Gamera the Brave (2006) Script

Chiisaki Yushatachi -GAMERA- Film Partners

"Shima, Mie Prefecture, 1973"

General Producer Kazuo Kuroi Planning Naoki Sato Producers "Yoichi Arishige, Hirohisa Mukuju"

Screenplay Yukari Tatsui

Music Yoko Ueno

SFX Director Isao Kaneko

It blew itself up!

Gamera's sacrificed itself for us...

It's over!

We're saved!

"Summer, 2006"


Yeah, I'm coming.

"Aizawa Family Grave"


Come and say a few words to your mom.

It's okay. You go first, Dad.

Don't be like that.

Now that I'm back in business, there's nothing to be sad about.

Let's tell her. She'll be happy to hear that.


Don't forget the water.

She's always watching over you from heaven.

I don't need to hear that kind of thing.

What do you mean, "that kind of thing?"


What do you mean, "nothing?"

Mom died in a car crash.

She is not up in heaven.

She's a pile of bones, in this tomb.

This is the first summer I've had without her.


"Ryo Tomioka"


"Kanji Tsuda"

"Susumu Terajima, Kaoru Okunuki"

"Shingo Ishikawa, Shogo Narita"

"Kenjiro Ishimaru, Tomorowo Taguchi"

Anything wrong?

Director Ryuta Tasaki No.

"Aizawa's Diner"

"We're open again"



The Unusual Organism Task Force is to be disbanded.

After 30 years of service, a motion was passed in the Diet last week.

With the implementation of budget cuts recently the closure of the task force has been hotly debated.

Then there's the delicate issue of whether the Self Defense Forces should be mobilized to fight these unusual organisms.

The U.O.T.F. is now a thing of the past.

This is how it should be.

I've been craving for your fried rice.

I'm pretty happy.

We didn't know where else to eat when this place was closed.

Cause you're glad to see me back I'll give you an extra big serve!

That's the way! Thanks.

Another accident?

Report from Okinawa, The Captain and his 6 crewmen are missing at sea.

The 11th Regional Coast Guard conducted a search for the missing men from dawn to dusk.

But in vain. Hello.


A special. Me too.

Coming right up.

Three of them was founded entirely broken.

The condition of the wreckage is open to speculation.

Wait a second, Ishimaru!

I don't have my swimsuit on.

Strip off then!

No! I'm leaving.

Take them off. Guys, cut it out!

Take them off!

"Toru, Mommy is going to" take them off for you.

I said cut it out!



Did you think I was upset?

Did you believe me?

You tricked us!

I tricked you, alright!

You take them off! Leave me alone!

Don't run away. Hey, stop it!

Katsuya, you take them off too!

Take it off! No...

Come again!

Here's your giant combo!

Great, thank you.

And you want a salad, right?

That's right.





Do you want more?

Still hungry?

It's too hot...

"Toru, are you there?"

You must be there.


Why are you so depressed? Look at this!

Volume 13 came out today.

Today? Can I borrow it?

Shall I let you or not?

Give it to me now, Mai!

You have an attitude problem. Too bad.

Mai, Your Majesty! Please let me read it!

Miss Nishio.

Now you're talking.

She's a pain in the butt...

Toru's doing okay?

But you know what it's like.

Having a problem?

We've hardly had time to really talk to each other.

I've been busy with this place.

Miyuki and Toru were close.

A father-and-son relationship doesn't get established in one day.

Miyuki really loved Toru, didn't she?

When Toru was little, she used to call him, "Toto."

As if he was her precious puppy.

I'm very sure that she misses Toru a lot.

She misses you too.

What's going on with Mai?

She'll have the operation next week.


Did you buy your swim suit?

Good morning!


Hurry up! The swimming lesson's started.

How far can you swim now?

3 meters.

Wait for me.

I forgot my membership card.


Watch out, you silly thing.

I like the pattern on you.

It's the town news bulletin.

Can you leave it there?

It's so hot!

Hey, you've sold the last scarlet pearl.

No, I've decided not to sell it.

What do you mean? It's the main feature of the store.

I'm giving it to Mai.

That's a good idea.

Scarlet pearls bring good luck and happiness.

Scarlet pearls were only cultivated the year Gamera died saving us.

Very special pearls.

They saved the pearl industry.

The pearls attracted the media and the town's economy revived.

That's what Dad said.


Now the last pearl will bring Mai luck, too.

The doctors say it's not a difficult operation, but it is heart surgery.

I'm home.



The news bulletin.

Look at this beautiful lucky charm he's making for your girl.

I've been telling him to sell it.

Mai will be okay without that.

There'll be no problem.

How could you walk like that?

Can't you even walk straight?

I want to see you walk better. Can't you... trot?

I mean... Just trot-trot-trot...

Your name is Toto.

You have to learn to trot.

My dad owns the restaurant, so we can't have pets.

Because Dad says so.

So you can't leave this room.

I guess you can't understand.

It'll be okay...


Have you grown?

Toru, wake up!

I have to clean your room.

I'll clean it myself.

It's my homework...

I have to do my own chores.


All right. Good homework. Go for it.

I'm going to air this.



Are you still dreaming?

Mai, what's wrong?

What is it?


If nothing's wrong, I'm going now...

Clean your room.


What was that thing?

A turtle.

What are you going to do with this?

You're a bit too much.

Stay there!

Don't follow me!


Watch out, kid!

Don't be stupid.

You almost got yourself squashed by the truck!

It could've killed you.

That's when you should fly, you know?

I'm stuck with you.



Hey! Do you like turtles?


Sure. I love them!

A turtle?

Yes, a turtle. I have one hidden in my room.


Go around.

Round and round, faster!

Watch out!


Come over and see my turtle.

Wait a minute, guys.. Don't push!

Okay, no more about turtles!

What's this?

How's it work, Ishimaru?

I don't know.


A flying turtle.

Incredible! I've never seen one before.

I bet.

Can I be Toto's friend?

Only if you keep it a secret.

I will, I will!

Me too!

Good. We'll be his friends.


What is it doing here? Why didn't you get rid of it?


He's okay if you get used to him.


He's so cute.

I love him.

Ouch! He scratched me...

Don't do that!

You can pat him. Okay!

Can I pat him, too?

"Capitol District, Tokyo"

Councilor Hitotsugi.

Professor Amamiya has submitted this report again.

"Multiple Ship Wrecks"

"and Unusual Organisms"

"Soichiro Amamiya"

The U.O.T.F. has disbanded.

Tell the Professor.

There's no organization to receive your speculative reports, thank you.

Yes, sir.

Where's the minister?

He's... He must be on his way.


Read it. It's a big turtle that flies.

Toto's this monster?

My Toto?

No, no...

Look, he's so tiny. He doesn't spit fireballs.

He'll grow to be that big.

He'll start flying around, spitting fireballs.

What are you going to do about it?

It won't happen. You don't understand him yet.

I saved you from the truck, right buddy?

We're friends, aren't we?

If anything strange happens, tell me.

Any little thing.

So you won't tell?

No way. Nothing strange will happen.

Oh, boy...



Put him on this.


One, two three!

Where's the little turtle?

Keep quiet!

Here we go.

Toto, we'll find you a house quick.


It's huge!

He's suddenly become an adult.

Yeah, now he's an adult.

He won't get any bigger.



Toto isn't Gamera.


Toto isn't a monster.


They fight to death, don't they?

Toto won't die.

I don't want him to die!


The next time you're in trouble, I may not be able to help you.


I just don't want anything to go wrong...

Let's go home.

Where are you going so early in the morning?


Wait. Where are you going?

Just out, Dad.

Wait a minute, Mai.

Tell me about last night.

I took a walk. That's all.

You need some rest then.

I'm okay.

But the operation's tomorrow.

I want to look around before I go into hospital.

This might be the last chance that I have.

Don't say that. It's not true.

It upsets me.

But I'm...

It's going to be okay.

Mom and Dad will always be with you.

Take it!

"Where's your mother anyway, Toto?"


Remember the red stone?

Thanks for the book.

Is Toto okay so far?


Something else.

This is... to give you good luck.

Did you know?

Thank you.

Toto's egg was laid on it.

Maybe he should have it. It might be something that he needs.

I asked him about it.

I'll return it when I get better, then.


I'm worried...

About what?

I worry about...

that huge Toto and

this little Toto.

Don't worry. We're the meanest Toto duo!

This is Grid MH562 to Toba Headquarters.

We're 15 km south from Daiozaki Point.

A life saving jacket found at

34 degrees north at 136 o49' east.

We're going to conduct a search for the survivors.


Are you really a Gamera?

I don't think so.

What's wrong, Toto?

What are you looking at?


"Nagoya General Hospital"

"Mai Nishio"



Where are you?


Did you find him?


Where's he gone?


You locked the door, didn't you?

Yes. Last night I locked it more securely than ever.

Do you think somebody found him?

Toto was distracted...

He looked past me when I talked to him.

He ignored me...

He didn't look at me.



That was good. Thanks!

Kosuke, can I have some dried shark?

Sure thing.

Yes. Coming right up.

If somebody had found Toto, we'd have heard something.


What's going on?



What's happening?

I don't know.

Just evacuate to the school!




Got to run! Now, Toru!


Don't look!



Don't go anywhere, okay?

Katsuya, are you okay?


It's Gamera...

Come on!


That's him!


Take care of him.

It looks different from the Gamera 33 years ago.

The last one was 35 meters long but this one's only 8.

It's much smaller both in size and mass.

There has been no sign of fireball attacks yet.

Still no sign of flying.

Have you contacted the Professor?

Professor Amamiya?

Call him now! I'll meet him at the site!

Yes, sir!


What do you think you're doing?

Toto's in trouble!



Get back!


Let's go.


Attention, refugees.

Report to the tent by the gate... Toru to register your names.

They're taking Toto to Nagoya.

They'll drive by soon.

Upon registration, you will be distributed a refugee card.



The number of casualties increases at each count.

Shima's anxious citizens have evacuated to the local school.

And they all suffer lots of pains and fears.

The Government has named the monster, "Zedus".

The dismissed Unusual Organism Task Force...

"Attached by Zedus"

"First Gamera in 33 Years"

Shocking news!

(will be reformed...)

The last one was around when I was a child.

Do you think Toto is Gamera?

Wasn't he much bigger though?

Much bigger and tougher?

How about you telling about your little Toto?

"Science University of Nagoya"

This sample is extracted from him.

How long does it take?

Analyzing in progress.

Try the actinochemistry analysis now.


Pass me the report upon completion.

Yes, sure.



Is this it?

Yes, we've extracted it from the scarlet pearls.

This is what gives Gamera its incredible powers.

Professor Amamiya.

Are you sure Gamera will grow bigger?

Prepare injection.


Zedus will come back now that it's gotten a taste for human flesh.

If Gamera isn't ready, it's going to be disastrous.

How can Toto avoid fighting that Zedus monster?

How can I save Toto?

You love him, don't you?

You've taken care of him since he was a baby.



You saw them fight, didn't you? You saw the devastation.

It's beyond your capacity.

How about Toto!

He's still a baby!

Be quiet. People are trying to sleep.

Both Toto and the Gamera that I encountered as a child fought to save us. I'm not sure why they do it.

The Gamera I saw when I was a child sacrificed itself to save us.


That Toto isn't the Toto you know anymore.

It's a Gamera now.


Harumi. How did Mai's operation go?

It's not true...


Toto is Toto...


Come here.

The operation was successful.


Mai's mom has a message for you.


Toru? Are you all right there?

Mai's still unconscious but she's been talking in her sleep.

Toto needs it...

Toto needs the red stone. She's been repeating that.


I know what she means.

Thank you.

I bet Toto needs that red stone.

Only we know about the stone.

Only we can deliver it to him.


You really want to come?

Yes, Toto's my friend.

I can suppress fear when I think of Toto.

Is this how Mom always worried about me?

Now I can believe that Mom's watching over me from heaven.


"I have to see Mai in Nagoya..."

"Be right back."

(... you may go shopping, eating, entertaining...)

Which way is the Nagoya General Hospital?

Go straight to exit 15 Thank you very much.

That way.

(A celebration will be held on 8th of this month...)

How's the pulse rate?

As normal.

Any progress?

No big changes. If any...

How's the Chemical Oxygen Demand? Seems there is no difference.


Keep monitoring.


What's the reading?

14.5 positive.

Has anything occurred yet, Professor?


It may be too fatigued.

It's pulse suddenly change. What happen?

What's it doing?

Zedus is now in Nagoya's harbor.

It's not ready yet.


Councilor, to the car!"


Take cover!

Zedus is headed towards the central Nagoya district.

No report on casualties yet.

Minato and Atsuta wards have already been devastated.

An immediate evacuation alert has been declared citywide so chaos is expected in the area...

I saw an explosion!

It was an explosion. The city is crumbling.

I can see buildings being torn down one by one.

The city's on fire. It's a horrifying disaster.

Let's go.

At about 10 am today Zedus the monster landed in Nagoya.

It's on its way up north, currently in Atsuta ward.

An immediate evacuation alert has been declared.

Excuse me!

One by one. Please don't push.


Take the IV bag off. Yes Help me get the stretcher ready.

Councilor, are you okay?

Out of the car.


Open the doors!

Get to the other door!


Toto's getting beaten up!

We've got to hurry!


We have to go along the paths under the city.

Watch out!



There's nobody here...

Where's Mai's room? I'll look this way.

We'll go that way!

"Mai Nishio"




I was worried sick!


But Toto needs the red stone I gave to Mai.

It's too late...

Even if I gave Toto the stone... he'll just continue fighting Zedus and won't run away.

He'll blow himself up like the old Gamera.

You've done enough, son.

It's time to let go. Or it'll get harder for you.

Come on.

I can't leave him.


He's fighting so you can live.

Why does Toto have to fight alone?

It's not Toto, it's Gamera!

It's Toto.

He needs help...


Mr. Aizawa!


Go to the refuge with Katsuya.

Find Mai's parents and stay with them.

What will we do?

Go to the refuge.



"What are you doing, Mai?"


I have to go help Toto...

Come back. You have to lie down.

But Toto needs me...

Mai. What's going on?

Mai's acting up.


Toto... Toto...

Toto... Toto...

Where's she think she's going?

Lay her down on the stretcher.


Are you okay?

Get the medical card. Yes I have to help Toto...

For Toto?


Toru, we have to get away!

I won't!

Toto's still a baby!

He just hatched a short time ago.

He's not running away! He's fighting!

I won't run away either!

Don't be stupid!

Do you think Toto would be happy if you died?

For Toto!


Where are we?


Hey, wait a minute!

The red stone... I have to...

I'll go get the stone!



I told you to... to go to the refuge.

We got lost. We couldn't make it.

But we've got the stone. All the children carried it... one after the other.

They handed over the stone saying, "For Toto."



I have to deliver this to Toto.

Are you sure?

It may give him the power to blow himself up.

Toto would never blow himself up.

We won't let him.


I'm coming too.

Keep going!


Go ahead, Toru.

Don't look back.


I brought this for you, Toto.

You need this stone, don't you?

Everybody ran for you.

Everybody ran to get this to you.


It's not so that you can blow up.

Not so that...

you will sacrifice yourself to kill that monster with your own life.


I won't let you die!

I love you too much.

I don't want to lose someone I love so much...

ever again...

I'll give this to you so you can win and live.

Don't kill yourself.

I order you not to.

You have to live!

Toto, live!


Super cool!

Great, Toto!



Get out of here now.

I said, "Now!"

That's a sign that he's going to self-destruct!

He won't blow himself up!

Let him go.

Secure Gamera!


What the...?

What's wrong? Why did you stop?


Stay away from our Toto.

Toto, get out of here!

Don't interfere!

They won't move.

Look at all the children.

Fly away, Toto!

Toto, get out of here!



Toto... I won't forget you.

I'll never forget you.

So... you can go now.

Toto, go!

I'll see you again, Toto...

So long...