forget about gymnastics for a little while.


Six, Seven, Eight!

Hey. I haven't seen or heard from you in weeks.

I was about to bust down your door.

I was sick.

There's no time to be sick.

Auditions are twelve days away.

Check what we've got it on.

They don't know you're back on the gymnastics team, do they?

I just haven't figured out how to tell them.

Or have you not figured out what you want?

I miss hating you for knowing me so well.


Chill cheese fries?

No, no. I can't.

Sure you can.

No seriously. My coach will kill me.

I, I don't see any coaches around here.

Okay but, just, just a little bit.

Okay just a little bit-

Just a small-

Just a small- That's pretty big but yeah go for it.

It's good, just, just try it. Just try it.


Oh that's good.

See, this is what I do. I bring joy to the people.

Want another one?

Just one more.


Just one.

I'm going to take one too.


Oh my god Oh okay. Alright.

So you feel like putting on a show?

I don't know.

We just got here.

Guys, let's dance. Come on.

♪ I can't believe we've not met yet Now talk to me ♪

♪ I'm tired of seeking blindly I'm tired of hiding in plain ♪

♪ sight Come set me free ♪

♪ One, two three this party goes all night One last chance ♪

♪ before we say goodbye I need to know your name Boy, It's such a shame ♪

♪ Take my hands, throw'em up in the sky I hope your heart beats faster ♪

♪ when it's close to mine Before we run out of time ♪

♪ We'll dance all night ♪

Go Isla!

Rest time is as important as training time.

You have got to give this up.

I know you're upset, but that's what got me back into gymnastics.

It got you moving again, it got you motivated.

But look at you, you're tired and you're burning out.

I don't know if you noticed, but Isla spent one night around that stuff and she's back on track.

Ariana you've got to start thinking about what's important to you. And start making the right choices. You've gotta feel it in here. This is where it matters the most.

So what's it gonna be? What family are you gonna choose? Are you gonna one that will put you on the road to becoming a champion? Or are you gonna choose the one that could lead you to being a back up dancer in some rap video?

It's not fair.

You focus on one or you fail at both. It's that simple.



What's up?

Nothing. Just starting to realize my limitations I guess.

I don't think you know the meaning of limitations.

They literally could not stop you unless they hit you with a car.


I think you're really cool, Ariana.

You're pretty cool yourself.

Let's go warm up.

So I heard you really brought it at the dance jam the other day.

Well I'm paying for it today.

Is there anything I can do to take your mind off of it?

You just keep massaging, Mr.

That's what I'm good at.

I can't do this. There's something I need to tell you.

Hey it's the dancing queen.

Did you see the video We posted last night?

Yeah, I did. And so did my coach.

Coach? What coach?

I need to tell you guys something.

I can't dance with you anymore. My coach wants me to focus entirely on gymnastics.


Why didn't you say something?

I didn't know how to.

Look, it's not an easy decision, but I've been doing gymnastics my entire life. They're like my family.

And what are we?

Cashmere, you know it's not like that. I can't do both.

Really? After everything we've been through? This is it.

I'm really sorry.

Let's go.

Where are you guys going?

We can still practice.


See you later, Ariana.

It's alright Soph.

Are you kidding me? Where is your head?

Why are you waiting for the audience to give you your performance and your energy.

Why are waiting for that? It's like you only come alive when your audience notices you.

Your performance starts from the moment you step on this floor.

Not when you get the applause.

Now someone better show me a collegiate level performance or we're going to start an hour early everyday this week.

Ariana, you're up.

Sometime today please.

♪ [dance music]

Full out. Backhand, snap down, round off reach into the back handspring, and then tuck. Reach back into the back handspring stay tight.

Pull legs. Squeeze legs tight to turn.

Spot the landing.

What was that?

A double back with a full twist. A Full Out.

But I kinda missed the landing. Sorry.

I know what a Full Out is.

I meant your music, your who routine. What was that?

Background dancing for a rap video?

♪ Go go she go she go we get down we get to the Go go she go she go ♪

♪ Go go she go she go Get down we Go go she go she go ♪

♪ Go go she go she go Go go she go she go Go go she go she go we ♪

♪ get down we get to the

I still think we have a chance. I honestly do.


Well look who it is. The gymnast. Nadia don't-a-need-ya.

And how long have you been waiting to use that one?

She thought it up after the last time we saw you.

Guys, I kinda need a favour.

Can you teach my gymnastics team a few hip hop moves?

And why can't you?

I can only show them so much. You guys are the experts.

You walked out on us.

Why should we help you?


Bring it in.

Come on, bring it in.

She didn't walk out on us.


She's a gymnast and gymnasts have to train Don't you think we owe her a little pay back for all the things she's helped us with?

Twist, man, if Ariana wasn't there you would have for sure broken your neck on that gain.

And Cashmere, who do you think taught you that incredible back handspringpass?

Adam's right.

Surprising because he's never right. But this time I agree.

Okay, fine. We'll teach your sorority sisters a little soul.

That's great. Because


They just got here.

♪ You run me like a machine We go faster

♪ You know exactly what I mean It's all in our heads. Get out of this bed get up ♪

♪ Easy money in my hand Body under my command I can't let go ♪

♪ This is my disco Easy money in my hand Drawing lines in the sand ♪

♪ I don't tiptoe This is my disco ♪

♪ This is my Disco

♪ You run me like a machine We go faster ♪

♪ You know exactly what I mean.

It's all in our heads Get out of this bed get up ♪

♪ Out of crushed carbon Build a hope diamond Then we run run run ♪

♪ This be like a hammer in my chest My heart is pumping ♪

♪ through my vest I know exactly what it means ♪



Hey you wanna show me how to do those fancy spins of yours?

Come on.

I hope you don't think I kind of ditched you guys.

You more than kind of ditched us. But, I don't blame you for getting back to what you're meant to do.

I don't know how we're going to make it at this audition, but if we do, it's because of you.

That is not true. You guys are an amazing team.


It's the medal from my first meet. I want you to have it.

So are you going to be at the audition?

I can't. Coach Val wants me at practice that day.

No problem. Come on.

♪ Easy money in my hand Body under my command I can let go ♪

♪ This is my disco Easy money in my hand Drawing lines in the sand♪

♪ I don't tiptoe This is my disco This is my disco ♪

♪ You run me like a machine We go faster You know exactly what I mean ♪

♪ It's all in our heads Get out of this bed get up ♪

We're learning life skills.That's what's important.

But I do respect the discipline needed for training.

If you're going to do a sit-up, you do that one sit-up the very best that you can.

You don't take anything for granted. You don't assume that you have tomorrow.

Everything we do in life is a choice. Everything.

And those choices dictate the kind of life that you're gonna lead. And as soon as you can understand that, then you start to take ownership of your life, you start to be able to design your life to turn out whatever way you want it to.

And I have a secret for you, this isn't about gymnastics.

It's about life.


Hey. I just wanted to wish you luck one last time.

Listen, we just got tossed a huge curve ball.

It's Ariana.

Wait, what's going on?

The usual.

Is your inhaler working?

I just need a minute.

Hey, yeah, no, she's seen this before, she'll be fine.

I just don't think she'll be able to dance.

Well who's going to do the handspring pass?

I guess we're just gonna have to lose it. Okay, gotta go.

Bruins, let's go!

Miss Val?

Yes, Ariana.

Remember when you told me to feel it? Now I know what you mean. I'm feeling it.

Well that's great, Ariana. Now you go get ready.

What I'm saying is, I'm really, really feeling it.

Are you okay?

Next up, team G-Raid.

♪ Oh I've been down down lately but I'm coming' up ♪

♪ Ohh I'm coming' up

♪ I'm off the ground now baby and I'm coming' up ♪

♪ Ohh I'm coming up

♪ You know I'm comin' up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up ♪

♪ Just live for the moment Let me know that you want it ♪

♪ We got this locked and loaded I'm coming up ♪

♪ You know I'm comin' up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up ♪

♪ Just live for the moment Let me know that you want it I'm comin' up ♪

♪ up, I'm comin' up-up-up Base base I'm comin' up Base ♪

♪ Base I'm comin' up-up-up-up Come along children ♪

♪ Base I'm comin' up

Aight y'all, let me watch you guys run it from the top.

What for? We're done.

How are we going to go on without you?

We'll be out of balance. It won't look right.

Then we'll improvise?

We'll make it work. Just go full out and hope for the best.


♪ I'm off the ground now baby and I'm coming' up ♪

♪ Ohh I'm coming up You know I'm comin' up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up-up ♪

Next up! Team Soul Flow.

It's now or never.

Just make this work, okay?

Let's do this.

♪ Got that booty Alright Hey number tutti fruity ♪

♪ Get on the floor if you got that booty ♪

♪ You know you wanna dance. ♪

♪ One, two three, hit it.

Hey number tutti fruity Get on the floor if you ♪

♪ got that booty.

Alright ♪

♪ Get on the floor if you got that booty.

Hey number tutti ♪

♪ fruity Get on the floor if you got that booty. ♪

Thank you.

We'll let you know.

Thank you for that. You saved us.

You owe me one.

Oh okay, is that how it is now?


If gonna keep keeping score like this we might find ourselves into some trouble.

Nice timing.

UCLA need a 9.85 to finish with the National Championship title.

It appears that Coach Kondos Field is gonna be putting Ariana Berlin up last on the floor routine.

Only a few years ago Ariana made a huge comeback into the world of gymnastics after suffering a debilitating car accident.

I was watching practice earlier today and it seemed like Ariana was having a lot of difficulty with her final tumbling pass. The Full Out.

This is a somewhat controversial move for Coach Kondos Field. We'll see how she does.

Thought you said she was never going to compete?

Did I say that?

♪ We will come alive The music never dies ♪

♪ We've been high and low Pulls us under Light's beyond the door♪

♪ Never let it go Won't let these locked doors Shut me out anymore ♪

♪ I will break them down Let the daylight show we bring... ♪ We all have our ups and downs, but it's how you deal with them that defines who you are. You must do the thing that you think you cannot do.

What do you think? She gonna stick the landing?

Focus. Two flips with a full twist. Push off with the right leg, momentum through the round off.

Gymnastics is pretty much off the table.

She'll never compete.

I have a metal rod in my leg. Mom, watch out!

You're not ready. You can't do this. Get up. You're broken.

You'll never compete.

Look, sometimes when the front door gets slammed in your face you have to go through the back door.

You don't take anything for granted. You don't assume that you have tomorrow.

You're gonna be okay.

There's always a way in.

Go make room 404 proud.

Get up. You've got this.

You've got this.

You've got this.

♪ Let the daylight show ♪

Mind if I borrow this?


I realize this is kind of unorthodox, but nothing about the past few years of my life has been orthodox, so here it goes. Several years ago, I was told by my doctors that I was likely to never do gymnastics again.

But I didn't believe them. I had a bunch of people who stood behind me and encouraged me every step of the way.

I want to give a special shoutout to my friend, Caity, because I know you're watching this right now. Caity, even though you're a little behind me in your recovery, you'll be running circles around me forever. With every person you make walk again, the world becomes a better place. There's no medal for that, but what's a medal anyway, right? And Michelle, there's definitely no medal I could give you to truly show my thanks. But I just might be able to get you your million hits.

That's gotta be worth something, right?

♪ I'm putting on the gloves

'cause today is another fight ♪

♪ Swinging through the jungle and hanging on to every vine ♪

♪ The animals keep on nipping at my heels You can pull me down but ♪

♪ I'm made of steel

♪ I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool I make the rules ♪

♪ You can knock me over but I'm getting up again ♪

♪ I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool I make the rules ♪

♪ You can knock me over but I'm getting up again ♪

♪ Flying through the air like a daredevil acrobat I can do it on ♪

♪ my own without no safety net Let my engine purr like a wildcat ♪

♪I'm facing you now you see whatcha can't get ♪

♪ I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool I make the rules ♪

♪You can knock me over but I'm getting up again ♪

Is that from Crystal Image?

Guys, it's not good news... it's great news.


Let me see this.

We won?

We won Crystal Image!

♪ I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool I make the rules ♪

♪ You can knock me over but I'm getting up again I ain't no fool ♪

♪ Mama didn't raise no fool I make the rules You can knock me over ♪

♪ but I'm getting up again I ain't no fool Mama didn't raise no fool ♪

♪ I make the rules Mama didn't raise no fool ♪

♪ I make the rules You can knock me over but I'm getting up again ♪

Just kidding.

Hey Ari! Wow. You nailed it out there.

Could you imagine what it would be like to make the Olympics?

It would be so unbelievable but I doubt it's something i'll ever get to experience.

Me neither. I wish I could go.

I think Miss Val is the most brilliant woman on the planet.

Really? Do you know her?

I don't, but I would love to get to know her some day.

She's good. She's not great.

Who's that on the bars?

Ariana Berlin.

From San Diego.

She's gonna be a star.