Game pluk phi (2014) Script

Watch this.

Hey Tor. You gotta see This.


Do you think it escapes me?

Anyone there? Is what it seems.

The setting is not necessary.

But we really saw it.


Two days before.

Hello everyone.

Today, I am proud to present the prize to you from the gold medal to the scientific project of the year.

And as usual, it is the same person for the third year in a row.

And he is the pride of our school, Torboon Pathumvanich.

Ton, it seems your brother keeps winning prizes.

Does he collect the coins for the slot machines?

Hi Tor. Hi. How are you?

Will it be that I can have it?

Can i say no? Come on, please, please, please.

One more.

Bee, hurried to go home? We will go somewhere.

The first love, hard to forget. Much love, hard to forget.

Since you're my fiancee, it's hard not to love.

Oh seriously?

My house is on the main street. Why did she use me as a shortcut?

Jack, do you do me a favor?

Get closer, a little more ...

No. It is very, very close. Sorry.

Are you funny, huh?

Look, today is our special event. Yes.

As we know, everyone wants to be rich. Yes.

So today we will show you how to cheat the slots.

Come on, we'll show you something.

Taking. Wow!

I have it written down. It is outstanding.

Things like this require time and skill.

We have the best. Why we better not see if we grab a jackpot?

Look over here. Well, I'm ready Let's go then.

Wait there. Wait, wait, wait, wait ...

Very good very good. We will get it.

It appears, it appears ...

Keep spinning ... There. Enough!

Bingo, brother!

Hey, look there. Help me pick them up.

Oh wow ...!

I have them, I have them! I already have them!

Grab, grab, grab. We already made it.

There are too many. Too many I still can not believe it.

Isn't it amazing?

A lot of them.

What's up brother? Hey?

Did I make you scare?

You are a chicken. What the hell are you doing?

Look, I tell you.

New activity for the next episode.

I assure you, the visitor counter will explode.

Hey ton. Why did you put me here?

Let go.

Let's go.

Turn around, come on.

Here we are again with what they had requested.

Welcome to: Ghost Butler. Oh!

Butter Oh!

Fucking. Oh!

That is the right one. Boludo it is.

We will go with the fucking ghost. Oh!


We'll go with the fucking ghost, or we're screwed. Stay tuned.

Ton, take my wives off.

Oh yes, I already forgot. We also have a special guest.

Believe it or not, this will be a great success.

Hey, attend. Our golden boy will sacrifice himself having his hand cuffed to a corpse for half an hour.

You know, you are very brave.

If we get less than a million likes, We will not let him go.

A million likes? Yes.

The best clip had 100,000.

Do you want a million? AHA.

Hopefully we will make 200,000.

What the hell are they playing at?

Hey Ton, you know what? I have to go back to help dad.

Hey, we're not kidding.

I'm going to do it. Fuck your dad.

Jack, I think it's enough.

We're going home.

I think it was too much.

It was too much?

What did you think, Bee, when he used you?

He took the credit, and made you aside.

For a subject like him, this is not enough.

Ton, free me now! Yes? Did you hear anything?

Hey Ton! What, ton what? Something that ends with ton?

Wanton? Hey Ton! What is it like?

Or was it Udon? Jack?

Jack, you must let me go. Do you want punches?

Wait wait. Don't bother Jack, don't ...

Jack is a great killer.

Shit ... What ...?

What the hell...?

Be careful with the potato car.

What's up ton?

I do not know.

Jack, go look.

Why should i go?

It's your dad's car.

It's okay.

There is nothing around here.

You have some good cars there.

Why this shit?

This is starting to scare me.

We are going to film here.

Bee, do you want to do justice with me?

Please Bee Let me go.

Three four!

Ready? Yes.

As the GPS shows, to get there there ... something like about three kilometers.

But if we take a shortcut through the forest, it will take us less than a kilometer.


Great ... Are you sure?


Release me now!

If mom finds out, you'll be in trouble Ton.

Fuck your mom!

Wow, your mom too.

That is, fuck your dad. It's not yours, is it?

Give me the key.

It's okay.

Hears! Why such a hurry?

You still didn't pay for what you did.

And what did i do? What will we do with you?

Stop getting ready.

You can fool anyone except yourself.

If you are nice, Do not use women to take credit.

I am your brother, I feel ashamed.

She was the one who proposed it.


Bee admires you a lot.

Do you see what you did to him?

And as you know, if I talk to the teacher about this, Your credibility will crumble.

What do you want? Come here.

Where I go?


It is not far from the cemetery.

There are enough graves for you to dig.

Come on, take it!

Do you want to take it?

And wife your hand to a corpse there.

Are they insane?

I think you are crazy. We could do worse.

That is Tor.

Will you answer?

Help help!

Help! Somebody help me!


What happened?

Hey, hear!



Hey ... Hey!

Ton! Ton!


Help! Help!

Hey! Help!

Hey! Help!

What are you doing?

What's going on?

Why do you look so pale?

Hey, it's just a child's play. Come here.

There is more fun outside.

Come here. Go Go.

Did you see anything It is said that he is delighted here.

Brilliant brilliant.

They feel chills in this place.

Hey, what do we do with it?

We're going home.

And the best part? The best part has not yet come.

Let's do it. Hold this.

Face or mint?

Choose you, or I will do it.


Ok face.

If it comes out expensive, you dig.

If mint leaves, you pass the turn.

Done deal. Let's start with the first grave.

We'll see.

Hey, come here. Come gold boy. Let's go.

Come on, I said.

Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go.

Come here, come here, come here, come here.

Come here.

Come closer. Over here, over here. Yes.

Look there.

Since you came here, how do you feel? How are you?

Silence. Well, it's not that I'm scared, but he is overwhelmed by everything his brother does.

It is very special. Yes.

Which is yours? Over there.

Ladies and gentlemen, Right now, our golden boy, Tor, He has entered this sacred site for eternal rest.

I can feel the energy myself It begins to circulate throughout this place.

Let's start. Let's do it.

Look, there are no tricks here.

Than...? What result now?

Very well! Finally! Finally!

We are the Ghostbusters!

What happened?

It's expensive. What happens now?

What happens now? Digging.

You must start digging. You have to do it.

Quick. Come on, come on, come on, come on ... Go ahead.

Let's go. You must hurry up.

Are you afraid? Ahead.

Hey, move, move, move. Go ahead.

Over there is the grave, but we don't choose the grave.

It was the grave that chose us.

Do you want to know what follows? So come with me.

Stop frightening me.

Hey, just kidding.

Who jokes with you? Quiet, come on ...

Let's keep together. You will miss wandering here alone.

Let's go.

Let's keep going.

Thanks to all the viewers, for being able to give us the opportunity ...

We love you all! Hears...


I can not remove it.

Come try it yourself. It's okay.

Let me see.

Wait, everything is fine? Is there a problem?

It is just acting. It's okay.

Nothing bad happens, nothing bad happens.

Nothing bad.

Let's go. What are you doing there?

Come to help me.



Get away.



Come ... come here.

Hey, why don't you help me? Because I?

What are you waiting for?

Bee! Bee, hey!

I'll go find Bee.

You stay down.

Friend! That is expensive.

You must not take it.

Ton, where did you take your brother? Come home now.

We should go.

Why? Are you afraid?

Ray. Bee left.

She didn't want revenge. It was your thing.

Enough, I quit. I'm going.

Hears. I said I quit.

Come here ... Ton!

I don't want to go on, Ton. Ton!

I'm leaving, Ton. Let me go.

Enough, Ton! Enough, Ton!

Let me go, Ton!

What's wrong with you?


If you handcuff your hand to the corpse, I'll let you go.

Come here. Ton ...

Enough, Ton! I don't want to do it, Ton!

Hey Ton! Enough, Ton!

Hey Ton! Leave me ... Shit.

My leg! Shit...

Hey Ton!

Let me go! What's going on?

Release, release Leave me, come on! Help me!

Tor! Come here to help me!

Shit ... Shit ...

Ton! What is that? This hurts...

It's bullshit. Jala, come on ...

What's up ton? Tor, run!

Than? Run!

What's up ton? Here.


Run, Tor.


Ton, where are you going?

Get me the wives first. I have no key.

What did you say?

I don't have the key, Jack has it.

We returned to the same place.

Tor, pick up my phone.

It seems there is no signal.


Bee! Where are you, Bee?

Come on hurry up. What's wrong with you?

Don't you think everything looks weird around here?


Where is Jack?

I do not know.

So you didn't see Jack?

Shit. Let's go. Come on, Bee.

Where are you going, Ton?

We get too far.


Let's go in there. There.

Hurry up.

What are you looking for?

They are safe here in the temple.

You can sleep where you want.

We'll talk tomorrow.

And ... my friend?

Do not worry. The girl stays in the bedroom.

Do not worry.

No, I meant a man. Another man who arrived.

The one with the impeller. I was referring to him.

They arrive here ... people every day.

There are so many that I can't remember.

There are so many that I get used to it.

You can take a look around here tomorrow.

He must be sleeping here, somewhere.


But they were here before.

That must be another pair of shoes.

Or someone took them.

I don't want to wait until dawn.

Let's move on.

Ton, here.


Are you still looking for it?

I think we saw everything.


Stealing from the mouth of a corpse.

He doesn't think she would come later?

They are dead. How would you count as robbery?

They no longer need them.

A robbery is a robbery.


What's up ton?

Isn't that Jack?

Can not be!

Your eyes deceive you. This is just a mattress.

You're hallucinating, Ton.

Let's move on.

Hey you ... Why are you still here?

I brought it to you, my love.

Hey ... I already said stop calling me that.

If you insist on calling me that, I won't talk to you again on another occasion.

Yes, reverend.

You must return and live in your world.

You should not stay here anymore.

I will never leave the monacato, until I pay what my father did.

How could you pay?

When your father ...

Your father continues to commit sins.

It is about karma.

You cannot pay for others.

You will go to hell. even if you are yellow tunica.

Your father steals things from the temple.

Steal donated money.

You still protect him.

What about me?

What did I do to irritate you that way?

Why am I so careless?

I remember you telling me ...

that after Buddhist Lent,

We would get married.


Nothing is forever.

I'd rather you left.

If you don't leave the monacato,

I'll take care that you should do it.

How loud that sounded.

What do we hold on to now?

I don't think the monk is involved.

She came to him.

He is pretending.

Didn't you see how I looked at it?

What happens?

I do not know.

Where are we going to look for Jack?

I don't know if I escape home.

It's okay to stay one night in the temple.

Jack must have gotten lost near here.

Hey, stop being picky.

Do you bathe to sleep? Of course. I am very dirty.

I'm not like you.

Damn clean boy. You should bathe.

That way you would clean up.

What was that?


And now what happens?

Hey, Tor. Do you not sleep?

Why are you still acting weird, Ton?

What are you looking for? Let's go tell me.

I think I lost something.

What was it

A coin.

Do not tell me that...

It was in my pocket before. And now it disappeared.

You know? You are a greedy bastard.

I told you not to take it.

You always look for problems.

JACK What's going on? Answers.

Can't you see that he got away?

Only answer.


Jack, what are you doing sitting?

We shouldn't be here.




What are they doing? Leave them alone.

Hey, it looks like the coin you stole.

I know, stop reminding me. I already lost it.

It’s Bee. How could he come here?

It must not be Bee.

It will be the woman who walks after the monk.

Is she, Ton?

Yes. What are you doing?

Eh ... we are ... Looking for our friends.

Please excuse us. Yes.


Rest well.

Be careful what you do. Be careful.

Stay here.

Come come...

It's all very quiet.

Don't you enjoy it

But what the hell is wrong with you?

Even if you don't believe it, I can be very friendly.

What is that?

What's wrong with you now?

Ton, I think it's enough.

You get paranoid, there's nothing there.

May they become soul mates In this life, it is no coincidence.

This is all about karma that we have achieved in past lives.

Relationships between parents, siblings,

friends, enemies, lovers,

They are predestined.

If they are predestined, it is not necessary to cry.

Since they will end together.

But if they were not predestined, They will end up separating.

It will be a desperate attempt.

What are you doing?

Let go! You leave my son!

If you want a husband, look for him out there.

Do not become a distraction here!

At least I don't use yellow tunica to cover sins, like someone.

Of whom you speak? Stop fighting.

Who you are?

Who are you?

Why are you following me?


Ton, why are you bleeding?

Tor, your face.

This was enough.

Let go!

Do not! Let me!

Tor, you can't be here. Come on, get out.

Let's go!

Do you not know what happened?

There are only dead people here.

Stop talking nonsense.

I think ... you lost your mind.

Do you still think this is a joke?

It is the karma you got in the past.

What karma?

This, Bee, is enough.

I want to listen to her. Shut up now.

I don't want to be here anymore.

Karma of what?

If they did, pay.


What is sown is collected.

It cannot be compensated.

Well, if there are only dead people here,

Won't we be dead?

But I keep bleeding. Do you not see it?

It is true, we are alive.

And nobody is dead.

And I don't want to be here anymore.

Father ... help me.


Help me!

Help me.

Help me.

Hey, did you hear that?

Bee, did you hear it?

What's going on?

Something scratched my back. Check out.


What's going on?

It's okay. It is only a scratch.

Tor, hurry up.

Come, come, come, come.

¿Bee? What happens?

Bee, where were you?

You left me.

Why did they leave me?

We can't stay Bee, come on.


Hey ton. What happened to you, Ton?


Bee ...

I'm Tor, Be. Why?


I'm still waiting.

Tor ...

Hey Tor ...

Where did Bee go?



Came back...


What are you doing? Can't you see someone drowning?

Who cares? I can't swim, and you know it.

Hey, Tor. What the hell did you get?

Come on, stop it. What the hell are you waiting for?



Come, come, come, come.

Come. Come come come.

Tor? Damn!



Hey, Tor ...







You are still alive.

You're good?

Shit. We did it.

Was it a secret channel, or what?

Perhaps. Why not?

Shit. Why is he still here?

Lightning, it stuck to you.

Is incredible.

Hey ...


¿Bee? Are you okay, Bee?

¿Bee? What's up, Bee?


Let's move on.

What are you waiting for, Bee? Let's go, Bee.

What do we do now?

Return the coin, let's finish this.

Back to the same place?

Can we have another option?

But the ghost will accompany us forever.

Then take her back.

Hey Do you think she will let you go?

What's going on? Tor!

Tor! Tor!

Tor! Tor!


Tor! Tor!

Shit! Tor!


Tor? Tor?

Tor? Tor?



Hey Ton!

Can you hear me, Ton?

Do you hear me, Ton?

Are you here?

Bee ... Bee!


Tor, here I am.

It's me.

Tor ...

Do you have your currency?

I think you should return it.

Let's go.

Where is Jack, by the way?

Maybe ... it's inside the temple.

Hey ...

Bee ...


What do you regret?

About what...

Forget this.

It's okay? I did it for you.

Let's go. Do you want to enter?

Ok, come on.

Come on, fast!

Come on, Ton.

Hey ton. Did you have the key all the time?

So why didn't you release us?

If I did, you would have escaped.

Hey, Tor. Is that the currency?

It is still here.

Why didn't you return it?

We ... we already did many bad things.

We shouldn't have kept it.

Let's leave it, let's change it for another. Did you lose your mind Would we go back just for that?

Do you think that if Tor returns the coin, Is it all over?

What do you mean?

It's Jack.

Hello? Hello Ton?

Where are you guys? I could not reach them.

I'm in the hospital now.

I brought Bee here. It was bitten by a snake.

I may not succeed, if you took it too late.


What happened? Where I am?

You are in the hospital.

You will leave when you recover.

Meanwhile, I am here.


Do you promise that we will leave when this is over?