Fun & Fancy Free (1947) Script

*Fun, fun, fun And fancy-free *

*Da, da, dat Da, da, dat, doit *

*Full of fun and fancy-free *

* That's the way I wanna be *

*I don't let my troubles trouble me *

*Dau, dau, dau Dau, dau, dau *

*Fancy-free Full of the, full of fun *

* Got no time to worry none *

* Too busy singin'in the sun Sweet sun *

*If you should have a chronic ache *

*Pills won't make you strong *

* The only tonic you should take *

*Is a teaspoonful of song *

*So if you'd really like to be *

*Happy-go-lucky,just like me *

*Drown your frowns, my friend and you will see *

* You'll see That you'll be full of fun *

*And fancy-free *

* Come along, Lend an ear *

*See it for yourself *

*Meet a guy who's got a song *

* Troubles are on the shelf *

*He's so happy all the livelong day *

*Livin'life the simple way *

*Knowin'it's the only way to be *

*Just full of fun Full of fun and fancy-free *

*Just full of fun Full of fun and fancy-free *

[Jiminy Cricket ] *Everyone keeps askin'me *

*My recipe for livin'*

*It's simple as the ABC's *

* And hardly seems worth givin' *

* I've tried it out in every way *

* It always sees me through *

*It's made me what I am today *

* That's why I'm tellin' you *

* I'm a happy-go-lucky fellow * -[ Chorus ] * Ooh, doo, doo, doo *

* Full of fun and fancy-free * -*Doo, doo, doo *

* You can make the whole world seem mellow *

* If you take it in your stride like me * -* Ooh, doo, doo *

* Don't cross a bridge or peek 'round the corner *

* Until you're there * -* Oh *

*Just learn to smile and in a while * -*Doo, doo *

* You'll find trouble's a bubble of air * [ Pop ]

* Get a happy-go-lucky feelin' * -*Doo *

* Keep it and I guarantee * -* Ooh *

* That you'll find you'll wind up livin' in the sun * -*So right *

* Full of fun and fancy-free *

** [ Whistling Melody ] -*Full of fun and fancy-free *

[ Wolf Whistle ]

* That's the way I wanna be *

*I don't let my troubles trouble me *

* Now some folks like the heavy stuff *

* With titles five feet wide *

* Not me, I'm always out for fun * -*Doo, doo, doo *

* I like the lighter side, yes, sir * -*Hooray *

* La, da, da, dee, la, da, da, dee * Uh-oh !

[ Chorus ] *Don't let my troubles trouble me *

* Don't cross a bridge or peek 'round the corner *

* Until you're there *

*Just learn to smile and in a while *

-* You'll find trouble's a bubble of air * [ Pop ]

* Get a happy-go-lucky feelin'*

You know, you worry too much.

In fact, everybody worries too much.

Here. Just look at the morning paper.

Turn to any page.

You'll find the whole world worryin'... about some future age.

But why get so excited? What's gonna be is gonna be.

The end of the world's been comin' since 1 903.

That's, uh, B.C., of course.

* Don't cross a bridge or peek 'round the corner *

* Until you're there *

*Just learn to smile and in a while *

* You'll find trouble **

You bet, you'll find trouble ! [ Meows ]

Oh ! Aah ! Ohh !

Take it easy, son.

Why, you're just a bundle of nerves. [ Imitates Barking ]

[ Yowls ]

You see ? Jumpy as a cat !

Comes from always rushin' into things.

[ Animal Growls ]

[ Doll Cries ]

Hmm ! Now what have I done ?

I guess I don't know my own strength.

Sorry to upset you, miss.

Have you on your feet in a jiffy.

Upsy-daisy. Mama !

Your mama isn't here, honey.

But if I can be of service, the name is Cricket.

Uh,J. Cricket. You can call meJiminy.

[ Animal Growling ] Oops ! Sorry ! Ha-ha.

Oh. Howdy, chum.

Why so glum ?

Say, what's the matter ? You worried about somethin' too ?

Tsk, tsk. Never saw such a dismal pair.

A deadpan doll and a droopy bear.

You ought to try my recipe. Be full of fun and fancy-free.

Life is a song-- happy, gay.

So let's have some music. Come on ! What d'you say ?

'' Bongo'' ? Now, what in the world is Bongo ?

Oh ! ''A Musical Story Sung by Dinah Shore.''

Well, what are we waitin' for ?

* Da, da, doo, da *

[ Grunting ]

A ringer !

It's a gift. * Da, da, dee, da, la, doh *

* La, da **

Take it away, Dinah !

-[ Thud ] [ Dinah Shore On Recording ] This is the story... of three bears. Yeah, I know.

The mama bear, the papa bear, and the itsy-bitsy baby bear.

[ Chuckling ] But it's not the story you expect.

This is a love story.

It's about a little girl bear... and a big, burly, brawny brown bear... who wanted very much to be her boyfriend.

But mostly, this is a story about Bongo.

He was a circus bear.

He was born in the circus, grew up in the circus.

In fact, Bongo was the star of the circus.

In fact, Bongo was the star of the circus.

Why, he could juggle and dance while on a trapeze, walk a tightrope with the greatest of ease.

In jujitsu, he was beyond compare.

Once threw a bull at the county fair.

Super at wrestling and lifting weights.

Outboxed the champs of 1 7 states. -**[ Cymbals Crash ]

**[ Drumroll ]

They all packed in from near and far... to see this death-defying star.

With mouths wide open, they watched his ascent... as he daringly climbed to the top of the tent!

**[ Circus Band ]

[ Whistle Blowing ]

Then, for a grand climax, -he would gracefully plunge 300 feet... -[ Squish ]

-into a wet sponge! -[ Audience Cheering ]

[ Lock Clicks ]

Poor Bongo. [ Sighs ]

Naturally,you'd think he'd be handled with kid gloves, treated like a king... [ Splash ] and pampered like a baby.

But, no! He was tossed around like an old shoe.

Bongo, the bear in the gilded cage.

[ Train Whistle Blows ]

His thoughts would wander to an imaginary life... far removed from the circus.

[ Distant Voices Echoing ] *Bongo, Bongo, Bongo *

*Bongo, Bongo, Bongo **

[ Train Whistle Blowing ]

Some half-forgotten instinct kept calling him.

For you see, Bongo was a dreamer.

[ Man Shouting ] Hey, Bongo! Get going! You're on!

**[ Circus Band ]

**[ Whistle Blows, Drumroll ]

[ Squish ]

[ Train Whistle Blowing ]

[ Dinah ] The call of the wild kept ringing in his ears.

Psst ! Hey. Bongo !

[ Dinah ] He couldn't ignore it any longer.

[ Distant Echo ] *Bongo, Bongo, Bongo *

[ Dinah ] He had to answer the call of the great open spaces.

Come on out, Bongo.

[ Distant Echo ] *Bongo, Bongo **

Come on out, Bongo.

Come on out, Bongo !

[ Echo ] Bongo, Bongo.

[ Dinah ] He was crackin'up!

[ Echo ] Bongo, Bongo!

-[ Dinah ] He was losin'his grip! Bongo, Bongo, Bongo!

He had to escape, to get away! Just gotta get away!

-[ Echo ] Bongo, Bongo! Gotta get away! Gotta get away.

Bongo, Bongo, Bongo! Gotta, gotta, gotta!

Bongo! Bongo!

Bongo! Bongo!

Bongo! Bongo! Bongo!

Bongo! Bongo! Bongo!

[ Birds Chirping ]

[ Dinah ] At last he was free.

Free. Free ?

Oh! But this was even better than he'd expected!

''Oh, boy, ''thought Bongo, ''this is livin'!''

Whoo ! He felt so good, he just had to run around.

And jump.

[ Sniffing, Sneezing ]

Why, he even tried to growl.

[ Squeaky Yelp ]

''Oh, boy! A tree. That's for me!''

[ Knocking ]

Just right for climbin'too.

[ Chattering ] [ Chattering ]

[ Chattering ]

[ Chattering ]

[ Chattering ]

[ Animals Laughing ]

[ Dinah ] ''Oh, well. What if I can't climb a big old tree ?

This is still the place for a fellow like me. ''

-[ Chorus ] * Ooh, ah, ohh * -Just lazy and loafin'... and fancy-free.

-[ Dinah ] *I love to hang around * -* Ooh *

* The lazy countryside *

-[ Chorus ] * Where things are nice and breezy *

[ Dinah ] * With nature's gang around *

* The lazy countryside *

[ Chorus ] * Where life is twice as easy *

-[ Dinah ] * Where the crickets * -[ Cricket Chirping ]

* You don't hear in the city *

*Keep a-hummin'in your ear Oh, so pretty *

*And it's just too much for words *

-*Listenin'to the chorus of the birds * [ Chirping ]

*I like to stay around *

* The lazy countryside *

[ Chorus ] *And while away the hours *

[ Dinah ] *Just kind of play around *

* The lazy countryside *

[ Chorus ] *As free as bees and flowers *

[ Dinah ] * There's more fun in takin'the sun in *

*And to roam the spaces wide *

*It's the place for me Gee, but it's great to be *

* 'Round the lazy countryside *

* There's more fun in takin'the sun in *

*And to roam the spaces wide *

*It's the place for me *

* Gee, but it's great to be *

* 'Round the lazy *

* Countryside **

[ Snoring Rapidly ]

[ Yawning ] ''Oh, boy, ''thought Bongo, ''this is the stuff.''

[ All Yawning ]

''To stretch out under a canopy of stars...

''studding the velvet softness of the night.

To sleep in the peace and quiet of the woods. ''

[ Mutters ]

The stillness of the night descends like a sheltering veil.

Hush. All nature sleeps.

[ Insect Chirping Softly ]

[ Chirping Loudly ]

[ Other Insects Making Sounds ]

[ Insect Sounds Continue ]

[ Chewing Loudly ]

[ Chirping, Marching Sounds ]

[ Sawing Sounds ]

[ Crash ]

[ Squeaking ]

[ Animal Howling ]

[ Howling ]

[ Bees Buzzing ]

[ Thunder Booming ]

[ Forest Becomes Quiet ]

[ Teeth Chattering, Shivering ]

[ Birds Chirping ] -[ Dinah ] Then came the dawn.

[ Yawns ]

[ Crows, Clears Throat, Chirps ]

[ Yawns ]

[ Gasps ]

Ohh. Bongo felt as stiff as a board... and as cranky as an old bear.

[ Sneezes ]

Bongo was discouraged.

A fine kind of bear he'd turned out to be!

He didn't even know how to act like a bear.

This rough, rugged stuff wasn't for him. [ Sighs ]

Especially on an empty stomach.

[ Stomach Growling ]

[ Pebbles Plopping ]

Uh-uh. [ Raspberry ]

[ Giggling ]

[ Dinah ] Bongo thought, ''This is just too good to be true!

''I-- I'm either hungry or I'm still dreamin'.

''Ow! I'm awake! It must be true.

Oh, this is much better than dreamin'!''

[ Gurgling ]

[ Thud ]

''This must be heaven. I-it can't be real!

''It's just too good to be true.

But let me go right on dreamin', as long as I'm with you. ''

* This is too good *

* To be true *

*I can't believe it's real *

* Can it be you *

*I really see *

*I never knew *

*I'd find an angel *

*And out of the blue *

* You came to me *

* You're all the heavenly things *

* That I've been dreaming of *

*Don't spread your wings *

*And fly away *

*But if you're only *

*Passing through *

* Then take me to heaven with you *

* Or is this a dream *

* Too good to be *

* True *

[ Chorus ] * This is too good to be true *

*I can't believe it's real *

* Can it be you *

*I really see *

*I never knew I'd find an angel *

* Out of the blue you came to me *

* You're all the heavenly things *

* That I've been dreaming of *

*Don't spread your wings *

*Don't fly away *

[ Dinah ] *But if you're only *

*Passing through *

* Then take me to heaven with you *

* Or is this a dream *

* Too good to be *

* True **

The air grew still with a sudden chill. No talk, no laughs, no chatter.

With the trees shaking, the ground quaking, the crowd began to scatter.

Out of his lair came the third bear, with murder in his eye.

He took in the scene of love serene with jealousy and surprise.

He was the roughest, toughest, meanest bear.

Lumpjaw by name, a villain for fair.

Well... what's this ? [ Growling Softly ]

[ Growling Loudly ]

It's no dream. It's a nightmare!

[ Gulps ] ''He-He-Hello, '' was all Bongo could say.

''Hmm. Kind of unfriendly.

Probably doesn't know who I am. ''

[ Growls Softly, Snorts ]

[ Growls ]

''Just a moment. This is my affair. ''

''He-He-Hello, Lulubelle, dear. ''

[ Lumpjaw Chuckling ]

Gosh, Bongo was surprised.

Why should Lulubelle turn against him ? That was no way for a lady to act.

[ Bears Grunting ]

[ Growls ]

Lulubelle's feelings were hurt.

-All right. [ Sniffles ]

She'd give Mr. Bongo just one more chance.

[ Gasps ] ''What have I done ?''

[ All Grunting ]

Poor Bongo.

*It was too good *

-* To be true * -[ Chorus ] *Ah *

Gone were his dreams. His world was shattered.

Why hadn't someone ever told him about all of these things... that really mattered?

-And now, -*Ah ** well, now it was just too late.

He'd never find out that when bears are in love, they always say it with a slap.

[ Bears Whooping, Cheering ]

**[ String Band ]

[ Male Chorus ] * When a bird loves a bird he can twitter *

-* When a puppy falls in love he can yap * [ Boom ]

*Every pigeon likes to coo when he says I love you *

*But a bear likes to say it with a slap *

[ Dinah ] * When a whippoorwill's in love he can whipper *

-*All the horses neck and all the turtles snap * -* Ooh *

*Every deer and every dove has a way of makin'love *

*But a bear likes to say it with a slap *

[ Chorus ] * You can ask any bear, Oh There's nothin'to compare *

* With a love tap Strong or weak *

[ Dinah ] *So if you're ready for romance and you ever get the chance *

-[ Chorus ] * Grab your girl * -* Give her your cheek *

-*So when love comes along Don't be silly * -*Doo, doo, doo, doo *

-*Never ever waste your time like a sap * -*Doo, doo, doo, doo *

*Let the others hug and kiss but the bare facts are this *

* That a bear likes to say it with a slap *

-*Slap, slap * -[ Chorus ] * Give me a love tap **

-**[ String Band ] -[ Bear Whoops ]

[ Square Dance Caller ] * Grab your bears and swing 'em wide *

*Shake their fur and scratch their hide *

* Give her a slap Give her a cuff *

* Go 'round that floor and strut your stuff * [ Whooping ]

*He slapped her once and he missed herjaw and he wound up smackin'his mother-in-law *

*Now here comes Grandpa gettin'in line, And here comes baby bear behind *

Whoo-hoo! -[ Male Chorus ] * Oh, oh, oh, oh *

-* When a bird loves a bird he can twitter * -**[ Dinah Yodeling ]

* When a puppy falls in love he can yap *

*Every pigeon likes to coo when he says I love you *

*But a bear likes to say it with a slap *

-* When a whippoorwill's in love he can whipper * -**[ Yodeling Continues ]

*All of the horses neck and all the turtles snap *

*Every deer and every dove has a way of makin'love *

*But a bear likes to say it with a slap *

* You can ask any bear *

* Oh, there's nothing to compare with a love tap strong or weak *

[ Grunts ] -*If you're ready for romance *

*And you ever get the chance Grab your girl give her your cheek *

*So when love comes along don't be silly *

*Never ever waste your time like a sap *

*Let the others hug and kiss but the bare facts are this *

* That a bear likes to say it with a slap *

*Slap, slap **

[ All Grunting, Yelping ]

[ Growling Loudly ]

[ Tree Trunk Ripping ]

[ Lumpjaw Growling ]

[ Growls ]

[ All Gulping, Groaning ]

[ Yelping, Grunting ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Cheering ]

[ Male Chorus ] *So when love comes along don't be silly *

*Never ever waste your time like a sap *

*Let the others hug and kiss But the bare facts are this *

* That a bear likes to say it with a slap **

[ Dinah ] ''I love you, Lulubelle. ''

''I love you too, Bongo. ''

[ Chorus ] * You're all the heavenly things *

* That I've been dreaming of *

* Ohh don't spread your wings *

*And fly away *

[ Dinah ] *But if you're only *

*Passing through *

* Then take me to heaven with you *

[ Chorus ] * Ooh *

[ Dinah ] * Or is this a dream *

* Too good to be *

-* True * -[ Chorus ] *Is it only a dream *

* Too good to be true **

[ Needle Skipping On Phonograph Record ]

Excuse me. There.

Now who says dreams don't come true ? Well !

Three is a crowd, they say. So I'll drop back another day.

'' Miss Luana Patten.''

Mmm ! Well.

Of course, it's not cricket to read other folks' mail, but--

-**[ Swing Chorus Humming ] ''A party !

Tonight !'' Mmm.

''The house across the way.

''Charlie McCarthy. Mortimer Snerd!

Edgar Bergen ?'' Huh. Never heard of him.

''Please come!'' Why, I'd be delighted!

[ Chorus ] *Join the party Come along *

*It's a cinch Can't go wrong *

*Now's the time to see what you can see *

* The house is just across the way *

*Better hurry Don't delay *

* You'll be full of fun and fancy-free **

[ Laughing ] Oh, dear. Nanny goats and petticoats.

I'm a caution. Yes, you certainly are.

Tell me, what is the secret of your lovely complexion ?

Well, I-- I use saddle soap. I see.

Yes. Yes. If I'm not being too personal, Ophelia--

Yeah ? Uh, how old are you ?

Oh, I'm, uh, a girl my age. A girl your age ?

Yes. And how old is that ?

Uh, 28. Twenty-eight.

I thought you were a little bit older than that.

Well, I knocked off a few years for good behavior.

I don't care for that. It's kid stuff. Ha-ha.

Well, we're awfully glad you came to our party. Well.

Did you have fun ? Oh, yes, indeedy.

I thought Charlie made a pig of himself with that chocolate cake.

[ Edgar Bergen ] Oh,you're quite right. [ Ophelia ] Yes, I am. Yes.

[ Bergen ] Yes, I agree with you.

Well, good night, Luana. Good night, Ophelia.

Bonne nuit, Mortimer. Uh... ma'am ?

Bonne nuit. Oh, yes, ma'am. Yeah, yeah. Bunny--

Uh, bunny, bunny wee, bunny wee. Bun--

Uh... uh, I don't know no bunny wee. [ Sniffling, Muttering ]

-[ Ophelia ] Good night, Charlie. Uh, good night.

You know, Ophelia, you look so sweet. Ah, what'd you say ?

I say, I think you look so sweet. Yes ?

I'm going to kiss you good night. Oh, help, help, help !

Help, he--

[ Giggles ] Isn't that a wonderful trick ?

Yes, it is. Yes. I wish I could enjoy my first childhood... as much as he does his second. [ Laughs ]

Now, Luana, how would you like another piece of cake or some ice cream ?

No, thank you. I'm full up. Some candy ?

Care for a cigar ? Me ? [ Laughs ]

How about you, Mortimer ?

Mortimer? Uh... I don't smoke.

I don't mean that. Well, what shall we do now ?

Any suggestions ? How would you like to go down to the city dump... and watch me slug rats ? Certainly not.

No ? How would you like to hear me tell a story ?

Oh, I'd love it. Wouldn't you, Charlie ?

Well, I, uh... y-y-yeah... no.

This is a story that everyone should know.

Yes, but not everyone should tell it. And you know who.

Well, I'm going to tell it anyway. Now, many, many years ago--

I think I'll run out and wind a sundial.

You'll stay right here. Yes, sir.

[ Bergen ] Once upon a time, long, long ago--

Funny, nothing ever happens nowadays.

There was a place called Happy Valley.

Now, it was called Happy Valley... because everyone who lived there was happy.

No ! Well, there's a hunk of logic for you. Are you listening, Mortimer ?

Uh, Happy Valley ? That's right,yes.

Now just try and imagine it. Can't you just close your eyes and see it ?

Well, I can't see very good with my eyes closed.

My eyelids get in the way.

You create a picture in your mind's eye. Oh.

That's not easy for him. His mind gets in the way. [ Laughs ]

Now try and paint a mental picture. Yeah.

I-- I painted a barn once, I did.

Well, that's very interesting. Yeah.

It was-- It was a red barn. It was. Yeah. Well, forget the barn.

Yeah. And try and picture Happy Valley.

Well, I'll-- I'll work on it. That's the spirit.

Yeah. Yeah. I'll work on it.

Let's see, uh-- Let's see, now.

It's, uh-- Oh, let's say it's about, uh--

Uh, what was the question ?

-Happy Valley. -Oh, yeah ! Yeah. That's right. Yeah.

Let's see, uh-- Think hard !

Yeah. [ Grunts ]

Let's see, uh-- [ Groans ]

[ Grunting ]

Oh, I'm tired. All that work for nothin'.

Can I try ? -[ Bergen ] Certainly.

Yes. I think I can see it, Mr. Bergen.

It's beautiful.

[ Bergen ] Yes, it was one of nature's garden spots, nestled among the green, rolling hills.

Can't you see the lovely brook as it flows through the valley?

[ Mortimer ] Mmm. Yeah,yeah,yeah.

[ Bergen ] The winding roads, lined with stately trees.

[ Mortimer ] Trees. Yeah.

[ Bergen ] Lush fields and prosperous farms dot the landscape.

[ Mortimer ] L-Landscape. Yeah.

[ Bergen ] And high on a hilltop overlooking the valley, -shining like a jewel, stands-- -[ Mortimer ] My red barn.

[ Bergen ] No, no. It was something much nicer.

It was a majestic castle! -[ Luana ] Oh, that's pretty.

[ Bergen ] And something very precious is kept within these castle walls.

* My * -[ Luana ] What is it ?

[ Bergen ] It's a magic, singing harp. Listen.

* What a happy day *

* What a sunny sky, kind of makes you sigh in a happy way *

* What a very merry day *

* All the world is gay *

* When your cares are light and your heart takes flight *

*And you're swept away *

* The air is sweet with clover *

* The clouds are turning over *

* Oh,yes They're turning over *

*Just to show their silver lining *

*My, what a happy day *

*Never knew such bliss Never read of this *

*In a book or play *

* What a lovely day *

* What a great big gorgeous, sumptuous thumping, bumptious *

*Hum-galumptious simply scrumptious *

*My, what a happy day *

[ Bell Clanking ]

* M-M-My, what a happy day *

* Never knew such bliss Never read of this in a book or play *

* What a lovely day *

* What a great big gorgeous, sumptuous thumping, bumptious *

* Hum-galumptious simply scrumptious *

* Oh, my, oh, my *

* What a happy *

* Day ** [ All Laughing ]

[ Bergen ] Yes, the voice of this golden harp... cast a magic spell ofjoy and prosperity over the valley.

But it was too good to last... -[ Charlie ] I knew there was a catch in it. for one day-- -[ Charlie ] They built a schoolhouse.

[ Bergen ] No, no. One day a mysterious shadow crept over the valley.

And then something dreadful happened!

[ Thunder Rolling, Lightning Crashing ]

Aaaaaah !

[ Luana ] What happened?

[ Bergen ] When the shadow lifted, the golden harp was gone.

No longer was the valley happy, for without the magic of the harp, all was misery, misery, misery.

[ Charlie ] Just like the eighth grade.

[ Bergen ] Desolation spread over the land.

Everything was drying up.

-[ Mortimer ] Dry rot. -[ Charlie ] Yes, isn't it ?

-[ Bergen ] Charlie. -[ Charlie ] Yes, sir.

[ Bergen ] The fields of golden corn turned to dust.

[ Charlie ] Kerplop.

[ Bergen ] The laughing brook flowed no more.

To think that this was once Happy Valley!

[ Charlie ] Now it's Gruesome Gulch.

[ Bergen ] Days pass, weeks pass.

[ Charlie ] I pass. New deal.

[ Luana ] What happened to all the people ?

[ Bergen ] Well, suppose we look in on these humble peasants.

-[ Mortimer ] Is that a peasant ? -[ Charlie ] That's a cow, stupid.

[ Luana ] Well, at least they had milk.

[ Bergen ] Well, she used to be a good milker. But now--

[ Charlie ] She's an udder failure.

[ Bergen ] She was the bosom friend of a once-proud family.

[ Charlie ] Well, they're certainly out of the high rent district.

[ Hinge Squeaking ]

[ Bergen ] And there they are, three poor farmers, gripped by the pangs of starvation.

Still alive, still breathing, sharing a pitiful crust between them.

Share and share alike.

Sharing and staring. Staring and sharing.

[ Charlie ] Uh,just tell it, don't ham it.

[ Bergen ] But are their spirits broken ?

Have they lost hope ?

Yes. Men facing famine, naught left but beans.

[ Charlie ] Ahem. Bean,you mean.

[ Bergen ] If it were one man and three beans--

But, no. One bean and three men.

[ Charlie ] Well, at least there are no bones in it.

[ Bergen ] Just look at that miserable creature, doggedly struggling to maintain life, a gaunt, lean bag of bones and feathers.

Truly a picture of despair.

But Donald doesn't whimper.

Donald doesn't give up. Shut up !

I can't stand it ! [ Squawking ]

[ Mickey Shouting ]

[ Goofy ] Easy, Donald. Easy!

[ All Shouting At Once ]

There. There, now. There. Easy, Donald.

I-- I'll be all right.

Yeah. I'll be all right. [ Panting ]

I'll be all right.

[ Bergen ] He says he's all right, but I wonder.

He's suffered too much.

What diabolical thought is being hatched in the fevered brain... of this poor, demented duck ?

Donald ! No ! No !

Nice bossy, bossy.

[ Laughs ]

Nice old cowsy wowsy. Donald !

[ Squawking ] [ Mooing ]

[ Mickey ] Donald! No, Donald! [ Mooing ]

[ Squawking ] Give it here ! Let me--

[ Donald Choking ]

[ Muttering, Panting ] I just gotta eat.

I'm so... hungry.

[ Bergen ] The little fellow was completely out of his head.

-Cut it out, will ya ? I get the idea ! -He was a pitiful sight.

Weeks without food. [ Choking, Moaning ]

Poor Donald. Yeah, poor me !

It was all they could do to restrain him.

You see, he had just about reached the end of his rope. Yeah.

Oh, it was a sorry predicament indeed.

What to do ? What to do ?

Well, Donald may be nuts, but he's got the right idea.

Kill the cow. Oh, no, Charlie ! The cow was their best friend.

Well, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

So what ? So, they need some steak.

No ! If you're gonna kill the cow, I don't wanna hear the rest of the story.

Well, she wouldn't have to know.

They could sneak up on her and surprise her.

Yeah, that's what we'll do. We'll kill the cow. Oh, no, Charlie. You mustn't.

We'll get a stranglehold on her while she's asleep. a-a-and then push her off the cliff. Oh, no !

I ain't a-gonna listen to the story.

[ Charlie ] Well, it'll be your fault if they starve to death.

[ Luana ] Why don't they sell the cow? That's just what they did.

Well, why didn't you say so in the first place, and save a lot of time ?

I could save a lot of time by not telling the story at all !

Your idea is not without merit.

Well, back to the scene of desolation.

Things are beginning to look much brighter now, because as Mickey goes to the village to sell the cow, the thought of prosperity... brings new hope to the famished farmers.

Even Donald has fully recovered, for soon their long-empty plates... will overflow with food.

Hey, look ! * Turkey, lobster sweet potato pie *

* Pancakes piled up 'til they reach the sky *

* Wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa Wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa *

* Oh-h-h-h *

* I wanna eat and eat and eat and eat *

* And eat until I die *

[ Donald, Goofy ] * Turkey, lobster sweet potato pie *

*Pancakes piled up 'til they reach the sky *

* Lots of starches Lots of greens *

* Fancy chocolate-covered-- **

Beans ! What d'you mean, beans ?

Yeah, fellows. I sold the cow for some magic beans !

Beans ! [ Squawking ]

[ Mickey ] But Donald!

These are not ordinary beans! They're magic beans!

If you plant these beans in the light of a full moon, do you know what'll happen ?

Yes ! We get more beans ! [ Squawking ]

No, no, Donald ! [ Donald ] Magic beans! Phooey!

[ Bergen ] Poor Mickey, cheated into trading his cow for a handful of beans.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a mean trick!

Swindling an innocent farmer out of all he owned... and lying to him, telling him that the beans were magic.

Planted in the light of a full moon!

What a shame to deceive a simple little peasant.

Magic beans, indeed!

Light of a full moon. -[ Charlie ] Bergen ? Oh, Bergen!

-[ Bergen ] What ? -[ Luana ] There's something moving.

[ Bergen ] Why,yes. Well, maybe there is some magic in them !

All right, now let's all keep quiet and see what happens.

[ Snoring ]

[ Snoring ]


[ Giggles ]

[ Bergen ] And all through the night, it grew, onward and upward.

[ Charlie ] That thing is a menace to aviation.

[ Bergen ] And so, with the coming of dawn, we find the bewildered farmers staring at a mammoth castle, miles above the earth.

Their curiosity was aroused,: nothing could hold them back.

Who lives there ? Man or monster?

Friend or foe ? Aprincess or a dragon ?

[ Mortimer ] Well, search me.

[ Bergen ] What drew them toward this place of mystery?

Hunger? Desperation ?

Or perhaps it was love of adventure.

What a fantastic experience,: perhaps mortal man... has never before set foot on this strange land.

-[ Charlie ] Well, somebody did. -[ Mortimer ] Oh, gosh! Who made them ?

[ Charlie ] Well, it wasn't Cinderella.

[ Bergen ] Soon they reached the moat surrounding the castle.

But this didn't stop them. On they went, as if drawn by some irresistible force.

And then, suddenly, without warning, out of the sky above--

[ Dragonflies Droning ] -[ Luana ] Ooh, dragonflies!

[ Charlie ] Yeah. A-flyin'front and draggin'behind.

Gee, what whoppers ! Yeah. Bombers !

[ Imitating Machine Gun ]

Come back and fight ! [ Squawking ]

[ Droning Continues ]

[ All Screaming ]

[ Bergen ] Finally, they reached the castle.

[ Charlie ] The hard way.

[ Bergen ] This was the biggest adventure of their lives.

Forgotten was their hunger,: forgotten was their fear.

It took courage to scale these massive steps, to make this journey into the unknown.

But these stouthearted lads never faltered.

Three minds with but a single thought.:

What mystery lurked within those cold, forbidding walls ?

What strange spell hovered over this gloomy place ?

Will no one answer?

Are they walking into a trap ? Do they go in ?

[ Charlie ] You know,you could stand some rehearsal on this story.

[ Bergen ] Inside, the tremendous hall was as silent as a tomb.

Not a sign of life anywhere.

[ Charlie ] Caught with his pants--

-[ Bergen ] Charlie! -[ Charlie ] Caught with his pants--

-[ Bergen ] Charlie! -[ Charlie ] Well, his slip was showing.

[ Bergen ] They gazed in speechless wonder, almost afraid to breathe.

Suddenly they looked up. What was it ?

[ Donald ] Food! Yum,yum,yum,yum ! Let me at it!

Oh ! Who's there ? Who is it ?

[ Mickey ] That's the harp! [ Donald ] Boy, oh, boy!

How'd you get here ?

I was kidnapped by that wicked giant !

Oh. A-- A giant ! A giant !

A giant ? A giant !

Bigger than 40 men. Oh, no !

An ogre who had the power to turn himself into anything, man or beast.

That calls for a drink.

[ Hiccups ]

It was this heartless monster that swooped down under cover of darkness, carried off the golden harp and brought ruin to Happy Valley. No !

-[ Scary Voice ] Ohh! [ All Gasping ]

Ohh ! [ Growling ]

[ Growling ] I'm a giant. You are not.

You're nothing of the kind. Well, I'm a small giant.

No, you're not. I'm, uh-- I'm tougher than 40 men.

You're not. Well... uh, 20 men.

No. No ? Ten men ?

Aren't you ashamed of yourself, Charlie ? Why do you act like that ?

I don't know. I guess it's just a stage I'm goin' through.

Well, take off that moustache. Yeow !

Now go over there and behave yourself.

Yes, sir. Everything I do is wrong.

But why did the giant want to steal the harp ?

Because he was cruel and selfish. He didn't care what happened to the valley.

He just wanted someone to sing him to sleep.

Well, why didn't he turn on the radio ?

Well, they didn't have radios in those days.

Yeah. That's why they called it Happy Valley. [ Laughs ]

What did the giant look like ? Well, he was--

Oh-- I'll try and show you.

He looked something like this.

Ha. Looks like my pig Smedley.

Never mind the self-portraits. Ha-ha.

Well, no, that isn't right. He-- He looked more like-- more like this.

There he is now. And the giant came home for dinner, roaring-- Drunk.

I was not ! -[ Bergen ] I mean, he was not.

No. -[ Bergen ] Down the castle hall he came, -roaring-- Fe, fi, fo, fum !

Fe, fi, fo, fum !

* Fe, fi, fo, fum *

* He, hi, ho, hum *

* I'm a most amazing guy A most amazing guy am I *

*Fe, fi, fo, fum *

* He, hi, ho, hum *

* I'm the stuff, I'm tellin' you For here's what I can do *

* I can change myself into an elf *

* Fly up high like the birdies *

* I can disappear into atmosphere *

Peekaboo. * 'Cause I know the magic wordies *

* Fi, fo, fe, foy Fe, fe, fe, fe **

Fifi ? I don't know no Fifi.

[ Bergen ] Those are his magic words,you know.

Fe, fi, fo, fum.

I smell-- -[ Charlie ] You're telling us!

[ Bergen ] Wait. He may be smarter than he looks.

[ Luana ] Oh, I hope he doesn't find them.

[ Charlie ] Hey, Giant, you're getting warm.

[ Mortimer ] Well, don't tell him !

-[ Charlie ] Behind the jar, stupid. -[ Luana ] Charlie!

[ Sniffing ]

[ Giant ] Pot roast! Chocolate pot roast!

With stispacio-- With dismashmee--

With dismash--

With green gravy.

** [ Humming ]

Feedy, fidey, fodey, fum !

** [ Humming ] -[ Gasping ]

[ Sneezes ]


Oh, no, you don't ! You can't get away from Willie.

I gotcha !

I think I gotcha.

Yeah, I gotcha.


What ?

[ Charlie ] He'll have to talk fast to get out of this one.

[ Bergen ] Well,you leave it to Mickey. Just watch.

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Boy, what a life line !

But what's this here ?

What is it ? What is it !

Uh-oh ! I can't believe it !

Is it bad ? Why, i-it says here... that you can change yourself into anything !

Sure, sure ! You wanna see me ?

I can change myself into the darndest things !

[ Laughs ] Go on, gimme somethin'.

-Anything! Anything ?


[ Bergen ] See ? Mickey never misses a trick.

He's got a good idea. Well, uh--

Can you change into a fly ?

A cute, teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy housefly ?

That's it. A housefly.

Aw, you don't want a fly.

How about a bunny with long, pink ears ?

Ha. Well, of course, if you can't do a fly, why, uh--

All right. A fly.

[ Shouts ] Why ? Well, they're, uh--

Because. Okay.

A teeny-weeny fly. [ Laughs ]

With pink wings.

Now for the magic wordies. [ Whistles ]

*Fe, fi, fo, fum He, hi, ho, hum *

*I'm a most amazing guy Te, ti, te, ti, te, ti *

You sure you don't want a pink bunny ?

Hey, what is this ?

You think you fool Willie.

[ Charlie ] Yeah, a couple more good ideas like that and they're finished.

[ Bergen ] Well, I'll admit the little fellows are in a bad fix.

But Mickey isn't one to give up without a struggle. and with a little luck, they may still pull through.

This isn't the first time Mickey's been in a tight spot.

[ Charlie ] Anybody wanna buy a tall, thin mouse ?

[ Bergen ] No, thank you. Uh, I mean no.

Yes, things look pretty dark for the prisoners.

[ Charlie ] Looks like their goose is cooked.

[ Bergen ] Oh, Fate may yet deal them a winning hand.

Don't forget, there's still the magic harp. She knows the giant's weakness.

-[ Charlie ] She could be my weakness. ** [ Harp ]

[ Bergen ] There might still be a chance of escape... if she could only use her magic voice to put the giant to sleep.

[ Charlie ] If she can't, I know who can.

[ Bergen ] Shh. Let's all be quiet now, and see.

* In my favorite dream *

*Everyone is so delightful *

* No one's mean or spiteful *

* In my favorite dream *

* Yes, and in my favorite dream *

* There my heart can go romancing *

*Dancing to a heavenly theme *

*But there's something else I look forward to *

*It's a secret *

*But here's a clue *

*He's my favorite *

* You know who *

* You're the hero of *

-*My most favorite * [ Snoring ]

*Dream *

Oh, mercy. Forgive us.

[ Snoring ]

[ Yawning ]

**[ Harp Humming ]

[ Snoring ]

* In his right vest pocket *

* You'll find the key *

* The right vest pocket Go carefully *

**[ Harp Humming ]

Oh !

-**[ Harp Humming ] [ Snoring ]

Ah-- Ah-- Ah--

[ Sneezing ]

I'll smash-- Ah-- I'll smash--

Ah-- Ah-- Ah--

Ah-- Ah-- Ah-- Ah--

Ah-- Ah-- Ah--

[ Snorts ]

[ Muttering ] Where is he ?

Hello ?

Nightmare. [ Yawns ]

Oh, boy.

[ Snoring ]

He made it ! He did ?

Here he comes with the key ! Let me have it, Mickey !

[ Snoring Continues ]

[ Bergen ] Well, it looks like success at last.

Free from the clutches of that terrible monster.

And now to find the beanstalk, climb down and return home in triumph, with a big surprise for Happy Valley.

But wait. Mickey's going to make doubly sure.

He's taking no chances.

Just in case the giant might wake up.

[ Luana ] Oh!

[ Charlie ] Ha. Should have left well enough alone.

Come back here! Come back here!

[ Whistles ]

[ Squawking ]

[ Bergen ] And there goes the giant!

[ Yelping ]

He's helpless now, tumbling over and over and over, down, down, down, down.

[ Crash ]

And so with the passing of the wicked giant, Happy Valley echoed once again with song and laughter.

For with the return of the magic harp, peace and prosperity reigned throughout the land.

And the people of the valley-- We know.

[ Together] Lived happily ever after.

You're a wonderful storyteller, Mr. Bergen. Isn't he, Charlie ?

Simply thrilling.

You're even better than the old-fashioned sleeping pill.

[ Mortimer Sobbing ] [ Bergen ] What's the matter, Mortimer?

Oh, the poor giant got killed, that he did. [ Crying ]

I don't like them sad endings. Oh, now, you don't understand.

W-Willie was a nice giant, he was.

He just got too big for his britches.

But you don't understand. No, don't touch me.

[ Sobbing ] I'll be all right.

[ Blows Nose ] Oh, excuse me.

What I'm trying to explain, Mortimer, is that Willie the Giant didn't actually exist.

No ? No. He's a metaphysical phenomenon... of your subconscious mind, a phantasmagoria of your mental faculties.

Yeah ? In other words,just a figment of your imagination.

No ! Yes.

So there's nothing to be upset about. -[ Creaking ]

Hey ! Has anybody seen anything... of a teensy-weensy little mouse ?

No. I-I-I, uh--

-[ Thud ] -[ Luana ] Oh, Mr. Bergen!

Bergen, speak to me. Speak to me.

What's the matter with him ? Somethin' he ate ?

Uh, no. It's, uh-- It's a fig, uh, fig-- fig-a-mentation of his imagination.

No ! -[ Mortimer ] Yeah.

Well, uh, good night, Willie.

Uh, don't slam the roof.

You might wake Mr. Bergen.

[ Laughs ]

*Now some folks don't believe in giants *

* Castles up above *

*And others say that bears don't talk *

*And never fall in love *

*If you really wanna find *

*Happiness Peace of mind *

*Believe in all your dreams *

*And you will see *

* You'll be full of fun and fancy *

*Free and full of fun *