Game of Death (1978) Script

♪ Gwapo Si Mark ♪

Cut! Okay, that's a print.

That was great, Billy.

OK, everybody.

Eddie, get up there and see what the hell's happening.

Billy, are you alright?

That thing crashed exactly where you were.

I know. I know.

Watch it up there.

It was an accident.

OK, that's a wrap.

Great fight, Billy. Really nice.

Be sure you get tomorrow's call sheets.

And please, don't get lost on the way to location.

Time is money, gentlemen.

So you got here finally.

We haven't heard from you.

You know, I once knew a... super rock group in London.

Called themselves The Flight Crew.

Had brilliant potential. Good.

Yeah, but they were, ah, very stubborn.

Their lead guitarist lost a couple of fingers one night.

Just like that.

Hands and feet have been known to disappear.

Lights... they fall outta the sky. All kinds of things happen.

A man's gotta have all his parts to make it work.

Don't you agree with that, Billy?

Get the hell outta here!

Yeah, it's, ah... getting a little late.

Well, I'm sitting right there by the phone, just waiting for your call.

But patience is not one of our virtues.

Don't be a slow learner, Billy.

Oh, you shouldn't have done that.

No, that was a very big mistake.

Will this be the song I'll be singing tomorrow?

Will the piper continue playing?

Will this moving melody be your favorite and stay in your heart?


Let's enjoy this night Will this be the song I'll be singing tomorrow?

I'm here to take you to dinner.

Hey Billy, spaghetti tonight?

We've still got one to go, Ann.

Thanks a lot, Charlie.

You're messing around with my love life.

Is the boss upstairs?


You're looking a little pale.

What you need is a nourishing meal Eat something nutritious

You, beautiful bastard.

I will get you some more.


Doctor, Steiner's here.

We're all next door.


Steiner's here.

Oh! We'll get right to it.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Doctor.

How was your trip to New York?

It was uneventful.

The heat was terrible.

Not much better here humid.

Ah, so much for the weather report.

I'm not the only one who just arrived.

How was Berlin, Stick?

It went pretty much as you figured.

Now, that, he's a big star, I couldn't reason with him.

He said he was pulling out. Then he threatened me.

Oh, my, my, my...

The rest of it was in the papers.

That's when he committed suicide, huh?

He just got up and jumped out the window.

Oh, my...

The S and S Records with Globe merger is done Work's started on the new plant in Buenos Aires But more important is the coming championship fight in Macau.

I know we're getting world wide press.

That and plenty more.

All the posters have been approved.

And the ad campaign is the best we've ever had.

Looks good. Looks great.

Besides the ad and our TV rights it's generating the international betting we'd hoped for.

We're looking at a turnover of thirty million dollars.

That was the computer's readout as of today.


Well, fight's only three weeks off.

I assume your training is going well, Carl you look fit.

I'll be ready.

We've got a little problem in Detroit A couple of reluctant ballplayers.

Hakim, can you get to Detroit handle that and be back in time for the fight?

Consider it done.

Also, I'm afraid we're gonna have to do something about Billy Lo.

I was wondering about that.

I was gonna ask how that was going.

Well, he refuses to sign our management contract, but that's not what bothers me.

He's starting to shoot off his mouth.

He's holding out.

We've given him so many chances.

An amazing amount of resistance.

And then, then there's that girlfriend, Ann Morris.

I went to talk to her today.

Her last album's on the charts and it's doing great in Australia and France.

She says she wants to talk to Billy about her contract. before she signs.

Doc, I think we should squeeze a little.

Yeah, yes. squeeze a little. as you say.



I had another visit today from one of the mobsters.

Did he threaten you?

Well, not exactly. I mean, not in so many words.

But I knew I was being threatened.

Billy, do you think it's worth holding out?

I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guys.

Scary stuff!

If we're stopped, don't do anything that will give them an excuse to hurt you.

Ann, I love you and I don't want you hurt.

Trust me to handle this.

I would like Miss Morris to leave.

Oh, I'm afraid we can't do that, Billy.

We're all in this together.

Now, would you mind stepping out of the car?

No matter what happens don't get out of the car.

You're got until tomorrow morning to call us.

It's the last time we're gonna ask, Billy.




Please! Stop it!

Please, don't!



He hasn't got much time.

You tell him that.

We wanna hear from him in the morning.

Billy...I've always been straight with you.

You don't have too many choices.

You and Ann are nothing to them.

You're just another piece of property.

Just one of a few thousand public personalities that they own... all of, or a piece of.

It seems like a good the moment.

They take care of everything, your... your booking, your salary, your taxes.

If you need five thousand in your pocket, you've got it.

It's later that you start to realize what it's costing you.

I don't have to remind you about Charlie Wang.

We know the pressure they put on him... and we know they called him in for a talk.

The next day he was fished out of the harbor.

But going along with them isn't much better.

You've come up fast, Billy.

Your pictures are grossing big all over the world.

You're an international... celebrity...and they smell that money!

Thank you.

You can sign with them and live very well...

or you can defy them and go to the police, which means you won't live so well...if at all.

Is it your advice to let them own us?

I just don't want to write your obituary.

I like you too much.

She says she wants to talk to Billy about her contract.

I've got a midnight deadline in the States.

I can't allow it.

It is better to die a broken piece of jade than to live a life of clay.


You've got enough money.

Tell them to go to hell.

I can leave this all behind.

I don't need this if you don't need it.

There's got to be another answer.

I've got to find one.

The Chinese Opera is in town.

Maybe see your uncle.

Yeah, he just got back.

I'll go to the theater tomorrow.

Good idea.

They're leaving the restaurant.

What should we do ?

Don't lose them!

Andre, from now on I want you to coordinate with the ad agency in New York.

Also, what are the odds where you are now?

Well, then keep up the hype about Carl's rumored sprained ligament.

Don't give the impression that the fight's gonna be cancelled...

Ciao. The odds are a little too heavy on Carl, especially in London.

Yes. It's a good idea to even that up a bit.

Oh, by the way, What about Billy Lo? What...

He was told to call earlier today.

He has our number?

Oh? Do we know where he is at this moment?

Well, we always know where he is.

Well, then...a final warning... eh, Carl?

Yes, Pasquel, you go with him.

Pasquel loves to fight.

Let me use your brush. Thanks.

Billy! Good to see you.

Hi, John. Glad you're back.

Your uncle's in his room.

Billy! Come in, Billy, come in! Hey! Hey!

You go ahead.

Ahh, it's good to see you, boy Sit down. sit down.

We hardly get to see you... since you became a big shot.

Oh, yes, I know.

I've been running around a lot Yeah. Very busy, huh?

I heard that the mob is after you.

You must be a big man.

How did you know that?

It's a small circle.

I can't join them and I can't be forced to join.

You have just described a problem as old as Man.

You're not unique.

There is a solution I don't think you've considered.

When you get to the top, you'll understand how far it is to fall.

But the less you think of yourself the easier you can be pushed off.

What do you think?

I believe I deserve to be where I am.

I've worked hard for it.

Then don't let them push you.

They will never let you rest.

You push!

You mean kill?

Integrity can be a luxury.

What is the price of your integrity?

What are you willing to pay?

There is another person as well.

A girl.

If I fight, she may be hurt.

Send her away.

Do you need help?

I know some men who can help you.


You're not allowed back here! Get out! Get out!

Another message, Billy.

The Chinese mob wants to make sure they're riding the winner.

So they're willing to buy a little insurance.

$1.5 million in cash will be arriving in Macau soon just before the fight.

They're gonna drop it right on your doorstep.

Huh! Clean money?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, very crisp and very clean.

Cash started out in Nassau.

It's going through Tommy's bank in Mexico City right now.

We're watching its progress.

Fine. Fine.


Yeah, sir?

What about Billy Lo?

What's happened there?


Not a word.

He's not gonna call!

Rebellion is contagious, Doc.

Let's close the book.

What a waste. casting aside his life like that.

What a pity.


Hello, Ann. It's me.

Oh, Billy, where've you been?

I've been trying to reach you all day!

I've been worried about you!

I've been worried about you, too, darling.

Ann, listen carefully.

I want you to meet me on the six o'clock ferry.

You'll find me in the passenger section.

Do you understand?


Billy, are you all right?


To tell the truth, I feel much better now.


Billy, you've been hurt!

It doesn't matter.

Ann...I want you to go back to the States for awhile.

Leave you here?

I have to work this out myself.

It would only be for awhile.

A couple of months.

No way, Billy!

I can't do that. can't help me.

But if you stay, you could get hurt.

Maybe you should change your name and disappear for awhile.

Only one scene left in this film.

I'll be dropping out of sight myself.

Billy, I can't leave you!

What're you up to?

Not a thing.

We have to separate!

Ann, I'd like to live with you a long time you know?

Grow old together.

It was very strange, Jim.

Not like him. Very secretive.

It sounds like he's made the decision to run which would be smart.

No, I don't think he's running at all.

I think it's just the opposite.

There was a determination about him.

Like he was going to fight.

Jim, I know he has a call at the studio this afternoon.

Would you mind meeting me there?

I'm really worried about him.

Of course. I'll be right over.

Stage Four.

Yeah, gotcha.


Yeah. Very busy, huh? Keep it together!


Print it!

Okay, turn around, guys.

Let's set up for Billy's run.

Okay, move it along.

Get ready for the reverse angle.

Let's go, fellas.

Gentlemen, these are blanks.

Only aim upward.

There's a wad of paper that comes out and can injure someone.

We're ready for you, Billy Okay.

I want you to race the hell out of that building I'll cue the guns and then you take the fall OK.

OK, let's walk though it again.


Over here!

What are you doing here?

Take her to the airport, Jim.

Billy, something doesn't feel right.

Do you need help?

I'm going to break it wide open!

The police gotta get onto it.

And when it explodes, I don't want Ann here!

Get her on a plane!


Please, Jim!

Here we go!

Everybody settle down.


OK, ready to roll.

OK this is a take!

Quiet, please!

OK, roll sound!





Hey, Billy, what's the matter!

Hey, what's happened here?

What happened?

What's wrong?

My God...he's hurt!

Hey, get some help, will?

Somebody call the doctor! Get an ambulance Don't just stand there!

The bullet fragmented as it passed through at an upward angle... literally smashing the bone structure of the face.

What are his chances of regaining a normal appearance?

There's extensive structural damage and scar tissue He'll be permanently altered.

But presentable in any case.

Hm. Thank you, Doctor.

Hi ya, Billy.

Are you awake?


I've been talking with your surgeon.

The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

This is a very private hospital.

No one will know.


Then you still want to go through with this?


The only reason I've considered this, is the simple argument that if you walk out on the streets again there'll be another attempt on your life.

Then you agree?

We'll have to get you fake papers Death certificate and somebody will issue word that you took a turn for the worse.

Then there's the question of a change of identity.

I've already taken care of that.

I should tell Ann.

No! No one else must know.

If she knows...she could be in danger.

A public funeral?

Open casket?

After all, he is a celebrity.

Don't worry, John.

It'll be a very believable funeral.

They have some interesting people here.

Could be a story.

Miss Morris.

You're dead! Come on, Ann.

You hear me? You're dead!

Cool it!

Excuse us.

Thank you.

Oops. Easy.

Thank you.

You know, Ann...

they could have you killed for ten bucks Yes, I understand it's cheap!

I'm glad you understand.

Ann I'm glad you're pulling yourself together No, I'm not gonna cry any more!

God knows the police would like to nail them

But... there's no way to prove it.

Don't you understand anything?

Everybody was looking but no one saw anything.

The Chinese guys and the money have arrived.

Fine. Fine.

Are you sure it's a good idea, us stopping by the rehab center to see the Morris girl?

She's a very valuable piece of merchandise.

And if we can bring her into the family it would show the others how complete our power is.

Go ahead, I'll see you later.

Hello. Mister...

Hello, Doctor.

How's Ann?

We are very pleased with her recovery.

It's been a long haul.

Three weeks?

For a trauma severe enough to bring on physical paralysis...

A three-week recovery is pretty good Well, may I go down and see her?


I'll come get you when your time's up.

She's ready to see a familiar face.

You must understand, she is still depressed.

Is it time to go in?

Hi, Annie.


Oh, I brought you a little present.

Oh, it's beautiful! Mmm!

I hear nothing but good things about you.

No lies?

No lies.

Would a newspaper man lie?

Now I'm getting worried.

You know, Jim, actually I'm feeling a lot better.


At least I'm able to deal with people now

You know...maybe you should get outta here.

Go back to the States when you're feeling better.

I've been thinking about that, too.

But I don't want to yet.

Not just yet.

Yes, but more important than that...

I think we ought to try to see for ourselves what's going on in her head.

What kind of a threat she could be to us.

I don't wanna leave that to Carl or to anybody else.

What have we here?

Yeah... that's the newspaperman Jim Marshall.

And I've got a hunch that one of these days we're gonna have to cram his typewriter up his ass!


The blonde.

Good afternoon, Miss Morris.

We haven't officially met... but my name is Steiner.

This is Doctor Land.

How do you do, Miss Morries?

We were informed of your improvement.

You are so beautiful! Beautiful!

What do you want?

Well, we were just passing by wondered if we could do anything for you.

Is there something you might need?

There's nothing I need! OK?

Your album is doing very well on the charts.

It's gonna make lots of money.

We know, Miss Morris, what has happened.

The terrible strain you have been under.

Uh, we hoped, that possibly, we can assist you in some way.

You know, maybe get your career moving again.

Get out! Look, nothing's go...

Get out!

It's Doc Land's intention to try to help you, Ann.

He could be very...

You murderers!

Get out!


Get out! Just get outta here!

Rude bitch!

Well, one rebel begets another It's the Billy Lo syndrome.

A virulent disease!

Often terminal Stick, she seemed to know you.

Your face did something for her.

Never met her.

Well, we have to go to Macau.

Oh, bitch!

We'll take care of her later

What're you up to, Billy?

I'm giving myself a new face.

Before...and after.

Much better.

I've already told you, Billy.

You're going to have a normal appearance again.

You'll see.

Wait till tomorrow when those bandages come off.

Well, excuse me.

The new Billy Lo.


Can I hire you to follow that hydrofoil?

I won't be able to follow them once they get out of the harbor.

Those hydrofoils do forty, easy!

Where do you think they're going?

I've seen their boat in Macau...once or twice Maybe they're heading there.

Maybe we could get a head start on them.

Well, it's only an hour's ride, in any case.



I know who killed Billy.


Yes. Jim, I know who killed him!

I'm not sure I heard you right.

What did you say?

They came to the hospital.

One of them was at the location Why don't you come over and we'll go to the police?

Where are you?

Did you...leave the hospital?

Never mind.

The police aren't the answer!

Hey, mister.

Is that the guy you been waitin' for?

That's him.

I'll make it worth your while to wait for me.

You're not gonna rob a casino, are ya?

I don't want to be on a runaway boat.

No, no.

Will you be here no matter how late?

I got nothing better on.

Parade! Parade! Damn it to hell!

Can't we get outta here somehow?

Back this thing up, for Chr...

There's a taxi behind us.

It should end soon and they will move to another street.

Give them the horn Let's get outta here!

Run them over!

Chinese gold!

They've been waiting for an hour.

We were held up by a damn fool lion dance!

Oh, boy! These characters!

Ah! Well, Well, Well!

How do you do, Doc?

How are you?

Very nice seeing you. Hello. Thank you.

And how are you? Doc.

Sit down.

Well, maybe... maybe we don't need to even count it.

Maybe we better.

See you both ring side.


Doc Land?


The money's all here!

Every dollar!

I'd be surprised if it weren't.

Where'd you come from?

Who are you?

How'd you get here?

Po! Guards! Carl! Po!

Po! Guards!






Get him!

Guards! Po! Carl! Carl!

Stay away from me, you bastard!

Carl! Carl! Come! Come!

Get him!

Kill him!

Carl! Duck!

Somebody take care of the Doctor!

Carl! Let him go!

Carl, you damn fool!

The fight's tonight!

Carl, come on back here! You hear me? Carl!

You know, I don't understand it.

If some other organization was trying to kill you They'd just pick you off with a rifle.

I can't place him, but there was... something there I recognized.

Stick is right!

There was something different about that man.

He not only wanted to kill!

He wanted to punish me as well!

Get in the corner.


Get back!

Get back, Millet!

Get in your corner.

Get in your corner.


Get back, Miller!

Three! Four!



They've been hurt badly through the earlier rounds.

Kill him, Carl!

Break! Back up! Back up!

Back! Get back! Get back!

That's gonna cost you a round, Miller!

Let it go.

What must be done is being done.


One, two, three...four.

Break it up. Back, Miller. Back!

Retained his world heavyweight crown by knocking out Lo Chen in 2 minutes 8 seconds in the seventh round

The winner by a KO World heavyweight champion Carl Miller!

Carl! Carl! You won! You won!

Hey, Carl!

Let me in here! Carl, Carl, is there gonna be a rematch?

Yeah, how about a rematch? Are you gonna fight this guy again?

Carl, did he hurt you in round four? Carl, how soon are you...

Let's find some champagne. Gonna have a rematch?

Smile, Carl. Carl! Turn this way, Carl. Will there be a rematch, Carl?

Hey hey! Hey! Hey!

Did he hurt you at any time?

Have you got any complaints? Real good.

Hey. I'm just going to get a shower.

I want to look beautiful for the rest of these photographs.

There's plenty of champagne for everybody.

We should have a good time

Who are you?

I'm June!

This is my new girlfriend.

I want you to take plenty of pictures of her.

Over here, honey, over here.

Look over here at the camera, honey.

Where're you from, honey?

Kansas City.

Who the hell are you?

Get going, fella!



Billy L0!


Carl, you all right?

Something's wrong!

Carl, what's happening?

Carl! Open the door.

What's the matter in there?

Open the door!

You lost

Carl! Carl!

Look at him!

Jesus! Jesus! Look at him!

What happened?

He was killed with 100 people outside the door.

They found a wig and the mask of an old man Yes, sir.

And everyone just stood around doing nothing?

You and 100 other people! Isn't that true?

Yes, sir.

You say that the girl is with the newspaperman now?

Yes, sir.

You admitted...that you could've killed someone.

In that state of mind... do you still think it's Billy's voice?

I told you before, I wouldn't mistake Billy's voice.

Will you believe me?

That's one of my weaknesses.

I'm one of the world's most gullible men.

I'll take you home.

No, no, that's all right.

I have my car right outside.

You sure?

You can leave this here. Okay?


She's coming back!

Well, don't let her out of your sight!

Put a couple of guys on that journalist Yes, sir.

You two stay with Marshall.

We'll follow the girl.


I'm now convinced that the man who attacked me was in disguise.

The way he moved.

You know something, Doctor, if I wasn't positive that Billy was dead...

Did you look in the casket?

At the mortuary?

Of course I looked in the casket.

He didn't look exactly the same, but what the hell, they never look exactly the same.

Where was he buried?

The Buddhist cemetery, Hanchow Road.

Have him dug up.

Yeah, Marshall.

Hi, Jim.

Billy, I've heard all about it.

Ann is convinced you're alive.

I had to risk it.

I thought she was going to shoot Carl or one of the others.

Well, she still may kill somebody.

I've got the gun.

But if she sits around and thinks about it she might get the crazies again.


I'll meet her in the school in South Hampton.

What time?

In an hour.

OK. If I can find her.

I'll ring you up again at 10 to let you know how it went.


Thank you, gentlemen.



I wasn't going to see you again.

I didn't want you to see me.

Billy, it's all right!

I'm not just anybody.


You don't need to say that to me.

Maybe later.

But I have to get used to myself first.

The man she's talking to has to be Billy Lo.

Yes. Well, we just had word from the cemetery, so I'm not in the least surprised.

Now, we're sending you some help.

They're close by and they should be there very shortly.

Ann, you could've just been killed.

They would hurt you.

Go back to the States!

Please! Will you do that?

Billy, I can't.

Get in your car and go!

They're still a few blocks away.



They split up.

She's going to her car.

Where's he going?

To the other side of the orphanage, I think.

Get some guys to follow him take two more men and pick her up.

We can use her for bait.

Call him over.

Mister Marshall?

Somebody wants to talk to you.

A little closer, Mr Marshall.

Miss Morris was picked up tonight.

Billy's going to call you at about 10 o'clock.

You tapped my phone.

How clever.

Tell Billy to come to the Tai Yuen Warehouse in Kowloon We'll let the girl go when Billy comes in.

One for one.

Why should I believe you'll do that?

Don't change the equation, Mister Marshall.

One for one.

Don't add any numbers.

Billy for the girl. It's that simple.

Oh, and Mister Marshall, you should be very careful.

You can learn a lot in a job like yours.

But that can turn into a terrible burden.

Good evening.

Mister Marshall's desk.

Is Jim there?

No, he's...

Oh, hold on a second. He just walked in.


Hi, Jim.


My phone is tapped.

Ann is being held by the mob.

I couldn't get her to leave.

Have you talked to them?

Just now.

They want an exchange.

You for her.

They want you to go alone.

Or so they say.

You could go to the police.

No! That would just get her killed.

What do they want me to do?


You better go over there and back them up.

Just to make sure.

We've got six men over there already.

Well, we had a pack of men in Macau!

Here he comes.

He's inside. Let's get him.




Let's go!




We have to move quickly.

Billy, quick, they're across the street!

They're across the street!

Hurry! Hurry!

It's barricaded.

Try the windows!

Try to walk. Hurry!

Don't show yourself no matter what you hear!

Yeah, OK.

Let's go!

Let's go!

You two take the aisles!

You take the front.


Look for the others!

Take the back!

You take the back.

Take off the helmet!

Take off the helmet!



Where's the Doctor?

Red Pepper

Red Pepper Restaurant?




I better alert Hakim and Pasquel.

Anybody in the warehouse? Po!

Damn it! That's impossible!


How are you doing?





Glad you could finally make it, Billy.



Oh, son of a bitch!

Goddam bastards!

Will this be the song I'll be singing tomorrow?

Will the notes from some magical flute sail on into the sky?

Is this a glad song?

One that makes my heart go crazy?

Or will the song turn to silence and leave us?

A passing thing disremembered to grieve us?

Will this be the song I'll be singing tomorrow?

Will the piper Play On?

Will this moving melody Be your favorite And stay in your heart?


Let's enjoy this song tonight Will this song