Gamle maend i nye biler (2002) Script


What's up, Harald? How are you? Fine.

Need a lift? No, I'm getting picked up.

Why are there always so many of you in your cars?

It's environmentally responsible.

I want my money, Harald.

May I get out first?

I want that money, okay?

I need a week.

If you want a week, you go up to 3 1/2, okay?

You want your interest, right?

On Monday, Harald. Remember.

Do you want a trade? Vuk? Do you want anything?

Mineral water.

You don't want raisins? Can't you make your own pastry?

Sure, but shouldn't there be raisins in it?

Vuk, try Martin's pastries yet? I tried five. Really good.

He's going to compete in the Danish Pastry Championships.

You'll definitely win with that pastry, Martin.

There are a lot of other good pastries.


What the hell are you doing?

Pastry. Why didn't you come and get me?

Think it's fun riding the bus? They stop every 5 feet to drop off junkies.

Why didn't you come? We didn't know you were out.

Or what's it called... released. We thought it wasn't until tomorrow.

What's that? It's Vuk.

Harald, this is Vuk.

Vuk, this is Harald.

He's been hired here. Who hired him?

We did, more or less. He's a great electrician.

He put in a whole new lighting system.

Vuk was an electrician in Sarajevo. He won't be in my kitchen.

There's plenty of light. Get lost, Sambo.

Didn't you hear what I said? Go back to San Diego.

Vuk is Ratko's cousin. I don't care about Ratko.

Who gave you permission to change everything?

The slacking off is over. We've talked a lot about that.

What did you talk about? Well, ahh...

We... We don't want to do this any more.

Of course you can do whatever you want to.

We just don't want to be criminals.

Lose the ladder. And the flowers. They look like shit.

Lose the ladder, Peter.

Nice wheels. You drive for weddings now?

We've taken the day off. Here! Nuts and pistachios.

Hey, Harald... Why can't Vuk work in your kitchen?

He needs a job, man.

His mother won't accept an unemployed son.

Vuk's mother will have to get used to it.

Do you have my 3 1/2 million? No.

Hire Vuk with full benefits and you get another week.

I need more than a week.

If you treat him right, you get another three days.

Send him over on Monday.

Make sure you get the money. Take out a mortgage.

You've got ice cream all over, man.

We can't work in this light. Puk is coming on Monday.

We need the lights fixed, right?

What the hell is that? Jellyfish Sushi.

Why are you making confectionery? They're salmon Maki rolls.

It's raw fish. Taste some. No way I'm touching that shit.

This isn't some fast food joint. Cook that damn fish.



No, of course. I'll be there right away.

The Monk is in the hospital.

You could have guessed. He hasn't exactly lived a healthy life.

Do you want to come visit him? It may be the last time.

We don't want to do this any more.

What don't you want to do? The man is fatally ill.

Come on, let's go.

Mr. Monk, I'm preparing some medication for you.

Visiting hours are over! Harald...

Are you relatives? You could say that Harald is.

Yes, we're family. He's boasting.

Wait with that. I want to be able to talk.

Two minutes. Thank you very much.

What the hell, Monk? Harald, my child.

My liver is giving up. There's nothing to do.

I had always counted on getting shot. That's not how it's going to be.


No, I... I don't really feel like it anyway.

Is there anything you need? No.


There may be one thing. It's a little complicated.

I would like to see my son. You don't have a son.

Oh yes I do. I have a son.

You never mentioned it. There was no reason to.

His mother was a stewardess, Swedish. Crazy bitch.

I never got in touch. I was in jail, so...

I couldn't do anything. He needs to see his Dad while I'm still around.

That's obvious. We'll just find him.

Where does he live? In Sweden.

Where does he live exactly? In Sweden, you idiot.

Where in Sweden? He's in jail.

What did he do? Nothing serious.

He's probably changed. What's he called?


If he's in jail, we can't... Of course you can.

Visiting hours are over. You're smoking? Leave immediately!

We'll find him. Thank you, my boy.

It's not a normal prison. It's for prisoners with life sentences.

They can't just give us a cookie. I'm about to die of hunger.

It's impregnable. We've got to tell Harald that we can't get him out.

Stop kicking, you loser. Brat.

I'm sorry, but you can't be here.

Is that lobster? Would you go back to your seat?

How had you imagined we were going to get him out?

Drive a bulldozer through the wall. But there are three walls.

Real silverware and cloth napkins. What the hell are you doing?

Don't eat my crab. Go back to your seat.

What did he do? He's in Sweden's most heavily guarded prison.

It must have been parking tickets. Would you go back to your seat?

I'm sorry, but you can't be here.

Stop it and go back to your seat.

If you think about it... It might be that it's not completely impossible.

If you kick me one more time... Here comes another cake.

Hi. Can I help you?

Peter called and had some rooms set aside.

Do you speak English? Martin, doesn't she speak Danish?

We have made a reservation for two rooms for Mr. Blixen.

Ask if they have a conference room.

A conference room? Yes.

One with a blackboard. Why?

Ask. If he's had an idea, he'll tell us.

Don't we have to land first? Then I'll ask.

Just sign here for the rooms. Bitch. Come on.

Come on, Martin. The keys...

Come on.

"Meet room"... That's what it's called.

It's not called a "meet room".

That's damn bad service.

Peter is right. She was a bitch. He just had a mullet.

We'll meet in the conference room in two minutes!

Tight security at the prison means the prisoners walk freely in the yard.

We're going to use that. Let's say you're the pear.

You come in here...

Let's back up a little bit. Harald, this is you.

You walk into the yard and meet Ludvig.

Meanwhile Martin and I are on the bridge, which is 300 meters away.

If we pretend this is the bridge, then that's Martin and this is me.

We're standing looking into the prison yard.

We shoot a wire 300 meters down.

You click onto the wire. You put on a rappelling seat.

First you connect to the wire, and then to this basketball post.

Then Martin drives the truck down to the end of the bridge.

The truck is carrying a 1,000-liter water deadweight.

So the wire is completely taut.

At the center of the wire is 7 1/2 meters of bungy cord.

Release the wire, and you'll fly over the wall and land under the bridge.

And Martin and I will pick you up. You don't really mean this, do you?

It's completely safe. People pay 500 kroner to do it by the harbor.

Get what you need and put the bottles back in the mini-bar.

Here. Martin, put it on.

Can you see him? There are a lot of dogs.

They're crazy about dogs over here.

Hold this a second. It's the bungy.

Is he there? No.

There he is.

The guy by the bench? Thank you very much.


I've come to get you out.

Leave me alone.

I think he's got him. Then you get this.

Your father would like to see you.

I don't have a father.



What's happening, Martin? What's happening? It's those dogs.



How was I to know the dogs would hold on?

Let's get him up. Do we have to?

It's not my fault the dogs held on so tightly.

We go left next time. Are you sure?

It's a non-stop train. It arrives in 11 minutes.

How much does a Doberman actually weigh?

Ludvig! Hurry up.

Come down here! In case someone sees you.

Get lost!

What did he say? He doesn't want to come down.

You've got to come home to Denmark. We're taking the bridge.

You haven't driven on it yet, have you? Come down.

Show it to him.

It's a picture of your father, the Monk.

You're father's really sick. Come on.

Let me handle this.

That will give you a bladder infection.

You have to visit your father.

They've lied to you all these years. Come on.

We've brought a change of clothes for you.

Is it true? Is it my father?

Yes, it's your father.

Here! Take this.

Shit, man.

Ludvig, stop it!

That's not necessary. I won't run away.

Well, you definitely won't now.

Harald, there's something wrong with him. Can't you tell?

Look at his eyes, he's crazy. He's a great guy.

35 sveteas for a piece of pastry. Where are we now?

A few hours ago, Ludvig Petterson, serving a life sentence, escaped.

He has been convicted of the murders of five women.

He is extremely dangerous. If you see this man -

Inform the police immediately.

What did they say?

He killed five women.

Damn, Harald.

They were probably really irritating. Sister, how long can it take?

Harald... I don't want to talk about it.

Let us eat in peace.


What are you doing?

She was talking on the phone and there was this gust of wind.

And then she fell.

Get into the car!


You've got so much hair and I've got so little.

It feels so strange.

I've so wished...

Well, that I had a father.

We kids always thought -

That we had a father who was a pilot or a millionaire.

I was a pilot once. And millions rolled in once.

So theoretically, I could have been a great father.

Damn! I didn't know that.

If I had known that, you wouldn't have gotten...

I wasn't what I should have been, but then I took care of Harald.

Can we go now?

Let them get to know each other.

Nice shirt. Is there something wrong with it?

It's nice. I like it a lot.

It's warm too, right?

It's just orange.

What's the matter with you? Is it serious?

I'm dying, Ludvig. No.


Out of the question. We just met.


But that's how it is.

I think Mr. Monk needs to rest. You've been here long enough.

Ludvig, let go of her.

Then give me five minutes.

You're not the only one that knows the Monk.

Don't you understand this is a hospital? Get out!

He looks like his mother.

I don't understand it. Why don't they just give him a new liver?

Because there are waiting lists. We've got to do something.

I'll take care of that.

Don't go wrecking everything. I'll help the Monk.

Do you understand?

We'll call Erling. My doctor. He'll help us.

Ecuador. Ecuador?

Yes, Ecuador, German surgeons have specialized in liver transplants.

They get a hold of fresh organs. You're as good as new afterwards.

I've got the contact.

Where is Ecuador? In South America.

Right behind Brazil. They've got amazing wildlife.

And really nice Indians. Completely naked.

And really nice Indians. Completely naked.

Can't you get that light fixed? Is it expensive?

The Indian girls. One of those livers.

A liver costs $300,000. Maybe I can get it down to 280,000.

That's a lot of money. We can't do it, Harald.

We've got to do something.

Harald, we can't do it. Harald, it's impossible.

Harald. Fuck, man.

Really nice pastry. Can I have the recipe?

Of course not. It's a secret.

You can take some with you. It would work wonders.

You can't take the whole pastry.

No, that's fine. It's been in your bag.

Have you ever robbed a bank?

It's been a few years.

It has for me too.

You don't forget. It's just like riding a bike, right?

You want to transfer your money to Dan Hansen's account?

All of it? Just do it, okay?

Can you write a note? Something like "For rent".

Okay, then write: Goodbye, Dan.

"Don't bring that little bastard to my funeral, you damn bastard".

No, not "you damn bastard". Erase that.

Write "you deceiving shit".

Do you want to talk to someone about this?


Get up! The money. All the money.

Down, I said. Then shoot!

My clothes will get wrinkled.

I have to go to a funeral. Okay, you stay standing!

Did you say funeral?

Who died? Is it a girl?

Shut up, you two!

Was it very gentle? How did she die?

No, it was suicide. What kind of a bank is this?

Don't you have any money? There's no money here. 100,000.

Who pressed it? It happens automatically.

Why are they coming so quickly?

Everyone gets up and comes out the door with us!

Get up, damn it!

Scubaba, scubaba.

What the hell did you say? Get up!

Is it a good idea?

Get up! Quickly! Out!

Close together!

Hey, my name is...

My name is Bente Halsted and I'm a negotiator. I'm your friend.

Drive, damn it! I said drive! I don't want to.

Drive! Ouch!

Don't you hit me, you beast! Are you nuts? We've got a hostage!

Drive now! Drive!

Drive, bitch! Then speak properly!

If Lyngby also wins, you'll get 9 to 1. They're giving money away.

What's all that money doing? It's breeding.


It's being bet on football. On football?

I've got a friend at FCK. They play FC Mid-Jutland on Sunday-

But have got nothing to play for. They're not starting the first squad.

If you match FC Mid-Jutland with four other winners, you get 9 to 1 odds.

What kind of friend is he? Dan Hansen. They're sure to lose.

He's holding a party on Saturday. If we bet 8,000 -

We can get 71,000 on Monday morning.

We might as well bet all of it on Mid-Jutland. All of it.

No, try to listen. We bet it all on the team that wins.

And on Monday we'll get 1 million.

1 million. That's a lot of money. Shut up and fix that light.

It's not a completely sure thing. If Peter says so, it is.

Then we're going to watch football.

What is it?


Morten Bisgaard with a good chance... Oh.

Here. Thanks.

What's the score? 0-0.

These are team scarves. Wear them. No thanks.

Wear it. Martin. We're supporting Mid-Jutland.

They didn't have any Mid-Jutland scarves.

There! Did we score? Was it the right team?

There! It's a done deal!

It's damn good, Peter.

No, no, no, what's going on? He fell by himself.

He didn't touch him. There's nothing there.

He didn't touch him. Is it a penalty kick?

It probably is. That's the guy you know, right?

Know and know... We went to school together.

Here comes Dan Hansen with the ball.

It's tied at 1-1. There are only a few seconds left.

FCKties it up at 1-1. 1-1 is the final result.

Surprising to many, but definitely not undeserved.

Are they playing at the Park? Yes.

Harald, what are we doing here? Shouldn't we go? Shouldn't we?

Shouldn't we find a place to eat? Get some food somewhere.

Somewhere nice.

Is that him?

Is that him? What the hell are you doing?

Come on, let's go.

It wasn't his fault. He cheated us.


Peter? Hi, Dan.

You owe me a million.

You shouldn't lie to us.

I won't do anything to him. I just want my million.

Harald... It's the bookie's fault.

Don't touch him. There's still electric current in him.

Vuk will have to clean this up. You two owe me a million.

Vuk, don't touch him. Step away from him.

He had been sold to Dortmund. He just needs some fresh air.

Do you want some? No thanks, I just ate.

We'll fly to Bremen in a small plane. And then on to Ecuador.

You need to bring all of the money in cash.

Not Euros, they don't want them. What is $280,000 in Danish?

I talked them down to $260,000. But count on 2 1/2 million kroner.

That's a lot of money. Do you have it?

You just order that liver. Then I'll call.

My name is Ludvig. Would you like a piece of pastry?

Even if you had that much money, you shouldn't spend it on me.

Buy some Polish whores and live it up.

Harald says you have a hard time with the ladies.

Has Harald become a psychologist?

That would be the last thing he'd do. Don't waste your life.

It's hard to be alone. Can't you find a babe?

But when I have to...

Harald told me. At some point you feel like killing the bitch.

There's always someone who can put up with you.

You can't end up as an old man alone in a polished car.

I don't have a car.

You'll get my Mercedes. You just need a woman first.

I mean it. Sleep.

You need it. Sleep.

Red, red roses Round in ladies'clothes The scent is carried by the evening breeze When we listen cheek to cheek Get a grip.

Sleep tight. I'll come again tomorrow.

Sleep tight, Dad.

You're kidding. I am so tired of having you running around here.

Don't you know what time it is? This is a hospital...

Hi. What are you doing?

Have you taken her clothes off?

She fell. She fell?

Are you okay? Yes.

We'll put her in the freezer. Peter and Martin will take care of it.

How is the Monk?

Pretty bad.

He wants to give me his car.

He's got lots of them. He gave me one too.

I was offered his Mercedes.

No, he doesn't want to get rid of that.

He said I could have it.

You're going to have to stop that. The girls... it's not nice.

She fell.


What are you doing?

I just wanted to say thanks.

And you... You know what?

Don't you ever hit me again!

Shut up.

How stupid.

What did she mean, she wanted to thank me?

I have no idea.

Martin, we want pastry too. I'll let you know when it's done.


A watch!

You have to blow out the candles.

Then you have to make a wish or else.

We want pastry too. I'll let you know.

Hey, Vuk. Come here. What are you doing? Don't you speak Danish?

Come down here.

Come here.

This is for you. Me?

Yes, it's a present. You bought him a present?

I don't treat him badly. I saved his life too, right?


It was really expensive. It's electric. You press here.

Then the scrub cloths get cleaned each time.

So don't buy too many new scrub cloths.

That's a great cake, Martin. Hurry up and eat it. I'll get Ludvig.


What the hell are you doing? Sorry.

Don't hit me in the head with a ham! Sorry.

What's going on?

There's plenty of life in her yet.

She'll be a bit groggy to start with. Her brain has been cooled down.

She'll probably have a cold. Give her chamomile tea with honey.

She ought to be dead by now. Her circulation was stopped.

You can't bleed if you're frozen stiff, right?

Well, if you... Got any more pastry?

Leave some for the others. I've started to experiment.

How much butter do you use per pound of flour?

We can't tell you.

I can't do anything about the other two.

Say hi to Harald. What's that about pastry?

Damn, my head hurts.

What the hell were you doing in that freezer?

Where do you know Harald from? Who?

You must know. Is he the one from the bank?

Is he the one that killed Dan? Where do you know Dan from?

He's my boyfriend. He keeps leaving me, the jerk.

You've got to go before Harald comes.

What the hell are you two doing? Hi.

Who called Erling? Martin.

Why is she alive? She hit me with a ham.

What are you doing, Martin? I don't know.

It was a shame for her, that she...

She tried to kill Peter with a smoked ham.

What? Ham.

We don't kill people for fun.

I'll have to start from the beginning. Who are you?

Move so you don't get blood on you.

Stop it now, Fatso.

You shouldn't butt in like that -

And shout and scream like a little kid!

Shit, I've had a really bad week.

I want to go home now. Would you drive me home?

She had a hard night, so I'm going to take care of her. See you later.

Do I shout and scream? No, no, not at all.

Am I rude to you? Not at all. She was...

Herbal tea with honey.

If you spill any I'll... I'll just wipe it up with...

Get a hold of Erling before he leaves.

It's right here.

I simply don't know how to thank you.

I only drove you home.

You saved my life at the bank. I mean it.

I would have killed myself if you hadn't come.

And then all that stuff with Dan...

I've never been able to get away from him.

In the freezer, I could see what a big idiot he is.

There is a reason why we met each other.

I would like a good cup of coffee.

Okay, come on.

There is never any warm water.

Can you find what you need? There are Saltines by the sink.

No, over the coffeemaker.

You can't find a good plumber.

What is it?

You want to fix my shower?

No, damn it...

Let's try again.

Tomato, Harald?

Did you break Vuk's jaw? Vuk fell over.

This is your last chance, Harald. I want my money now!

I'll just go in with these. You're staying here.

This is serious. I want my money now.

I can't get 3 1/2 million now.

Do you have an idea how to get the money?

Then I've got an idea.

I've got a job for you out at the airport.

Read it closely. It's your last chance.


Where the hell did he go? What?

Where are you going? Where are you going?

The Danish Pastry Championships.

The Danish Pastry Championships? Yes.

The opening round is being held at the Bella Center.

Martin's got a great chance of winning.

Our old cooking school is coming. You'll come inside and sit down.

Sorry I'm late. I've been at Mille's.

She's completely fantastic. Her breasts aren't hard and cold.

They're like a balloon filled with blood. Warm and soft.

They curve round and...

She also said she wants to get married.

What he's saying is... I know what the man's saying.

Have you forgotten your father is really sick?

Should we continue?

It's about a sealed money transport in a plane.

Come in here and sit down! A money transport in a plane.

This is a Hercules. Send them round.

The Monk, Peter, Martin and I are waiting in an ambulance.

He's the only one that can fly.

We can't fly a plane. Shut up.

Erling gives the Monk some morphine.

Vuk checks in on another plane. DK603 to Gran Canaria.

There will be an accident. The ambulance enters the apron.

Ludvig, you will be in the first class lounge.

Buy some tickets. Be creative. Think of something yourself.

We get in before the real ambulance comes.

This is the cool part. We drive right down to the Hercules.

We drive into the Hercules, take out the guards and fly away.

What guards? Some rent-a-guards.

What the hell are you doing, Vuk? He's still wired!

It's just a shoe!

Can't you be more careful?

The Hercules flies so low that they won't find us on radar.

You throw the money in the sea and jump after it.

Vuk's uncles on a ship pick us up. The Hercules crashes.

Have you ever had your noses licked?

The containers will sink. We can't jump out of a plane, can we Peter?

Yeah, well... Can't we jump out of a plane?

There's plenty of air in the containers. They won't sink.

A Hercules only flies at 100 km an hour. It's not dangerous to jump from.

The accident Vuk causes... How do we do that?

Well... We'll just think of something. It's not a problem.

A really ingenious plan. Really well thought up.

You never say anything. What should I say?

It's okay. Boeing 737-300. They build them in Seattle.

No, wait a second.

It won't work.

I don't know what's wrong. Sorry.

It doesn't matter.

Has it happened before?

I haven't done it much. Only with you and my mom.

That's against the law.

It was in Sweden.

What was your mother like?

Good, I think. I don't have anyone to compare her with.

She moved when I was twelve.

Didn't she die when you were nine?

Yes, she did.

You're so nice.

I thought of seeing a psychologist. I don't know if it's necessary.

You shouldn't see a psychologist. Or I will too.

You're just shy. You just need to relax.

I care about you so much.

I thought about what you said about getting married.

Dan promised to marry me all the time.

But I will.

Do you want to?

Stop it! You shouldn't say it for fun.

Look at me.

It's not funny.

Would you marry me?

Are you serious?

There's a plane to Brazil on Tuesday. We can get married there.


Damn it! I don't have any money.

Did you say money? I've got that.

You do?

Good. Then we'll go.


I'm coming now. How long can it take?

Are you coming?

Press again!

Here. The ticket. Take good care of it.

Get going...

Ratko, come in. Harald...

How are you doing? We'll be there in half an hour.

I've set a base so you can supplement it yourself.

Is it morphine? Here's a little extra. He's a big guy.

I have a really important appointment tonight. I'll see you later.

The plane doesn't go for 4 hours. It's good to be early.

We're getting married. Congratulations. Have a seat.

Did I mention it's 35 degrees Celsius down there?

That's not a problem, because... I bought children's sun cream.

The money transport is not there...

It's sun block... Ludvig?

Why is it always in Finnish?

The money transport is not here.

How do you feel? I feel strange, Harald.

Are you in pain?

You just need morphine. The boy found a girl.

It's wonderful.

Ease up on the morphine. It's not cold medicine.

Can he even fly? It's pure cotton.

Red has always suited you. You'll get another shot.

That one isn't perfumed. It's sun factor 16. You can use that.

The money transport is here.

I don't think there's enough time... Ludvig, hello?

The money transport is in place.

It's okay, right?

Talk to him. I don't understand a thing.

It's perfumed, but it's been tested...

The money transport is in place. Vuk? Hello? What's that idiot doing?

Vuk, where are you? I'm hurrying.

How much money?

Are the charges ready?

You press on this. Start the engine.

Vuk? Where is Vuk?

His flight is boarding.

Vuk? Where the hell are you?

Are we ready?

What is he doing? He's supposed to be under the wing.

He's in line at the stairs. To the plane.

Vuk, get out of that plane! What are you doing?

Go over under that wing. I just want a picture.

We're a long way from our gate.

Wait a second! What's he doing now?

He's taking a picture of an engine. Get under that wing!

Take the picture from there.

You need to go left! You need to go straight.

A little more.

He needs to back up. Back up!

Now he's in position.

Stay there! Now take that picture.

Get an ambulance out here!

Can I look?


Guardhouse. Yes. The code?

Aren't we going?

I forgot to tell you. Sorry.

I didn't know what I had to...

You are such an asshole.

Let me be, you psychopath! I almost thought you were... Shut up.

What's going on inside your head?


We're not going to get married either, right?


Just not right now.

You stay away from me. All of you stay away from me.

And don't come to my funeral either.

I would like to offer you a glass of champagne...

They came really quickly.

Did you see their pastries? It was a cinnamon roll.

I know what a Danish looks like.

I can see an emergency vehicle.

What was that dark cream? It was cinnamon.

It was a Danish!

Confirm that it's cleared. Roger. Over.

It doesn't matter. It's too late.

What's too late? The pastry final is tonight.

There are loads of cops. Drive!

They won't move! They will.

They're very close. Hurry up, Monk.

Wake up!

We're crashing! We haven't taken off yet.

You can't throw the pilot out! We're crashing.

It's fine. The ambulance will be here soon.

It just needs a little adjusting. It almost flies itself.

It's a wonderful plane. Come on, boys.

Come on. Are you okay, Monk?

I'm fine.

I'm attaching you to this now.

I won't make it. Yes, you will.

Okay? Hold on.

Come on, boys. I feel like hell.

It's sinking. It's taking on water. No, it isn't.

Hurry up with that crane.

I can't open it, Harald. It's locked.

Harald, it's not on!

It's on!


They're gone.

Are you okay? I'm finished.

The water is pretty shallow. The money is only 70 meters down.

Damn, Peter. Why did our container have to sink?

Monk needs some hot coffee.

I need the car keys.

Are you crazy? We're not even with Harald.

We just work in the restaurant... Just get in the car.

You're totally sick in the head.

This is your last chance to think it over.

Get in the water. It's my money, Harald.

You take care of your family, I'll take care of mine. In the water!


Next time it will be the lungs. Then the heart, the brain.

I feel like a bicycle. Shoot your old man.

Bring the money, Peter. Where's your wife?

She couldn't come. She sends her regards.

You're married?

No, not yet.

It's important. Make sure you get married.

You make sure he keeps his word.

Harald, there are the sons you get and the ones you chose.

Harald, damn it...

I want the money, Harald!

Congratulations. Why was it pastries?

I've always liked pastries. My wife suggested I compete.

It's my own recipe. Damn, what a bastard.

He isn't even a cook.

She's not answering it.


What? Mille's not answering.

He should give her some time. No, she's a spoiled bitch.

Ludvig! What are you going to do about what you promised the Monk?

She's not sure.

Come on! We'll go out and talk some sense into her.

Come on. That's harsh.

You don't play around with pastry! That's all I'm saying.

Ludvig isn't easy to live with.

You're talking to the Monk's son.

She needs to behave properly. Give me a wrench.

I've got an old girlfriend we also need to visit.


She must have fallen over. Hi!

Who are you?

We're going to Ludvig's now. Your boyfriend, Ludvig.

I've got a boyfriend? Yes. You're getting married.

You don't have the 2,500 kroner I lent you right here, do you?

That was very beautiful.

I didn't know your father very well.

Vuk, be careful!

That was a beautiful funeral. That was a crap funeral.

You don't need to take it that way.

Shouting and screaming like a little baby.

Take it. It's yours.

I can't.

I can't.

Come on.

I'll see you.

Is something wrong, Ludvig? No.

Can't you say what it is?

I just feel a little nervous about everything.

I can understand that. But I don't have any doubts at all.


What is he doing?

Hi, Harald. Did you see how he looked?

Can I come too? Thanks.

Are you crying? You can't ask that.

Harald, were you crying? No. I wasn't crying!

It's a lovely day, Harald. All sunny and everything.

So you haven't cried? It's okay to cry.

It's good to let it all out.

What kind of music is that?

Sorry, I was just kidding.

There, get out. I don't want to hear any more about it.

What did I say?

This is too idiotic. Don't slam the doors.

Out! Shut the door! Bye, boys.