Gambling Ship (1933) Script

Ace Corbin! Read all about it!

Corbin goes free!

Night special, extra!

Corbin goes free! Extra, extra, extra!

So Corbin's been acquitted, huh?

Yeah, it's going to be a busy summer for cops. Ha-ha.

Hey, you're crazy, Corbin's alright.

He always gave us some of his stuff to carry, didn't he?


I saw him at The Bijou once.

Gee, wasn't he real handsome.

Yeah, but he kills people. So does rheumatism.

Are you kidding Ace?

Why go on the lam now? The heat's off, ain't it?

Stay here and relax. What you want to travel for?

As soon as you get outside the city limits, it's all ash-carts.

Sure. Sure!

Now wait a minute, you mugs.

Did you ever hear of anybody talking me out of anything I wanted to do?

Alright Ace, be stubborn.

Well, I always have been and I always will be.

Listen Ace, if you want a little vacation ..

Why not come along with us up to The Springs for a few days?

That's the idea. What's wrong with that?

No boys, I'm getting out.

What do you mean you're "getting out"? I'm through, washed up, all done.

When I get on the train, that's the end of Ace Corbin.

I'm going away and I'm never coming back.

Yeah, where I go I'll be somebody else than I have been here.

A new name. New way of doing business, new friends, new everything.

You'd better speak to him. He's goofy.

Running out on us, eh?

No, I'm running out on myself.

Going straight.

Well maybe going straight doesn't pay, I don't know.

But boys, I'm sure going to find out.

You mean you're running out without getting square with Pete Manning, huh?

Yeah, that's it.

The guy that painted you into a murder charge and lammed?

You owe him something for that.

Yeah .. and that's one debt I'm not going to try to pay.

Jimmy. You can add that to your collection.

You can keep it .. even good men have to blast themselves loose sometimes.


Well, goodbye sweetheart. Goodbye darling.

Uhoh, now don't you cry now.

I'll write to you every day.

My picture.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

And remember, the climate on the coast is much healthier for you than here.


Very kind of you to come and see me off.

All aboard!

And don't forget what I told you. Every word ..

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Tickets please.

Say Conductor, is there a drawing-room vacant on the car behind?

Yes, I think so. Could you move me back there?

You see, I've some friends ..


Drawing-room "D".

I'll have the porter move your baggage.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Yes, ma'am.

Can you find a Pullman Conductor for me? Yes ma'am.

Oh here he is.

What can I do for you, Miss?

I'm moving into the car behind.

Yes sir. "D".

Here, porter.

Hey porter.

Back again.

Excuse me.

First call for lunch.

First call for lunch.

Last call for lunch.

Last call for lunch.

Ooh. Pardon me.

Can you tell me the way to the dining car?

Yes .. it's this way.

As a matter of fact I'm going there too.

May I? Well ..

After all, we are neighbors, aren't we?


Sorry, the dining car is the other way.

Been travelling quite a bit? Uhuh.

Abroad mostly.

Stop very long in Chicago? No. About half an hour.

Just enough time to get from the central train to this one.

It's your home? It was.

Are you going to stay in California long?

I haven't the faintest idea.

I'm completely footloose.

And fancy free?

Yes, up to now. Oh, that's delightful.

That's the word.

I'm just going to roll my loaf and see what happens.

What do you expect to happen?

Something nice. Something exciting?

No. Interesting.

I've had my fill of excitement. What do you call "interesting"?

I said "what do you call interesting"?

I heard you. You want my answer? Yes.


Oh .. how direct.

I meant it to be.

Excitement is one thing but believe me, it can be very dull.

"Interesting adventure"? That's something else again.

You're the most interesting adventure .. I think I'd better go in.

Oh, please don't go in yet.

I feel so strange sitting here talking to somebody I scarcely know.

My uncle and aunt would have a fit if they could see me now.

Don't you live with your parents? No, I have none.

My uncle has managed the estate ever since I was quite a little girl.

So Miss Kenniston?

Oh Mr Graham.

Now we're better acquainted don't you think that ..

"Bruce" and "Eleanor" would be less of a strain?

I think it sounds fair enough.

"Eleanor Kenniston". I like that name. You do? Why?

Why not? Why not.

You having fun? Hmm. For no good reason.

So am I.

Would you believe me when I tell you that ..

Sitting here, talking to you about nothing that matters ..

I'm having more real fun than I've had in years.

Really? Why?

Shall I tell you?


Let me guess.

And when we get to say, Albuquerque, you can tell me if I was right.

Oh look ..


Aren't these things lovely.

Yeah, they're great. Makes you want to buy everything you see.

Ooh .. are these real Indian baskets?

Hur, hur.

How much?

Five dollar.

Oh no. Why, they all have the same design.

Looks like job-lot stuff.

You think they're fake? Why sure.

Factories turn that stuff out in bales.

You are cockeyed.

Made here.

Here. Say, why the "Ur"?

Tourists expect it.

Glad that something is on the level.

Oh, look at these little men. Aren't they cute?

He's what I'd call a handsome fellow. Let's take him along for good luck.

How much is that? Two bucks.



Refreshing, isn't it? Yes .. it is.

You know, back East I'd almost forgotten there's such things as stars and a moon.

Nothing is.

I've found it much healthier out here.

Yes, one is apt to live much longer too.

Wish I never had to go back.

It would be nice, wouldn't it?

You meant it?

All aboard!

Yes, come on.

Goodbye sweetheart. Goodbye.

I'll write to you every day, darling. Oh just a minute.

There's my picture. Goodbye.


One more day.


It has been fun, hasn't it. Hmm.

Grand fun.

Goodnight .. Bruce.


I wonder why she doesn't want me to be there?

Eleanor's a wise girl.

I once met a girl on a train. She forgot to wire her husband not to meet her.

What happened? All the shots went wild.

Here, take one. No.

Hey, I've got it.

She's got a boob in tow.

Remember the sucker she brought in from Milwaukee last time?


Sure. It's a bankroll.

And boy how we need it.

Say boss.

There's a baby-face out there that just beat us for sixty-two hundred.

Sixty-two hundred?

What will we do?

Ask the gentleman to step in here.

Shoot fifty cents.

Do you mind stepping into the office for a minute?

What for? Your money.

Can't I wait in here?

The pay-off is in there.

Good evening.

How do you do.

Sit down.

Thank you.

Have a cigar?

No thanks. I don't smoke.

I do.

Have a drink? No thanks. I don't drink.

I do.

Sixty-two hundred, wasn't it?

Exactly right.

Excuse me. I would rather have the cash.

We'd rather pay in cash. It saves bookkeeping.

But our customers have had a lot of trouble with Manning's crowd.

Manning? Yeah.

He runs out of the ship.

They were holding up our patrons.

That's why we insist on you taking a check.

Well if you .. insist.

Who do I make it out to?

Charles T. Pearson.


Thank you. Not at all.

A pleasure.

Well, goodnight.

Call again. I will.



It's a pleasure.

Boss .. it's as good as here already.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Let me help you with your coat. Oh, never mind.

Oh yes .. it's chilly riding back in those taxis.

Had a man out here last week and he took a terrible cold.

I wouldn't want that to happen to you.

Goodnight. Goodnight.



Hear it is.

As good as here, already! Huh?

The dirty double-crosser ..

I'll get even with him for this.

How we going to cover that check?

I got it.

Maybe .. Eleanor?

You know trains travel too fast. Much!

Where shall we dine this evening? I don't know whether I can.

Oh, now you're not going to disappoint me on our first evening in town.

It depends on what uncle and aunt have arranged.

I'll call you up. What's the number?

I'd rather get in touch with you.

Where are you going to be stopping? The Berkwood. When will you call?

As soon as I can. Will you call me this afternoon?

I expect so. Alright.

Bye. Bye.



Oh Eleanor!



Oh, here you are.

Hello Jeanne. Glad to see you.

Just a minute and I'll be out. Okay.

Oh pet. Give me a towel will you.

Don't rub off all the dirt. Save some for me.

How did you know I was home? The elevator operator told me.

And you left your door open. Oh, I did?

Well, how are you?

I'm on the edge, between a hangover and the jitters.

I am a correspondent. For what?

You remember that guy Krantz who was chasing round after me? - Yes.

His wife, the old horse-face.

She's suing him for divorce and naming me, it.

You don't say?

And all we did was take a trip to Havana.

And she gets the wrong idea.

Gee, it's swell to have you home, angel. Now what's the dirt with you?

Oh, uh ..


What? Back from the East and no dirt?

I'm in a spot.

What kind of spot?

I'm in love.


Who with?

A man I met on the train.

"Bruce Graham". Oh, one of those train romances?

So what?

I don't know.

Have you told Joe? No.

But I'm going to.

And get yourself a nice little sock on the jaw, huh?

Yeah, I know. It's a mess.

And Joe's always struck square with me.

Or what he calls square, which makes it worse.

Hey. You mean you want to get married?

I've never wanted anything so much in all my life.

Does he know about you?


And I'm not going to tell him.

I can't .. I won't.

I'm Miss Kenniston to him, not La Velle.

You know, I've got a right to try and get out of this.

I've played with the crowd. I've shot square with them in the crowd's way.

But I hate it. I've always hated it.

And now I've got this chance to get out, I'm going to take it.

And I won't let Joe stop me. I won't.

You going to tell Joe all this?

Yeah, I know. It's going to be tough.

I've got to make him understand.

Oh, you've got to make him understand.

You take my tip and don't try.

If you truly love someone on the outside and want to make the grade with them.

You pack a bag and lam out of here and do it now.

Go to your good-luck Johnny.

But honey, pray that Joe never finds you.

Hello, darling.

Here's Joe.

Well, I uh. I think I'd better be going.

Hello Joe.


Hey, what's the matter with her?

She seems to be in a hurry.

Oh, she's got a date. With a judge.

Good morning. Good morning.

Nice of you to send the flowers. That's alright, babe.

My, I'm glad you're back. Say, that telegram was great news.

What? Where's the boob?

The who? The boob.

The John. The sucker.

That's why you didn't want to meet me? Yeah, yeah.

Well .. he got off the hook.


That's the kind of luck I'm running in. Couldn't have brought back a live one.

What's wrong? Manning's put the cleaner to me.

His mob has got all the customers away from my boat.

I haven't even got enough dough left to pay off the help.


You've been in tight corners you've got out before.

It's grapes this time.

By this time tomorrow, I'll be plastered all over town as a "welsher".

I got a flock of checks out, that will bounce back.

And you know what it means, to "welsh"?

Oh, gee, I'm sorry.

I had no idea it was as bad as that.


You've always shot square with me.

That's what makes it so tough, what I'm going to tell you.

It's going to hurt, but ..

The way things are, I think it's best for you to give me up.

Call it .. quits.

Well, uh ..

If you're giving me the air? Now, don't get me wrong.

I'm trying to give you a break.

I've .. scraped up about .. 900 bucks.

Here .. you take it.

It's enough to get you to London, Paris or Berlin.

They've probably forgotten all about you by now.

What kind of a heel do you take me for?


In our game there's only one answer to a welsher.

And not a chance to dodge.

That's why I want you to beat it before the blow-off.

And there is just one thing I won't do.

And that is: run out while there's trouble.

How much do you need? Nine grand.


Maybe I can get it for you.

Where would you get it from? I'll tell you when I give it to you.

Meet me at Adolph's.

Hello operator. This is Mr Graham.

Sorry to trouble you again, but are you sure Miss Kenniston hasn't called me?

So, keep watching for her will you.

Yes, Mr Graham.

I'll be sure to look out for it.

That guy in 412 is sure running a temperature for some girl.

Acey boy! Fill that up kid. How are you baby?

Well Blooey, how are you?

I've never seen you looking so good in your entire .. oh come in Joe.

My boss, Joe Burke. This is my pal, Ace Corbin.

How do you do. Glad to see you.

Well, go right in. Sit down.

Why didn't you tell me you was coming here?

Well Blooey, I meant to keep it quiet. How'd you know I was here?

I saw you register this morning.

You was in the elevator before I could get you.

What brought you out here? Well, you see ..

Well uh ..

Well, you see there was a girl in the East and ..

I didn't know she was Red Dougan's girl.

And when Red Dougan found out ..

Well, anyway I always wanted to see California.

What's on your mind?

Burke runs the casino.

One of the ship's off the coast. Oh yeah?

Blooey will vouch for me.

I'm a square shooter on the up-and-up.

Just like you, Ace. A credit to the community.

I've got a great racket. Full layout and everything. An established business.

And if you're out here looking for a chance to get into something I ..

Might consider taking in a partner.

Oh no thanks. I'm not interested.

It's a soft spot for you Ace.

You know I wouldn't steer you into anything that wasn't good.

Listen, I'm out here to enjoy myself and that's all.

Sure, you're going to have the time of your life, shooting up Pete Manning.

Is he here?

Of course, Ace. You wouldn't keep tabs on the guy that double-crossed you.

Everybody knows what a forgiving nature you've got.

Don't they, Blooey? Oh sure.

Ace always sends flowers.

I'm going to lay my cards right on the table.

You see, I haven't any more use for Manning than you have.

He's my opposition.

But I'm here to tell you that you can't get him alone.

He's got a mob around him.

Now, you come in with me, and I'll turn my outfit over to you to run.

Now get this straight.

Whether you believe it or not, I'm not looking for Pete Manning.

Say, this is a pleasure trip. A vacation.

Yeah, I'm going to laugh and play and have fun like other people.

Is that all? Sure.


Oh, what a relief.

Say, I was beginning to think you might not call.

Listen, Eleanor.

I've planned so many things for us, I ..


Oh, why not?

I am .. I'm dreadfully sorry.

It just can't be helped.


Something happened.


I simply can't.

There's nothing wrong with you, I hope?

Oh, your uncle.

Anything serious?

Well, of course. If he's as bad as all that ..

Well, what does the doctor say?

Can you get away this evening?

Alright. Well, what about tomorrow?

I'll try my best.

Oh no.

Of course I wouldn't spoil your vacation.

Yes, dear.


There's a break for you.

I meet the right man at last and then I have to pass him up.

Nobody's forcing you.

I couldn't walk out on Joe while he's down and out.

It's the time to walk out on him.

Ace, if you let me explain.

Cut it! I'm not interested and I don't want to hear any more about it.

I guess you're in love alright. Well, what of it?

Hey, I know how it is myself.

Which reminds, me by the way. She's waiting for me now.

Do you mind if I use your phone?

Go ahead.

Republic 5-1-9-1.

Oh Ace.

You're going to live out here?

Yeah, why?

Well, if you don't mind my asking ..

Her name is Eleanor who?

Kenniston. Did you ever hear of her?

Why no.

No, I never heard the name.

No. I didn't think so.

She's not the kind of girl we're used to travelling with.

Oh Adolph? Joe Burke.

I want to talk to Miss La Velle.

I beg your pardon. Joe is calling you, Miss La Velle.

Hello Joe.

Hiya, babe.

I'm just finishing up some business.

Well now, you wait for me.

Yeah, I'll be right over.

Alright, babe.

Say, uh. How about joining us at lunch? My girl's got a friend.

No thanks. Well, glad to have met you anyway.

Glad to see you. Drop in again sometime.

So long, Ace. So long, Blooey.

Oh, Ace.

You don't mind if I hang around with you for a while, do you?

No. Not at all. Glad to have you.

See you later, boss. So long.

What's worrying you, Ace?

Say, Blooey.

What does a fellow do on a vacation?

Go fishing. Yeah, where?

Off our boat.

Just a thought.

Now, on the level. What is worrying you?

For the first time in years, not a thing.

No, I mean .. what you doing out here?

If I tell you, will you believe me? Sure.

I'm stopping off here on my way to heaven.

Well Ace, I said I'd believe you and I'll try but uh ..

Don't strain yourself, Blooey.

See if you can understand this.

I'm trying to get a young lady to marry me.

I thought you said "heaven"? And I meant it.

Blooey, she's no moll. She's a real girl.

Where'd you meet her? Oh, on the train.

I once met a girl on the train .. Never mind. This is different.

It's another reason why I want the kind of a life other people have a chance at.

You know, real people.

If you're going to talk riddles, I'll do a few tricks.

Here. Take one.

Are you still pulling that one?

Look at it.

A marked deck, huh?

Yeah, I took them off the ship.

You see, I play a lot of solitaire and it helps my game.

Hello Jeanne. Hello Joe.

Do any good?

Five is all I could get.

It'll help a little.


I wouldn't have let you do it if I'd known.

What of it?

I tried to sell a half-interest in the boat to Ace Corbin.

Who's he?

He's a big-shot and he doesn't like Manning.

Now, if I could have got him .. Here is Manning now.

Oh .. well, uh ..

I think .. I think I'd better be going.

Hello Burke. Hi, Manning.

A friend of mine got a check from you Burke.

Sixty-two hundred.

I knew you were a responsible operator so I cashed it for him.

The bank telephoned me this morning.

It bounced back.

Well .. there must be some mistake.

That's what I said.

Suppose we walk down to your bank and take care of it?

Joe can take care of some of it right now.

I want it all.

Why .. I didn't deposit today.

You bring the check onboard and I'll be glad to cash it.

Sure .. that's alright.

We'll be onboard for it.

I shouldn't come onboard if I were you, Mr Manning.


A friend of Joe's will be there. And he doesn't like you.


Ace Corbin.

He's Joe's partner now.

I see.

I heard he was in town.


I shouldn't hang around in the night air looking for him.

You might get some rust on that steel shirt of yours.

I'll be glad to see Ace again.

Have you gone goofy?

I just got through saying I can't get Corbin to come in with me.

Well, it won't do Manning any harm to think so.

Anyhow, I'd rather like to meet this Ace Corbin.

Maybe I can sell him the idea.

Come on in, boy.

Put the ice on the table there, will you.

Stay where you are, Corbin.

Sure. What do you want?

Manning told us to drop in.

Oh, Manning, eh?


He sent word for you to clear out of town tonight.


Well you go back and tell Manning I'm going to stay right here.

And if he doesn't lay off me and keep you clowns out of my hair ..

I'm going to take him apart and see what's inside of him.

Now if he's got anything else to say to me you tell him to come around himself.

If you feel that way about it .. Hands out your pockets!

Reach for the ceiling!

Come on, get him Ace! Get over there.

Why you boys ought to be ashamed of yourselves ..

Coming round here and annoying Mr Corbin like that.

Now go home and tell your mother you're out. You bad boy.

Now come on, get going. Get going!

Well, I'm sorry you boys don't drink.

I do.

Thanks Blooey. Oh, think nothing of it.

Quiet around here, ain't it? Let's go to a fight.

That's it. Down there. Down.

Let him have it! Up! Up!

Hey, this is a good fight.

Sure .. when we run out of fights we can see some shows.

Take a crack at golf.

I'm going to see that you enjoy yourself while you're out here.

This is the first time I ever saw Manning at a prize-fight.


Two rows behind you, on your left. Sitting with Blooey.



Come on, boys.

That's Manning's car.

Wake up, buddy. Keep still.

Look inside, Blooey. You might find something.

He had a Tommy all set for you. Yeah? Hop in.

Now get going buddy, and make it snappy.

Go ahead. I'll show you where.

Morning paper.

Look. That's your car.

That's all, buddy.

Now, go back and tell Manning I'm much obliged for the use of his car.


It looks like you're going to spend the rest of your vacation dodging Manning.

Yeah, looks like it.


You go and tell Burke that I'll take over his boat tomorrow night ..

If he'll stay off the ship and lets me handle things my own way.

Put it there, Ace.

Sometimes, even a good man has to blast his way loose.

Boy, I'm going to have a vacation if I have to kill a few guys.

Goodnight, Blooey.

Goodnight, Ace. See you tomorrow.

Down this way.

This way, folks. This way to the casino.

This way, people. Leaving right away.

Right over here for the Palace. All aboard for the casino.

Come right this way, folks. Come this way.

Palace taxi leaving right away, folks. Yes.

Palace ..

Hey, what are you doing? Keep your mouth shut.

What's the big idea?

What you say we take a walk? Come on.

Casino! Folks, tonight you'll have a good time at Casino.


All aboard for the casino, folks.

This way for the casino.

Manning went onboard ten minutes ago.

Yeah, how many taxis is he running? Four.

Get them all as fast as they come in.

All aboard for the Casino. Boat is leaving immediately.

Leaving right away for the casino folks.

Come on. Lift your feet.

Quiet .. take it easy. Come on.

Everything is all-set.

Let's go.

Feels good to be on board again, doesn't it.

Oh, you bet.

I feel lucky tonight Roger. You'll have to buy me lots and lots of chips.

Yes, yes, of course my darling. Anything you want.

Sounds too good to be true.

Can I take your wrap?

Jeanne. Just take a look at this.

Oh .. look at the mob.

It's going to mean a lot to Joe.

Who's Joe? Drinks Roger!

Well, yes, yes, of course.



Here .. take a card.

Look at it .. put it back.

Five of hearts. No.

Four of spades. No.

Great crowd out there, Ace. And more coming all the time.

Yeah, how's the take? More dough than I've seen in months.

Well, this is only just the beginning. That's what a new administration does.

Well, If Manning wants customers, he'd better ferry them over in his speedboat.

You get all the taxis? Yeah.

Jack of clubs. No.

Three of diamonds.

Well, what did I tell you?

Now, now listen.

Oh let me see? Champagne cocktails.

Oh my dear.

Champagne cocktails.


Hello Bruce.

I thought you couldn't get away.

Well, uh .. my uncle suddenly took a turn for the better.

Oh gee, why didn't you phone me?

I was going to, but I couldn't.

It doesn't matter. I've found you again.

Come on. Let's get a table so we can talk.

Who's he?

Does it matter?


But I always wonder what is underneath things.

So I've discovered.

You know, Roger.

Someday your curiosity is going to get you into a lot of trouble.



How'd you happen to find this place?

We .. thought we'd go sightseeing.

Give me a cigarette.

Eleanor, this is no place for a nice girl like you.

You're far above this kind of thing.

Do you think so? Sure.

A few nice people come here.

But there's a tough crowd behind the scenes.

There's always the danger of trouble.

How do you know?

Well I've, I've seen the gambling racket in New York.

Well, if it's as bad as all that what are you doing here?

Well, I had to find some excitement.

I'd have gone crazy in that hotel alone.

Or died an unnatural death.

Here, cash that check.

Mr Wilson.

Sorry, but I can't take care of you.

What do you mean, you can't take care of me? You can't stall me like that!

We don't cash personal checks during gambling hours.

Can that "personal check" stuff.

Joe Burke gave me this check for the money I won: $6,200.


Did you ever stop to think that ..

I might have invented an excuse for not seeing you?

Because I was afraid of falling too much in love with you?

Did you?

I guess it wasn't much use.

Mr Corbin? Ben wants you.


Yeah, yeah.

Corbin, not Graham.

Excuse me.

You haven't got enough money to pay off. Pardon me.

You have a check to be cashed? Yes. Bet your life I want the money.

May I see it?

Well, sixty-two hundred, eh? Right.

Here we are.


Now, let me make a few remarks.

You must know that these tables are all square. We always pay our obligations.

We enjoy the patronage of ladies and gentlemen.

Naturally, we object if people come aboard and call us thieves and crooks.

So If you don't mind, now you have your money, I'd like you to leave the ship.

It's alright with me.

Come on. Just a minute, Jockey. The boys want to make you feel at home.

All aboard.

You made it.

It's a good thing you had that money.

That's quite alright. Glad to do it. Goodnight.


Hey! Look out.

Shut up, if you know what's good for you.

You know a little fellow like you shouldn't carry so much money around.

It's mighty dangerous.

Now go back and tell Manning to keep his rats off my ship.

Hey boys.

Take this mug and throw him in the water over by the palace. His ears are dirty.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Hey .. you'd better count it.

That guy is crooked.

Well, I guess there isn't much to say, is there.

You see, my name is Ace Corbin. I'm running this ship.

I met a lady on the train.

The first one I've ever known.

So I changed my name.

Well, I guess I was a fool to shoot at the stars.

You'd have found out sooner or later.

I'm sorry.


It doesn't make any difference.

Hey, what's wrong around here?

Nobody in there!

Where's all the taxis?

I don't know, but the casino is doing plenty of business.

Give me those glasses.

There's one of our taxis.

Two of 'em.

What are they doing?

Going out to the casino.

Harry .. get some of the boys up here.


Where'd you come from?

Out of the water. What?

Yeah, Corbin's men threw me in.

Oh, they did, did they?

Yes. He said for you to keep your rats off of his ship.


Get the speedboat around here.

I'll put something better onboard for him.

Open the gangway!

Come on, boys. Let's beat it.


You know, that vacation stuff was straight.

I didn't intend to get mixed up in any more rackets.

I've going to quit for good. We'll get out of here.

Where to?

Any place .. I don't care. Do you?


Where do you want me to plant it?

Swing across the bow and toss it on the forward deck.

Are you hurt? No.

Good. Get off the boat and call me tomorrow.

Call the boys.

Eleanor, for heaven sakes come on.

I'm staying. Oh shut up.

You're crazy. What will Joe say? I don't care. I'll not go back to him.

This Bruce is him? Yeah.

Well, it's getting too hot for me.

Don't get burned, darling.

Come on, warhorse.

Well, I guess it's all over.


And I came out here to get away from all this.

Well boys, you'd better go ashore and get some sleep.

Head hurt?


You shouldn't have stayed.

I couldn't leave.

Good morning, and thanks.

Well, well. Breakfast is served.

Looks like there's a storm blowing up.

That's a mere trifle. Just say the word, and I'll get it stopped and sent away ..


We'll have the sun out in about fifteen minutes.

You had better eat while it's still on the table. - Yes, sir.

Anything else?

Yes, sir.

Put it back in there.

Seven of spades?

[ Chinese language ]

Did you say yes or no?

[ Chinese language ]


Two of hearts.

No .. four of diamonds.

Are you game to marry me as soon as we get ashore?

Marry you?


We'll take the first train out and look for that "some place" we talked about.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Ace Corbin?


The District Attorney wants to see you.

What about?

The bombing onboard last night.

Okay, tell him I'll be down later. He's waiting for you now.

Oh, I suppose it wouldn't do to keep the district attorney waiting.

You mind staying until I get back, dear? No, of course not.

But she will have to come too.


Our instructions are to bring along anyone found with you.

But she isn't mixed up in this.

Those are our orders.


Well dear, I guess we'd better go along.


I tell you I didn't know anything about it.

I wasn't onboard last night.

I stayed at home.

You have a fair idea who did it, right? No.

You don't think for one instant that Pete Manning would do a thing like that?

Why should he?

We're the best of friends.

Who was in charge of the boat last night?

Ace Corbin.

You imported him here from Chicago, didn't you? - No.

Did you bring him here to start trouble? No.

He came out here on a vacation.

Oh .. on a vacation.

I see.

[ Buzzer ]


Yes. Send him in.

This is Ace Corbin, Mr Travers.

How do you do. How do you do.

Sorry to trouble you.

Mr Burke tells me you're out here on a little vacation.

Yes, I thought I was.

I gather it has been rather exciting. Rather.

Mr Travers. I wish to protest against bringing this young lady down here.

We found her on the boat with him.


She's had no contact with the police before. There's no reason she ..

Sit down.

You sit down, young lady.


I needn't caution you about your legal rights.

I presume you're thoroughly familiar with them.

Are you willing to answer a few questions?

No, I'm afraid not.

Of course, you needn't answer if you don't wish to.

But in that event I shall have to take you before the Grand Jury.

Well, that's your privilege.

Are you young lady, willing to voluntarily answer a few questions?

I don't mind.

What is your name?



Since when?

We know you as Eleanor La Velle.

Which name do you prefer today?

La Velle.

Where do you live?

832 North Bronx.

Well, that's the same address as Mr Burke.


Then you know Mr Burke? Yes.

How long have you known him?

Now, about two years.

Would it be impertinent to ask, what were your relations with Mr Burke?

You needn't answer if you don't wish to.

I understand.

Were you on the boat last night?


Did you remain there?


There was a bomb thrown aboard.

Did you see the person or persons who did it?


Do you know Mr Peter Manning?

By sight only.

Can you testify whether he or his crowd did it?


You're following the code of not snitching on one another. Is that it?

I see .. we're not getting anywhere.

But I know what's in your minds.

You're going to even up your own scores in your own way.

Unfortunately, we can't stop gambling operations on your ship.

But you are dealing now with the Federal Government.

And we do not like gambling wars on the high seas.


If you persist, Mr Corbin.

In carrying on your operations.

I shall see to it that you get a nice long vacation.

That's all.

[ Buzzer ]

Manning's outfit.

Looking for a chance at us. Yeah.

Well, let's meet later on the boat and talk it over.

That's alright with me.

Quick! Come on. Everybody.

Come on. Get in here quick.

Come on in will you!

Straight for the casino. Quick. Fine.

That's the real reason you didn't want me to meet you at the train.


And I thought you were bringing home a sucker.

Looks like I am the sap.

You've made a sap of me all the way across the country.

Everybody's crooked to you.

Nobody's got any decency. Least of all, me.

So listen.

I was all set to leave you, when you yourself gave me the way out.

But I didn't take it.

Because I couldn't leave you while you were in a fix.

I only waited until you were on your feet again.

You mean, until you were sure of your new nest.


You believe me, don't you?

Miss "Eleanor Kenniston".

And I thought you were the real thing.

Well, I thought you were too.

Mister "Bruce Graham".

Miss "Eleanor Kenniston".

Oh, shut up.

"Bruce Graham". Ha-ha.

Oh alright, go ahead and laugh.

Hey. All my life, I've laughed too at suckers when dames took them for a ride.

But I was on the level about loving you.

Love me?

Why, you two-timing little chiseller!

You can't even shoot straight with Burke, let alone me.

You think I'm a guy who'd double-cross a partner for a dame?

When there's a thousand like her running around loose?

I think you're just a pair of rotten heels.

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]

Get it badly, boy? Yeah, got me.

Come on.

[ Gunshots! ]

Watch him.

Come on, boy.

Manning's crowd.

I know. Get in there and watch the door.

Ace. Ace, come here quick.

What is it? Look!

They'll mow us down.

Blooey .. do you know how to slip that anchor chain?

You mean, set this tub adrift? That's it.

The waves will sweep the deck.

Yeah. That will be too bad for Manning.

And get the life-preservers too.

Ace, what happened?

The boat.

If the anchor chain snaps, we're adrift!

What about Burke?

He's almost done for.

Come on. Get into these lifebelts.

Come on.

Here .. she needs one. That's her part.

Pick up that arm.

There you are.

What's the matter with you? Why don't you put it on?

I'd as soon go out this way as any.

0h, shut up and get this on. Come on. Turn around.

Come on.

Hey, hey, hey.

Them newly-weds.

They're all the same.

They tries to hide it, but it sticks out of them like a light.

Ain't that right, mister? Ha-ha.

You sound like a good guesser. Here ..

Take a card.

Having fun?


Am I.

So am I.


Shall I tell you?