Gabriela (1983) Script

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Where's my leaf?

Good afternoon.

-Good afternoon. -We're fleeing the drought.

-Are we far from Ilhéus? -No, it's close.

One and a half day of walk. It's a great land.

All of you will find work on the cocoa plantations.

Rumor has it that a gunman is welcome there.

-Yes, back in the day. -Not anymore?

Not as much. Progress arrived to these lands, you know?

A man's bravery was valued before.

Nowadays, the only rich people are the Turkish peddlers and the Spanish shop owners.

Thank you.

Good morning, Colonel.

Mr. Nacib, are you at the slave market to hire workers?

Who, me?

No, I'm looking for a cook.

Crazy Filomena left.

Now I only serve drinks at my bar, and no food.

That's terrible, right, Turk?

This is a weird place. If you want to hire a hitman, you'll find one easily, but not a cook.

Are you lazy?

No way, sir.

I'm a great shooter.

-Thank you, dear. -You're welcome, Granny.

Hey, is she your Grandma?

No, sir.

So, what do you do?

A little bit of everything.

Can you wash clothes?

Who can't? You just need water and soap.

And cook?

I've cooked for rich people before.

What a handsome man.

Are you sure you can cook?

Hire me and you'll see.

How much is you salary?

Whatever you want to pay.

Mundinho is on the deck with binoculars.

The ship is aground. They called a marine pilot.

The ship is aground. Please remain calm.

One man go to the bow to drop the anchor. The others, please wait for instructions.

Mundinho Falcão, the promoter of progress.

Imprisoned in the same sands that prevent our development.

Ms. Arminda!

Ms. Arminda!

I'm coming.

Ms. Arminda!

Ms. Arminda, come with me, quick. I need your help.

-Ms. Arminda. -Yes?

This is my new cook.

Please explain everything to her. She doesn't know a thing. I have to go.

Why the rush, Mr. Nacib?

Colonel Jesuíno Mendonça killed his wife and Dr. Osmundo.

But why?

What you mean, "Why"? He caught them in bed.

What else? Because he yanked the wrong tooth?

-Sinhazinha and Dr. Osmundo? -Yes, yes.

That's what my late husband told me at the séance.

Ms. Arminda, I have no time now for your stories.

What with this crime the bar will be packed.

I'll have so much work!

Explain everything to her. And you, clean yourself up. See you soon.

Hi, girl.

Why are you so dirty?

I fled the drought.

It was a 40-day journey.

You're welcome here, my dear.

-João Fulgêncio. -Good morning.

Have you heard the news?

-Lazy Chico, haven't you finished yet? -There's a message for you.

Colonel Ramiro ordered the best cognac bottle.

He said you should bring it yourself.

That's all I need.

Bring the bottle!

Maybe they just want a town representative who's not a cocoa plantation owner.

-Why is that? -To offer the murderer a toast.

Hurry back, Nacib. Today this bar will live up to its name.

Yes, yes. It will, it will.

-Good morning. -Good morning.

Colonel Ramiro.




Thank you.


A toast to a great man that washed his honor with blood.

And I do it as a close friend, army man, and politician of Ilhéus.

Go to your plantation, take a week off or more. I know you're hurting.

Then come back and go to the court.

Don't worry. Mr. Maurício will be your lawyer.

And you have my word before all the colonels here.

Nothing will happen to you while I'm alive.

Cheers to your health, Colonel Jesuíno Mendonça.

Rumor has it she was completely naked.

-Completely naked? -Apart from black stockings.


Black stockings.

Very sheer.

French stockings.

Can you imagine? From the other side of the world.

Get to work, lazy kid!

I heard it all started on the chair.

-On his dentist chair? -Yes.

To have a practice at home doesn't work out.

Just a step to the bed.

But in this case, a false step.

It seems they were wrapped around each other when Jesuíno arrived.

They didn't hear a thing.

Yeah, they were too busy for that.

Serves them right.

-The Colonel had his revenge. -Any of us would do the same.

He acted like an upstanding man.

He wasn't born to be a cuckold, and there's only one way to pull out the horns.

But at night he forgets his principles to stalk 14-year-old black girls.

Mrs. Sinhazinha. Who would have thought?

She was always in church.

That is what happens when you're always in the church.

It's not nice when women are always in the church.

Especially when it's Father Basílio's church.

Look who's here.

Tonico Bastos.

He looks so serious walking his elephant.

Who would've thought that he's the biggest ladies' man in town.

If Mrs. Olga catches him with another woman...

She'll do what Colonel Jesuíno did, two bullets in each of them.

-She's man enough to do it. -She even has a moustache!

New bank branches, bus companies, a newspaper, a new avenue by the beach, new cocoa technicians...

You even brought a new stripper.

But I'll tell you something.

More important than all these, is bringing an engineer.

If we have one, our candidacy will mean victory.

Don't worry, he'll come.

Now, it's a personal matter for me.

Then the dredges will come to clean the inlet.

In Rio, I contacted a Swedish cargo company.

They want to use our harbor as soon as the inlet is prepared for big ships.

And when the first Swedish ship arrives, it will be the end of the colonels' power and the cold-blooded murders.

The export money will remain here and not go to the capital.

Listen to what I'm saying, Captain.

Progress will come from the sea.

And when it comes, it will be the end of Ramiro Bastos' power, as well as the succession of his son, Tonico, the darling.


Poor girl.

Last month, everyone was following Mrs. Sinhazinha, asking for prayers for the plantations.

Everyone was walking barefooted.

And now, look at this. No one came, no flowers, and not even a decent coffin.


Is she crazy? What's she doing here?

She's different. But when her father finds out, there'll be hell to pay.

Colonel Melk went to his plantation. I ran into him at the market...


Look at me. I'm prettier. Kiss me.

Little Turk.

Oh, my dear!

Come here.

Mundinho Falcão. Besides progress, you bring pleasure!

This dancer is fabulous!

Doctor, entertainment is culture too. Times are changing, right, Captain?

-See you tomorrow. -See you.

What are you doing here? Why aren't you in bed?

You didn't say anything.

What do you mean?

You didn't say what you wanted for tomorrow.

All right. Now go your room, get some sleep.

We'll talk tomorrow, okay?

Good night, sir.

Wait. What's your name?


Today, I want to look prettier than ever before.

Spare nothing.

I've never seen you this invested.

Both funerals will pass this way.

So what? No one will be there.

Yeah. But all the men from town will be at the bar to watch.

And they'll look at me.

None of them talk to me, Gertrudes.

But by the way they look at me...

I just know.

I know that all of them desire me.

I like it.

It's my favorite thing in this world.

Tuísca, hurry up!

The bar is packed and there's nothing to eat. Let me see.

Looks good.

Codfish dumplings.

It's good.

She sure knows how to cook.

And she's so pretty, Mr. Nacib. When she smiles...

-Yes, yes, whatever. -Oh, Gabriela.

Are you served?

It's really good.

Look. Here comes Professor Josué. What an obstinate man.

So obstinate, it seems like he succeeded.

Didn't you read his poem on today's paper?


"Our love is eternal like eternity itself. More immortal than the immortals."

-So corny. -He's in love.

This is delicious. Don't mock eternity.

This eternal love thing is lack of sex.

I don't get why poets don't write about fleeting love. It's beautiful.

Hey, Maurício, come look.

Just like in life, they want to be together in death.

She has Ofenísia's blood in her veins.

Mrs. Sinhazinha was related to the Ávilas.

She might've inherited her sad destiny from Ofenísia.

And who's Ofenísia?

One of my ancestors.

A beautiful woman that fell for Pedro II.

She died because she couldn't go with him.

-Go where? -Where? To bed, of course.

To the royal court!

-It didn't matter if she was his mistress. -We won't see Glória anymore.

The Colonel, her owner, just arrived.

I don't pardon a married woman that neglects her duties.

It's the husband's fault as well.

Glória, dresses in fine clothes, is surrounded by luxury.

You think the Colonel spends this much on his wife?

In my father's land, a sinful woman is killed with a knife, slowly chopped to pieces.

Oh, come on, Nacib.

Chopped to pieces?

Yes, to pieces. They start with her breasts.

That's awful!

It's not awful. A woman that cheats on her husband is a slut, a whore.

If I were married, and my wife cheated on me, I would chop her to pieces.

And her lover?

He's grabbed by strong mountain men.

They take off his pants, they spread his legs, and with a sharp razor...

Do they really...

Yes, he's castrated with art.

That's a weird custom. Anyway, every country has their way.

Turkish women are so sassy, there might be a lot of castrated men there.

No. Turkish women don't exhibit themselves like that woman there, putting her breasts out of the window.

They're covered from head to toe, only her eyes are shown.

I... I just came to bring you this.

It's nothing, really.

I just got here.


I stayed up waiting for you to tell me what you wanted for tomorrow.

It got late so I came to bed.

I worked until late.

Are you tired?

THE SCANDALOUS NEGLECT OF THE INLET This cheap paper should watch what it says.

We won't be intimidated with threats.

And it won't force us to change the truth.

The inlet is neglected, and it's a scandal!

Nothing was ever done to the sandbar and that prevents our progress!

The capital gets all our profits and our blood!

Come on, guys. Calm down.

Turk. Turk.

Has someone drawn the cross on the pillar?

No, no. I don't think so.

It looks like a cemetery. 45 days and nothing has happened.

Mundinho should just send another dancer.

At least we'd be happy.

Mundinho keeps his promises!

The people from Ilhéus knows it!

He should be careful to not promise too much...

And even more careful with the words of this journalist he put on payroll.

Clóvis Costa has his own opinions!

-He's not on payroll! -He better be careful or Mundinho will have to pay for another coffin.

-Show some respect! -Calm down.

You going to kill her?

What are you doing here?

I came to bring your food. Lazy Chico is sick and Tuísca didn't come.

Are you angry?



Mr. Nacib, can I go to the theater with Arminda?

I finished my work and I'll be back before dinner.

Yes, go. Of course you can go.

Here. Pay for Ms. Arminda as well.

Mr. Nacib is so nice.

Gabriela is something, isn't she?

You're so handsome.

You think you'll be pretty forever, Gabriela?

Take advantage now before it's too late.

I bet you never ask Mr. Nacib for anything, right?

I asked to go to the theater, what else?

Everything, girl! Everything you want, he'll give it to you!

If you know how to use your charm... giving what he wants, then refusing...

He'll end up marrying you.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Colonel.

It's such a shame, a girl like you working as a maid.

Why is that?

It will ruin your hands.

You can stop working if you want.

If you agree, I can give you everything.

A nice house, a maid, and everything you want to buy.

You're a pretty girl.

I really like you.

What do you say to my offer?

Not interested, Colonel.

I have everything I want here.



-Come! -Jump!

Let's go.

Come, come, come.

Get one.



Ms. Gabriela.


Where were you?

It took longer today, Mr. Nacib.

-Mr. Tonico. -Gabriela.

Go, go, wait the tables. And you, help her, hurry.

Who'll want me with Gabriela here?

Hurry, hurry! And you too.

My mom would love it if you were my wife.

The queen of delicacies.

One day you'll be my... cook!

Why are you laughing?

You look worried.

You're in love, huh, Turk?

Look, you have only one option. Marry her, Nacib.

What you're saying is absurd.

A man should marry a nice lady from a nice family. A well-educated lady with a nice dowry, and above all, a virgin.

And you, when did you marry Olga?

I married her because her family owns a big cocoa plantation.

And that's what family Bastos cares for the most.

No more of this talk. It's absurd.

Gabriela. Give me that one.

That's cute.

It's for you. To keep you company.

That's nice. Two gifts. You're so nice to me.


The bird and you who brought it.

You come home so late every night.

I want to tell you something.

Say it.

Something that...

Something I don't like and worries me.

Is the food bad or the clothes unclean?

No, no. That's not it. It's just that...

Don't come to the bar.

I just want to help. I don't want the food to get cold.

I know that but the customers don't.

Is it not proper for a maid?

Yes. Some customers don't care but others complain.

From tomorrow, I'll use the back door to deliver the food.

You like to come to the bar, right?

Okay, you can come. But you won't wait tables. You'll be behind the counter.

You're leaving early.

Yes, yes. I shouldn't even be here.

Come here.


You like me.

You're so handsome. I like you a lot.

It's not only the customers that don't want you there.

I don't either.

I get jealous because they want to be around you, they touch you, and they think about kissing you.

I don't care.

Is that true?

The engineer's coming!

The engineer's coming!

The engineer's coming!

The engineer's coming!

The engineer's coming!

The engineer's coming!

Welcome to Ilhéus, Mr. Rômulo.

Thank you.

-Have you met the Captain? -I'm so glad you're here.


A toast to our engineer, Rômulo Vieira.

-All right! -Cheers!

No answer?

That's impossible.

No explanation?

That's weird. What did I do wrong?

She can't simply do that.

There has to be a reason.

I don't know. She read it and told me to give it back.

All right. Thank you.

She's crazy.


Who does she think she is?

She's nothing but a whore, a colonel's daughter.

She has no respect.

She discarded me... like a piece of garbage.

-If only he knew how much I love him. -Suffering... cradles my weary heart.

What a perfect verse!

Tonico, you look so worried.

Mundinho is celebrated now because of the engineer's arrival, huh?

Mind your own business.

You're the one who should be worried.

For what?

The Judge has rented a nice house at the Butterflies Alley.

-For whom? -For whom? Use your head.

-Where are the dumplings? -No idea, Mr. Nacib.

Ms. Gabriela wasn't at home.


When you talked about me getting married, were you serious?

That's what I would do, Arab.

I've been thinking about it...

Have you decided?

The thing is... She has no papers.

Doesn't know when she was born, not even her parents' names.

She doesn't know her age.

Nacib, I'm your friend. And I own the notary's office.

I can arrange false documents for you.

Isn't dangerous?

Hell, no! This town is built on false papers, false property ownerships of thousands of acres of land. There's no harm.

-There's one condition. -What?

Me and Olga will be your witnesses.

Of course you will be, Tonico!

-You're my best friend. -I'm happy.

Lucky Turk.

I came here only to tell you...


I've made a decision. I want to marry you.

Why? There's no need.

You don't accept?

I do accept but there's no need. I like it this way.

Great! You accept.

I'll hire maids, buy new dresses.

I want to see you in fine clothes.

Anyway, a new life!

And starting today, you will sleep in Ms. Arminda's house.


Now we're engaged. It's not proper to share the same house.

The townsfolk will gossip. You know it.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Congratulations, Turk!

I wish you the best.

Congratulations, Mr. Nacib.

I wish you the best.

My dear!

You did it!

Throw the bouquet!

Silence, please! Silence! Silence!

Finally Ilhéus has glory!

Ofenísia's love for the Emperor is revived by Gabriela and Nacib!


Don't worry, the Priest is coming.

What's written there, Mr. Nacib?

Quiet. They'll know you can't read. And don't call me Mister, I'm your husband and you're my wife, not my maid.

Don't be angry, Mr. Nacib, tell me what's written there.

I don't know, I can't remember. Don't talk with your mouth full.

Push me!


Good afternoon, Professor.

What happened? The town looks so busy.

Someone set fire to the newspaper.

-Really? -Bastos' doing.

All because of that silly engineer.

Who? That one?

The man talking to your girlfriend?

My girlfriend?

You're mistaken. She's just an acquaintance.

Here in Ilhéus there's only one woman in my mind.

Really? Who is she?

-Can I tell you? -Don't be shy.

Go home, you two!

I heard you finished your study of the inlet here.

And asked to supervise the work.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I would call for a substitute.

And I wouldn't wait for him.

There's a ship leaving in two days.

Two days is the deadline I give you.

Tonico, have you heard?

Malvina, Colonel Melk's daughter, ran away in a ship.

Rumor has it she went to meet the engineer and didn't leave a note nor say goodbye.

Colonel Melk was so mad, he screamed all night long. The poor man is inconsolable.

Hi, Nacib.

A cognac.

All right, Colonel.

Let's see if this pure cognac, Turk, and not the blended crap you serve.

It's a good cognac, Colonel.

Drink it and you'll see.

And I'm not Turkish. I'm Italian.

Arabic father and Italian mother.

-Same thing. -No.

It's not the same.

-Professor, another shot? -No. Thank you, Nacib.

Tonite I'll leave the door unloked. You kan enter, if you'd like.

Sorry four my spelling. Yours, Glória.

I'll make you forget that awful lady.

I already did. I already did.

Do you like your Glória?

I adore you.

I adore you.


A house like this, full of luxury and maids, I can't offer you those.

I'm a professor and I don't earn a lot.

But love, I can surely offer.

Both of us, hand in hand on the street facing this hypocritical society.

We'll live in my tiny room above the movie theater.

We'll be poor but rich with love.

No way, my dear.

That will never do.

I want love and comfort.

My man and my colonel.

I know what poverty is, and I don't like it. Hell, no.

If you want me, it has to be this way.

In secret.

A very well-kept secret.

If the Colonel finds out, I'm screwed.

We can't be too careful.

I wanted to give you something.

Something you could wear and to remind you of me.

But I can't buy it. People would talk.

Buy shoes for yourself.

Don't say no. I'm asking.

Buy a pair of shoes, and when you walk, you'll remember me.

Colonel, with your support, the election is assured.

The votes from Itabuna will end the political career of Ramiro Bastos.

It's sad.

Colonel Ramiro is a great man but he still lives in the past and refuses to see it.

It's true.


-Good night, Colonel. -Good night.

I'm curious.

What made you support my candidacy?

I always know when it's time to change.

The asshole might be around here!

Let's go find him!

You go that way.

The others, with me.


What are you doing here?

Are you bleeding?

I shot a man. He was a colonel.

Why? What did he do to you?

Nothing. It was a job for Colonel Melk and another bigwig.

Gabriela, I need help. Look for Colonel Melk.

He might be in the other bigwig's house.

-Colonel Ramiro? -Yes.

Tell him that I'm sorry and I need help. Go now. Go!

Can I help you, girl?

-I want to speak to Colonel Melk. -He went home.

Then Colonel Ramiro. Fagundes is hidden in my house.

Wait here.


Mr. Tonico, Fagundes is hidden in my house.

He's hurt and needs help.

We'll help him, Gabriela. Come in. Does Nacib know?

No. He is sleeping.

Great. Let's not tell him, okay?

-Yes. That would be the best. -Come in.

You don't know but you saved the town from a big fire.

All the better.

-I have to go. -Don't worry.

Tonico, you and Olga take the car and drive Gabriela home.

-It's late, Dad. Olga's asleep. -Wake her up!

And call Melk and Amâncio.

I want them to take care of this. And no mistakes this time.

-All right. -Ms. Gabriela.

Thank you.

-Excuse me, Dad. -See you soon, Colonel.

Ilhéus is packed with gunmen from Itabuna. Colonel Das Onças is only wounded.

If they find the shooter, and make him talk, Colonel Ramiro will use his men, and it will be the cocoa war.

Don't worry. It will lead to nothing.

I'm not so sure of that. Colonel Ramiro is brave and tough.

Who will take him down? Mundinho?

-Arriving now, Mr. Nacib? -Yes.

What a long day.

We'll be sleeping on a keg of gunpowder tonight.

Really? Why, Mr. Nacib?

Nah. Don't worry.

Come. Come closer.

I'm so tired.

But if Mr. Nacib wants, I want it too. I always want.

You don't even care.

What do you mean?

It's like I'm not even here.

Do you need anything?

-Are you hungry? Do you want mango juice? -Juice for what?

Your fondness is over.

You always wanted me before.

Mr. Nacib is always tired, I'm not sure if you want me.

What are you saying? I'm always tired, but for some things I'm always ready.

I'm not an old man.

When you call me, I always answer.

When you want me...

And there's something else. Before you had this... burning fire, a storm inside you. And now...

You have just a breeze.

Mr. Nacib is tired of me?

Are you tired of your Bié?

No. I love you.

I can't live without you.


What? Come here, Gabriela!

Gabriela, come here! Enough!

Oh, my God! Come here!

Come here.

Mr. Nacib?

You won't believe it.

Tuísca is now a performer.

He's a performer!

He'll work in the circus. He asked to work there.

He'll be a real performer.

Are you sick?

Yes. I'm very tired and sleepy.

The bar was packed till now.

The captain and the doctor were there.

You could take Thursday off and go to the circus with me and Arminda.

Not on Thursday. We're going to a recitation.

-What? -A recitation.

A poet will recite his poems. You should hear it, it's beautiful.

The recitation will happen in the town hall on Thursday.

I bought two tickets for us.

What's a recitation?

-A very refined event. -Like the movies?

-Way better! -Better than the circus?

Circuses are for children.

So what? They have dancing and music.

You have so much to learn, Bié.

I'll explain everything. Pay attention.

There's this educated man, a poet that says some things.

About what?

Anything. He talks about...

Tears, nostalgia.

He talks and we listen.

He talks and we listen?

-Yes. -And then what?

When he's done, we applaud.

He talks about beautiful and important things.

And things that are hard to understand.

So, this poet talks, we listen and don't understand?

And you said it's better than the movies and the circus.

Pardon me for saying this. I know you're an educated man, but it can't be better than the circus.

Bié, you have to understand. I've said it a thousand times.

You're not a maid anymore. You're Mrs. Saad.

Please understand, okay?

All the high society of Ilhéus is going.

We can't miss such an event and go to a stupid thing like the circus.

-Why can't you go to the circus? -Just because!

I don't understand.

If Mr. Nacib can't go, that's okay.

Tuísca will be sad. I promised him you would go.

But if you can't come, I'll applaud him for both of us.

No. You'll applaud the poet.

Mr. Nacib.

Let me go to the circus, please. I'll go to the poem thing some other day.

It doesn't happen every day.

Like the circus.

Their loss.

Someone's having a blast.

No wonder. She's always running around like a wild child.

And suddenly, she's forced to come to a recitation.

This is a great day for Ilhéus.

One moment.

-Dad. -God bless you.

Mrs. Gabriela, what a surprise.

Such a simple and sweet creature.

She suffered in the morn of dawn.

And beyond the balcony, the black-bearded Emperor...

Gracefully reclining over the window, Ofenísia, under the moonlight, was crying...


Sobbing, Mr. Argileu.

I'm really sorry.

Gracefully reclining over the window, Ofenísia, under the moonlight, was sobbing...

Was sobbing.

Undaunted, pristine, and solitary, she remained waiting.

-Resigned and haughty... -Is it over?

Oh! Ofenísia!

Such a sweet creature.

By day and by night, under the sunlight or under the rain, she would sing...

A love that would hurt her so much! Ofenísia!

Ilhéus celebrates you, in the voice of this humble poet!

If the gods turn back time, I would love you so!

You were the prettiest woman there.

Now I have to go to the bar.


Bye, Gabriela!

Thief! Son of a bitch! I'll kill you!

You're the thief, fucking Turk!

You blend the drinks and overcharge the customers!

Beat up your own mother!

Punch me, you cuckold!

Son of a bitch! Go watch your wife!

-Cuckold! -What did you say?

What did you say?

Nothing, Mr. Nacib. Let go!

Come here. Talk or I'll kill you!


Mrs. Gabriela is cheating on you with Mr. Tonico.

-You're lying, bastard! -I swear to God!

I saw Mr. Tonico going into your house. Now let me go!

Please, Nacib. Don't kill me!

For God's sake. I can explain.

Please, Nacib. I'm your friend. I have a wife and kids.

I was only giving her advices.


Stop it, Nacib! Stop it!

When I come home tonight, I don't want to see you here.

Good afternoon, Mr. Tonico.

-He's naked! -Where he's going?

I'll sell the bar, get my stuff, and leave town.

Don't be a fool, my man.

What about your friends?

Will you just leave everything behind?

How can I stay here?

Remember Dr. Felismino?

He caught his wife with her lover and didn't kill them.

People started to call him the Happy Cuckold, so he had to leave town.

If Gabriela was your mistress, would you still leave town?

If she was my mistress, everything would be different.

No one would laugh at me. Just a beating would do.

You have no reason to leave.

By the law, Gabriela was never you wife.

I married her in front of the whole town. The judge and you were my witnesses.

You know what this is? The Civil Code.

Article 219.

It's about marriage annulment. Look.

"The marriage is null when there's an error regarding one of the parties..."

What error?

I wanted to marry her.

Sorry. Please explain.

We're here to null Nacib and Gabriela's marriage because of an error by one of the parties.

False papers, as you know.

Nacib asked me to do it.

Don't involve me in this.

You're already involved.

Up to your neck!

Here's the thing.

Either you agree with us and we settle it with the judge amicably, or today, I'll file an annulment suit based on an error regarding one of the parties.

Because of false documents forged by you in this same notary's office.

You'll be a part of this either way.

Due to the forgery, or adultery.

And premeditation in both.

Such a beautiful case.

What about Mrs. Olga? What will she say?

And your father, Colonel Ramiro. Did you think about him?

The scandal will kill him. And it will be your fault!

I'm warning you because I don't want this to happen.

Why did I get caught up in this mess?

I was just trying to help.

I had nothing to do with Gabriela at that time.

Then come with us to the court and make a deal. We'll null the marriage.

Otherwise, the newspaper will publish the whole story tomorrow written by me, with the title: "Tonico Bastos, the treacherous villain."

The annulment is granted due to an error by one of the parties in the marriage of Nacib Saad and Gabriela Silva.

This court, based on article 219, paragraph one, chapter six, book one, recommends the notary Antônio Carlos Bastos take more care with his duties.

Otherwise, the government might intervene in your office and apply a penalty as per the Constitution.

The case is closed.

All right, Nacib!

Professor, you look so sharp.

Nothing like having Glória in your life, huh?

I always liked to dress sharply but have never been able to do so.

Where's the eternal love for your Malvina?

Your eternity ended fast, Professor.

-Did you know she left? -I know.

I forgave her.

-She left this shitty town! -Let's go.

Let's get you to bed. Let's go. You need some sleep.

You don't have to spend all your freedom in one day.

What freedom?

You were a married man, a prisoner.

Now you're a free man.

Free to do whatever you want.

What are you doing there?

Waiting for Mr. Nacib to leave.

I just want to see him.

Serves you right. You reap what you sow.

Mamma mia! I smell trouble.

-There will be a fight. -Mr. Fulgêncio, come with me.

The professor can't fight, nor can Glória.

Calm down. Nothing's going to happen.

-What do you mean? He's inside. I saw it. -Times are changing, Nacib.

I don't understand. I don't hear screams or shots.

-Maybe they're just talking. -Nonsense!

The colonel lives in the woods surrounded by animals so he doesn't have to talk.

Someone is coming out.

Jesus! This is too modern for my taste.

Captain, let's continue our game.

Captain, didn't I tell you that I would start business with the Swedish?

You promised and delivered.

What about my speech, Doctor? Is it ready?


We've waited decades for this day to come.

Today is the beginning of a new era.

The new replacing the old.

Progress finally reaches this forgotten place.


Contact the Swedish ship now. Prevent their entry.

What's going on?

The ship cannot dock today.

Let us raise our prayers to God that our brother Ramiro Bastos be welcomed by the saints and angels in heaven.

Blessed be our God and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercy and God of all consolation.

Console us at all our times of need and pain... and our brother Ramiro Bastos...

Mr. Nacib, Mr. Nacib. It's over!

It's over!

-What do you mean? -The trial.

Colonel Jesuíno Mendonça was convicted of Mrs. Sinhazinha's murder.

Silence! Please, silence!

At last, with the new and modern port, the town of São Jorge de Ilhéus, is connected with the world...

Mr. Mundinho.

-...and why not say... -I want you to know that I had hired

-a man to kill you. -...the most modern...

I never understood politics.

Ramiro Bastos and I killed and escaped death many times together.

He was a great friend, and I never let him down.

But it's all over now. He's dead.

-You can count on me. -Thank you, Colonel Amâncio.

...these Norsemen won't be the first, these Normans...

Count on me for a poker round in Nacib's bar.

It looks like things won't change much.

Everything will remain the same.

The same... but different.