Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion (1996) Script

NEAR SAPPORO, HOKKAlDO NASA, the U.S. space agency, says most of the meteoroids will burn up in a meteor shower, but some will be large enough to reach the Earth's surface.

Their trajectory is northwest over the Pacific. lt is thought that some could fall on northern Japan.

Everyone! The field trip is canceled!

Back in the bus!

Honami speaking. lt's me. Listen carefully.

One just came down off the Sanriku Coast.

At this rate the next point is Hokkaido, very likely just outside Sapporo.

None of them have hit land yet, so we don't know how big...


What's that? lt's huge!

Get down!


ATTACK OF THE LEGlON Meteor strike southwest of Lake Shikotsu!

Disaster Squad requested!

Mount up!


Watarase, Chem School.

Hanatani, status report?

No radiation or chemical pollution detected.

See? You didn't need to come.

Well, orders are orders.

There hasn't been time for organic tests yet.

Have you recovered the meteor?

No, sir.

Can't you find it?

No, sir.

The marks it left almost look like it was slowing down when it hit.

Slowing down? l don't like the sound of this.



You can still input, can't you?

So there must be something wrong with the outside lines.


But I don't understand it.

There's been problems all over the south side since morning.

The south side? l went over there today, but we couldn't find the trouble.

May be the meteor shower?

No, too far away.

Hello, Science Center.

Could you tell me what that green glow is in the sky off to the south?

Sorry, l can't hear you very well.


Hey! Come outside and look!

Toward Lake Shikotsu.

The ancient chronicles say the sky once went red. ln 1 990, the upper red part of the northern lights was visible as far as Central Japan.

But green? All l can guess is localized magnetospheric fluctuation.

Even if the meteors are affecting the ionosphere, they wouldn't cause anything like this.


A strong magnetic field around here might knock out electronic devices.

l'll have a look around.

No, wait!

This is a restricted area!


Great, it started!

They never found anything from the Tunguska meteorite in Siberia.

One theory is that it was nothing but ice.

Looking at the data, it's hard to think that about this one.

Maybe it moved somewhere else.


Do meteorites move?

No, of course they don't. Still...


Would a whole cloud of meteoroids just happen to come straight at Earth?

That bothers me.

And the traces look like skid marks from braking.




ls it true you used to be a detective in Nagasaki?

Who told you that?

Why did you quit?

Something happened that scared me half to death. l decided I wasn't cut out for it.

Where did that alarm come from?

Come on, Mr. Osako! You used to be a cop! l wasn't cut out for it, l told you!

But you were a pro, weren't you?

So? You're a professional guard! l'm only part-time!

Don't push!

What is it?

Damned if I know!

NTT HOKKAIDO Someone's taking our fiber-optic cables.

DAY 4 They're not damaged, they're gone.

We don't know what's going on.

The reports start at Eniwa and move gradually north.


Takino, Tokiwa, lshiyama...

That's exactly what's happening. ls this something to do with those meteors?

Wait! No portable phones near the computers.

This way.

Honami speaking.

Hello, Watarase here.

Sorry to bother you, but...

1 0,000 cases?

What a waste of good beer!

Thanks for coming. ls this part of that thing at Lake Shikotsu?

You talked about it moving, perhaps you can tell me.

Got any ideas?

Well, the direction fits.


Something seems to be moving this way from Lake Shikotsu.

Look, how many times do I have to tell you?

Like a crab, an insect, l don't know!

That's what l saw!

A huge thing, big as a man!

You said it w as just a shadow.

Yes, l did, but. . .

You don't believe me, Officer. I saw it I tell you!

Why does this always have to happen to me?

The police got to him before we had a chance.

So the police didn't believe him?

Well, he used to be a police officer down in Nagasaki .

His was the first report on Gyaos.


You can see they might be a bit leery.

A lot of bottles smashed, and silicon powder left scattered around.

The glass w as chemically dissolved. The beer was just left there.

lt's like the world is coming apart at the seams.

First Gamera and Gyaos, and now creatures from outer space.

Creatures from outer space?

Sixty percent of Tahiti's plant species were carried there by birds.

The same thing could happen with planets.

Not that l'm sure about all this.

Well, if the seams are letting go, it's our job to sew them back up.



What happened?

Excuse me. lshida!

The north-south subway line is shut down at this moment.

Hazardous material has been found.

That's all we know right now.

Halt! We see the train proceeding.

What's that?

lt's coming this way!

Fall back!

All we know now is that police are working to rescue the passengers.

Hazardous materials are causing fears for their safety.

The atmosphere is tense around Odori Station.

Something seems to be happening. The rescue crews are moving. . .

What's wrong with the TV?

They're here.

What the hell?

Operations! Operations! lSDN circuits down!

Mobile communications off-line!

What the hell's going on here?

Well done, Officer.

Who are you?

You haven't been told?

No, has the Self-Defense Force been called out?

Communications are all messed up.

We're to examine the tunnel.

For what?

Connections between this and our visitor from outer space.

I should be doing this alone, not getting you guys into trouble. l don't consider this trouble.

l'll have to report this, you know.

Hang on.

Look at this.

Pressure 4 atmospheres? Oxygen 78% ?

That's four times normal!

What's it like down there?

Take a guess.

What are they?

What we were looking for was some kind of germ.

What we found is what you see.

So they're an alien life form?

Colonel! Survivors!

Get them!

Squad forward!

You're going to be fine. Come on, hurry!

Why would they just kill some? Why not all of them?

Yeah, there's got to be a common thread.

Appearance, medical history, what they had on.

The Governor has called us out.

They want you at Headquarters.

Oxygen is so vital a factor in our survival that it is easy to forget that in too high a concentration it is a poison.

NORTHERN SUPERINTENDENT GENERAL'S OFFICE Prolonged exposure to such an environment brings a toxic reaction: coughing, sore throat, and respiratory difficulty. ln the high-pressure and oxygen conditions in that tunnel, most terrestrial life forms would not survive for long.

Colonel Watarase?


Our enemy is a completely different life form.

There is no possibility of co-existence. lf we allow it to survive, we will die.

For our own survival, we must ready ourselves to fight it to extinction.

Have you ever heard of leaf-cutter ants?

The ones that grow mushrooms around their nests?

Yeah, the mushrooms won't grow there unless the ants feed them.

Without the mushrooms, the ants can't maintain their nest.

So the plant-thing in that building, the thing we're calling the pod...

That thing with all the grass-like spikes around it?

Yes, we assume it's connected with those alien life forms.

We should probably consider them two aspects of the same thing.

If that's true, we kill both by killing either one, won't we?

There's just one thing.

What's that?

How does the pod reproduce?


The pod's in flower.

A flower?

What color? l didn't ask. We're going to blow it up.

The Self-Defense Force is to attack the life forms discovered at Susuki North Subway Station.

Any one within 2km of the station is to evacuate the area immediately.

Citizens are asked to remain calm and follow all instructions.

Testing, testing, over.

ln that much oxygen, a small explosion should kill them.

That will limit the damage, too. l'm amazed that the Roads Department is Ietting us do this. lt'll just cost more in the long run if we Iet it go now.

There's no other choice.

That radio's no use. Leave it here.

Bandits, 1 2 o'clock!

Evacuation proceeding.

Move right in, please!

What's going to happen?

Evacuation on schedule!

Operation begins as planned at 20:00 hours.

Do we have radio contact?

No, sir.

Any word from inside?

We're not usually supposed to use the company computers like this.

How long till you're done?

Yes, ma'am!

Coming right up! One estimate of maximum damage should the pod explode and launch a seed into space.

They might have made their decision faster if we'd done this before. l wonder. l doubt they've considered that it might launch a seed into space. l'll admit it sounds strange, but how else would it move?

Obitsu, how much damage?

A 6km radius around downtown Sapporo would be destroyed for sure.

The pod's activating!

Damn! lt's going to launch!

Let's get out of here!

You ran the simulation.

We can't outrun an explosion like that.

SANRlKU COAST Five days since the meteor storm.

Nothing unusual on Sanriku Coast. Returning to base.

Bogey 90 degrees, 1 2,000 meters.


Roger, have chopper confirm.

Unidentified object at 8 o'clock, approaching fast.

Establish visual contact.

What? Just some dolphins.

Seahawk? Come in!

Seahawk! Come in!

Confirm bogey as Gamera. Bearing northwest. Awaiting orders.


We think the pod is emitting pure oxygen.

Attacking it might induce an explosion.

Waiting won't help.

The tunnel crew should try an attack.

That might shut down the pod.


Evacuation complete.

Confine the attack to the tunnel.

Ready to fire!


Radio up!

Gamera sighted off Sanriku Coast. Bearing towards Hokkaido!

Repeat: Gamera is flying towards Hokkaido!


Weapons at ready!



What's he doing here?

Operation suspended. Fall back to Minamikujo.

Pull back!

Gamera stopped it from launching!

And he asked him, "What is thy name?" And he answered saying, "My name is Legion, for we are many."

The Bible?

Mark 5:9.


He's taking off! Get down!

The blood of Gamera.

Ms. Honami, what are you doing here?

What's going on? l wonder.


They all look like they're dead.

Do transformers attract them?

Look out below!



Target confirmed. Range 5 miles.

Attack formation.

Missiles approaching target.

Morning has made the extent of the damage cIear, its scale bringing a further shock to those involved.

City Disaster Response teams are assisting those left without homes and workplaces, and taking hurried steps lest the alien invaders should reappear.

Meanwhile, the shore of Shikari Bay, into which Gamera plunged after leaving Sapporo, is littered with the corpses of the aIien creatures.

No, we're still going.

It'll be fine, Dad. You worry too much. That's your trouble.

We're not going to Hokkaido. l told you, we're going to Zao.

Yeah, l understand.

You take care in New York. Now, that place is dangerous!

A girl who talks to Gamera? l saw it on a Gamera site l found on the Internet.

Hey, are you still here?

Oh, l'm due at the university! Here, you read this.

Me? l don't read English very well.

"Some information we know about Gamera."

What do l do now?

Don't just groan! Tell me!



l see.

Hi. Come on in.

This way.

Excuse me.

Oh, calcium is very important to a woman, you know.

We know that they don't have muscles.

Their joints are moved by gas under pressure.

Everything else is a mystery.

Have they found the big one's body?

All they got was a big wing they pulled out of the sea.

So we'd be wise to think it was still alive.


What's this?

Electron microscope shots of their body structure.

Just like semiconductors.

Semiconductors are silicon, aren't they?

Silicon is made by breaking down sand, a process in which...

Oxygen is released! A cigarette lighter wouId fIare.

Glass is a silicon compound, and the bottles vanished from that brewery.

They ate the optic fibers!

They separate out silicon, and release oxygen for the pod.

When it seeds, the oxygen lends it explosive force. ls that semiconductor structure a resuIt of feeding on siIicon?

But silicon is a major part of the Earth's crust.

All you need to get it is dirt.

But for their nest they chose downtown Sapporo. Not much dirt there.

Why? l could sure use a drink.


Behind the books.

My dad doesn't like it.

Yeah, l guess this isn't too good, you having two strange men in your room. l can't let him have his way in everything!


You know, with this body structure, they might communicate electromagnetically.


Wait a minute.

Where is it? Here it is.

Walkie-talkies, portable phones, pocket-pagers, radio, radio...

What's that?

The things the people who died on the subway were carrying.

That's what they were after!

That's it!

That's why they built their nest downtown!

Electromagnetic waves!

They think we're enemies. Our devices throw off their communications! lt's like they invade and set up bases.

They certainly look like they've evolved to fight.

That means they'd probably be aiming at big cities.

They'd certainly find lots of electromagnetic waves there.


lf communications here are paralyzed, and if they sneak into the city through the subway system,

Japan is dead.


l see what you mean, but we don't have the forces to cover every city in East Japan. lt's impossible.

Are people so sure we've exterminated the Legion?

They hit the big one with missiles.

We're not letting our guard down, though.

What brought Gamera to Sapporo?

He must have sensed something.

I saw him blow fire at the pod where it was emitting oxygen. l'm convinced he knew what he was doing.

So you think he's on our side?

You don't?

We'll need to rethink our strategy to deal with Gamera.

Some people think it's dangerous to assume he's an ally.

Have you heard about the girl who communicates with him? l don't believe that story.

You think the Legion will attack Tokyo? lf not directly, then some city in between.

Aomoro, Morioka...

And Sendai.


A pachinko place?

So they're heading for Sendai.

The things are all dead, by the way.


The chiefs of staff are meeting. lt'll take them a while to make up their minds.

Right, l'll call you when I get there.

They flew? The whole swarm?

The small ones have wings too.

Shall l call Obitsu? He might be able to think of something.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Think of something, she says!


A 6km radius around the pod has been ordered evacuated, and a stand-by order is in effect out to 8km.

The affected area is mostly offices, and the pod appeared before commuters left for work.

Mr. Miyagi?

The line seems to have gone. We'll go back to the scene when it's restored.

The Prime Minister has ordered the Self-Defense Force deployed.

lt's changing awfully fast. lt might be growing faster because it's warmer down here. lt's getting dangerous. You'd better leave, too.

But maybe l can do something.

Put her on a chopper!


Move further in, please!

Careful. ..

Watch your step.

l'm sorry.

You don't have to apologize.

Thank you.

Message from the tower.

They've spotted Gamera. He's heading for the city.

We're to wait.



Permission to take off!

Are you okay?

You okay?

Loading complete.

lt's shaking too much to move the thruster!

Gamera's protecting us.

lt's too late. lt's about to launch its seed. lt's going to blow.

Gamera's at the airport fighting a huge Legion creature!

Did the helicopters get away?

All but one, sir!


lt's fighting Gamera to gain time for the seed to Iaunch. lt's not safe to keep the troops here.


We were beaten the moment it flowered.

All units!

Pull back as far away from the pod as possible!



Do you know what Gamera's thinking?


You're Asagi Kusanagi, aren't you?

lts next target will be Tokyo! lf we don't get ready, it'll end up just like Sendai!

We're short of information.

We're fighting an invisible army.

We don't know if it'll be the big one or a bunch of little ones.


Bees or ants spread by leaving a nest and establishing new ones.

But Legion seems to spread by launching a new seed. lf Gamera has stopped them twice, they're probably desperate now.

They'll likely come in full force.

And now Gamera's gone.

Why didn't the small ones attack Gamera in Sendai?

They may not be active when it's about to seed.

They disappeared about that time in Sapporo too.

We have to get them before the pod is planted in Tokyo.

We have to find them as fast as we can, and hit them first.

We can't afford another Sendai.

The neon from the pachinko place is electromagnetic as well. lf we take the electromagnetic field from the transformer in Sapporo and compare the two,

they don't really look the same.

The amplitude is quite different, but if we filter it, and look at the different ranges.

They respond to this pattern.


So how do we interpret this?


When a bee stings, it dies, but it emits a pheromone.

The other bees respond to it and attack.

Maybe this pattern is like a pheromone to the Legion.

So we could lure the small ones.

The Tohoku, Senzan, and other train lines report heavy damage to tracks and to cars derailed by the explosion.

No JR or other trains are operating as of this time.

We interrupt this news broadcast for an emergency announcement.

We go live to the Prime Minister's Residence.

We are expecting an announcement from the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

One moment, please.

lt is thought that the announcement will concern the attack of the Legion.

Do we have the Residence?

As investigation of the attack on our nation by the Legion suggests their next objective will very probably be the capital, the Cabinet orders the Self-Defense Force to establish its final line of defense along the Tonegawa River.

The gravity of the situation...

Are there monsters coming?

No, he says they're going to stop them.

And Gamera?

Gamera is...

This attack is being treated as a matter affecting the survival of our nation involving our right to self-defense permissible under Article 9 of the Constitution.

Namely, that our nation faces an egregious act of aggression, that there are no other appropriate measures, and that only necessary force will be used.

Since these conditions are considered to have been met, the Self-Defense Force is ordered to deploy.

With the orders comes movement of personnel, and permission to import necessary materials.

National routes around Tokyo and in the northeast are under strict regulation.

Citizens are asked to avoid car travel, obey official instructions, and use trains, buses, and other public transit.

We're coming to you live in the sky over the Tonegawa River, and the usually jam-packed Highway 1 22.

Citizens here have been ordered to evacuate.

The Self-Defense Force means to stop the Legion somewhere around here.

l'll say goodbye here.

I'll walk you downstairs. No, that's fine. l was hoping to see this through to the end.

Go home. Your father will be worried.

Thanks for everything.

Not at all. l'll be going, then.


Take care.

Years ago, when l was a kid, we had to run to get away from fires. l've never been so scared. l stiIl dream about it.

This time, l won't run.

Scared? Yes.

Run if you feel like it.

Not even Gamera can beat these things. No one will blame you.

Go in with that in the back of your mind.

Yes, sir.

Gate 1 0. Hurry, please.

Thank you.

There were seats on the last flight. No one else is heading north.

Oh, thanks.

Gamera is alive. He'll come back.

You see...


He won't let the Legion win.

Let's go. Maybe we can do something to help.


Contact! 1 7 meters below ground.

About one hundred meters long.


Assume it to be the big one.

DIVlSION COMMANDER Speed and direction?

South-southeast from Azumamura. bout 1 5 kph.


That would put it at Mt. Akayuki at about 1 8:00 hours.

Request air support for that sector.

THIRD IN COMMAND (STRATEGY) Yes, sir. Air support to Mt. Akayuki.

1 8:00 hours.

Order the tank battalion forward. Fire on confirmed contact.

Radio silence. Phone contact only.

Yes, sir.

Your radio should draw them. Everything else is shut down.

Thank you. Leave the rest to us.

Get to a safe place. l'm off the team? l can't hold your hand now. l want to see this fight.

Take him to the Com Center!

Yes, sir!

Obitsu! l'll buy you a drink when we're through.

That's fine by me.



lt's surfaced in Ashikaga.

Tank battalion engaging.

lt's all right. Gamera's only sleeping.

Will he wake up?

Tank battalion reports 50% losses.

Fall back and regroup at the Tatara River.

Request more air support.

Yes, sir!

Don't waste any more men!

Legion swarm airborne!

Bearing south-southwest at 1 50 kph!

How's the big one doing?

Tank and air attacks have had no effect, sir.

Big one advancing. Speed unchanged.

The big one is breaking through our first line!


Will he wake up?

He'll wake up.

Asagi! You're bleeding!

Gamera's bleeding too.

Gamera's moving!

Legion swarm approaching second line!

Machine guns firing.

The swarm has spread out to a void fire.

A fifth are through and heading for our rear line.

Gamera's heading for Ashikaga!

ls he after the big one?

Swarm now bearing north!

Oh, no...

They're headed for Gamera.

He can't fight them in the air.

Help him, please!

Why would we help a monster?

Because he's...

There's only so much we can do.

Swarm entering Ashikaga!

KURIHASHl DlSPATCH OFFlCE There's no time to explain!

I need all your power!

NAZAKl TRANSMlSSION STATlON Don't you understand? We're not supposed to transmit tonight! l know that!

How do l know this isn't some joke?

Who'd dare use an emergency line for a joke?

Sorry, l'm not playing.


Obitsu, NTT Hokkaido?

Yes! lt's on your head.

Thank you! I'll be right over!

Hell, l just work here.

Swarm changing course. There's trouble at the Nasaki Transmitter!


A leak.


Sir! We have to act!

The relay station. ..

There could be civilian casualties.

Take the anti-tank helicopters and assist the officer in command.

Yes, sir! l'm on my way!

Big one approaching second line!



Yes, sir.

Gamera seems to be trying to stop the Legion.


Don't use your radio!

Fire on the creature. Support Gamera!

Yes, sir!

Safety off! Aimed and ready!


Damn you!

You'll pay for this, l swear!

We'll talk later!

Shut up, you old fart!

Get rid of any transmitters!


Let's go!

We can't leave here!

Gamera can't fight the swarm!

We'll kill them here!

The big one's using a new trick!

Where's the second air group?

Five minutes to attack.

The big one is breaking through our rear line!




That's your defense line.

Mission accomplished.

Gamera won.


So, once again, Gamera saves the human race. l don't think it was us he came to help. lt was all the life on this planet.

He wouldn't let the Legion win.

Gamera is Earth's guardian.

So, then, if we continue to destroy its life...

We don't want Gamera against us, do we?