Galtha (2020) Script


What's this, man?

Load has come, sir. Why didn't you come at 3 or 4 am?

What, sir? Please come, sir. Got late, sir.

What's this, man? Stinking like hell!

Can't allow you in? Go away.

Of late you're dumping too much, people are raising objections.

Limit your trash. Keep this, sir. Take it, sir.

I'll manage here, get how much ever trash you can, check post is all yours!

Come on, start the vehicle.

Move quickly.

Get going.


Someone please call his home.

Please give way!


Back...go back.


Please come back.

Hey baby, please move.

No sir...sir...

Tell me.

I'll thrash you. Sir! Please leave me.

If you make noise...


I'll thrash you.

Sir, may be 50 years old.

What else?

No marks on body, sir.

He vomited blood.

May be suicide, sir.

Maha, manage it properly.

Okay, sir.

I'll manage it, sir.

I'll finish it cleanly and call you later.

There's no evidence of fight also.

Who saw it first?

We don't know anything, sir. I'm asking you, right?

I saw it, sir.

Take his statement and bring him to station.

Okay, sir.

Call ambulance and ask them to clear the body.

Hey eye witness, come here.

How long, Gomathi? Come quickly. Coming, hubby.

I've plenty of work outside.

Come quickly. What great work? Useless work.

All you'll do is discuss about useless issues, right?

If you think and talk about country only, where's the time for your family?

Politicians are little scared of few social conscious people like us.

Give me the shirt, how long will you iron it?

Take it.

You like about society issues only when they talk on TV soaps and Big Boss.

You may even claim to have got us freedom too.

Okay, go carefully.

Hey, come... Leave me, please.

You said urgent, right?

I can do it later leisurely.

This comes first! Yuck! Leave me.

Leave me I say!

Why are you pushing me?


Hey, Gomathi! What happened, Gomathi?

Wait...I'm coming... nothing happened to you...


What happened to you?

What happened to you, Gomathi?

Greetings, sir.

How is your health now? Is it okay?

Taking regular medicines, right?

What? Are you okay now?


Hello! Greetings, doctor.

Are you better now, Guna? Is your health okay now?

Yes. Good.

Nothing to worry, you'll be fine. Okay, doctor.

Brother! Yes.

Guna and his friends are trying to create revolution in village.

What? Revolution? Yes, brother.

We mustn't allow it.

If we let such elements to do good to the society, they'll dictate terms for us to use pot or use toilet paper.

You're right, brother. Brother, you're rocking.

You're talking politics too.

Keep quiet, man.

It's honourable if one minds his own business.

Do we need politics? You deal cards, man.

Hail victorious brother! Hail victorious brother!

Hail victorious Kaalian! Hail victorious Kaalian!

Hey, Guna, come.

Brother! Where are the boys? Look here, band!

Guna brother...Guna brother!

Normally I'm a good man but if there's a challenge, I take it.

Who is up there? Who is down here?

See all lives as equal...

To the possible extent, share love... Carry on overcoming challenges...

Must come in the proper way...

Okay sir, I'll take care of it.

Without putting us through hardship.

Bless us strength, power and victory with your grace, Amen.

Ramu from station told me police man's son is going to take us to task.

Bless us Holy Spirit...

Why are you dull, brother Guna?

Nothing, Gomathi is unwell. That's why I'm worried.

Nothing will happen to her, why are you worrying so much, Guna?

Buddy, enough! Don't talk too much.

Don't make fun of him, concentrate on game.

But something to eat.

Hello Lenin! How is your leader's film?

Why do you ask me that?

Right from the first punch line in opening scene to song, fight and comedy.

My leader just rocks in every scene he appears.


Not just that he rocks in the romantic scenes with dream girl.

What a romance! Sensational!

That's okay! When will your leader enter politics?

Brother, don't talk about unnecessary things.

What is unnecessary?

How many more years?

You asked it right, brother. I too had same doubt for many years.

Hey, no need of any trouble. Come, let's go.

Keep quiet. Hey police!

Hey see, what's going on there?

Hey, what are you boys doing here?

Hey porcupine! Are you a playboy?

Trying to trap girls munching puffed rice balls.

Why are you talking to them?

Get everyone into the vehicle. Hey, get into the vehicle.

What did we do, sir? Hands off me, sir.

Get into the vehicle, you puffed rice ball.

We didn't do anything, sir. Who asked you to come here?

Do you know what problem is going on here?

How many times I've told you not to come here? Come home.

What's the problem here, sir?

No petrol in vehicle, will you fill it?

Sir, please sir...

No problem, father. Leave me.

You go home, I'll talk to him and come.

Father, I said go home, this fool first picked up the fight.

How dare you call me fool! Get everyone into the vehicle.

Sir...sir...please leave them. sir...I beg falling at your feet, sir.

Get up, father. Why are you falling at his feet?

Sir, it's life of boys, please leave them, sir.

He'll not come here again. I said no, father, please get up.

Sir, I'll take care of him, please leave him, sir.

Why are you falling at his feet, father?

Whatever be the problem, let's take it head on, father.

Sir... Don't cry, father.

Sir...sir...sir... I told you, father, please get up.

Get up, father...let's go.

Please listen to me, father... come, let's go.

Sir, I beg you. Please leave him, sir.

Don't dump slaughterhouse waste here!

Don't dump medical waste here!

Is my village dump yard for you?

Have you taken bribe to make it dump yard?

Stop it...stop it...

Make a promise....make a promise...

Promise livelihood for us!

Ban it...ban it... Stop it...stop it...

Allow us to live! Allow us to live!

Enough of it!

Have you got permission to protest?

We thought you'd protect us but are you threatening us?

Sir, go and call your senior officer.

Hey Guna! Are you bossing over me?

Sir, our lifeline is this earth.

They're polluting it with dumping slaughterhouse waste and chemicals.

It's stinking so much that school children and women have to close noses passing it.

We've complained to every officer.

Nobody has taken any action till date.

Not just that people are getting affected with contagious diseases because of it.

We too are living here only, how come you get disease but not us?

Why are you troubling us?

There are concerned officers to look after it.

Are you creating problem by playing politics?

If fighting for right is politics, we'll surely do it, sir.

We condemn Police inaction!

Don't threaten working class! Don't threaten working class!

Go...go away, I'll forgive you all. Go...mind your work.

Sword that is sharp on both sides can cut easily.

It has power to split man from soul.

It has strength to cut anything.

We look at thoughts and principles.

Abraham...4 chapter, 12 verse.

Sorry, father. We didn't do anything.

I didn't know police would humiliate us like this.

Everyone present there know this.

But nobody was able to talk because of police, father.

Don't I know about my son?

We mustn't go against the people in power.

How many places that police officer would've worked?

All we know is this village only.

Our land is important to us.

Let's take a back step.

We don't lose anything doing that.

I know you and Guna very well.

You must learn about politics at this age.

But you must be wise enough to know on whom it should be used.

Had you or Guna done anything that day?

Police would've played politics to turn public against you.

Understand this, son.

Son, you're my world.

If anything happens to you, I can't bear it, son.

Take care.

Sorry, father.

Looks like you're in deep thought.

I'm asking you, right? Answer me.



What happened to you?

Gomathi... Yes.

Whether I'm alive or dead, the smile on your face mustn't fade.

You must be fine, that's enough.

Gomathi, don't cry please.

Gomathi, don't cry.

I'm talking to you, right?

Look at me!

Don't ever talk like this for fun also.

Look at me, please.

Don't cry.

Look at please.

Smile please.

Unit one, Coral Draw Basics.

Unit two, Drawing and Selecting, Unit three, Working with task, Unit four, Working with units.

Lesson started with unit one and two.

Madam, may I come in?

Yes, come in.

Hey....hey, bro! What man?

You're not answering my phone calls.

Attitude? Trying to belittle friendship?

No, brother. Never seen my father crying.

He stood before the village in tears for my sake, it still haunts me.

What happened that day wasn't an insult to your father only, for all of us too!

Let's give that policeman a fitting reply at right time.

But for that avoiding us is not right.

Who is the girl? Who?

I practically raised you from childhood.

So, you've grown up to date a girl without my knowledge.

She's studying with you, right? Yes, brother.

We're coming to college tomorrow. Okay, brother.

Let's talk and settle it. Happy?

Don't sit here and day dream, go home, boy.

Hello! Have you reached college, Gomathi?

Yes, I've reached college.

Meet and talk to her. Okay?

I'll take care of it. Okay, I'll cut it.


Sister-in-law, she's coming.

Sister, please stop for a moment.

My name is Gomathi. Lenin's sister-in-law.

I'll come to the point straight.

He likes you very much. He wants to tell you about this.

For now, just your opinion is enough.

Elders in family with discuss and fix it later.

What do you say?

Won't he come and tell me directly?

When I enter class and go out or while eating in canteen, when I wait for bus in bus stand, he follows me everywhere but won't talk to me directly, right?

You tell him to come and talk to me directly.

We'll talk over it. Come girls, let's go.

What did she say, sister-in-law?

She made fun of you.

What are you saying, sister-in-law?

Hey dumbo! She wants you to talk to her directly.

I didn't get it. Didn't get it?

She symbolically said she too loves you.

What else? Looks like you've found a love!

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

You're beating in my heart after making it skip a beat...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

You're beating in my heart after making it skip a beat...

O girl, you're playing havoc with my life...

My world is enchanted on seeing you...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

I'll wait for your love all my life...

Like harvesting paddy, you took away my heart...

But please don't go away from me, I'll die...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

You're beating in my heart after making it skip a beat...

Beautiful like classical Tamil... Epic romantic poem...

A marvelous painting in sari...

My heart is after you... Flying high into sky like kite...

I'll always be around you like the string of top...

O girl, you're playing havoc with my life...

My world is enchanted on seeing you...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

I'll wait for your love all my life...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

You're beating in my heart after making it skip a beat...

You've created ripples in the serene life of a country boy...

O beauty, I will wait all my life for your smile...

You've hurt my heart, O dear... May I apply you as balm?

You've entered my life boisterously... I'll take care of you well...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

You're beating in my heart after making it skip a beat...

O girl, you're playing havoc with my life...

I'll wait for your love all my life...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

I'll wait for your love all my life...

Like harvesting paddy, you took away my heart...

But please don't go away from me, I'll die...

O dear, one who entered my heart through eyes...

You're my love after making it skip a beat...

Brother Guna! Come, bro.

Isai, come in. Please come in.

What brings you here unannounced?

You look more handsome when I see you with sister.

You discuss, I'll get you coffee.

Wait, I'll also come.

Both of you and fix something.

Your home is traditional and very cute.

Do you like Lenin very much?

Trust me, I'll die without Lenin.

I'll look after him like his mother.

Why are you getting so emotional?

Keep your Lenin to yourself, serve coffee to them.

I've given petition in Collector's office, I think they'll not dump here anymore.

Brother, have it.

You too. What's this?- Coffee.

To drink, right? Drink it carefully, boy.

Lenin, you're very fortunate.





Hey Guna, open the door.


Wait, I'm coming.


Guna! Wait, man.

Looks like you'll break open the door.

Hey Kamarasu! Is it you?

What brings you here at this hour?

Buddy, Kerala guys have started it again. What are you saying?

Yes, buddy. They're entering with two lorry loads.

Stinking like hell. You come, buddy. Let's stop them.

They'll do anything if there's no one to stop them.

Wait, I'm coming.

Careful, it may blow into a big issue.

You sleep silently, I know what to do with them.

If we leave them, they'll bury us alive.

Hello, father. Tell me, dear.

Why are you calling at this hour, Gomathi?

Father, Guna is going out. Looks like there's a problem.

Please go and check, father. What are you saying, dear?

Kamarasu brother told him Kerala guys were dumping some trash.

Why is he getting involved into this?

We mustn't spare them tonight. Come. Come quickly.

Where are they? Tonight, we must put an end to this.

Come quickly. Look there, that lorry, right?

Yes, buddy, that's the vehicle.

Look, they're dumping trash stealthily after village is sleeping.

Come on.

They're going overboard as there's no one to stop them.

Brother, please don't beat us.

We didn't do it, brother. You're ruining the place.

Please leave us, brother. Will you kill people here?

Kamarasu, see what nasty things they're dumping here.

They'll come back for vehicle, right? Let's take them to task then.

They're dumping trash here to ruin this place.

Should we remain silent spectator?

What should we do with them, brother? We must do something with them.

Buddy, they've dumped left overs of chicken and meat products.

Not just slaughter house waste but medical waste too.

We mustn't spare them, brother.

That bloody Councillor...

Where are you going, Guna?

We went to the border of the village, brother.

Why? They've started to dump trash again.

Who? Those Kerala guys.

Kerala guys? What are you saying?

What's there to say?

If we don't protest, they'll turn this into dump yard.

We must watch it silently.

What's this, Guna?

Why are you getting involved into this unnecessarily?

I already knew they would start dumping after village goes to sleep.

Why are you taking risk?

We voted for them, right?

That's why they're making us run all over place at night like dogs.

Our MLA and Councillor have to answer for this.

Councillor is responsible for this.

We all know this but who can dare ask him?

We must ask him.

We must do something to make them think about voters while taking bribe.

If we spare them, they wouldn't even blink an eye to run over us with a bulldozer.

They'll not just kill us, they'll build grave and swear on it.

What can we do, Kamarasu? Only get angry on them.

Only if we question their every action, politicians will fear us.

Why unnecessary discussion? Come, let's go to his home.

Let's hold him by his collar, only then he'll get some sense.

Mustn't spare Councillor.

Hey Councillor! Come out!

Come out...come out, man!

Come out...come out, man!

He'll sleep like a dead man now!

Come out I say! Hey come out, man!

Hey, come out, man!

You can wake a sleeping man but not who is acting sleep.

Hey, come out, man!

When they for votes, they'll bow and beg us humbly.

But we go to them for help, they'll ignore us as strangers.

We all know this well.

What the hell are you talking about?

We're shouting here, right? Come out, man!

Hey Councillor, come out.

Come out I say, hiding in home like a woman.

Come out, man.

Are you letting them dump trash at mid-night?

Are you coming out or want us to come in?

He'll sit silently inside like a doll.

No use of shouting here. Come, let's go.

All we got from shouting is dry throat.

You'll come to us some day, right? We'll take you to task then.

Why are you sitting silently, brother?

Kamarasu humiliated you in public.

With police cordon around you, he called you a coward, brother.

He humiliated us in public, brother.

Guna went with people at mid-night to councillor's house.

So, Councillor is furious on him.

If we finish him now, no one will suspect us.

Let's pay and get boys from outside to do it.

We must instill fear in people about facing dire consequences.

This fool was the first to start the trouble.

Can I foresee people would attack my home at mid-night?

Guna was responsible for it.

We let him to involve in this issue, right?

That's why he running like a bull in China.

Guna is young blood, it'll talk politics.

For our experience, we mustn't let him into politics.


Everything was fine till now, sir.

I trusted only you, sir.

You must fix this issue for me.

Don't worry, sir. I'll not run away.

They weren't wrong, it's you who did it.

When you do something wrong, ancestors said, do it secretly .

Did they say it for nothing?

Elders' words are God's words!

We must understand and follow it.

What's the use of looking at me? I'm talking to you, Chettan.

Tell me, why you are here?

Okay, sir.

I'm happy, you said it. That's okay, sir.

But a small problem, sir.

From tonight, extra two lorry loads would be dumped.

Sir, you must clear it from check post.

Chettan, it isn't easy like you think. Problem has taken a turn.

Even kids are talking about it using Facebook and WhatsApp.

Just a misstep and we'll lose everything.

Hereafter every step we take must be taken very carefully, brother.

You won't face any problem, sir.

Everything will go on finely.

I'll take responsibility, take money without pondering, sir.

What are you thinking about, sir?

Take it, sir.

Take it, sir.

I'm taking risk again for you only.

Maha, before matter leaks out, finish the job.

There's talk in village about dumping trash.

I've called the doctor to run a camp.

That's right, brother.

We can't support Kerala guys going against our people.

You arrange the camp.

Let's divert people's attention without marring your name, brother.

I'll give some money, finish it.

Maha, it has four. Finish the job.

Okay, sir. You've given the order, right?

I'll do as you say.

Stay aloof from Guna and village problem.

But do it when I tell you, okay? Okay, sir.

Councillor and Police are trying to divert people's attention.

Greetings to everyone!

Our sir has take special permission to arrange medical camp here.

If all of you give your blood samples, it'll help us to treat you properly.

Brother, please stop.

What are they doing there? I don't know, brother.

Please co-operate with us.

What's this? No one is turning up.

Let's go and see it, brother.

What's going on here, madam?

Look sir, people of your village are not co-operating with us.

We can do further treatment only if they give us blood samples.

At least you explain to them, sir.

Brother Murthy, sister Geetha, all of you listen carefully.

Authorities have sent doctors to check our health.

We asked for our rights with Councillor, right?

That's why they're here.

What if we don't co-operate with them?

All of you please try to understand.

Your anger is justified.

Spit anger and please come to the camp.

Sister, please come. Brother, please come.

They're here for our struggle, right? Why have second thoughts now?

Madam, start your work. Okay, sir.

Councillor's enmity with Guna and boys. Appukutty planned to use this advantage.

Brother! Come in and sit, brother.

Would boys finish the job cleanly?

Brother, don't let fear take over you, go home and sleep peacefully.

Boys finished it perfectly, job is done, don't worry, brother.


Problem would get solved clearly, right?

Sure, nothing will happen, brother.

Nothing will go wrong, right? It'll not, brother.

As planned by Appukutty, this incident increased Guna and boys' anger on Councillor.

What mistake have we done?

We raised voice for our basic right.

Did we go against the govt.?

Did we strip naked to protest?

Or did we hold some politician by his collar?

A man is waiting with weapon to kill us.

Today the weapon was in his hand, how can anyone assure that Guna wouldn't be the next victim?

We went to and raised voice in Councillor's house, right?

He retaliated now.

We mustn't leave it. They'll not let us live here.

Brother, is a village it is considered as wrong for us to talk about politics.

No use in fighting weapons.

We voted for them, right?

For voting them, we've to save ourselves.

Hey anti-Indian, you escaped this time, next time they'll finish you perfectly.


Brother! Would they dare hack him?

Is he lady's finger or brinjal for them to cut easily?

Entire village is stinking, if anyone dares question it, would they hack him?

Today the weapon almost killed him, I pray to God that no one else must become a victim to it.

My prayers for years has saved you this time.

Why are you crying, father?

We women are there for him as sisters and mothers.

Why are you crying?


Losing Gomathi plunged Guna's life into darkness of intoxication.

It shattered his life.

Get that waste fellow.

Come on, man.

You dumped trash and ruined this village.

How many times we may warn, won't you listen to us?

Will you keep on coming?

No one here may dare ask you but I'll keep on asking to stop till end.

What man?

As him to come, I'll take on anyone it may be.

Isn't there anyone to stop you?

Hello sir!

Please don't create a scene by getting drunk.

Sir, don't... Ask him to come immediately.

Ask him to come immediately. Okay, sir.

I'll wait here.

Did you ask him to come?

Tell him to come or else I'll burn down the vehicle.

I'm telling you respectfully, go away, please.

If sir comes here, you'll be in trouble. Get going.

You mustn't speak now, you asked him to come, right?

Let him come, I'll talk to him.

If I stand he comes...

He and his damn...

Sir is here, please go away silently. He's here, right? Keep quiet, man.

He's here, right? Keep quiet, man.

Please stand aside.

Welcome Councillor...come...come...

Every village needs a councillor like you.

Won't you show even little loyalty to this village and it's people?

You've come here for his bribe.

No one may dare ask you but I'll come to ask for the society.

I'll stand on it till the end.

He's creating problem for dumping waste here, sir.

Young blood is forcing him to rebel.

Hey, shut and go away. If not I'll thrash you.

Why are you talking to him, brother?

We'll finish him. Finish me?

Hey politicians! Won't you spare even one home?

Why do you need so much money?

We voted for you hoping for better life.


Councillor who was waiting for an opportune time, he decided to instill fear in entire village by killing Guna.

Guna...Guna... Hey Lenin! Come here.

What happened to you, Guna? Get up! Who did this?

Get up, Guna.

Who is it, father?

Look at him, son.

Guna get up. Brother Guna!


Brother Guna...

I don't know how to console you.

Nobody expected it would happen like this to Guna.

No one can fill his gap.

But how many more days will you mourn for him?

Why don't you try to change yourself?

Even situations arise in life when we've to miss people, we've to accept the reality.

I'm not any wiser to advice you.

But I can't bear to see my Lenin in this condition.


Try to change yourself.

Brother, why are you like this?

Guna's death is hurting me a lot.

We should've bumped him off, but someone else killed Guna.

Though he may be our enemy, when this village faces any problem, he's the first guy to come out bravely.

I've saved it working hard, sir.

Sir...sir, I'll pay it. Please sir...please...

No sir...please leave me, sir!

When financer took away my vehicle for failing to pay installment, Guna pledged his wife's jewels to redeem it.

How is he related to help me?

Even close relatives deny help when we go seeking.

He's very good man.

We should've helped him when he was alive.

Isai, please come in.

No problem, I'll go now. I'll come some other day.

I said come in.


She's Isai Arasi. Greetings, uncle.

Please sit down, dear.

Sit there.

Go, talk to him.

Sorry uncle, I had to meet you without intimation.

No dear, infact I feel bad to meet you in this situation.

What can we do?

Did we expect this to happen?

It was God's decision.

No uncle, Guna's death has affected Lenin very much.

He's very disturbed.

Guna's death isn't just loss to Lenin, it's a loss to entire village.

Look at that house, his wife died and then he too died.

A home without inhabitants.

If this place faces any problem, he'll be at the forefront to take on.

He talked about politics saying we must fight for our rights.

But they killed him like a street dog.

I'm still to get over it.

May his soul rest in peace.

Forget about that, you've come to house for the first time, what would you like to have, dear?

Oh no problem, uncle. I'm getting late. I'll take leave.

Boys told me Lenin loves you after me.

I raised him without denying anything.

I don't know how his mother would've raised him if she was alive.

You must look after him well after me.


Child is crying, please see him.

Mosquito menace, father. I'll check him.

You put the child out in open and say mosquitoes.

Take him inside.

Stink and mosquitoes from dump yard, the area witnessed many mysterious deaths.

A part of these deaths, it didn't spare Arumugam who took loan from usury for daughter's marriage.

Oh no, my child will be hungry.

People of Thannilangadu village decided, to show their anger on politicians, laying siege of the road with dead bodies, decided to fight in protest!

Hey, stop!

How many times we warned you?

Would we face this situation if you had been little reasonable?

How many lives!

You played politics with it.

They'll play politics for life or death.

When they come seeking votes, they'll bow and beg us, after winning, if we face any problem, even if we fall at their feet, they don't even care to see.

Why not spend rest of our lives as usual?

There are rules for discussion also.

I've informed higher authorities about your problem.

I'll correct it.

Who is higher authority?

Who gave permission to Kerala guys to dump wastage here?

Your higher authority gave the permission, right?

It's not the fault of Kerala people but you.

Power of rule is in you politicians' hands.

Are his lorries crossing check post without your permission?

You're sucking our blood for the currency notes he gives.

Even weapons have mercy!

Your family mustn't face the fate of these dead.

At least for that take action on them.

Let this pain go away with us.

How many more deaths would stop your politics?

You don't even consider as humans, right?

You can't give us basic health services, how can you console us?

So many people died because of slaughter house and medical waste dumped by Kerala.

We're living in fear of death without knowing why we're dying and for what!

We voted for you, right?

That's why we're on streets losing many in family.

Bloody sinners, mother, child and head of family have died like orphans.

You killed them unjustly.

If you spare us alive, we'll vote again.

If you kill us too, who would vote for you?

Bloody killers!

At least spare us to vote for you. I beg you, sir.

Grandma, calm down. Please don't cry, sister.

Solve the problem in a week.

If not we'll spread message to entire Tamil Nadu through Facebook, Whatsapp, and fight for our rights.

Whether we support govt. or rebel against it, it's in your hands, who rule over us. Beware!

Enough of voting for you and bowing before you.

Please allow us to live in peace, that's enough for us.

What Sivam? It seems you're sniffing for money here.

Nothing like that, brother.

My enemy has spread this news, brother.

The day people realize we're playing politics with all their problems, that'll be the end of our political life.

Politicians who ruled before us played politics with basic elements also.

If people realize we too are similar, it doesn't augur well for us, Sivam.

Don't play politics in wastage dumping, try to be loyal to the people who had voted for you. Go!

Sister, please stop.

Where are you going, sister?

What happened, sister?

Where are you going?

Instead of dying with disease here, better to live elsewhere peacefully.

What's this, sister?

I've lost confidence after seeing an elderly man's body on road.

To protect future and this kid, we'll go away to some other place.

Why are you talking so dejectedly?

Your roots are here but want to go away from here.

We're here for you, sister.

We went against Councillor and MLA for your sake, sister.

Then, what respect do we've for our native place?

Sister, please think over.

How can you disown native place and go away, sister?

Let's fight, this is your land. How can walk away from it?

Don't go sister, we're there for you.

Come, let's go. Sister, one minute please.


Lenin, what can you do if they decide to go?

Some times life's situation decides!

You come...come.

Come I say!

Come in.







What happened, Lenin?

Isai, look at him...



Father, talk to me once...

Father, look at me once...

What death promises always gives it...

What life promises never gives it...

Come back alive again, father...

Give me back my smile, father...

Father, talk to me once...

You fathered me...

You were my mother also till now...

I became a beast... You made me a human again...

My world too died along with you...

Your last words would kill me...


Father, I'm hungry.

Do whatever makes you happy!

But don't become a slave to that happiness.

Those who commit mistakes are not bad people.

But when a good man commits it, he becomes a bad man.

I'm confident my son will not commit mistakes.

I've raised my son as a good man and God's child.

Home is my father...

Word of love is my father...

I'm a beast, father...

You're God, father...

Father, talk to me once...

Father, look at me once...

What death promises always gives it...

What life promises never gives it...

Come back alive again, father...

Give me back my smile, father...

Buddy, look at me.

We feel very bad to see you in this condition.

Time and situations keep on rotating in circle.

We must just follow it.

I don't have age or experience to advice you.

Come, buddy.

Take 4 idlies. Brother, two omelettes.

Hey, pull over the bike.

Why, buddy? Come on, tell me.

Order two full bottles.

Take it, man. Take it, sir.

Sir, party is coming angrily.

Okay, let him come.

Come, brother.

Life always gives us sudden unexpected shocks.

We must get over it.

What to do now?

Come, let's go.

Lenin's anger created a new problem.

Bloody! What do you think of yourself? Brother, don't hit me.

He did it unwittingly, brother.

What bloody unwittingly?


That too a police man!

Would they leave us so easily?

Oh no, gone! Everything is gone. They'll not let us live here.

We're ordinary people.

Food problem, job problem, home problem.

We're daily wage earners who struggle every day for livelihood.

Infact we've to wage a war everyday to keep us alive.

What's the use of talking now, brother?

Let bygones be bygones.

Let's think about what has to be done!


Buddy, don't cry.

We're there for you. Would we let you down?

Brother, look at him.

You tell him, brother.

Don't think too much, brother.

Who else is there for him other than we, brother.

Come in, Suresh. Come in, Salim.

I've informed the matter to Appukutty.

He's waiting in auto near Municipal office.

It's safe for Lenin to stay there for tonight.

What are you saying, Salim? We're at loggerheads with each other.

What if he betrays the boy as revenge?

Did he kill any ordinary man?

Police officer.

Kamarasu, I'm telling for our good only.

Whatever it may be, Appukutty is from our villge.

Though he may have betrayed us many times, won't there be a little loyalty hidden deep inside his heart?

We can't live in exile discarding everyone as traitor or enemy.

Lenin is Christian, Suresh is Hindu, I'm a Muslim, did we meet here at mid-night for religion or caste?

He has a problem. That's why we're standing united.

Love has brought us together.

Man came into this world first, not caste or religion.

Kamarasu, think about what is to be done.

We must do something by morning.

Okay Salim, check and inform on phone.

Suresh, go carefully. Police are on rounds.

Why did you do like this?

Already there are many problems in village.

You added one more.

Brother, nobody expected he would do like this.

Brother, forget about the past.

Brother, you must get him out of this problem.

Why are you insisting on it? He's like my younger brother.

I'll see it.

For whom should I live now, brother?

Our Guna, what was his crime?

He fought for the rights of people.

Ruling class didn't like it.

How can they like it?

Govt. here worries about maintaining 300 feet statue, never cares to get a ladder to douse fire at 30 feet, that's how our Govts. work here!

My Guna didn't die, brother.

He's here only, I'll do what he wanted to do.

Lenin, if we stand against power, it'll ruin us.

We must think and talk about politics.

Our blood is young. The heat mustn't cool down.

Got it? Let's think over it.

Brother, you didn't kill ordinary man. Police officer.

That's more than enough to put us in jail for life.

First be safe for tonight.

We can think about future tomorrow. Got it?

Why are you crying?

I asked you a question, right?

Why did you do like this?

Will you please stop talking about it?

Let's go to some other place.

Leaving this village and everything behind to some place peacefully.

Then...don't bother about whatever may happen to anyone here.

You must live peacefully, that's what you want, right?

I don't need you.

My village, my land and my people.

Friendship is important to me.

Then, you don't want me, right?

Answer me, I asked you a question, right?

Okay, I'm going. Go.

Go away.

Don't you ever come back again.


Go away.

Is it mistake of love or eyes?

Is it heart's mistake that never forgets anything?

My love...

I'm living in fire...

Why are you living in hatred?

Love pain in heart is sweet...

My missing eyes are on fire...

I've become feast to duty... But I'm hungry for love...

I've become feast to duty... But I'm hungry for love...

Love is beyond body, a deep intense feeling of affection...

My heart is searching for life away from body...

What you say is true, my love...

I second what you say...

Call of duty is beyond love...

Eyes are oozing love instead of tears...

I don't want your shadow... I don't want your eyes...

Your voice is enough... Enough...enough...

Don't torture teasing me......

O dear, don't kill me with your love...

Don't kill me...don't kill me...

Don't torture teasing me......

O dear, don't kill me with your love...

Love pain in my heart...

Your sensitive soft touches... romance that touched you...

Those livid moments are still fresh in my heart...

Yesterday's lilting songs... gentle flowery rain...

They are ever fresh in my heart...

I'm no more what I used to be...

I'm're me... Where's separation for us?

Don't say this and go away from me...

Don't kill me staying away...

Don't say this and go away from me...

Don't kill me staying away...

Love pain in heart is sweet...

My missing eyes are on fire...

I've become feast to duty... But I'm hungry for love...

I've become feast to duty... But I'm hungry for love...

Brother Sagayam!

I'm thinking about surrendering him in station.

He killed a police officer.

It's risky to surrender with police.

Can we surrender him in court with AB?

Sagayam, you must save him at any cost.

You must free him from this problem.

What's this? Why are you requesting, bhai?

I'm here to serve you.

What he did is crime, but situation forced it on him.

Do one thing, come to court tomorrow morning.

Let's surrender him.

I'll keep the details ready.

Okay, bhai?

I'm leaving trusting you.


What's it, son?

Why are you so scared?

Father is with you only, son.

Why are you scared, son?


Those who commit crimes must be afraid.

Son, everything will be fine.

I've raised my son as good man and God's child.

Truth is on your side.

No need to fear anyone.

No need to fear anyone.

Truth is on your side.

Come brother Sagayam. Greetings.

Greetings, bhai. Everything will be fine, right brother?

Don't worry, bhai. I've prepared papers perfectly.

I'll come back after meeting magistrate.

Let's hope for the best.

Come, Selvam.

Why are you indifferent, Sagayam?

What happened, brother?

Bhai, our expectations turned topsy-turvy here.

I planned for a surrender here.

But they surrendered another man as accused.

I think some VIP is behind Lenin's case, bhai.

What are you saying, brother?

We've to be very careful from now.

Lenin, be careful.

Bhai, keep Lenin safe for next two days.

Brother, no more problems.

All your problems got solved amicably.

Salim, I've made a vow to carry Karagam if everything goes on fine.

Goddess Mother will take care of everything.

Don't worry, be happy.

Let's rock tomorrow's festival in temple.


Look, how well he cheated them...

Stealing from others to feed one's own child...

Leaving other children in dire straits...


Stealing 1000s of crores and paying Rs.1000 for a vote...

Left the state thirsting for water...


Price rise...cheating...



Caste clashes...cheating...

Cheating everyone to flourish...


Hey mister...

Dare come seeking votes now...

Dare watching this film...

Don't try to act smart with us... Times are changing, don't go overboard...

Don't you dare enter our streets... Don't celebrate, you can't win...

Bloody rascal...

Don't cheat us...

Cheating...cheating...O cheating....

Feelings? I'm asking, are you feeling bad?

I'm feeling bad, come on, play!


Here he comes to cheat you...

Here he comes to cheat you...

Here he comes to cheat you...


Is this enough or you want more?

Is this enough or you want more?

Is this enough or you want more?


Are boys ready?

Plan mustn't fail at any cost.



When did you come? Just now.

Hey, leader is here, come quickly.



Greetings, madam.

Welcome Durai!

Welcome... Greetings, Durai.

Hey, give me that.

Greetings, brother.

I heard you're doing good for the village.

I'm very happy, leader. Put it.

Your coming is indeed a great honour for this festival.

I'm very happy.

Greetings leader. Come, let's go.

Move...move... Greetings.


Honour leader with garland.

Hey run...this side...go quickly...

What happened, buddy?


It was all handiwork of Councillor.

We mustn't spare him, buddy. Come.

Come, let's go.

Hey Councillor! Come out, man!

Hey come out , man!



Buddy...forgive me..

Leave me.

Tell me, why are you after me?

No sir, I want to talk to him.

No problem, tell me, whatever it is.

No sir, for earlier medical camp, people agreed to give blood samples only after he talked to them.

So, I need to talk to him, sir.

We both are close friends, tell me, whatever it may be.

I'll take care of everything.

Sir, in the blood samples collected in your village, 30% of them have been infected with virus, sir.

What are you saying?

Councillor of that village bribed doctors to hide this fact, sir.

All the affected need to be treated, sir.

Don't know who else is affected with virus in this village?

We must take blood samples immediately.

I don't know how serious this problem is!

But I fear something big is about to happen.

Why I felt like telling you is, one of the victim was just a 3 year old child.

You must make it a big issue with Govt. circles and find a solution.

There's no other way for it, sir.

Locals never realize the power of local God.

Sir, if we stand by friend like Karna, we'll be in streets for a morsel of food.

I must happily.

Just tell me, what should I do?

Using avarice of Kamarasu, Councillor ensured no one ever dared to take on politicians.

Betrayal of Kamarasu shows us that we can never ever take on politicians.