Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) Script

[Popular Indian soap theme music]

Close everything.

Fuck off!

Hey, shut it.

Hey, hold on...!

Let's go!

1 see Faizal Khan, Boss. Then get in and kill the motherfucker.

Get out, Faizal. Come outside, asshole.

Come on...

Fucker's locked it.

Give me a bomb.

Everyone down!

Fill every hole with bullets. I want you to destroy the fucker's palace.

Give me another bomb.

Move away!


Where are you, fucker??

Come out, m0therfucker...!

What's up?

We've covered the rear. Awaiting orders!

Fuck orders! Just shoot everyone.

Kill anything that moves.

Get the bombs, quick! Blow this shit up.

Shoot through that hole now.

Get in the window.

Women, kids... just shoot who ever you see.

Who can this be...?

Ringtone:} "1 am not the hero, 1 am the villain..."

"1 am not the hero, 1 am the villain..."

Its ringing.

No one's answering.

Ringtone:} "1 am not the hero, 1 am the villain..."

No one's picking up.

Bastards are dead.

Let's go.

Faizal Khan is dead!

Let's go.

The 'villain' is dead.

[Sultan:] The newspaper will tell us if anyone survived.

Yeah, tell the boys to leave.

The war's over.

[Sultan:] That was a good frontal shot.

[Henchman:] That fucker came out of nowhere!

[Sultan:] It's time to inform the minister.

[Henchman:] Boss, that's Definite's car!

[Sultan:] Let him go and clean the mess.

So the minister was asked to sing the national anthem...

He crooned, 'Vande Mataram'...!

What ignorants! You know it?

'The best in the world...!" [incorrect anthem]

[Sultan:] Faizal Khan's dead, sir.

The mansion is now rubble. We bombed it to outer space.

[Henchman:] Boss, look.

Stop the car!

[Henchman:] Why's there police patrol?

[Sultan:] What's with the cops, minister?

[Henchman:] What now, boss?

The bastard hung up. Sit tight...

[Sultan:] They're here for us!

Sister fuckers!!!

He's coming here!

[Nasir:] There are 2 kinds of people.

Bastards. And dumb fucks.

And they control this entire game.

A dirty game of deceit and disguise.

This game is the twisted tale of Wasseypur.

A seemingly innocent looking town full of insidious, rotten bastards.

It was a dark and bloody jungle, where everyone thought he was the Lion King.

The in-fighting between Muslims is centuries old.

In Wasseypur, it wasn't even a Shia-Sunni fight, they were all Sunnis.

It was a battle between the Qureshis and the rest of the Muslims.

Initially, this fight was one-sided.

Everyone was terrified of the Qureishis who were butchers by profession.

Everyone submitted to them out of fear.

So the Qureishis openly ruled the town.

This was when Wasseypur was a tiny village outside the town of Dhanbad...

...which was a part of the state of Bengal.

Post-independence, state lines were redrawn.

Wasseypur and Dhanbad became a part of the state of Bihar.

And finally, today they are a part of the new state of Jharkhand.

My story began in the early 1940s...

...when the British seized the grain fields and started mining for coal...

...when coal was the only source of power.

When people feared a dacoit named Sultana, a legend no one had seen but only heard.

He used to loot the treasure from British trains.

One day he found soldiers instead of treasure.

They arrested him and exiled him to the infamous Andaman Islands.

[Nasir:] But Maulwi sir said he was hung to death.

What shit...! Honest!

Your maulwi's a fool! Sultana was actually a Qureishi...

...and only the second man in history to escape from the Andamans.

[Nasir:] Really? He's alive?

He's right here in Wasseypur...

...still looting trains and the Brits are still looking for him.

We've removed the tracks, so don't bother going further, you'll die.

But we're carrying only grains, sir.

Hey, that's not a problem.

Today your grain will be my treasure, buddy.

I'll fill my belly instead of my pocket!

[Driver:] May we go?

[Shahid Khan:] Come on buddy, my bullocks are slow.

[Shahid Khan:] So leave only when we're at a safe distance.

Get it, old man? Now sit.

Sit, asshole.

Move quickly.

Why's the train stopped?

Lets open and check.

Hey, driver!

Why've you stopped?

[Henchman:] Boss, the train's been looted.

By whom?

Sultana Dacoit took everything.

[Sultana:] Who is pretending to be me?

1 wonder!

What about Shahid Khan, the horse cart driver?

Salaam! Salaam!

He's not a horse cart driver anymore.

Now he's a grain trader.

How're you, brother?

How's business?

He's spoiled the whole market.

His prices are 2 annas cheaper.

We'll starve if we compete with him.

Brother Shahid...

...when's the baby expected?

In 2 months... rest is Allah's grace.

[EICO: East India Company]

[Sultana:] The tracks go through the Qureshi colony.

So rightfully Qureishis should get the first crack at the trains...

...and not some Pathan!

Please understand that Shahid is also from this village.

So solve this amicably without any bloodshed.

He's your neighbour. But he's not a Qureishi.

Relax! We'll apologise if we're caught.

What if they kill us?

The village headman won't allow it. 1 know him well.

[Nasir:] A dog always stays a dog. Shahid was like that.

He knew that the whole town knew he was looting the trains...

...but being rotten was in his stubborn blood.

He continued playing with fire.

[Shahid Khan:] You guys afraid?

Obviously. Sharif Qureshi is Sultana Dacoit.

Sultana died in the Andamans. The rest is a myth.

You're forgetting he's a butcher! Fuck them.

These miserable butchers live on our Pathan scraps back home.

Tomorrow we'll strike the train away from the usual spot.

[Shahid:] Move quickly, we don't have time.

The bastards have found us.

[Shahid:] Save yourselves!

[Sultana:] Kill each one of them.

[Sultana:] 1 want Shahid Khan dead.

How are you now?

Better. Rest.

[Nasir:] Boss...!


Where are the others?

It's just me.

The others got killed.

You had said no one would die.

[Sultana:] He should get out with his family and his men.

Okay, but how do 1 feed them, sir?

And what's his problem anyway? Shameless bastard!!

Motherfucker uses my name to loot and gives me attitude.

A bag of grain from each train will be given to you every week.

What the hell? Why are we being so generous?

[Nasir:] Shahid Khan left the village.

He knew the Qureishis would come after this family.

1 dream of a bejeweled moon, and some warm bread.

I dream of gentle sleep, and a lullaby in my head.

My dear moon...

We moved away to Dhanbad.

Shahid's wife made him swear on their child that he would earn an honest living.

[Mid-wife:] Don't worry, dear... It's ok.

The baby is stuck. Please call her husband.

[Worker:] Sir, we should evacuate.

[Worker:] The mine is getting water logged...

[Muscle man:] Shut up! You've only worked 9 out of 12 hours.

[Worker:] We'll drown, sir.

[Muscle man:] Stop complaining, fucker!

Get back to work... Now!

Sir... What is it?

Shahid Khan's wife is in labor.

So? He's urgently needed there.

Bugger off!

[Muscle man:] Nobody leaves before the shift is over.

And if you stop, I'll peel your skin and hang you in the meat market.

[Co-worker:] Brother, do something.

Nasir had come to inform you that your baby's stuck in labour.

[Muscle man:] Stop gossipping and work!

[Muscle man:] Stop staring and work.

I have to go... my child is stuck in labour.

[Muscle man:] So? You're also stuck in 'labour', you dog.

1 beg you, sir.

[Muscle man:] Didn't you hear me, fucker?

[Mid-wife:] It will be ok, dear... relax.

[Shahid Khan:] Open up.

Who do you think you are... the governor?

Listen animal, I'm not going to take your shit like the others.

I've been quietly working so far, so don't push me any more...

...or by God 1 will rip you apart and embalm you with coal!

Open it!

Open it.

How is she? Not good.

Why didn't you come earlier? 1 tried...

...but they didn't let me in.

It's been 6 hours, the baby hasn't come out.

You didn't tell me for 6 fucking hours?

1 wanted to but the muscle man hit me. Fucking weakling.

She couldn't make it as she lost a lot of blood...

...but she's left you with a beautiful boy.

My dream sees shells bobbing...

My dream hears muffled sobbing...

So I'll ride my shells and touch the stars...

...and tickle my tears till they laugh.

[Nasir:] We can't blame God for life and death.

We may create life by will or by accident...

...but death is always born out of human mistake.

It wasn't the muscle man's fault for delaying me... was mine in not fighting him.

And my weakness didn't go unpunished.

Sir, Shahid Khan will kill our muscle man.

Who Shahid Khan?

[Nasir:] The real game started post-independence.

The new government gave the mines to their rich industrialist friends...

...who knew nothing of the business.

Ramadhir profited from this.

He was given the contract to run most of these mines.

But contractors couldn't run mines by themselves. They needed muscle men.

[Ramadhir:] Will you work for me?

Shahid Khan:) 1 already am, sir.

[Ramadhir:] I want you to muscle for me.

You'll be set for life.

Yes, sir.

[Ramadhir:] See, now these mines belong to me.

All the coal that comes out is mine.

And so is the profit, and loss.

But the workers think that in free India there will be less work and mroe wages.

That's not true. We need to increase the production...

...which means finding new mines.

[Ramadhir:] Which means the worker's colony will have to go.

We are not rich like the English.

We can either give them wages or a home... not both.

Fret not dear mother, 1 will save you.

Unless dear ma, your womb carries doom...

...For then my simple dream will be my tomb.

Your fate, mother, will be my tomb.

Your doom, mother, is my doom.

Why has the work stopped?

[Worker:] This is unfair, sir!

Our homes have been destroyed.

1 am going inside and when 1 returm the work should have begun.

Come on! Back to work.

Aren't you one of us, brother?

Fuck off!

Back to work!

I guess I'll charm death with my dream-like riddle...

...And con fate, with a wink and a giggle.


You think you're being fair to your worker friends?

There are no friends here.

The white dog left some bread, now the monkeys are fighting over it.

You think Ramadhir inherited these mines from his dad?

Yesterday the Brits were our Godfather, today it's Ramadhir...

...and tomorrow it will be Shahid Khan.

[Driver:] Shahid Khan?

I'll see it.

[Driver:] Master wants to see Shahid Khan.

Ramadhir has called for you.

Why's he here now?

[Ramadhir:] You need to reach Banaras overnight.


The train leaves in 20 minutes, your ticket's been booked.

But sir, 1 need to inform my son, Sardar.

I'll send word.

Time for bed...

Who's is it? It was lying here.

Here? Yes.

Ramadhir Singh!

Cowards ran away!

And the kid? 1 killed him too.

What about the bodies? 1 chopped and buried them.

Mr. Yadav? I'm Shahid Khan.

Boss has sent this money.

That's a pistol, no?

Can I try it?

[Sardar Khan:] 'She gurgles and mocks, and plays with rocks.'

'She flips and flops, she's made of dew drops...'

...And makes only holy stops!' River Ganga!

Nasir:] 1 knew Shahid Khan would never return.

His son Sardar grew up with my nephew Asgar.

One day when he asked about his father 1 told him that Ramadhir had him killed.

And this killed Sardar's childhood.

Revenge became his sole obsession...

...And he swore to grow his hair only after avenging his father.

[Asgar:] Girdi, Jharia, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Wasseypur...

Can we drop you anywhere, brother?

[Priest]: Sardar Khan, Son of Shahid Khan...

...your marriage to Nagma Khatun has been agreed to with a deposit of 501 rupees.

Do you take her as your wife?

Yes, 1 do.

Do you take her as your wife? 1 do.

Do you take him as your husband?

Do you take him as your husband?

Want some water?

[Nasir:] Sardar!

[Nasir:] Ramadhir's trucks have just arrived.

[Sardar:] So let's receive them.

[Sardar:] My father left in his car to never return.

My life has but one mission.


It hurts to see that dog prosper.

1 don't want to just kill him...

...1 want to destroy him piece by piece...

...and he will know my name before 1 fuck him up.

I'll slowly take away what's his and the motherfucker will die his own death.

The honorable, Mr. Ramadhir Singh!

[Party workers:] Long live, Mr.Ramadhir Singh.

My worker brothers, 1 give you my solemn word...

...that our reply to the opposition will not be verbal.

[Nasir:] In1952, India got it's first Labour Minister.

[Minister:] "Our working conditions must change!” He started the Coal Welfare Association and the National Trade Union...

...which allowed mine supervisors to pressurise mine owners.

And Ramadhir Singh led this movement.

Later, the same Trade Union became the mafia...

...and began extortion in exchange for union membership.

Union leaders started lending money and kept the worker's income as interest.

[Worker:] My family will starve, sir.

Ramadhir Singh then jumped into politics...

...won the election and became the local worker's leader.

[J.P.Singh:] My father, Ramadhir Singh, has run mines for years.

So Mr. Sinha, we know how the contractors steal coal.

We can end this black marketing if you compensate us well.

[Ramadhir Singh:] You see, coal is a very curious thing.

It looks like stone, but lacks its density.

However, when you put it in water... absorbs it...

...and becomes heavier.

It weighs 16 tonne, sir. 16, eh?

This nationalization of mines has been very unfair to you workers.

Our own Union lends us money and keeps our wages as interest... the supervision of the Chief Officer.

You can't go in. Fuck you!

Did 1 not tell you to compensate us equally to the others?

Are we not supplying like we should?

I'm sure you're sending it...

...but it's not reaching.

[Ramadhir Singh:] As long as Sinha is in that chair...

...we will starve and be homeless.

Your father thinks I'm an educated pen-pusher...

...what would 1 know about coal theft?

We're surviving on dry weeds while he is frolicking in his garden.

Don't pluck them, son.

Under nationalization, Sinha had taken over Ramadhir's mines...

...reducing him to a mere superviser all over again.

So the murder of a government officer in broad daylight created such a fear...

...that it officially made Ramadhir Singh the first Godfather of Dhanbad.

Your dad was a great man!

Where's Sardar Khan?

Did Sardar Khan come here?

He's in the opposite room.

[Sardar Khan:] Who is it?

[Sardar Khan:] Oh, Nagma?

This bitch told me she's Nagma.

But can't you see she's not Nagma, you bastard?

But 1 was half asleep... 1 didn't realise.

So did you sleepwalk into her hole?

1 was drunk, my dear... this bitch took advantage of me.

Stop! She'll die! 1 don't care.

Murder is wrong. Fuck you.

It's a sin!

You don't understand... Move her out of the way...

I'll deal with you later, bitch!

Where are you running away, coward?

Wait till you come home, asshole!

You pimp! Whore fucker!

Get out of here.

[Sardar:] Oh, my little boy!

My little prince!

Smile my little prince!


'My little boy! My little prince!'

You know I love you no?



That's a big, hard 'nothing'. 1 know.

We can't have sex now.

Why not?

There's a baby inside, silly.

Let me say hello to him.

Shameless! Want to dirty your own child.

Son, this is wrong... should learn to control your urges in such conditions.

So true!

He shouldn't have been born a man.

God should've made him a horse in a brothel full of mares.

[Sardar Khan:] I waited 9 months for my son Danish to come out.

Then a month after, the first chance we got...

...she got pregnant again.

Dinner's ready.


How does one live without sex?

I'm living fine.

Yours can't be called a life.

Go fuck whoever you want.

Just don't bring them home or I'll chop them up.

And bathe before you enter my home.

What is she talking about?

Eat! Fucking needs energy...

...Or you'll emmbarass me outside.

[Party worker:] To the left, to the right... all sing - J.P.Singh!

Best character, social worker... all sing... ).P.Singh!

We just need fuel for the jeep and a monthly stipend, sir?

You can take fuel from our gas station.

Can the jeep do private gigs too?

[Asgar:] Fill it up...

...and the jerrycan too.

[Nasir:] Asgar got a driving contract from J.P Singh...

...and started black marketing the free gas...

...while Sardar became the jeep driver.

Did you read this, uncle?

1 know more than the newspapers.

"1.P Singh Sanctions 5 Petrol Pumps"

These are being fronted by Ramadhir's family members.

Please eat something.


...time to pay them a visit.

Fill her up!

The fuel tank's on the other side, sir, please turn the jeep.

Approximately how many trucks come here daily?

About 500!


Really? Yes.

Hey, they fill 500 trucks daily!

Holy shit!

What are you doing, sir? Fuck off.

Where's the key?

This is Ramadhir Singh's gas station!

Who's? Minister Ramadhir Singh's.

It's the Minister... Ramadhir Singh's gas station.

You lucky dog! Petrol's free today. Go for it.

Hey, did you kill him? I'm not sure.

Start the jeep!

[Mine Officer:] We've rented the last 2 bogies of the good's train.

We'll take care of the iron scrap loading and unloading.

Please take care of the paperwork.

This barter of bloody blows will make you cry, you'll know my name when 1 fuck you dry.

Hello, sir. Greetings.

You're the guard of the good's train, right?

This barter of bloody blows will make you cry, and you'll know my name when 1 fuck you dry.

Sweet milk or blood my dagger may reap, but you'll know my name when I fuck you deep!

Don't move or I'll chop you.

Uncle, show the guard the signal to stop the train.

Alright boys, that's our train.

Move it.

Your fancy estate, I'll sell at a graveyard's price; Ain't I nice, I just fucked you twice.

Can you please open the door? 1 need some water.

Hit the road, find a remote hut, prison or fort...

Speak to the owner of the land. If he doesn't yield...

...push him off the cliff.

Take cover, run, my man, run... I'll still fuck you, just for fun!

[J.P Singh:] Are you sure this is the place?

Yes sir, but someone's forced their way in.


Who is encroaching?

Sardar Khan.

Who Sardar Khan?

Your jeep driver...

...who ferries our men.

When the fuck did he become a gangster?

Call him to the office.

He won't come. Why?

Because when 1 asked him...

...he said, 'You come to my office if you want to talk.'

Does he know 1 can squash him right now?

Has he forgotten he lives off my scraps?

He's forgotten 1 can fuck his fucking... -1m!

If a worm dreams of being a lion... let him.

If you engage with him you will make him your equal.

So what should 1 do?

Don't out-fight him, out-wit him.

Isn't Dhanbad police under your command?

Invite the Superintendent over for dinner.

Then we'll put a barbed wire up that worm's ass and fly him like a kite on this very land.

That's enough!

May Allah save you from the evil eye!

[Nasir:] The evil eye is already upon us...

[Nasir:] ...your burnt chillies can't do shit.


[Nasir:] Ramadhir didn't know Sardar as Shahid's son.

But he would never forget his umbrella.

Back then, people could forget their name, but never their possessions.

If you're saying this is your land, then prove it.

We've bought it. It's ours.

So stop this illegal encroachment or else...

Spare me your legal jargon, Mr. Minister.

Here's the proof that I have paid 10 rupees for this land.

10 bucks? Think you can get away with this... worthless motherfucker!

Hey, 1.P!

It would be wise to remain seated, sir.

[Asgar:] Get out, fucking cops!

Mr. Minister...

...even the biggest balls are subservient to the dick!

Do you know who 1 am, fucker?

Actually you don't know who 1 am, Mr. Minister.

Why don't you ask your dad about me when you're wiping his arse at home.

Sir, what's the penalty for slapping a minister?

1 do hope it's not more than prison.


Why didn't you say anything...

Start the car.

Stupid dickhead prides himself on being a minister...

...but can't even do a basic background check.

1 should kil you... But how was 1 supposed 10 know...

Everyone watch your minister getting thrashed...

...was nursing a fucking snake... Please, stop!

Quiet or I'll stab you! Your womb made this worthless punk.

Fucking 'minister'. You should be a janitor.

It's ok, son.

We kicked the minister's lilly ass in the police station.

Under his daddy's nose.

My name is Sardar Khan. Make sure the whole town knows.

Salaam, sir.

[Ramadhir:] How are you, Ehsaan?

[Ramadhir:] Come on in.

[Ramadhir:] Sit by my side, you're not my servant.

I had a frightening nightmare last night.

Remember Shahid Khan?

My chief muscleman?

Was he in your nightmare?

Not him...his son.

His son's ghost.

The one you killed and buried?

Where did you bury him?

Where did you bury him?

You remember, right? 1 buried him right there...

Do one thing for me, dig that grave and bring me his remains.

Thing is, my priest thinks the boy's soul is haunting me...

...for revenge. As you say, sir.


At least speak the truth now, motherfucker...

...or I'll kill and fucking bury you.

Forgive my lie, sir. They ran away before I reached.

You have no idea what a big disaster your lie is about to cause.

Brother, this is Mr. Pappu from Punjab...

...a bomb expert.

You'll make bombs for me? Sure.

What will you need?

Potassium. And?


Iron powder.

Is that it? Sure.

"Where 10?' 'Food for my father.

'Open the box.'

What did 1 teach you? Don't hit me.

Then do it with attitude.


'I've brought food for my father.'

Stop whimpering, you wuss!

Are you my son, or some 2 penny whore's runt?

I'm Sardar Khan's son. I've brought his food.

What is it?

Food. Let me check.

Why? Do you want to saute the pulses with your fingers now?

And what is this? Broken glass and nails.

Ah! Spices for the bomb!

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack... finding a coloured buffalo.

Like looking for a needle in a haystack, or a coloured buffalo...

It's like spotting the polestar before midnight...

...or like having mercury float on water.

It's impossible to find it... so don't even try.

How long will it take?

I'm making a bomb, not tea.

Dude, I don't want to be here till Ramadan.

The world's brains have gone to shit...

Hurry up!

If I don't wind it tightly it won't explode.

If you don't hurry up the Inspector will blow it in our asshole.

It's impossible to find it... so don't even try.

Like fate talking without ambiguity...

...or like an ascetic waiting at a palace gate.

By hook or by crook, or even by capturing the Sun's horses...

...or even by latching on to the ghost's fabric, or by getting the mythical pearl of eternity...

In water or mud, in iron or your mood...

In hearts or the corner of your eye, in the skies or closed minds...

It's impossible to find, my friend!

He's here.

Hey Asgar, here's a bomb. Come on... let's go.

"21 Prisoners Flee Dhanbad Prison"

Serve him first.

That's enough.

1 wonder why she gets these 'fits' only around new guests.

[Qamar Makhdoomi:] Maid!

She's a run away from Bengal.

These Bengali men don't teach their women about modesty.

She shamelessly sashays around uncovered.

If the butchers catch her again they'll feast on her alive.

Why's she here?

Sultan, the head butcher, wanted to pimp her.

1 saved her and brought her here.

But she's a remarkable chef! So true!

Where's the washroom...?

O woman!

He asks, A loving bite on my chin, dear?

So she leans over and nibbles his ear.

She gives him a quarter, if he asks for a rupee.

And if he lunges, she flees like a flea.

Which family do you belong to?

Have you heard of me?

Are you mute?

Are you married?

So ripe...and so unmarried!

Here... let me help you!

Won't you look at me?

Just one look...

Why are you shivering?

Have you not been touched yet?

Don't let him play with your buttons, it's a trick...

...'cos this 'innocent' game will end on his prick.

He'll fondle you to keep his filthy hands warm...

...just sink your teeth into the rascal's arm.

Oh, what a woman!

See, Allah wants us to marry 4 times. 1 can't disobey him!

He must have some logic for us marrying 4 times.

Afterall, 4 households get taken care of.

The problem is you moralists... self centred and selfish!

That's right! I'm the selfish son of a bitch!




Why are you kicking me?

See who's banging on the door.

Can't even sleep in peace...

Don't you know the fucking time?

Is Sardar Khan home? He's in jail.

Let me check. 1 said he's in prison.

What the hell do you want?

This is my home, not your mom's kitchen.

Where is Sardar Khan?

Why, is he one of the fugitives? Who else's at home?

Just my kids. Come back in the morning.

Let me check. Hey, fuck off!!

Come back at a decent hour in the morning or I'll chop you up.

Go back to bed. I'll take care of these bastards.

You know, 1 have just the thing for your 'epilepsy'.

Today 1 feel happy and free...

How can 1 express my joy, for my heart beats feverishly in my mouth.

My bangles are breaking, the button hole is torn ...slow down, dear...!

But today we shall sing...

Today we will write our love song, while the world burns in hell...

Today we will be one...

Today my secrets will be uncovered and desires will take wing...

Today 1 will be set free!

Tell me, have you ever seen a drenched butterfly...

Ah! There she is... perched on his branch so sweetly.

What's her name?


She's a Hindu!?

Now what?

What happened?

Stupid boy! Why didn't you call me?

Open your hands. What are you hiding?

This is not your dad's money!

Why you beating me? What else can 1 do?

How cruelly he has abandoned us, his home, and gone to a foreign land...

...even a single word from him will make the hearth less cold and our hearts less empty.

Why don't you talk to Sardar?

How can I? I'm a mere servant...

...his father was my master...

...even though I've raised Sardar like my son.

But you're right. He is a man.

Then why don't you fuck around? You're a man too.

How cruelly he has abandoned us, his home, and gone to a foreign land...

Faizal Khan Want a free ice cream?

Grab one for me too.

[Fazlu:] You'll never have to pay for anything as long as I'm around.

[Fazlu:] Next time I'll get you the red one.

[Faizal:] Who's that girl?

Please let me watch the film, sir.

[Nasir:] Qureishis had always ruled over Wasseypur.

Then it was Sultana the dacoit, now it was Sultan the butcher.

The non-Qureishi women were regularly picked up and dishonoured by the butchers.

And this fear made all the non-Qureishi Muslims voiceless.

Their leader and Sardar's host in Wasseypur, Qamar Makhdoomi decided to speak for them.

But the butchers mocked him.

Salaam, sir. What brings your holiness here?

When are you planning to share Durga with us?

I'd like to speak to Sultan.

That's the only language Sultan speaks.

[Qamar Makhdoomi:] Sultan is the nephew of Sultana dacoit...

...raised by his uncle Ehsaan.

He could butcher an entire buffalo alone when he was 12...

...and now he butchers 60 a day. So everyone fears him.

These Qureishis are a menace!

We've tried everything, begging, pleading... but to no avail.

But people know you stood up to Ramadhir.

They also know who's son you are.

The butchers will take you seriously.

I'd bought a house in the neighbourhood...

...but Sultan's men have encroached there.

They use it for gambling, drinking and raping kidnapped women.

1 can't even walk to college anymore...

...the wrestler stalks me everywhere.

I've never seen a man look at a woman like that.

Qamar Makhdoomi: ) He's 1.P's muscle man.

We must kill him within Wasseypur.

It doesn't matter where we whack him, JP will send the police after us.

What's up, buddy?

Fuck off, asshole.


Is he dead? Fucker's not dead yet?

[Nasir:} 1.P's muscleman was a feared wrestler in Wasseypur.

[Nasir:} 1.P's muscleman was a feared wrestler in Wasseypur.

And he was a Hindu.

Sardar killed him and threw his chopped body in the Slaughter House run by Qureishis.

Knowing the Qureishi's animosity with Qamar Makhdoomi and Sardar Khan...

...the Qureishis could've easily given Sardar to the cops.

But they didn't.

Even Sultan the Butcher stayed silent.

It was now the 80s. And Wasseypur was integrated into Dhanbad...

...where Sardar led a double life.

One home with Durga in Wasseypur, where Qureishis were the enemy.

And one with Nagma in the city of Dhanbad, where Ramadhir was the enemy.

But Wasseypur's advantage was that the police feared the Qureishis and stayed away.

Get up! What happened?

Are you new here?

What brings you here?

Don't you know this is Wasseypur?

Run along!

1 believe that Sardar killed a man from Dhanbad and disposed the body here.

So arrest him when he steps out into the city.

In Wasseypur even a pigeon flies with only one wing...

...because it needs the other one to cover it's ass.

Now fuck off!

Hey, leave that finger.

But it's... evidence...!

Let's go.

Greetings, sir Keep walking.

Hello, sir!

[Sardar Khan:] We need to make a pistol.

I've got the bicycle parts with me. That won't help.

Cycle tubes are weak and will burst open like a flower.


So what do we use then? Truck steerings.

[Gun maker:] One gun will need a foot long pipe.

What's the range of the gun?

We can make 2 kinds of guns. Country or Long range.

LSardar:) From what distance can 1 kill a man?

[Gun maker:] 20 feet... with a long range.

Hey, Qureshi!

Fuck my sister!!!

[Sardar:] Catch him.

[Asgar:] Hey, stop!

This is shit! The kick backs are horrid...

...and when 1 aim at the ground, it shoots the fucking sky.

Islam is the greatest religion in the world.

All Muslims must read the Quran.

Hey, Qureishi!

I'll fuck your mother...!

Grab him!

[Sardar:] This is the killer stuff...

Who was it? Sardar Khan.

[Ehsaan:] Everyone was away at the mourning.

1 was sick in bed.

Suddenly 1 heard a blast and ran out, and wherever 1 saw it was just...

He shouldn't have attacked our homes.

[Nasir:] Sardar's power was on the rise in Wasseypur.

And he was so blind in his ambition...

...that he ignored Nagma and the kids back in the city.

[Nagma:] Shall I turn off the lights?

I'll turn it off later.

Is it kicking? Yes.

Still kicking? No.

JP and his father seem awfully quiet.

Not really... it's the silence before the storm.

A landlord is like a mongoose. They always time their attack.

Why not?

Doctor's orders. They're fools!

You just spread your legs, I'll do the rest.

Great medical advice!

So what do 1 do?

What you always do.

You bloat like a balloon just to keep me away.

That's right! God came down and fucked me.

My mother didn't have so many kids. So you're compensating?

No, you love squirting them out. So what should I do?

You're never home. At least the brats stay at home.

What if 1 get another woman? Like 1 don't know...

...about the Bengali bimbo.

Has she become a balloon too?

What are you staring at?

Fuck it!

Uncle, I'm leaving. Why...?

Give me the keys.

But where are you going?


[Asgar:] Who is it?

Its me.

Where were you, brother? Sis-in-law is in such pain.

You wait here. Ok.


What happened, dear?

Does it hurt a lot?

Just leave me alone!

Good God! Leave me alone.

Enough! Want to kill me or what?

What's wrong?

What's wrong, dear?

What have you done to me?

You've turned me into a cow.

Please don't say that.

I don't want to become a child-vending machine like Nagma.

1 completely agree.

What is this then?

It's love, dear.

It is my love.

Hey, Faizal...

Hello, neighbour.

Where's your mother?

She's still unconscious.

Is it a girl or a boy?


Then smile, son!

Why so sad?

Want some money?

Share it.

Won't you meet mummy?

No, let her rest. But tell her I wore a new shirt.

I don't want to wear this. Quiet.

He's worn it too. So stop blushing!

You have left the town, father, You have abandoned your family...

The home is empty, much like mother's heart.

You have left the town, father, You have abandoned your family...

Nagma:) 1 can't afford your school.

Your dad has stopped supporting us.

Go, work and earn some money.


At least tell me where you're going?

Who are you going to hit?

Whose house is it? Can I also throw stones at it?

Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Bloody brats, you better not let me catch you...

...I'll stick this spoon up your ass. You pricks!

How much did we earn?

Twenty bucks. That's it?

Gimme ten bucks, no.

All of this will go straight to mummy.


Recognize me?

Sir... I'm Minister Ramadhir.

Come, I'll drop you home.

[Ramadhir:] How long since your dad left?

A year?

Or more?

He spends his millions on his mistress and her son.

And you 2 are forced to clean train toilets.

Doesn't it make your blood boil?

Take this thousand rupees.

Give it to your mother. Tell her she's not alone.


Where did you get this money?

From Ramadhir Singh. He asked us to come by if we need more.

And you took it like a beggar? Is your dad dead?

Then where is he? Why doesn't he send money?

So what do you want to do?

You want to kill him and make me a widow?

Your brother an orphan?

So what if he doesn't come home?

Don't you get food? Don't you bear his name and respect?

[Nasir:] Why are you hitting him?

Ramadhir gave him money and this asshole took it.

Just stop it. Move or I'll beat you too!

Enough, mummy. It's not hurting.

Stop mummy. Shut up.

[Nagma:] Faizal...?

[Nagma:] Faizal...!

Wait, son! Let me explain.

[Nasir:] Faizal disappeared for many nights.

And he wasn't the same when he returned.

The episode affected him so much that he stopped growing physically.

His skin started to grow darker.

He began to look older than his friends and his elder brother.

Even doctors couldn't explain this. And then he took to drugs.

And none of us mentioned that night ever again.

We could never look each other in the eye again.

What he didn't know was that he had saved us from committing a sin.

Hey, hide the bottle.

There's a hot girl coming our way!

[Asgar:] Some drunk boys in a jeep...

...they abducted his daughter.

Must be Ramadhir's men.

What time is it?

[Popular film song] "It is most solemn to swear upon one's mother..."

"I have, and I'll defy death to keep my word."

"Enough of your torment, your ruthless bother..."

"I'll end you, I swear upon my mother."

[Navrang Talkies Daily 4 shows]

[Sardar Khan:] May I have your kind attention!

Sardar Khan:) 1 inform you with a heavy heart that...

[Sardar:] ...last evening a Wasseypur girl was abducted.

If she doesn't return home safely in the next 3 hours...

...then we will bomb this entire area and turn it into a graveyard.

And 1 promise to make Minister Ramadhir and his family do a naked cabaret on the streets.

Thank you for listening!

Song please!

"Who knows how you cause this upheaval..."

"...Like the devil, you get high on evil."

"It is time, may the battle begin... And may the bigger balls win!"

"Bring it on!"

Shut the damn door.

How much more will you humiliate me, son?

Find out who picked up that girl immediately.

Yes, father.

Get the car!

Enough! Get out of here!

Sir... are you from this colony? Yes.

Was any girl abducted from here? Mr. Khan's daughter.

Some drunk boys kidnapped a Wasseypur girl.

Any idea who they were?

Was it Mohsin? Mohsin?

Wake up the motherfuckers!

Don't they ever fucking think?

Have they forgotten how Sardar chopped up our muscleman?

[Kidnapper:] We were so drunk and horny, sir...

...we just had to pick her up!

[J.P.Singh:] Send the dead bodies and the girl respectfully.

What's happened, sir?

They've sent 2 bodies, but the girl says there were 4 men.

Relax! It opens the other way.

[Sardar:] Where are they?

Ah! They're partying...

...while we were searching everywhere. Which one of you is Muslim?

He is... So am 1. Salaam!

Come with me.

Brother... please help me...

Come on now, it's over.

What's done is done. Let's go.

Don't drink so much, man. You'll fall sick!

Feeling sick, are you?

Come on, look.

Don't you dare close your eyes.

Hey, chop his dick.

Saw that?

[Inspector:] They've chopped the body...

[Inspector:] ...and made it disappear.

They haven't even left a toe behind.


[Priest:] Your marriage to Sabrina has been agreed upon...

...with a deposit of 1 Lac rupees.

Do you take her as your wife? He does.

He needs to agree.

Speak, bastard.

Do you take her as your wife? 1 do.

[Sardar Khan:] Hello, Mr. Minister!

The priest has decreed 1 Lac as the deposit.

Who will pay?

[Senior Minister:] To fight Muslims, you need Muslims...

...the kind that the other Muslims fear.

The butchers!

Ehsaan Qureshi.

Where to, uncle?


Sir, this is Sultan.

Sit next to me, son. Don't be shy.

All good? Yes, sir!

1 heard about what happened in Wasseypur.

Won't you all have lunch?

Of course... can't you see Sultan's here?

Eh... yes, you mentioned him. Live long, son.

So shall I lay out the food? Absolutely.

In the meat eating plates?

How many died?

About 12, sir.

We can't fight bombs with swords and choppers?

[Ramadhir:] Sardar is nothing compared to his dad, Shahid.

[Ramadhir:] He used to work for me.

His fear made grown men soil their pants.

Sardar is not even the size of his father's pubic hair.

I'll give you the ammunition, you ready your crew.

If they have bombs, I'll give you guns.

Just finish the bastards.

Shoot them in their asses.


Can you do it?

Yes, sir.

We need automatic guns. Consider it done.

Learn from him.

He just sits around warming his chair.

Now go help mummy!

[Nasir:] By now coal theft had become a petty job.

Everyone including coal workers were doing it.

The big money was in getting contracts.

Like contracts for logging hollow mines...

Or contracts for filling defunct mines with sand.

But here it says 32 trucks.

Of course, there are 32 trucks.

Where? Right here.

That's just one truck. That is the 32nd one.

Sir, the mine needs to be filled completely or the land will cave in.

Superb! Then we can do open cast mining.

[Nasir:] Contracts went to those who could wrangle them.

We quit coal and started stealing sand off the river bank.

Sardar got the contract to fill the defunct mines in my name.

And Sardar became the new Godfather of Wasseypur... systematically pushing the Qureishis out of there...

...and started trading iron scrap illegally along with Asgar.

Coal was now a mere chapter in the history of Dhanbad Mafia.

[Sardar Khan:] They're selling the old machines of the paint factory.

Yeah, I heard.

Asgar? Yes...

My boy's all grown up!

Come here.

Salaam, father! Walekum...

Will you work with us?


Shall 1 employ him, uncle?

Sure. What will you do?

Steal or kill?

Shut up and form a queue.

Hey, Danish!

How's your mother?

She's well.

And Faizal and the little one?

Father, may 1 ask you something?


Why don't you come home?

I'd like to son, but your mother scares me.

Ramadhir can't touch me...

...but your mother can rip out my liver and fry it.


Get a pistol! Get it fast.

Damn it!

Get a damn pistol!

Why doesn't anyone keep a fucking pistol?

Fucking idiots...


He's been shot!

1 am okay, father! Get a jeep!

Take him to the hospital. 1 am fine.

You're not fine! You're not fine!

Pick him up. I'm really fine.

Uncle, I'm really fine. You're really not, son.

Where's the key?

Who the fuck is warming the key in his ass?

Where is the key?

You had it.

Doctor, my son's got two bullets in him.

Where's the patient? Right here.

But he looks fine.

I'll fuck your mother.

Let's go.

This is wrong. Asgar, switch on the lights.

Put him on the stretcher. Wait son!!!

He could die trying to lie down himself.

Take his shirt off...

[Sardar Khan:] Now what?

[Asgar:] The power's out.

[Sardar Khan:] Fuck it. Start operating.

[Doctor:] Nothing can happen in the dark.

[Sardar Khan:] But lots can happen in your ass.

[Doctor:] Mr. Sardar, I don't have a tubelight in my ass.

[Doctor:] This could definitely kill your son.

[Sardar Khan:] Then don't make a mistake, motherfucker.

Where's Danish?

Inside, getting bandaged.

How's he? See for yourself.

Where? Go straight.

Swathe a lake, a river or an ocean over yourself, I'll still get you, I'll come, baby, I'll swim...

And you'll know it's me, when I fuck you till you scream!

[Ramadhir:] Who's in our way?

Move aside. Why?

Do you need an invitation card to step out, Mr. Minister?

Hey! Yes, sir.

See that car there? Yes.

Dismantle every part.

We're only dismantling it, but if anything were to happen to my son...

...I'd pump so many bullets in it that your driver would be rich just by selling the shells.

Are you enjoying this?


Why don't you sniff and tell us what the minister had for breakfast?

His wife's beating...!


Smell it?

[Durga:] I'm not going to respond to this.

But we can all be together. You on one floor, Nagma on the other.

Ok, fine... Separate kitchens if you like.

[Sardar:] Durga?


Do you want your father? Yes.

How about this, we divide you too.

One leg for me, one for her.

One ass cheek for me, one for her.

We split your dick too. You can piss from your mouth.

Oh, come on, Bengal tigress!

Open the door. Get out.

Won't you come with me? Never!

Fair enough.

I'll come back later.

[Definite:] Where has father gone?

To hell...

...and to give away what's yours.

[Popular Hindi film song:] "... so that one day you become strong..."

" that you become your mother's son..."

[Mohsina:] Long live, Bachchan!

Let's watch the film again.

[Film dialogue] "Hey, you explode dynamites like they're toys."

"Aren't you scared of dying?"

"I have seen my mother die a little everyday for 25 years."

"How can 1 be afraid of death?"

Mohsina:) 1 cannot get enough of Bachchan!

[Mohsina:] Let's watch the film again.

Come on...

[Mohsina:] Sir, can't we see another show?

Please let us in, sir...

Mohsina:] Why not? You know 1 come here daily.

Can 1 go in? Ticket?

I don't have it. Please let me in.

Faizal, want to eat baked dumplings? Yup.

Come with me.

Why are you going back to your old man's house?

Because my mother lives there!

These country pistols are lousy... What?

Stop it, will you? I need to work.

We're talking about work too.

It's a big house. Go elsewhere.

Stop it, dear!

Talk elsewhere, dear.

Please stop!

Please talk elsewhere!

What are you doing?

I'm cleaning the house.

So what were you saying, father?

No one knows you in the city of Benaras.

1 know a gun seller there. Meet him.

He sells 6 second hand guns for a mere 2 lacs...

...when a single gun costs about 1.5 lacs any where else.

Why're they so cheap?

[Faizal:)] Can 1 go instead?

Brother hasn't healed yet, and no one knows me in that city either.

Yes, why not.

[Faizal:] The door's open.



Where are you going? Home.

Where's home?


Answer me, wise ass. Where's home?


Any bags?

Just one.

Where is it?


Hey, check his bag.

What is this?

What is all this?

He's carrying an entire armory with him.

[Sardar Khan:] Faizal's friends are openly looting banks now.

Any fucker's got a damn gun these days.

Everyone thinks he's a dacoit.

Now who's put empty utensils inside?

Not like the good o' times when there was just Ramadhir and 1 locked in battle.

[Asgar:] It helps cool your head too.

No, it freezes the head, if you have one.

[Sardar:] Enough of this bloodshed!

Let's change business.


Extortion. What?


People respect me. They will happily pay up.

There's a lot of demand for fish today... we'll politely tell the fishermen, "we'll sell the fish from now!” In that case, there's a pond on the outskirts of the town.

Call them, they won't refuse you.

[Nasir:] Who talks business on the phone?

[Sardar:] Why don't you live inside that fridge, silly woman?

[Sardar:] I'll sell you with the fridge.

...and it's shut.

You see all this fish being caught, it's now ours.

We've bought this pond, you see.

So if a single fish is stolen, 1 will drown you right here. Understood?

Salaam, brother.

[Shop keeper:] Walekum salaam, brother Asgar!

And how are you today?

I hope it's all there. Count it...

She's butcher Sultan's sister, Shama Parveen.

Uncle Badoor...!

Hey, don't make me abuse you right after my prayers?

Abuse me if you wish, sir. But 1 fee! this war should end.

It is your father who started it all.

Technically, your grandfather drove mine out of the village...

...but isn't this history a vicious circle we need to break?

Shouldn't we just unite?

What do you mean?

Uncle, we pray to the same God, even practice the same profession.

'Make love, not war'. Isn't that what the wise say?

Will your father agree?

...when he asks for the chin, she nibbles his ear.

She gives him a quarter, if he asks for a rupee.


[Sultan:] Open the fucking door!

[Sultan:] This is wrong, uncle.

You will all pay, bastards! Open the fucking door!

Go ahead, feed him the sweet!

Uncle, this stupid truce is going to cost us dearly.

They've taken the fucking bullets!!

[Sultan:] This is wrong, uncle!!

Please eat something...

[Sultan:] Open the damn door!

[Danish:] I'm getting married next month.

I'm just waiting for you to get released.

By the way, we've quit the bloody business, and started fishy business!

It's actually pretty good.

Where are you lost, man?

I'll come to get you before my wedding... understood?

I'll come by myself.


Hello, Mr. Yadav! Come on in.

Have you got the bullets?

1 met your old friends in jail.

When dad sent me with the money last time, I didn't quite get the deal.

Why would anyone sell this expensive shit so cheap?

Because this is...

Oh! Your money's over there.

But 1 get it now, these are made in your father's gun factory.

Mr. Yadav...?


Mr. Yadav?

Let a man shit in peace.

I need to go too. Go to the next cubicle.

Just shit in the next toilet, man!

Fine, I'll stop the train for your royal shit.

Your'e back, are you?

What's the rush, buddy? Where are you going?


And where's home? Dhanbad.

Your name?

Faizal Khan.

Is this your bag?

Open it.

What's with the new clothes?

Your buddies in jail didn't return my bag.


Who's bag is that?

[Passenger:] Mine.

Put it back.

You've ruined the ironing.

[Policeman:] I'm on to you, wise ass!

Let's go.

Hey... I'll be back.

Didn't he see me?

Maybe it was tough through the dark glasses...

[Ramadhir:] "No real friends here, no lovers even."

"For only Marriages are truly made in heaven."

What a thought!

[Sultan:] Have I displeased you, sir?

Are you trying to play politics with me by aligning with my enemy?

You and Sardar are now becoming family! That's why he's still alive.

Now you will all celebrate... eat yummy food!

'TI do' indeed.

Well, T don't!

What happened, Sultan?

Stop, man!

Hey, Sultan... Stop.

Why are you hitting me?

You're hurting me.

What could I do? He saw the invitation card and lost it.

Don't fool around now. Tie it properly.

Where's that senile fucker...?

[Badoor Qureishi:] No, please fix that chandelier properly...

Decorating, are we?

But why are you dressed in this mournful white?

Shouldn't you be in a skirt?

Hey, get him a skirt someone!

You can even dance and be the entertainment today.

Get that fucking skirt, 1 say.

Son, Ramadhir is taking advantage of a family fued.

Wasseypur is not even his concern. Aren't you ashamed?

You're Sultana Dacoit's son, his direct offspring!

The British shat at his mention.

This miserable fuck has got his face, not his balls!

1 understand your anger...

...but fighting here is futile. We should maintain decorum!

There's no 'we'. Count me out.

I believe in loyalty.

Why don't you become Sardar's nautch girl?

Watch your mouth, Sultan.

Don't you dare teach me manners!

Bloody manners! Where's my sister?

Where is she?

Sultan, wait!

[Priest:] Danish Khan, son of Sardar Khan...

...your marriage to Shama Parveen, has been agreed upon with a deposit of Rupees 51,000.

Do you take her as your wife?

1 do.

Wonderful! Congratulations!


I speak to you as your older brother, you better say 'no" or I'll shoot you.

[Popular Hindi film song] "With a loving salaam, accept this wish, dear..."

"Fall in love with me, even if by mistake, dear..."

"My lonely heart aches for a beautiful stranger like you!”

[Guest:] Wow! He imitates a girl so well!

"My lonely heart aches for a beautiful stranger like you!”

"With a loving salaam, accept this wish, dear..."

"Fall in love with me, even if by mistake, dear..."

"My lonely heart aches for a beautiful stranger like you!”

"It was a fateful night..."

"It was a fateful night..."

"...the moon was in full bloom."

"The heart was astir, it knew a storm was brewing.”

"And then came a furious cloud..."

"It eclipsed even the moon..."

"And right then, something happened!”

"My heart trembled, it skipped a beat and I knew I was in love."

"Let me tell you the rest of the tale, it shall not leave a single eye dry"

"My lips will reveal the secrets hidden in the scented folds of your heart."

"You are the savior of us... tortured victims of love."

"The savior of us... victims of love."

"1 come to you, my saviour..."

"Give me my cure or poison, you are my only hope.”

"Just do me this one favour, please grant your visitor his only wish..."

"I will pray for you till the last breath leaves my body..."

Please look at me.

See how I'm bursting with joy!

What's wrong?

You've saved a lot of lives by marrying me.

My parents must be blessing you right now.

Then why are you crying?

Because 1 am happy.

You're happy?


Do you know that 1 did this only to be with you?

1 fell in love with you at the jeweler's, and knew Shama Praveen would be my bride!

It's Par-veen, not Pra-veen!

Shama... Pra-veen. It's Par-veen!!

Look, an orange doesn't turn into an apple just because you call it an apple.

Golden, sweetly fragrant, and juicy on the inside!

[Mohsina:] It's so green here!

Oh, it's pretty lush.

The pond, that is.

I love the colour green.

1 wore new clothes today.

1 like the red nail polish too.

I like red as well.

But you just said green.

I like both.


What is this?

Stop smiling and speak!

Is this decent? Shouldn't you ask?

1 just thought... Thought what?

You thought you can do as you please, even touch me...?

No, 1 just felt... Felt what??

That you'll feel me up?

Should you not ask for permission?

Don't you ask before you enter someone's house?

Where are you going?

Nothing, ... just...

Please sit.

I'm sorry for the mistake.

That's ok. I'm not angry.

But you should ask. Sorry.

I'll never stop you if you ask first. Next time I'll surely ask.

Ok, now stop crying.


...the nets are full of fish.

Shall we call it a day? Why?

1 just... had some important work.

With your bride?


...just don't turn into a sissy because of her.

[Fazlu:] They've taken over all the ponds.

He's here every morning and leaves by evening.

[Fazlu:] How long have you been working?

[Policeman:] 5 years.

[Fazlu:] Why did you become a cop?

There was a time when film heros became policemen... for revenge?

Now they're smarter, they become villians to wreck more havoc.

"When you have to shoot, shoot! Don't talk!"

Get it, Mr. Superintendent? - You're funny, sir!

Are you leaving already?

I've to go 'cos dad's leaving for work and brother refuses to leave the bedroom.

Chill, man. Gotta go.

Don't be daddy's little slave!

He's got bodyguards now. There's no one tomorrow, man.

Chill! I'll drop you home.

Smoke up, brother!

[Fazlu:] The 'doctor' is without the 'stethescope' tomorrow.


[Nagma:] He slept late.



His friend called, Faizal slept there last night.


He's still sleeping.

Asgar. He's gone out.

Are you the resident BBC? No, you're the grumpy early bird!

And what's my name?

Sardar Khan.

Glad you remember it. Now chop onions.

I'll return by evening. Okay.

It's me!

Father, salaam! Bless you, son.

And listen...

...tell your mother 1 was here. Here's 10 grand, ask if you need more.

May I leave now?

Good bye! Bye.

Definite, come here.

He just left...!

Long live, Son of Bihar...

May you live a thousand years.

Long live, Son of Bihar...

May you live a thousand years.

So sing and dance...

May you always sing and dance and make us smile, son.

My life has but one mission.


It hurts to see that dog prosper.

1 don't just want to kill him...

...1 want to destroy him piece by piece.

And he will know my name before 1 fuck him over.